Out of the mouth of Babes

By Littlespit

Disclaimers: These characters are mine, though they may resemble a couple of certain some ones! This story depicts love and a loving relationship between adult women. If this offends you, don't read it. If it intrigues you, read on!

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Dedication: This story, as with everything I do, is for Bobocat.

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Chapter 1

"Are you sure about this?" Shanda asked. She knew exactly how much of a hand full her brood could be. It had been months since she and her husband had spent any adult, alone time together and her sister had volunteered to take the kids for a long weekend.

Randy smirked at her sister, "I'm sure, Shan." The blonde ruffled the hair of her eldest niece and gave the five-year-old a brilliant smile, "We're going to have a blast together, aren't we Peaches?"

Five-year-old Petra jumped with exuberant joy and hollered, "YES!" She looked at her Mommy and exclaimed, "Aunty Randy is gonna take us to the zoo and maybe to the Wild Aminal Park and she promised to take us to the Corvette Diner and we get to go to the beach and fly kites and we're gonna go on the bus that goes in the water and everything!"

"You're biting off WAY more than you can chew, Randy." Sherwin called from the back of the house.

Randy smiled at her brother-in-law's warnings but she was confident that she could handle the kids for one weekend. She'd just keep them so busy they couldn't get into any trouble. Besides, the baby was too young to get into much mischief. The three-year-old twins were a bit of a concern but Randy was a bull dog once she had an idea in her head; and her belief was that she could handle her sister's brood for three days, no sweat.

Sherwin walked into the living room carrying his five-month-old son, Dustin. "I think you're delusional, Randy. But we really appreciate you taking the kids for the weekend." He looked over at the love of his life and smiled a smile full of promises, "I Can't wait to take my best girl away for a romantic weekend." Sherwin turned his attention back to his sister-in-law. As he handed his son over he said, "He's changed, fed and just got up from his morning nap so he should be good for you…for a while." The last part said with a wink.

As Sherwin carried luggage out to the sedan, Shanda showed Randy where emergency numbers, annual zoo passes and other pertinent information could be found. "I'll call as soon as we get to the hotel and give you our room number. Call us if you have any problems. Are you really sure about this, Ran?

Randy rolled her eyes at her sister's comment. "Shan, you and your hunk of a man deserve a weekend away. I promise I'll call if something comes up that I can't handle. Heck, I can always call in reinforcements if things get too crazy. Go, have a good time…just please," Randy placed Dustin in his bouncy chair then reached into her backpack and pulled out a warehouse store sized box and handed it to her sister, "don't make any more of these while you're away!"

Shanda looked at the huge box of Trojan "Twisted Pleasure" condoms and burst out with laughter. Sherwin returned at just that moment and walked over to see why his wife was snorting in laughter. As he looked over Shanda's shoulder and spied what was in her hands he looked up at his sister in law and smirked, "Leave it to you to pick out 'Twisted Pleasure' protection. I appreciate the sentiment, Randy, but…" He took the box from his wife's hands and tossed it into the nearest trash can, "I prefer to go bare back if ya know what I mean."

Randy's russet brow lifted as she smirked at her brother-in-law, "I'm sure that's the preferable way to go, I'm just not ready to be an aunt again, bro, so…" Randy's motivations for wanting the couple to have birth control weren't honestly because she didn't want any more nieces or another nephew. Shanda had almost died when she'd had Dustin and the thought of her sister enduring that kind of pain and risk scared Randy to her core. She began to reach into the trash for the box.

Sherwin stayed Randy's reach and quietly said, "I've…um…taken care of that. I couldn't bear to risk Shanda again." He wrapped his arms around his beloved and felt his heart race in remembered panic from watching her almost bleed out after Dustin's birth. "We've decided that we can do without the even dozen we'd planned on." He looked into his wife's face and said, "Shanda's been through so much having the kids and the doctors said it would be a huge risk to have more; so it was only right that I should take care of making sure there's no more risk for Shanda."

