Unearthing The Past


Maarten Buitendijk



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Chapter 3 - Declarations

I reached my apartment only a few minutes later, the happiness suffusing me making me literally skip across campus in record time. A few early risers gave me looks at that, but right now I did not care in the slightest. I don't remember my smile even being broader just walking around. Of course, I wasn't just walking around, now. I had purpose. A very specific purpose, too.

I started stripping off my simple outfit before the door to my room even closed, rushing into the hygiene chamber immediately after. I just wanted a quick wash, now. I could feel that I was still incredibly aroused, my underwear thoroughly soaked. A quick test confirmed it, as first one, then two slender fingers easily slid inside myself. I gasped aloud at the sensations that caused, but reluctantly withdrew my hand after a few moments. I did not want to get distracted, as I had things to do, preparations to make. And I needed to finish packing. I washed myself quickly, making sure to remove enough of the wetness still seeping from my core to at least make wearing clothes more comfortable. A quick orgasm would have been a luxury, one I would eagerly grant myself under other circumstances. But today I didn't mind the slow burn of my arousal, welcomed it rather. It was a constant reminder of her , and I relished any reminder of her right now.

I finished my shower in minutes feeling rather refreshed and invigorated. I was barely out from underneath the spray of water before the air jets dried my body. I quickly threw my clothes from before inside the little sterilizer unit to clean them, and dressed myself in a fairly similar outfit to what I had worn earlier in the day. I did spend some time leashing the chaos that usually was my short hair, wrestling it into some semblance of order. I scrutinized myself, I did look rather good when I tried, even if I wasn't an entirely unbiased observer. But then, who really was? Hush, self. I thought to the stupid mental grin that was going on in my head. You're distracting.


I had selected a rather simple synthetic shirt, a combination of orange and azure coloring it in intricate patterns. The patterns of the shirt seemed to flow around my curves, accentuate them further, which I didn't mind in the least. Certainly not today, as I had no qualms with making myself a little more attractive to Alecto's eyes. I knew she liked the curves of my body, and there really was no harm in placing a little emphasis on my sizable breasts, was there? I grinned a little at that. The shirt really did fit rather tightly, but it was more a comfortable snugness than an uncomfortable one, thankfully. Comfort did rank very high on my list of priorities in clothing.

I wore the same pants from earlier as I didn't really own many pairs. They were snug around the waist and hips, loosening more around my lower thigh and calf. And they did do a rather good job of calling attention to the soft curves of my hips and behind. I twirled around slowly, appraising myself critically. Hmm, yes. I do look rather good... I hope she'll like it. I smiled. Though from earlier I think Alecto's as taken by me as I am by her, so I doubt she would find me unattractive. Still, doesn't hurt to use all your assets.

I spent a minute studying my facial features, trying to decide whether I should add some cosmetics or not. My face was heart-shaped, the skin fair and dusted liberally with freckles. My red hair was cut rather short, longer on the right side of my face where it covered most of my cheek and ear. My cheekbones were rather high, giving definite shape to the softer contours of my face. Almond-shaped eyes such a pale shade of blue that it was nearly gray stared back at me inquisitively, as always. I raised one thin eyebrow at myself, as in challenge. I had two facial piercings, currently; two thin rings in my left eyebrow and one below my full lips. I was rather pleased with the overall appearance.


Satisfied with my appearance, I turned into a virtual whirlwind of activity as I straightened up in the apartment, folding clothes as I went and packing them tightly in a medium size suitcase. I had very little possessions here, a combination of my rather frugal nature, and simple lack of ISK to buy much stuff. There were a few material objects here that I was attached to, and I packed them away securely in layers of clothing, protecting them from the accidental bump they may get during my trip. Mostly holographic pads with pictures of my family, my collection of holopads that had my favorite novels and technical manuals on them, the electronic highlighter that Alecto had given me as a present last year... It really was an extremely useful gift, and one of the first physical tokens of her liking me. I had treasured it, even before I really realized how much she really meant to me.

It looked a bit worn from heavy use, but that was unavoidable with how much reading I did. And, I doubt she'd mind the fact that I actually have used the hell out of her present since receiving it. I smiled fondly at the memory. It had been a surprise gift; she had just handed it over to me, almost shyly, one day when we were talking in the library, simply adding. "I noticed that you never used one of these, and they're so incredibly useful that I wanted to give one to you." She blushed a bit, only barely discernible through her olive complexion, and I had thought it curious, and quite charming, at the time that she was so worried handing it to me. Almost as if it had been more than just a present.

I had simply beamed her a wide smile, hugging her spontaneously as it had been the first gift that truly meant something to me that hadn't been presented by someone in my own family. I also hadn't recognized, way back then, what my body had already known. It craved her touch rather insistently, and simply holding her in my arms, even for a 'friendly' hug had felt incredibly good, and comfortable at the same time. I probably held it too long to be wholly appropriate, but Alecto never pulled away or indicated she didn't like it.

Eventually, I had pulled away from it, whispering my thanks to her. "This is wonderful, Alecto. I will make sure to put it to good use. In fact..." I pulled out the pad I had been reading, eagerly trying out my present. "Let's see how it worked." I probably had the silliest grin on my face as I said that, as she only barely kept from laughing at my expression. She instead shook her head, looking at me with a warm smile on her face. "You're a great person to give gifts to, you know that, Evelynne? Most people aren't quite as appreciative of gestures such as this..." I had merely smiled in response, not really knowing what to say. But silence between us had never really been awkward, one of the things I treasured so much about being around her. Just her presence soothed me, and one of the reasons I had spent so much time studying in the library was just to enjoy being in the same building, section or room as her. Of course, when we talked together about anything and everything it was wonderful, but in a way the comfort her mere presence gave me was worth its weight in gold, and something I was slowly realizing I wanted more than anything else.

I sighed wistfully at the memory, and checked the time again. I still had nearly another hour before she would be finished with her shift at the library, and I was done packing. I had my belongings near the door, and all I'd have to do was use one of the terminals that were ubiquitous on the campus to check out from the dormitories on my way to the spaceport. That gave me just enough time to scavenge some surprises together, for later. I grinned, and sprinted out of the door, nearly colliding with another student in the hallway. I mumbled a quick apology as I ran off again, single minded in fulfilling my new goal.

Thinking about her gift to me had caused an idea to pop into my mind, and it would be just perfect. She had a passionate love for archaeology, had been studying it as a minor concentration for years. The woman came up with the most interesting ideas on the subject, too, and loved to think out loud about possible explanations for why some of the older civilizations that we'd found traces of may have vanished. It wasn't always clear, and I very much enjoyed hearing her talk about these things that aroused her interest so. The way her eyes lit up, her voice aflame with determination and confidence, it was so incredibly attractive to me.

I loved watching her mind in action, as it was a beautiful and impressive sight at the same time. I would mostly listen, and offer ideas back to her as they came to mind. I had a good grasp of logical connections and implications of things I heard and knew, and occasionally I would come up with something that earned me one of the grins I so adored from her. Like I had just offered her the keys to the universe. It really was an intoxicating sight to see her like that. And I had seen something just days ago that I knew she would love.

I reached the market that was nearly two kilometers from the dormitories only a dozen minutes later, fairly winded by the time I set foot on the polished walkways of the plaza. I made a beeline for the specialty bookstore, first, knowing just what I wanted to get there. The store owner gave a friendly smile as I walked in, and I nodded to him as I made my way to the section that contained historical titles.

A large holographic display cycled through the many best-selling titles they possessed, each one seemingly trying its hardest to outdo the competition with the best dramatic proclamations you could imagine. I rolled my eyes at the sight, and after a few rotations of the titles I spotted the one I had wanted to get. Investigations and Ruminations of the Ancients. A quick tap on the screen froze it, giving me time to make my selection. My finger hovered over the title of the holobook for just a moment, before pushing down. A quick scan genetically confirming my identity made the transfer of ISK happen, and I was 20 ISK poorer and one book richer. I grinned, it was totally worth it. I can't wait to see Alecto's face. I know she'll love it. It wasn't quite my favorite reading material, but I knew Alecto well enough to know it was hers. Which was what mattered most, after all.

The vending apparatus next to the display spit out a tiny device that contained the information for the book; she could then plug it in to her personal holopad and read it any time she wanted. I could have also transferred the title directly to her device, but it was more fun to hand her a physical present. How old-fashioned of me, I thought with a grin. I waved at the store owner on my way out, and went over to my second destination. It was still another forty minutes before Alecto was done with work, giving me plenty of time for this part of my surprise.

I bought a small bouquet of flowers that she had mentioned once she adored the smell and look of; at times like this I was very much glad I had an excellent memory for trivia I heard in casual conversation. From yet another store I procured some tea that I knew she sometimes drank. I had asked her months ago what it was, and I was hoping the gesture would be well received. By the time I had my last few gifts together it was nearly time to meet her, and I headed back towards the library building in the center of the University of Caille campus. I had stashed my gifts in a little bag I had brought for the occasion, and sat down on one of the synthetic polymer benches outside of the library entrance to pass the last few minutes.

I recognized her bearing, posture from afar as she walked towards me, even before I could clearly make out her features. Alecto carried herself so very elegantly, with such grace, that it always mesmerised me to watch her do pretty much anything. Even the simple act of reaching for a holopad on a higher shelf in the library turned into a rather exquisitely choreographed routine. At least, that's what it seemed like to me. I could watch her endlessly, and many hours that I probably should have spent studying I had filled with doing just that.

I hopped off the bench as she came closer, no longer able to contain my exuberance. I surprised myself a little when I embraced her , I hadn't meant to in the least. Our soft lips met once again, and I spent a few moments luxuriating in the feel of her, all of her, once again at home in my arms. Our kiss grew a little heated after a while, and she pulled back with a smile on her lips, her voice breathless.

“Hi.” Green eyes looked me up and down, liking what she saw from the way her eyes darkened just a bit. “You look good. Very good.”

I blushed again, cursing myself inwardly for being so easily flustered by her. I was not normally that easy to throw off, but I couldn't manage to find my serene composure that I normally maintained for the life of me. Not around her, anyway. I nodded. “I'm glad you approve...” Then, with a twinkle in my eye I leaned towards her and whispered in her ear. “I had to, well, replace certain articles of clothing when I returned to my room.” I nipped her earlobe ever so slightly, delighting in the low gasp this drew from her throat. “It was all your fault. You made me very aroused, wet and uncomfortable.” I paused for a fraction of a second, my fingers trailing over the sensitive skin of her neck. “What about you? Did I excite you as much?”

Her eyes had darkened, the green around the pupils barely visible so dilated were they. She merely growled in response as she captured my lips passionately, dominating my tongue and mouth with her own. Her slender arms snaked around me and pressed me against her, into her, hard. Her sudden display of control almost instantly caused a fresh wave of arousal that traveled down my body, causing my underwear to be drenched in moments. I moaned into her mouth, relishing the way her tongue firmly, but gently caressed the sensitive areas of my mouth. Our kiss was so intense that I don't know if I could have remained standing; the fact I wasn't laying on the ground was purely a testament to the deceptive strength of Alecto's arms.

