More Than There Are Stars

by loubug

Disclaimers: This is an uber story. The characters are mine even though they resemble two great gals we know and love . This story is about two women in love who express that love physically. If that is not your thing, you should read something else. I would love to know what you think about the story...I crave feedback. Thanks to Alina, sweetheart...darling ;-) (your encouragement persuaded me to post this) ...

Part 8

"Can she hear me?"

Sarah reached out and stroked her lover's face as she questioned the nurse. It didn't matter what the nurse would tell her, or the doctor. Sarah believed with all her heart that Robin could hear her.

"I don't know...Sarah. She's been out for three days. Her condition has not changed."

The nurse watched as Sarah tucked a long strand of black hair behind Robin's ear as she nodded her head in understanding. She knew the young woman would continue to talk to the commander. Secretly she hoped that Robin could hear the young woman. The few whispers of love and encouragement she had overheard grabbed at the nurse's heart.

"Are you going to bring Angel back today?"

Sarah studied the bruised face in front of her, momentarily lost in her thoughts. If it hadn't been for Robin, she and her daughter would be dead. The day Robin had fought Magna, she had suffered many injuries from the fight. But Robin had seen to it that Angel and Sarah had been hidden on board the Phoenix.

Angel didn't speak the entire time the battle took place. Mother and daughter waited patiently for the fighting to end. The moment the commander received the blow that rendered her unconscious, Angel stood up and whispered "Robin."

Before the commander's body had time to be placed in the healing unit, the young girl had ran to the small chamber. Sarah didn't try to stop her. She only followed, fearing the worst had happened.

Angel instantly climbed into the healing unit with the commander and healed all the injuries that she could. But there was so many that her young body couldn't heal them all at once.

Since that day she had come to visit the commander everyday. Healing what she could.

Sarah looked up at the nurse. "What did you say?"

The nurse smiled at the young woman. "I asked were you going to bring Angel in today… be with the commander?"

Before Sarah could answer, the sound of soft footsteps drew her attention to the door.

"Angel….what are you doing here? You are supposed to be sleeping."

The little girl walked over to her mama and climbed up in her lap. "I wanted to sleep with you and Robin."

The nurse looked over to Sarah, as if asking what to do.

"Honey…..Robin needs to stay here….in the healing unit."

The young girl shook her head. "No mama…..bring Robin home…..she wants to go home."

The nurse and Sarah could only stare at the young girl. Finally Sarah spoke.

"What do you mean sweetheart….she wants to go home?"

Angel blinked her big green eyes up at her mother. "I could hear her thoughts mama…..she wants to go home."


It took about two hours to get Robin moved from the healing unit into the large bed in the commanders chamber. The Doctor wasn't convinced that this would make a difference, but at the rate things were going he knew it couldn't make things worse.

A nurse was stationed across the hall from the large chamber just in case of an emergency. There would be no chances taken with Commander Sword's life.

Sarah stepped into the hall as the aids finished attaching the needed wires to monitor her soulmate's condition.

"Thank you Doctor Marvin."

"Sarah….I'm not sure this will work…but I hope it does."

The doctor smiled and then made his way back to the elevator that would carry him down to his other patients. Sarah watched as he turned the corner and disappeared. She took a deep breath and walked back into the chamber.

Robin lay on the large bed in a traditional healing gown. She looked liked she was sleeping. Sarah wanted to reach out and caress her lover awake. But that wasn't going to happen today.

After all the necessary items were in place, one by one the nurses and aids left the room. Sarah was exhausted by all the events of the past few days. It felt good to be back in their chambers.

She climbed into the huge bed; careful not to disconnect any of the wires attached to her lover. Angel climbed in bed with her mama and soon both were sound asleep.

Sarah lay sleeping. Her mind filled with visions of Robin on the night they danced at the rink. Suddenly the scene changed. But it was still a familiar place. The green grass, the cool breeze, the sound of water…Sarah looked all around until finally her eyes came to rest on the one thing she would never grow tired of seeing…


Sarah ran towards the tall commander who stood with outstretched arms. It felt so good to feel those long arms wrap around her. Sarah felt tears of joy roll down her cheek.


The sound of Robin whispering her name made the small blonde weak.

"I can't stay here long love…."

Sarah looked up into the blue eyes of her lover. She didn't want to let the woman go.

"I'm not strong enough Sarah…I just needed you to know that I'm coming back to you soon."

Robin leaned down and kissed the sweet lips before her. Sarah closed her eyes and leaned into the tall body in front of her. The kiss deepened and she willed every ounce of energy she had to enter Robin's body.

