~ A Beautiful Addition in the Neighborhood

by Littlespit

A Beautiful Addition in the Neighborhood
By Littlespit

This story contains a depiction of a loving relationship between adult women. If this isn’t to your liking, please move along.  Thank you.

Violence: There is reference to violent acts but no graphic description of such.

This story as with everything I do is for Bobocat.

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It was the middle of June and Darlene Beacon was in her front yard playing “bite the water” games with her dog, Sam. As she watched her pooch’s antics, Darlene smiled as she remembered another session of water play with her dog and how on that day her neighbor’s car had been on the fritz.  Darlene had volunteered to drive the beautiful neighbor and her baby Lucy to a doctor’s appointment.  That ride had turned into a lifetime commitment to both the woman and the child.  Darlene was happy beyond all expectations.  She had a thriving acupuncture practice, a wife she worshipped and a child that brightened every day.  She didn’t think life could get any better. 

Just as Darlene coiled up the hose and turned to towel dry her tired and happy dog, a car pulled up in front of the house.  Darlene’s smile broadened and she jogged over to the vehicle.  She opened the driver’s side door and leaned into the passenger compartment. She placed a soft welcome kiss against her petite wife’s lips. “How was it?” she asked.

Before Teri could open her mouth to answer, a squealed, “Da!” resounded from the back seat.  The little girl pulled at the straps of her car seat and wiggled around like a contortionist from Cirque du Soleil as she attempted to escape from her confinement.  “Out Da!  I played wif all the little children!”

Darlene smiled into her wife’s eyes “She played with all the little children, huh?” 

Teri shook her head. “She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that she is one of the little children.”  Teri exited the car and turned into Darlene’s arms.  She laid her head against Darlene’s shoulder and sighed, “Our baby is growing up, Dar.  You should have seen her.  She just walked in there and joined the kids like she’d done it all of her little life.”

Darlene rubbed comforting circles against Teri’s back. “Honey, we can’t keep her a baby forever.  Don’t you realize how wonderful it is that she’s not afraid in new situations?  You’re raising a strong, confident little girl… you should be so proud.”

Teri slid her hand down to pinch a firm butt cheek. “We are raising a strong, confident little girl.”

Just then another frustrated squeal emanated from the back of the car.  Darlene left a quick kiss on her wife’s lips and laughed. “A strong, confident, strong-willed little girl.”  She moved around to the rear passenger door of the car and opened the door.  “Hey Princess!  Settle down and stop that screaming.  Let Da get you out of that seat.” 

The little three-year-old stuck out her arms and demanded, “Out Da!”

A dark brow raised as Darlene looked at her daughter, “Excuse me, young lady?”

The little strawberry blonde head bowed just a tad and big green eyes looked beseechingly at the tall brunette. “Pwease Da, pwease, get me out.”

Darlene leaned in and kissed the top of Lucy’s head. “Much better, pumpkin.”  She proceeded to extricate the youngster from the car’s child seat.  Darlene pulled Lucy from the car and balanced her on one hip then walked over to Teri and wrapped her other arm around her shoulder.  The family walked into their house with Darlene listening to the mother and daughter account of the first day at pre-school.

After dinner, Darlene and Lucy were settled in one of the comfortable chairs in the living room reading a book and Teri was in the laundry room doing a load of wash when the doorbell rang.  Darlene stood bringing Lucy with her and the pair went to answer the door.  Darlene’s heart leapt into her throat when she saw that Lisa, Lucy’s usual baby sitter, stood on the front porch sobbing.  Darlene rushed forward and wrapped her free arm around the distraught teenager. “Lisa!  What’s wrong?  Come on, come in the house.”

Lisa could barely catch her breath. “I don’t know what to do!”  Another bout of sobs wracked her body.

Lucy leaned into Lisa’s body. “Don’t cwy Lisa, Da will make it all better.”  Darlene’s heart swelled as she heard the confidence in her daughter’s voice.  There was no doubt in little Lucy’s mind that her tall mother could make everything all right in the world.  Darlene relished being her daughter’s hero, but she worried that she might not have the solutions for whatever was severely troubling the teen before her.

“Sit here, Lisa.”  As Darlene was helping settle Lisa on the sofa, Teri walked into the room.  Darlene looked beseechingly at her wife. “Honey, can you get a glass of water for Lisa please?”

Teri’s face was a mask of concern as she moved to the kitchen for water.  She brought the water back and sat on the opposite side of Lisa and waited for the teen to take a drink and then explain what the trouble was.

Lisa sipped the water then sat and rocked back and forth working up her nerve.  “I don’t know what to do.  I can’t tell my parents… they’ll be so disappointed in me.  I can’t…”

Darlene rubbed her hand along Lisa’s quaking shoulders and advised, “Take some deep breaths, honey.  Come on, in… out… in… out.”  Lisa did as instructed and felt herself calm a bit.

Darlene looked over at Teri then back at Lisa. “Lisa, what is it?”

Lisa looked up with a desperate look on her face, “I… we… he…”  She took another deep breath. “I only did it once… he said if I love him I’d do it… he said it couldn’t happen my first time…”  Another round of sobs brought Lisa into Darlene’s strong arms.

“Aw, sweetie…” Darlene sighed then leaned in to look into the teenager’s face, “Lisa, are you pregnant?”

Lisa nodded and sobbed again, “He said it couldn’t happen my first time… I didn’t even like it… I didn’t want to!”

“Did he force you?” Darlene asked in a panic.

Lisa’s looked up quickly. “No!  No… he just… I didn’t want to lose him…”  Her face scrunched up anew. “I told him today about the…about…” she put her hand over her lower abdomen. “He said it’s my problem!”

Darlene hugged the distraught girl to her again and Teri added her own soft comforting touches.  Even though Lucy didn’t understand what the adults were talking about, she patted her babysitter’s cheek and repeated that her Da would make it all better.  Her Da had her doubts about her ability to fix this particular problem.

While Darlene worked to calm Lisa enough to have a discussion, Teri took Lucy into her room and got her settled down for bed.  Once Teri was back in the living room, Darlene began to gently question Lisa. .  She found out that Lisa was already three months along.  The fact that she hadn’t been able to button her jeans that morning had panicked her because she realized she wasn’t going to be able to hide the pregnancy much longer.  She voiced her fears about telling her parents, not for fear of what they would do but because she knew they would be disappointed in her. 

Teri asked a few of her own questions but overall was simply content to sit back and watch as Darlene gently guided Lisa.  Darlene asked questions without prejudice and without judgments.  She found out the facts and doled out recommendations.  When she realized that Lisa had already been going to a local clinic for pre-natal care, she praised the young girl for her care of the unborn child.

Finally, Darlene took a deep breath and said, “Lisa, you have to tell your parents.  This isn’t something you can do alone.”  She looked from Lisa to Teri and back again. “Would you like us to be with you when you tell them?”  A hopeful glimmer entered Lisa’s eyes and she nodded her head.

“All right,” Darlene said. “We can’t leave Lucy here alone, so why don’t I go to your house and get your folks?”  She paused to make her case, “If they come here, you can tell them with us here, and without your brother listening in.”

Lisa’s eyes rolled at that thought. “God, that’s all I’d need.”  She swallowed and screwed up her courage. “Ok, they should both be home now… so… ok.”  Her heart beat hummingbird fast in her chest in fear of breaking her parents’ hearts.

Once Darlene left and returned with Lisa’s parents, James and Rhonda, Lisa was back in tears.  When her parents saw their daughter’s distress they rushed to her side.  It took a few false starts, but Lisa finally got her story and her predicament out in the open.  Her parents were shocked and disappointed that she had allowed herself to succumb to the pressure to have sex, but they were also supportive and assured Lisa that they would stand by her.  The teenager’s family decided to walk home in order to talk more about what to do next and into the future.

As Lisa and her parents left, James turned to Darlene and Teri. “Thank you so much for being here for her.  I’m glad she has trustworthy adults to turn to.  We appreciate that you helped her tell us.  You’re both true friends.”

Teri smiled at the threesome. “We adore Lisa.  She’s an honorary member of our family.”  Lisa smiled shyly at the comment and snuggled deeper into her own mother’s arms before they turned to return home.

Once Darlene closed the door, she brought Teri into her arms.  She sighed deeply then said, “Let’s go check on our baby…”

Teri realized how deeply the incident with Lisa had affected Darlene.  Darlene moved into Lucy’s room and carefully picked up the sleeping toddler.  She sat down in the nearby rocker and held the youngster close, inhaling the clean baby smell.  Teri walked over to her family and wrapped her arms around Darlene and Lucy.

After long moments, Darlene finally rose and tucked Lucy back into her little bed then took Teri’s hand and led her to their bedroom.  She sat on the edge of their bed and wrapped her arms around Teri’s waist.  She laid her head against Teri’s stomach and said, “I don’t ever want Lucy to be afraid to come to us if she’s in trouble.”

Teri’s heart melted yet again.  Every day there was one more reason to fall deeper in love with her wife.  “Honey…” Teri slipped to her knees in front of Darlene. “Baby, all we can do is support Lucy and do everything in our power to make her feel safe.  It wasn’t that Lisa was afraid of her parents per se, but she didn’t want to disappoint them.”

Darlene’s eyes held despair. “I know, Ter.  But she was still afraid to tell them.  I always want to take care of our Lucy.  I don’t care if it’s a skinned knee or a broken heart or even a baby on the way!  She’s my baby and I just want her to know she can come to me… to us no matter what!”

Teri simply held her wife and allowed her to relax.  “We’ll do everything we can to make sure that happens.  But the reality is, my love, no one is a perfect parent.  We can raise Lucy in a loving and supportive home and we’ll have to trust that she’ll either come to us or, like Lisa, go to someone she trusts to lead her to do the right thing.”  Darlene simply nodded, but deep inside she wanted Lucy to come to them first.  “Let’s get some sleep honey,” Teri finally suggested.  An hour later the women were sleeping safely wrapped in one another’s arms. 


Teri reached across the bed, expecting to find, and snuggle up to, Darlene’s warm skin.  When all she found were cold sheets she waited and listened for movement in the adjoining bathroom.  When she heard no toilet flush or no water run she arose to search for her missing lover.  She found Darlene in the family room curled up sideways in the oversized leather chair.  Her legs were folded beneath her and her head rested against the back of the chair.  Darlene’s eyes had a far-away look about them as she stroked the scar that bisected her left eyebrow.

Teri had witnessed this behavior on other occasions and her heart ached for her partner.  She walked over to the chair, reached out to stroke Darlene’s dark hair and softly ordered, “Scoot over, love.”  Darlene’s countenance didn’t’ change but she shifted her position in the chair so that Teri could slip into the chair with her.  Teri moved so that she supported Darlene against her chest.  She stroked Darlene’s long dark locks as she asked, “Another dream?”

Darlene snuggled against Teri’s warm chest and nodded.  “I woke up in the middle of it again.  I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Teri placed her cheek against the top of Darlene’s head. “You didn’t exactly wake me.  I missed your skin.”  That got a soft smile from her lover.

Teri turned Darlene’s face toward her enough to kiss the scarred brow.  “Dar, you’re getting these dreams and flashbacks more often lately.  I think you should call and make an appointment to talk to Sue.”

Darlene snuggled even deeper into Teri’s embrace. “I know,” she acknowledged with a sigh. “It always gets worse around the anniversary of her death.”

Teri’s eyes filled with tears of compassion, “Baby, this is about more than losing your lover.”

Darlene stiffened as her mind reeled back in memory.  She remembered the night, ten years ago, when she and her partner, Emily, had been brutally attacked by a group of thugs.  She relived having her lover wrenched from her grasp and the horrors that had ensued which ultimately resulted in Emily’s death and Darlene’s struggle for life.  She shuddered as she remembered each blow and each cry that Emily uttered.

Teri felt her heart lurch at her partner’s long felt pain and loss.  “Baby, there is a reason you lived through that horror.  I cannot imagine my life without you.  Lucy’s life wouldn’t be complete without her Da.  I hate that you had to go through that, but I’m so glad you survived it.”  She felt Darlene’s head come to rest on her shoulder and she stroked the tall woman’s back to soothe her.  “Come back to bed so I can hold you.”

The couple moved back to their bed and the small blonde held the tall brunette until they both fell back to sleep.


Darlene’s body thrummed with excitement in reaction to her dream.  Soft hands stroked her body and a soft, warm, wet tongue circled her nipple.  Her dream lover licked and nipped all over her body. Darlene moaned Teri’s name.  In her sleep, Darlene opened her legs in invitation.  She came wide awake as she felt very real fingers slip inside her body and take up the rhythm of her hips.  “Ahhhh, Teri, oh I thought I was dreaming…”

Teri pulled her mouth away from the nipple she was devouring long enough to say, “Not a dream… wanted you…” She latched back onto the distended nipple and slid her fingers deeper into Darlene.

Darlene moaned long and low at the penetration and voiced another need, “Baby, more, please…”  Teri knew what Darlene wanted and needed and quickly moved to fulfill her every desire. 

Once Darlene had cried out her fourth climax, she flipped her wife over and consumed her from top to bottom.  She made Teri beg, she made her cry out, she made her call upon deities. Later, both women fell back into sleep, pleasantly sore and sated.

Mornings always came too early for Teri but she had learned to rise early after having had Lucy.  This morning though, instead of waking to the sound of her daughter calling, Teri woke naturally and in her own time.  As she rose to consciousness, she realized that Darlene was no longer beside her and that the sun was much higher in the sky than was usual upon waking.  Teri stretched her body beneath the sheets and felt the pleasant soreness between her legs.  She smiled in remembrance and brought her fingers to her nose, smelling the musky odor of her lover’s sex still clinging to her digits.  She brought her fingers into her mouth to try to taste her once again. 

Darlene walked into the bedroom to see Teri with her eyes closed, the fingers of one hand in her mouth and the other hand moving purposefully under the sheet.  She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to whisper in Teri’s ear, “Do you have any idea how beautiful that is?”  Teri only moaned and replaced the fingers in her mouth with the tongue of the woman she loved as she brought herself to completion. 

Once she could breathe again, Teri stated, “I woke up and missed you.”

