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With a sigh of frustration Hannah turned on her other side, facing the peacefully sleeping woman next to her. In spite of her annoyance with her inability to fall asleep, a smile crept across her face when she watched Rachel. The Doctor was lying on her back with one arm across her stomach and the other one tucked under her chin.

Careful not to wake her up, Hannah pressed her lips against Rachel's arm, not able to resist kissing the soft, warm skin. Her thoughts returned to the past and her smile deepened when she remembered the very first time she had laid eyes on Rachel Kendrick. As soon as the medical student had entered 'The Bean', the coffee house where Hannah used to work, she had caught her eye. After Rachel had entered the establishment, she had placed her order and claimed a table in the very back. She had pulled a stack of books out of her oversized backpack and had buried herself in one of them. Until Hannah had doused her with hot coffee.

The blonde chuckled and felt herself grow warm all over again when she remembered the look on Rachel's face. The brunette had jumped up, knocking back her chair and her dark eyes had showed a mixture of shock and annoyance, but as soon as they had landed on the equally shocked blonde, her eyes had softened and the dimple Hannah loved so much, had appeared in her cheek. Looking back, Hannah was convinced she had fallen for the medical student then and there, even though it had taken her months to figure that out for herself.

Unconsciously, Hannah's hand stroked the skin of Rachel's arm when she remembered the very first time she and the dark-haired woman had kissed. The moment had been magical and, even now, after all those years, Hannah's heart skipped a beat when she remembered how soft and gentle Rachel's lips had been and how good they had made her feel.

"Are you all right?" a sleepy voice suddenly sounded and Hannah quickly withdrew her hand, immediately feeling guilty about waking the Doctor.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered. "Go back to sleep, honey."

"I will, if you do the same," Rachel yawned, extending a hand and smoothing back Hannah's hair. "Why are you awake?"

"I'm not sure," Hannah sighed. "Maybe because I had a great nap this afternoon and I'm not tired. Maybe I'm still excited about Granny showing up."

"That was awesome," Rachel smiled. "What a surprise, huh?"

"The best," Hannah nodded with a happy grin.

"Come here," Rachel invited, putting her arm around Hannah's shoulders and pulling the blonde against her chest. With a sigh, Hannah put her head on the Doctor's shoulder, reveling in the closeness and warmth she found in the gentle embrace.

"How's that?" Rachel asked softly.

"Heaven," Hannah mumbled, not able to stop her hand from roaming across Rachel's abdomen and chest. The contact was limited due to the cotton shirt the Doctor was wearing, but the barely audible intake of air had not escaped her attention. Hannah smiled and nuzzled the soft skin of Rachel's neck, very aware of the increasing heart beat underneath her ear. She knew she was teasing the Doctor, but she could not help it, she just had to touch the other woman.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Rachel rasped when Hannah's wandering fingers raked over a cotton- covered nipple.

Hannah's face grew warm, but she chuckled when she lifted her head to cast a glance at the woman who was holding her.

"I'm sorry," she spoke softly, but even the dim light that fell through the window could not hide the twinkle in the blonde's eyes.

"No, you're not," Rachel shook her head and, letting out a soft laugh, she pulled Hannah closer. The blonde's body melted against her own and Rachel found it harder and harder to resist the sensual haze that had enveloped her from the very first moment she had opened her eyes.

"You're fueling the fire," she warned, feeling Hannah's lips brush against her pulse point. The blonde did not answer. Instead, she let out a sigh and started to slide off the body she had draped herself around. But Rachel's arms tensed, holding her in place.

"Do you have any idea how much I've missed this? How I've missed you?" she whispered in a shapely ear, slowly pulling Hannah back, while kissing the blonde's neck, jaw line and, eventually, her lips that responded willingly to the intimate touches.

"If it's as much as I've missed you, you must have been in agony," Hannah replied in between kisses, smiling when Rachel's body shook in a silent chuckle. "By the way," Hannah lifted her head and shot Rachel an inquisitive look. "What happened to 'we're not alone in the cabin'?"

"Flew out of the door the moment you woke me up," Rachel stated, sliding her hands underneath Hannah's shirt and rubbing lazy circles across the warm skin of her back. "Besides, my love, Nicky is almost impossible to wake and Lauren and Maureen are fast asleep at the other side of the cabin. Granted, Gertrude is next door, but hopefully her hearing is not as sharp as it was ten years ago. Agent Van Zant is keeping watch and I don't think he'd come barging in our room, unless you give him a reason to," Rachel added in a teasing voice. "Like, oh, let's say..."

