More Than There Are Stars

by loubug

Disclaimers: This is an uber story. The characters are mine even though they resemble two great gals we know and love . This story is about two women in love who express that love physically. If that is not your thing, you should read something else. I would love to know what you think about the story...I crave feedback. Thanks to Alina, sweetheart...darling ;-) (your encouragement persuaded me to post this) ...

Part 2

Music filled the rink as the reception for the new commander got under way. Everyone had turned out for the announcement and sounds of the celebration filled the ship. People from every planet in the region worked on board the Phoenix, a true testament to Commander Lewis' vision and effort in creating peace between the colonies.

Robin stood tall as she regarded each crew member that walked through the reception line. She had been named the new commander of The Phoenix and her heart pounded with excitement.

Never one for attention Robin started to feel overwhelmed by the number of people who approached her to offer their congratulations. The night was young and the ship bubbled with excitement. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the remaining hours of the evening. Her blue eyes aware of the line that seemed never ending. "At least they are happy with the announcement." Her thoughts seemed to energize her and she found herself smiling a little broader at the next person in line.

As the night came to a close, Robin swore without a doubt, she had shook hands with each of the one thousand plus members of the phoenix. Despite her uneasiness at being the center of all the attention, Robin felt the crew and residents of the ship embrace her as their new commander with open arms.

"Commander Sword¼" Robin turned to find Monroe smiling at her. "Commander Lewis has requested that I show you to your new quarters."

" can show me anywhere you like as long as there is a bed I can fall into."

Monroe laughed as he motioned for the tall woman to follow him. As they made their way to the glass elevator Monroe began spouting information about the ship. "There are six levels to the Phoenix. The bottom level is where we keep supplies, the next three levels are open areas. Anyone on board the ship can access these levels. The fifth level is home to the commanding officers and their lifemates and children. The sixth level is the command deck. It is also home to the commander. Your¼ new home Commander Sword."

Robin listened as the everlast ran through the description of each level. She stored away the information and hoped that Monroe wouldn't want to get into any deep discussions on the layout of the ship. She was mentally exhausted and ready to get some sleep. When they reached the sixth level Monroe led the tired commander to a control desk.

"You can customize your lodge here." Robin raised an eye-brow as her thoughts became vocal "Customize my lodge?"

"Yes." Monroe began to explain. "You see, here is the available space of your lodge." He pointed to a blank square on the screen as Robin shook her head in acknowledgment.

"You can decide how you want the layout to look. You can pick out anything you like.

chairs, tables, shower or bath. Perhaps both. What type of food you would like stocked in your kitchen, you can even chose where you would want to have a window placed ......"

Monroe could have talked on and on, but right now the only thing Robin wanted was a bed. She raised her hand stopping him in mid sentence.

"Monroe....just program in a bed big enough so that my feet don't hang over the edge and I will be eternally grateful."

Monroe smiled up into tired blue eyes. "As you wish Commander Sword."

With a few taps on the screen it was done. Monroe led the Commander to her room and left her to the large bed. He quietly made his way back to his own chamber anxious to be with his lifemate.

As Monroe climbed into bed, Tom opened his eyes and smiled. "The evening was a success love." The old man's heart still skipped a beat at the term of endearment. "Yes it was. I think we made a wise decision by choosing the special agent."

"Mmmm hmmm."

The commander felt the arms of youth wrap around him and found himself lost to say anything more. The night cradled the two lifemates in its warm embrace and carried them to an easy slumber. Both men content in each other's company.

Robin stumbled toward her bed. It was the only thing in the room and the only thing she would have cared to look at anyway. She kicked off her boots and unzipped her flight suit, leaving her in a pair of shorts and her favorite T-shirt.

Her 6'1 body fell soundlessly onto the large bed. Robin closed her eyes and allowed the tension in her body to drain away. She thought about the events of the day and decided there was no other place she wanted to be. She let out a deep sigh then stretched her legs. She whispered her last thought aloud to the empty room. "Hmmmm¼.my feet don't hang over." She fell asleep with a satisfied grin on her face.

