The Gift

By Littlespit

Disclaimers: The characters are all mine, the story is all mine, though the characters may resemble a certain duo, that’s as far as any infringement may go.

Violence? Nope

Sex? Not in this one. There are romantic kisses and a loving relationship between adult women. If you don’t like this or if it’s illegal where you live, move on or just move!

Dedication: As with everything I do, and everything I am…this is for Bobocat.

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A lone figure leaned against the end railing of the long pier. Her blonde locks ruffled by the blustery wind coming off of the ocean, unfocused green eyes aimed toward the horizon. Her heart pounded inside her ribcage feeling like a caged tiger seeking release. ‘Oh lord, what was I thinking?’ she asked herself, ‘That’s just it, Mare, you weren’t thinking’ her voice of reason answered.

Mariel Greenwood stood at the end of the Oceanside pier believing she had just signed the death warrant on her most treasured friendship. Confusion filled her mind and churned inside her heart. Never, in a million years, would she have thought that she could do what she had done earlier that afternoon. As she stood and pondered her actions her mind whirled with possible scenarios of how she could explain herself to her best friend, Karyn. She thought up what she would say and imagined every possible response she thought Karyn would have. ‘Should I make a joke of it? Should I claim an alien possessed me? What can I possibly say?’ She obsessed. The thought of losing the one friend she truly trusted set off such a deep ache within Mariel that she doubled over, she put her head against her arms as they rested on the pier railing.

Mariel felt an ache at the back of her throat and a flood of tears to her eyes. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, she felt strong arms slide around her. She felt the warmth of a tall body against her back and the press of lips against her ear, "You know, it’s impolite to kiss a girl then run out the door," said Karyn’s low husky voice. Mariel’s heart clutched at Karyn’s touch and the softly spoken words. She closed her eyes against the onslaught of feelings that flowed through her. The combination of confusion, elation, fear and wonder was overpowering.

Mariel remained in the same bent-over position, her head resting on her arms, "I…I…oh god, Karyn, I don’t know what to say. I can’t honestly tell you that I’m sorry I did that; but I am sorry if it made you…uncomfortable. I’ve never done anything like that in my life!"

Karyn’s arms remained around Mariel. It wasn’t unusual for the friends to physically comfort one another; they had held one another through various heartaches in the past but this was different and they both knew it. Karyn spoke against Mariel’s ear again, "Did you hear me complaining? Oh, wait, you ran out before I could say anything!" the last part was said in a teasing tone. Karyn’s right hand released it’s hold on Mariel’s waist and traveled up to gently run through Mariel’s hair then to her chin, "Mare, it’s ok. Look at me, please," pleaded Karyn

It took every ounce of courage Mariel possessed, but she lifted her tear filled green eyes to look into Karyn’s intense blue gaze. Karyn held Mariel’s gaze and smiled the lopsided smile she was famous for, "You kissed me."

Mariel tried to look away but the finger under her chin wouldn’t allow it. Karyn firmly held her gaze and waited. Mariel closed here eyes and gathered her courage, "Yeah, I did." she finally whispered.

Karyn’s thumb reached up and grazed Mariel’s lower lip as she said, "Next time, stick around long enough for me to be able to return the gift."

"Gift?" Mariel asked, as joy lit up her eyes.

"Oh yeah, that was definitely a gift," smiled Karyn before she lowered her lips to meet Mariel’s.

One kiss led to two, then to ten. Before long both women had their arms wound around one another so tightly that it was difficult to tell where one woman ended and the other one began. When the need for oxygen caused both women to pause they stood with their foreheads together as they took deep breaths and grinned into one another’s eyes. When the warmth of their embrace began to cool they realized just how cold the ocean wind had become and, without speaking a word, they turned to walk down the pier and to the beach parking lot. Mariel scanned the lot for Karyn’s car. When she couldn’t locate the royal blue SUV, she turned to her best friend, "Where’s your car?"

Karyn shrugged one shoulder; "I left it at my place," she ran her long fingers through Mariel’s hair, "I knew where you’d run. I figured you had scared yourself silly when you kissed me. Mare, what you did….your kiss…it just felt right and I couldn’t let you come here and beat yourself up about it. I had Brian from next door drive me over and drop me off."

Green eyes smiled into brilliant blue ones, "I guess if I’d stuck around long enough, I would have found out that I hadn’t lost my best friend, huh?"