"Don't say it," Hannah interrupted with a laugh, putting her hand over Rachel's mouth. "I don't want to be reminded of that night. Besides, I'm still not sure if it was me or you they heard. It's not like I was keeping track of time and of who was making what noise when."

"You don't want to be reminded of that night?" Rachel asked, feigning hurt.

"The night was wonderful," Hannah sighed, remembering that one Summer night like it had been yesterday. "The next morning was a little embarrassing though."

"I still think Joe and Melissa were just razzing us," Rachel mused, pulling Hannah's shirt over her head. The blonde sucked in a breath and willingly slid her arms out of the short sleeves, feeling the cooler air of the room bounce off her heated skin. "Knowing my brother, he was just trying to get a rise out of us. You were wonderful that night," Rachel continues, gently letting her hands slide up and down Hannah's naked skin. The Doctor pulled the blonde closer for a slow, tender kiss and when, after a few minutes, she pulled back a little, she smiled at the woman in her arms. "Don't worry, sweetie, you've never been loud. You make adorable little noises."

"Adorable little noises?" Hannah softly snorted, pushing herself up and away from Rachel's body so she could reach out and start tugging the crisp white shirt over the Doctor's head, something Rachel had no objection to.

"Oh, yeah," Rachel nodded, feeling her temperature rise a few degrees when Hannah's warm, naked skin brushed against her chest. She swallowed hard and placed a hand on the blonde's neck, so she could pull her back into her arms. As soon as their bodies met, they both let out a soft gasp. While Hannah nuzzled the soft skin between Rachel's breasts she was rewarded with a familiar low moan that stirred something deep inside her body. Something she had not felt in a very long time; desire. Feeling her heart pound inside her chest, she brought her face closer to Rachel's and slowly kissed a pair of warm, waiting lips, trying to convey all the love she felt in one single kiss.

Rachel could hardly breathe when Hannah's lips brushed against her own; so soft and warm and gentle, slowly increasing in intensity, until the loving, but insistent touch robbed her of all speech and thought. All she could do was gently touch every inch of exposed skin that was so freely offered to her. It was humbling to see how Hannah was trying to leave the past behind them and move forward with their relationship, even accepting Nicky in her life like the toddler had always been there.

"I love you," Rachel whispered, when they finally had to come up for air. Her hands slid down the sides of Hannah's body and she reveled in the softness of her breasts, smiling when she heard a soft moan.

"I love you, too," was the whispered response.

"There's only one small thing wrong right now," Rachel mumbled, shifting a little so it was easier for her to support the weight of Hannah's body.

"You can't breathe?" Hannah guessed, starting to move off Rachel, who immediately tightened her grip, not willing to let the blonde go.

"I can breathe just fine," Rachel assured her, letting her hands roam across Hannah's back, until they reached the waistband of her panties. Her fingers slipped underneath the elastic and she smiled when Hannah pressed her body closer. Cupping the soft, firm mounds, Rachel applied some pressure, feeling a wave of happiness when Hannah responded exactly as she had done in her many memories; the blonde sighed and buried her face in Rachel's neck, gently nibbling the soft skin, while, unconsciously, her hips started to move in sync with the motion of Rachel's hands.

"Rachel, what's...the small...wrong thing?" Hannah gasped when she felt Rachel's hands push her panties down, creating a fiery path down her skin.

"Don't worry about it, sweetie," was the whispered answer. "I'm taking care of it right now."

Hannah chuckled and wanted to give the Doctor a witty reply, but, when Rachel slid a firm thigh between her legs, the words never made it out of her mouth.


Maureen Rivers stared at the dark sky, barely visible through the thick canopy of tree tops. The wind had died down and the naked, leafless branches were hardly moving in the gentle breeze.

Suppressing a sigh, Maureen pushed back her thick, red hair. She usually wore it tied back, so it would not be falling in her face, but after she had taken a shower that evening, she had let it hang loose.

A small smile tugged on the corner of her mouth when she remembered the look of surprise on Lauren's face when she had emerged from the bathroom, dressed in a pair of dark-green sweat pants and a matching shirt, her hair flowing freely across her back and shoulders.

Even though Agent Van Zant should be capable of staying awake all night to keep watch, Maureen was secretly pleased with the presence of Chuck and Joe, who were still outside the cabin, providing her with more peace of mind than a room full of Agents could. This way, she and Lauren were granted a reasonable good night sleep.

