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This wrote for my and other fans enjoyment. There is no sex in this, though a lot of subtext and a bit of cursing.


Written by Liv Simms

Part I

Cleo, Sarge and Hel are on another mission for Voice, ëRescuingí another energy pod. According to Voice, this pod posses great and unbelievable power, and if it gets into the wrong hands, both the surface and the Underground will be in more peril then ever before. All three of the woman had taken this seriously, but Sarge and Cleopatra had taken it the most seriously. Cleo wanted nothing more then to see the surface free of the dreadful robots and Balies, considering she came from a Bailey free world. Sarge might not think well of the surfacesí strength, but hey, it was her home and simpisized with Cleo for missing it.

The three woman walks pass a rusty, yet impressive looking machine, with a titanium door and silver buttons with numerals and numbers on them. Cleo stares at the strange machine with a look of curiosity and confusion. Sarge smiles. She loved it when Cleo had this look on her face. It made her love her even more. Sarge decides to explain to Cleopatra what the machine is.

Sarge: (grinning) Thatís a TimeTraveler. WhoeverÖ or whatever sits or stands in it is immediately sent back a 2000 or so years.

Hel: (Rolling her eyes) That thing has never worked, not right anyway. The TimeTraveler was designed for traveling back or forth to any era, but instead, anyone who has stood in that thing has never come back.

Cleo glares loathsomely at the TimeTraveler. Like she wanted to go back to her own time. ëIf it werenít for me being frozen, I wouldnít have meet up with HelÖ or Sargeí, she thought. Cleoís face was overcome with a dreamy look. Her face begins to fluster as her heart starts racing. She would never forget the best moment in her entire life. The moment she and Sarge kissed. After saving Hel from Akali, or right before, in the bar, Cleo actually fell in love with Sarge. It was after they had saved Hel they kissed the kiss Cleo had so longed for.

Sarge noticed the look on Cleoís face and realized that she herself was blushing. Her heart began to pound in her chest. She wouldnít forget the moment Cleo had first kissed her lips. Sarge at first couldnít believe that she was crazy in love with someone she had nearly killed when they first meet, butÖ then Cleo grew on her and kept it going until Sarge started feeling something for her. She now knew what the feeling was. Sarge overlooked the fact that Cleo could be extremely annoying and accepted it as the blessing Cleos love was. When Sarge saw that Hel was focused on the path ahead, she inched closer to Cleopatra. Cleo looked up into Sarges stern face, which was softened by the smile and the redness of love Sarge was accumulating every second. ëWho would think a toughie like Sarge could be so romantic?í The young blonde thought to herself. Sarge thought about going for Cleos hand, then lost courage. However, Cleo broke the ice by grasping Sarges hand, then lacing her fingers through Sargesí. As they walked, Sarge leaned towards Cleos face and kissed her cheek. Cleo wanted at this point for Sarge to hold her and kiss her lips again, but now was not the time.

Hel glances at her two friends quickly and smirks. She had spotted Sarge and Cleo kissing while she was in the healing tube, and knew what they felt for eachother. She would never say anything, though.

Suddenly, as if by magic, several betrayers appear out of thin air. They donít waste words, but they begin to shoot murderously. Sarge, Cleo, and Hels shields hold however. Cleo and Sarge let go of eachothers hands. All three women are shocked.

Cleo: (In a really confused state) Where the hell did they come from?!

Sarge: (returned to her fighter state) JUST SHOOT AT THEM!

Hel stares at Cleo, wondering if it was safe for her to shoot. What Hel didnít know was the fact Sarge had taught Cleo to fire a laser. However, before Cleo can aim her gauntlet, one vicious looking betrayer makes a running start at Cleo. Hel and Sarge are too busy with the other betrayer robots to notice until it leaps and tackles Cleo with the velocity and strength of a 100-speed car. Cleo, unconscious, flies through the air with a speed unknown to Sarge and Hel. Sarge, however, sees this and makes to save Cleo; sheís headed for the timetraveler! Unfortunately, Sarge isnít fast enough for Cleos increasing acceleration. Cleo flies through the air and lands in the entrance of the timetraveler, where she immediately disappears.

