Raven & Sparrow

by Littlespit

Disclaimers: The characters are all mine, the story is all mine, though the characters may resemble a certain duo, that’s as far as any infringement may go.

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Sex? Oh yeah! Definitely explicit sexual relations between adult women. If you don’t like this or if it’s illegal where you live, move on or just move!

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Jorden was in San Francisco on an important business trip. Her company, EnviroTech, was looking to merge with TechCo, an up and coming environmentally friendly technical firm. Earlier in the day she’d had a meeting with the Vice President of TechCo and since things had gone well for both of them, she was scheduled to meet with the President of the company early the next day.

Before Jorden left Orange County, she had talked with some friends who had recommended a nice women’s bar and bistro. After her initial meetings at TechCo, she decided that that night was a good one to find it and try it out. Jorden felt herself smile as she thought about the name of the place, "The Raven & Sparrow". Her smile came as she remembered her high school days, more specifically the summers of her high school years. Two weeks out of each summer she attended an all girls camp. It was similar to Girl Scout camp except that it was for Pioneer Girls, a church version of Girl Scouts. She had attended camp Cherith every summer since she was nine years old. When She reached High School, she was not only a camper, but also a CIT or Counselor in Training. She loved camp; She loved being surrounded by all those girls… the campfires, the singing, the activities…she loved all of it.  There are some mornings when She still hears Pippet singing her good morning song…"The bright sun comes out, the dew falls away, Good morning! Good Morning the little birds say!" It was stupid…but it wasn’t a camp morning with out that silly song.

All of the leaders in Pioneer Girls had bird names. When those of who chose to become CITs entered the program, they each chose a bird name as well so that the younger campers knew they were leaders and not just campers. Jorden’s bird name had been sparrow. The first girl she had ever loved, and if she were honest with herself, still loved, took the bird name of Raven. Raven was the first person Jorden had kissed. It had started out innocently enough, a lot of the girls would joke around about kissing each other but what they did was to put their one arm completely around the other persons head and put their hand over their mouth so that they were really only kissing the back of their own hand…but to others it looked very much like they were in a serious lip-lock. Raven and Sparrow had shared a few fake lip locks to the amusement of our fellow camp-mates but one evening, as they were saying good night on the porch of the dining hall they reached to give each other a hand kiss…yet neither of them put their hand up. The feeling of Raven’s soft lips against her own was something she will never forget. To this day her belly quivers when she thinks about it. After that one kiss in the front of the dining hall, the two of them had shared more than one kiss in the shadows of the trees or cabins. No one else’s kisses had ever filled Jorden with the joy that Raven’s kisses had that summer.

The fact that the pub and bistro was a favorite of her friends would have been recommendation enough, but when she heard the name of the place, Jorden simply had to find it and go there. She loved the place the moment She walked in. The walls were unpainted red brick; along one whole wall was a dark wood bar with brass rail and tall wood and leather stools. The rest of the room was dotted with tables and the wall opposite the bar had two good-sized booths and three smaller booths. Artwork of various design and medium hung on the naked brick.

Jorden walked over to the bar and maneuvered onto one of the stools. The moment she settled, the bar tender came toward her with a smile and asked her what she could get her. Jorden smiled back and ordered an Iced Tea…a regular iced tea. The attractive blonde winked and fetched the tea. As the tea was placed in front of her, Jorden found herself asking, "Do you know much about the history of this place?"

"The restaurant or the city?" the barkeep asked with a smile.

Jorden smiled back, "Actually, the restaurant. I pretty much know The City."

"Ah, then yup, I know about the place. Why?" The bartender asked.

"I was wondering how it got it’s name." Jorden inquired, even as she mentally smacked herself in the head thinking how silly she was being.

"Ah, well, the present owner gave it that name. When she bought the place it was a mess. She renovated everything, stripped the hideous purple paint off of the brick and the bar and when it was all restored she said it needed an inspired name and that’s the name she wanted." Answered the blonde barkeep.