“Mmm, I see that.”  Darlene smiled crookedly.  “I wish I had more time to watch, but I have a patient coming in an hour and I really need a shower.” 

Teri took in a deep whiff and smelled the combination of their sex and bananas clinging to Darlene.  Teri chuckled, “Sex and bananas.  I can see why you think you need a shower.”

“Mmm hmm.  I got one scent from my wife and the other from our daughter at breakfast.  I guess she heard someone at play group say that bananas were good for the skin.  So she squished up her banana and proceeded to smear herself with it this morning.”

Teri laughed at the mental picture of her little minx covered in banana.  “Oh no!”

“Oh yes.”  Darlene chuckled.  “I’ve got her all bathed and in clean clothes.  She’s coloring in her room.  Now, beautiful, you want to shower with me?”

Teri’s answer was to flick the sheet off of her body and wrap her arms around Darlene’s neck. “To the shower, Baby.”

Darlene laughed and picked her wife up in her arms.  Fortunately, Darlene’s first patient was late.


Three weeks later, Lisa’s parents called to ask if they could come over.  When Lisa’s family arrived they all settled in the living room.  After only a few minutes, Brian, Lisa’s brother offered to take Lucy into her room to color.  Lucy excitedly took the young man up on his offer, leaving the adults and the teenage girl to talk.  

Rhonda sat close to her daughter with a comforting hand on her back. “Go ahead honey…”

Lisa looked from her parents over to Darlene and Teri.  “Ok, um…”  Lisa took a deep breath and charged in, “I’ve done a lot of thinking and talking with Mom and Dad.  I can’t have a baby and still go to college and medical school, not really.”  She looked to her Mom for reassurance. “Mom and Dad will raise the baby as their own if I want, but… I know that they only wanted two kids and it isn’t fair to them. So…”  Lisa looked into Darlene and Teri’s eyes, “I wondered if you guys wanted any more kids?  I mean, you don’t have to take this baby but… if you wanted more kids… and I know you don’t like men… well…” Lisa blushed at what she had just said.

“Lisa!”  Both of her parents gasped at her comment.

“Well they don’t!”  Lisa defended herself.

Darlene and Teri were so stunned with this turn of events that they ignored the small ruckus going on about not liking men.  They sat side by side, hands held as they tried to keep their minds from short circuiting. 

When James saw the stunned looks on their faces, he said, “We know this is a lot to consider.  As Lisa said, we are willing to raise this child so that Lisa can continue on with her life plans.  But, we see you three and what wonderful parents you are.  We can’t think of anyone we would trust our grandchild with more.”  He took a moment to breath then continued, “Think about it, talk about it and let us know.  We will respect whatever decision you come to.  No matter where this baby ends up, it will be loved.”

Two zombies accompanied Lisa’s family to the door.  After a time, Darlene looked at Teri, “Did you see that coming?”

“I had not one clue!” Teri answered honestly.

Lucy chose that moment to run into the room exclaiming, “We’re having a baby!”

Darlene and Teri panicked at their daughter’s outburst. Teri knelt down to catch the dynamo. “What do you mean, honey?” 

“Bwian said that Lisa’s pegnat.  That means she’s having a baby!”  Lucy explained excitedly.  Sparkling green eyes gazed at Teri and Darlene, “Can we get a baby too, Momma and Da?”  Darlene slapped a hand over her eyes and groaned at the irony.

In all honesty, both women had been thinking about expanding their family.  Each woman had kept the thoughts to herself, waiting until the appropriate time to bring it up.  It seemed that life with a three-year-old was hectic enough without having to worry about planning a conception and pregnancy.  But now, they were being offered a gift of unbelievable proportions and a decision needed to be made.

Once little Lucy had been calmed down she was instructed that it was her Mothers’ decision whether or not a baby would join the family. The pouting three-year-old sequestered herself in her room to play ‘Mommy’ with her baby dolls. 

Darlene and Teri sat at the kitchen table and sipped cups of tea.  Darlene broached the subject first. “Have you thought about another baby?”

Teri smiled up at Darlene, “Honestly?  Yes,” she blew on her tea then continued, “I almost talked to you about it after Lisa first showed up on our doorstep.”

Darlene’s eyes sparked. “Yeah, me too.  I love being a parent with you and I wanted us to start thinking about adding to our family.”  Darlene wagged her eyebrows. “I thought you might like to try to get me pregnant… or the other way around.”

Teri laughed. “We can try anytime you want, stud.”  She sobered a bit before she continued, “So, what do you think about adopting Lisa’s baby?”

Darlene blew out a breath. “It’s such a shock; I don’t feel prepared to make any decision about it yet.”

Teri agreed and they decided  to table the discussion of the baby’s adoption for the time being and sleep on the idea.  The baby wasn’t due for another five months so they had time to make the right decision, both for Lisa and themselves.


Two weeks and many discussions later, Darlene sat in her office as she updated patient’s charts.  After a soft knock, Teri’s head popped through the doorway.  “Hi love, are you busy?”

Darlene pushed her chair back and stood.  She walked over to Teri and gathered her in her arms, “I’m never too busy for you.  What’s up?”

“I want the baby,” Teri stated.

A rush of relief flowed through Darlene.  She had already started thinking of the unborn child as theirs.  “Thank god.”  She sighed into Teri’s hair. 

Teri backed away enough to look into sapphire eyes. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Darlene smiled.  “So, who do we tell first, Lisa or Lucy?”


Two Mommies and a little girl walked down to Lisa’s home.  When the door was answered, little Lucy squealed, “Lisa!  Mommy and Da and Me are gonna ‘dopt the baby you got in your tummy!”

Lisa couldn’t keep the smile off of her face in reaction to the little girl’s exuberance.  She squatted down to Lucy’s level. “You are, huh?”

“Uh huh.  Mommy said we have to wait until the baby is borned, but that you said we could love it forever.”

Lisa’s eyes filled with tears, both from loss and relief. “That’s right, Lucy.  The baby has to grow inside my tummy for a while but when it’s born you’ll have a little brother or sister.”  The teenager stood and her eyes met the women’s “Yeah?”

Teri moved forward and wrapped the teen in her arms. “Yes, honey.  We’d be honored to raise this child.  Why don’t we go have a chat with your folks?”  Lisa nodded her agreement and led the way to the kitchen.

After hours of talk it was decided that Darlene and Teri would go to childbirth classes with Lisa and would both be birth coaches when the baby was born.  Lisa’s parents wanted to be included in the child’s life as grandparents and the new mothers agreed enthusiastically to this caveat. 

Lucy sat quietly and colored until the topic of grandparents arose. “Hey!  If you’re gonna be my baby’s grandma and grandpa does that mean you’re my grandma and grandpa too?”

Rhonda pulled the little girl into her lap, “Lucy, I would be honored to be your grandma.”  She looked up at Darlene and Teri. “If it’s ok with your Mommies…?”

Darlene and Teri smiled immediately.  Darlene replied, “I think our children are very lucky to have three sets of grandparents.”

With that issue settled, the group got back down to the nitty gritty details of medical bills and lawyer’s fees.  Darlene and Teri felt that since they were taking on the responsibility that it should be their place to pay all the fees.  Lisa’s parents argued and finally won the compromise that they would split all the fees not covered by insurance. 


As the months passed, Lisa spent more and more time at Darlene and Teri’s house.  Many a night found Lucy wrapped around Lisa’s belly as she talked to her future sibling.  Little Lucy wasn’t the only one to spend time talking to Lisa’s belly.  Both Darlene and Teri spent hours talking, singing and reading to their child.  Darlene even purchased a special stethoscope so that they could all listen to the baby’s heartbeat and movements.

Lisa continued to go to school and kept her grades high.  She applied to several colleges and was accepted by more than half of those she applied to.  Her parents advised her that she should go to the school that she had always dreamed of attending. So, after the baby was born, Lisa was Stanford bound.

Darlene and Teri accompanied Lisa to her pre-natal doctor’s appointments whenever possible.  There was a lively discussion at one point about whether or not to know the baby’s gender before its birth.  Both Darlene and Teri wanted to keep it a mystery but Lisa really wanted to know.  In truth, Lisa was happy to wait but she so enjoyed making her friends squirm a bit that she kept up the argument.  It made Lisa’s heart swell when she watched the older woman trace the outline of the baby on the sonogram screen.  Darlene had such a look of awe on her face turning to gaze at Teri with an all-encompassing look of love. Lisa knew beyond a doubt that she was doing the right thing in giving them this child to love and raise.   She hoped that being “Aunt Lisa” would be enough; she was determined that it would be enough.

The only true bump in the road came when the adoption attorney advised everyone that it would be prudent for Kenny, the father of the baby, to sign a paper relinquishing his parental rights.  Lisa didn’t want to talk to him, much less ask him for a signature on a legal paper.  The young man had used her, broken her heart, and then left her to deal with her pregnancy alone. 

Lisa’s parents accompanied her to Kenny’s home.  By the look on his parents’ faces it was clear that Kenny had not told his family about the pregnancy.  Kenny’s father, Jeffery, looked at his son with a mixture of anger and disappointment on his face. “I thought we’d raised you better than this.  This is wrong on so many levels…” Kenny squirmed in his chair, his bravado deflated in the face of his heartbroken parents. 

Lisa looked at Kenny with deep hurt in her eyes, “Kenny, I should’ve had the guts to tell you no.  But… I… well… we did what we did and we made a baby.  I’m not ready to be a Mom yet and you obviously aren’t ready to be a Dad.”

“Hey!  I could be a Dad if I wanted!” Kenny argued.

“Young man, sit down, be quiet, and listen.” Jeffrey admonished.

Rhonda placed her hand over Lisa’s and squeezed encouraging the girl to continue.  “Yeah, anyway, I’ve decided to give the baby up for adoption.  The lawyer says that it will make everything easier if Kenny signs a legal paper giving up his parental rights.”

Amy, Kenny’s mother, spoke up, “This must have been a very difficult decision for you, Lisa.”  Tears filled Lisa’s eyes as she looked at the people around her.  She couldn’t make her voice work around the lump in her throat so she simply nodded.

Jeffrey asked, “Are you giving the baby up to an agency?”

Lisa’s father, James, answered, “No.  Actually, we already have a new family arranged.  They’re a wonderful couple that already have one little girl.  Lisa baby sits for them and we all admire them a great deal.  They’re really excited about expanding their family.”

Kenny jumped up. “Hey!  You only baby sit for those Dykes! No way am I letting my kid…”

“Kenneth Vincent Cramer shut your mouth!”  Amy stood toe to toe with her son.  “You gave up any say in the matter when you told Lisa this was her problem.  And, young man, we do not use vile names like that in this house.  How dare you?”  His mother’s eyes filled with tears as she turned in to her husband’s arms and sobbed.  Lisa and her family were confused by this turn of events and looked at one another bewildered.

Jeffrey, arms wrapped around his wife, launched into an explanation, “My wife’s sister…” he turned his gaze onto his son, “and your favorite aunt…” his gaze returned to Lisa’s family, “Emily was gay bashed and killed several years ago.  She and her partner were out for their anniversary and a group of skin heads jumped them on their way to their car.”  He placed a soft kiss against his wife’s hair. “Shhh, honey, I’m so sorry.  Do you think you can stay so we can deal with the situation at hand?”

Amy sniffed a few times then straightened up and blew her nose.  “Yes.  I’m fine.”  She looked at Lisa and her folks. “I apologize for my outburst.  It’s been a rough day.  I learn that my baby boy has taken advantage of a sweet girl, then I find out that he shirked any kind of responsibility in the matter and to top it off he uses homophobic slurs.  A mother’s heart can only take so much.”

Rhonda stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the grieving woman.  “Believe me; I understand how disappointing this must be for you.  What is important now is to make sure that this child is taken care of.  Doctor Beacon and Teri are wonderful parents.  As we said, they have a three-year-old daughter now whom they adore.  Darlene is a very successful doctor of oriental medicine and Teri owns and runs that huge fitness center outside of town. ”

“Wait a minute, Darlene…Darlene Beacon?”  Amy asked.

“Yes.”  Lisa answered.  “Why?”

Amy turned angry tear-filled eyes on her son. “How could you?  I don’t understand you lately!  Did you know Darlene was one of the women Lisa baby sits for?”

Kenny shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, “So…?”

Jeffrey stepped in and put a hand on his son’s shoulder. “Kenny, Darlene Beacon is your Aunty Dar.” 

Kenny’s head snapped up at this news.  “What?  No way!  My Aunty Dar was so cool.  She couldn’t be some…”

“STOP!”  Amy yelled at her son.  “Not one more word out of you.”  Amy turned to Lisa and her parents.  “It’s obvious that we need to have a serious talk with our son about a lot of things.  You said that Kenny can’t sign anything until after the birth, but we’ll contact you soon and discuss everything.”

James nodded his head in agreement then looked at Jeffrey with a “good luck” expression on his face before he lead his family out of the Cramer home.  Once they were out on the sidewalk Rhonda said, “Sounds like we opened up a huge can of worms in there.”

“I agree,” James replied. “I wonder what they meant when they said Darlene was Kenny’s Aunty Dar?”


Darlene and Teri were on tenterhooks waiting for news on the outcome of Lisa’s meeting with the baby’s father.  The attorney had warned both families that without the biological father’s signature, there was a chance that he could step in years later and make a claim on the child.  As the couple sat talking quietly on the sofa, a knock came at their door.  Darlene popped up first and went to open the door with Teri right behind her.  The fatigued countenance of Lisa and her parents sent both women into despair.  “He won’t sign?”  Darlene asked.

James sighed, “It’s obviously more complicated than we thought.”

Teri motioned everyone into the living room. “Have a seat, I’ll get some tea.  Lisa, honey, want to help me?”  Lisa joined Teri and once they were in the kitchen, Teri turned to the teenager. “Are you all right, sweetie?”

Lisa’s eyes welled up with tears. “It was awful…”  Lisa laid her head against Teri’s shoulder as strong arms wrapped around her.  “He called you guys really nasty names and then his parents got upset with him.  His parents seem fine with you guys being lesbians… but Kenny was awful!”