Through half-lidded eyes I caught her gaze at me with a mixture of incredibly strong desire and much warmer, gentler feelings, and after a few more moments she pulled back from my lips. A thin strand of saliva hung between our swollen lips. Alecto was panting a little, her uneven, shallow breaths causing her breasts to rise and fall enticingly. I raised my eyes once more, only barely able to focus on hers at the mere width of a hand that separated our faces. Her breath was warm and spicy as it mingled with the air I was breathing, both of us taking a few moments to lower the rate of our frantically beating hearts.

I held her eyes unswervingly, a warm smile on my lips. “Hmm, I think that answered my question...” I flicked my eyes downwards for a fraction of a second. “I...'m embarrassed to say I missed you something fierce.” I searched her eyes for something, not really knowing what I even hoped to find, before whispering once more. “ Everything about you is so utterly desirable. You're just perfect as you are. Perfection incarnate, at least in the appraisal of my mind.” I turned scarlet, feeling my cheeks heat.

Alecto smiled fondly at me, trailing her long fingers over my cheeks in a tender gesture. “As are you, Evie. I had been debating speaking to you for weeks, but I probably would have waited longer before doing so...” She hesitated. “I'm so very glad you did, first. Even if we'll be apart for a while after this while you're visiting home... I'll treasure the day we will share together, and the unquestioning knowledge that what we” She gestured between us. “have is something precious that you do not find every day, or possibly more than once in a lifetime.”

Her lips touched my brow, tenderly placing a series of kisses. “I love what's inside of there, so very much. You have a remarkable mind; it's agile, witty and very creative. And so understanding and patient, too. I think you're a wonderfully generous person, too, and I've seen you help other students when they had trouble, whether it was with a class or finding a textbook in the catacombs of the library. But because you were so extra-ordinary in my eyes, I waited for a long time because I felt that I needed to be sure. ” Her lips met mine in a much calmer kiss, now. One of sharing and companionship, more than passion. “And now that I am... There is nothing in this galaxy, no force individual or collective, that will keep me apart from you.”

My eyes watered at her words, my voice trembling. “Oh, I have hoped you would feel that way for so long... But I dared not put too much stock in it until now.” I buried my face in her neck, drawing comfort from the pulse of blood rhythmically flowing through her arteries, and the softness of her skin and relaxing scent that I would never forget as uniquely hers. It felt like finally finding a real home of my own. My fingers grasped the back of her shirt as I held on to her, the intensity of the emotions draining my muscles of all tension. The utter relaxation felt very good, though, and I simply enjoyed the embrace for a few minutes. Alecto simply held me to her, placing soft kisses on my brow and hair, giving me time to collect myself.

Finally, I felt it safe to continue speaking without breaking down in sobs of joy, which I really would rather avoid if possible. Though I didn't think she would think less of me, I still didn't quite want to seem that vulnerable so soon. But I had always experienced intense emotional states, and when something momentous as this happened it tended to overwhelm my normal tranquil nature like a tidal wave sweeping the land. I nuzzled her neck happily for a few more moments, enjoying the way her skin broke out in tiny goosebumps when I did that. Remember this for later... She has very sensitive skin there . Leave it to my mind to catalogue away random facts like that, at a time like this. Typical.

I looked up from my comfortable spot, tugging her back towards the little bench I had been sitting on before. We both sat down, and I snuggled back into her side, placing my head once more on her shoulder. I held her eyes, wanting her to see I meant what I was about to say from the depths of my being. “That is also really why I wanted to wait so long before talking to you about this... More than not being ready earlier, it was that I needed to be absolutely positive down to the littlest premise that you were a remarkable, wonderful person through and through. But once I saw that was true, and that you had nearly every trait that I valued in other people, or even more generally valued, period... I couldn't wait any longer. I did not want to wait another moment before speaking to you. But I am glad it turned out as it did, or it may have taken us much longer to be as, well, comfortable around each other physically as we are now.” I blushed a little. “I've missed being able to touch people, so very much. But something would always hold me back around anyone else. Anyone not family, anyway. Except for with you; I couldn't resist myself around you and I would rationalize the weirdest things to make it seem perfectly okay to brush against you with a hand, or touch your shoulder or hair...”

She nodded with a smile. “Yeah, I definitely noticed that. But it always felt so natural to me, too, that you did this... It took me a very long time to even notice that it wasn't like that with anyone else, for either of us. First I thought you were just like that with everyone, as some people are just very touchy all the time. But I never saw you be as comfortable being close to other people as you were with me.” I nodded the truth of that.

Her eyes and smiled warmed even more. “I am glad you are so comfortable expressing that side of you around and with me, Evelynne. It means a great deal to me. I just wanted you to know that.”

I hugged her tighter in response, not really knowing what to say. After a moment more of thinking, I added verbally. “It's so natural I really don't even think about it. And you're right, I always felt weird sitting too close to people. Usually I'd move if someone sat down right next to me at a table, or slide surreptitiously to the other side of my seat to inch away the tiniest bit. But around you I want to do the exact opposite.” I smiled at how tightly I embraced her even as we spoke. “It's like my body wants to crawl into yours...”

Alecto grinned, and merely raised one sculpted eyebrow at me in response. I, of course, turned bright red. “Ah, umm, that wasn't quite how I meant it...” I sputtered, and just accepted defeat, not knowing any good way to get out of that with my dignity intact.

She kissed me, then. “You're so adorable, and I actually like that about you, a great deal.” Her fingers trailed up my arm, reaching the soft shape of my breasts over the shirt. “And you're so very soft. And shapely. You have a truly exquisite body. For my eyes, and lips , to feast on... As well as for the best, most satisfyingly soft snuggling. It is perfection .” I saw into her eyes, the way she looked at me, and knew she was not exaggerating about that. Not that I was particularly sensitive about how I looked, but it was something altogether different to have someone express such intensely positive feelings about it. It warmed me down to my toes, made me feel so utterly desired.

I didn't want to be entirely outdone by her compliments, deciding now was a fair time to return some in kind. “And I love how your more slender, more subtle curves fit so perfectly into mine. As if our bodies had evolved into perfection just to be joined in embrace like that... I love how silky your skin is, and how strong the muscles underneath are when I touch it the slightest bit firmer.” My fingers trailed over her features. “You have such a remarkably beautiful face. It is more defined than my own, and this gives it so much character, such a recognizable shape. And it melds perfectly together into an aesthetic masterpiece. I truly mean that...” My voice trailed off a bit, the awe I sometimes felt trembling only slightly beneath the surface. “And I love how graceful you are, whether you're sitting or moving, it's like watching a panther stalking around, and a dancer all in one.” Then I grinned a little, a sparkle returning to my eye as my gaze lowered slightly to her cleavage. “And I love these girls, they look so wonderfully firm and shapely, and I imagine they fit perfectly into my hands.” I blushed again, as I hadn't really meant to say the last part of the sentence out loud.

Alecto laughed, and simply pulled me against her, kissing my hair. “You're just too cute, getting all flustered over that. It is perfectly healthy, acceptable and desirable for you to appreciate me, whether it's my body or mind, like that...” Her lips lowered to my ear, adding softly. “And believe me... I've been wanting to touch your breasts for many, many months. I dream about them .” Her voice turned husky. “And think about their perfect shape, and fullness, when I need relief particularly badly.”

I groaned in response, the images that entered my mind not making my already incredible level of arousal that had only slightly lowered when we were sitting there huddled together rather than actively kissing, higher still. I felt like I was about to explode any moment, such pressure I could feel building in my lower body. A familiar ache, want, need was also building, and it made me whimper slightly as my eyes grew a little unfocused once more. “Oh, don't tease me so, Alecto. I'm so incredibly turned on right now that I can't stand it. And... I really wanted to have a nice lunch with you first.” I pouted a little bit.

She just smiled. “My apologies, fair lady. I certainly didn't mean to cause you distress.” Her eyes told another story. “Let us go and receive nourishment, then... I am rather starved, myself. And could eat an above-average sized mammal without any trouble.” Her eyes raked over me again at that last statement.

I gently punched her in the arm for that, causing us both to emit a combination of laugh and giggle. It did help, a little, and I found I could probably make it through lunch without assaulting her in a public place. The Federation was a fairly progressive place, but even that wasn't quite encouraged... Nor did I care to give anyone else a show of that nature. I'd rather keep those activities in a more private place, thank you very much.

“Let's go, then. I've been wanting to try this Matari restaurant for ever , and I thought today was a good time to go there. Are you up for that?” I asked her as I rose from our bench.

She nodded. “That sounds excellent. Dazzle me with your choice of eating establishments. It is only fair, since you're the one who initiated our date.”

I saw her smile at that, and couldn't suppress a rather giddy, elated feeling. We really are going on an actual date. I held out my hand, and we both smiled as our fingers entwined. If my hands were slightly damp from before, she never mentioned it. Alecto truly was an angel in that sense, as she knew me well enough to identify exactly where the line was she could or couldn't cross with her little teasing remarks. I loved that about her, so very much... That she'd take the effort to learn those things. It was remarkable and wonderful in equal matters all at the same time.

We walked over to the market plaza I had visited earlier. Further off to the side there were several smaller restaurants, including the one we had our minds set on. I tapped my palm against hers and broke into a short run, just because I felt like doing so. Alecto grinned at me as I dragged her after me, her amusement at my silly behavior clearly visible. I just smirked back over my shoulder, urging her to go a little faster. It was only moments before we reached the front of the restaurant, and nearly bowled over someone leaving from an early lunch. I mumbled a quick apology at them before going inside.

We picked a little booth off to the side; it was in a quiet corner of the restaurant where we'd have some small measure of privacy. We sat down opposite of each other and I spent the first minute just looking at her. Our little run had caused her skin to flush the tiniest bit, although it was barely visible through her tanned skin. It was a charming sight to my eyes, though. She blushed a little, too, after I studied her for a while. I smiled, stretching my arm towards her so I could stroke the back of her hand with my thumb.

“I didn't mean to fluster you, Alecto. I just couldn't help myself from looking at you.” I did rather enjoy seeing her flustered a little, for once. “I'm so very happy to be able to do a simple thing such as this. Together. Just the two of us.”

She met my smile with one of her trademark luminous ones. Alecto did give me the best smiles in the whole world. We looked at each other like that while I rubbed little circles over her knuckles with my thumb, until the server arrived to recommend the house specialties. I settled for a heartily recommended Matari stew, served in a traditional bread bowl. Alecto picked an epic order of mountain lamb ribs. They served some salads with nuts and various vegetables I had never seen on the side. We both tried some of the salad, and I liked it. Very different from both the foods I grew up eating, and the common foods in this part of the Federation. Unusual, but excellently made and very tasty.

We had a few more minutes before the main meal would be served, and a few questions I was curious to hear the answers to lingered on my mind. We had talked quite a lot over the years, but certain topics did not come up nearly as much as others, so there were certainly gaps in my knowledge of her that I ached to fill. Especially now.

