~ Star Dust ~
by loubug

Disclaimers: This story is the sequel to my first story "More Than There Are Stars", you will understand this one much better if you've read the other first.. This is also a story of love between two women….so if you don't like that type of tale, or you're too young you should exit now…..if you're still with me then…..hang on…..here we go…….

Part 1

Giving Thanks


"You absolutely fuss way too much Commander Sword."

Sarah tugged on the collar of her lover's uniform, expertly disarming any sarcastic comeback with the sexiest grin Robin had ever seen.

"I can't help it. This thing itches me to death."

Sarah chuckled as she watched Robin readjust her uniform for the hundredth time. She couldn't help but get lost in the sight of her lover. Robin stood before her, long black hair flowing freely while her hands tugged on sleeves and tails and flattened pockets. Her white commander's uniform had been pressed to perfection, yet Robin ran her hands down the front of her jacket once again.

Sarah reached out and took the commander's hands in her own.

"It's a celebration. You shouldn't get so nervous."

Robin gave a weak smile and allowed her lover to pull her closer. She instantly felt her nerves begin to calm as she stepped into Sarah's embrace.

"I know but…."

Sarah quickly pressed two fingers against Robin's lips.

"No buts. We are going to be together for eternity and tonight we are honoring the very two men who have given us the opportunity to do so."

Robin smiled then bent her head and captured two lips that appeared to her, to be begging for a kiss. Her heart raced again but this time the cause was the warm tongue she felt glide against her lips. Before she could deepen the kiss, that warm tongue was gone and she stood staring into laughing green eyes.

"You are an evil woman Sarah."

The grinning blonde ran her hands down the front of Robin's jacket. Slowly she slipped her arms around Robin's waist and cupped a nice handful of the commander's behind.

"What can I say….you bring out the best in me."

Sarah gave a little squeeze to Robin's backside before turning toward the changing room to dress. She barely made it to the door before Robin reached out and grabbed the towel Sarah had wrapped around her. The commander laughed as Sarah yelped in surprise while disappearing through the door.

"Teach you to tease me."

Robin spoke to the white door now separating her from her lover. She smiled as she walked over to their window. The smile remained on her face as her thoughts lingered on why they were celebrating tonight.

Indeed Tom and Monroe had offered Sarah the gift of immortality, which she accepted without delay. 'She really loves me'. The smile grew bigger as those thoughts echoed in Robin's mind.

Sarah did love her and she loved Sarah, more than she dreamed possible. Now she would have eternity to show Sarah just how deep that love ran. A rustling from behind her made Robin turn around. Her breath caught at the sight before her.

"Sarah…you look..."

Words failed the commander as she blinked silently, absorbing the woman standing in front of her. The small blonde had pulled her hair up, leaving only a few strands to dance around her face. Her dress equaled the green of her eyes and was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders while wrapping nicely around her small body. She blushed under the appraising eye of her lover.

"Don't look away…love."

Robin stepped closer, slowly as if at any moment the vision before her would disappear.
"You look amazing."

Sarah looked up at her lover and felt overwhelmed by the love shining down at her from blue eyes.

"Thank you."

Robin nodded her head. She stood speechless. Sarah had one last accessory to put on and she would be finished. Before her fingers could wrap around the thin gold necklace lying on top of her changing table, Robin's fingers plucked it from it's resting spot.

"Let me." she whispered.


Robin placed a gentle hand on her lover's shoulder.

"Turn around."

Sarah did as she was asked and felt Robin's arms wrap around her. She could feel the heat radiating off of Robin's body. Slowly she tilted her head to the left and allowed her lover all the room she needed to clasp the necklace together. Warm lips brushed her neck, causing a delicious shiver to run down her spine.

"I love you Sarah."

"Love you too Robin."

Robin wrapped the small blonde up in her arms and pulled her against her. For a brief moment in time the two women stood swaying back and forth. Lost in the moment and each other. Sarah placed her hands over the commander's arms.

"I could stay like this forever."

Robin nuzzled the tender neck in front of her. "Me too."

Sarah felt her body stir with desire. If they didn't get going soon, they may not show up at all.

"Love…as much as I would enjoy staying in tonight….we do have a celebration to attend to."

Robin continued exploring the inviting flesh.

"Do you really think they would miss us?'

"Well…let's see…you are the Commander of the ship…and..hmmm….. I was the recipient of Monroe's immortality…so….I would say definitely yes."

Robin gave one last playful nip to Sarah's neck.

"I guess you're right. We better get going."