Hel and Sarge: CLEO!!

Sarge: NO!

The remaining betrayer shoots its laser at Sarge. Her shields hold and she shoots the robot several times before it finally turns to scrape metal. When the confrontation ends, Sarge runs to the front of the time machine, Hel at her heels. Sarge tries and fails to look calm. Hel wanted to say something, something encouraging, but she couldnít find the words. She never could. Sargesí adrenaline begins to overflow. Her face grows pale, and she starts to feel sick. ëHow could I have let this happen?!í the blonde fighter thought to herself. Sarge touches the titanium door and closes her eyes, trying to keep tears of pain and deguist from flowing out. Just when she doesnít need another thought to trouble her, Sarge realizes she may never see Cleo again, the woman that kept her going strong.

Sargesí mind shuts down, her knees unbuckle and she falls to the metal floor in a swoon.

Meanwhile, Cleo is being sent back to the Golden Age, the time of Xena, Gabreille, Eve, and the Greek gods.

Back to the Golden Times

Gabrielle holds Xenas ashes. Although Eve, the only living left of Xena, was with her, though Gabrielle knew that Xena would never really leave her side, her life was very lonely without her warrior princess. Gabrielle frowns. Eve notices this.

Eve: (soothingly) GabrielleÖ

Eve stares at the forest they were surrounded by. She could understand why her second mother looked so downtrodden. ëI mean to say, mother was her best friendÖ and the keeper of her heartí She thought. Gabrielle looks like on the verge of tears when Cleo appears out of thin air 10 feet off the ground. She falls to the forest floor. Eve and Gabrielle look shocked, Eve just looks dumbstruck. Gabrielle is brought out of her depressed mood as her nature kicks in. She rushes over to the young blonde that of which was a few inches taller then she was. Gabrielle beckons Eve over. She looks at the mysterious girl that was Cleo. She is unconscious. Eve checks her pulse.

Eve: (still stunned) what in Hades was that about?

Gabrielle: (weakly) I donít know, but that was strange.

Eve looks at Cleos face for a minute. It has a look of terror on it. Suddenly, Cleo opens her eyes. For a moment she looks around at her surroundings, then her eyes grow wide and she screams. (I bet you saw that comingÖ)

Gab: (concerned) Are you all right?

Cleo: (terrified) whereís Hel? Whereís Sarge? WHERE AM I?!

Gab: (confused) please try to calm down!

Eve: (also very confused) Could you explain what happened to you, how you came to be here?

Cleo finally calms down a little, seeing no danger in the process. She closes her eyes. She remembers Sarge, Hel and herself where on a mission for Voice. She remembers herself taking Sarges hand, then the peck on the cheek that followed it. Cleo remembers the TimeTravelerÖ and the betrayers. Then, only then Cleo realizes what happened.

Cleo: (In a tone of forced calm) If I explain what happened to me, you have to promise not to think Iím insane or nuts, ëCause this is the truth.

Gab: (nods) Alright.

Eve: We promise.

Cleo went into explaining where she came from, what happened to her, what betrayers where, who Sarge and Hel was. When she finished, Gabrielle and Eve understood perfectly.

Gab: So do you think Sarge will try to find you?

Cleo: (Tears filling her eyes) I donít know if she can even come back to this time, but if she can I know she will try.

Cleosí face begins to flood with tears. She stifles a sob and puts her head in her hands. Eveís face fills with a comforting and loving look. She puts her arm around Cleos shoulders.

Eve: (softly) You can stay with us until Sarge and Hel finds you.

Cleo nods. Gabrielle smiles.

Gab: (looking around) Listen your gonna have to learn to defend yourself. In this world, you have to claim your right to live in it, so to speak. (Looks at Cleo to see if she was scared at that)

Cleo doesnít look at all happy. ëA lot like 2525í she thought. Eve walks over to her pack and rummages through it. After a minute, she stands up with a staff in her hands. Gabrielle looks at it with pride. This very staff was here first weapon of choice.

Eve: (Brandishing the staff) weíll start ya on this.

Cleo gulps. She know that from now until Sarge finds her, life is gonna be a crash course in self-defense.


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