I smiled at Alecto as she efficiently devoured her salad. “Didn't you mention some time ago that your family is Intaki?”

She nodded at me. “Yes, they are. A proud hundred and twelve generations of pure Intaki, at your service.” Alecto grinned. “I think some of the desire among my ancestors to remain true to their heritage went a bit far. I certainly don't want to restrict myself to only associating with others of my ethnic background, as was common in years past...” She paused to take a sip of berry juice that had magically appeared on the table while I hadn't been paying attention. “Even now, there's a lot of atavism present in the larger population of Intaki. Essentially, I think some among them are afraid their unique heritage will vanish if they don't make sure that there are many children born to true Intaki.”

She shook her head. “It's quite silly, if you ask me. And in the longer run it's not very good for the genetic diversity of the population, either. You can see that, too... Before most genetic diseases were eliminated through gene therapy they were quite common among the Intaki because of that tendency to marry within the group. But yeah, I don't personally have any compunctions about dating non-Intaki. Obviously .” She smiled at me warmly. “Unless you've been holding back on me.”

I giggled. “Nope, my parents are definitely Matari. At least, one of the many subspecies that live in the larger Republic.”

Alecto looked at me for a moment, clearly thinking something over in her mind. “Do you know much about the beliefs commonly held, or attributed to, Intaki?”

I shook my head. “No, not really. We lived in a mostly immigrant neighborhood when I was younger, and besides you I haven't really known many.”

She nodded. “That's what I thought. Well, one thing I probably should mention, as it will definitely come up at some point...” She hesitated ever so slightly. It seemed like she was somewhat uncertain of how I would react.

I reached out with my other hand, and curled my fingers around her smaller hand in a comforting gesture. “Don't worry, Alecto. I don't know what you will tell me, but I promise that I will keep an open mind, okay? I can't imagine it's anything too terrible? Besides,” I added, “if it's a cultural practice you may not even have personally participated in it. I certainly won't hold anything you didn't do yourself against you.”

She beamed a smile at me. “Evie, you really are wonderful. It's a little complicated, though... I'm not really sure how to explain it, so I may as well just say it bluntly... I am a Reborn.”

“Reborn? I don't think I've heard of the term, no.”

“Well, essentially, one of the most sacred beliefs of my people revolves around death, and the transition towards new life... Since ages past, when people reach the end of their natural life-span, an imprint of sorts is made containing their essence, their character and quirks and traits, though not memories or anything like that... And it is then transplanted into a newborn, so that the old soul may live on in a new body. The belief is that this makes our people ever wiser, because many of the Reborn have characters tempered by many, many years of experience from before they were born. They may not have all the memories, but aren't very prone to youthful or rash indiscretions, so to speak. It seems to have worked fairly well as our history was almost entirely without major conflicts.” She paused again for a moment. “But part of me feels that it is very much wrong to use an infant as the recipient vessel. It's not like they had a choice, and the original character the child may have had will never exist. I obviously did not choose this for myself, my parents and certain elders did... but sometimes it still feels like I participated in something that I don't quite think is right..” Her voice trailed off, and Alecto's eyes nervously sought mine once more.

I had thought it over as she spoke, and while I agreed with her statement that it seemed wrong to practice this on individuals incapable of consent, I really couldn't blame her for it. She, after all, was more the victim of the practice than one of the perpetrators who made it happen. I brought her hand to my mouth and placed a kiss on it. “Alecto, dearest, you really do not have anything to be ashamed of. I have some moral issues with the practice itself, similar to what you mentioned, but that doesn't have anything to do with you . I mean, you were the innocent baby who was given a new personality, essentially. It's not like you were the one doing this.”

Her eyes were shiny. “Thank you for understanding, Evie. I was hoping you would be, but I was still insecure. Many outside of the Intaki are very distrustful of this practice, and our people in general, and much misinformation exists concerning what exactly happens. Some of the tales make it seem quite barbaric, and especially the origins of the practice really weren't meant like that. These days the transplant procedure is very safe, too, due to the technological advances that have been made over the years. Not like in the old days, where they used a mixture of shamanic ritual and medicine. But those times are so long ago, it's really not fair that we are still held responsible for that .”

I nodded. “Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me this. That alone means a great deal to me. Oh, I was wondering... If it is not considered rude to ask. Do you know whose personality you received?”

Alecto nodded. “Yes, that certainly wasn't a secret. I do admit it was a little strange as a child, sometimes, to have virtual strangers come up to me because they had known the ‘donor'. I received the personality of my great-great-grandmother Charlotte. She was a very well-regarded, wise and powerful councilor in one of the major cities of the Intaki. My family told me that she definitely left her ambition and tireless perserverence to me.” She grinned a little at that. “It was fun whenever I got in trouble when I was little... You'd hear an hour-long lecture and then someone would casually comment that it really wasn't much of a surprise, as Charlotte was apparently very head-strong and willful, too. She was said to be quite the terror in her youth.”

I giggled at the mental image. “You're not so bad, though. But that is actually quite fascinating to think about... And raises interesting questions about what parts of a person's personality are genetically determined, or purely the result of environmental exposure. I imagine that even with the transplanted personality, you're not exactly the same in every way as the donor?”

Alecto nodded again. “Yes. The procedure actually merges part of the donor's genetic template that is known to contribute towards general personality traits with the recipient. That's why it works so much better now that we really understand genetic modification. But at the same time, because my childhood experiences weren't the same as grandmother Charlotte's, there are subtle, and not-so subtle, differences. She was raised in a much less diverse time, before most of the current empires were aware of each other. And I think for me, knowing there were all these other civilizations made me much more intrigued by that, and more willing to consider other ideas than my own. Supposedly she was virtually impossible to convince of anything. I am somewhat more... reasonable in that respect. Though I make no guarantees.”

She grinned then, and I met hers with one of my own. I knew the truth of that. Alecto could be quite stubborn and determined when she was convinced of her own right in a matter. I quite liked that about her, as she never gave up on something she believed in unless truly convinced.

The server arrived then with our food, and it looked mouth-wateringly delicious. After a spoonful of my stew that made me moan rather unladylike with the intense pleasure of the melded flavors, I offered some to Alecto without even really thinking about it. She nodded her approval, and held one of the ribs for me so I could nibble off some of the succulent, tender meat with my teeth. It was exquisite. “Hmm. We need to frequent this establishment more often.”

Alecto nodded. “Oh, yes. This is beyond good. I haven't had such amazing food in years. I think I'll have to become a ‘regular' here, I think is what they call it.”

I smiled at her, agreeing wholeheartedly. “Maybe we should make it a tradition. And it's a second good reason to come back here a lot. Though not nearly as important as the primary reason for visiting, of course.” I said, teasing her a little.

Alecto scowled playfully at me. “Well, I'm glad you've got your priorities straight, woman. I'd have to be very upset with you otherwise, choosing some restaurant, even as good as this one, over me.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, and smirked. “Yeah, you're right. You are much more... tasty, I think.”

My comment had the desired effect, as I could see a faint blush through her tan once again. “You're terrible, Evie. I'll have to take my revenge on you later... But first, let's finish our meal. I have plans this afternoon... And food, of this kind anyway, has little place in them.”

I nodded, digging into my stew once more. I used the crust to scoop the thick stew out of the bowl, and the combination of the tough, flavorful bread and the rich, filling stew really was delicious. Maybe I could grab a recipe for this from somewhere, and make it for Alecto some time... Or my family, I think mom would also enjoy something like this. I doubted they ever had the chance to eat ethnic matari foods that weren't home-made, and she had never made stews such as this. Of course, with as many systems as the Republic controlled, it really was not strange that they didn't know this dish. There were hundreds of cultures within the republic, and almost every world had its own foods.

I momentarily forgot about my lunch as I watched Alecto devour her ribs in that way of hers that made it seem like an art form. It really was quite curious, as you'd think a meal like that would have to be messy, but she somehow pulled it off while making it seem perfectly natural. And damn, the woman could eat. It looked like she had already eaten half of the mountain of ribs that was stacked on her plate. Must have a hollow leg, and an insane metabolism. Either that, or her great-great-grandmother still needed nourishment. Probably wiser not to make jokes about that for now. Just in case...

She noticed me watching her with a strange expression on my face, and waved one of her slender hands at me, a rib held carefully, precisely between two fingers as if it was a precious flute. “What are you smiling to yourself about?”

I shook my head for a moment. “You. I just like watching you, even doing regular things like this. It's fascinating, and quite beautiful. I like how you have a particular way of doing things that's very much unique to you. But it works wonderfully, and suits you.” I shrugged, not really able to explain it better than that. Alecto seemed to accept my answer, and resumed eating.

Alecto looked up again after a few more bites. “Yeah, I know I eat a lot. I usually eat a large lunch after work because I can never get much food down when I wake up extremely early in the morning. And today I am making sure I have plenty of energy reserves for later.” She winked. “Make sure you eat enough, yourself, you may need it.”

My mouth grew dry, and I had to take a few sips of my juice to be able to swallow. “Your allusions are positively fiendish. You'll be the death of me, I just bet.” She just smirked back at me, not really needing a verbal response at all.

We decided to skip dessert. Mostly because Alecto said I was dessert. To which I replied she was. A long argument ensued, until we managed to reach a compromise in the end. That henceforth, both our persons could be equally dessert, if that was so desired. And it was. I had a hard time keeping a straight face through that conversation, and I could tell she did, too. Another one of the things that was so wonderful being around her. I felt comfortable talking and joking about all these issues just because she was so easy to talk to, and understood me immediately.

We left the restaurant in high spirits, and I was about to ask her what she wanted to do next, when Alecto spoke up. “Evie, I realize that you have never seen where I live in all the time we've known each other. Would you like to?”

I nodded eagerly. “Oh, that would be great. I must admit that I'm quite curious.” I bounced a little on the balls of my feet in excitement. “I can't wait to see it, truly.”

She smiled at my exuberance. “Okay, that's settled then. It's only a few minutes from here, on the opposite side of the library from where the dormitories are. I've lived there for about two years, as I got tired of having a tiny cramped room in the dorms.” She grinned. “Now I have a somewhat larger, though still small place. At only three times the cost! But really, it's quite cozy. I think you'll like it.”

We walked for a few minutes, fingers easily finding each other as if we'd been walking around together for years. But then, I supposed, maybe our bodies had already known the truth even when our minds were a little slow to catch up. That certainly happened sometimes, and I knew that I had always felt an extremely strong draw to be close to Alecto. It just seemed right to be with her, to feel her next to me all the time. I still had my gifts stashed away in a small pouch hanging from my left hip.

We came upon a small apartment complex in a rather quiet section of the university campus. There was a tiny park right next to it, some aquatic birds swimming merrily around in a small pond. It was a serene sight, and seemed like just the place she would enjoy, too. The thought made me smile. Alecto nodded, as if she had heard my thoughts. She laughed at my confusion. “Oh, the expression you had. And the way you glanced between me and the pond a few times, just made it seem like you were thinking of similarities. And you're right if that was the case, which is why I nodded. This is one of my favorite spots to eat, I often bring meals out here just to sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my face, and watch the little bit of nature that we have right here.”