The days passed quickly as the Phoenix made its way to Thrace. Commander Lewis stood back and watched as the raven haired woman instructed the crew and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Over the last couple of days both commanders and Monroe had been spending all of their time together. Robin learning about the ship and the procedures in running it effectively and Commander Lewis and Monroe learning that there was more to special agent Sword than they could imagine.

Robin became aware of the deep connection between Lewis and Monroe. It intrigued her. They were definitely lifemates and she felt an odd sense of sadness when she realized that with the commanders passing Monroe would be left to spend an eternity without his love. She hoped Monroe would stay aboard the Phoenix and travel with her. She enjoyed his company.

Robin made decisions with confidence and never berated a crew member for voicing their opinion on any situation. It made the crew feel important, and that's what she wanted. Robin knew a happy crew equaled a productive crew.

The sound of her first Lt. broke her train of thought. "I'm not sure what it is."

"It looks like a slaver ship."

Robin's blue eyes snapped to the large bay window to see what they were talking about it.

"It looks like it has been attacked."

Robin studied the ship floating before her and realized it had been attacked. Huge holes confirmed a missile attack. Smoke poured from its engine. You could see the emergency lights blinking through the smoldering debris.

"Lt. Bailus, give me a life scan."

The Lt. nodded his head and zeroed in on the ship. "Commander Sword I'm not finding.....wait a minute.."

The Commander felt her heart race, if there were slaves left onboard she would take them in without a second thought. She would not be so generous to the slavers themselves.

"Commander I am picking up four life forms below deck. It appears that they are in the tanks below the landing gear. I would say they are hiding."

The commander nodded her head in agreement. "Signal for Captain Baker to ready his flight crew."

Monroe smiled as he remembered the way Robin insisted the pilot stay on board the Phoenix with his family and head the flight department. The everlast knew it would prove to be a wise decision.

"Let him know I'm going with him."

All heads turned to look at the commander like she had lost her mind. She couldn't possibly leave the ship. She had just taken the position and didn't need to be placing herself in danger.

Her blue eyes looked up to find her entire crew staring at her with looks of concern and uncertainty on their faces. She felt herself waver for a split second and looked to Commander Lewis for some input.

He smiled and looked back to the crew. "You heard her. Tell Baker that Commander Sword will be accompanying him to the wrecked ship."

Robin gave a slight nod before turning and making her way to the flight deck. She felt the familiar rush of adrenaline begin to pump through her body. Her gut told her there were only slaves left on board but anything could happen and she prepared herself for the worst.

As soon as she stepped onto the flight deck Captain Baker was at her side. Baker was thrilled to stay as head of the flight crew and he and Robin were becoming good friends.

"Commander are you sure you want to go down there."

"Yes." Robin arched an eyebrow at the smiling captain. "You don't mind a passenger do you?"

"Of course not."

The captain bowed and motioned for Robin to go ahead of him. "After you."

They exchanged smiles and climbed into the small ship. Captain Baker signaled for clearance and in a matter of seconds they were airborne.

Three small fighter ships and one medical ship landed on the smoking deck of the slave ship. When they touched down the flight crew instantly began scouting the area. The ship was on fire and unstable. Gasoline fumes filled the air. It would have to be a quick rescue.

"All clear Commander Sword." Robin nodded to the foot soldier, then looked back to Captain Baker.

"Baker, place two guards on deck and keep a radio signal open with the phoenix. I want everyone to keep their eyes and ears open."

Commander Sword put on her head mic as she waited for Baker to secure his men. "Lt. Bailus, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear Commander Sword."

"I want you to direct me to the area we need to be. I want to get out of here before this thing blows. Go ahead and secure the Phoenix. I'm not sure how long this ship is gonna hold out."

Baker returned and waited for his orders. "I want you with me." The captain nodded his head as the commander continued. "We'll need a med. tech." The commander motioned for a medical assistant and soon they were on their way.

