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Love Therapy Part 3


Heartbrkn Bard

Chapter 1

Gabrielle could not believe what these two women where about to do. "Fighting is just not the way". Was Xena just trying her patience? And Najara? She has no excuse. "Yes" Gabrielle was wrong to lead Najara on and then be caught butt- naked in the act. But her love for Xena went much deeper then anyone could ever imagine. It is a love that two women who are only soul mates could understand or feel. Yes, she was hurt by the blue eyed warrior, but that did not make the love any less. The Warrior Princess could kill Najara single- handedly and thatís NOT what Gabrielle wanted .She just wanted everyone to be happy and alive. Granted, knowing Xena would lift her sword on her behalf was kind of nice. What am I thinking?

Xena was smiling that evil smile. "Címon Najara, show Gabrielle how peaceful you are."

Najara was too angry to be insulted. "You first great Warrior Princess, youíre much more practiced at it"

"If you insist." Xena twirled her sword around menacingly, and advanced on the woman. Najara stepped backwards and lifted her sword to protect herself.

Gabrielle was getting nervous. "Please, donít do this. Its my fault."

"Xena took the first stab and Najara barely sidestepped in time. She retaliated by swinging for the warriors head. "I beat you before Xena, are you sure you want to play with me?"

"Oh youíre good, but the stakes are high Najara. Iíve killed for Gabrielle before." She kicked high, connecting with the crusaders cheek.

"Theyíre the same stakes; Gabrielle." She spat blood and thrust her weapon at Xenaís head.

"Please Xena..." Gabrielle pled.

If Xena heard, she didnít acknowledge it. She flipped over and landed behind Najara, sweeping her legs out from underneath her.

"Najara donít.." the bard was near tears remembering their last fight and how Xena will settle for no less than maiming her. If for nothing else, for humiliating her. She knew she was the only one to get to her warrior when sheís fighting.

Najara suddenly changed and was fighting like an animal. Xena egging her on.

"Yeah peace lover..come and get me!" She hit her hard and Najara reeled backwards in a daze. "Well give me your best shot. Whereís the light now?"

Chapter 2

Watching the two of them brutally beat each other, the bard was actively crying, for a number of reasons. One being that it was highly probable one of these women was going to die. Two, she was hurt and betrayed. Najara was supposed to be sharing her dreams, she believed in her, and now, it wasnít a self- defense fight like the first time, she was truly out to kill Xena. Kill Xena. The woman I love.

Swords were clashing and blood was flying. Gabrielle had enough.


Xena had her forearm across the downed womanís neck, ready to watch her die, when Gabrielle was suddenly in front of her, holding her biceps, pleading with her.

"Honey, please, let her go. "

Xena responded by shaking and breathing heavily, far absorbed with the kill.

"I love you Xena, I love you. Please, for me, let her go."

"Why should I? Sheís a killer, a liar, a phony." Xena snarled.

"Just like you Xena" Najara spat back.

Gabrielle slapped Najara, shocking all three of them. "You, are the phoney. Xena never pretended to be anyone other than herself. You betrayed me, and I betrayed Xena to follow ëa wayí that doesnít exist. "

Xena needing to release some tension, stood and beat the nearest tree.

"Najara, I am walking away from you, and if you follow me, I will not stop her", she gestured to the woman assaulting the greenery, "from killing you."

Chapter 3

"But Gabrielle.....I didnít .....ever......mean to hurt you."

.Ignoring the bleeding woman Gabrielle started walking away. In spite of the lies and the deceit Gabrielleís heart was still hurting for Najara. She believed in her. Your such an asshole Gabrielle. .When will you learn??

Despite herself Gabrielle stopped and turned around "Najara, you really canít say that and mean it". You lied to me. I followed you under the guise of your so-called goodness, peace and light. You hurt me."

"I really didnít want to hurt you. I love you." The defeated woman confessed.

"I want to believe you, but I canít. You almost succeeded in using me to get rid of Xena. But what you didnít count on, was me seeing you for who you really are. Xena tried to tell me, but I was so blind..by your stupid way and light. Maybe you do feel for me, and love me, but no one will ever love me like Xena. And I love her. I canít believe I almost lost her for your lies. Now if youíll excuse me, my love needs me." Gabrielle wiped her eyes and walked away for the last time.

"You havenít seen the last of me Gabrielle. She will hurt you and she knows it. It will tear her apart and you with it."