"Lost me?" asked Karyn before she play smacked her palm against Mariel’s forehead, "First of all, even if that kiss had made me uncomfortable, you would not have lost me. We’ve been friends for too long and have been through too much together for one kiss to undo our friendship. And secondly, you should have known that I wouldn’t be upset with you for doing what felt right to you at that moment; and thirdly…" Karyn pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, "now that I’ve sampled them, I don’t plan on sharing your kisses with anyone so you are going to call Tony and cancel your date with him tonight, right?" Karyn’s eyebrows waggled up and down.

Mariel’s eyes danced with glee, "Yes, Ms. Bossy. Whatever you say, Ms. Bossy."

"Damn straight," muttered Karyn.

"Uh, no, actually I don’t think that word can apply to us any more," blushed Mariel.

"Well, dip me in honey and throw me to the Lesbians!" hooted Karyn.

The friends laughed together as they walked to Mariel’s car. As Mariel unlocked the passenger side door to her car she playfully smacked Karyn’s back side, "They can dip you honey but I would prefer if the only one you were thrown to was me."

Karyn sighed dramatically and looked up to the sky, "A couple of kisses and she wants to take possession of me lock, stock and tea cup!"

"Damn straight," muttered Mariel.

Blue eyes twinkled, "Thought we’d already covered that…"

"Shut up, give me that phone and get in the car," demanded Mariel.

Once the phone was handed over, Mariel dialed the number of her friend and sometimes date, Tony. When he answered she let him know that she would be unable to keep their date that evening and that she would be unavailable for future dates. Tony’s easy acceptance of the news made Mariel smile.

"Ah, canceling our date and you’re seeing someone, huh?" Tony’s voice smiled, "So, what, you and Karyn finally figure out you’re madly in love with each other?"

Muriel’s eyes widened at Tony’s gentle ribbing, "What did you say?" she asked.

Tony’s laugh only got louder at Mariel’s sputtered question, "Oh yessssssssss! I’m right!" chortled Tony, "C’mon, Mare, you two were the only ones that couldn’t’ see it. So…who figured it out first? Tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous or short, light and luscious?"

The stubborn side of Mariel reared its ugly head, "Oh shut up, you. I’m hanging up now."

Karyn had blatantly listening in on Mariel’s side of the phone call. "What was that about?" she asked.

Mariel looked at Karyn, "I guess our friends have had a running bet on when you and I would figure out that we…" she couldn’t keep the blush from covering her face, "and I quote ‘figure out that we are madly in love with each other.’"

"Excuse me?" Karyn asked.

"Tony asked me which of us had figured it out first. He said that you and I are the only ones who haven’t known that we’re in love with each other," Mariel said as she gazed out the window of the parked car.

"Mare?" prompted Karyn.

"Yeah?" said Mariel, as she maintained her gaze out the window.

"Are you?" Karyn asked softly.

"What? In love with you?" Mariel pondered, half to herself half to Karyn.

Karyn’s hand once again found Mariel’s chin, she turned the blonde’s face to meet her own, "Yes. Are you in love with me?"

Mariel looked at Karyn. She finally noticed the giddy feeling she always had when she was with her best friend; she finally realized that what she felt for her was much deeper than mere friendship. She thought back on the times she had spent with Karyn, about the way she always took great care with her appearance if she had plans with her. When her mind completed its quick analysis, the conclusion was clear.

Karyn saw the far-away look in the green eyes as Mariel’s mind processed the question. She also knew the moment that Mariel had finished her analysis because she saw the look of joyous astonishment as it covered the beautiful face before her.

"Oh my god, Karyn, Yes. I am in love with you!" the answer came out as an awed whisper.

Karyn let out the breath she had been holding and closed her eyes in relief. Mariel’s kiss earlier that day had prompted Karyn to ponder her own feelings for her best friend. She had already reached the conclusion that she loved the beautiful woman. It didn’t matter that neither of them had ever loved a woman before; nothing mattered except for the fact that she loved her. Heart, soul, mind and body, she loved her.

"That’s a relief, because as I rushed out the door to come find you, I realized that I’m in love with you," Karyn declared before capturing Mariel’s lips in a soul searching kiss.

After the kiss ended Mariel looked up and laughed when she noticed the fogged up car windows, "So, what happens now, my love?"

"Now, we live happily ever after," answered Karyn.

And that is exactly what they did.


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