“Honey, I don’t care what he called us.  Right now I’m worried about you and that beautiful heart of yours.”  Teri pushed a lock of chestnut hair behind Lisa’s ear. “How did he treat you?”

“Like I was just some girl getting him in trouble with his parents.”  Lisa sobbed.

“Aw, love, I’m so sorry.”  Teri sighed. 

Lisa shrugged her shoulders. “I knew better.  I didn’t listen to my little voice…the one my Mom says will keep me out of trouble.  Dad says hindsight is 20/20…now I know what he means.”

“I wish you hadn’t had to go through all of this in order to learn these lessons,” Teri acknowledged.

“Me too.” Lisa sighed softly.  “Thanks for caring about me, and not just about the baby.  You guys are the best.”

“We love you, Lisa.  Nothing will change that.” Darlene’s voice sounded from the kitchen archway.  She looked at the pair that embraced in the kitchen. “I was concerned when you were taking so long to get the tea.”

Green eyes glanced at Lisa, “I was just doing a heart check…” Teri informed her wife.

“I thought that might be the case.” Darlene smiled softly.  “So, how is the heart, sweetheart?” she addressed Lisa.

“Bruised and battered, but surviving,” Lisa assured both women.

Darlene walked over and joined in a group hug before suggesting that they join Lisa’s parents back in the living room.  Soon, tea was distributed and Darlene and Teri listened to what had transpired at Kenny’s house.  James began the explanation describing the way Kenny had shown no remorse in his part of the pregnancy and then describing his outburst when he realized Lisa wanted Darlene and Teri to adopt the child.  “His parents were already in shock due to the pregnancy but when Kenny started using that crass word his mother hit the ceiling!”

Teri broke in, “So the parents don’t seem to have a problem with Darlene and me being lesbians but Kenny does?”

“I guess that Amy, that’s Kenny’s mother, had a sister who was gay and was killed years ago…” Rhonda began to explain.  Teri felt Darlene stiffen and then lean forward with her head in her hands.

Alarmed at Darlene’s posture, Teri wrapped her arms around Darlene. “Honey?’’ 

Darlene looked up with a stricken expression; she gazed into Teri’s eyes. “Emily’s sister was Amy…and our nephew’s name was Kenny.”

The reality and the irony of the situation hit Teri in her solar plexus. “Oh baby, ohhh Baby… I’m so sorry.”

 “Oh my gosh!  You were Emily’s partner!” Lisa exclaimed incredulously.

 Darlene took a deep breath as she attempted to calm her wildly beating heart and nodded her head. “Yeah.  Emily was my first lover.  We thought we had the world by the tail… then… then…”

James reached over and consolingly rubbed Darlene’s knee. “We know.  Amy told us what happened.”

Teri spoke up, “Darlene almost didn’t survive.”  She stroked the scar that bisected Darlene’s eyebrow. “She still has nightmares some nights.”

Rhonda leaned forward, feeling deep sympathy for the woman before her. “Honey, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that.  I’m grateful though, that you survived and allowed yourself to love again.  I don’t know what Lisa would have done if you and Teri hadn’t been here at this tough time.”

Darlene simply nodded and gave the group a weepy smile.  After a moment she gathered her composure and asked, “Kenny called us names… because we’re lesbians?”  She looked deeply hurt by that thought.

“Yeah,” Lisa answered.  “Honestly, he hasn’t always been like this.  He started hanging out with these really creepy kids at school and now he’s gotten really mean.”

The adult all sat and contemplated this turn of events.  Soon, Teri turned to Darlene, “Honey, did you know they lived so close to us?”

Darlene smiled sadly. “No.  At first Amy kept in contact and would try to get me to spend time with them.  But… it was too hard.  It all reminded me of Emily and what I had lost, so I ran.  I don’t think I’ve talked to them in five years.” Lisa listened to the soft conversation between Darlene and Teri then spoke up, “Dr. Dar?  Are you still going to want the baby…since…well…since Kenny is acting like such an ass?”

Darlene’s expression softened as she looked at Lisa. “Oh honey, of course I still want this baby.  The fact that our child will be related to Emily,” she looked at Teri and received an understanding look in return. “Only makes me love it more.  She was a magnificent person.”  Darlene’s heart warmed as she felt Teri’s hand squeeze her thigh in solidarity and understanding.  She looked into her wife’s eyes. “I love you.”

The sound of a nose being blown caught everyone’s attention.  Everyone looked over at Rhonda who was using a handkerchief to catch the moisture from her eyes and nose.  “All we see on the news lately is a world filled with hate and terror.  Seeing you two reminds me that there is hope left in the world.  I feel so blessed that you two will be raising my grandbaby.”

“I hope we get the opportunity to do that,” Teri replied softly.  “It sounds like Kenny might not sign over his parental rights.”

Jim sighed at the reality of Teri’s statement. “I hope that his parents will help him through his attitude problems.  They seem like very good people and I have to believe that deep down Kenny knows what’s right.”

After Lisa and her parents had gone home, Darlene turned to Teri with a concerned expression. “How do you feel about all of this, honey?”

Teri wrapped her lover in her arms. “Baby, other than being really afraid that Kenny won’t sign that paper, I’m fine.  I’ll admit it’s an awfully strange twist of fate we’ve been handed, but the fact that the baby will share genes with your first love is a plus in my book.”  Teri leaned in and kissed Darlene then continued, “I understand the love you shared with Emily.  I’d like to think that Emily is looking over all of this and smiling.  I know she can see what an amazing parent you are and I’m sure she would be proud to have you loving her grand-niece or nephew.”

Darlene’s throat ached where a lump formed. “I thank everything that’s holy for bringing you into my life.  I loved Emily so much but what I share with you goes beyond anything I ever hoped or dreamed I could have.  Thank you.”

Later that evening, after Darlene rocked Lucy to sleep and settled the little girl in bed for the night, she sought out her wife.  The emotions from the day’s discoveries and the evidence of Teri’s unwavering commitment and love washed over Darlene.  She thought about her wife and allowed her feelings free rein and felt a raging desire to show her wife just how loved she was.  She found Teri in the living room, curled up on the couch reading a book.  Darlene leaned against the archway and soaked in the vision of her wife.  The longer she watched, the more overwhelming her emotions became. 

Teri felt Darlene’s presence and looked up to meet her lover’s eyes.  “Did you want…” She recognized the expression in Darlene’s eyes and felt a rush of heat wash through her. “Oh,” she sighed. 

Darlene held out her hand in invitation and Teri lifted herself from the sofa and immediately accepted the offer.  Darlene led Teri through their bedroom and into the attached bathroom.  As Teri reached out to unbutton Darlene’s blouse her hand was caught, kissed, and returned to her side. “Uh uh. Tonight is about my loving you.”  Darlene saw that Teri was about to object and placed a kiss against her lips to quell the coming protest.  “Relax and feel how much I love you.  Tonight I want to give you anything you want, everything you desire.”

“Then let me see you naked.  Now.” Teri groaned.  A sexy grin and bedroom eyes dominated Darlene’s expression as she slowly unbuttoned her own blouse.  “Is this what you wanted to see?”  She teased as each inch of skin was revealed to avidly watching green eyes.

“Uh huh.”  Teri devoured each millimeter of tanned skin as it appeared before her.  Her fingers itched to rip the remaining clothes from Darlene’s body yet another part of her enjoyed the slow strip tease her wife performed.  Darlene finally dropped the silk shirt from her body then taunted Teri as she ran her hands up her own abdomen and up to cup her breasts.  She used her fingertips to scrape over the generous mounds which made her nipples stand at attention and strain against the silk of her bra.  Teri groaned and felt her sex swell at the show.  Her hips rotated so that the seam of her slacks popped over her now extended clit.  Darlene noticed Teri’s actions and reached forward to unbutton and unzip Teri’s slacks.  “Are your pants a little tight, lover?”  Darlene asked before she tugged the garment in question, as well as soaked silk underwear, down Teri’s legs. 

Teri groaned in protest. “I was getting so close… ”

Darlene nodded her understanding then turned Teri so that she faced the mirrored wall. She stood behind Teri and wrapped her arms around her.  At first her hands massaged patterns over Teri’s lower abdomen and belly but soon one hand reached down and spread damp furred lips apart while the other hand moved to slide over and around Teri’s distended sex.  Teri’s eyes closed in reaction but snapped open when Darlene husked, “Watch me touch you,” in her ear.  In only moments, Teri cried out in release. 

The night that followed was filled with a passion that surpassed Teri’s wildest dreams. The next morning, she was treated to a romantic breakfast in bed followed by a wonderful play day with her family.  Teri’s love for Darlene was multiplied once again and she marveled at the fact.  She had believed that their love was as rich as it could ever be, but she came to realize that love is indeed boundless and has an unlimited capacity for growth.  She prayed that love would be enough to conquer the obstacle of Kenny’s attitude, but even if that didn’t happen, she was positive that the love she shared with Darlene would allow them to weather any outcome.


Darlene was home alone.  Teri and Lucy were out grocery shopping, which meant they were out shopping in general and would eventually be home with not only a car load of food stuffs but also a myriad of other goodies.  Darlene sipped her iced tea as she read an engrossing lesbian mystery novel.  Her attention was diverted as the telephone rang.  Darlene set her book aside and picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hello, Dar?  This is Rhonda.”

“Hi Rhonda. How are you doing?” Darlene asked.

“I’m fine, dear.  Honey, I just got a call from Amy.  She asked me for your phone number and I didn’t want to give out your personal information.  I told her that I would call you and give you her number and leave it up to you to call her or not.”  Rhonda paused. “Would you like the number?”

Darlene felt nervous butterflies begin to flutter in her gut, but she answered, “Yes, I’ll take the number and give her a call.  Hey, Rhonda, I really appreciate you preserving our privacy.”

Rhonda laughed lightly. “Well, I’d be mighty peeved if someone gave out our number without our consent!”

“As well you should be,” Darlene agreed.  Once Rhonda imparted the necessary phone number, Darlene disconnected from one call and then picked up the phone to make another. 

Teri entered the house with a sleeping Lucy in her arms and heard Darlene’s voice in conversation.  She walked into the family room and saw Darlene on the phone with tears streaming down her cheeks.  She gently placed Lucy on the sofa and moved over to her lover.  She questioned her wife silently with a concerned look in her eyes and received a slightly sad smile and a nod as an answer.  “I’m ok,” Darlene mouthed.  Teri leaned forward and kissed the trail of tears from her wife’s face.  She pointed her own chest and then to the doorway and then to the floor in front of her, silently asking, “Do you want me to go or stay?”

Darlene’s eyes softened and she patted the spot beside her on the sofa, a silent signal that said, “Stay.”  Teri immediately sat beside her lover and leaned into her body.  Darlene was grateful for her wife’s warm solid support.  The conversation with Amy had been a mixture of good and bad, happy and sad, and Darlene needed the stalwart support of her partner.  It had been difficult to dredge up memories of her long lost lover and yet even as she had done so, Darlene realized that those wounds were indeed healed and that Teri, Lucy and hopefully the new baby were her future.  She had talked with Amy about Kenny’s attitude and about his parent’s concern.  Just as Teri had walked in, Amy had asked Darlene if she and Teri would come over for dinner that evening so that they could all talk.  Darlene asked Amy to hold on a moment and then turned to Teri. “Welcome home, love.” She leaned in and placed a welcome kiss on Teri’s lips. “Amy would like us to come over for dinner and to talk about the situation.  What do you think?”

Teri considered the request and though she was mildly nervous about facing Darlene’s former lover’s family, she knew it was the right thing to do.  “As long as Lisa is available to watch Lucy, I think we should go.”

Darlene nodded and relayed the information to Amy.  She told Amy that unless they called to cancel, that they would be over at 6:30 that evening.  She even remembered to ask if there was anything they could bring and was promptly told no, that all they needed to bring was patience…because they were bound to need it when dealing with Kenny.

Darlene and Teri pressed the doorbell at precisely 6:30.  Amy opened the front door and gasped, “My god, Dar, you’ve gotten even more beautiful!”  She automatically stepped forward and took the woman she considered her sister-in-law into a tight hug.  Darlene wrapped her arms around Amy’s back and felt tears once again prickle behind her eyes.  “Hey Ames.” She backed away and put her arm around Teri. “Amy, I’d like you to meet my wife, Teri.”

Teri smiled a winning smile and greeted Amy, “I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Amy grinned . “Teri, it’s wonderful to meet you.  I was so happy to hear that Darlene had found someone special to love.”  She stood aside and waved the couple into the house. “Come on in you two.  Dar, I’ll give you one guess where we’ll find Jeff…”

Darlene laughed. “Putting out whatever fire he’s set in the grill!”

“You got it in one, big guy!”  Amy laughed and turned toward Teri. “My husband has a sad history of bringing burnt offerings to the table.”

Teri smiled at the ease with which she was included in the conversation and inside joke. “Sounds like Darlene should go out and volunteer her superior grilling skills!”

Amy nodded enthusiastically. “That would be the only way we can hope to have anything recognizable come off the grill.”

Teri looked over at Darlene to make sure she was comfortable with the idea before she slapped the tall brunette on the butt and instructed, “Well, baby, you know how I like to eat so you’d better go rescue our dinner.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Darlene smiled softly at her wife and saluted.  “Believe me; we do not want to deprive this one of food!” she laughingly told Amy.

“Hey!”  Teri spoke up in mock protest. 

Darlene chuckled then leaned over to place a kiss on Teri’s forehead and offered her the book she held in her hand. “Will you be alright here if I go find Jeff?”

“Go ahead, love.  Amy and I will be fine,”  Teri assured her as she accepted the book.  Darlene nodded and headed toward the smell of burning meat.


Dinner was saved by Darlene’s intervention and soon the four adults were seated at the dining room table.  The animated conversation stopped suddenly when a sullen teen-aged boy walked into the room.  Teri watched the boy carefully.  She was positive that she saw a flash of excitement enter the boy’s eyes when he saw Darlene.  But before it could fully register, the look was shuttered by a glowering countenance.  Teri sighed inwardly at the boy’s attitude.  She had hoped, for Darlene’s sake that things weren’t quite as bad as Lisa and her parents had painted them.  She placed her hand against Darlene’s thigh under the table and gave it a comforting squeeze.