The two lovers headed out the door and down the corridor. They stepped into the elevator and headed for the rink. Their arrival traveled quickly through the large community room as Commander Sword and her soul mate joined Tom and Monroe on the dais.
Both men stood as the two women stepped up to the table. First Tom then Monroe clasped arms with the commander before turning and gracing Sarah with a soft kiss to her hand, a much more appropriate greeting for such a fine lady. Commander Sword and the two men remained standing until Sarah took her seat.

Soft music filled the rink as servers brought out the first course of dinner. Friendly conversation drifted across the table and before long it was time for Tom to take the stand and begin his speech. All eyes focused on the young man and the low murmur of voices quickly faded away as Tom began to speak.

"I would like to thank everyone for joining us in this celebration tonight. Some of you may not be aware of the changes that have taken place recently, but judging on my appearance alone, the changes have been drastic."

A soft ripple of laughter filled the rink as Tom continued on. He explained the exchange of immortality for a second lifetime with his soul mate. He briefly spoke of the events that had led up to the opportunity to make the exchange. The people gathered in the rink were hanging on every word coming from Tom's mouth.

Finally, he made the formal announcement of his decision to completely step down as commander. He had spent a lifetime making the Phoenix a priority. Now, Monroe would be his priority for as long as Tom drew breath in his body.

As he stepped down from the microphone, Robin stood and pulled the young man into a friendly embrace. She would never be able to give words to the feelings in her heart. But she vowed to try as she released Tom and stepped to the microphone.

"I hadn't planned on getting so emotional tonight…but I just can't help it."

Sarah felt her heart fill with love and pride for the woman who now stood, addressing the resident's and crew of the Phoenix. She watched as Robin wiped away a lone tear.
Robin explained to everyone that she would remain as Commander of the Phoenix with Sarah at her side.

Momentarily her mind filled with visions of the young girl who had saved her life by accelerating her healing process. Robin gave thanks to the little girl even though Angel had remained in the meditating chamber for the evening. It was all part of her growing phase. Robin also gave special recognition to Capt. Baker who had volunteered to stay behind in Thrace with his family. He would head up the flight department and help in rebuilding their military. He had truly saved the commander's life.

Sarah watched as her soul mate seem to drift away, deep in thought and then snap back to the present. She smiled as Robin continued to address the crowd. Robin had them fully captivated.

Sarah knew that the days to come would take some getting used to. Robin would be needed on the command deck every day. Her duties as commander had just increased with Tom's full resignation. Also Angel needed special attention. The young girl's powers were growing faster and she needed teachings that neither her mother nor Robin could help her with.

The sound of applause brought Sarah back to the moment. She looked up to see Robin stepping down from the speaker's box and heading in her direction. She couldn't hide the desire in her eyes and she knew that Robin felt it to. It was that glorious connection they had. It still amazed Sarah how from moment to moment she could feel something so profound when she locked eyes with Robin.

As the night carried on, people began to move toward the dance floor and the music shifted from light and easy to faster and more danceable. Tables were cleared and the rink filled with laughter and merriment.

Tom stood and looked down at his partner. "May I have this dance sir?"

Monroe smiled and stood "This one and all the ones to come."

Robin and Sarah watched as the two men walked to the dance floor. The warm soft glow immediately surrounding them. Sarah felt her heart fill with happiness for the two men. There were still questions she had about what had happened but for the moment she was content in the knowledge that everyone made the right decision.

"They're beautiful together aren't they?"

Sarah closed her eyes as the sound of Robin's voice filled her very soul.

"Mmmm..very. But nothing is as beautiful as you."

"Funny…..I was just thinking the same thing about you."

"Oh really."

Robin wiggled her eyebrows at her lover.

"Yes oh really."

Robin leaned over and placed a tender kiss on Sarah's lips. Her young lover's eyes answering her question before she even spoke.

"Why don't we go back to our chambers for a more…private…celebration."

Sarah felt her breath catch. Her body filled with passion for the woman in front of her.
"Lead the way…great lover of mine"

As the two women stood to make their retreat, they waved goodbye to the two men who had given them a chance at eternal happiness. Monroe and Tom smiled at the departing women and continued dancing. The night had barely begun…

Robin and Sarah entered their chambers and left a slow trail of clothes from the main door to the bedroom. Each step closer to their bed left them delirious with passion. Finally, Robin lifted Sarah into her arms and carried her the remaining steps to the bed.

"I want to love you like this every night for the rest of our lives."

Sarah grinned as her fingertips traced her lover's jaw.

"Don't you think you might get tired love?"

Robin began kissing Sarah softly.

"If there is one thing I know to be certain….it is that I will never grow tired of loving you."

Both women surrendered to the other, as desire claimed the need for words. Soft kisses and tender caresses was the language spoken. The stars continued to drift by as all the heavens in the universe were serenaded by the sounds of love…


Continued in Part 2.

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