“Yeah, it just seemed like a place you'd like. Did you pick the apartment partly based on this being right next to it? It's such a quiet, tranquil little sanctuary.”

She thought for a moment. “I suppose I did, now that I think of it. I mean, I also really liked the apartment itself, but there were others that were within my price range, and I remember really liking the whole atmosphere for this one, and I think seeing this as soon as I came to look at it really helped that.” She flourished a wave with her hand, pointing towards the entrance. “After you, my fair lady.”

I smiled at her little act. Alecto grinned at my bemused expression, quickly catching up to me when I set off towards the doors. “Here, let me show you which way to go, before you get us all lost.”

I mock scowled at her for that, which only broadened her grin. She headed towards a set of elevators near the back of the building. The hallways we walked through were quite spartan, but well-maintained and clean. I kind of liked the look; it was very practical, right down my alley. The doors opened almost instantly and we traveled up to the 12th floor of the building. She made a few turns on the floor, and I realized I probably would have trouble getting out of here by myself, at least at first. Without getting lost a few times, anyway. But then again, I didn't think that was going to be much of an issue. We were supposed to go by my apartment together, anyway, to pick up my bags before she dropped me off at the spaceport later today.

Alecto stopped in front of a door that had a series of rectangles painted on it, red/orange/yellow going inwards. “Did you paint those?” I asked her.

She nodded at that. “Yeah, the door was so plain before, and I couldn't keep it like that. We're not normally supposed to, but I managed to convince the owner of the building to make an exception.”

I smirked at that, knowing how convincing she could be when she really tried to get something. The universe knew that she could convince me of nearly anything... Not that I objected to either the end results of the methods, but still.

She ran a finger over the sensor strip that confirmed her identity, and the door slid open into the wall, revealing the interior of her apartment. It was quite small, to be honest, though Alecto had managed to space her furnishings out to create a remarkable sense of space within the walls that really did not make it seem cramped at all. More very comfortable, and like a home. More of the same bright colors I had seen on her door were to be found everywhere; there was an enormous mural with geometric patterns on one of the walls of the living room. It was rather intriguing to look at, the way the lines flowed from figure to figure was mesmerising to my eyes. Interestingly, the whole pattern was actually connected into an infinite loop, though it did not seem that way when you first saw it due to the complex shape, and clever use of optical illusion. I was rather impressed, as it looked as if she'd put a lot of work into that painting to get the optics of it just right.

Alecto smiled at the look on my face, looking the slightest bit unsure of herself. I quickly sought to reassure that . “Oh, this is beautiful... I love the painting you made here, it's very appealing to look at. One of those things you can just look at for hours and get lost in the detail.” Like you. I silently added.

I turned my eyes back to look at the rest of the room, equally impressed with what I found there. She had a series of enormous, plush pillows on the floor, arranged in a semi-circle around a low table. It looked like it could be a dining area, though it was not a concept for one I was familiar with. It looked like a very comfortable way to eat a meal, though, and I found myself wishing we'd have a chance to later on. There were many smaller holographic visuals decorating the orange and yellow walls. Many of them artistic interpretations of some of the ancient landmarks that had been reported to be seen inside worm holes that led who knew where. It was completely unknown at this point where those areas of space were, or if any of our civilizations were descended from them... But it had spawned a renaissance of archaeological activity, and I know it had inspired her.

There was a small kitchen, too, equipped with a more advanced looking food synthesizer, as well as an actual heating plate and a tiny oven! I bounced over into her kitchen, excited beyond words. “Ooh. You can actually cook in here? That is amazing. Do you know how long it's been since I could have an actual meal?!? Can we make something, anything? I'm not hungry, and you probably aren't either, but I'd love to try something we can make ourselves. It'd be so good...” My voice trailed off as I realized I was rambling. My face turned bright red up to the roots of my hair.

Alecto laughed heartily at my display of exuberance. “Oh, Evie, you're something else.” She shook her head at me, fondly. “Yes, we can make something. I'm not hungry, but how about we prepare something light for us to snack on while we talk some more the rest of the afternoon?” I nodded that that was a good idea. “What would you like to make?”

I thought for a few moments. “Hmm... Hard to say... How about... Can we make something chocolate-y?!?” I asked, hopefully. Supposedly, some forward thinking soul had brought cocoa plants with them when they originally came here from the place our ancestors' ancestors originated, millenniums before the Dark Ages even started . Good thing they did, as it was amazing. And yes, I realized I was giddy with enthusiasm right now, but Alecto didn't seem to mind, so I didn't really think twice of it. In fact, I thought as I saw her glance at me again with that expression of warmth and affection in her eyes, I think she really likes seeing this side of me. That, in itself, made me feel warm inside, as I never really felt like I could show that part to many people, fearing their reactions or ridicule. Maybe that was irrational, but it was hard not to think about that, sometimes.

Alecto looked at me just a moment more, then chuckled and walked over. “Okay, let's start with that, then, shall we? I don't think you can do anything else first , so we might as well make some chocolate treats for ourselves.” She smiled and gave me a kiss. “You're absolutely adorable like this, Evie. I'm glad I get to experience that. And yes, before you ask, we do have the cocoa powder. I was thinking we could make an Intaki adaptation of a more generic chocolate-bite recipe?”

I nodded eagerly. That sounded very good. Besides, I figured if she liked it, it was probably a decent choice to eat, as our tastes in food were very similar and I couldn't remember Alecto ever eating something I hated. Besides, it was chocolate, how bad could it possibly be? “That sounds excellent. What do we need?”

She smiled. “Okay, well, how about you mix up the cocoa with some of this vegetable oil? Use roughly 3 parts oil to 1 part cocoa powder, and it should come out quite well.” She thought for a moment. “Let's make... two hundred milliliters of that mixture, that should be plenty for today, and give us some left overs in case you want to take some for your trip.” She grinned. “If you like it, anyway.”

I smiled back at her grin. “Oh, I think I will. If you helped to make it, and it's chocolate, how can it not be good?” I blushed a little, but managed to hold her gaze. I carefully, precisely measured out exactly the amounts of each I needed before transferring them into a metal bowl. I then used one of the sonic blenders she had in her kitchen to thoroughly mix the powdered cocoa with the oil, and it smoothed into a liquid form within seconds, the powerful vibrations of the device breaking up small clumps without any trouble whatsoever. Oh, technology, how I loved it.

Alecto nudged me over with her hip, as I was standing partially in front of the synthesizer. She added a tiny bit of water to a mixture of spices that she had added together, adding a few handfuls of flour until it reached some consistency only she would have recognized. It certainly didn't make much sense to me. I couldn't help but smile at the rather haphazard way she was combining the ingredients, mostly to taste and by approximation. But I had to admit it was quite delicious when she had me try some. On her finger.

My face was rather heated, I was sure of it, but the complicated mixture of spices really was excellent. And the subtle taste of her just slightly palatable underneath it did wonderful things to my lower body. I suckled on her finger for much longer than was otherwise necessary, just because the taste of it, and her, was amazing. And as I did it longer, I could tell her breathing wasn't quite as even any more, either. Pleased with the effect I had on her, I finally pulled back, placing a single kiss on the tip of a slender digit.

“Hmm.” I nearly purred. “That is good.”

She smirked back at me, eyes slightly clouded. “What, the spices, or my finger? You got a little carried away there, my dear. Not that I minded. It felt good. You have a very talented tongue.”

I coughed, some saliva that had been accumulating in my mouth from before instantly going down the wrong way. “Ahem, yeah. Thanks.” I blushed again, not entirely unfazed by her compliment. “So, what now? Do we just combine the two?”

She grinned, taking a step closer and backing me against one of the counters. “Yes. Now we mix the two together...” Her arms wrapped around me. “And apply some heat...” I felt her warm breath on my mouth, and slowly opened it, half in reflex and half in anticipation. “And just mix, and mix.” Her tongue slipped in between my lips, tenderly tasting my own. “Until it's blended together into one whole.” Her eyes, normally the shade of spring grass, had darkened until they more resembled that of pine needles of the gigantic trees of Vylade. She kissed me for a few minutes just like that, exploring my mouth softly, carefully. I had completely forgotten about cooking, but she had somehow retained the acuity of mind to put the bowl down before we ended up wearing the spice mixture.

Some indeterminate amount of time later, we were both breathing quite heavily, her smaller breasts nestled against my larger ones, the hardness of her nipples ever so slightly trailing against the soft top of my own with every slightly labored breath she took. The motion sent tingles down my spine, and I shivered in reaction and anticipation. For a moment my mind couldn't quite comprehend how her lips were slightly higher than my own, until I realized she was standing on the tips of her toes, and had been for a few minutes.

I eased her back down a little, as I thought the stance must have been getting uncomfortable. I certainly couldn't imagine standing up for that long in that position. She smiled at me thankfully and I saw her wiggle her toes a little to get some circulation going again. I grinned at that, it looked very attractive. “Careful there, wouldn't want you to strain any muscles in your feet. Although, I suppose I could always massage them for a few minutes if they ache particularly intensely. After all, you did just give me a rather remarkable kiss.” I placed a few kisses on her throat and jaw, causing Alecto to gasp. “I think you deserve that much.”

“Really? That sounds divine...” She whispered back, still breathless from before. “But let's finish this, as it's nearly done. And we'll have about half an hour until these little treats are baked to perfection.” She quickly keyed in a command on the thermal oven and it started heating rapidly. She used the sonic blender to add both mixtures together into a smooth whole, before adding the batter to a heat-resistant polymer baking pan. By the time she had poured the mixture in, the oven was already heated. It was a seriously impressive piece of technology, I thought.

I smiled deviously as an idea hit me, and just as she was about to lift the baking dish I lightly ran a finger down the curve of her bottom. She tensed up for a fraction of a second before pressing herself against my hand more firmly, and probably would have dropped the dish if she had already lifted it, merely by the way her fingers suddenly spasmed. “Sorry. I couldn't resist touching.” I whispered softly in her ear.

From behind her I could feel her brow bunch up as if she was concentrating very hard on something, and in a smooth motion she managed to slip the chocolate dish into the oven without moving away from me in the slightest. It was rather impressive to behold. Quite distracting, too, as she managed to spin around and quite literally pounce on me in retaliation before I even knew what had happened.

That ... was quite mean. And a mistake, my dear.” An evil grin touched her lips. “I'll have to punish you for that. Almost making me drop my precious dish and all.” Her eyes still shone warmly at me, which made the effect that much more incredibly arousing. “What. Should. I. Do.” Each word was emphasized with a nip of her lips, on my lower lip, jawline, ear, throat, turning my legs and resistance to jelly.

As if expecting this, she wrapped me in a close embrace, hands freely trailing over and under my clothes, leaving wakes of fire all over my skin where her fingers had made contact with incredibly sensitized nerve endings. The fingers of one hand slipped underneath the waistline of my pants and underwear, near the hollow of my back and stroked the soft skin below, tracing tiny patterns over one round cheek, then the other. It felt so incredibly good that I couldn't help moaning loudly, though I managed to bury most of the volume in the crook of her neck where I had rested my head.