Chapter 4

Gabrielle carefully approached the semi calmed warrior. "Xena, its over now okay?"

"Sheís right you know, Iíll only hurt you."

"Well , Xena maybe thatís a chance I want to take." Slipping her arms around the warriors waist, feeling the beating of her heart... "I know you would never intentionally hurt me. Besides, donít you know that I would follow you anywhere?"

"But Gabrielle...."

"No buts, Xena....except for this one right here..".pointing to her own. "Now come over here Warrior and show me how much you missed me" she smirked.

"Gabrielle , I am not kidding. I will hurt you."Xena said, remembering Altiís vision of crucifixion. " You just donít understand."

"Well Xena itís apparent that you are not going to explain it to me, nor do I want to know at this very moment. I hurt you and you are willing to forgive me. What makes you any different?? Honey, I love you and I want to be with you....NOW come over and give me a kiss."

Xena, giving in to her beautiful bard, smiles and bends down to taste those delicious bard lips. "Baby, I love you too." with that the warrior bends her knees, grabs hold of two firm legs and wraps them around her waist. Never breaking the connection of their mouths she warns.."Baby, Iím really tense from that fight."

"So show me some of that legendary battle lust everyoneís talking about."

Xena made a sound like a growl from in her throat, and her kiss became demanding. Gabrielle shuddered with the change.

"Yeah, honey, let it out." Her warrior responded by pushing her back up against the tree and roughly kneading her backside. Gabrielle squirmed, Xena groaned. She had to give her the option.

"Gabrielle, I mean Iím really tense. Are you sure? " Praying that her bard wouldnít back out.

"Xena, I want all of you, please, donít make me wait."

With a rush of adrenaline, the warrior renewed her bruising kisses on the sweet mouth she craved.

"Oh baby, you will get all of me."

The bard will never know how it happened, but her underwear were gone.

Chapter 5

The bardís world was turning upside down and when she opened her eyes, she was sitting astride Xenaís chest, looking down into very aroused blue eyes. Gods I love this woman. She felt a strong arm pulling her higher up until she was crotch to chin with her warrior. Xena inhaled the delicious aroma of her little bard and almost had to swallow for fear of drooling. Gabrielle was crazy with anticipation and asked "Would you like a taste?"

Her warrior didnít disappoint, and was soon lapping like a thirsty wolf.

"Oh yes Xena. Donít stop."

But Xena was too lost in the feel and taste of her soul mate. She had the need to hear her bard scream and beg for a long time before this was over. She knew Gabrielle needed more..wanted more...with that the warrior shoved her tongue deep inside the bard .

Gabrielle looked down on her warrior pleasuring her. "Thatís it baby....Mmm show me what your made of."

The bard was ready, boy was she ready.... and Xena knew she had to give her a little more. She placed both her thumbs inside Gabrielle, and they slipped right in.

" Oh Gabrielle you are so wet, just the way I like you."

"Wouldnít have it.......uh....any other way for my precious warrior."

Gabrielle loved to feel Xenaís fingers inside of her. She rode those fingers as if it was going to be the last time she would ever feel them.

"Thatís it Gabrielle...ride them baby"

The bard wanted more and Xena knew that her thumbs would only satisfy Gabrielle for just so long. Pulling them out she replied "On your back now!!"

Grabbing her saddle bag she pulled out their toys. Waving them in Gabrielleís face "You want this baby?"

"Oh come on Xena you know I do"

The warrior put her harness in place and got on top of Gabrielle. Kissing her neck and working her way down to her breasts , she could see how the bards body was responding. With her battle lust so close to the edge, she needed to fuck her, and she needed to hear Gabrielle beg for it.

"How bad do you want it bard?" she knelt in front of her and stuck out her hips teasingly.

She arched her back and showed her. "Oh so badly."

Xena poked the toy at the bard teasingly. "Mmm baby. Where do you want it?"

"Gods Xe, donít tease...inside me." She was squirming around trying to make precious contact with the phallus.

The warrior was so ready. She pushed the tip inside, the bard lifted her hips to get the whole thing, and Xena backed away. Gabrielle whined in frustration.

"No no my horny bard." She pushed only the tip back inside, and started a slow agonizing rhythm.

"More baby please. I want all of it."

Xena made her squirm some more before she thrust the whole thing inside hard.

"Gods yes!" Gabrielle screamed with delight.