"I get that…but why The Raven & Sparrow?" She asked.

The barkeep snorted a bit, "She said it has something to do with a lost love and some silly camp."

Jorden felt her heart start to pound and adrenaline flooded her system. She muttered under her breath, "Yeah, now tell me she’s tall, dark, gorgeous with blue eyes that would make a nun weep."

Brown eyes pinned Jorden, "What did you just say?"

Jorden shook her head and grinned embarrassed, "Nothing, I was just muttering."

The blonde brown-eyed bar tender reached over the bar and put her hand on her forearm, "Listen, I’m Erin and the owner is my best friend. Please, tell me what you just said, because if I heard right you just described her perfectly."

Can a person spontaneously combust? If so, Jorden felt like she was ready to burst into flames. She wondered if it was possible that the Raven & Sparrow had been named for her Raven and, dare she hope…for her. She took a deep breath and looked into Erin’s soft brown eyes, "I said now tell me she’s tall, dark, and gorgeous with blue eyes that would make a nun weep. I could add that she has a voice that would make the angel’s envious."

"That’s Raven all right." smiled Erin.

"Gods," Jorden whispered, "Madison…is her real name Madison?"

"Yup, got it in one. So, how do you know her?" Erin asked.

"Oh, some silly camp." She answered with her voice shaking.

"You’re shittin’ me? Oh my God! So, do you know who Sparrow is?" Erin asked excitedly.

Jorden gave her a half smile as she raised her hand to shoulder height. "Oh lord," Erin crowed, "So you’re the one that kissed my girl in the moonlight in front of the dining hall and spoiled her for anyone else?!"

"Your girl?" Jorden’s heart dropped.

"Not like that!" Erin laughed at her response. "My god, are you still mooning over a high school romance the way she is?"

Jorden shrugged her shoulders. She was suddenly feeling overly anxious and was wondering where Raven was. Was she here? Was she in the same building? Her mind was whirling with too many thoughts and her heart was churning with emotions She thought she’d long ago gotten control over.

"Where is she?" she squeaked.

Erin let go of an evil sounding chuckle and got a conspiratorial look on her face. "She’s home tonight. Supposedly working on books or getting ready for some big pow wow she’s got going tomorrow." The sly grin on Erin’s face got larger, "Actually, I was just getting ready to have the kitchen make up her dinner so that She could drive it over to her. Only, I ain’t doin’ any delivering tonight…YOU are."

"Oh no…I can’t do that!" Jorden panicked.

"Yes you are." Erin stated emphatically. "Listen, she’s been pining over you for nearly twenty years. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let her keep that up the rest of her life. One way or another you two need to work out what happened back then and move on."

"I can’t just go over there and bring her dinner!" Jorden exclaimed.

"Sure you can." Erin stated, "I’ve got her house key, I’ll give you directions and you’ll drive over there, give her dinner and what happens then is up to you two. Either you take her dinner or she goes hungry tonight."

A part of Jorden wanted so badly to see Raven again yet another part was terrified at the prospect. The wanting part finally won out and she agreed to drive the dinner over to Raven. It was a miracle that her heart didn’t explode out of her chest on the drive over or as she walked up the front walk to her door. She was shaking so hard she could swear her joints should have disintegrated.

As Jorden reached the front door, she held the bag containing the dinners in one hand and reached to ring the doorbell with her other. A moment after she heard the bell chime, she heard a woman’s voice yell, "C’mon in, Er, I’m out back!" She stood on the front porch for a moment longer, building up her nerve then she finally used the key Erin had given her and entered Raven’s home. Jorden wasn’t sure how the synapses worked to make her feet walk through the doorway, she felt sure she had to have burned out every neuron in her body from pure nervousness. Since the voice had indicated she was out back, Jorden made her way through the lovely Victorian home to find the back door. In the back of the house, two French doors opened out into a lovely postage stamp back yard. Jorden placed the bag with the dinners on a counter in the kitchen then moved to stand at the open doors. As she stood in the doorway, Jorden saw Raven sitting, her back to the doors, completely relaxed in a hanging knotted hammock.