From her seat on the wide windowsill, Maureen cast a look at the sleeping form of Lauren DarkWolf, who seemed relaxed in the comfortable looking queen-sized bed. The dark police woman was sleeping on her side, with one hand tucked underneath her pillow and the other one curled around her arm. Maureen, who had never seen Lauren asleep before, could not get enough of the soft, unguarded expression that adorned the Agent's face in her sleep. Her shoulder length hair fanned across the pillow, dark against the white of the clean cotton and, if it had not been for the loaded gun on the side table next to the bed, Maureen could almost have believed she looked like a little girl.

With a sigh Maureen shifted, aware of the window pane that radiated cold, sending a shiver down her back. She tried to ignore the uncomfortable feeling, returning her gaze back to the starlit night. She enjoyed the peaceful surroundings, but knew it would have been a lot more pleasant had the circumstances been different. She could not help wondering how it would be to spend a relaxed, carefree weekend at the Lake with somebody she cared for.

Maureen softly snorted, doubting if she ever would be able to have a love and friendship like Hannah and Rachel shared. Her own relationship with Robert had always been more like a friendship than anything else. And in the end, the friendship had not been enough to keep the crumbling foundation intact.

With a wry smile, Maureen had to admit to herself the only regret she had was the fact it had taken her so long to come to the conclusion she had been hiding behind a facade for years. She did not begrudge Robert his newfound happiness, although she feared the loneliness that would inevitably follow their breakup. If Nathan was caught in time, Christmas would be a lonely affair.

"You'll catch a cold," a warm voice suddenly spoke, startling Maureen, who almost tumbled down the window sill. Only the strong grip of a pair of hands on her shoulders saved her from an embarrassing fall.

"Damn it, DarkWolf," she snapped. "You scared the heck out of me."

"I take that as a compliment," Lauren chuckled. "Surprising a smart, well-trained Agent like you is quite an accomplishment."

"How long have you been awake?" Maureen asked, suddenly feeling a little suspicious.

"Long enough," Lauren answered vaguely, grabbing a quilt from the bed and wrapping it around the other Agent's shoulders.

Maureen had to make a conscious effort not to moan in pleasure when the quilt, with Lauren's body heat still clinging to the fabric, felt like a warm embrace, immediately chasing the chill from the skin of her bare arms.

"Better?" Lauren smiled, having seen the expression on the other woman's face.

"Oh, yeah," Maureen sighed. "Thank you." She cast a glance at the woman who was standing so close she could feel the warmth radiating off her body. "You didn't answer my question though; how long have you been awake?"

"A while," Lauren answered vaguely, leaning her hip against the window sill, casting a look at the darkness outside.

"Aren't your brothers freezing?" Maureen asked, wondering how Chuck and Joe could stand the cold.

"Probably," Lauren answered with a shrug. When she turned to face the other woman, Maureen noticed a twinkle in her eyes. "But, don't worry about them, they can handle it. Besides, it will give them a chance to be martyrs for a while. I'm sure they'll remind me many times how they camped outside the cabin, in the freezing cold, just to keep me safe."

"If there's any woman who can look after herself, it's you," Maureen replied in a soft voice.

"You're not bad yourself," Lauren grinned. "I've seen you in action a few times and I was impressed. You pack a mean right punch."

"I practiced on my little brother," Maureen answered, making Lauren laugh. "You should laugh more often," she heard herself say, mentally slapping herself for the remark.

"You think?" Lauren smiled. "Why? Don't I laugh enough?"

Maureen felt she owed Lauren an explanation, but it was hard to explain what had made her say a thing like that. It would be another confrontation with a part of herself she had so carefully shielded for such a long time.

"'s not what I meant, I...I...," she stammered, searching for the right words. "Oh, hell, yes, that's exactly what I meant," she sighed, frustrated. "You do smile a lot, but I've hardly ever heard you laugh, I mean, really laugh.'s a nice sound. I like it," she added quickly, looking away from the dark eyes that were gazing at her so inquisitively.

"You do, huh?" Lauren answered, still smiling. She was standing so close to Maureen, she could feel the other woman's body heat, even through the thick quilt that was draped around her shoulders. "Agent Rivers," Lauren continued in a soft voice. "Why is it so hard to meet my eyes?"

Lauren noticed the stiffening of Maureen's shoulders and the barely audible intake of breath. All of a sudden, it was like the air was quivering with tension that seemed to roll off the red-haired Agent. It remained painfully silent and for a brief moment Lauren was afraid she had pushed the other woman too hard and too far. But then she heard a sound that was a combination between a sob and a chuckle, while a slender hand wiped the corner of an eye.