Darlene rose and walked over to the attitudinal teenager.  She simply did what her heart instructed her to do and she wrapped her arms around the boy and enveloped him in a hug.  “I’ve missed you Kenny boy,” she choked out through a tear clogged throat.  Kenny stiffened in Darlene’s arms then tried to push the tall woman away.  Darlene simply held on and told the boy that she loved him.  She told him that even if he hated her, she would always love him.  She hung on and she apologized for disappearing from his life for so long and asked for his forgiveness.  Through it all, the boy struggled, he swore at her, he called her vile names and yet deep inside where the boy he truly was still resided, he heard her words and craved her hugs.  However, the pseudo-strong hormonally crazed attitude in sneakers wouldn’t allow him to show his true side, not yet. 

Darlene finally let go of the boy and sat back down next to Teri.  Kenny plopped himself into one of the empty chairs and slouched down in his seat until his father reprimanded him and ordered him to either sit in the chair properly or leave the table.  The adults watched the thought process as it was clearly displayed on the teenager’s face before the boy finally sat up in his chair.  Both Jeff and Amy thanked their son for making the choice he’d made.  Jeffrey passed the plate of grilled meats to his son and everyone was pleasantly surprised when Kenny automatically blurted out, “Now I know Aunty Dar is back, the meat’s not black.”   As soon as the upbeat comment was out of his mouth, Kenny snapped his lips shut and tried to regain his aloof manner.  But the small crack in his attitudinal armor gave the adults a glimmer of hope.

After dinner the adults gathered in the family living room and talked about the past, about the present, and about the predicament the teenagers had gotten themselves into.  Darlene and Teri both expressed their desire to be parents again and Darlene proudly showed pictures of Lucy to Amy and Jeffrey.  She beamed when she talked about the daughter of her heart.  Teri’s heart fell deeper in love as she witnessed her partner interact as a proud parent.  After a time, Darlene looked over at Teri and saw the love shining from her eyes.  She allowed the love to shine out of her own eyes toward her wife and then turned to Amy and Jeff, “Will you excuse me?  I’m going to go try to talk to Kenny.”

Jeff and Amy looked at each other then back at Darlene; together they spoke as one, “Good luck.”

Darlene nodded then picked up the book she had brought with her and headed to the boy’s room.  Once she reached a door that said, “KEEP OUT” she knocked on the door.

“Go away!” shouted an adolescent male voice.

“Kenny, I’m going to stay here until you let me in.  If that takes all night, that’s fine but I am not leaving until we talk,” Darlene stated emphatically.

After only a few minutes the door flew open. Though Kenny’s defiant face glowered at Darlene, when she looked into his eyes she saw a well masked look of hopefulness lurking.  “What?” the teen demanded.

Darlene smiled at Kenny’s surliness then said, “I wanted to talk to you.”  She held up the book she carried. “I wanted to share pictures of my family with you.”

“Why would I want to see pictures of you and your Dy…” Before Kenny could finish the word his mouth was covered with a large female hand and Darlene was in his face so close that he could feel her breath against his skin.

“Do… Not… Ever... Say… That… Word!” Each word was growled out through clenched teeth.  It took every ounce of control Darlene owned to regain control of her temper in the face of the belligerence radiating from  the teen.  She pushed Kenny into his room and slammed the door shut behind them.  Darlene removed her hand from the boy’s mouth and ordered him to sit on the bed.  “You just be quiet and listen to me, Kenneth.”  She paced back and forth in front of the bed, calming and organizing her thoughts.  Finally she turned to face the teen.

“When you were little, you adored your Aunty Em.  Do you remember that?” Darlene asked.  Kenny looked away but nodded his head to indicate that he did indeed remember.  “You used to come over and stay with us; we’d go on our hikes and talk for hours on end.”  As Darlene recalled the special times she had shared with this boy her voice broke with emotion.  “Kenny, you were so important to Emily and me.  We thought of you more like a son than as a nephew.”  Darlene took a deep breath and continued, “Kenny, how did you feel about your Aunty Em?  How would you feel about her today if she were alive?”

Kenny’s face was averted but in a small voice he answered, “I loved Aunty Em.  I wish she was still alive.  I wish you hadn’t left.”

Darlene felt a stab of pain pierce her heart.  “I am so sorry I left your life for so long, Kenny.  It hurt so much to look into your eyes and see how similar they were to Em’s.  I believed that I had to make a clean break in order to heal.”  She moved to kneel in front of the boy. “I’m asking you to forgive me, Kenny.  Can you do that?”

Kenny glared at Darlene and spat out, “Go to hell.”

With her heart shattered, Darlene pushed herself on to try to make her next point.  “Kenny, Lisa said that your attitude and behavior has changed recently because you’ve started hanging out with a different set of friends.”

Kenny looked up defiantly. . “Yeah, so what if I have?”

“Kenny, what would your new ‘friends’ do if they saw two women leaving a restaurant holding hands?”

Kenny’s face took on a mask of disgust and bravado. “They’d kick their asses,” he stated.

Darlene’s heart sank as she looked at the hate-filled countenance before her.  She realized that what she was about to say would be difficult but she knew in her heart that she needed to bring the reality of hate home to her nephew.

“Kenny, years ago I was out to dinner with your Aunty Em.  We were out celebrating our anniversary and planning our future.  We were planning on starting a family.  We left the restaurant feeling blissfully happy, amazingly hopeful and so in love that we were holding hands as we walked to our car.”  Darlene’s eyes filled with tears as she remembered that far away special night.  She noted that Kenny had begun to squirm a bit beside her so she took his face into her hands and brought his eyes to meet hers before she continued.  “A group of boys, teen aged boys, saw us holding hands and called us names.  They called us Dykes and queers; they used language I refuse to repeat.  But that wasn’t enough, Kenny.  When we ignored their taunts they jumped us.” 

Kenny attempted to stand up and walk away from Darlene but she reached out to hold him in place and made him listen. She described in haunting detail the horrors she and her lover experienced that night at the hands of hate-filled, small-minded teens.  She described the pain, the blood, and the terror.  She relived the loss hoping to break through what she hoped was a veneer of toughness in the boy she loved.

“Kenny, you’re telling me that you are willingly choosing to spend time with people who would kill me.  You are condoning, if not participating, in behaviors that killed your Aunty Em.”

Kenny jumped in to interrupt. “I would never have killed my Aunty Em!  I would never beat you up!”

Darlene cupped the boy’s face. “Kenny, a few moments ago you proudly said your friends would kick the ass of a same gender couple who were holding hands.”

Kenny’s face became confused. “But I didn’t mean you.”  He began to sob. “I didn’t mean someone like Aunty Em.”

Darlene wrapped the teen in her arms.  “Kenny, almost every gay person has someone who loves them.  Most of us have a family.  Many of us have little boys that we adore in our lives.  If you hate one other gay person, you hate me-you hate your Aunty Em.”

“NO!” Kenny pulled away in horror.  “You’re not like that.  You weren’t like that!”

Darlene sighed, “Yes, Kenny.  I am like that; I have always been ‘like that’.  Your Aunty Em and I were ‘like that’.”

“I… I need to think,” Kenny muttered.

Darlene nodded. She understood that she had pushed the teen about as far as she dared with harsh reality.  She decided to try to reach him on another level and pulled out the book she had brought with her.  She opened the album to the first page and handed it to the boy.  “Kenny, I’ll leave you to think in a few minutes but I want to share what’s in this book with you first.”

Kenny glanced down at the open page expecting to see a photo of the pretty blonde woman that had arrived with Darlene.  His breath caught in his chest when he realized that the picture was an old one of his Aunty Em and Aunty Dar. 


After Darlene and Teri’s visit to his home and after Kenny’s long talk with his Aunty Dar, Kenny’s parents noticed that their son was unusually quiet.  His behavior around the house was remarkably changed for the better yet they were concerned about his withdrawn manner.  He was no longer sullen or hostile, but he was strangely subdued and thoughtful. They decided to give the boy some time before they took any action but they made sure that he knew that they loved him and that they were there for him.

Kenny had withdrawn into himself to think about what he and his Aunty Dar had discussed. His Aunt had suggested that he write down his thoughts and feelings.  She told him to be honest with himself and to write down what he thought, not what his new friends would want him to write.  After he followed her advice, he realized how far away from his true self he had drifted.  He thought about how much he had allowed his new ‘friends’ to influence his attitude, views and behavior and he realized that by trying to fit in he had been becoming the very kind of person that he had previously detested.  He realized that he had ignored the inner voice that was his parents had always called his “jiminy cricket” that had warned him against the bigoted attitude and behavior his new cohorts had exhibited.  As he realized what he had started to become, his heart broke.  His chest physically ached from the pressure of his realizations and, even though it was the middle of the night, he ran to the place that had always been safe. It didn’t matter that he was almost a grown man, or that he hadn’t needed this kind of comfort since he was small.  He walked down the dark hallway then stopped at his parents’ door.  As he started to knock, he realized how late the hour was and he thought about how old he was and was suddenly unsure so he slid down the door frame and sat on the floor leaning against his parents’ door.  Just being closer to them brought him a modicum of comfort.

On the other side of the door, Amy’s mother radar pinged and as she awakened she realized that Jeff was awake as well.  They looked at one another and then toward the closed door.  After only a moment, they both got up out of the bed and moved to open their bedroom door.  They looked down into the tear filled eyes of their boy. 

“Mom, Dad, I’ve messed up so bad,” He croaked in an emotion choked voice.  The emotions rising in his chest were too much for the teen to cope with and he began to sob.  Both parents dropped to the floor beside their son and wrapped him in a cocoon of love.  Amy kissed her son’s forehead and rubbed his back.

Jeff ran his fingers through his son’s hair and pressed the boy tightly against his chest.  “We love you, son,” the boy’s father choked out. “Take some deep breaths and talk to us when you’re ready.  We’re not going anywhere.  We’ve got you.”

After long moments of soaking up his parents’ love Kenny was able to speak again. “I’m… I’m so sorry.  I’ve been an idiot.  I know I’ve acted like a complete turd to you guys.”  He sobbed as he thought about how much of a jerk he had been toward his parents.  “I’ve been thinking about stuff since Aunty Dar was here.  She said that I was acting just like the guys that killed Aunty Emily.”  He took a breath and continued, “At first I was really pissed.”

“Hey!” Amy gave a soft smack to the back of her son’s head.

Kenny had the grace to look embarrassed. “Sorry Mom.”  He cleared his throat and went on, “I was really mad at her at first.  Really mad.  She left me!  I kept thinking about how much I missed her and I didn’t want to listen to her but she wouldn’t let me ignore her.” 

Jeffrey smiled and chuckled a bit. “That’s the Darlene we remember.  So what made you finally listen to her, Kenny?”

“I don’t think it was something I decided, Dad.  It was more that she wouldn’t leave until she had said everything she wanted to say.  And...”  He choked on another sob. “She kept showing me pictures of when I was little.  There were pictures of me, her and Aunty Em.  She told me how much she loved… loves me.  Then she cried and said she was sorry for leaving me, leaving us, after Aunty Em died.  She said it was too painful to stay around us.  She said every time she looked into my eyes she saw Aunty Em’s eyes and it hurt too much.”

His Mom interrupted him to ask, “Do you understand any better now why she left?”

Kenny shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I guess so.”  He looked up into his Mom’s eyes. “She asked me to forgive her.  She’s an adult and she asked me to forgive her.”

His father asked, “And did you?”

Kenny looked down. “No.  Not then I didn’t.  I told her to go to hell.”

Amy’s heart broke.  It broke both for the boy she had raised and for the woman she still considered to be her sister-in-law. 

Kenny heard his mother’s sad sigh and looked up. “But I’ve thought about everything we talked about and I do forgive her.  I’m gonna go over to their house tomorrow and try to talk to Aunty Dar.” 

Kenny rested his head against his father’s chest as he gathered his courage.  “Mom, Dad, please forgive me for being such a jerk.”  Then after a breath he choked out, “how can Lisa ever forgive me?”  He focused pleading eyes on his Mother. “I let the guys talk me into dumping her after I’d…”  He jumped up from the floor and paced the hall.  The anger he felt toward himself was overwhelming. “I slept with her and then I dumped her!  I really like her.  She’ll never believe that I’m sorry.  She’ll never want to talk to me again!”

It took his parents a few moments to pick themselves up off of the floor but they rose and halted his pacing.  “Son, stop,” his father ordered softly.  “You could be right.  There is every chance that Lisa will always resent you for how you’ve treated her.  Not only did you lie to her, you took her virginity and then left her to deal with your child on her own.”  Jeffrey took a deep breath to calm himself.  “I won’t lie to you and tell you that your change of heart makes everything you’ve done recently magically go away.  You have a lot of work ahead of you to repair the damage you’ve caused.”

Amy spoke up.  “Kenny, we love you.  There is nothing you could do that would stop that love.  However, we certainly haven’t liked you much lately.  I have missed the wonderful person that I know is the real you.  I won’t speak for your father in this, but I forgive you.  I believe I can speak for both of us when I tell you that we will do whatever we can to help you.  We cannot make amends with the people you’ve hurt; only you can do that.  But we’ll stand by you and support you in becoming the man you’ve started to be tonight.  It took courage to come to us, son.  I am so proud of you right now.”

Kenny gave his Mother a teary smile. “Thank you Mom.  I’ll do better, I promise.”  He then turned his attention to his Father. “Dad? Will you forgive me?”

Jeff felt a lump in his throat and swallowed before he replied, “Son, I already have.”  After glancing at a wall clock, Jeff said, “I think we all need to get back to bed. We can talk more after some sleep.”  The family all hugged and kissed one another good night then retired to their respective beds.  Kenny slept better that night than he had in a very long time.


After school the following day, Kenny made his way to his Aunty Dar’s house.  He stood on the front porch for long minutes gathering his courage before he rang the door bell. 

