Written By: Marcia


Disclaimer : The characters from the TV show “Xena Warrior Princess” belong to Studio USA/Renaissance Pictures/Universal. No infringement on their rights is intended.

Subtext : In this short story, subtext definitely becomes main text. If that's offensive to you, then by all means, stop reading now. This story depicts a consensual sexual relationship between two women.

Violence : No

Language : No

Acknowledgement : Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, who endures my endless Xena Warrior Princess DVD marathons without complaints (mostly).

Summary : Xena and Gabrielle take advantage of a generous offer for accommodations at an inn for a night. They share a blissful evening rediscovering each other, mind, body, and soul.


Xena and Gabrielle are especially happy to have found an opening at an inn for the night. They have been traveling and making camp for a few days now and truly desire a break from nature and its elements.

“This is turning out to be your lucky night Gabrielle,” says Xena with a devious smirk.

“My thoughts exactly,” says Gabrielle with a wide smile. “You may just have to add oracle to your ever growing list of many skills!”

Xena playfully pokes Gabrielle in the ribs and they both burst into laughter.

After getting Argo II settled into the stables, Xena and Gabrielle head back to their quarters. The accommodations are much nicer than they are accustomed to. Xena once helped the residents of this town battle a crazed warlord. The innkeeper remembers her good deed and offers them private quarters for the evening, free of charge. It's a small cottage, separate from the main inn, and even comes equipped with a private bath. The innkeeper even offers to have their diner order brought to the cottage.

“Xena, this is bliss. This cottage is so beautiful. Do you think one day we will settle down and have some place like this of our own?” says Gabrielle anxiously anticipating Xena's answer.

“Mmmmmm…..maybe… you'd be surprised what you might get if you ask nicely,” says Xena.

“Just remember you said that,” says Gabrielle with a wink and a smirk.

Xena unpacks the saddle bags and Gabrielle reads the dinner offerings that are scrawled across a piece of parchment paper she finds on a table in the cottage. She licks her lips and lets out a low moan.

Xena gazes at her beautiful partner with a playful grin and says, “Wow! I haven't even laid a hand on you yet, and you are already moaning like that. “

“Oh no Xena, you are not getting off that easy. You will definitely be laying your hands upon me tonight…all over me as a matter of fact.”

Xena shoots her a look and Gabrielle smiles and goes back to reading the menu. She is pleased with all of the dinner options. She begins reading the menu aloud to Xena. Xena's ears perk up more and more as each option is read aloud from across the room.

“Mmmmm, you're right. Everything sounds yummy. Tonight is your night Gabs. Order whatever you like.”

“Anything, well in that case, hmmmm….”

Xena interrupts, “Lets not order too much though, there are some things on my personal menu that I would like to order tonight as well.”

“Xena!” says Gabrielle blushing.

No matter how many times she hears Xena's declarations of desire towards her, she blushes and becomes slightly embarrassed. As Xena finishes unpacking the last saddle bag, Gabrielle thinks back over their life together. She remembers the traveling, the fighting, conquering death, bringing down the Gods, battling demons, and of course, the laughter and passion.

Gabrielle's thoughts suddenly turn dark. A look of worry and concern spreads across her face.

“Xena,” says Gabrielle in a low tone.

Xena walks across the room to join Gabrielle at the table where she is sitting.


She slides the second chair very close to Gabrielle and gazes into her eyes.

“Yeeeessssss,” says Xena in a mischievous tone.

Gabrielle stares at Xena intensely.

“Xena this is serious,” says Gabrielle.

“Ok, I'm all ears,” says Xena with a worried look.

Gabrielle continues to stare at Xena with a very serious expression. Xena realizes that Gabrielle has something important to disclose, so she immediately changes her demeanor to a more serious one.

“What is it? Is everything ok?” Xena says with deep concern.

Gabrielle grabs Xena's hand and strokes it gently, never breaking eye contact. Before Gabrielle begins to speak again, she stares for several moments into the beautiful blue eyes of her faithful companion.

“Xena, I just want to tell you how much I love you. We have been through so much over the years. More than many people go through over their entire life time. We have enjoyed some absolutely amazing times together. We have fought for the greater good by taking down war lords, rescuing people from slavers, battling the Gods, clashing with demons. We have died and been brought back to life many times. Lately, I've just been worried about how many times we can actually cheat death. I know that I want to be with you for eternity. After this life is over, I have no doubt that we will still be together. You are my soul mate and I just want to be with you forever. I love you.”