Randy stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her still embracing sister and brother-in-law, "I know you wanted more kids, you guys. I'm sorry." She felt a lump in her throat as she realized once again what a good man her sister had married. "Sherwood, you're ok…for a guy."

Sherwin laughed softly at Randy's backward compliment. He knew her sentiment was true and deep. "Thanks, Ranster. I love your sister with all I am, I'll do anything to keep her safe and with us for a very very long time."

Randy stepped away and shook her head to clear away the overpowering emotions, "Ok, you two, kiss your brood goodbye" then added in a quiet voice so the kids couldn't hear, "and go have hot monkey sex for three days."

"Randy!" Shanda exclaimed as she blushed madly knowing for certain that was exactly what the plan was for the weekend.

"Oh, come on Sis, you know that's what you want!" Randy taunted.

"Shut up."


"Shut up or I'll tell you-know-who that you're in love with her."

"Shutting up now.""Ha!"

Sherwin chuckled at the sisters' banter and encouraged his wife to follow Randy's instructions and they moved to kiss their children goodbye. After many reminders to obey their Aunty and to be good, the parents left for a weekend…of hot monkey sex.

Chapter 2

"Ok kids, what's first? The zoo, the beach, what?" Randy asked

Three little tykes jumped up and down and yelled, "Zoo!"

Randy smiled at her sister's offspring and said, "Ok, everyone go potty and then grab a jacket. I'm going to get Dusty's diaper bag ready and strap him into the van."

As Randy adjusted the final strap on Dustin's car seat she felt a tug at the hem of her shirt. She looked down into Petra's green eyes. She squatted down to be at eye level with the little girl, "What is it, Peaches?"

"Did you 'member the zoo passes, Aunty Ran?"

"Oh shi… uh shoot, no, I didn't. Thanks, Peaches you saved Aunty Rand's wallet. Will you please stay here with Dusty so I can go grab the passes and check on the twins?"

"Yup." The five-year-old beamed at her favorite relative, "I've got your back."

Randy's face quirked into an expression of wonder, "Are you five or fifty, Peaches? You've got my back, where'd you get that from?"

Petra shrugged her shoulders, "I heard it somewhere I guess."

Randy gave her niece a squeeze, "You sure are special, Peaches. I love you."

Petra smiled and squeezed her Aunty back.

As Randy entered the house to retrieve the kid's zoo passes she called, "Ann! Amy! You two ready to go?" She immediately heard the thundering of four tennis shoe clad feet as the twins ran down the hall toward the garage door. "Hey!" she called to the two-some, "Did you go potty?"

"Yup, I did a pee pee and Annie went poop!" Amy exclaimed.

Randy rolled her eyes "More information than I needed Ames, but good to know." She herded the three-year-olds out to the van and buckled them into their child seats; she then made sure Petra was securely buckled in before she slid the mini van's side door shut.

Before climbing behind the wheel, Randy reviewed what she may have forgotten and slapped herself in the forehead as she remembered that she hadn't grabbed the pack to carry Dustin in. She returned to the house and grabbed that device then checked to make sure that the double stroller for the twins was in the back of the van. Once she ran through her mental check list again, she climbed behind the wheel, hit the button to open the garage door and started on their trip to the zoo.

As Randy drove down Park Avenue toward the zoo entrance, she looked into the rear-view mirror and smiled at the kids. She loved her nieces and nephew and loved spending time with them. It was her heart's dream to have a home and family of her own; though she would be content with two kids. The main stumbling block to her dream was that the person she was in love with didn't love her back in the same way. She had tried to date other people but no one could win her heart away from the woman of her dreams. Randy was a flirt and enjoyed spending time with her women friends and most people assumed that she was a woman of great sexual prowess and experience. Most people assumed incorrectly.

"There's the zoo!" Petra exclaimed excitedly.

Randy smiled at Petra's exuberance, "Yup, let's just hope we don't have to park in the back forty!"

"Amen to that, Sistah!" Petra stated.

"Where do you get this stuff, Peaches?" Randy laughed.

"Mama says I'm too old for my age." Petra stated with a shrug, not quite understanding what her Mom meant.