When Teri opened the door, she found Kenny standing nervously wiping his hands on his jean clad thighs.  She was shocked to see the teen on her doorstep, but allowed a bud of hope to blossom.  “Well, hi Kenny.” She welcomed the boy.  He looked up momentarily taken aback.  He hadn’t considered that Aunty Dar might not answer the door.  His first reaction was to flee, but he reminded himself that if he wanted to have his Aunty Dar back in his life, he would have to learn to accept her new family as well. 

He looked up uneasily. “Hi, um, Teri?”

Teri smiled.  She recognized how ill at ease the boy was. “That’s right, I’m Teri.”

“Yeah, uh, hi.”  Kenny stumbled over his words. “I was wondering if I could talk to Aun…um…to…” He wasn’t sure if it was alright to refer to Darlene as his Aunty Dar with this woman.

Teri opened the front door wider. “Your Aunt Dar is still with a patient; but if you’d like to come in and wait I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you.”

Though Kenny still felt ill at ease, this woman’s kind eyes and manner calmed him considerably.  He began to understand that his Aunty Dar had moved on in her life with the pretty blonde.  “Oh, ok.  Uh, Teri, I guess I should apologize to you too.  I was pretty rude to you the other night.”

Teri closed the door behind them and motioned for the teen to accompany her into the living room.  Before they sat down she turned to the boy. “That took a lot of courage, Kenny.  I accept your apology.  I know your Aunt has missed you very much it will mean so much to her if you could be back in her life.”  Teri saw the light spark in the tall youth’s eyes.  She invited Kenny to have a seat and offered him a soft drink.  After she had procured the drinks, she sat across from Kenny and looked him in the eyes. “Darlene has told me about your Aunt Emily and about the times the three of you spent together.  It’s a very special part of her life.  Losing your Aunt almost destroyed her.  Having you hate her is hurting her all over again.  I don’t want to see her hurt any more; so I’d like to know why you’re here.”

Kenny’s eyes widened as he watched Teri’s face.  He could see that if he was there to cause Darlene pain that she would rip him a new bodily orifice.  He wondered how someone so petite could look so intimidating.  He rushed to assure the small blonde, “No!  I’m not here to hurt her.  I was a total shi…”  He stopped mid word when he saw the look of censure on the blonde’s face. “I was really mean to Aunty Dar the other night.  She asked me to forgive her and I…” he looked down at this shoes, too embarrassed to continue.

“You told her to go to hell.”  Teri couldn’t keep the anger out of her voice.  Darlene had been completely devastated after her talk with Kenny.  The dreams of the night Emily had been killed had come back in full force and her lover had been so down that Teri was deeply worried...  The usually strong, independent woman Teri loved had been clingy and weepy for days after their visit.  Teri saw Kenny flinch at her words and then she saw that the boy had tears in his eyes.  Her first instinct was to comfort him, but the picture in her mind of her desolate lover kept her from showing her usual compassion. “She’s been broken hearted over it, Kenny.  I won’t let you hurt her again.”

He looked up into determined jade eyes and rushed to ease the woman’s worries. “No.  Like I was trying to say, I’m here to accept her apology and to say I’m sorry for what I said.”  As Teri watched, the tall teenager suddenly appeared like a small unsure boy. “I’m not sure she’ll be willing to forgive me though.  I’ve really been messing up lately.”

Teri’s heart softened at the boy’s words. “Y’know, Kenny, your Aunt Dar has an amazing ability to forgive.  I guarantee she’ll welcome you back into her life with open arms.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a call from down the hall, “Mama!”

The child’s call sounded frantic and Teri was on her feet and on her way down the hall in an instant.  She looked into Lucy’s room first because the child had been down for a nap; but Lucy was not in her room.  “Lucy, where are you?”  Teri called.

“I’m in your bafroom, Mama.  Help!” Lucy called.

Teri rushed into the bathroom that was off of the master bedroom and found Lucy.  The little girl was sitting on, well more accurately in, the toilet.  The little girl’s bottom was so far into the toilet opening that the child was just about folded in half.  Teri tried not to laugh, but couldn’t keep a small chuckle from escaping.  She moved to extricate her daughter as she asked, “What happened, honey?”

Lucy’s eyes were filled with tears as she explained, “I had to go potty and the door to my bafroom wouldn’t open.  I had to go bad so I comed in here and my hiney fell through the hole.  Mamma, my bottom is in my pee pee!”

Again, it took all of Teri’s might to stop her laughter.  This was serious business for her daughter.  “Honey, you should have called to me to help you before you tried to use a potty without your special seat.” Teri reached out to pull her daughter from her porcelain prison only to discover that the child had become so wedged in that she was stuck.  The realization cause Lucy to panic and try to wiggle more.  “Baby, stop wiggling, you’re going to get yourself more wedge in!”  Teri’s mind whirled with options on how to free Lucy.

Back in the living room, Kenny sat feeling a bit lost.  He realized that Teri had run out of the room for a good reason, but he felt out of place sitting in a strange house all alone.  After only a few moments though, Darlene entered the room from a side door he hadn’t noticed before.  His heart sank when he saw the dark circles under her blue eyes.  He realized that he was the reason for her ragged appearance. 

Darlene entered through the door that connected her office to the main house.  She expected to find Teri waiting for her in the living room.  She had needed her wife’s loving support so much lately that she counted on seeing her as soon as her work day was over.  She was surprised to see Kenny seated in the living room; but even more puzzled over the fact that he was alone.  She was unsure of Kenny’s reason for being in her home, but she still walked over and greeted the boy she loved with a hug. 

The moment his Aunt’s arms wrapped around him, Kenny broke down into sobs.  “I’m sorry, Aunty Dar.  I’m so sorry!”  His voice cracked as he cried out his heart.

“It’s ok, Kenny.”  Dar kissed the boy’s sandy colored hair. “I love you.”  She felt as though a million pound weight had been lifted from her heart.  He wasn’t there to reject her.  The fact that her wife was not in the room came back into her mind and she asked, “Where’s Teri?”

Kenny sniffed and wiped his nose on his shirt sleeve. “Um, she ran down the hall when your little girl called for her.  She sounded kinda upset.”

Darlene’s first reaction was to jump up to check on her family.  She turned to Kenny. “I’m going to go make sure they’re ok.”  She looked into eyes so much like her first lover’s. “Please stay so we can talk?”

He smiled as he recognized that his Aunty Dar was torn between staying with him and checking on her family. “Go.  I’ll be here.”

She stopped long enough to plant another kiss on her nephew’s forehead then went in search of Lucy and Teri.  She walked down the hall way and used a long standing family joke and called out, “Luuuucy I’m hoooome!”

When she heard Lucy’s panicked voice call out, “Da!  Help!” She broke into a run as she followed the voice that echoed from the master bathroom.  Darlene came to a sliding stop when she witnessed the scene before her. Lucy was a human taco surrounded by the toilet seat and Teri was on her knees in front of the toilet as she squeezed a bottle of Astroglide® around their daughter’s body.  “Well, that’s a new use for lube,” Darlene chuckled.

Teri was instantly relieved when she realized Darlene was there.  She heard the teasing tone of her wife’s voice and began an explanation. “Her bathroom door locked itself again.  She thought she’d just use our bathroom and, well, she’s definitely not ready to use a big girl potty all on her own.” As Teri tried to work the lubricant between her daughter’s body and the wooden toilet seat she explained, “She’s so scared that she panicked when I wanted to go to the kitchen to get dish soap, so I figured this would work as well.”

“It’s slimy, Da,” Lucy said.

“I’m sure it is, princess.  That stuff’s pretty slippery,” Darlene replied.

“Did you get your butt stuck in a potty, Da?” Lucy asked her tall parent.

Darlene laughed. “No pumpkin, I’ve never had my bottom stuck in the potty.”

“Then how come you know it’s slippery?” the little girl asked innocently.

Darlene saw a blush grow up Teri’s neck and she let out a low sexy chuckle. “You want to tell her how I know it’s slippery, Mama?”

“Dar…” Teri’s warned her wife, but it was too late.

“Why Mama?” Lucy asked.

Darlene squatted down to be on the same level as her family. “Baby, I just know it is, ok?”

“Oh, ok.”  Lucy accepted easily much to Teri’s relief. 

“Da, my hiney is in my pee pee,” Lucy complained.

Darlene roared with laughter falling back on her own hiney.  Once she had her laughter under control she assured her little human taco that they’d get her all cleaned up after they got her out of her present predicament. 

Darlene reached over and rubbed her wife’s back lovingly. “You keep lubing her up; I’m going to tell Kenny we’ll be a while longer.”

Teri smiled with good humor and continued with her project while Darlene went out to ask Kenny to be patient for a while longer.  When Darlene returned to the bathroom she suggested that Teri hold the toilet seat down while Darlene tried to lift their daughter up and out.  Fortunately after only a bit of maneuvering the little girl was free from her dunk in the potty having learned a lesson in asking for help when she should.

Teri stayed with Lucy to get the little one freshened up while Darlene returned to the living room to speak with Kenny.

The talk was going well between Darlene and Kenny.  They were re-establishing their relationship and Kenny told his Aunt that he would sign whatever papers were necessary once Lisa had the baby.  The boy’s face looked so bleak as he mentioned Lisa’s name that Darlene felt compelled to ask him about it.

“I blew it with her,” Kenneth sighed.  “She’ll never forgive me. How could she?”

Darlene slid her arm around him. “You’ll never know unless you try, Kenny.” Kenny nodded thoughtfully.

Teri walked into the living room with a cleaned up munchkin in tow.  The moment Lucy saw her Da her face lit up and she ran across the room to be lifted up onto her dark haired parent’s lap.  “Mama gave me a baf, Da.  Before dinner.  She said I don’t haf ta have another one after dinner ‘case I’m clean now.”  The little motor mouth noticed the new person in her home. “Who’s that?” she asked as she pointed at Kenneth.

 “Lucy, it isn’t polite to point at people,” Teri gently reprimanded the child.

“Sorry, Mama,” the little girl replied. “But who is he?” she persisted.

Darlene smiled at her precocious daughter. “Lucy, this is Kenneth.”

Lucy remembered that name from earlier conversations and a scowl immediately covered her three-year-old face.  She leaned out of her Da’s arms and proceeded to smack the young man as hard as her little arms would allow. “You hurt my Da!  You hurt Lisa!  You’re BAD!”

“Lucy!” Both of her parents hollered.  Darlene scooped her daughter up in her arms and moved her away from Kenneth.  In a firm voice she scolded the child, “Lucy, we do not hit!”

“He’s bad,” Lucy persisted.

Teri decided to take the child into her room to talk to, and punish, her for her violent actions.  She cast a look at Darlene to do some damage control with Kenneth. 

Once Teri and Lucy were gone, Darlene turned to Kenny. “I’m sorry.  I’ve never seen her react like that to anyone.  I…” She was at a loss for words.

Kenneth shrugged his shoulders. “She’s right.  I did hurt you and Lisa.”  His voice caught in his throat, “I deserved it.”

Darlene shook her head. “No one deserves to be hit; even if it’s by a three-year-old.”

A defiant “No!” was heard from down the hall and Darlene decided that she needed to be in on the conversation that was obviously not going well.  She turned to Kenneth. “Kenny, I need to go help Teri with Lucy.  It’s about dinner time anyway so why don’t you head on home and we’ll call you later?”

Kenneth let a small smile come and nodded his head. “It seems like you have your hands full.”  He looked into his Aunt’s blue eyes. “But, we’re ok now Aunty Dar?  You and me?”

Darlene’s heart swelled as she looked at a precious piece of her past. “We’re good, Kenny boy, we’re good.”  She escorted the boy to the front door, gave him a long hug and told him she’d talk to him later.


It took a long time and more than one “time out” but Darlene and Teri finally got Lucy to understand that hitting in anger was wrong.  They told her that they understood that she was angry at Kenneth, but that hitting was not the answer.  They also used the incident as a lesson in both giving and receiving forgiveness.

After they put the little slugger to bed, Darlene and Teri settled into the living room for some quality snuggle time.  “Are you sure you want another one?” Darlene joked.

“After today, I’m seriously questioning our sanity!” Teri replied with a laugh.  She cuddled into Darlene’s arms while she placed kisses along her lover’s long neck.  She reached up and nipped Darlene’s ear fully aware that her partner’s ears were an erogenous zone.  She put her lips against Darlene’s ear and whispered, “You’re in trouble for teasing me about the lube earlier.”

Darlene’s body vibrated with excitement. “I’m in trouble, huh?” she husked.

“Mm Hmm,” Teri replied with a sharp nip to Darlene’s tasty ear lobe.  “Since you seem to have forgotten just how ‘slippery’ it is, I think I need to give you a refresher lesson.”

Darlene gulped at her wife’s tone and felt herself become ‘slippery’ from her body’s own lubricant.  She turned her head and captured her love’s lips in a passionate kiss.  The kiss was deep and wet and lasted an eternity.  When the couple finally came up for air both women trembled from arousal.  Teri stood and held her hand out to her partner. “Tonight, you’re mine,” her deepened voice declared. 

Darlene grasped Teri’s hand and allowed herself to be led to their bedroom.  Teri closed and locked their bedroom door then turned to her tall lover.  Darlene felt a shudder run through her body when she saw the look of want in her wife’s eyes.  “God, Ter, you look at me like that and I’m ready to come,” she moaned.

“Don’t you dare,” Teri warned as she reached for the buttons on Darlene’s blouse.  Teri’s lips mapped out the skin that was uncovered as each button came undone.  She unsnapped the front closure on Darlene’s bra then slid blouse and bra down Darlene’s long arms to fall on the floor.  Teri slid to her knees as she traced the center line of Darlene’s abdomen with her tongue. Darlene gasped as her nipples were stimulated to full alert as Teri’s fingertips scraped over the summit of her breasts.    Teri lapped around and into Darlene’s navel, another of her wife’s sensual triggers.  Darlene’s knees began to buckle as her arousal soared. “Uh uh uh, my love, stay standing until I’m finished,” Teri commanded.

Darlene moaned, “Can’t.”

“Sure you can… unless you want me to stop?” Teri threatened her wife.

“God no!” Darlene exclaimed as she willed her knees back into action.