Madison was so used to Erin brining over her dinners that she hadn’t bothered to turn around when she heard the footsteps coming through her home. "How’s it going at the bar tonight, Er?" she asked into the evening air.

Jorden swallowed and attempted to find her voice. The Madison from her memory had been a lanky, almost gawky teenager. This woman was completely devastating. Jorden stood mesmerized for a moment then a long-ago memory surfaced and before her brain had time to catch up, her feet stared walking toward the tall brunette in the hammock. As she neared the back of the woman, Jorden’s hands raised to cover Raven’s eyes.

Madison tensed as she felt the hands cover her eyes and she went onto full alert when she heard the soft voice say, "It’s not Erin. If you guess who it is in twenty questions, I’ll give you a special prize." This had been a game that Raven and Sparrow had played many times at camp. The special prize had started out as some trinket but in the latter days of camp the prize had become a way that they could justify one more shared kiss. Madison hadn’t played this particular game with anyone other than Sparrow…with Jorden. Madison felt her heart beat increase and her mind felt frozen as it tried to grasp the change in the air around her. After what felt like hours, but what was in reality on moments, Madison finally cleared her throat and in a shaky voice asked her first question. "Where have you been all these years?"

Jorden shook her head and chuckled, then bent down and nipped Madison’s ear then backed away just enough so that her lips were barely touching that same ear and said, "Uh uh uh, you know the rules, only yes or no questions, Raven."

It had always been part of the game. Raven had always started out her questions with an inquiry that would take much more than a yes or no answer and Sparrow would always "punish" her for it and remind her of the rules. Madison took a deep breath, attempting to calm her mind and heart then, even though she was sure she knew the answer already, finally went along with the game, "Did I know you in High School?"

"Yes. You have 19 more questions."

"Is Dipper your mother?"

"Yes. You have 18 more questions."

"Are S’mores still your favorite camp snack?"

A chuckle, "Yes. You have 17 more questions."

Madison remembered that the rules of the game were that the person answering the questions had to tell the truth so she decided to ask some questions that had been plaguing her for years. She took a deep, courage-giving breath and asked, "When you visited my house after camp senior year, did you flirt with my brother?"

"What?!" Though Jorden realized she couldn’t answer with a question and quickly said, "No! You have 16 questions left." She made a mental memo to herself to ask Madison what she meant by that question.

"Did you have any idea how badly I wanted to kiss you that whole day?"

"No. 15 questions left." Jorden sighed, remembering her visit to Madison’s home that summer. She remembered how anxious she’d been hoping Raven would kiss her and remembered how disappointed she had been when the day had ended with not one kiss.

"Have you thought about me at all since that summer?"

"Gods, yes." Jorden leaned her face against the top of Raven’s head. "14 more questions."

"Are you married?"

"No. 13 left"

"Are you involved?"

"No. 12 more questions."

"Were you happy with Sundance?"

"With Debi? What?" Madison’s question thoroughly confused Jorden, "I was nev…I can’t answer that with a yes or no, Raven. So you still have 12 questions."

Madison decided to end the game. She still had trouble believing that the soft hands that covered her eyes belonged to Sparrow.

"May I make my guess now?"

"Yes. You still have 11 questions left though."

"If I guess now, and I’m right, will I get the same prize as the last time I won?"

"Yes. 10 questions left."

"If I end the game now, will you stay for a while so we can talk?"


Madison took a inhaled deeply then reached up and covered the hands over her eyes and breathed, "Sparrow…Jorden."

Jorden felt tears fill her eyes at the way Raven had signed her name and tearily answered, "yes." as she allowed Madison to lower their hands from her eyes. Madison released Jorden’s hands then rose from the hammock and turned to face her. Jorden stepped around the empty hammock and looked up at the mature version of her first love.