Having been kissing and touching her, and being excited for this long had made my skin hyper-sensitive, and the feelings of her hands on my body were nearly overwhelming. I would have really fallen down as I felt my knees buckle, but once more Alecto's remarkably strong arms held me upright as she slowly made her way to the sitting area.

She stopped the kisses and nibbles she was placing on my throat and neck for just long enough to lower me on one of the enormous pillows, and I felt myself sinking luxuriously into its softness. Her body covered mine not a second later, and now I truly was enclosed by her. The pillow was soft and yielding enough that she could comfortably hold me even with our combined weights pressing down on her arms. I'm afraid to say I could do little more than lay there, basking in the sensations her fingers and lips were producing, not being able to summon enough clarity of mind to do more than enjoy what she was doing.

My brain couldn't quite keep track of all the many sensations that seemingly simultaneously arrived at its processing centers. It felt like her hands and lips and tongue were everywhere at the same time. Each spot she lingered her attention on burned for moments afterwards with near-painful intensity, and after a few minutes it felt like my entire body was aflame in her, and my, passion. My breaths grew increasingly shallow and I was starting to feel lightheaded, not quite being able to draw in sufficient air to meet my body's needs.

Alecto must have noticed, watched for it, as she slowed down her ministrations just as I felt my vision begin to darken. She simply snuggled up to me, then, still kissing my neck and throat, though much more slowly and languidly now. “Sorry...” I felt her breath on my neck, only barely able to make out the words over the pounding of my heart in my temples. “I got the tiniest bit carried away there...” Her pupils were fully dilated, the green around it dark. “Though I must say, it's so very difficult to stop... You are so intoxicating to me, I simply cannot get enough of the taste of you, the feel of you. Your skin is so amazingly soft and supple, I feel like I could just sink into it and it'd keep me warm and safe forever.” She smiled a little nervously. “And your flavor is so appealing to my palate. I can't quite place it yet, will probably have to taste it some more to really put a name on what it reminds me of, but it's so very good .”

My respiration had calmed down enough that I didn't quite feel like passing out, and again, as if she had been watching just for that, she lowered her lips to my throat once more and suckled little patches of skin into her mouth, using her tongue masterfully while at the same time seeming to really enjoy tasting my skin with it. It was a little strange, but what she was doing felt so damn good that I really couldn't care that much about the particulars of what she did. And I felt very safe with her, knowing on some level that she wouldn't do something that I truly did not want. She had already shown that in smaller ways, knowing just when to stop when something started to get too intense, or overwhelming for me. Alecto was so very careful with me in that respect, and it made me feel intensely wanted and, dare I say, loved.

My fingers that had mostly been clutching alternatively the material of her shirt or the hairs at the base of her long braid became more purposeful once more. I trailed the back of my fingers over her strong cheekbones, tenderly touching the soft skin there. My eyes met hers, then, and I tried to unleash the full intensity of the warmth of my feelings towards her in that look. Judging from the way her eyes sparkled increasingly brightly, and even grew the tiniest bit moist, I succeeded. And having already made the realization long ago subconsciously, I did not feel the least bit hesitant to speak it out loud, make the words explicit. I could clearly see that she felt it, too... But even in the absence of that I did not ever want to be anything but completely honest with her.

“Alecto?” Her eyes locked on mine as she pressed yet closer to me, the intensity of her gaze piercing deep into my mind.

“Yes, Evie?”

I smiled warmly. “I just wanted to tell you, because it's the truth and you deserve nothing less, that.. I love you.” I was rather amazed at how stable my voice had been towards the end of that sentence. I must have breached some inner reservoir of certitude and strength for it that I wasn't aware of. Or maybe it was just because it was her .

She beamed a smile so luminous at me that it literally left me breathless in its intensity. “Oh, how I have longed to hear you say that...” She kissed my brow tenderly. “I love you so much , Evelynne.” Her eyes flicked down and back up to mine. “I've always been a little more hesitant expressing these things in words, tending to wait too long to be absolutely certain five times over before saying something... I'm so glad you're as forward and brave as you are...” Her lips met mine in another loving kiss. “You are an amazing woman, and human being, and I would be honored and proud to know, and say, that you love me, and I love you.”

I nodded, my own voice not quite working with the overwhelming happiness that suffused my being just now. I just hugged her tighter to me in response, while I waited for the obstruction in my throat to ease that was so encumbering my words. Alecto held me gently, using her lips to kiss away a few tears that had leaked out from my eyes. Her own eyes were glistening, too. Eventually, I managed to speak again. “That makes me so very happy. I dared not dream before now that my feelings would be reciprocated like that, and so soon. That you feel the same way truly makes me the happiest woman I could imagine being.” When she opened her mouth as if to speak, I quickly added with a smile. “Okay, we're both the happiest women we could imagine being. How's that?”

She nodded shyly, snuggling into my neck for once, and I held her in my arms, our limbs entwined so tightly we would need a few moments at the very least to disentangle ourselves afterwards. But it was gloriously warm, comfortable, loving, and I could not imagine a place I'd rather be than right here, where I was now, in her arms and holding her close to me. We laid like that for a long time, until the little beeps coming from her oven disturbed our peaceful embrace. I was about to rise when she shook her head fiercely, and pinned me back down to the pillow.

She grinned at me, then. “Oh, you're not going anywhere. I have plans and ideas for you... Besides, my oven is particularly amazing and automatically and rapidly cools down when it is done, so there's really no need whatsoever to take the baked item out unless you want to eat it now?” A sculpted eyebrow rose over a green eye, in challenge. There's really no way I would, or could, say yes to that , I thought with a smile.

I shook my head. “Nope, I am perfectly content. Right here. With you.”

Alecto smirked. “Uh, huh. I'll have you know you're a terrible flatterer. But it works for me... I'm sad to say. You do have a certain effect on me... that I find... so very hard to resist.” Her lips closed on my pulse point, grazing the sensitive spot lightly with her teeth. The motion drew a sharp gasp from my throat, my fingers searching for a better hold on her clothes to pull her towards me, eager for more of what she was doing. “And I find I have absolutely no desire to resist any longer...” She whispered into my neck.

Her eyes met mine, then, searching them for any kind of uncertainty or doubt. I admit I was a little nervous at what might come, but I tried to convey the most confidence I had ever shown, as I wanted this, us, to happen so badly, had wanted it to for so long. And especially here, in her small, comfortable apartment that was so very much hers , her sanctuary from the world, I thought there really was no better place to first experience this. Here, surrounded by her, and her favorite art and decorations, everything she wanted in her life... and now she had me in it as well. It felt supremely appropriate to me. “I do want this. More than I can put words to, Alecto. I know my mind, body and heart are safe with you, and I want to share all of me with you.” I hesitated for a moment then, nervousness gripping me. “I have never done this before, though... But I promise I will use my whole imagination, and all my attention and observation, to learn just what you like, to learn and become perfect at it, with you .” I blushed again, but felt proud at having been able to say all that nonetheless, even with my awkwardness.

She smiled one of her radiant smiles again. “Oh, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, dearest Evelynne. I'm sure over time we will learn the best techniques and all that, but now, today, that is not important. If all we do is touch each other that would be wonderful in itself. But judging by how insanely good your touch feels, and how much I want to experience you in every way I have ever imagined wanting another person, whether physically, or mentally, I very much doubt it will disappoint the wildest imaginations of our wildest imaginations.

I nodded, knowing the truth of that. If earlier today had been any indication of what was to come, I was afraid I would be unconscious from delirious pleasure by the end of the afternoon. Maybe I can get one of those hovercars to drive me around the spaceport if my legs no longer work... I smiled at the mental image, earning me a bemused look from Alecto. “Talking to yourself again?” She teased.

I nodded, blushing. “Yeah, you know me too well. I was just thinking that if I am completely exhausted at the end of today, I need to find one of those transportation units they have for people who can't walk.” We shared a grin at that.

“Well, I'll just have to see if I can make that wish come true...” Her voice trailed off, and the look that accompanied made me shiver all over once more. Her eyes turned serious again, almost solemn in their intensity. “Can I see you now?” Her breath was warm and spicy on my face. “I've wanted to for so very long, behold all your beauty without anything in between us, concealing it...” Her whispered words made the aching feeling in my abdomen return even stronger than before, the flush of arousal spreading throughout my body. I nodded at her in response, biting my lip ever so slightly, doing my best not to be too loud in my appreciation of what she was doing to me.

Her fingers trailed down my skin almost reverently, as if she was torn between wanting to touch me and feeling she barely had the right to. It made me feel wonderful in response. That she valued me that much. She ever so gently touched my face, placing soft, warm kisses wherever her fingers went. She made a trail slowly down my throat, following the contours of my collarbones faintly visible under my skin. I squirmed underneath her, trying to press against her more, urging her on with unspoken commands.

Alecto complied, trailing both hands down my sides, only ever so slightly grazing past the sensitive sides of my breasts on her way towards me stomach. She traced circles there with her thumbs, every other pattern she completed my shirt would rise just the tiniest bit more as her fingers slowly moved higher and higher. I felt my abdominal muscles clench as I had always had incredibly sensitive skin there and it almost became too much to bear.

I sucked in a great gulp of air, managing to gasp out a few words at her before I became breathless once more. “ Please , m-my l-love... Please!” She must have understood my rather inarticulate request, as she stopped teasing me with her fingers for a moment. She started raising my shirt up, though still quite slowly. Once my shirt cleared my neck, she tossed it behind her, somehow managing to land it in a fairly neat pile even so. Her eyes glued to my body as it was revealed to her for the first time.

Her voice was filled with awe, almost. “Oh, Evie...It is such perfection. Just the right combination of softness...” Her fingers trailed over my abdomen, and she slowly lowered her lips to place a series of kisses on the skin. “Yet I love how firm the muscles underneath are, how I can still faintly see them through the soft padding that covers it... It feels exquisite to my touch.” Alecto's lips were moving higher, little by little. I drew in another sharp gasp as she nearly reached the underside of my still-clothed breasts.

“Oh, and these wonderful breasts of yours. I have never dreamt of ones that look more appealing. They're so wonderfully large... and curvy and so shapely, I can't keep my eyes away from them, and I ache to touch them.” Her eyes met mine, the question clearly visible.

I nodded at her in response, and she swiftly undid the little magnetic holders that held the two parts of my bra together. Very slowly she drew the cloth away from me, her gaze following every tiniest movement each breast made as it was fully revealed. “Oh, yes. They really are.” She placed a kiss on first one, then the other breast. “Absolutely, positively works of art... Finer specimens than this I have never laid eyes on.” I turned redder at that, though I very much enjoyed the compliments. I just wasn't quite used to anyone commenting so openly about that . She almost too slowly cupped one of her small hands around the heavy underside of a breast. It didn't at all cover all of it, and she had to use both her hands just to cover all of it. She was just so incredibly careful, tender, even now when she must have been amazingly aroused... It once again confirmed to me that she really did love me very much, and I relished that knowledge and every kind of proof of it I could find all the more for it.