Teri chuckled low in her throat. “Didn’t think so.” She unbuttoned and unzipped Darlene’s slacks then, with her palms flat against Darlene’s abdomen; she slid her hands down inside the tall woman’s underwear and guided the rest of her lover’s clothes off.  Darlene’s body felt like one giant nerve ending; every touch of her wife’s hands affected all of Darlene’s senses.  Her heart overflowed with wonder at how much she felt with her lover.  “I love you, I love you so much,” Darlene’s declared prayerfully.

Teri stood up and wrapped her beautiful lover in an embrace. “I love you, Darlene.  More with every second that passes.” She slid her fingers into Darlene’s ebony locks and gazed deeply into her eyes. “Every day I wake up and think there is no possible way to love you more; then you say or do something or just look at me with a special look and I fall deeper in love with you.  I’d be lost without you.”  They kissed in worship of one another.  After long moments of loving kisses, Teri stepped away from her wife and slowly removed her own clothes.  She teased Darlene by unbuttoning her blouse so slowly it was painful.  Once she was topless, Teri turned her back to her lover before she undid her slacks.  Teri bent over at the waist as she pushed her slacks down her legs.  The sight of Teri’s bare bottom and the peek at her glistening sex tantalized Darlene into action.  She slid her hand between her wife’s legs and moaned at the copious moisture she encountered. Her moan deepened when Teri rocked her hips against her long fingers. “God, Ter…” Darlene gasped as her control slipped.  She wrapped her free arm around Teri’s waist and pulled the woman back into her own groin while she continued to slide her fingers through the slick heat between Teri’s legs.

Teri allowed herself to enjoy the caresses for a moment longer; but before she could immerse herself completely in her lover’s touch she stood and stepped away.  Darlene groaned in protest, her sex so swollen it was painful.  All she would have needed was another moment to rub against her wife’s luscious back side.  “Please…” she heard herself beg when Teri stepped away.

Teri’s breathing was labored as she controlled her desires.  She turned to face her beloved and ran her hands up the front of the trembling woman.  She caressed every inch of the tall body.  Her hands spent long moments caressing Darlene’s breasts.  She bent her head and sucked one stiff nipple into her mouth as her fingers pinched and tugged at its mate.  Darlene’s head was thrown back and long moans flowed from her throat.  The sounds of her mate enflamed Teri’s libido and her imagination.  She released Darlene’s nipple with pop then instructed her lover to get onto the bed.

Darlene scooted onto the bed and waited for what would come next.  Teri moved to the head of the bed and gathered all of the pillows, save one, into a pile. “Sit up against these, lover,” she instructed.  Darlene assumed that Teri had saved the one pillow in order to use it as a kneeling pad and anticipated feeling her wife’s mouth against her engorged tissues.  When Teri dropped the pillow on the foot of the bed, Darlene’s dark brows met in puzzlement.  Teri sent a sultry smile at her wife’s puzzled look.  “Don’t think you have everything figured out, beautiful.”  She stood at the foot of the bed and gazed at the goddess before her. “My god, you’re amazing,” she sighed out.  “Bend your knees and spread your legs, love.”

Darlene complied with her wife’s request and anticipated whatever would come next.  Her blue eyes glowed with arousal and love as she looked at her naked lover.  Teri slid up onto the bed and between Darlene’s legs.  She reached forward and placed a thumb along each side of Darlene’s swollen labia and spread her treasure open.  She inhaled deeply as Darlene’s scent was released from her heated center; the aroma ratcheted her desire up yet another notch.  “So beautiful,” she whispered, not for the first time.  Her eyes captured Darlene’s as she voiced her desire, “I want you to touch yourself.”  Darlene’s right hand shot between her own legs, eager to comply with Teri’s request only to have her wife’s small hand stop her movement.  Darlene actually whimpered at Teri’s action, she was so full and ready.  “You didn’t let me finish telling you what I want,” Teri reprimanded softly before she continued. “Touch yourself softly.  Do not touch your clit or penetrate yourself.  Just stroke yourself lightly but don’t you dare climax before I get back.”

Darlene’s blue eyes widened dramatically. “Where are you going?!” she gasped.

Teri’s smile was soft. “Not far, baby.  I’ll be right back.”  She stroked her thumb against the slick soft lips of Darlene’s sex. “Remember, stay away from…” she looked down at Darlene’s vulva and felt her own sex clench.  Darlene’s clitoris was standing up, full, red and glistening.  Teri was tempted to throw her ideas away and simply dive into the feast before her; but she resisted the temptation and carried out her plan.  “Go ahead, love, let me see you touch yourself.”

Darlene’s fingers moved to stroke the sensitive tissues that surrounded her engorged clit, careful to avoid contact with the overly sensitive organ.  She was certain that her wife was the queen of torture at that very moment.  She watched as Teri slid off of the bed and walked to the bathroom.  She continued her self-ministrations as she waited for her wife’s return, her hips rocked in rhythm with her strokes. 

Teri returned to the bedroom with a towel and the bottle of lube in her hands. She crawled up onto the bed and came to rest between Darlene’s legs.  She watched, mouth watering, as Darlene’s long fingers stroked her sensitive pink tissues.  Teri’s eyes moved up Darlene’s body and finally locked onto passion-filled blue eyes.  “Every time I look at you I’m amazed,” Teri’s emotion filled voice vowed.

Darlene moaned at Teri’s words and she begged, “Please, Ter, Please touch me.”

Teri smiled a sexy smile and assured her lover. “Soon, lover, very soon.”  She turned to pick up the pillow at the foot of the bed; she spread the doubled-over towel on the pillow then instructed her lover to lift her hips.  Teri slid the pillow beneath Darlene’s hips so that the dark woman’s pelvis was tipped the way she wanted.  She took the bottle of lube and squirted some of the clear liquid into her left hand.  She reached forward and slid her left thumb into Darlene’s aching vagina.  She stroked the slick walls as she rotated her thumb inside the warm cavern.  Darlene groaned at the welcome invasion and began to rock her hips with more purpose. 

“You like that, huh?” Teri teased her wife.

“God yes…please…Ter… love…” Darlene’s speech was choppy and interspersed with deep moans of arousal.

Teri looked back into Darlene’s pleading eyes and instructed, “Mmm, ok lover, go ahead and stroke your clit… slowly and lightly.”  Darlene moved to fulfill her lover’s demand; she slid her long middle finger over to slowly circle her clitoris.  Teri watched Darlene’s actions; her eyes closed as she felt an overwhelming wave of arousal surge through her.  She watched as a blush of arousal spread over Darlene’s torso, she smiled knowing her lover was moments away from an orgasm.  “Mmm, don’t come yet, lover.”

Darlene groan in frustration then moaned with excitement as she felt Teri’s lube coated finger slide over her anus.  “Oh, yes… please…” Darlene begged.

Teri’s love for her wife blossomed in her heart as she stroked and circled her wife’s puckered opening.  Darlene loved to have every orifice filled and Teri was happy to oblige her desires.  She continued to rotate her thumb inside Darlene’s vagina as she gently slid her finger into the rear opening.  Teri began to pump her fingers into her lover as she watched Darlene’s fingers speed up their clitoral stimulation.  Teri’s own sex throbbed and ached for release so as her left hand plunged into her lover, her right hand moved between her own legs as she brought herself to climax in synch with her lover’s cry of release.  She felt Darlene’s vaginal walls clamp down on her thumb and smiled as Darlene released a gush of fluid as she came.  “God, yes!” Teri cried out as Darlene’s overpowering orgasm caused a follow-up climax in her own body.

Darlene panted in the afterglow of her mind-altering orgasm.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she felt the love she shared with Teri overwhelm her.  When Teri began to slide her fingers out of Darlene’s body, Darlene begged, “Please, leave them there.  Come up here and let me hold you; but leave them there.  I need to feel you inside me.”

Teri crawled up her lover’s long body to snuggle into her side.  She gladly left her fingers buried in warm wet body cavities.  She loved to feel the ripples of internal muscles as they fluttered with aftershocks.  The after-glow of their lovemaking was a favorite time for both lovers; their hearts and bodies both connected in that place where only they existed.  It was bliss.  “I love you,” was whispered in concert as the two women drifted off to sleep.


Early the next morning, Darlene woke pleasantly sore and with a smile on her face.  She leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her still sleeping wife’s forehead.  She blinked her eyes as she tried to clear her sleep fogged head.  Something had awakened her but she wasn’t sure what it had been.  After only a moment she heard a soft knock on their bedroom door; a knock accompanied by a small voice, “Da? Are you waked up?”

Darlene extricated herself from her wife’s grasp and slid from the bed.  She made sure her wife’s naked body was covered with the blankets then slipped on her own robe and moved to answer the door. 

“Good morning, princess. It’s way too early for you to be awake,” she greeted her too bright-eyed daughter.

Without preamble, Lucy launched into an inquisition. “Da, you said it’s not ok to hit but you hit people when you wear your white pajamas.  How come you can hit and I can’t?”

Darlene groaned quietly at her daughter’s machine-gun rapid speech, she didn’t’ feel awake enough yet to deal with the inquiry of her three-year-old.  Her body was still languid from the past night’s loving and she longed to simply crawl back under the covers with her wife; but her little girl, who had obviously been up and thinking, would not be put off.  She leaned down and scooped her pajama clad daughter up in her arms and carried her out of the bedroom.  At least one parent would be allowed to sleep in this morning, she determined.

Darlene carried Lucy into the little girl’s room and lay down together with the toddler.  She took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts before she spoke, “Lucy, when I hit people during my martial arts practice I’m training so that I can defend myself and you and Mama.”  She stroked her daughter’s soft hair as she continued, “I only hit if there is no other option, Lucy.  If we were out and someone tried to hurt you, or Mama or me, I would do everything I could to get away;  But if there was no way I could get away and if there was nothing else I could do to avoid a fight I would have to hit to defend us.  But hitting is always a last resort, love bug.”  She looked into green eyes so much like her wife’s. “Do you understand, baby?”

Lucy’s little forehead was furrowed as she considered Darlene’s words.  “I guess.” Lucy sighed.  She had thought that using the fact that her Da hit people when she wore her pajamas would get her out of her punishment for hitting Kenny the night before.  As usual, her Da had a good answer so she’d still have to be punished.  It wasn’t easy being three.  As her Da stroked her hair, she snuggled deeper into her mother’s embrace and slipped back into sleep.


Darlene went in search of her wife.  She found her in the new nursery, or rather the room that was slowly being turned into the new nursery.  Teri was up on a ladder; her concentration focused on the border of Winnie the Pooh characters she was painting on the walls.  Darlene leaned against the door jam and gazed at her partner; she felt a physical ache invade her heart as she watched her wife carefully paint the classic characters.  Her heart seemed to expand daily with the feelings she had for the small blonde.  Looking at her never failed to cause a wave of emotion to break over her soul.  Darlene was too closely acquainted with how fleeting life could be and she appreciated every single moment she was allowed to spend with her family.  She didn’t want to startle Teri so she softly cleared her throat to get Teri’s attention.

Teri turned from her work to look down at the doorway.  She smiled at the sexy woman in the doorway.  “Hi love.”

“Hello, beautiful,” Darlene greeted.  She looked toward the painted characters on the wall as she walked forward and stood behind Teri. “You’re doing a great job on those.  How long have you been at it?”  Darlene’s hands ran up the back of Teri’s legs and up to her back side.  Her thumbs slid between her wife’s legs in a soft caress.

Teri moaned at Darlene’s touch then looked at her watch.  Her eyes widened. “Oh my god!  It’s almost time to pick Lucy up from pre-school.”  She started to step down the ladder but Darlene’s hands and fingers prevented her descent.  She rocked her hips against her wife’s hands for a moment then reminded her tall lover, ‘Baby, I need to get all of this cleaned up so I can go pick up our daughter. As much as I’d love to continue this, I need to get moving.” 

A sensual smile covered Darlene’s face. “I can think of soooo many things I’d like to do to you in that position… but you’re right.”  She helped her wife down from the ladder and noted the small splotches of paint that dotted her face and hands.

“I’ll clean up here while you go get yourself cleaned up.”  Darlene leaned in to join their lips in a kiss that acknowledged their mutual desire.  Instead of the usual escalation of their kisses, Darlene decelerated their passion by lightening her touch.  She turned her wife in the direction of the doorway and swatted her fanny to get her moving.


The following afternoon, Teri returned from teaching classes at her gym to find Darlene and Lucy busy in the nursery. The pair was surrounded by bits and pieces of metal and wood.  Teri stood in the doorway and felt a lump of emotion grow in her throat as she watched and listened to Darlene give Lucy another lesson in crib building.  Her memory flowed back to the day, almost three years previous, when she’d found Darlene doing the same thing with a tiny Lucy at her side.  It had been the day Teri had fallen in love with the tall acupuncturist. When Teri opened her mouth to speak, her voice was thick with emotion,” Hello you two.”

Darlene looked up into shimmering green eyes. The look of love on Teri’s face was more even evident than usual and Darlene’s breath caught in her chest.  Darlene’s heart spoke, “I love you.”

Teri moved forward and placed a kiss full of promise on Darlene’s lips.  “I love you too.  So much.”  Teri sat on the floor beside her family then placed a kiss atop her daughter’s head. “I love you too, baby girl.”

Lucy crawled into Teri’s lap and reached out to bring both of her mothers’ heads together.  She kissed each parent in turn seeming to know that this was a special moment.  She looked up at Teri and said, “Mama, we’re makin’ da baby’s crib.”

Teri smiled at her daughter’s enthusiasm, “I see that,” she acknowledged. 

“You falled in love wif Da when she made my crib, huh?” Lucy surprised Teri with the comment. She hadn’t realized that the little girl had absorbed the story so thoroughly.

“I sure did, sweetheart.  Aren’t we lucky that Da fell in love with us too?” Teri asked.

“Uh huh,” Lucy acknowledged, “Da told me dat she falled in love wif us dat day too.”

Teri’s eyes locked with Darlene’s. “She said that, did she?”

“Yup,” Lucy said, “But I don’t ‘member fallin’ in love wif you and Da.  I just loved you for my whole life,” Lucy said earnestly.