The Warrior dropped down on all fours and pumped her hips forcefully, totally lost in the feeling of her bard. Gabrielle grabbed at her hips pulling her in harder and Xena complied, going faster.

Oh Xena, it feels so good." she groaned.

Gabrielle was going to come and it was much too soon for Xena. "You want all of me baby?" She wrapped her arms under Gabrielleís shoulders, leaned back and now her bard was sitting on top of her. "Use it baby, I want your tits bouncing in my face."

Gabrielle bent over and started swirling herself around on the dildo, her nipples brushing across her warriors face. She knew how wet this made her.

Xena moaned as her bard ground into her. "Mmm thatís right ." she breathed. "You know what I like....."

"I want to touch you too, Xena, can I?" without waiting for an answer, she reached behind her and slipped her fingers around the toy and onto her warriorís wet flesh. "Oh yeah baby, you are so hot."

Xena melted, "Its all for you." She allowed her to touch her for a while before taking her hand away. "Touch your tits for me Gabrielle." When she did, Xena thought she might explode, her hips started raising up higher and harder with each thrust. Gabrielle was giving her quite a show as one hand slid down and began fingering her own clit. Xena had to close her eyes, she would not make it much longer watching the bard touch herself, and Gabrielle knew it. She also knew one orgasm would never be enough, for both of them.

"Xena open your eyes." she panted. "Come with me. I know you want to."

The warrior bit her lip and grunted, shaking her head no.

"Look at me Xena, I have to come now. You can do anything you want later, just let me come."

She started to shake, and pushed down hard onto Xenaís sex. Blue eyes flew open and took one look at her loveís face in this moment and she couldnít control herself any longer. "Fuck Gabrielle, Iím coming." She pulled the bard down so she could wrap her lips around a nipple.

"Thatís it baby.." she ground herself into Xena one final time and joined her in a shuddering climax.

Chapter 6

With both the women laying on there backs taking a rest, Gabrielle couldnít help but have a smirk on her face.

"And you are smiling for what ??" Xena laughed.

The bard needed to figure out the right words to say. "Umm.... nothing."

"Come on Gabrielle, donít be shy with me now."

"I was just thinking how good you fuck me when your all pumped up." She said in a matter of fact way.

"How good? Where the other times not good?" Xena replied teasingly.


Trying to console her Warrior, the bard laid on her side and caressed a strong arm, "Xena, sex is ALWAYS good with you my dear, need you not worry. But better when your angry and jealous. Not to mention all that battle lust just looking to get out."

"Gabrielle , it happens often. The lust looking to get out that is."

"And the problem is??..... I like when you are dominate in bed with me."she assured. Itís very ...um...becoming of you." the bard joked. " And it makes me very wet!!"

"I just donít want to hurt you..and sometimes I am scared that I will or that you will try and read into it, when in reality I just want you to take it from where itís coming from."

Gabrielle sat up, placed one leg over her loverís body and stared into restless blue eyes, " Xena, I want you to fuck me the way you crave to, the way you need to right now. Let it out, I will not question...ok ok or I will try not to."

Xena breathed in deeply, still trying to calm the need. Gabrielle moved her caress from one tense arm to the other.

"Look at you, all that built up energy.." Green eyes twinkled. ".. and what kind of girlfriend would I be if I couldn't help you release it? Hmm?" She then wiggled her ass on a pair of very shaky thighs.

Xena was getting very turned on by the bardís movements and gestures. The Warrior lifted her neck, when her lips reached the bardís she whispered, "How about helping me right now?"

Gabrielle's heart pounded in anticipation."Need you ask?"

Although it was just a kiss, Gabrielle felt the difference already. It was rough and loving at the same time. Xena was up on her knees reversing their positions before the kiss was even over. The bard eagerly began pulling at the armor and leather covering her warrior. Her hands were slapped away, and Xena pulled away.

"No, I make the rules. You don't touch me." She took both of Gabrielle's hands in one of her own and pulled them up over her head. Smirking in a way that made the bard's mouth water.

"But Xena, I want to touch you." she pled.

"I said no. If you do, I'll stop." Xena started to open the bardís top with her free hand, still smirking.

Gabrielle whined.

"And don't make a sound unless I tell you to. Do you want that crazy bitch to hear you? Then I'll have to stop and kill her. It would really ruin the mood."