By some act of God Randy found a parking space in the second row of the zoo parking lot. "Yes!" she exclaimed gleefully. She wasn't as concerned about the trek into the zoo but she knew that at the end of the day, when both she and the kids were tired, a long hike to the car would have been a pain. Randy pulled into the parking spot and grinned at the prospect of a day at the zoo with her favorite munchkins. In all honesty, this time with the kids was a break for Randy as much as it was for Shanda and Sherwin. Randy's career as a forensic pathologist surrounded her with death and destruction every day. She needed a break with the living, and especially with the exuberance of youth to recharge her soul's battery.

Randy organized the kids and their belongings; the twins were tucked into their stroller, Dustin was snuggled in his pack against Randy's chest and Petra was admonished to keep a hold of the loop on Randy's painter jeans. Once a double check was made for jackets, diaper bag, etc. the group headed for the zoo entrance.

Two hours and much whining later, Randy was about ready to tear her hair out. Why couldn't the kids all go to the bathroom at the same time? And why was it when one kid ordered something from the snack bar, as soon as she saw what her sister had, that's what she really wanted? How did her sister manage this every day? And why hadn't Randy remembered how many really steep hills there were at the zoo? Randy studied the show schedules and the zoo map trying to coordinate the rest of their day and wondering if she had indeed bit off more than she could manage to chew. She had promised the kids a fun-filled weekend; it was only two hours into their adventure and Randy was seriously waning.

"Aunty Ran, I'm firsty." Ann began to whine.

Randy looked down at Ann and asked, "Anne, what do you get when you whine?"

Ann's little face scrunched up in a scowl, "I get nuthin'"

"You've got that right, sweet cheeks. Want to try asking again, without the whining?"

"Aunty Rand, can we please get a drink, I'm firsty. Please?" Ann asked in a normal tone of voice.

"Sure, sweetie." Randy answered as she began to steer the double stroller over to a vending machine that dispensed bottled water.

As the group sat on a shaded bench and enjoyed the cool bottled water Randy's cell phone rang. Randy assumed the call would be from Shanda and Sherwood so she didn't bother to look at the caller ID before she answered the phone, "So, how's the hot monkey lovin' going?"

Randy felt her heart sink and her entire body felt the flush of embarrassment when a deep, husky female voice answered, "Well, Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Rand."

Randy chuckled in embarrassment, as her heart beat increased at the sexy voice of her best friend and secret love, "Hey Kater. I thought the call would be from Shanda and Sherwood. Besides last I heard you weren't getting' any."

Kater chuckled at Randy's last comment, "Well, that's still true. My true love seems to keep eluding me."

"You and me both, my friend." Randy sighed in response as her heart broke just a little more with longing. Randy began to rock back and forth as Dustin began to fuss, "So, to what do I owe this phone call?"

"I was wondering how you were getting along with the merry pack of munchkins." Kater answered.

Randy blew out an exhausted breathe, "I think my sister deserves a medal for handling this bunch every day. They're great kids but this is hard work!" Randy took a swig from her bottled water, "I've got the twins in a stroller and Dusty in a snuggle carrier but my Peaches is having to walk everywhere and she's waning. I've had each of the twins walk for a while so that Peaches could ride in the stroller but their little legs just don't go very far very fast." Randy paused, "I'm sorry…I shouldn't complain. I love spending time with them."

"So, where are you guys right now?" Kater asked.

"We're getting ready to hoof it over to the Hunte Amphitheater for the animal show. Right now we're near the Hippos. The Baby's out with its Mama and it's pretty cute!"

"Cool, I'll bet the kids loved that…I bet you loved it." Kater laughed quietly.

Randy's voice was quiet when she confided, "When you see what I see every day, anything life affirming is a good thing."

"I know, hon." Kater said sincerely. "Well, I suppose I should let you go so you can trek to your show. Give me a call later, ok? And Randy?"


"Happy Valentine's day." Kater stated.