When she opened her eyes Robin was gone, but the tingling sensation on her lips remained. Sarah felt her heart race. Once again she opened her eyes. This time she saw darkness that was interrupted with the steady blink of a monitor light. Her green eyes turned towards the large window. "So many stars love."

Sarah turned back to the healing commander. She noticed that during the night she had entwined her fingers with Robins. She smiled at the perfect fit. Tears slipped from her eyes as she placed a gentle kiss on Robin's cheek. "Oh Robin….hurry back to me" she whispered softly. Then her breath caught as she felt the gentle pressure of Robin's fingers squeezing her own. She whispered again. "I knew you could hear me…I love you Robin. Get well soon my love." Sarah found sleep with a smile on her face.


Monroe stood staring out of the large command window. He smiled when he heard familiar footsteps coming closer. Finally he turned to greet his visitor.

"Sarah…it's nice to see you out. How's Robin doing?"

Sarah smiled at the sincerity in the everlast's voice. "She's going to be fine Monroe."

"I hope so Sarah."

"Trust me. I felt her squeeze my hand last night and she came to me in a dream."

Monroe smiled at the young woman who was doing her best to hold back her tears of joy.

"She's a strong one."

Sarah nodded her head in agreement.

"So how are you and Angel holding up?"

Sarah wiped a tear away and smiled up at Monroe.

"We're doing great. Angel's been staying with the nurse in the room across from ours, she went to the rink today with jojo and I've been at Robin's side all morning." Sarah looked out the large window then back to the everlast.

"How is Tom?"

The smile faded quickly on Monroe's face. Last night Tom's condition took a turn for the worse. He had left their chamber only moments before Sarah joined him on the command deck.

"Things are not good…I should be with him but…" The pain and sorrow the everlast felt surged through his body. Tears slipped quietly from his eyes. Sarah reached out and pulled the tall everlast into her arms. They held onto each other and in that moment formed a bond they would share for all time.

"We'll get through this Monroe"

Before the everlast could respond, the command guard that had been posted outside Robin's room came running onto the deck.

"Lady Sarah….Monroe…you better come and take a look at this."

Sarah and Monroe ran down the corridor to Commander Sword's chambers. Sarah instinctively reached for the door but quickly pulled her hand back when a bolt of energy zapped her fingertips.

"What's happening?" she asked the guard.

"We don't know my lady. We heard a loud rumbling and then the door just lit up."

"Lit up…what do you mean lit up?" Monroe asked.

"A bright red light outlined the door….when we tried to go in …."

"You got zapped.." Sarah finished while still rubbing her fingertips. The nodding head of the guard confirmed her statement.

The rumbling behind the door grew louder and the red light got brighter. Everyone stood staring at the door in disbelief and wander. Suddenly a guard appeared at the end of the corridor.

"Monroe…you need to…."

The guard stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the exact same glow and rumble coming from Commander Sword's chambers that were coming from Commander Lewis' chambers.

"What is it Douglas?"

Before the guard could answer Monroe felt a sudden pain in his chest. His knees buckled and before Sarah could grab the everlast to soften his fall he was face down on the floor.

The red glow circled the everlast and sent Sarah flying backwards. She watched in horror as Monroe lay convulsing on the floor. The rumbling grew louder and Sarah covered her ears as she screamed at the guards.

"Get a doctor."

The guards ran down the corridor, more from fear of the events happening than responding to the command of the lady of the ship.

Sarah watched in a helpless daze as Monroe clutched his chest. The rumbling was so loud she could hardly hear herself think. She wanted to crawl to her friend but the scene before her stopped her.

The red glow began to soften. The rumble began to settle. Before the Doctor could make it back to the corridor the red glow had turned into the familiar warm golden glow that Sarah had first seen surrounding her soulmate. Then it was gone. Everything. The rumble, the glow…it just disappeared.

Sarah crawled to the unconscious immortal. She started to wake him when a young man knelt down in front of her.

"Thank goodness you're here" Sarah said looking up to the man she assumed was a doctor. "I don't know if he's…."

The words died in her throat as she saw familiar eyes smiling at her. Only these eyes were much younger. "Commander Lewis."

The handsome young man in front of the stunned blonde simply smiled and patted her hand. "I told you child…call me Tom."

"But…how….you were….I don't…." speech had left Sarah's abilities.

Tom wrapped his arms around his soulmate and gently lifted him off the floor. "Don't worry…" a sad smile crossed his face. "Robin will explain everything."

With that the young man turned and walked away, carrying his precious cargo back to his chamber. Sarah could only watch in amazement as the Commander walked away. He was so handsome. And so young. Then her thoughts filled with her own soulmate.