Lt. Bailus' voice came across the small ear piece the commander wore. "Commander you should be about five feet away from a trap door in the floor." The commander's blue eyes swam over the floor. Finally she spotted it. Robin signaled to the Captain and Med. unit that this was it.

"Bailus are you still picking up signs of life." She kicked the fallen debris away from the door.

"Affirmative Commander."

She leaned down and gripped the handle. With a quick tug the door came open. She could hear muffled voices from below. She knelt down and spoke to whoever might be listening.

"I am Commander Sword. I am here to help you. How many are down there."

"How do we know we can trust you."

The commander rolled her eyes before replying.

"How do you know you can't?"

Silence. There wasn't enough time to explain. The commander continued to speak.

"Look....if I wanted to kill'd be dead already."

It must have made sense, because she heard the scuffling of feet and then saw the top of an escape ladder being leaned against the opening.

The commander looked to her captain and they both sighed with relief and waited.

The first person to emerge was an older woman with gray hair. She had a broken wrist and was suffering from mal-nutrition. Her lips were parched and her clothes were tattered. A look of relief washed over her when she realized they were truly being rescued.

"Thank you.....thank you......" she kept repeating those words as the med. Tech rushed her to a waiting gurney.

Red hair and freckles greeted the Commander and Captain next. "Are you the good guys?" the little boy asked.

Baker looked over to his commander then back at the little boy. "Yeah buddy.....we're the good guys."

The little boy hugged the Captain then followed the med. Tech to the waiting ship.

The next head to pop up was a little girl. Her large green eyes looked up at the commander and Robin smiled. The little girl returned a weak smile and climbed out of the hole. She didn't move when she got out. She just kept looking back down the hole.

"Someone else down there little one?"

The commander watched as tears filled the little girls eyes. Her blonde hair swished as her head bobbed up and down.

"Mama." The little girl uttered before reaching out to the commander. Robin wasn't prepared for the little girl's tears. Her military training had never covered this. It felt strange to hold the crying child in her arms.

"What's your name sweetheart?"


"All right Angel, how bout if I go down there and help your mama out okay?" Robin wiped the tears off of the small puffy cheeks and smiled as the little girl nodded her head.

"You wait here and Captain Baker will take real good care of you."

The little girl's eye's got bigger and bigger as she watched the commander stand up. Robin reached out and ruffled the little girl's hair as if she had done it her whole life. They smiled at each other then Robin disappeared into the hole.

It took a second for her blue eyes to adjust to the difference in lighting but when they did she spotted the injured woman. Even in the darkness she could see the white gold hair that was identical to the little girls. For a moment Robin could see a warm glow of light surrounding the woman. She blinked and it was gone.

The woman was sitting in a corner with her head drooped. She appeared to be dead. As Robin walked closer she heard a soft moan. She felt her heart leap in her chest for the little girl. Her mama was alive.

Robin knelt down in front of the small woman. "Can you hear me?"

Another soft moan escaped the woman. Robin hesitated before moving her. She didn't want to injure the woman any further.

"I need your help for a second. Can you tell me where it hurts." Robin waited patiently. Then in a voice she could barely hear, she made out the word "legs."

Robin could see several bruises and cuts on both of the woman's legs, not to mention her arms and face. The woman desperately needed medical attention.

"Does it hurt inside any where?"


It seemed the more Robin spoke with the woman the more conscious she became.

"Can you walk?"

The blonde head started to look up, Robin watched as green eyes fluttered open. She waited for the woman's vision to focus. Robin heard the blonde gasp, then watched as a sudden look of panic crossed the woman's face. Her eyes darted around the dim room as she tried to stand.

"Angel. My daughter...where is she."

Robin grabbed the woman to steady her.

"She's fine. She's waiting for you up on deck."

The commander felt the woman relax as her words filtered through her.

"We need to get you out of here."

Green eyes locked onto blue and for a split second a feeling of completeness passed through both women. The commander smiled down at the blonde in her arms. In an instant the Commander knew she had been born for this moment. It was Captain Baker's voice that reminded her of the danger.

"Commander we need to get off this ship. It's not going to last much longer."