“Oh, Evie...” She murmured softly, her eyes drinking in the sight in front of her as if she was spell-bound. “ You have been holding back on me... I knew you had wonderfully large breasts, but I never imagined they were quite so full, and heavy and gorgeous. I can't even quite hold all of one with both my hands...” She was murmuring to herself now. “Oh, I love how soft and curvaceous your body is. It's so very feminine, yet also strong. Just. Perfection.” She grinned again. “But really... this is a most wonderful surprise, and I simply must show my appreciation of them in full. Very, very soon I will do just that...” She paused just for a moment, considering something. “I must admit, they're just the ideal size for me. I find large breasts incredibly beautiful and simply divine to touch and caress. And yours are very much so. Yet also not so large that they'd strain your poor back and skin too much. They're just right for your figure, too. Suits it perfectly well, like one beautifully integrated whole, where every little piece belongs and adds to the total. It's magnificent.” She placed a few kisses near the rounded top of each breast as she said the last words. “Oh, but now...”

Alecto ever so lightly scratched each side of the breast with her nails, causing me to moan deeply. The sides especially were incredibly sensitive and I loved the way she touched those areas of me, too, and not just the most obvious ones that everyone knew to stimulate. But when her mouth closed on my already hard nipple I very nearly lost all control I had left. First she simply held it between her lips, teasing it ever so gently with her tongue, languidly exploring the contours of the crinkled skin in great detail, as if trying to memorize the shape of it by touch. Suddenly, without warning, she pulled it deeper into her mouth, and I felt that pull deep within me as it was answered by a familiar deepening ache deeper in my belly. I threaded my hands through her soft hair without even thinking about it, holding her face tightly against me. The stimulation felt ever better as the flesh became more and more sensitized

Her lips detached after a minute of this and she admired her work and from the looks of it, me, proudly. My nipple had somehow become even harder than before, though I knew not how that was possible. It was a rather angry shade of red from all the blood that had rushed there, Alecto adding to it with her sucking motions, swollen beyond any size I had ever seen it before.Normally barely rising above the flesh of my breast, it had now become nearly the size of the tip of my little finger, though not quite as long as that. “Oh, these nipples of yours,” she lightly tweaked the other, “are so delightfully sensitive, and so hard and enjoyable to suckle on. I could definitely get used to this. Oh, but I can't forget its twin!”

She had a grin on her face as she finished speaking and the way she was acting, the way her eyes were constantly lit up in excitement, made it seem like she was a little kid who'd received the best birthday present ever. It was really quite endearing, I had to say. Though, I imagine I would be acting just the same when in a little bit I had the chance to explore her . My eyes clouded over just thinking about how badly I wanted that to happen. Shifting slightly underneath her made me realize how utterly drenched I had become, again . Any benefit from my earlier shower was long gone, and I probably would have to borrow some underwear later. That, or not wear any, which I don't think Alecto would mind... But I didn't know if I would feel quite that bold. Maybe another time it could be interesting, especially if she knew about it and had to live with the knowledge I was completely naked underneath my clothes, just barely out of her reach.

Any further thoughts were short-circuited when Alecto went back to her earlier activities, merely directing them towards my other breast, and I quickly became lost in the sensations as the tempo of her actions gradually, but continually, sped up. I was so lost that I hardly noticed that slender fingers were trailing further south, until they trailed along the sensitive skin covering the junction between my abdomen and hips. That little valley was so incredibly sensitive, and I nearly lifted both of us completely off the floor when I jerked upwards at the first touch I felt there.

Never one to waste an opportunity when it presented itself, she peeled the waistline of my pants partially down my hips, revealing more pale curves. She immediately pounced, trailing loving touches and kisses all over the newly exposed skin, concentrating on the invisible but palpable upper ridges of my hip bones, following them higher once more to where my hips only slightly narrowed to my waist. “Oh, I just love it so very much. The skin underneath my fingers is so wonderfully supple, soft. You have well rounded curves everywhere, love, it is so attractive.”

Her mouth was trailing lower once more and my breath caught as I felt the warmth of hers blowing across the tiny, silky hairs that covered the softness of my inner thighs. I simply gazed through lidded eyes at her, as Alecto's eyes constantly switched between drinking in my exposed body and meeting my own in incredibly powerful, warm looks that somehow managed to arouse me more than anything else she was doing to me physically. There was such strength hidden in that gaze, such warmth, affection and love. It was impossible to describe properly exactly how she looked at me, and what feelings must have inspired that look she now gave me, and had given me for the last few minutes.

I moaned, hard and rather voluminously, when she buried her face in the utterly soaked fabric of my panties, breathing in and out deeply as she soaked in my scent. The smallest vibrations I felt from her unsteady breathing on my sensitive flesh, even through the thin cloth covering it. The swollen, engorged lips of my sex were clearly visible through the drenched garment, even my eyes could clearly make them out when I looked down at her. Alecto spent a few moments nuzzling my labia through my underwear with her nose and lips. The incredible sensation caused shivers to erupt all over my body and I involuntarily pressed my lower half into her to deepen the stimulation, wanting and needing more. The sensations coursing through me all seem to coalesce on my aching clit, the intensity of it nearly unbearable.

I very, very nearly came just from what she was doing now even without really touching me directly, but Alecto seemed to have already learned to interpret the smallest tremors for what they were, and eased off just enough to simply keep me right on the cusp for longer. I could see her grin at me, and she moved away with a whispered promise. “Oh, I'll be back for this, but I am not done unwrapping you. I need to see all of you, first... My lovely, beautiful Evelynne.”

She resumed her trail down the insides of my thighs then, tracing lines over the soft skin ever so lightly with her nails. I managed to push my knees up once more, not an easy feat as her whole body weight was on my lower body at the moment. But I did, and she thankfully stripped my pants the rest of the way down my legs, taking my soft socks with them as she went. I had no idea when my shoes had come off, but she must have done it at some point, as I had been wearing them before we started this. She's good, damn. I thought, impressed.

She was enjoying herself, exploring every small patch of skin going down my legs, the sensitive inside of my knees, my calf muscles, ankles and feet until she reached my rhythmically contracting toes. She spent a few moments kissing them tenderly, which felt amazingly good. I had had no idea my toes, and most parts of my feet were quite so sensitive, and my sounds of approval only further inspired her to lavish attention on that part of me.

After a seeming eternity of trailing, wet kisses and light butterfly touches on my feet that were driving my arousal to even higher levels than before, she ever so slowly made her way back up towards the last part of me that still remained unseen to her eyes. Her fingers circled around the waistline of my panties for several moments, as if hesitant, as if she was trying to gather courage for what she was about to do, or perhaps simply prolonging the anticipation more.

I caught her eyes once more, nodding at her that I wanted her to continue, see all of me. She pulled the panties off my legs, eyes lighting up as she took in my womanhood in all its glory. “Oh... How I've wanted to touch and taste this. I can't believe I finally can.” Her mouth reverently kissed my labia, utterly drenched with my arousal, so engorged with blood that they had opened completely. Her tongue ever so lightly tasted me then, running along one side of my sex, then the other, collecting my juices with abandon. “Oh, you taste absolutely divine.” Her nose buried itself in the soft red curls above and I heard her breathe in deeply. “And you smell so good.” I probably would have felt strange about that any other time, but the fact that she so loved even those things about me actually felt strangely good, and made me want her all the more.

Please, Alecto... Please no more teasing... I can't stand it any longer. I need release, so badly. ” I finally managed to talk past the overwhelming pleasure that was suffusing my nervous system, making it almost impossible to gather any coherent thoughts. When she complied immediately after, I was reduced to simply enjoying the sensations coursing through me. She trailed up and down the sides of my sex, using her fingers and lips to stimulate the outer folds expertly. I somehow found the presence to open my legs more, giving her full access to my womanhood.

My hands that had once more grasped her silky platinum locks went to my breasts of their own accord. My nipples ached, wanting stimulation, and I did not want her to stop what she was about to do. Alecto saw this, and her eyes darkened several more shades. “Oh yes.” She hissed. “Touch yourself for me. Please show me what you'd want me to do to your gorgeous breasts and nipples now. It would please me ever so much to see that .” I complied with her demand, cupping the center of each heaving breast with my splayed hands, trying to fit as much of each soft globe inside as I could. Her eyes lit up more as I did that. “Oh, I love the way the soft flesh of your breasts spills out between your fingers... It is so arousing, makes me want you so very much.” I nodded, tears in my eyes from the intensity of my arousal. My thumb and finger curled around to enclose each nipple, pinching them hard and firm.

Her fingertips trailed slightly lower then centering on my opening, while her mouth closed over my fully engorged, unhooded clit. As the tip of her finger first slid into me, my inner muscles pulling on it of their own accord, drawing it deeper inside almost instinctually, her tongue started lashing over my pearl and I lost control utterly feeling an incredibly powerful orgasm course through me. I had no idea how long it went on. Her finger, clearly not finding any resistance, curled up inside me putting delicious pressure on the spot deep inside me. The long strokes she was making with her hand kept me in my climax for what seemed like forever, and before I even really came down from my first two more of her slim fingers joined their sister within me. They fit snugly inside me, stretching me wonderfully. And the combined tips of her fingers spreading the force over the whole of my g-spot felt even better than it had before. It took her a few more motions of her hand and tongue to find a comfortable rhythm that my body seemed to enjoy the most, then kept repeating it over, and over, and over. Some part of me, far removed from the main part of my mind, marveled at the contrast of her tanned fingers moving into my pale flesh. It was a remarkably arousing sight, the difference somehow tantalizingly fascinating to my visual senses.

I lost track of how many times I felt my muscles clench in climax, each more powerful than the last. I literally saw stars behind closed eyelids, my whole consciousness retreating until the world was reduced to her hands, and mouth, and nothing else existed for me than Alecto and what she was doing to me, how amazing the sensations were she could make me feel. My eyes were twitching as the pleasure center of my brain was stimulated beyond anything it had ever experienced, and I came very close to actually losing consciousness as neurons fired erratically seemingly everywhere at once.

Once more Alecto seemed to have been paying attention to my limits, knowing just when I could really take no more, and slowly reduced the frequency of her stimulations over a few minutes. It was wonderful, letting me down from my intense level of arousal ever so slowly, and I felt myself slowly sinking towards a more normal level of consciousness. Ever so slowly I became cognizant of my other senses. I noticed then that she was softly kissing, nuzzling every part of my womanhood. Our gazes met, and I saw that hers were filled with so much love and warmth that it once more caused a tear to leak from the corner of my still half-closed eyes. She placed one last kiss lightly over the top of my clitoris, making me gasp again as even that was nearly too much, before draping her slender form over mine.