Tears filled two mothers’ eyes; neither woman could speak around the lumps in their throats so they gave their little girl a mutual hug.  Once Teri had her emotions in check she spoke, “You and Da are very good at this job. I’ll leave you to it while I go make dinner.  I love you both.”

Darlene placed a soft kiss on her wife’s lips. “Call us when supper’s ready. I love you.”

Teri left the room to make her family’s favorite dinner.


Lisa napped on the sofa; her history book leaned against her burgeoning belly where it had dropped as the teen fell asleep. The doorbell ringing startled the girl awake and she felt the baby startle with her.  She stroked her belly as she tried to calm the little one down.  The baby seemed to love to be massaged and rubbed because it always settled down right away when Lisa’s belly was rubbed.  Lisa smiled as she walked to the door; she thought about how much time the Beacon family spent gathered around her and her belly.  Darlene, Teri and little Lucy spent huge amounts of time with Lisa.  Lisa appreciated that Darlene and Teri were as interested in her life and in her future as they were in spending time bonding with the baby in her belly.  The women always paid attention to the teen and to her feelings and thoughts. 

Lisa’s smile dropped from her face when she opened the door and saw that instead of Darlene, Teri or Lucy, Kenny stood at her doorstep.  His head was bowed and he had a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  Lisa’s first inclination was to slam the door in the boy’s face but when she saw the look on his face she couldn’t follow through on the action. His face was a picture of nervousness and sorrow and the part of Lisa that had fallen for the boy felt compassion.

“What do you want, Kenny?” Lisa asked.

Kenny flinched at Lisa’s harsh tone; but he knew he deserved no less.  He held out the bouquet and answered, “I’m here to beg you to forgive me.”

“For what, Kenny?  For lying to me, for sleeping with me then dropping me like I was worthless, for abandoning me when I told you about the baby, or for calling my special friends vile names? What exactly are you sorry for, Kenny?” Lisa was unable to keep the hurt and anger out of her voice.

Again, Kenny flinched at the accusations Lisa spewed at him.  He swallowed and admitted, “For all of it... for all of those things.  Can I come in, please?  Can I please talk to you?”

Lisa looked at the boy she still loved deep down.  Her hurt and anger warred with her original feelings and she sighed in frustration. After another look into Kenny’s eyes, Lisa decided to allow him entrance.  “Fine.” She reached forward and took the flowers from Kenny’s sweaty hand. “Come in and say what you have to say.  I can’t promise you anything, Kenny.”

Kenny nodded his head then nervously wiped his shoes on the doormat before he entered Lisa’s home.

Hours later an exhausted, yet cautiously optimistic, teenage boy exited the Neilson home.


The following Thursday was Thanksgiving. The Beacons, the Neilsons and the Cramers celebrated the holiday together at the Beacon home. Darlene looked at the large blended family that sat around her dinner table and cleared her throat before she said, “I’m blessed and grateful to have my family gathered here today.”  She looked around the table, stopping at each family in turn, “My original family, my heart’s first family of choice, my beautiful wife and our first child, my honorary family and special Lisa who carries our second child.”

She swallowed the lump of emotion that was lodged in her throat. “I love you all and I look forward to the years to come.  Thank you all for being here today to celebrate with us.”

The gathered group all raised their glasses and acknowledged Darlene’s heart-felt greeting.  Lucy’s voice piped up, “And thank you that Lisa’s tummy can stretch over my baby and not go pop like a bawoon!” Lisa blushed but joined in the laughter that broke out in the room.

Kenny stood and cleared his throat.  “I, um, I wanted to thank you all for forgiving me. I don’t deserve it. I am thankful that I have a family that loves me even when I completely blow it.  I…I love you.” Kenny’s parents rose from their chairs to envelop their son in a hug and Darlene rose a moment later and gave the boy a hug of her own.

“Ok, enough emotional stuff everyone…eat!” the hugely pregnant teenager stated with humorous authority. Everyone laughed and began to pass the bounty of food around the table. 

Darlene noticed that although Lisa had loaded up her plate, she wasn’t eating. The tall brunette leaned over toward the teen and asked in a concerned tone, “You feeling ok, sweetheart?”

Lisa smiled wanly. “Yeah, I’m just not very hungry.  I’ve got a backache that’s bugging me on and off.”

Darlene’s eyebrows raised as she asked, “What do you mean on and off, love?”

“Oh, just since this morning I have a back ache for a little bit then it seems to pass.  But now its here more than its gone and I just don’t feel hungry.”  The teen sighed.

One of Darlene’s specialties was women’s medicine and fertility so she had a very good idea what the problem was.  “Lisa, just how often does the back ache hit you now?”

“Oh, every twenty minutes or so now, I guess,” Lisa answered.

Darlene’s pulse sped up but she made sure she remained calm for the girl.  “Sweetie, I think you’re in labor.”

The girl’s eyes got huge as she looked at her idol. “But, but…but, my stomach doesn’t feel crampy or anything!” she whispered intently.

Darlene smiled at Lisa. “It doesn’t have to, sweetie.  Some women experience the first part of labor as a back ache alone.”

Teri noticed the intense whispered conversation between her wife and Lisa.  She slid her hand onto Darlene’s thigh and leaned over to ask, “Everything all right, you two?”

Darlene turned to look into her wife’s eyes and whispered, “I think our Lisa is in labor.”

Darlene turned back to Lisa as she felt the teen squeeze her arm strongly.  “What is it, Lisa?”

“Another one. Stronger.” The teen’s voice had taken on a slightly panicked tone.

“Ok, honey,” Darlene assured the teen, “take some deep breaths.  Here, lean forward and I’ll massage your back for you; that might help.”  Darlene stood up and moved behind the teen’s chair to apply a relaxing massage to her lower back.  This got the attention of everyone at the table and Darlene smiled at the gathered family.  “I think we have a baby on the way, folks.”

“Oh my god!”  Kenny jumped up and rushed to Lisa’s side, “Are you ok?  Do you hurt?  What can I do?”

“It’s her lower back that’s aching.  Why don’t you rub her lower back like this, Kenny?”  Darlene instructed her clearly shaken nephew. Once Kenny had taken over rubbing his girlfriend’s lower back, Darlene leaned over to place a kiss on the crown of Lisa’s head.  “I’m going to go call Dr. Julie, sweetie, and see what she thinks.”

“Ok, but really, my tummy doesn’t feel like when I have cramps or anything, Dr. Dar,” the teen said in a hopeful tone, clearly frightened at the prospect of being in labor.

“I’d rather be safe than sorry, honey.” She gently rubbed Lisa’s shoulder. “After I make the call, would you like me to needle you to try to give you some relief?” Darlene had been giving Lisa regular acupuncture treatments through her pregnancy to help ease the process. She had even used the ancient practice to help turn the baby when the obstetrician had been concerned that the baby was in a breech position so late in the pregnancy.

Lisa’s eyes showed a glimmer of hope at Darlene’s offer. “Yes, please, Dr. Dar.  If nothing else it will help me to feel calmer.”

Darlene smiled at the nervous girl then moved to make the phone call.

Of course, at Darlene’s announcement the festive thanksgiving feast had been forgotten and everyone was gently surrounding Lisa and offering whatever support the girl needed.  Lucy had wormed her way between the circle of adults and was standing with her hands on Lisa’s extended abdomen, her eyes wide with worry for her special friend. “Lisa? Are you scared?”

Lisa ran her fingers through Lisa’s soft strawberry blonde hair. “I’m kinda nervous, but I’m not too scared yet, Luce.”  She leaned forward to put her forehead against the three-year-old’s and whispered, “Are you ready to be a big sister?”

Huge green eyes widened at the question but the little girl solemnly nodded her head.  After only a moment, Lucy wiggled her way back outside of the circle of adults and trotted toward her bedroom.  A few minutes later she came back and made her way back to Lisa’s side.  Lisa noticed that Lucy was holding her favorite stuffed animal, a well-loved giraffe that Darlene had given the girl when she was an infant. Lucy offered the giraffe to Lisa. “Here Lisa.  You take Spots, she’ll make you feel less scared.”

Lisa’s eyes teared up at the little one’s generous offering and reached out to take the fuzzy animal.  “Thanks Lucy, I know how special Spots is and I’m sure she’ll be a big help.”

Teri had followed Darlene to the phone and was slowly rubbing circles against her wife’s lower back as she listened to Darlene’s side of the conversation.

“Yes, Julie. I noticed that Lisa wasn’t eating and she said she’s been having low back pains since this morning.” Dad nodded to what ever Julie was saying.  “Exactly. I guess the ‘backaches’ are now coming at more regular intervals and they are now about fifteen minutes apart.”  Darlene turned her head and placed a kiss against Teri’s temple as she whispered, “I love you, Mama, ready to start all over again?”  Teri squeezed her wife’s side in acknowledgement.  Darlene returned her attention to the phone conversation. “No, her water hasn’t broken yet.”  Dar fell silent as she listened. “Just a minute, let me ask what she’d prefer.”

Darlene turned to Teri. “Julie said she can come here to examine Lisa or we can go meet her at her office. Will you go find out which option Lisa wants?”

Teri walked out to where the family was gathered.  The families had helped Lisa move to a more comfortable chair and Teri knelt beside the overstuffed chair. “Lisa, Dr. Julie has offered to come here and use Dar’s office to take a look at you or we can take you to her office.  What would you prefer to do?”

“Um, I think I’d feel better if she came here.”  Lisa answered then her face scrunched up in pain, “Ow!” Her eyes were wide with panic and pain. “I felt that in my belly.”  She looked up at her Mom pleadingly. “Mommy, I don’t wanna do this!”

Teri saw Rhonda move to comfort Lisa as she raced back to Darlene’s side and informed the tall woman of Lisa’s choice and the latest development. Darlene completed the phone call then moved into the living room to help Lisa get back to her office. At Lisa’s request, Teri and Rhonda accompanied the pair to give support during the upcoming examination.

Once Lisa was settled on one of the comfortable treatment tables, Darlene inserted a few needles in the girl’s upper body to help relieve the stress and to hopefully alleviate the worst of the pain. She also had Teri massage some warm fragrant oil on Lisa’s extended belly. They had removed the girls clothing below the waist and had her covered in a warm blanket. Darlene had Lisa’s favorite calming CD playing in the background.

“This sure beats the cold, white examining room I had to be in!” Rhonda smiled gratefully as she took in the calming, comforting surroundings Darlene had provided to her daughter. 

Darlene smiled up at Rhonda. “She deserves the best.”  She turned her face to meet Lisa’s eyes, “Not because this baby is mine, but because I love Lisa.”

Lisa’s eyes filled with tears because she knew that Darlene’s words were true. As she began to say something her eyes went wide as she felt a huge gushing come from between her legs. “Oh my god, I wet myself!  I’m so sorry, Dar!  I…I…”

Darlene moved to wrap her arms around the panicked teen. “Honey, honey, shhh.  Your water broke, that’s all.  You didn’t lose control at all.”

Lisa broke into tears. “I’m scared!  I’m not ready!”

Both Teri and Rhonda remembered feeling exactly the same way when they were about to deliver their children and they both felt sympathy for Lisa. They also realized that the added factor of Lisa’s young age only multiplied the feelings of fear and panic in the girl. Both women moved to support and console the fear-filled girl.  Darlene concentrated on cleaning up first the girl and the table beneath her and then the wet floor.  Just as she finished soaking up the last of the moisture she heard a knock at the outside door. She looked at the women and smiled. “That must be Dr. Julie.  I’ll go let her in.”

The family OB/GYN was admitted to the treatment room and immediately moved to Lisa’s side. “How are you feeling, Lisa?  Dar told me your water broke a few minutes ago?”

“Yeah, Dr. Julie.” The teen gripped the doctor’s hand as another contraction hit her. “The pains are coming really close now and I feel like a pressure between my legs.  I’m scared.”

“Hmmm…” Dr. Julie began to think that her young patient was further along in her labor than they had first thought. She went to the foot of the treatment table and sat on the treatment stool that Dar had rolled over for her.  “Scoot your fanny down here as far as you can, sweetie and let me take a look.”

When the doctor examined the girl’s progress she looked up at Darlene and said softly, “I think we may have to deliver this little one right here.  She’s already at 9 centimeters and is almost completely effaced.”

Darlene nodded her head confidently but inside her heart was pounding and her thoughts were tumbling over one another.  She was well aware that young mothers were more prone to complications and although Lisa had not demonstrated any signs of potential trouble, she was still nervous about a semi-home delivery. She moved up to the head of the table took Lisa’s hand.  “Hey sweetie, it looks like our little one is anxious to make an appearance tonight.  We don’t think we have time to get you to the hospital.”

Lisa did some deep breathing to control her rising panic.  She trusted Dr. Dar and Dr. Julie implicitly but this was all new to her and she was scared to death.  “Is…is the baby ok?” then after a pause she said, “I haven’t felt like screaming or anything yet.  I always see women screaming for hours on those baby delivery shows…when will I start hurting and screaming?”

“Ah, Baby, we’ve talked about this.  Between the yoga you’ve done with Teri and the treatments you and I have done we hope that your pain is going to be pretty tolerable.  You may not have to scream at all, or not ’til this little one is actually at the gate so to speak.” Darlene slowly ran her fingers through the girl’s long hair as yet another contraction swept through Lisa.

Lisa’s eyes got wide as she said, “I feel like I need to push!  I want to get this baby out!”

Dr. Julie did another quick check of Lisa’s progress and warned the girl, “Not yet, Lisa.  You still have a tiny bit more to go before you’re ready to push.”  Julie looked at Teri. “Mama Teri, this is your cue to help her with her breathing.”

As Teri calmly began coaching Lisa in the breathing they had learned in birthing classes, Rhonda left the room in order to fill in the rest of the family about the surprising turn of events.  She had so many emotions churning inside her that she had trouble processing all of them.  She was worried about her baby, she was excited about the prospect of seeing her first grandchild enter the world, she was so very proud of how well Lisa was handling things and she was eternally grateful to Teri and Darlene for making this process as pain-free as was possible for her daughter.

When Rhonda announced to the family that the living room was now an official waiting room, the entire blended family began babbling with excitement and nervousness.  James immediately took his wife into an embrace and looked into her eyes to gauge how she was doing and to find out how his daughter was faring. He sent a prayer up that God watch over everyone in the birthing room that that both his daughter and his grandchild would come through the evening healthy.