"Happy Valentine's day, Kater." Randy replied aloud, then silently added 'I wish you were my valentine'

The two women hung up and Randy gathered her sister's offspring and began the hike to the next adventure. In order to get to the Hunte Amphitheater, the group had to pass the Panda exhibit and Randy had to promise the kids that they would return after the show to stand in line to view the six-month-old baby panda that was on display.

As they rounded the bend in the pathway that lead to the amphitheater, Randy felt Petra release her hold on her pants and saw the little girl run away from her, "Peaches!" Randy called out in a panic. Randy's adrenaline rush changed from one form to another as she viewed her niece jump into the arms of Randy's tall, stunningly beautiful brunette best friend. A brilliant smile came to Randy's face as she quickly pushed the twins toward her secret love. "Hey!" She greeted Kater with a hug, careful of the five-year-old in Kater's arms and the baby strapped to her own front. "What are you doing here?!"

Kater's blue eyes shone as she replied, "I figured it was probably time for reinforcements. I called you from the entrance to the zoo."

Randy's heart fluttered in her chest at her friend's caring.

"Besides, I wanted to spend Valentine's with my best four girls and one little guy." Kater stated with a soft look in her eyes.

"How long can you spend with us? Do you have a date for Valentines, Kater?" Randy asked, though she dreaded hearing the answer.

Kater carried Petra over to a boulder at the side of the path and set the girl on her feet atop it. She then turned her back and invited the kindergartener to climb aboard. Kater turned to face Randy, "The only woman I had any interest in on Valentine's was busy, so…" She shrugged her strong shoulders and gave her friend a lopsided grin.

Randy grinned back, "Lucky me. Whoever she is must need her head examined if she turned you down."

"Yeah, well, I didn't exactly get a chance to ask her out before I found out she was already otherwise engaged." Kater stated with a sidelong glace at the beautiful strawberry blonde woman beside her.

"Her loss is my gain. I'm always happy to be with you. I know I don't fulfill your romantic notions for the day, but I sure am glad to have you here with us." Randy stated honestly, though she secretly wished she could fulfill Kater's romantic notions.

Under her breath, Kater muttered, "You're the only one who could fulfill my romantic notions." But aloud she said, Ok gang, let's go get seats for 'The Wild Ones' Show!

At the entrance to the show, a zoo employee informed the group that the stroller would have to be left outside the amphitheater so Kater knelt down and set Petra on her feet then she unbuckled the twins from the stroller so they could enter the show venue. As the group sat on long metal benches before the show, the baby got a certain look on his face and soon an obnoxious odor filled the area around the boy.

"Is that smell coming from that little guy?" Kater asked incredulously.

"I'm afraid so." Randy stated.

"Dustin did a poo poo!" Amy stated loudly.

Kater tried to keep the smile from her face at the big sister's exclamation but failed miserably. She lost her composure completely when she looked at Randy's face. The blonde's eyes were literally tearing up from the smell of the dirty diaper. "Oh sweetie, give him here, I'll go change him."

Randy blinked her eyes and talked with her nasal passages as blocked off as she could manage. "Hey, I'm used to putrid smells…I can handle this."

Kater didn't stop herself as she reached out and cupped Randy's cheek. "You've been taking care of all four of them since this morning. Let yourself rest." She began to unbuckle the smelly baby from his pack, "Let me have him." She reached for the Winnie the Pooh diaper bag, "I assume everything I'll need is in here?"

"Yeah. You know to watch for uh….his outdoor plumbing, right?" Randy warned.

"Yes, Dear. I got nailed by the first little guy I ever changed so I always keep the pertinent parts covered. But thanks for the warning." Kater looked down into Dustin's big blue eyes and said, "C'mon stinky man, let's go get you cleaned up."

"Thanks Kater," Randy called out almost as an afterthought.

Kater looked over her shoulder and gave her heart's desire a wink, "Be back in a flash."

Randy watched her tall friend walk away, a sigh of longing escaped her lips as she admired how Kater's jeans hugged her firm back side and how strong and long the woman's legs were. A tug on her shirtsleeve brought her attention back to the youngster beside her, "What'cha need, Peaches?"