Sarah burst through their chamber doors and found a very weak Robin trying to sit up in bed.


Sarah ran to the woman that held her heart.

"Are you okay….how are you feeling…what's going on with Commander Lewis?"

Robin smiled into her lover's eyes. "So beautiful" she thought. Slowly she reached out a trembling hand and caressed Sarah's face.

"Yes..I'm okay….I feel much better….and it's a very long story…" she smiled at the look on Sarah's face.

"Well I'm not going anywhere….any time soon… start talking."

Robin smiled that adorable lopsided grin and Sarah felt her heart flutter. She wrapped her arms around the weak woman in front of her.

"I don't ever want to lose you Robin."

The two women were exhausted by the day's events and as much as Sarah wanted to know what was going on, she followed the lead of her lover and fell softly to the bed. Both women taking comfort in the arms of each other. Morning would bring a new day and a truth that Robin hoped Sarah would accept.



"Shhhh…..sleep now."

Tom ran his fingers through Monroe's dark hair. He only hoped he had made the right decision. It was a promise they had made to each other long ago, and as much as he hated what had happened, the opportunity presented itself through Magna's attack on Thrace.

Tom bent down and gently pressed his lips to Monroe's forehead. His heart threatened to pound out of his chest when he saw his lover's face relax and a warm smile dance across his face.

"Forgive me if I was wrong love."

A tear slid down the young commander's face. He knew Monroe would sleep soundly the rest of the night. Quietly he left their chambers to walk back onto the command deck.

All he saw was the same blackness he had seen for years. He thought about what he had done. Robin could either accept it or not. He knew her decision would be based on Sarah's. He would be happy for them no matter what they decided. Either way it made no difference to him. He had a second chance at a lifetime of loving the man who was sleeping soundly back in their chambers. Suddenly the blackness didn't seem so empty. Maybe the answer's he had hoped to find had been with him all along. He smiled and took one last glance into the blackness. "A second chance…" he thought then headed back to his soulmate.


Morning found Robin and Sarah wrapped in each other's arms. Night had been restful and the day beckoned for them to awaken. Sarah felt warm lips press against her and she smiled with the knowledge of who those lips belonged to.

"I love you Sarah."

Robin felt the body pressed against her stir. Sarah propped herself up and looked down into blue eyes.

"I love you to Robin."

Robin reached up and tucked a strand of blonde silk behind her lover's ear. She didn't know how to start the explanation of yesterday's events. Luckily her lover knew her all to well.

"Let's get some breakfast and then you can tell me what happened yesterday."

Robin nodded her head and the two women began to get out of bed.


Robin reached for Sarah and pulled her back.

"I just need to kiss you."

Sarah looked deep into the blue eyes staring back at her. She would never be able to deny this woman anything.

Slowly the two women leaned into each other. Lips brushed against lips. Both thankful to be alive and with each other. Then the kiss deepened. It was a kiss that spoke of total surrender and absolute belonging. Both women pulled away breathless.


Both Sarah and Robin laughed as they spoke at the same time. It was music to both women's ears.

Breakfast was a silent affair. Shy glances and soft smiles were all that was needed. Robin knew her love for Sarah was greater than anything she had ever experienced. Even more so than the story she was about to tell the young woman.

Robin gathered her courage as she finished the last of her drink. She stood slowly and took Sarah's hand.

"Come on. I have a story to tell."

Sarah smiled as she took the offered hand and followed her lover to the main living quarters of their room. After getting settled on the large sofa, Robin finally noticed Angel was missing.

"Where is Angel."

Sarah smiled. "She stayed in the nurse's station last night."

Robin nodded her head. She was trying to find the words to start her story.

"Sarah no matter what I tell you….and no matter what you decide when I'm finished I will always love you."

Sarah wrinkled her brow. She felt an uneasy feeling settle over her but she remained quiet and listened as Robin's story began.

"When I fought Magna….so many things happened." Robin took a deep breath. Sarah reached over and took her soulmates hand in her own. With a gentle squeeze Robin felt the encouragement she needed to continue.

"I was pretty much out of it. But I remember her saying something about my Father being an Everlast. Bits and pieces of my life began to fall into place in that split second of time before I fell completely unconscious."

Robin continued as Sarah caressed her hand.

"While I was in the healing chamber. Something happened. I'm still not sure how or if I can even describe it…but….somehow Tom came to me. I was so weak I could hardly communicate with him. But he told me about a promise that he and Monroe had made to each other years ago."

Robin looked to Sarah who was hanging on every word she was saying.