Robin's expression changed from captivated to determined in an instant. She lifted the small woman in her arms and headed for the ladder. She felt herself stumble as small arms wrapped around her.

With careful maneuvering and small steps, the commander and former slave made their way up the ladder. Captain Baker reached and pulled the woman out of the darkness. The commander was last to exit.

Back on board the Phoenix, Commander Sword issued commands to her crew. They needed to put as much distance as they could between them and the slaver ship. She knew they would feel part of the blast. She only hoped they would not sustain any damages.

"Danu....put up shields."

Without delay the everlast powered up the shields.

The commander moved with the grace of a panther as she crossed the main deck.

"Capt. Miller...full throttle. I want us as far away as we can get from that ship."


Lt. Bailus watched as his screen counted down the time remaining before the ship exploded.

"20 seconds commander."

"Bailus has everyone been notified of the situation."

"Yes commander... we went on full lock down when you landed. 10 seconds."

The commander ran to her seat and strapped herself in. As usual she mentally prepared for the worst.

"Brace yourselves."

The ship exploded and everyone on board the Phoenix felt the vibrations. The shields took the blunt of the explosion, deflecting the debris away from Commander Sword and her crew. They had survived a near fatal explosion and saved lives in the process.

As the phoenix pulled further and further away, Robin felt an uncontrollable urge to celebrate their success. She jumped out of her chair and stepped onto the command deck. All eyes focused on her and she couldn't keep from smiling at her crew.

"Great job everyone. It's nice to know I am working with so many people who perform so well under pressure. Thank you for saving my life and everyone else who makes the phoenix their home."

The crew instantly began clapping and shouting their praises to the commander. The mission was a success. Robin looked over her crew and her blue eyes fell on the elderly commander. He stood grinning from ear to ear, nodding his approval toward the tall woman. She returned the smile and stepped down from the main deck. It was a good day.

Monroe stepped toward his new commander. "I believe you have just won the respect and loyalty of every crew member on this ship."

Robin smiled down at the everlast. "Well they have certainly won mine."

Monroe nodded his head as he continued to smile. "Will you be joining me and Tom for dinner this evening?"

"Yes. I want to check on our guests first."

Her mind flashed images of the old woman who whispered her thanks through parched lips and the two children who were forced to grow wise beyond their years but the one image that seemed to linger the most centered around the young blonde woman. 'Who is she.' She silently asked herself.

Monroe stopped and looked up at his commander. "Very well. We will see you soon."

Robin turned and made her way to the glass elevator. She requested which floor she wished to visit and soon found herself stepping out onto the second level. Her blue eyes scanned her surroundings and she followed the signs that marked the way to the nurse's station.

"Commander Sword...we were not expecting you."

Robin watched as the young nurse grew nervous with her unannounced visit. The commander looked at the young woman's name tag.

"It's okay Delilah. I just wanted to check on our visitors."

"Of course. Right this way."

The commander followed the nervous med tech.

"Tell me. How are they doing?" Robin tried to put the young woman at ease.

"Well commander.... we have both women on a vitamin replacement pack and round the clock care. The children are doing fine. They were a bit hungry but they were not as dehydrated as Maxie or Sarah."

Robin listened as they walked through a maze of hallways. She tried to decide if the blonde looked more like a Maxie or Sarah. ''s got to be Sarah.' Robin laughed at herself for thinking such thoughts. She urged the nurse to continue but found that they had arrived at their quarters.

"Thank you Delilah."

"Your welcome Commander. If you need anything I'm just down the hall."

The commander gave a brief nod as she looked to the sleeping elderly woman. She looked much better. The color had returned to her face and she wore new clothing. Robin's eyes glanced down at the name tag at the foot of the bed and she smiled. It read M. Walker. 'I knew she had to be Sarah.'

Her long legs carried her to the next room. Robin took one step inside the room and stopped. Her heart pounded from the vision in front of her. Sarah was asleep with Angel cradled in her arms. Robin cocked her head to one side as she studied the two women. They looked so peaceful. This time she was certain she saw a warm glow surrounding the two females. It seemed to be inviting the commander closer and she wanted to be a part of it.

