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TIMELINE: I took a minor liberty with the timeline here. This story takes place during the Season 5 episode ‘Kindred Spirit’, sometime after Xena and Joxer fake Joxer’s death but before Xena and Gabby head off to Egypt. I guess it riffs on the idea that they stick around the Amazon village a little bit longer.

ONE LAST THING… This is my first attempt at XWP fanfic, I’ve previously dabbled in other arenas, but I kept coming back to Xena. It’s taken me forever to get to this point, just because I have such deep reverence for both the characters and the actresses that play them. But this story just kinda tumbled out of me over the series of a couple of nights. If at least one other person ‘gets it’ then that’s enough for me. Thank you and enjoy…


By maclay

Gabrielle breathed deeply as she stepped out of the ceremonial hut, taking in the smells of the Amazon village around her. Night was fast approaching but some of the day’s warmth remained; the huts around the main square all glowed from the fires inside. As she walked back to the hut she shared with Xena she felt a great wave of contentment wash over her. The last few days had been wonderful; spending time with Eve and Xena, away from the prying eyes of the Gods that still sought revenge on a child that posed no threat but the one they had made up far back in the mists of time. As she approached her hut she saw the light from the hearth, the gentle breeze carried the inviting smells of roasting meat to her. She breathed in deep again, letting the scent mingle with the great pines that surrounded the clearing.

She paused as she reached the door, peering inside. She felt her heart warm as she saw Xena. The dark haired woman was staring into the fire, stirring the meal. A smile of amusement spread across Gabrielle’s face as she surveyed the scene, “Xena, cooking for me,” she thought, inwardly laughing at the role reversal.

Things had been strained between her and her warrior over the past few months. Running from the Gods had put pressure on the both of them, and the physical and mental exertion had taken it’s toll. But as Gabrielle watched Xena she felt a tiny spark of hope, a spark that had been growing ever since they had arrived in the village a few days ago.

“Maybe Xena can settle down,” she thought. She shrunk back into the shadows as the warrior turned to reach for some seasonings, she didn’t want Xena to see her, not yet, she just wanted to drink in the scene a little longer, imaging how things could be if Xena wanted to settle in the village.

All at once a cold breeze swept through the clearing, causing Gabrielle to shudder. She looked up at the night sky, the darkness had descended quickly, and the tiny pinprick stars offered little protection against the cold of the sky. The chill brought Gabrielle around. She knew, in her heart of hearts that Xena would not want to stay here much longer, she knew she must hand over her Amazon title and they must move on, facing the Gods again, living each day on a knife edge. She shrugged off her momentary sadness, looking back into the small window as Xena began to ladle the meal onto dishes. “Never mind,” she thought, “At least we had these few days of domestic bliss.”

After taking one last look at Xena, she opened the door and stepped into the welcoming warmth of the hut.


Xena knelt at the hearth, slowly stirring the stew that simmered gently. The irony of the past few days had not escaped her, but she secretly enjoyed playing the homely role. She would wear nought but a cloth and be a slave girl if it made Gabrielle happy. A smile passed over her lips as she imagined the places that might take them, but the smile was cut short by a sudden pang of sadness.

She looked into the fire again, trying to push rational thought from her mind, to lose herself in the flickering flame, but she could not escape the dark thoughts she had been having lately. Eve’s birth had been so hard on her and Gabrielle, all the running and the fighting…

Before all this, before Eve and the Gods and their stupid twilight, this was something her and Gabrielle could have had. A home, a hearth, a child of their own, a place were they belonged. But she knew things couldn’t stay this way, not now.

The heat from the fire dried the tears in her eyes before they had a chance to fall. She knew that she could never take Gabrielle from her path; she had tried to leave her, once before, but that hadn’t been the time. “This time it’s different,” she thought, “I can’t take all this away from her.”

Gabrielle had been so happy since they had arrived at the village; deny it though she might, she loved the Amazon Queen role. Xena smiled as she thought how far her bard had come, how strong, how independent she had grown… She turned away from the fire, running her sleeve over her face to catch the tears as she reached for some herbs. As she turned back to the meal she had lovingly prepared for her companion, something snapped within her, she knew what she must do, though it broke her heart to do it.