Petra had watched the interactions between her Aunty Rand and Aunty Kater and she couldn't understand why two of her favorite people were acting so silly; so, she asked the most logical question she could: "How come you and Aunty Kater don't just kiss like Mommy and Daddy do?"

Petra's question rocked Randy's equilibrium, "What do you mean, sweetie?"

"Well, you love Aunty Kater and Aunty Kater loves you so you should just kiss." The five-year-old didn't understand what was so complicated. Sometimes grown-ups were just dumb.

"Honey, I love Aunty Kater but not…" Randy had been about to deny that she loved Kater in a way that would make her want to kiss the woman; but she was unwilling to lie to Petra. She started again, "Peaches, Aunty Kater and I are best friends. She doesn't love me the way your Mommy loves your Daddy."

"Uh huh, she does so." Petra was beginning to doubt her favorite Aunt's intelligence. It was as plain as could be that her Mommy's sister and Aunty Kater loved each other the same way her Mommy and Daddy loved each other. Petra didn't want to spoil her weekend with Aunty Rand so she just rolled her eyes, shrugged her little shoulders and said, "Never mind."

Randy leaned over and gave the girl's head a kiss, "I love you, Peaches. I wish you were right."

A few minutes later Kater returned with a sweet smelling, but fussy baby boy in her arms. After she took her seat between the twins, she rifled through the diaper bag until she found the bottle she had heated under the warm water in the rest room and proceeded to feed the hungry baby. Randy's heart swelled with yearning as she watched Kater handle the baby so efficiently and lovingly. She ached to watch her beautiful friend hold a child that was theirs, she fantasized a scene very much like this where Kater would feed their child, and then look up into Randy's eyes with a look of love and devotion. At that precise moment, Kater looked up into Randy's eyes and Randy could have sworn Kater's blue eyes held the exact expression she had been dreaming of seeing there. She allowed the feelings she held in her heart to shine through her own eyes. She would never know how long their gazes would have held because the show started right then and the moment was gone.

Chapter 3

The rest o the day at the zoo had been much easier with Kater to help carry the burden. With two adults, it was possible to manage the kids so that they could ride the Skyfari buckets back to the zoo's exit.

The group all went to the Corvette Diner for dinner, much to the adult's dismay. It was a fun enough place styled after a 50's diner; but it was always really loud and the servers could get a bit over exuberant in their antics. The kids, however had a great time and fed off of the energy of the singing and dancing servers. At the end of the meal, Kater was quick to head off the waitress before she threw hands full of bubble gum on the table. The kids were already hyped up enough without the added sugar of bazooka bubble gum!

After the early dinner, Kater offered to accompany the group back to the house to help get the gang settled for bed. In truth, she simply wanted more time with the woman who was her best friend but who also held her heart. Weeks earlier she had finally decided that she would ask Randy out on a real date for Valentine's only to find out that Randy had offered to spend the special holiday weekend with her sister's children. She had taken it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be and had determined to be the best friend to Randy that she could be; but her heart still jumped in her chest every time the blonde smiled at her.

Kater followed Randy to Shanda and Sherwin's home then helped unload the kids from the mini van. Randy popped a Disney DVD into the player to keep the three older kids amused while she went to give Dustin his bath and get him ready for bed. Kater sat with the kids for a bit and then crept down the hallway to peek in on Randy as she bathed the baby. A soft smile came to Kater's face as she heard Randy cooing to the boy and then a chuckle came to her as she heard Randy say, "Woah, buddy, don't aim that thing at me!"

Randy turned as she heard the low chuckle from behind her. "Hey, kids ok?"

"Yes. I just thought I'd see how you were managing with little wiggle wart here." Kater moved into the bathroom and reached down to tickle Dustin's bare belly. The Baby squealed and splashed his arms in the water.

"I think he's about at clean as he's going to get, grab his hooded towel for me?" Randy requested.

Kater picked up the towel that had a hood in one corner that had the look of a rubber ducky sewn on it. "Cute." She grinned as she reached for the slippery baby boy and slid the hood over his wet hair. Together the women dried and diapered Dustin then put him in his sleeper. They returned to the living room and joined the rest of the siblings while Randy rocked Dustin to sleep.