Kenny came over to the embracing couple and put his hand on Rhonda’s shoulder. “Tell her…”  His eyes filled with tears and he choked on his emotions. “Tell her I love her; tell her I think she’s the most amazing person in the world.”  He broke down and sobbed openly.  “I’m so sorry she’s having to go through this pain because of my selfishness. I…I...I’m so sorry!” His parents took their son into their arms to comfort him. They wished with all their hearts that the teen had been more responsible but it was clear that he was now taking ownership of his part in the situation and their hearts broke at his pain.

Rhonda’s head turned as she heard Darlene’s voice call, “It’s just about time, you’d better get back in here!” Rhonda turned and ran out of the room toward the ad hoc delivery room.

Lucy’s eyes widened at all the commotion going on and she looked up at her Nanna. “Wow, Grammy Rhonda sure can run fast for an old lady!” The tike’s outburst broke the nervous tension and the entire group laughed with gusto. The fact that Rhonda was only in her early forties and was being referred to as an “old lady” struck all the adults as absurdly funny. Darlene’s mother scooped her granddaughter up into her arms and advised her that she probably shouldn’t tell her Grammy Rhonda that she thought she was an old lady.  Lucy shrugged then said, “Ok, Nanna…but she is old.” This brought a renewed round of chuckles.

Back in the treatment room things were moving quickly. Lisa was at ten centimeters, fully effaced and the baby was crowning.  “Ok Lisa,” Dr. Julie advised, “On the next contraction I want you to push just like we talked about.”

Lisa nodded her head and gripped Spot against her belly. She looked at Rhonda and said, “I am never having sex again!”

Rhonda suppressed the laugh that came to her lips and said, “I know just how you feel sweetie; but never say never.”

“Oh!” Lisa cried out as the strongest contraction so far ripped through her. “Mommy!” she yelled out instinctively.

Rhonda wiped her daughter’s sweaty forehead and kissed the furrowed brow. “I’m right here, baby.”

Teri moved to support Lisa’s back and reminded her that now was the time to push. “Ok, honey, push like you’re having a BM.  Ready?”  Lisa nodded and held her breath as she pushed as she’d been taught.  While Teri counted to ten, Darlene held the girl’s knees in position since her treatment tables didn’t have stirrups.

This pattern continued as the new life made its way down the teen’s birth canal.  Finally a tiny head emerged and Darlene couldn’t contain the tears that sprang into her eyes.  She looked up into first Lisa’s and then Teri’s eyes and said, “The head is out, covered in bright red hair!”  Just like ‘Em’s, she thought.

“Lisa, I need you to breathe through the next contraction and do not push again until I tell you. Ok?” Dr. Julie instructed.

Lisa was panting with the effort and fatigue but she nodded that she understood.  “Is everything all right?”

“Sweetie, everything is perfect.  This little one just needs a moment to get into position to come the rest of the way out.”

Darlene looked down and watched as Dr. Julie carefully slipped the umbilical cord that had been wrapped around the baby’s neck over the head so that when the child was finally expelled, it wouldn’t tighten up and strangle the child. Julie’s eyes looked up at Darlene and she winked with a smile to indicate that everything was alright.  “Dar, why don’t we trade places to you can catch your child?”

Dar’s eyes widened and her eyebrows disappeared into her hair. “Is that safe?”  I mean, I’ve never…really?”

Julie laughed at her old friend. “Sure.  Just remember that this little one is gonna be slippery as all get out so keep a good hold on the body.”  The women changed positions and Julie advised Lisa to push on the next contraction then coached Darlene on how to catch the baby as it was finally clear of Lisa’s body.  Darlene’s eyes never left the tiny life in her hands as it emerged with surprising speed.  As the slippery infant sprang into Darlene’s hands she found she had to blink rapidly to clear the tears that filled her eyes.  Her heart raced with love and excitement as she turned the baby face up and she looked at the startled, rather piss-off looking infant…she glanced down between the baby’s legs…girl!

Julie gently released Lisa’s knees and reached forward with the rubber bulb and suctioned out the baby’s nose and mouth and smiled broadly as the little girl took a deep breath and belted out her first cry.  The OB/GYN realized that Darlene was too overcome with emotion to be able to announce the baby’s gender so she grinned up at the expectant faces above her. “Looks like Lucy has a beautiful baby sister!”

Teri sobbed as her emotions overwhelmed her.  She leaned over and gave Lisa a quick, soft kiss on the lips. “Thank you, you were amazing.” Then she rushed down to where her stunned wife sat as she held the wailing newborn.  Teri leaned down and placed a loving kiss upon her wife’s lips then gazed down at their new daughter.

“Hey, you two…” Dr. Julie interrupted the moment. “I still have some work to do here.”  She talked as she worked; she clamped off the umbilical cord and handed a pair of scissors to Teri. “Care to do the honors, Mama?”

Teri glanced at Darlene and saw her wife’s smile of encouragement.  Taking the proffered instrument she snipped the cord at the appointed spot.  Once the baby was free of the cord, Darlene rose and walked up to show Lisa the life she had just brought into the world.  “Look what you did, Lisa.  She’s the most beautiful minute-year-old I’ve ever seen!”

Lisa sobbed as she looked at the life she and Kenny had created. She reached out and stroked the sticky red hair that covered the baby’s head. When Darlene began to place the baby in Lisa’s arms, the teen stopped her.  “No, Dar,” She closed her eyes against the pain. “You two are her Mommies.  I think if I hold her now I won’t be able to give her back. I need to be strong and do this right now.” She broke down completely and turned into her own mother’s arms.

The new mothers cried in empathy for their special young friend. They respected what Lisa felt she needed to do and they mourned with the teen as she processed her loss. At the same time they felt elation at the arrival of their new daughter.

Darlene gently transferred the tiny body into Teri’s arms then looked into her wife’s teary eyes. Darlene’s eyes conveyed the love and devotion that overflowed from her soul.  As the transfer was completed, Darlene said, “Lets take our little one to Dr. Julie so she can perform her first Apgar test, ok?”

Teri grinned then walked over to where Dr. Julie waited.  Teri laid the baby on the towel covered counter and she and Darlene watched as the doctor performed the Apgar test.  A test designed to quickly evaluate a newborn's physical condition after delivery and to determine any immediate need for extra medical or emergency care.  The test included observation of different body systems and the name was an acronym for: Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration.  A perfect Apgar score is 10. The newest member of the Beacon family had an initial score of 9, which pleased the doctor as well as the new Mothers.

Once the test was concluded, the two Moms took their new child over to the sink area where they gently gave the newborn her first sponge bath; cleansing the blood and birth matter from the tiny body.  As they washed they carefully counted all ten toes and ten fingers.  They marveled at the tiny finger and toe nails, traced the tiny shell of her ear, smiled at the button nose and chucked as their daughter automatically suckled at the finger Darlene offered the tiny mouth.

As Teri and Dar washed the newborns hair, Teri noticed that Darlene’s sniffing had increased and that she was taking more deep inhalations as she tried to control her emotions. Teri looked to her wife and asked, “Honey? Are you all right?”

Darlene stroked her daughter’s red locks and gazed at the tiny face as she answered, “Her hair is exactly the same color as Emily’s.  I swear she looks just like the baby pictures I’ve seen of her.”  She took a few deep breaths then leaned down and placed a soft kiss against the baby’s forehead. “I feel like…I feel like Em is here…giving us her blessing. Does that sound crazy?”

Teri’s heart clenched and then swelled as she saw the emotions on her lover’s face. She realized that having this particular child join their family was, in a way, bringing Darlene full circle. She reached up and placed a kiss on her wife’s lips then turned and looked at their daughter.  She watched Darlene’s long fingers as they worked the Velcro on the baby’s first diaper and then watched as she slipped the tiny cap that her own mother had knitted over the baby’s head. Once the baby was swaddled in a soft blanket and was cuddled in her tall Mother’s arm, Teri reached out and cupped the tiny head in her hand then looked into Darlene’s eyes and, with her voice rough with emotion, said, “Baby, I think we should go  introduce the family to our little Emily Darlene Beacon”

Darlene sobbed as she heard the name her wife had given their new daughter. There would never be enough words to describe how deeply she loved this woman. Teri never questioned the love she had shared with her first lover, she had never discounted the love or the loss that Darlene had experienced and now she honored that part of Darlene’s life by giving their child a name that blended her name with her first love’s name. Darlene brought little Emily up to her chest and cuddled the baby close as she wrapped her free arm around Teri. “Do you have any idea how much I love you? I thank everything I hold Holy that I have you in my life. You fill my heart.” She kissed her wife with all the love she felt and then leaned her forehead against Teri’s and repeated, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Teri wrapped her arms around her wife and daughter and whispered an answered, “I love you,” to each of Darlene’s declarations.

Rhonda stayed beside her daughter, offering comfort and consolation. She wrapped Lisa in her arms and rocked her as much as she could while Dr. Julie finished up delivering the afterbirth. Dr. Julie took a deep breath and decided to broach a subject that she feared would be difficult for Lisa.  She scooted the rolling chair so that she was even with Lisa’s head, she took the teen’s hand and gently began, “Lisa, I know we talked about this before the birth and you thought you would want to pump your breasts so that the baby would get your colostrums. I see this is hitting you really hard and I know that Darlene and Teri will understand if that’s something you can’t do…but now would be the time if you still want to do that.”

The teen looked over at Darlene and Teri as they bonded with the baby and suddenly the feeling of loss was lessened as she witnessed the devotion and love the baby was already enjoying. Yes, it was hard losing her first born child, but this was the right thing to do for herself, for Kenny and most of all for their baby. She turned to Dr. Julie and with a teary smile said, “I want to do it. I want to start her out right.”  Dr. Julie’s admiration for the young mother grew as she processed this information.

After Darlene and Teri separated from their embrace, Teri looked toward the treatment table where Lisa and Rhonda and Julie were talking quietly. She walked over to them and gently rubbed Rhonda’s back as she said, “Hey, Nanna, why don’t you go meet your first grandbaby.  I’ll sit here with Lisa.”

Rhonda was anxious to get up close with the new tiny life but she was torn between doing that and with staying with her own daughter. Lisa saw the indecision on her Mother’s face and smiled at her encouragingly. “Mom, go. I know you’re arms are aching to hold her.  I’m ok, honest.” Lisa turned to Teri, “Maybe Teri can help me with that breast pump thingy.”

Teri smiled at Lisa and said that she would be happy to help her with the device and then she shooed Rhonda away to go meet her grandbaby. Dr. Julie spoke up, “Let’s both go, ‘Nanna’, I need to do the follow up Apgar test.  We like to do one at one minute and another at five minutes after birth.  You can watch me do the second one if you’d like.”

Rhonda’s grin was from ear to ear as she accepted the tiny girl from Darlene’s arms. Darlene stroked the baby’s cheek and said, “Hey, sweetie, this is your Nanna Rhonda.”  She looked at Rhonda and introduced, “Rhonda, meet your granddaughter, Ms. Emily Darlene Beacon.”

“Ohhhh, darling baby girl, little Emily; we are so glad you’re here.” The emotional grandmother sighed happily. “You are so loved.”  As she cradled the baby, she turned toward Lisa, “Lisa, baby, thank you so much. I am so proud of you…and you made the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!”  Lisa’s eyes teared as she looked at her Mom holding the tiny baby. Her emotions whirled inside her and she struggled to deal with the conflicting feelings. She had always dreamed of seeing her mother hold her baby; yet though that dream had now come true the rest of the dream was lost. She wouldn’t be going home to a husband and family, she would be going back to her parent’s home and would from this day on be this baby’s Aunty Lisa. She was happy that her child would be well loved and raised by wonderful parents but a part of her would forever feel the loss that her unwise actions had caused.

Lisa fortified her resolve then asked, “Will you bring her over so I can see her, Mom?”

Rhonda carried the precious bundle over to her daughter’s side. “Do you want to hold her?” she asked.

“I…I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Lisa admitted, “Besides, I’m connected to this torture device right now,”  she said indicating the breast pump attached to her. “I just wanted to meet Teri and Darlene’s daughter.”

Teri wrapped her arm around Lisa’s back and supported the girl as they gazed together at the baby. “We’ve named her Emily Darlene. Dr. Dar said that she is the spitting image of her late lover, Emily and we wanted to honor her memory.”

Lisa smiled as she looked at the baby that she and Kenny had created and replied, “Kenny will love that. He adored his Aunty Em…and still adores his Aunty Dar.  Thank you.”

Rhonda placed a soft kiss on Lisa’s forehead then turned back to Darlene and placed the baby in her arms. “I’m sure we have a room full of anxious family…” she reminded the proud parent.

Darlene smiled broadly then held her hand out to Teri. “Shall we?” she invited her wife.

Teri looked at Lisa. “Do you want me to stay while you finish pumping?”

Lisa grinned crookedly. “Go, Mom will stay with me while I finish this.” She looked at her Mom. “Right?”

Rhonda assured Lisa that she was happy to sit with her while she finished up.


Teri and Darlene made their way to the living room and Darlene nodded at Teri who then quietly announced, “Everyone, we’d like you to meet our new arrival, Emily Darlene.  She weighs six pounds, seven ounces and is nineteen inches long.  She is perfectly healthy as is Lisa.  Lisa was amazing.”

The group collectively ahhhed at the baby.  Teri picked Lucy up and let her be the first to take a close look at the new baby. “Oh, Mama, she’s the most pretty baby I’ve ever seen!” Lucy declared.  “I wanna hold her!” She reached out her arms as if to take the baby and Teri held the toddler tight so that she didn’t squirm out of her arms.  She then walked over to the sofa and sat down with the three year old beside her. Darlene walked over and carefully placed the baby in Lucy’s arms as Teri coached and assisted the big sister on how to hold the new life.

As the family snuggled together on the sofa, one of the grandfathers clicked pictures. As the flashes went off, Darlene, Teri and Lucy all looked up with huge smiles on their faces. The resulting picture graced the front of the Beacon’s holiday cards that year.

The end…at least for now!

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