Now the bard was completely naked. Xena leaned back and admired her writhing body with fire in her eyes. She glanced towards their packs and then back at Gabrielle. Green eyes sparkled with lust knowing what was in store for her.

"Get up and go get me the bag Gabrielle." she said quietly, and added a slap to the bardís behind.

"Oh yeah! I like that." she smiled sexily.

Xena loved when Gabrielle let her play this way. Especially at times like this when it was hard controlling herself. She watched the shapely butt wiggle towards the bag and bend over. Gods she makes me wet she thought.

Gabrielle knew what she was doing to her high-strung lover and smiled when she heard Xena groan. I can't wait for her to fuck me. It's been too long she thought. She found what she was looking for and tried not to laugh when she saw it was cleaned and already strapped in waiting for

her. She turned around and posed, holding it out to her already naked warrior.

"Is this what you want Xena?" she whispered.

Xena snatched it away from her and began putting it on. "No, the question is, is this what YOU want Gabrielle?"

The bard lay on her back and opened her legs. "Can't you tell?" she was so wet already.

"And what do you want me to do with it Gabrielle?" Xena dropped onto her knees and aimed it between the bards legs.

"I want you to fuck me with it." The bard opened her legs even wider and tried to touch herself.

"NO!" Xena demanded and pushed her hands away. "Mine!"

"But I need to.."

"No. Turn over on your stomach." Xena grabbed her whip.

"Xena please?" Gabrielle was so hot she just wanted to touch it...at least once.

"No, you'll do what I want." Xena flipped her over and pulled her up onto all fours. She took her whip and wrapped it around Gabrielle's wrists and tied her hands together. If she tried to touch herself, she'd fall on her face. "Now, open your legs."

Gabrielle was panting already, but she knew Xena liked a little fight when she was like this. She didn't open her legs just to receive a smack on her ass. If she thinks that's a punishment, she's crazy, the horny bard thought.

"I said open them!" another slap.

This time Gabrielle whimpered. "Oh, I see you like when I spank you." Xena bent down and bit the reddened cheek.

"OW Xena!" the bard struggled but couldn't get away.

"Yeah, that's more like it. Now OPEN!" She slapped the inside of one thigh and her legs opened.

Gabrielle wanted to feel her inside so badly. She wiggled her ass as a hint.

"Is my bard horny? Does she want me to fuck her now?" Xena reached around and felt the wetness pouring from Gabrielle.

Gabrielle shook her head, "Nah, what makes you think that?"

She felt her warrior slip 2 fingers inside effortlessly."Oh yeah" Xena groaned. "You want it bad." She thrust her hips and buried Little Caesar all the way inside.

"GODS!" Gabrielle screamed, and got slapped on her already sore butt.

"Shush. That nut is still around here. I don't want an audience."

Gabrielle was struggling to free her hands. She wanted to reach around and hold onto Xena's ass

while she fucked her. She loved feeling the power of her warrior's thrusts.

Xena grabbed blonde hair and pulled her face around for a kiss. Their tongues were frantic. Gabrielle pushed back into Xena harder hoping she would get the hint. She didn't, she stopped fucking altogether.

Chapter 7

Najara had finally gotten enough strength to stand and she staggered away from the scene of her beating. "Where could they be?" she thought. Even if she wasn't able to fight right now, she would have to keep up with them for when she was well enough to. "Boy, Xena sure kicked my

ass." she said out loud. "What is it about her? Why can't Gabrielle love me?"

She limped and moaned for a while until she came to a clearing. There was Argo. They couldn't be far behind. Najara made herself a little camp hidden in the trees and prepared to clean her wounds when she heard something. Curious, she slowly made her way towards it to investigate. In her warped mind, Xena could never protect Gabrielle from danger as well as she could. She had to make sure the bard was ok. Eventually she saw the two women. And what she saw made her heart drop into her stomach.

Xena was behind Gabrielle apparently giving her the fucking of her life. But wait...did Xena just pull Gabrielle's hair? Just as she prepared to go over and rip Xena apart, she heard it.

"Yes Xena, please..fuck me..."

"I am fucking you baby" Xena pinched a hard nipple. "Feel it? That's my cock inside of you."

"Fuck me harder with it Xena, harder!" Gabrielle was wild. "Touch me please." she begged.

Xena reached around and touched her clit. The bard nearly collapsed with relief. "Oh gods yes!"

"You can't come yet sweetheart...not until I say baby." Xena stopped pumping and licked the sweat from between her bards shoulders. Gabrielle's back arched and she moaned.