The next chore was getting the twins bathed and in bed. Between the two women, the task was performed with little trouble and Kater volunteered to read to the girls while Randy got Petra's bath started. Randy walked down the hallway to get her eldest niece, "Hey Peaches, bath time."

Petra, tired from her big day, willingly went to her aunt and into the bath tub. In the middle of shampooing the long blonde hair of the five-year-old, Randy heard a soft knock against the door jam to the bath room. "Hey you two, how're things going?" Kater asked.

"Aunty Rand is washing my hair. A bird did a doodie in it today." Petra stated mater-of-factly.

"Well, I'd say it needed be washed then." Kater smiled at the soapy girl. "Did you have a good day today, Peaches?"

"I had a great day today, Aunty Kater. I'm glad you came to the zoo with us. It makes Aunty Rand smile special when you're there." The little girl stated.

Randy was tempted to shove the bar of ivory into her niece's mouth, but quelled the urge.

"Well, Peaches, I smile special when I'm with Aunty Rand too, so we're even."

Petra looked up at her Aunty Rand, "See, I told you she loves you the same way Mommy loves Daddy otherwise she wouldn't smile the same as you…'cause you love her like Mommy loves Daddy."

"Oh my god." Randy groaned as she dropped her head into soapy hands.

"Aunty Kater, I told Aunty Rand you guys should just kiss 'cause it's what grown ups in love do. Aunty Rand said you don't love her like that but I know you do so why don't you just kiss?" The logic made perfect sense to the five year old.

Randy repeated, "Oh my god," as she knelt beside the tub with her hands, and now her face, covered in baby shampoo suds. She kept her face buried in her hands as she waited for Kater to correct the child's assumptions, fear gripped her heart as she contemplated losing her relationship with Kater because of her niece's innocently spoken words.

"Y'know what, Peaches?" Kater said softly as she moved into the room and grabbed a towel. "We should have just talked to you a lot sooner." Randy felt soft, strong fingers pull her hands away from her face and then she felt a soft towel gently wipe the suds away from her face. She looked up into the face she loved and allowed herself to see the love shining back at her from the beloved sapphire eyes.

"Kater?" Randy whispered.

"She's right, y'know." Kater stated as she gazed into soft green eyes. "When people love each other the way her Mommy and Daddy do, they should kiss, don't you think?"

Randy's voice was unable to get around the huge lump that had formed in her throat so her answer was a whispered, "please…"

Kater leaned forward and captured Randy's lips for a gentle kiss. Before either woman could deepen the kiss a squeal of,"I told you so!" emanated from the tub. The women broke apart after one more small, heart-felt kiss then they turned in tandem and tickled the sudsy little girl who had spoken the truth and broken the stalemate.

Chapter 4

After the children were all tucked into their beds, Randy and Kater returned to the living room, hand in hand. Randy led them over to the sofa and cuddled into Kater's side. "I love you." She sighed into Kater's neck.

"I love you too, Rand." She brought Randy's face up to meet hers so that she could look into her eyes, "I've loved you since we were twelve. I've been in love with you since…sophomore year in college."

Randy's eyes filled with tears, realizing how many years she…they, had wasted being afraid to be true to their feelings. "That summer we spent back packing, right?" Kater nodded her dark head and Randy smiled, "I fell in love with you that night the rain almost washed us off the side of the mountain. The tent had collapsed and you stood there in your underwear, soaking wet but holding the tent up so we could rig up some kind of tent pole."

"And I fell for you when you sacrificed your prize walking staff as a tent pole even though you knew it might get trashed."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Randy asked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kater countered.

Together they answered, "Because we're idiots."

Kater chuckled, "It took a five year old to bring us to our senses." With a gleam in her eye she asked, "What was it she said we should do, again?"

Randy's voice dropped an octave as she reminded her lover, "She said we should kiss like her Mommy and Daddy do 'cause we love each other the same way."

"Mmm, smart girl." Kater said and then demonstrated how well she could obey instructions.