"By the gods, you are beautiful." Jorden declared, as she looked at the six-foot beauty in front of her.

Madison was certain that her heart would burst out of her chest. She had dreamed and day dreamed of this moment so many times over the years and now the dream had come true. Her Sparrow stood right there in front of her. She looked into the tear-filled green eyes then reached up to stroke Jorden’s short, strawberry blonde hair as she quirked a lopsided smile, "So…where’s my special prize?"

Jorden lost herself in Madison’s blue eyes then she reached up and buried her fingers in her raven tresses and pulled Madison’s head down. Their lips met in a whisper soft kiss that ended almost the moment it began, but another, then another and yet another kiss followed. Each kiss grew in length and in intensity until the women were locked in a passionate embrace that ended only when the need for oxygen became critical for both women.

Jorden buried her face in the soft curve of Madison’s neck, "I’ve missed you so much."

"Shhhh, we’re here now." murmured Madison before capturing Jorden’s lips in another passionate kiss. As the kiss continued, Jorden ran her hands up Madison’s sides allowing her thumbs to brush against the swell of her lush breasts. Madison groaned into Jorden’s mouth when she felt the caress of Jorden’s thumbs. Madison’s groan moved through Jorden’s body to settle in her most intimate places causing her passion to enflame further. Jorden cupped Madison’s breast with the palm of her and used her thumb to stroke the already erect nipples into hard pebbles. Madison broke their kiss and kissed a path across Jorden’s jaw to just below her ear. "Come upstairs with me, please?"

"Yes." Jorden answered without hesitation.

It took the women five minutes to make their way up to Madison’s bedroom. They stopped every few feet to share kisses or to frantically unbutton shirts or unzip and unbutton jeans. There was a trail of clothes from the back door of the house, up the stairs and down the hallway. By the time they reached the king-sized bed the women were clad in nothing but moonlight.

Madison pulled down the covers on the bed then wrapped her arms around Jorden and lowered them both onto the mattress, never breaking the kiss they shared. Jorden relished the moment she felt her body sink into Madison’s. She began to rain kisses along Madison’s jaw and down her neck. When she reached the dip at the bottom of Madison’s throat, she nipped the skin there then ran her tongue along Madison’s clavicle and placed kisses on her strong shoulder. Soon, her mouth covered first one turgid nipple then the other. She covered Madison’s generous breasts with kisses and love bites then would return to suckle at her breasts as if they could sustain her very essence.

While Jorden devoured Madison’s upper body with her mouth, Madison used her hands to learn every curve and texture of Jorden’s torso and buttocks. Her hands slid over Jorden’s back and down to cup firm butt cheeks before running one finger up the soft crack dividing Jorden’s backside. Madison’s caresses caused Jorden’s hips to move forward against her lover’s body and take up an age-old rhythm. Jorden felt the moisture dripping from her center as her mouth worshipped the woman beneath her. She slid her right hand down Madison’s abdomen and raked her fingers through the tight black curls at the base of her belly. She felt Madison’s hips rise into her hand and smiled as she felt the long legs open to allow her access to the treasures she sought. Jorden slid her middle finger into the warm, slick folds and moaned, "Ohhhh, Raven, you’re so wet."

Madison was already on the verge of orgasm; just kissing and caressing Jorden had brought her to the breaking point. "Baby, my Sparrow…don’t tease me. I’m so ready, please just slide your finger over my clit and I’ll cum."

Jorden almost fell over the edge from moaned words but she held back her own satisfaction enough to pant, "Touch me….I want our first time to be together." She lifted her hips off of Madison’s thigh and felt the long fingers of her lover slide into her wetness. Blue eyes gazed into green as fingers begin to stroke and circle and rocked against hands. It only took moments for two voices to moan out their fulfillment.

After a few minutes, the two women relaxed against one another, hands stilled yet remaining tucked in the soft warmth of the other’s body. Neither woman had any desire to remove their hand from the soft spaces they held. Once their breathing had calmed enough to form words, Madison cleared her voice and asked, "Stay the night?"