"You must think I'm losing it," Maureen sighed, letting out a deep breath, squaring her shoulders and lifting her chin to meet Lauren's eyes.

"I don't," Lauren shook her head.

"Then what are you thinking, because I know you are thinking something. You've got this...little...sparkle in your eyes."

Lauren raised an eyebrow in surprise, which made Maureen smile.

"A sparkle?" the tall woman echoed. "I'm amazed at your ability to observe so well in such a...dimly lit environment," Lauren gently teased.

"I'm a well-trained Agent. I see a lot," Maureen mocked herself, wishing she would have been so honest with herself a long time ago. "Don't say it," she laughed, raising a hand when Lauren opened her mouth to speak. "I was being sarcastic."

"I noticed," Lauren replied dryly. "By the way, you still haven't answered my question and I'd really like to know if you think I don't laugh enough."

"How long have I known you?" Maureen answered the question with one of her own. "Two, three years?"

"Something like that," Lauren answered, amused by the conversation. She was curious to find out what Maureen would come up with.

" In those years, I've only heard you laugh a few times," Maureen confessed, knowing she was making herself more vulnerable with her answer. But she did not want to back out, not anymore.

"Really?" Lauren spoke softly. "Have you been keeping track?"

Maureen swallowed hard and she had to make a conscious effort to meet Lauren's gaze. She was grateful for the darkness; it provided a soft, comfortable shield that made it easier for her to share her thoughts and feelings.

"'s not like I've been keeping track, it's just was something I noticed," Maureen finally answered. She tried not to think as to 'why' and was relieved Lauren was not pushing the issue. The dark-haired woman just smiled and, before she could change her mind, extended her hand to brush back a strand of red hair that fell across Maureen's cheek. The unexpected and gentle gesture almost brought tears to the red-head's eyes and again, she swallowed hard.

"So, are you keeping an eye on Van Zant?" Lauren asked after a brief silence.

"Am I?" Maureen frowned. "I don't think so, even though I'm not entirely sure he's cut out for the job."

"I agree," Lauren nodded. "It's only because Chuck and Joe are out there that I allowed myself to take a nap. You should try it too, it feels pretty good," Lauren added in a gently teasing tone.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Maureen could not help smiling. She enjoyed the light bantering between herself and the other Agent. Ever since their talk that afternoon, something in their relationship had shifted. It was subtle, but Maureen knew Lauren could feel it too. There was a sense of warmth and trust between them that had not been there before. It was nice, Maureen decided. It made her feel less alone and cared for.

"Thank you," she said, immediately seeing Lauren frown. "For...this afternoon. I'm very grateful you were willing to listen to my...soap-opera moments."

"It's alright, Maureen," Lauren replied. "I told you I'm here if you need a friend and I meant it. Besides, I've had my share of what you call 'soap opera moments'. I think we all have."

Lauren gestured towards the bed and hiked up one eyebrow in silent question.

"Are you ready to try and sleep? I can sleep in the chair if you'd rather. I understand if..."

"Are you nuts?" Maureen interrupted. "You're not sleeping in that chair. Believe it or not, but it's no problem for me to sleep with you. I mean...share a bed with you," she stammered and slapped Lauren across the stomach when she heard an amused chuckle. "You know what I mean."

"I do," Lauren answered with a grin, pulling the quilt away from Maureen's body and spreading it out on the bed. She then gave the other Agent a gentle shove towards the bed while crawling back between the cool sheets herself. "Come on, Rivers, let's get some sleep. I need my strength to beat the snot out of Nathan when he shows up."

"You think he will?" Maureen asked, following Lauren's example and sliding between the sheets. "If the Inspector's plan works, they might have him by now."

"That would be great," Lauren nodded, casting a look at the woman next to her. Maureen was staring at the ceiling and to Lauren she looked a little nervous; ready to bolt. "I'm afraid Wilson's plan won't work though. Nathan is too slick for that. He'll find us here and when he does, I want to be ready for him."


It had taken him twice as long to crawl back to his car than he had wanted it to, but in the end, Nathan had been able to crawl back inside the vehicle and start the engine. With the lights off he had carefully made his way down the dirt road, any moment expecting a police cruiser with flashing lights pouncing on him, like a spider on its prey, but nothing had happened. When he had finally reached the main road again without having seen one police car, Nathan softly laughed, hardly believing his luck. How arrogant of Jack Wilson not to cover every road to and from the cabin he had used to lure him, Nathan Kendrick, into his web. The inspector was slipping.