She stood up and reached for the dishes, ladling the rich meaty stew into them. As the steam rose from the plates, she heard the door open, and stiffened her jaw.


“Hi Honey, I’m home.” Gabrielle stepped through the doorway, shaking off the chill of the night air. As the warrior turned to face her she noticed the dark one’s flushed cheeks.

Gathering herself, Xena turned and smiled sarcastically as she set the dishes down on the table, “How was your day, dear?”

Gabrielle repaid Xena’s smile in kind as she stepped around the table to plant a delicate kiss on her love. She frowned slightly, certain that she felt Xena stiffen at her touch, leaning back she looked into Xena’s eyes, but all that met her gaze was a look of amusement. She shrugged her momentary doubt off and leaned in again, stealing another kiss.

Xena closed her eyes, moving into the kiss, trying to prolong it, her eyes remained closed as Gabrielle moved away, rubbing her hands as she surveyed the feast that awaited her on the table.

She flapped her hands as she sat down, “Oh, you know, the usual - Amazon law, ancient tradition, weapons practice, blah, blah, blah…” She trailed off, looking around the hut, “Hey, where’s Eve?”

Xena started slightly as she realised she had not heard a word the bard had said, “Huh?”

Gabrielle looked up at Xena, “Eve, you know, our child. Where is she?”

“Our child,” thought Xena, “She said ‘our child’”, once again she felt something tug at her heart. She pushed the feeling away as she sat down opposite Gabrielle.

“I left her with Eris and Rhea for the night. They insisted.”

The bard chuckled as she lifted a forkful; of stew to her mouth, “Yeah, they really love her.”

Gabrielle smiled at Xena as she savoured the rich taste in her mouth, she voiced her appreciation through her mouthful, “Mmmm.” She swallowed, pointing at Xena with her fork, “You really should cook more often.”

Xena frowned and looked down at her own plate, “Well, I’m glad you like it Gabrielle.”

The bard looked up from her meal. Xena rarely lost her appetite, but as she watched the warrior push her food around her plate, she felt a sinking feeling in her gut. She placed her fork down on the table and reached across to take Xena’s hand. Her fears were confirmed as she felt her love flinch at her touch.


Once again, Xena breathed deeply as she looked up into Gabrielle’s green eyes. The bard’s look of concern caused her to weaken, and she looked away again, desperately searching for the strength she knew she had to find, for both their sakes.

Gabrielle squeezed her hand gently, “Xena, what is it?”

Xena pulled her hand away from Gabrielle’s as she stood up from the table and walked over to the other side of the hut. Her meal forgotten, Gabrielle left the table and followed. She stood behind the warrior, unable to touch her for fear of upsetting her further.

“I can’t do this, Gabrielle.”

The bard had never heard her warrior sound so small, she suddenly felt her heart strain against her chest as a million and one signals she had tried to ignore came flooding back to her...

“Do what, Xena?”

Xena turned around slowly, both women looked into each other’s eyes, each searching for signs that used to be so easy to read. Xena began to speak again, her voice was louder this time, stronger, but her stature belied her confidence as she broke eye contact with the bard.

“I tried, Gabrielle. I tried the domestic thing. But it’s just not for me… I can’t stay here.” Her eyes flashed up quickly, trying to gauge the effect her words were having on the blonde one, she lowered them again, “If you want to stay you should. Maybe this is where you’re supposed to be. But I just can’t…”

Gabrielle stepped back, almost stumbling as she felt her body numb. “So you’re leaving me.”

Xena’s eyes shot back up to Gabrielle’s; the hurt in her love’s face cut through her heart. She spoke again, in the same, low even voice, “I want you to be happy, Gabrielle.”

“Xena, I-”

Xena cut her off, “No, wait, let me finish.” She was sure that if she stopped now she might lose her resolve completely, “I want you to be happy, I want you to stay here with the Amazons. I want you to be their queen… you belong here.”