Jorden kissed her way up Madison’s throat, over her jaw and finally joined their lips in a kiss that inflamed their passions anew, "Yes. But can you set the alarm? I have a meeting in the morning and I’ll need time to get to my hotel to change before it starts."

"Mmmm, yeah, I have something I have to be at tomorrow morning as well." Madison said as she once again began to stroke the soft flesh under her fingers. "Alarm is set for 6:00 will that give you enough time?"

Jorden slipped her fingers into the wet, warm opening below her fingers and found a spot that made her lover moan loudly before answering, "Yeah, that’ll leave just enough time…." She continued to slide her fingers in and out of Madison’s warmth and relished the grunts and moans of her dream-come-true lover. As she loved her Raven with her fingers, she slid her body down and positioned herself between the long legs. Upon the next thrust into the warm channel, she lowered her mouth over the distended bundle of nerves and began to suckle. She felt Raven’s legs spread farther apart at the same time as she felt long fingers cup the back of her head, holding her mouth more firmly against the delicious bundle. She felt her own excitement grow as she continued to make love to Madison, she lost herself in their passion as she heard Madison scream out her climax.

Before she’d had time to recover from her vicarious orgasm, Jorden felt herself being flipped over and felt Madison’s warm wet mouth and tongue stroking her. An instant later she felt long fingers enter her then suddenly halt. Jorden looked down into startled and confused blue eyes, "Jorden?"

Jorden shrugged, "I promised myself I’d only give it to my true love…that’s always been you."

Madison felt her heart swell and a hot flush infused her body as she realized that the woman she had been pining over since High School, the woman she had always considered to be her first and true love, had saved her most precious gift all these years…for her. She felt tears gather in her eyes at the magnitude of the gift and she gently lowered her mouth and placed a soft kiss against the outer labia of the woman beneath her. She then moved her body so that she was lying beside Jorden and reached to take the smaller woman in her arms. She leaned in and began to kiss Jorden until she was moaning and writhing against her. She let her hands roam over every part of Jorden’s body as she lowered her mouth to feast on her lush pink tipped breasts. As Madison’s fingers slid once again between Jorden’s nether lips and began stroking her distended clitoris, Jorden’s moans became deeper and longer and her hips moved against Madison’s hand. Madison felt Jorden stiffen as her climax began, "Open your eyes, my Sparrow," she coaxed, "I want to look into your eyes when I love you…"

It took every once of strength she possessed, but Jorden managed to open her eyes and gaze into loving blue orbs as her climax poured through her. At the apex of her orgasm, Jorden felt Madison’s strong fingers plunge into her The moment of pain was extinguished by the rush of pleasure she experienced as the long fingers stroked her and brought her a completely different kind of plateau. Jorden screamed out the name of her lover over and over, alternating between using Madison and Raven and interspersing professions of love.

Hours later, and only a scant two hours before the alarm clock sounded, the women fell into an exhausted but sated sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. When the alarm went off, Madison reached out and slapped the snooze button without ever completely waking up. The next time the alarm went off, Madison woke herself enough to look at the clock and was immediately awake and in a panic.

"Sparrow! Jor, Honey wake up!" She tried to shake the smaller woman awake and finally saw one green eye slit open. "Jorden, we overslept. If you’re going to make that meeting this morning you need to wake up."

That was enough to get Jorden’s adrenaline flowing and to get her awake and up. She glanced at the clock and realized that if she didn’t run out of there at that moment, she’d be late to her merger meeting. "Shit, shit, shit," she exclaimed looking at a very well loved looking Madison, "I don’t want to leave you like this, but I have to be at this meeting. Can I come back tonight?"

"Baby, you can come back whenever you want." Madison assured her. "Go!"

Madison helped Jorden gather her clothes and gave her a quick but deeply felt kiss as she walked out the door. She then turned and ran up the stairs to take a shower and get ready for her own meeting.