"You should seriously think about retiring, Jackie," Nathan whispered. "I might even assist you with that. I'm sure the OSBI would love to get rid of somebody who can only be an embarrassment. Especially, after they find the lifeless bodies of their poor little protegees." Nathan let out a longing sigh and smiled. "Oh, what a sweet day that will be."

His thoughts returned to the moment he had discovered the male Agents in the cabin he had just left and his face hardened.

"Change of plans," he spoke to himself. "I think it's time to call in some debts and favors."

Reaching into his pocket, Nathan pulled out a cell phone and quickly dialed a number from memory. The phone only rang twice, until it was answered.

"Did you expect a call, my friend?" he asked sweetly, grinning when he heard the sharp intake of breath.

" that you, Nathan?" a male voice asked hesitantly.

"It sure is, bro. How have you been doing? Long time, no see."

"Oh, I...I've been busy, you know. Trying to do my job."

"I bet that's hard, being straight out of the Academy and all that," Nathan stated in a smooth voice. "Are you making ends meet?"

"I'm fine, really," the voice hurriedly replied. "As a matter of fact, I've got some extra hours and I'm doing pretty good. I can't complain."

"Good for you," Nathan answered. "Listen, are you interested in making some extra cash? It's a fast job."

There was a moment of silence and Nathan grimaced. He could almost feel the hesitance through the phone.


"You're talking to a cop, buddy."

"I...I know, I just, you know, I've just started here, Nate. I don't want to lose my job."

"Let me rephrase my question then," Nathan smiled, but his eyes were cold. "I have a job for you. It's not a question..."


Relaxed, warm and utterly content, Hannah used her finger to draw invisible lines on the skin of Rachel's shoulder. The Doctor's arms were firmly wrapped around her, spinning a cocoon of comfort she had not known for a long time.

"Are you okay?" Rachel's voice sounded near her ear, while she pressed her lips against Hannah's skin in a soft kiss.

"If I was more relaxed, I'd be boneless," Hannah sighed in response, dropping a kiss on Rachel's collar bone. "Go back to sleep, honey, it's still very early."

"I'm fine," Rachel answered reveling in the soft, warm skin, touching hers in all the right places. It was something she wanted to savor as long as she could. The feel of Hannah's body, practically draped around her was something she had sorely missed in the years they had been apart. "Besides, I'm not really tired."

"You could have fooled me," Hannah chuckled. "If I remember correctly, I woke you up a few hours ago."

"It wasn't a few hours ago," Rachel objected with a soft laugh. "It was hardly an hour ago. And I was only asleep out of habit," she explained, smiling when she heard Hannah's unbelieving snort. "When I was a resident, I had to take naps whenever I had the chance. I guess I can sleep on command now."

"Mmm, I need to remember that," Hannah replied, suppressing a yawn. "I might use that to my advantage some day."

Rachel did not answer and in the comfortable silence, Hannah felt her eyes grow heavy with sleep, while Rachel's warm hand rubbed lazy circles across her back. As the blonde started to doze off, Rachel stared at the ceiling, not able to wipe the smile off her face. Being with Hannah was incredible and she dreaded them being apart, even if it would only be temporary.

"I need to talk to Gertrude," Rachel mused, not aware she had spoken the words out aloud, until Hannah raised her head a little and shot her a sleepy, but inquisitive look.

"About what?" she asked in a husky voice.


"Ask Granny about what?" Hannah patiently repeated.

"About you," Rachel sighed. "And me, and her and Nicky. About all of us sharing a house."

Sleep forgotten, Hannah looked up. Her eyes were wide when they stared at the Doctor, who looked back at her with a small smile that bordered on insecurity.

"You...would you do that?" Hannah asked.

"I would," Rachel nodded. "I know how much you two mean to each other. I also realize Gertrude needs some help every now and then, but she's not ready, or willing, to move to an assistant living center. To give you and her both peace of mind, I think it would be best to all live together, no matter where that would be."

The look on Hannah's face was something Rachel would never forget. The blonde radiated a mixture of surprise, joy, love and gratitude. The Doctor did not have to wonder if her idea had been received well.

"You're such an incredible sweet woman," Hannah whispered, brushing Rachel's cheek with her fingers. "Granny won't know what hit her when you ask her."

"Do you think she'll accept?" Rachel wondered, knowing how proud and independent Gertrude could be.