After hours of tender kisses and passionate caresses on the sofa, Randy licked a path up Kater's neck to her ear. "Spend the night with me?" she husked into her sweetheart's sensitive ear. Kater moaned and nodded her head. Randy leaned away from her tall love and gazed into cerulean eyes, "Baby, do you think we can sleep beside one another and not…" she blushed at the thoughts that ran through her mind.

Kater's expression softened, "We've waited over ten years to be with one another. As much as I want you, and god knows I want you; I want to romance you. I want to take you on dates and have you take me on dates. I want to build a romantic relationship with you because as far as I'm concerned, this is the only romantic relationship I'll have for the rest of my life."

Randy felt her heart melt. She had known that Kater had a deeply romantic side, she had experience serious jealousy when Kater had dated other women and had seen how attentive and generous the woman was. "I'm glad I get to be spoiled by the famous Kater charm. I've been so jealous of the women you've dated."

"How do you think I've felt when you've gone out with half the world?" Kater asked as she leaned in to place a tender kiss against Randy's lips.

"You know as well as I do that I have not been the lothario everyone thinks I have. Most of the women I've gone out with have just wanted someone to listen to them."

Randy rose from the sofa and held her hand out to her true love. Kater took the smaller woman's hand and rose from the sofa. The women made one more check on the children. Once assured that all four kids were sleeping peacefully and all kicked-off blankets had been tucked back around small bodies, the women walked hand in hand to the master bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, the women turned to one another again and shared kisses filled with promise and banked passion. As Kater kissed down Randy's neck, her low voice muttered, "I can't wait to sleep with my arms wrapped around you."

Kater moaned, "Rand, you need to stop that. I'm already on the verge of losing control here and your lips are driving me crazy." She backed away and looked with longing into Randy's eyes, "I love you and I want you desperately; but we both know that now is not the right time. Have some mercy on me woman."

Randy took a deep breath and subdued her raging libido. She had never had trouble controlling her desire before this; but then, she had never before had the opportunity to love the woman who held her heart. All of a sudden she understood the difficulty of restraint. She had heard women, and men for that matter, complain about being unable to contain their passion. Until now she had only had a vague understanding of how very hard it was to keep her hands off of the body she most desired. As Randy looked at Kater she felt the overwhelming desire flood her once again and groaned in frustration, "I guess we should change into our night clothes. I'll get you one of Sherwin's T-shirts." As Randy thought about sharing the bed with Kater in only a T-shirt she amended, "Better grab a pair of sweatpants too."

Kater understood her sweetheart's struggle and chuckled at the last comment. The women took turns using the master bathroom to take care of before bed ablutions and to change into their night clothes. Once that was taken care of, the women slid into the king sized bed and met one another in the middle of the giant bed. Kater wrapped her arms around Randy and sighed in contentment as the blonde head snuggled in against her shoulder. "Sleep well, Rand. I love you..." She glanced over at the bedside clock, "Oh, and Rand?"

Randy looked up into intense blue eyes, "Hmmm?"

"It's still Valentine's Day. Will you be my Valentine?" Kater husked.

"Now and forever." Randy sealed her promise with a long, intense kiss. She pulled away when she felt their passion flair again. "As long as you'll be mine."

"Now and forever, baby." Kater promised.

Chapter 5

Much, much later…

The cry from the baby monitor woke the entwined lovers. Randy smiled as she felt Kater's fingers slide from her body and heard her lover whisper, "I'll check on him."

"Thanks love." Randy snuggled into the pillow that held Kater's scent and listened to the conversation in the baby's room.

"Hey there big guy," Kater greeted the baby boy, "You need a change?" The sound of rustling, then the sound of snaps being undone and diaper tapes being torn off, "Whoa, buddy you did need change, didn't you?"

Randy heard the distinct sound of the baby blowing raspberries, then she heard Kater's voice say softly "Hey, son, is that any way to speak to your Mama? Huh? Let's get you cleaned up and we'll go see your Mommy for some breakfast, ok?"

Randy rolled onto her back and waited for her family to join her to start the new day.

The end