“But, Xena, I-”

Xena took a step forward, taking Gabrielle by her shoulders and silencing her once again. She stared into the blonde one’s eyes, searching for that which she felt she had lost, but as Gabrielle broke the stare and lowered her head, all she could see was hurt.

She reached out and put a finger under her bard’s chin, gently lifting her head again, renewing the intense look between them. She sighed heavily before she continued.

“Gabrielle, I know that this has been coming. For a long time now I’ve known that we can’t carry on like this forever.”

Tears welled in Gabrielle’s eyes, “Could this really be?” she thought.

Xena’s thumb reached up to wipe a tear away from the bard’s cheek as she spoke again.

“Things between us have changed…” she closed her eyes, steeling her resolve. She had said goodbye so many times, but it had never been this difficult.

Gabrielle continued to stare up at her warrior, her vision blurred by tears, the huge lump in her throat prevented her from protesting.

Xena’s eyes opened to the sight of tears streaming down Gabrielle’s face. She swallowed hard and started again…

“Things between us have changed… since Eve.”

Gabrielle’s eyes flashed wide as her hands shot up to grasp Xena’s biceps. She finally found the strength to speak.

“Don’t say that Xena.” Tears sprang to her eyes anew, “How could you say that? I love Eve.”

Xena shook her head slightly as she reached up to cradle Gabrielle’s cheek with her hand. Her voice remained soft and even, belying the churning maelstrom of emotion within.

“Gabrielle, I know you love Eve, I’ve never doubted for a second that you love her as your own, but…”

For the first time her voice faltered, she let go of Gabrielle and turned away. The warrior didn’t know if she had the strength to say what she was about to; as if by saying it aloud, she was admitting to herself for the first time that it was really true.

Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s elbow and spun her back, bringing them face to face. A sad smile played across Xena’s lips in appreciation of Gabrielle’s actions. “She’s always been the strong one,” she thought. For though it was true that the warrior princess had fought warlords, kings, gods, villains and giants, Gabrielle had always had a strength that she did not; the strength to speak out about her feelings.

Gabrielle looked on as Xena inwardly struggled. The bard could always tell when her warrior was wrestling with her emotions, and she had always been able to voice them for her, to help her make sense of the constant conflict that raged within her. But not this time.

“Maybe she’s right,” Gabrielle thought, “Maybe things have changed between us.”

She looked up at Xena again, staring into her beautiful blue eyes, searching for something, anything.

“By the Gods. Have I really lost her?”

Finally finding the strength to speak, Xena broke the silence between them. “Gabrielle…” She felt the words catch in her throat, threatening to choke her, “I know you don’t love me anymore.”

Gabrielle stepped back in shock. Her calves hit the edge of the bed and she sat down heavily. Xena’s words had hit her like a staff to the gut. Her lungs tightened as she struggled to breathe. She stared up at Xena, her mouth and eyes wide open, disbelieving as the sentence rang in her ears.

For a moment, Xena was silent. She could tell that she had hurt Gabrielle with the truth. Blinking back tears, she tried to comfort her.

“It’s alright, Gabrielle. I knew that this would happen one day. You don’t have to feel guilty. I know that you still care about me, very much. But one of the saddest facts of life is that people fall out of love.”

Xena’s words rang hollow in Gabrielle’s ears. She knew that her friend was trying to comfort her, but hurt and anger forbade her to speak.

“Now that I have Eve, well, it’s unfair of me to expect you to…” Xena trailed off as she tried to decide how to phrase the next part of her speech so as not to hurt her love any further. She sighed and began again.

“I know that since I fell pregnant, you haven’t felt the same about me, and I understand. You never signed up to be a parent, and I know that you’re trying to make it up to me by giving me a home here, but I think I should just go. I don’t want to be a burden to you, Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle snapped as the word ‘burden’ fell on her ears with a clang. She sprang up from the bed.

“Burden? Xena, what are you talking about? You could never be a burden to me.” Her voice trembled as she fought back a new wave of determined tears.

Xena frowned, “Gabrielle, listen-”

“NO! No, Xena, YOU listen.” Gabrielle stabbed at Xena’s chest to emphasise her point. “How could you say that? How could you say that I don’t love you anymore?”