"She'll probably give you a whole list of reasons why she can't accept, but in the end she'll do it," Hannah answered with conviction. "Especially, if I'd ask her as sweet as I can."

Rachel chuckled and pulled Hannah closer to her body.

"You have her wrapped around your little finger, haven't you?"

"Just a little," Hannah nodded with a smile. "I honestly try not to abuse that fact, though. But I guess that, ever since...since my parents died, she..." Hannah swallowed, still having difficulty talking about the most traumatic event in her life. "I'm all she has left of my Dad. Well, and her memories, of course."

"So you became the focal point in her life," Rachel nodded. "It's completely understandable, honey. And it's one of the reasons I want her to live with us."

"I'd like that," Hannah confessed, burying her face in the crook of Rachel's neck. "Because no matter how much I want to be with you, I'd still worry about Granny."

"I know," Rachel replied, smiling when she felt Hannah gently nibble her neck. "What are you doing?"

"Well, I was thinking that your good idea deserves an appropriate award," Hannah answered with her lips against Rachel's skin. "And I also noticed how awake you are, so maybe, with the right attention, I'll be able to help you go back to sleep."

"Ever considered a career in politics?" Rachel asked with a laugh that suddenly died on her lips when Hannah found a particular sensitive spot. "Never mind, don't answer that," she breathed. "Don't let me distract you."


Agent Van Zant stared outside the window, enveloped in darkness, so he would not be visible to anyone outside. He knew exactly where Chuck and Joe DarkWolf were. The two men had signaled him when they had made themselves comfortable in their shelters that were hidden by the trees. He could not help wondering how they managed to stay warm and focused in the freezing cold. He himself was enjoying the luxury of sitting in a comfortable chair, indoors, close to the still smoldering embers of the dying fire. It was nice and warm and deep down inside it bothered Agent Van Zant. It hurt his ego to know that outside, not even a hundred yards away from where he was sitting, two men were denying themselves comfort and warmth, just to keep an eye on their sister.

Agent DarkWolf.

Van Zant sighed and raked his fingers through his short-cropped hair. He admired the tall female Agent. Her strength and intelligence were legendary among the young Agents, who looked up to her as if she was a hero. Which, in his eyes, she was. He had taken a lot of teasing about his adoration of the senior Agent. His friends knew they could get to him by asking him if he had asked her out on a date yet. Usually, he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. They knew, as well as he did, that he did not stand a chance. Lauren DarkWolf did not date men. That was something everybody knew.

Again, Agent Van Zant let out a deep breath, while his eyes lazily scanned the tree line, hardly visible against the darkness of the sky. He had only spent a few hours in the company of the women that evening, but he had seen more than he had wanted to know. It was only because of his interest in the dark-haired Agent that he had seen that her eyes were easily distracted by another person in the room. It had not really surprised him, even though it had hurt to come eye-to-eye with the source of her affection.

"Who would have thought?" Van Zant mused, letting the recliner slowly rock back and forth. "I wonder if Lauren realizes it herself."


The subject of Agent Van Zant's thoughts had fallen asleep again, but, out of habit, started to wake up only a few hours later when it was still dark outside. Lauren suppressed a yawn, wondering if it would be a very bad thing to stay in bed a little while longer. Judging by the regular, deep breathing behind her, she knew Maureen Rivers was still fast asleep. Leaving the bed might disturb her and Lauren did not want to wake her up, so she decided to stay where she was, enjoying the warm sleepiness of her body. Closing her eyes the Agent quickly started to doze off again, until, all of a sudden, a strong arm wrapped itself around her middle, pulling her closer into Maureen Rivers' body, who, in her sleep, let out a small sigh of contentment.

Lauren's eyes flew open and while her heart tried to hammer its way out of her chest, her body shamelessly threatened to betray her mind by wanting to scoot backwards, increasing the enticing contact with the other woman. Unexpectedly, the unexpected contact had opened a floodgate of emotions that had been so overwhelming, she felt almost dizzy.

Lauren's breathing was fast and irregular and she made a few conscious efforts to slow it down by taking some deep breaths. After a few moments, her strategy started to work and her heart rate became more normal again. But her emotions were still raw and ragged. In the course of a few seconds, it had become clear to her that she had been deceiving herself for a long time. It was hard to process all the thoughts that tumbled through her mind, but one thing stood out clearly; her body had acknowledged what her mind had not been willing to confront; she had feelings for the red-haired Agent that went far beyond regular friendship.

"Damn," Lauren whispered, totally confused. "What do I do now?"


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