Feeling her on top of me like that felt absolutely wonderful, and I drew shaking arms around her, hugging her close to me. Burying my face in her neck once more, I felt utterly content, happy. “Oh, Alecto.” My voice came out very soft. “That was... indescribable. I have never felt anything like it, not even remotely... Thank you so much for showing how wonderful this could be, with you. I want to return the honor , soon, but I think I need a few moments to calm down.” I laughed softly, tremulously. “I don't think I have any tension, strength left in my limbs.”

Alecto kissed my head tenderly. “Don't worry about it, my sweet Evelynne... Whether we get to that, or not, you could not have satisfied me more. Allowing me to please you so much, that was more than enough for me.” She grinned. “Though, if you insist, I certainly wouldn't mind. And you can most definitely see all of me, if you wish. I would not for the life of me forgo seeing your response.” Her smile turned more shy now. “I hope you'll like me as much.. You're so utterly perfect to me that sometimes I feel a bit unsure of myself.”

“Oh, no, please don't worry about that .” I murmured into her neck. “I love that you're more slender than I am, your body is wonderful, and all the proportions are just right. Besides, I think it's wonderful how our bodies are so very different, complementary almost... And it seems we like each other's very much, so.” I grinned at the end, and turned my face enough to kiss her lips softly.

We spent the next few minutes snuggling and kissing, simply enjoying each other's closeness. I felt more life returning to my arms and legs as my body recovered a little. Rather than saying something, I shifted and flipped her around so she was beneath me. Her eyes widened slightly, clearly she hadn't been expecting me to be quite so forward so soon. I merely smiled at her, tracing my fingers down her arms, moving them above her head. A growling noise escaped my throat, surprising even myself. “ Now it is my turn, my love.” My voice turned firm as my right hand clasped around her crossed wrists, holding it in place against the pillow she was laying on.

I felt her strain a little against my grasp, though not seriously, but she was unable to budge me much due to my greater mass and positional advantage. “Oh, be still. I'll make sure you enjoy this if you are... Though you are free to make whatever sounds you want as I explore all of you .” I nipped her jawline playfully. “In fact... I encourage it, and it would please me greatly if you were very vocal. It would definitely, shall we say, inspire me more.”

Her eyes clouded over with desire as my lips explored every part of her face carefully, trying to burn the imprints of it into my memory. I followed the lines of her finely sculpted eyebrows, her straight, narrow nose with the slightly upraised tip I so adored. My lips nipped at her full ones, ever so slightly biting down on them with my teeth and making her gasp out her approval. I explored all the more angular features of her face that gave it such character in my eyes, from her pronounced cheekbones to the lines of her jaw and the slightly raised protrusion of her chin.

I kissed her firmly, commandingly, pushing her soft lips open with my tongue and very slowly familiarizing myself with the insides of her mouth. Now that we were in private, I felt much more comfortable than before taking my time doing this, really investigating all the features, tracing her teeth, gums, and remarkably submissive, for once, tongue with my own. I felt her moan into my kiss, the sound so very enticing to my ears, and I felt energized, inspired with the power of being able to leave her gasping and breathless for once.

Her eyes were completely unfocsed, now, her voice raspy as I broke the kiss. “Oh, wow, I.. I didn't know you could kiss like that .” Her cheeks were flushed, reddened much more than usual. “Not that I mind, it was amazing. And so hot .” Her voice lowered to a whisper by the time she finished speaking.

I smiled warmly at her. “Oh, I paid attention to what you were doing before, and I certainly enjoyed having that done, so I figured...” I nipped her lips again, playfully. “I love making you moan and gasp like that, giving you such pleasure that you can't contain it without verbalizing it somehow... It is music to my ears, and I intend to compose a symphony today, and have you perform it.” Alecto shivered in response, clearly liking my words. “Now... let's get some of these fancy clothes off you, and give me some more... beautifully crafted instruments to play with.” I grinned very broadly at her now, I loved her eager responses to my actions very much indeed. And it seemed like she liked this side of me, too. I didn't really know what had come over me, as I was not normally so forward, but right now it felt exactly right to do so, and I felt like she wanted that as much as I did.

I tenderly unbuttoned her shirt, sliding it up her arms once all the buttons had come undone. I gazed at her upper body, my breath catching in my throat as her slender beauty was revealed for the first time. I touched the tips of my fingers hesitantly to her flat stomach, tracing some of the faint muscular definition I could feel beneath her incredibly soft skin. She gasped as I touched my lips reverently to the upper ridge of her hip bones, using my teeth ever so gently to nibble on the thin layer of skin that covered it. I followed the slighter curve of her hips higher where it narrowed to a slender waist. Every trace of my fingers and touch of my lips made her muscles contract, and I could feel her breaths becoming more uneven. I dipped my tongue into her bellybutton then, licking around the edges, tasting her slightly salty sweat mixed with her very own taste that was spicier and very much something I wanted more of.

After a few more moments I snaked my hands around her back, undoing the clasps on her bra in seconds. I was, after all, quite motivated by the prize they concealed. With the clasp undone, I lifted the bra up and over her head, leaving her to disentangle from the straps before placing her hands back in their earlier position, with a small smile on her beautiful, flushed face. I warmly smiled back at her in response, before focusing my eyes once more on the perfection that had been unveiled in front of me.

I reached out, stopping myself momentarily in awe, before I touched her left breast as it rested serenely on her chest from the way she was laying prone. Like I'd thought before, it was just about the perfect size for my hands and I cupped its significant full, round shape in my hand, testing the feel of it. The sight of my creamy skin against her own, its complexion several tones darker, almost olive in color, was very tantalizing. Her nipples were a dark reddish brown, especially now suffused with blood as they currently were, and eagerly at attention. I could not resist any longer, aching to taste the feel of one in my mouth.

The hard nub between my lips, my tongue tracing its contours slowly, carefully, felt incredible and I felt my arousal heat back up significantly. I was rather surprised at that, after having climaxed as much before, but apparently my body was utterly insatiable when stimulated by her presence. I alternated the stimulation of her breasts for many minutes until each nipple was extremely rigid and sensitized. Her gasps were coming almost constantly now, and she was visibly struggling to keep her hands up and away from my face. I could tell by the way she looked at me how much she wanted to tangle her slender digits in my hair. Part of my earlier determination softened at that, and I entwined my fingers with hers, leading her hands down towards my face. Nodding my consent, I released them once more and she eagerly buried her fingers in my short hair, scratching my scalp lightly with her fingertips and nails. The sensation of that sent shivers down my spine, all the way down to my once-again dripping center. I pressed my thighs together firmly, trying to ignore my own arousal for now so I could concentrate fully on her. But I could not deny that even simply touching Alecto was very exciting, stimulating to me.

Both my hands now free, I traced my fingers along the sensitive sides of her breasts and her abdomen, tracing thin lines of fire all over her skin. Eventually they reached her waistline again, and I started pulling on her pants to remove them. I wasn't nearly as smooth at doing so as she had been, but we managed eventually to strip that garment off her. Remembering how good her touch on my lower body had felt everywhere, I was very much looking forward to trying all those things to her in return.

I kissed along the sides of her hips, first the outside of them, before moving towards her inner thighs. I could see how drenched her underwear was, the thin silk cloth completely see through even with its dark navy color, and the smell of her arousal hit me then, overwhelming my olfactory senses and tantalizing me to investigate further. I did not want to take them off quite yet, but I did deeply breathe in a few gasps of her scent, savoring the sweet, spicy mixture of tones that was so very much Alecto. It was just more pure, more powerful there, as if someone had distilled her essence and removed any diluting compounds from the mixture. It was completely and utterly intoxicating to me, and I felt nearly drunk with the intense smell of her all around my face, having very much trouble even trying to form thoughts. And the way the puffy lips of her sex were clearly outlined through the material was almost, though not quite, better and more arousing than seeing it unclothed.

I hesitated for a few moments longer, feeling and hearing her whimper in need and want for me to continue, and eventually I shrugged off the effects of her scent and presence long enough to continue my journey lower. I kissed along the sensitive skin on her lower inner thighs, and around her knees for a few moments, tracing circles with my tongue and fingers all over her muscular calf muscles, and nibbling the bone on the front end which drew sharp gasps from her throat all over again. A devious glint entered my eyes as I trailed my tongue down the arched curves of her foot pads, first one, then the other, and she jerked suddenly. I scratched the skin of her feet lightly, delighting in her shivers, before nibbling with my teeth on the soft underside of each toe. Her loud moans showed her enthusiastic approval, and I carefully sucked one into my mouth, using my tongue to slowly explore the surface of it. Especially the area in between each digit was very sensitive to my caresses, and I relished in the sounds it was producing from her for many minutes until her level of arousal had become so uncomfortably high that she verbally pleaded. “ Please , Evie, please don't tease any more. I am so frustratingly aroused right now that I feel like I will explode any moment, and I want you to do it for me. So badly. .. Please?”

I could never refuse a request like that, not from her, and quickly peeled her soaked panties off from where they had clung to her drenched center. My eyes lit up again as I saw her beautiful flower in all its... hairless? glory. I had not really expected that, but seeing the entire surface of her devoid of hair, simply smooth, supple skin everywhere my eye would reach... It was an incredibly arousing sight. Much more so than I had thought that would stimulate me if you had asked me about it before today. I was eager to see how it would feel without any sense of soft hairs down there tickling, caressing your skin.

Her legs were still mostly closed but even so her sex was wet, swollen enough that it had opened almost fully, revealing the treasures hidden within the many beautiful, delicious folds. I took another deep sniff of her scent, the intoxicating nature of it once more seeping into my mind, clouding my thoughts and making my own arousal rise yet higher. The ache in my own abdomen was starting to become somewhat uncomfortably intense and I squirmed a little, trying to ease the stimulation the slightest bit. I did manage to push it away from the center of my awareness for now, and resumed once more with what I was doing to her . Maybe soon I would tend to my own needs, but first it was her turn. Many times her turn. I will see to that. I promised in my mind.

My fingers trailed down her labia, carefully separating each crinkle of the folds from where they still clung to each other from the copious wetness of Alecto's juices. Her throaty moans indicated she very much approved, as did her verbal cries of pleasure and amazement. I simply explored the soft, wet flesh with my fingers for a few moments, familiarizing myself with the similar, yet decidedly, deliciously different feel of her compared to myself. I could see little beads of her moisture rolling out of her opening with every other jerk of her muscles as I did something particularly stimulating to her body. The tip of a finger teased around the opening for a little while, dipping only slightly inside and delighting in how she gasped hard when that happened, while my thumb started rubbing slow circles over the hood of her clit, ever so slowly uncovering it more to my touch. The moment I fully applied friction to it she came, hard. A fresh flood of her arousal came from within her when her muscles spasmed powerfully, I eagerly lowered my lips to her opening to lap up the taste of her.