Najara wanted to cry. Sweetheart? Baby?

"Baby, you keep that up, I won't finish." Xena warned.

"Oh Xena, please! I need to come so badly! I need to feel your cock inside me!" Gabrielle was begging.

Xena couldn't hold back when Gabrielle talked like that. She put both her hands on the bard's hips and fucked her hard. "Like this, bard?"

It dawned on Najara. So that's what I was doing wrong! She likes it rough? My sweet Gabrielle? Oh I am so stupid! she thought. She wanted to beat herself up all over again for not knowing that. I need to learn how to be dominant in bed. The she'll be with me she nodded to herself. Why didnít I realize that before? They always only look innocent. Xena was really fuckng her hard. Najara was crazy jealous!! Wishing it were her making Gabrielle beg. She grinned when she saw the bard gnawing at the restraints while Xena was too busy to notice. In a twisted way, she rooted for Gabrielle to get loose and get her way. When she did, Najara had to hold back from screaming "YEAH!"

The bard finally was able to touch herself and rubbed her clit frantically.

"Xenaaaa..I'm going to come.." Gabrielle groaned.

"Gods Gabrielle..I love you so much" Xena was going to come, too.

"I love you too Xena." Gabrielle breathed just before she started bucking her hips and screaming. Just hearing her bard say "I love you" sent Xena into orgasm with her.

Najara had tears in her eyes. Hearing that broke her heart. She had a new crusade. One to make Gabrielle love her, not the crazy warlord. She limped away to her little campsite and cried.

Chapter 8

"Xena once again that was umm...... impressive."

Very proud of herself, the Warrior thought, Now I want to get it. How do I tell my beautiful bard that I want her to dominate me? That I think .... no, that I know, it would turn me on to see her take me.

"What are you thinking about Warrior? You have that look in your eye." The Bard narrowed her green eyes.

Xena pulled the bard on top of her and wrapped her arms around her. "I'm thinking that maybe itís time for you to tame the Warlord." She said with a smirk.

"Oh you do, do you?" Gabrielle immediately got wet again, and grabbed the phallus. "Give this to me, its my turn now." she said with an evil grin.

Before she put the toy in place she waved it in front of Xena. "Here, I know you want a taste, lick it."

The Warrior did just that and it tasted delicious. She closed her eyes and hummed her appreciation as she licked the phallus clean of her Gabrielle's essence.

Seeing Xena doing this, made the bard even wetter. She straddled a hard thigh and lowered herself to ease some of the ache.

"Gabrielle! You're so wet!" Xena shivered at the feeling of the bards wetness on her skin. She put "Little Caesar" in the straps where he belongs and gave her love a sexy look.

"So you want this Xena? Are you sure?" The bard's heart was pounding just thinking about this.

"Yes baby. Do it." The warrior opened her knees and allowed Gabrielle a complete view of her sex.

The Bard got a surge of adrenaline and lifted Xena's arms up over her head. "Keep them there warrior. I don't want to have to stop what I'm doing just to tie you down." She then stood over Xena, Little Caesar standing straight out from her sexy red curls.

Gabrielle knew how much this would make Xena sweat. She gave Xena enough time to stare up at her sex before she bent her knees and squatted over her face.

She put both hands on top of Xena's and the larger hands laced their fingers together. Gabrielle swayed over her mouth just far away enough that Xena's tongue couldn't reach.

"You want that Warlord? Ask for it." she teased knowing full well that this position was Xena's favorite. Her warrior usually couldn't stop from touching herself.

"I want to bury my face in you. I want your juices to drip down my neck and into my ears. I want to surround my tongue in soft hot wet flesh." Her tongue was straining to reach the wetness that had starting to drip down Gabrielle's thigh.

The bard was more turned on than she thought. Hearing Xena ask for it nearly made her knees give out. Watching Xena struggle for it made her clit throb. She had to remain in control. "Hey, watch that tongue. I don't want you to hurt it. I'm very pleased with it working the way it does."

The Bard lowered herself on to the waiting mouth. Her Warrior wasted no time impaling her with her strong tongue and rubbing her face all over the sensitive flesh. "Good God's Xena! Oh!" Gabrielle's arms started to shake.