"He said that if they were ever given the chance to bond completely and spend eternity together, never to be separated by time or space they would."

Sarah nodded her head as she encouraged her lover to continue.

"Well the chance was given and Tom took it. That is what happened yesterday."

"I'm not sure I understand Robin…what does that have to do with you."

Robin smiled at her lover. "Not just me Sarah….you too."

Robin took a deep breath and continued.

"Monroe vowed he would give up his immortality to stay forever bonded with Tom. Tom followed through with that promise yesterday. In exchange for Monroe's immortality Tom was granted a second chance at life with Monroe. Only now they can grow old together…they will never be completely separated."

Robin wiped a tear from Sarah's face. "You have such a good heart Sarah."

"So where do I fall into this picture?"

Robin looked at their hands. Sarah's was so small..but somehow they fit together perfectly.

"Sarah….I'm immortal."

The young blonde instantly felt her heart breaking. She knew she was not immortal and that Robin would have to watch as she grew older and one day they would be separated.

Robin watched the emotions running out of control on her lover. She needed to say something.

"Sarah…don't cry love…."

"I don't want to lose you Robin….ever."

Robin felt as if her burden had grown a little lighter. She hoped Sarah would accept Tom's gift.

"Love….Tom knows that I'm immortal….he also knows that you are not. He couldn't accept my immortality to remain with Monroe. So he and Monroe have offered you the gift of immortality. Sarah we can be together forever."

Sarah looked at Robin in disbelief. She didn't need to think about her decision. She would accept the gift and remain with Robin forever. She nodded her head yes and gave in to the emotions running through her as Robin pulled her into her arms.

"We'll be together for eternity."

'Yes Sarah….for eternity."

"I love you."

"Love you too."


Days had passed and slowly Sarah was gaining her strength back. The ritual she had to undergo was very strenuous. But she knew no matter what she would be spending eternity with Robin.

Robin had spent most of her time with Monroe and the young Commander. She thanked them over and over for their gift. However it was Monroe that insisted he was the one to be gifted.

Finally, the last day for Sarah's ritual had passed. She was more than ready to leave the large healing tank she had been placed in. The nurse took her vitals one last time before giving her civilian clothes back to her.

Sarah quickly dressed and headed for the exit. Before she got to the door she could feel Robin's presence. It washed over her like the warm breeze that greeted her when she first stepped onto Thrace. She smiled as the door opened before she could reach the handle.

"I knew you were coming."

Robin smiled at her lover. She couldn't believe she would be able to spend all eternity with this woman.

Sarah reached out and pulled Robin to her. They stood staring at each other. Lost in emotions that would sustain them for all eternity. As they leaned into one another and kissed, the room filled with the warm glow of love.

The nurse and her two aids smiled at being able to witness such a beautiful moment.

When the two women pulled apart they couldn't keep from grinning at each other.

"Let's go down to the rink, get Angel and head back to our chambers."

Sarah smiled at her lover.

"Sounds like a plan."

The two women walked hand in hand down the corridor to the elevator. As they stood outside the elevator waiting for the doors to open, Robin picked Sarah up in her arms and twirled around.

"What was that for?"

"Just because I am so in love with you."

They stood holding onto each other. Robin felt relieved that Sarah had made it through the ritual, but she felt compelled to speak of things to come.

"Monroe and Tom are going to stay aboard the Phoenix."

Sarah nodded her head.

"Tom has completely stepped down as Commander."

Again Sarah nodded her head. Robin became very serious.

"Sweetheart….I know Angel will have to study on Thrace soon and I will understand if you want to stay with her…."

Warm fingers pressed against nervous lips silenced the commander's speech.

"Robin….Angel will be in the best care possible and she is the chosen one. I can not teach her the things she needs. I will always love her….but my place will be with you. Every where you go. Everything you do. I will be there with you."

Robin smiled at her lover. "Every thing huh?"

Sarah arched her eyebrow and smiled a wicked smile. "Everything."

The elevator doors slid open and the two women stepped inside.

"So this is just the beginning huh?"

Robin wrapped her arms around her lover and pulled her close. Sarah pulled Robin down and whispered "just the beginning"

The small blonde then claimed the commander's lips with a kiss that forced the tall woman to brace herself against the wall. As the elevator doors slipped shut the warm glow of two souls in love, surrounded them.

Eternity promised to be a sweet ride….

The end……

I hope you enjoyed my first story. I want to thank everyone who waited patiently for me to post this in parts. As always comments are greatly appreciated……..

I feel that there may be more stories to come of this……but who knows…..what do you think???

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