It tasted very good, better than I had thought. And oh, how delightful it was to be surrounded by all smooth, slippery flesh when my face buried itself in her womanhood for the first time. Her legs wrapped over my shoulders, her hands pulling me harder against her opening. It was drink, or drown, pretty much, and I drank without a second thought. After a few long licks I decided to see how far inside I could reach with my tongue, trying to get at more of the delicious fluid her body was producing for me. Her fingers tightened almost painfully as my tongue speared into her opening as far as I could manage, tenderly caressing the inner walls of her sex near the opening. I tried to keep some friction on her pearl at the same time by moving the bridge of my nose against it, and it seemed to work well enough that she climaxed against me, even more powerfully this time. I nearly felt as if she would crush me in her delirious state of overwhelming pleasure as her legs tightened powerfully around my neck. Once she calmed down more, I reluctantly pulled back as I needed to breathe very badly, having run nearly out of oxygen doing that but not wanting to stop until I could feel her spasm against my face and tongue. And oh, how it was worth it. It was so enormously intimate to do that, to kiss her down there, be utterly surrounded by her soft skin, smell and taste. It was extremely pleasurable for me to do that. I offhandedly noted that I even had a small orgasm myself just from doing that, though I didn't really remember how I managed it. Not a full one, but still... I certainly enjoy doing that , I thought with a smirk.

Alecto managed some words, then. “Oh my, Evelynne. How did... Oh... That was indescribable, how amazing that felt to have your tongue inside me.” Her voice and eyes were filled with significant awe as she looked at me, which made me feel very good, proud on the inside.

“Oh, I was very much inspired by you, my beautiful Alecto.” I said, simply. “But I'm not done with you quite yet. Surely we can wrestle a few more orgasms out of you, no?”

She nodded eagerly. “Oh, yes. Please . I need to feel you inside me so badly. It's like a physical need almost, now.” She paused hesitantly for just a moment, then. “I have... never yet had anything deep within me. So it may hurt me for a little while when you push inside, but please do... I want you to so badly , and it will quickly feel incredibly good. And I am very much relaxed and aroused enough, I think... Certainly wet enough.” We both smiled at the truth of that.

“Okay. I'm sorry to have to hurt you, though, my love.”

She shook her head, waving away my concern. “Don't worry about it, it has to happen sometime and there is no one I would have this done by than you, and now...”

I nodded, trusting her trust in me. I lowered my lips to her folds once more, the muscles underneath still quivering from the aftershocks of her earlier orgasms. I started carefully suckling on her engorged pearl then, trying various patterns I could think of to see what she responded most to. Simple circles seemed to work rather well, and I did just those, slowly working her arousal up to higher and higher levels. When her breathing once more became very sharp, gasping, she nodded at me and I slipped a finger into the incredibly hot slickness of her body. The motion was momentarily paused by a barrier of tissue, and I held my finger there until just the right moment to push through.

When she started climaxing from the clitoral stimulation I pushed my finger all the way inside her, holding it still afterwards until the part of her inner passage that had never felt anything in it became more used to the foreign presence. I could tell from the wince she made during her climax that it had been quite painful, but the sight of it was already fading quickly as more pleasurable sensations took over. I curled my finger inwards, trying to find just the right spot that always felt so good inside me. Judging by her throaty moans I located it quickly and applied steady pressure there with each thrust of my finger. She was still so incredibly tight that I could feel every vibration, every spasm of her inner muscles as they massaged my digit almost painfully.

My own arousal was getting nearly out of control in its painful necessity, and I slowly removed my lips from her angrily red pearl, replacing them with a thumb while my finger inside of her still continued its pleasurable movement. I could see her lips opening once more as another wave of pleasure threatened to crash over her, overwhelm her again, and I slid my sweaty body over hers until we were face to face once more. Wrapping my other arm around her, hugging her smaller frame to my curvier one I looked her in the eyes from a very short distance away, wanting to see it in her eyes as she was lost in her orgasm. “Look at me when you come, my love. I want to see it.”

She nodded quickly, too caught up in what I was doing to be able to say anything just then. Moments later I could feel her inner muscles contract on my finger, locking it in place with the force of her spasms. When she had come down from her high, which couldn't have been easy as I never let up with my hand tirelessly stimulating her, I whispered to her. “I am so incredibly turned on right now... Could we come together one last time, to seal this bond of ours, join our bodies together?”

Her voice was raspy, raw from her constant screams and gasps. “Oh, yes... that sounds utterly amazing, and I want that very much.” Her hand shakingly lowered itself towards my dripping sex, easily sliding inside me with two, then three fingers while her thumb started stimulating my pearl in sync with how I was touching hers. I tried grasping down on her fingers with my inner muscles, trying to make it tighter, cause more delicious friction to occur when she thrust in and out of me.

I was much closer than she was from having been so aroused without much release, and I used all my not inconsiderable willpower to keep from coming before she did. She must have sensed this, too, and slowed down her ministrations ever so slightly until she herself was almost there. Our eyes remained linked the entire time, except for a brief moment where I felt drawn to the sight, of my pale hand sliding into her darker flesh, while her tanned fingers slipped between my creamy, though currently significantly flushed, folds. The contrast of it was once again incredibly arousing to me, and I think she thought the same as I saw her eyes glued on the same sight in tandem with my own.

Our eyes met once again as I felt the tremors start for her, and I relaxed completely, removing all my barriers I had put up earlier trying not to climax. My relaxed state only lasted for a fraction of a second before we both jerked powerfully against one another, our muscles contracting rapidly in the strongest orgasm either of us had had yet. I think having it together made it more powerful, somehow, at least in my mind it had added to the considerable pleasure from before. And when it had, seeing her eyes shoot to infinity as my own did the same, while straining to look at the other person... it really was an incredible experience, and I felt even closer to her after that than I had felt before. It was such a profound experience, such a vulnerable state to completely share with another person. Some instinctual part of me wanted to share that so much with her, and having done so it seemed like another part of my mind, my consciousness had turned and clicked into place, now oriented towards this wonderful, beautiful, gasping and out of breath woman in my arms.

I tenderly kissed her jaw and throat, then shared a long, tender, loving kiss. She murmured happily against my tongue, obviously not caring she tasted herself on my lips as I was literally still drenched in her juices. That, too, made me very happy, and I simply hugged her tighter against me. She snuggled into me with a sigh. “Oh, Evie, I love how soft and cuddly you are. It's the best, especially after what we just shared. It's like being wrapped in the warmth of your love and affection in physical shape. I guess it is, even literally speaking.” She giggled, slightly embarrassed.

I shook my head affectionately. “I don't care if you think it is silly, don't ever be concerned to speak your mind to me. I very much appreciate that you are so open with how you see things, how you feel about it. It's really quite valuable to me...” My fingertips lightly traced her cheeks. “I feel the same way, after all. Even though you are smaller than I am, your arms can be so comforting and soothing and strong, like when you held me up so well before when my legs were all wobbly... And it's so wonderful when I feel that need to be cuddled and sheltered, and I always feel safe with you around.”

She nodded and snuggled back against me, warpping her slender arms around my neck and pretty much clinging to me as if I was her anchor keeping her secure from the rest of the galaxy. It felt good to be able to do that for her, and kissed her brow and hair, playing with some of the loosened strands that had come undone from her braid during our lovemaking. She simply purred at the attention, and I realized that she was very warm, more so than I was by far. I grinned at her. “You're quite the little space heater, aren't you?”

She grumbled a little, though in good humor. “Yes, I know. I have a very high metabolism, as I said. It's nice now, but wait until it's the middle of summer and you're camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and we share a bed then .”

I giggled at her. “Well, I guess we'd just have to forgo clothes, then?”

She smirked. “You'd like that, I bet. Well, to be fair, so would I, but not around others . I don't want just anyone to see all the glory of you that I can, after all. It is far too precious, too beautiful and rare a sight . It should be treasured, sheltered from harm and roving eyes. That aren't me anyway.”

I mussed her hair playfully, which earned me an outraged squeak. “Well, you can fix that later. You've made a total mess of my hair, though I don't really mind. It was certainly worth it.” Alecto grinned, knowing it was true and not being the least bit sorry for it, either.

She reached over, then, to her holopad and programmed an alarm into the device. “Here, as comfortable as these pillows are for most things, let's lay down on an actual bed for a little bit. You look beyond exhausted, and I want some more of your excellent snuggles before you must leave... And it may be nice to relax and drift off into sleep for a little while?” I nodded. “I'll make sure you have enough time to get ready before the shuttles board. That was 7 p.m.?”

“Yeah, it is. We'd probably have to leave here around 5 to pick up my bag and make our way to the shuttle departure platform. At least those things are fast, and only take a few minutes to get to the large spaceport where the actual boarding shuttles to the transport ship are.”

“Okay, that sounds good. I'll set the alarm for 4, then, just to be safe. It's only a little after 2, so we have nearly two hours to enjoy each other's company, closeness.” I slowly lifted myself from her with my arms. Alecto simply sat up using her abdominal muscles, which really was quite impressive to watch from that position. I definitely enjoyed the way her muscles contracted when she did that. Call it a not-so-guilty pleasure, I suppose. I did not really believe in guilt, so yeah.

I held out my hand to her, and she clasped it eagerly, leading me towards a door opening I had missed earlier when I looked around the apartment, before we had gotten distracted by chocolate and exploring one another. We walked into her bedroom, there, which was very tastefully decorated in a similar style as the rest of her apartment, that was so uniquely hers. Ancient archaeological sites were shown next to more modern works of art, next to Intaki drawings and smaller philosophical plaques. I made a mental note to ask her about some of those later, though now I was distracted by more mundane concerns.

She saw my gaze glance around, and smiled. “The bathroom and hygiene chamber are over there, if you have to pee, or freshen up.”

I grinned at her blunt phrasing. “Yeah, I think that would be wise. I'll just be a moment.”

I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, feeling much better having taken care of that need. Alecto had used the time to open the covers of her spacious bed invitingly. She was already underneath them herself, probably driving away the chill with her rather remarkable heat production. As my feet padded back into the room her face popped out from underneath the covers, an inviting smile touching her lips. “Will you be so kind as to join me, sweet lady?”

I nodded, smiling myself. “Certainly, my dear. I see you've already started to warm up the bed for us. That is most considerate of you.” I ran, almost sprinted over to the bed and jumped on top of her, surprising Alecto and pinning her underneath me.

“Ah! No fair!” I simply grinned at her in response, not dignifying it with a verbal one. Instead, I planted a firm kiss on her pouting lips, which instantly melted it away from her features. A few moments of loving kisses later I managed to squirm into the soft covers, and Alecto happily snuggled up against my side. The mattress was made of some incredibly soft material that yielded just enough while giving support, and I already felt it drawing my over-stimulated, exhausted body into a deep, restful sleep. Even if only for a few hours, but with her next to me it really would be one of the best naps I had ever had.

I pulled her smaller form on top of me after a few more moments, wanting to feel the weight of her on my own body while we drifted off to sleep together. Our legs entwined once more, and we fell asleep like that in a tangle of limbs. My very last thoughts were of her, of the love I now knew we shared together, and how incredibly happy I was to know her, to have her be a part of my life, and me in hers. And it felt as if this was the start of a truly wonderful time of our lives, together, and if I could fall asleep like this, next to and mixed with her, every day I would be the happiest woman who ever explored the vast reaches of space.

To be continued

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