Xena knew if she kept this up, her bard wouldn't last long enough to take her. She was very close right now. She loved to look up and see Gabrielle's breasts sway while she danced on her face, but all she could focus on was the phallus an inch away from her face. She pulled her mouth away

from Gabrielle, and she was not pleased. She grabbed two hand fulls of black hair and pulled Xena's face into her crotch and moved her hips.

"Did I say you could stop warrior?" she panted.

Xena spoke into the wetness "Gabrielle, I want it." She was totally writhing and lifting her hips up to try and give a hint

"Oh Xena...mmmm. that's it...yeah..." The bard was in her own world.

"Baby" Xena tried again, louder this time. "Baby, I need you to..."

"Xena! Shut up and lick me! Sweet Aphrodite...you are so good at what you do.. mmmm"

Totally frustrated, Xena finally managed to pull her face away shocking the birds that flew out of the trees with her shout."FUCK ME ALREADY GABRIELLE!"

The bard stared down at the wild blue eyes under her, partially obscured by the toy and realized Xena must be tortured. Xena always had her hands between her own legs and this must be killing her.

A short distance away The Crusader's head shot up and a tear fell from her eye.

"Oh, did you want something?" Gabrielle slid off her face and on to her chest rubbing her juice all over her nipples. Blue eyes widened at the sight. Xena groaned so loud Gabrielle was impressed.

"Xena, did you just come?" The bard reached down between long legs to fell the heat.

Xena's hips flew off the ground and she gasped. "Only a little baby."Xena admitted. "But not nearly enough."

"What do you need Xena?" she asked seductively and slid the rest of the way down. She took her hand away from Xena's center and rubbed the wetness all over the toy.

"I need you inside of me." Strong hands clenched together over her head so she wouldn't grab the bards ass and pull her inside.

Gabrielle rubbed Little Caesar against the hot slick skin. "Say please" she demanded, still grinding her hips.

Xena ground her teeth together to stop from screaming. "Please, please, please" she grunted.


"You're mine Warlord. Say it" Gabrielle was liking this. She tried moving her hips up and down now.

Xena panted. The bard watched the muscles twitch in the tense stomach below her. She bent down and ran her tongue across it.

"SHIT! Gabrielle, I'm yours please.." she begged.

"Tell me Xena" Gabrielle positioned the phallus at the waiting opening. She groaned when she saw it spasm in anticipation, trying to pull it in.

"Gods...I'm yours my Queen...please" Xena wiggled her ass and whimpered."Put it in..please my Queen."

"Your mine Xena" with that, she thrust the whole thing hard and fast in and out of the wanting Warrior.

"Yes! Fuck me! Oh! Gabrielle!" the warrior wrapped her long legs around her loves back.

"I am Xena, feel my cock, I'm fucking you." The bard wasn't far from screaming either. A few more thrusts like these and she was toast. She dropped down on top of the sweaty body and bit a nipple.

"Oh yes...yes...harder!" Xena was moving her whole body in response.

Gabrielle growled into the breast and sucked, bit, and fucked harder. She wasn't sure which one Xena wanted, but she was happy to accommodate. She was also about to explode and she knew Xena was holding back to come with her.

"You can touch me now Warrior." she mumbled as she switched breasts.

Xena's hands were everywhere at once. She pulled the Bards nipples, then her own. She grabbed Gabrielle's ass and thrust up hard forcing the bard to grind on her clit, then she fingered Gabrielle's clit. Her hands finally settling on pulling her bard in for hard wet kiss. The second her tongue entered Gabrielleís mouth, the bard trembled.

She loved when Xena kissed her like that....the warrior kissed so hot.

Xena pulled her face away to watch Gabrielle come That in itself was a turn on..

"Oooooh..Gods...Xena.." she panted. "I'm... gonna....come..."

"Yes baby...me too. .." Xena was waiting for the moment Gabrielle came to join her.

"Oh, oh, oh, now Xena..nooooowwwww...OH! GODS!"

Xena grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her, letting loose a gigantic orgasm of her own. They both trembled. Gabrielle climbed off of Xena and tore off the harness.


"Yes baby..."

"You did good."The Warrior complimented totally exhausted.

"A compliment? From you? Well then I must have done good."

Shaking her head in amusement, her bard could never just take a compliment with out getting the last word in. But that was her, and Xena loved her for it. "Come over here you." Extending out a hand.

Gabrielle smooshed herself into Xena's body and the warrior wrapped protective arms and a leg around the woman she loved.....loved more than she would ever admit.

The End

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