Robin stepped toward the bed. She just wanted to get a better look at Sarah's injuries. That's what she told herself anyway. As her heavy boots fell against the marble floor the little girl stirred in her sleep. For a brief moment her eyes opened and met the commanders. The little girl waved toward the commander then fell asleep again.

A smile lingered on Robin's face, as she studied the little girl's mom. Bruises covered her face. Some were old and some were new. Robin felt the anger build inside of her, as she pictured Sarah trying to fight back. She smiled at that thought. The commander just knew she had fought back.

It took all of Robin's self-control to keep from brushing back a lose strand of blonde hair that had fallen across Sarah's face. The longer she stood there the harder it was becoming to leave. 'What's happening to me?' She thought.

She wasn't afraid of her feeling's, she just couldn't put them into words. Slowly she reached out and tucked the hair behind Sarah's ear. Her finger tingled from touching the soft skin. She took one last look and turned to leave.


Robin stopped and turned back toward the bed. She saw two beautiful emerald eyes smiling at her. She walked back over and waited for Sarah to continue.

"Thank you....for....." Sarah couldn't finish her sentence. Tears filled her eyes and spilled over. Robin instantly reached out and wiped them away. As her fingers brushed away the tears the commander felt her world start to shift with every touch.

" don't have to thank me. I'm glad you're okay."

Sarah looked through tear stained eyes at the woman who had saved her and her daughter's life. She knew this woman would always save them. After the events she had just been through she wasn't sure if the warm glow around the commander was real or not. She reached her hand out to caress the beautiful face looking back at her

The commander did not pull away. She wanted to feel Sarah's touch. She wanted to get lost inside this woman's eyes. Robin closed her eyes and leaned into the soft hand that cradled her face. It was perfect. When she opened her eyes and saw Sarah smiling at her the commander realized her heart belonged to the blonde.

"Commander, Monroe has sent word for you to¼."

The nurse stopped in mid-sentence as she spotted the tall commander standing beside the bed of her patient. The warm glow she saw surrounding them made her smile. She had heard stories of the moment two half souls found each other but she didn't believe them¼until now. A person was lucky enough to find someone to claim as a life mate, but to find your soul mate was a completely different story.

The commander looked toward the door where the nurse stood frozen in her tracks.

"Is something wrong Delilah?"

"Of course not commander. Monroe just wanted to know if you had left yet."

"Tell him I'm still looking after one of the patients and I won't be long."

"Yes commander." The nurse smiled as she thought to herself 'they don't even know yet.'

Robin watched as the nurse grinned at her before leaving the room. 'wonder what that's about.' She turned back toward Sarah who was now running her fingers through her little girl's hair. Without looking up she began speaking to the commander.

"I love her so much." Tears threatened to spill again. "I would be lost without her."

Sarah placed a kiss on the little girl's forehead and looked back to her rescuer.

Robin felt an ache deep in her soul at the thought of losing Sarah or her little girl. She reached out and took Sarah's hand in her own and whispered. "You're both safe now. I will see to it that you are taken care of."

Time seemed to stand still, as an eternity of emotions filled both women. Robin felt the small hand in hers give a little squeeze. She had never felt so inclined to surrender.

"I need to get back to the main deck."

Sarah nodded her head even though she wanted nothing more than to get to know this woman who had saved her and her daughter.

"Will you come back and visit me again commander."

The smile that danced across the commander's face answered the blonde.

"Only if you promise to call me Robin."

Sarah blushed and the commander knew her heart belonged to the woman in front of her.

"Very well. Robin it is."

Robin promised she would come back and check on them. She reluctantly let go of Sarah's hand and began her walk back to the elevator. She smiled all the way back to the main deck. She couldn't wait to talk with Monroe.

As she stepped off the elevator, she squared her shoulders and headed for Commander Lewis' room. Her steps were fast and sure. She had no time to lose. She was a woman on a mission. A mission she hoped would lead her straight to Sarah...

Continued in Part 3.

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