Tears streamed down her face as she moved closer to Xena. As she looked into the warrior’s eyes, another truth dawned on her…

“Or is this your way of trying to end it?”

All at once Xena’s world fell apart as she realised the terrible mistake she’d made. She looked down into Gabrielle’s face, now just inches from her own and saw the confusion and hurt that burned in her little one’s eyes.

“By the Gods,” she whispered, “How could I be so wrong?”

Gabrielle didn’t hear her, despite their proximity. By now the rage in her had deafened her to all but the sound of her heart pounding in her chest; panicked at the thought of losing her dark beauty, her warrior, her world. She continued speaking, indignation over-ruling logic.

“If you want to leave, Xena, then leave. But don’t you dare try to pin this on me.”

She reached out for her love, then stopped herself, bringing her arms down to her sides, forcing her hands into fists in a bid to restrain them.

“I love you Xena, Can’t you see that?”

Xena gave in to her emotions, her face crumpled as tears sprang into her azure eyes.

Gabrielle clenched her fists tighter; misreading the warrior’s tears as those of guilt. “I can’t comfort her.” she thought as she turned away.

Both women remained still for what seemed like an eternity, both lost in their own wretched pain. Hot, salty tears streamed down Xena’s face as she willed time to turn back so that she might erase what she’d said. Slowly she raised a hand and brought it to rest on Gabrielle’s shoulder. She gasped as she felt the bard tense at her touch.

“Gabrielle… I’m so sorry.”

Gabrielle clenched her jaw, “Don’t, Xena. Just… don’t.”

She couldn’t bring herself to face the warrior. Dropping her head she took a deep breath, trying desperately to hold her emotions in check. “Just go.”

Xena bit her bottom lip as she inwardly winced. Hesitantly, she leant into her blonde friend, placing her other hand on the bard’s hip. Again, Gabrielle stiffened at her warm touch, gasping as she felt hot breath on her ear.

Xena gulped, silently praying that Gabrielle wouldn’t shrug her off altogether. She had very rarely been wrong, and no mistake she’d ever made compared to this one.

“I don’t want to go.”

Gabrielle shuddered at the breathy voice in her ear. She instantly recollected all the dozens of times that this sensation had been a prelude to something delicious. She felt herself flush as she fought every natural instinct in her body. At the same time she registered the desire in Xena’s voice, and her brow furrowed in confusion.

“But Xena, you said-”

The warrior’s grip tightened on the bard’s hip. “Forget what I said. I’m sorry. I’m just so confused, Gabrielle.”

As Xena trailed off, the pleading tone in her voice piqued Gabrielle’s interest - the warrior sounded vulnerable. She put her hand on Xena’s and removed it from her shoulder. Then slowly turned around to face her. As she moved, Xena’s other hand slid across her back to rest on her other hip, and she licked her lips at the sensation. She reached up to cup Xena’s face in her hand.

“Xena, what’s wrong?”

As Xena’s eyes searched Gabrielle’s she found the love she thought she’d lost and tears welled in her eyes again as she felt her heart lift. She gently rubbed her cheek against Gabrielle’s hand, closing her eyes contentedly. The bard responded by slowly moving her thumb over Xena’s lips.

As they both leaned forward and their foreheads touched, Gabrielle whispered again, “Xena, what’s wrong?”

Xena sighed shakily as she felt months of pent up fears raise to the surface, straining to be voiced.

“Gabrielle, you have no idea how I’ve longed for this.”

Gabrielle smiled slightly, confused by the warrior’s statement.

“Longed for what?”

Xena opened her eyes, “For you to touch me this way again.”

Gabrielle swallowed hard as a wave of realisation flooded over her.

“You mean all this time you’ve wanted-”

Xena moved her face away from the bard’s, taking in her beautiful features; her cherub lips, her button nose and the crease in her forehead that that was never more obvious than when she was baffled, like right now. She reached up with both hands to cradle the shining face that had saved her from so much darkness and pain.