Jorden had just enough time to get to her hotel room, jump in the shower and wash herself. As she rushed through her shower, a feeling of regret ran through her that she was washing Madison’s scent off of her body. Not allowing herself to dwell on the reason she had Madison’s scent all over her body, she quickly finished up her shower, dried her hair and dressed for her merger meeting.

Raven and their night together was the only thing on Jorden’s mind as she drove to TechCo. ‘I’ve got to focus on business.’ she reminded herself again and again. After major concentration, Jorden finally centered herself enough to go over the important factors that would be discussed in her meeting and was also able to control the ear-to-ear smile that had been plastered on her face. She walked into TechCo at the exact time she had planned and walked up to the reception area.

"Good Morning, " greeting Jorden, "I’ve got an 8:30 appointment with M. Townsend."

After looking up the appointment schedule on his computer, the beautiful man behind the reception desk smiled up at Jorden then picked up the phone, "Ms. Talbot is here for your 8:30 appointment, Ms. Townsend." he paused, listening, then continued, "I’ll bring her right in."

The tall, lovely looking man rose and said, "I’ll take you on down to her office, Ms. Talbot." he then led Jorden down a hallway to a door marked, "M. Townsend, President & CEO". After a quick knock on the door, he opened the door and ushered Jorden into the plush office.

As Jorden entered the office the tall, blue-eyed President of TechCo stood to greet her. "Good morning….Ms. Tal…" A huge smile broke out on Madison’s face as her lover walked into her office, "Jorden?!"


The women both laughed as they rushed into one another’s arms. After a lengthy round of kisses, Jorden looked up into her Raven’s face and asked, "Townsend?" Your last name was Buckner."

"Mm hm," agreed Madison, "and the name on all of these contracts is Beatrice J. Talbot."

Jorden blushed, "legal name. Would you go by Beatrice? Why the different last name, Raven?"

Madison took a deep breath, "I married Tiny."

Jorden felt a flash of anger and jealousy, "You WHAT? Tiny? As in Richard Anthony Townsend the third?"

Madison reached out to take Jorden’s hand, "That’s the one."

Jorden’s eyes filled up with tears and Madison rushed to explain, "oh, Sparrow, don’t cry...please listen to me. It was all very soap operaish." Taking a cleansing breath, she continued, "If Tiny hadn’t married before his twenty fifth birthday, he would have been disinherited. He’d realized he was gay when he was a freshman in college…I’d known I was since the first time I kissed you…" Madison saw that that had made Jorden smile and leaned in to give her a quick kiss before she continued, "We decided to get married so that Tiny would get the money instead of having it go to some cat rescue society."

Jorden smiled, "Yeah, I guess I’m glad it went to Tiny instead of going to buy Wiskas. So, um, are you still married?"

Madison smiled, "No, we stayed legally married until we turned thirty then we got a divorce. He and his lover live just a few blocks from me. You remember Rick Myron?"

"The preacher’s kid?" Jorden squawked.

"That’s the one!" Madison answered, "They’ve been together since freshman year in college…Rick supposedly lived in the apartment over the garage."

Jorden shook her head at the turn of events, and then decided to get down to the business at hand, "So, Ms. Townsend, should we talk about this merger?"

Madison smiled, "Yes, Ms. Talbot, we should." After leaving a breathtaking kiss on Jorden’s lips she continued, "I’d already decided that our companies would blend well together and I was simply waiting to see how I would get along with Beatrice before I signed on the dotted line. After all, even if this venture falls on it’s face, I have more money than God, thanks to Tiny plus I’ve got a successful venture with the Raven & Sparrow…"

Jorden lifted her hands to the front of Madison’s body and slid her palms over the silk covered breasts, "And how do you get along with dear Beatrice?" she asked with a smirk.

Madison’s eyes closed as her body infused with the heat of rising passion, "Oh…I think it’s going to be a very successful merger."

And, it was.

The end.


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