“Gabrielle, I never stopped wanting… But when I found out I was pregnant, and then told you… You stopped touching me the way you used to… I thought…”

Gabrielle’s thumb came to rest over Xena’s lips again, silencing her. A wistful smile played across her face as she shook her head.

“Xena, that’s not-” she sighed, “I didn’t-”

The bard looked down, gathering herself; desperately searching for the right words.

Xena had never felt so exposed, and she found her companion’s momentary befuddlement comforting.

Finally, Gabrielle looked back up.

“Xena, I’ve never been with a pregnant woman.” She shrugged, “Before you, I’d never been with any woman. I was scared, I didn’t want to hurt you… or the baby. I didn’t think you’d want to…”

She looked away again, and Xena smiled to herself as the crease above her nose deepened. Gabrielle continued, “Plus, I didn’t know, until the day I let Ares kill Eli…” her voice faded , as if the memory caused her physical pain.

Xena tilted her head as she lifted Gabrielle’s. Suddenly it all became clear.

“You thought there was a father.”

“Yes.” Gabrielle’s voice was small. She was ashamed that she had ever thought such a thing.

“Oh Gabrielle.” Xena’s arms dropped to the bard’s waist as she embraced her. Gabrielle gave in to Xena’s hold, melting into the warrior. A smile spread across her face as she realised how foolish she’d been.

Xena spoke into Gabrielle’s soft hair. “I’m so sorry you ever thought-”

“No Xena, I’m sorry. Sorry that I ever thought that… that you could…”

Xena moved her hands back up to Gabrielle’s shoulders and pulled away to look the bard in the eye.

“You never have to be sorry Gabrielle. Never… you’ve saved me in every way a person can save another person.”

The dark warrior bowed her head, inwardly making a decision. She looked back up at Gabrielle, her blue eyes sparkling with resolve.

“Gabrielle, when I thought I’d lost you, I felt I’d lost myself… So, if staying with you means staying here, then that's what I'll do."

A smile broke out across the bard’s face as she reached out to embrace the warrior again. Xena closed her eyes and leaned into her lover’s hold; she realised Gabrielle was shaking. “Oh Gods,” she thought, “Please let these be tears of happiness.”

Then she heard giggling, muffled against her strong shoulder. She pulled away and held the bard at arm’s length as she shook with laughter. Now it was Xena’s turn to be confused…


The bard’s laughter continued.


Hearing the tone in her lover’s voice, Gabrielle struggled to bring her giggles under control.

“Oh Xena, I’m sorry. It’s just-”

Xena suddenly felt hurt as the young blonde’s laughter returned. She removed her hands from around Gabrielle’s waist and crossed them over her ample bosom. Then she stepped back, waiting impatiently for Gabrielle to regain her composure.

Seeing the warrior assume such a stern stance caused something to stir in Gabrielle, and the laughter suddenly left her, as a familiar warmth took it’s place.

“I’m sorry Xena, but we both know you could never stay here.”

She walked toward her lover, head down, a mischievous glint in her eye. When she reached Xena, she put her hands on the dark one’s hips and pressed herself into her. She craned her neck, bringing her mouth close to Xena’s ear.

“It would be like caging a wild animal.”

Xena’s eyes closed as she shuddered at the feel of warm breath on her neck and the firm form of the bard pressed close against her. In an instant her arms were uncrossed. The two women became a sudden blur as she grabbed Gabrielle and spun her around, pushing her up against the wall of the hut.

They stared intensely at each other. Heaving breasts pressed against heaving breasts as their breathing quickened.

Gabrielle bit her bottom lip, desperately trying to control her overwhelming need.

Xena’s eyes dipped to take in the creamy curves of the bard’s breasts, rising and falling at an alarming rate. She dipped her head to kiss the young blonde, then pulled away quickly as Gabrielle moved to meet her. The bard whimpered slightly in protest.

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Xena moved in again. The two women moaned as the warrior caught Gabrielle’s bottom lip between her own, then slowly pulled away. They moved together again and lips met lips. Another moan escaped Gabrielle as she slowly opened her mouth to allow Xena’s inquisitive tongue entrance. Then all was lips and tongues, teeth and spit as the two women melted into each other in a long, luxurious kiss.

Suddenly Xena yelped as she felt Gabrielle’s hands grasp her buttocks. She pulled away. The momentary look of shock in her lover’s eyes amused Gabrielle and she ran her tongue over her teeth as she squeezed Xena’s butt harder.

A pouting smile played over Xena’s face as she raised an eyebrow at Gabrielle’s defiance. She had always been the aggressor before, but after so many months of lusting and misunderstandings, it was clear that Gabrielle had developed a few of her own ideas about their lovemaking.

Gabrielle held her provocative stance. For a moment she feared she had shocked Xena, but as she looked into her lover’s eyes she saw something else, something new. She had never seen Xena so overwhelmed with lust. She licked her lips as she tried not to give in to it.

Xena watched as the bard’s soft tongue poked out and ran lazily over her bottom lip, before making a languid retreat. She looked up again into Gabrielle’s deep green eyes and the desire inside her pushed harder against the place between her legs. Every one of her warrior senses heightened as she felt every movement of the young blonde against her. She felt her ragged breathing, the solid thud of her heartbeat. She looked down at the bard’s neck and saw the rise and fall of her pulse. She closed her eyes and breathed in, shuddering at the intoxicating scent of her lover; sweat tinged with the musky scent of arousal.

Gabrielle remained perfectly still as she watched the warrior taking all of her in. She was right, Xena was a wild animal…

Suddenly, Xena opened her eyes, Gabrielle looked up at her expectantly, wondering if she was ready to give what Gabrielle wanted so much to take. Xena moved closer, speaking into the bard’s hair.

“You know, Gabrielle, you’re right…”

She paused to take a deep sniff of the bard’s silky tresses - the smell of heat and desire pushed her on. Gabrielle’s breathing quickened as she felt she might explode with wanting. Then Xena spoke again.

“… I am a wild animal.”

She nearly growled the words as she ducked her head down again to meet Gabrielle’s mouth in a fierce kiss. A pained sigh escaped Gabrielle’s lips as she bought her hands up to Xena’s strong shoulders; lust fought with want as she willed herself to do what she knew she must…

It was Xena’s turn to whimper as Gabrielle pushed her away. The dark warrior feigned confusion, but she knew exactly what was going to happen as the bard used all her remaining resolve to switch places with the warrior, spinning them both around so that it was now she who had the upper hand.

Pinning Xena against the wall she reached around and tore open the back of  Xena’s Amazon dress. Then, grabbing the collar, she pulled, tearing the cloth from the warrior’s body. Gabrielle’s breath caught in her throat as her eyes fell on the treasure she had uncovered…

Raven black hair fell around powerful shoulders, giving way to magnificent, firm breasts. Beneath those lay a beautifully toned abdomen, which tapered down to…

Gabrielle’s eyes flowed over the glorious sight, taking in her lover’s flushed chest, nipples straining to be touched. Her eyes widened as they fell on Xena’s soft, dark mound.

As Gabrielle continued her visual assault, Xena remained composed, but the glistening curls between her legs betrayed her cool exterior. Gabrielle knew that Xena wanted her, and she was right; inside, Xena was aflame for the bard.

A wave of power surged over Gabrielle as she realised how her warrior burned for her. She reached up and grabbed the back of Xena’s head; her fingers tugging gently on the dark tresses. Slowly, she pressed the length of her body against her lover. Both women gasped at the sensation - with one naked and one clothed, limited points of contact aroused both women further as Xena delighted in the feel of rough cloth against her breasts and Gabrielle shuddered at the warmth of her stomach pressed against Xena’s.

Gabrielle nipped gently at the flesh on Xena’s neck, then bit lightly on her earlobe, before crushing her mouth against the warrior’s in a punishing kiss. With her other hand she grabbed a firm breast, rubbing her palm over the hardened nub before pinching it gently between thumb and forefinger.

Suddenly, Gabrielle pulled away, keeping her face close to her lover’s so that both could feel the warm breath of the other as they panted with desire. Xena strained momentarily against Gabrielle’s grasp, desperate for the kiss to continue. The struggle caused her hair to further intertwine around the bard’s fingers, tugging at her scalp. She gritted her teeth in pleasure at the sharp pain.

Gabrielle observed Xena’s exertion. She knew it was taking every bit of restraint the warrior had not to throw her down on the floor and take her. Just the thought of it made the bard light headed. Similarly, every nerve in her body was crying out to touch her dark angel. The bard didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. Mustering her resolve, she spoke.

“That’s right, Xena. You’re a wild animal.”

Xena’s heart stilled at the tone in her lover’s voice - wanton and lustful. She couldn’t take it anymore; she knew that Gabrielle was running this show, but the pulsing fire between her legs drove her now.

Gabrielle watched as Xena took hold of the hand that had been resting on her breast, she spoke as she moved it up to her mouth, gently bending her pinkie and ring finger.

“Gabrielle, I may be a wild animal…”

The bard moaned at the feel of Xena’s mouth closing around her fingers, her tongue moving over them, she pulled the hand away with a sucking motion, and began to move it down…

“… but I’m your wild animal…”

Gabrielle’s breathing quickened as Xena held her hand a hairs breadth away from her - the heat radiating from between her legs was scorching, and the young blonde suddenly became even more aware of the throbbing between her own legs. She snapped back to reality as Xena spoke once more, “… so tame me.”

With that Xena pushed Gabrielle’s fingers between her folds. They both cried out.

Immediately, Gabrielle found the spot she was looking for. Her fingers moved easily through the slick juices as she rubbed Xena’s throbbing clit.

Instinctively, the bard pushed her thigh between Xena’s, feeling the moistness of her lover. The warrior moved her leg slightly and Gabrielle cried out as her firm thigh found its position. A slight grunt escaped Xena as they both fell into a rhythm.

At once all became exertion. Xena reached down and dug her fingertips into Gabrielle’s butt, urging her on. Gabrielle looked up and Xena’s eyes met hers, the warrior let out a small whimper, “Please, Gabrielle… Please… Now.”

Gabrielle needed no further encouragement, she slowed her pace as she found her lover’s dripping centre. The warrior let put an almost feral moan as the bard slid her fingers in up to the first knuckle then withdrew them quickly. Xena looked at her again pleadingly. “Please, Gab - oooh.”

The bard cut her short as she pushed inside of her, deeper this time, then pulled out again. Xena’s head swam; she wasn’t sure how much more she could take…

Gabrielle continued to massage the warrior’s clit with her thumb, all the while holding her fingers poised over her entrance. She stared up at Xena, mesmerised by her beauty; sweat glistened on her forehead and her eyes flashed with pleasure. She felt the dark one’s hands pressed against her behind, urging her on.

Gabrielle knew that she loved this woman more than her own life and the thought that right now she held her on the threshold of unspeakable pleasure was all it took to bring the bard to the edge of her own precipice.

Slowly, she shifted her position over Xena’s thigh, making sure not to break the rhythm of her assault on Xena’s clit. The two women moaned in unison as Gabrielle found the perfect spot, soaking Xena anew with her juices. Then she began to grind. Her eyes closed and her head fell forward onto her lover’s shoulder as she felt the pressure build.

Xena let go of Gabrielle’s butt and moved one hand onto her lower back. She brought the other one to rest on the back of the bard’s neck, soaked with sweat from exertion. As her lover moved against her, she felt she was floating, standing on the edge of a cliff and begging to fall. With her last ounce of strength she grabbed Gabrielle’s hair and pulled her head back.

Their lips met in a lusty, breathless kiss as each lost herself in the other. Heads swam, delirious with pleasure. Gabrielle wasn’t sure she could go on, but as Xena moaned into her open mouth she found the last of her reserves.

Xena cried out as the blonde broke away from the kiss. The cry was cut short as she noticed the intensity in Gabrielle’s eyes - this ride was nearly over.

“Give yourself to me, Xena.”

Another cry ripped through Xena, she wasn’t sure she could form words anymore, but another part of her willed her to speak.

“Come with me, Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle smiled as tears of pure love and joy sprang into her eyes. How long had it been? Gods how she had wanted her warrior all these months…


Xena panicked, afraid she’d lost her bard, but as their eyes met again she knew in her heart that she hadn’t; that she never would…

Gabrielle stared into Xena’s eyes, a million unspoken words of desire passed between them as they moved together.

“I’m here, Xena… now let me tame you.”

Xena’s cries caught in her throat as another part of her strained for release. The warrior and the bard became one - the exquisite agony of teetering on the brink of ecstasy pushed all rational thought from their minds. The evenings’ argument was forgotten along with all the months of wanting as Gabrielle drove Xena on and on, closer and closer.

All either woman could hear over the rapid thud of their heartbeats was two words, over and over, “My love, my love, my love…”

It was Xena, crying out; the words rang in Gabrielle’s ears. As she felt her own release begin she plunged her fingers into Xena’s centre, quickly drawing them out and thrusting them in again and again.

As Gabrielle began to cry out, every inch of Xena stiffened, succumbing to the purest, most delicious pleasure she had ever known. The bard’s juices drenched the warrior’s thigh as the warrior’s centre drowned the bard’s hand. Each woman pulled the other into her as they shuddered in exaltation…


Slowly, the two women came around. Xena stroked Gabrielle’s hair, rousing the young blonde from her post-orgasmic trance. They were both sat on the floor of the hut now, where they’d collapsed when they came. A still naked Xena held Gabrielle, their legs intertwined. Both women were slick with sweat and each other’s juices. Gabrielle had never even removed her clothing and her Amazon garb stuck to her now.

The bard rose her head, lifting it from Xena’s shoulder where it rested. For a moment, the lovers stared at each other, uncertain of what to say.

Xena swept a damp strand of hair out of Gabrielle’s eyes. The blonde saw the apologetic look in her eyes as she began to speak.

“Gabrielle, I-”

Gabrielle shook her head as she brought her fingers up to Xena’s lips to silence her. She noticed a momentary haze pass over the warrior’s face, then realised Xena could still smell herself on her fingers. Their eyes met and Xena blushed slightly as she realised she’d been caught. The moment  lightened as the tension between them broke.

Gabrielle snuggled into her warrior, still warm from the evening’s exertions. Xena reciprocated, reaching for her torn Amazon dress and wrapping it around the bard. They stayed that way for a few moments as Xena felt Gabrielle’s pulse slow. Her breathing evened as she approached sleep. Ever so gently, the warrior stood up, lifting the bard with her. She moved over to the bed and lowered her lover down softly, bringing the covers up around her chin. Then she stood and watched the bard drift off, her body humming with love renewed.

Just as Xena felt herself succumbing to her weariness, Gabrielle sat up and looked over at her. Suddenly aware that she was still naked, the warrior reached for a blanket.


She stopped in her tracks as she looked over to see the bard remove the last of her sweaty clothing then pull back the sheets. Gabrielle looked back at her love.

“Come to bed.”

As Xena lay down behind the bard, she thrilled at the feel of flesh on flesh. They were both exhausted from the evening, but Xena sighed contentedly as she snuggled against Gabrielle, thinking of all the days to come - no matter where they went they would always have this bond. She rested a hand on her companion’s hip and felt the young woman’s fingers interlace with her own and pull her hand down to a warm stomach. Xena knew she was home.



“I love you.”

Gabrielle yawned as she rolled over to face Xena, her cheeks were still flushed and satisfaction radiated from her.

“I love you too, Xena.”

Tired as she was, Xena felt emotion welling up in her again.

“I nearly lost you, didn’t I?”

Gabrielle smiled that wise-beyond-her-years smile.

“Xena, you could never lose me… I’ll always find you.”

She leant forward and kissed the warrior on the tip of her nose, then closed her eyes.

Xena watched her, and as Gabrielle drifted into a contented sleep, the warrior felt the weight of a thousand fears lift from her shoulders. She leant forward and whispered into her love’s ear, “And I will always find you, Gabrielle.”

As the stars dropped low over the Amazon village and night tipped its cap to the dawn, both women slept an untroubled sleep, wrapped in the arms of her soul mate.


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