Xena's eyes are glistening with tears. Her eyes can no longer contain the tears and they stream from her eyes. She continues to stare into the gorgeous green eyes of the woman that she is so madly in love with. She takes both of Gabrielle's hands into her own and holds them firmly. She stares at her beautiful companion and her mind is flooded with vivid memories of their life together. She moves her chair even closer to Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle, as you know, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I value the time that we have had together more than you will ever know. You are my heart. Without you, I could not go on living. I know that you worry about the finality of our lives, but you can't live your life thinking that each rumble could be the last. We have made it through so much, and we will continue to make it through. You are my life, and I'm not ready to let “my life” go anytime soon. Count on it.”

Gabrielle can't help but smile at the words that Xena has just spoken. It took Xena many years to feel comfortable sharing her inner most feelings and displaying her emotions. It still sometimes surprises Gabrielle when Xena truly speaks from the heart.

Gabrielle slides her chair back and stands up. She stands behind Xena and gives her a neck and shoulder massage. Xena instantly relaxes and she closes her eyes, enjoying her soul mate's touch.

Xena's words have put Gabrielle's mind at ease for now.

“You know, somehow, you are always able to make me feel better,” says Gabrielle as she continues to massage Xena's neck and shoulders.

“But, I guess its time for me to run our dinner order to the inn's restaurant...” She clears her throat and then continues to speak, “because I have definitely not forgotten about the other items on your personal menu that we have to get around to,” Gabrielle says playfully.

“Oh yes, believe me, I have not forgotten either,” says Xena beaming.

Gabrielle grabs a quill and quickly scribbles their orders onto a piece of parchment. She then takes it to the restaurant and returns to their private quarters.

Xena is looking out of the window when Gabrielle re-enters the room.

“Dinar for your thoughts?” Gabrielle says.

“You will find out soon enough, my love,” Xena says.

Xena removes her breast plate, chakram, her sword, and scabbard and places them on a table. She then places an arm around Gabrielle's waist. They stand side by side, embraced, staring out of the window admiring the surroundings before them.

Moments later, there's a knock at the door. “Room service,” calls out a male voice, loudly.

Xena carefully approaches the door and opens it. The gentleman pushes in a cart filled with the delicious items they have ordered.

“Now this is what I call service!” yells Gabrielle.

The gentleman looks at Gabrielle and gives her a shy smile.

Xena gives him a harsh stare.

“Will that be all, um, ladies?” he stutters.

“This will do it. Thanks.” says Xena firmly.

Xena and Gabrielle are alone again. They eat their meal, while gazing longingly at each other between bites. After so many years, there still exists such sexual tension between the two.

“Amazing meal,” Gabrielle declares.

“Now, I am so ready for my dessert,” Gabrielle says with a gleeful glance at Xena.

“Soon, Gabrielle, soon,” says Xena as she stares deeply into her lovers eyes.

Gabrielle stacks the dirty dishes back onto the cart as Xena arranges the candles around the tub of their private bath. The bath was already pre-filled with water, but Xena adds hot water from the huge pot boiling over the fire in the fireplace.

Gabrielle leers at the tall, muscular woman that she so deeply loves. “Gods, I love her so,” she says softly to herself.

Gabrielle is sitting on the bed. She removes the sais from her boots, and then takes them off. Xena walks towards her and Gabrielle stands. Xena embraces Gabrielle and hugs her tightly before pulling away and gazing with sheer adoration into Gabrielle's eyes. She kisses her gently at first. Then she kisses her with incredible passion, as Gabrielle melts in her arms and returns the kiss with equal passion.

“You make me feel so good. It's hard to imagine living my life without your touch. It's a good thing I was persistent and basically forced you into taking me with you all those years ago.” Gabrielle states.

“That was the one time I was willingly coerced, ya know. It wasn't easy for me to succumb,” says Xena with a sinister smirk.

“But enough chatter Gabrielle, as promised, I've got some things on my personal menu I'd like to indulge,” says Xena.

Xena leads Gabrielle towards the bath. She turns Gabrielle facing away from her and kisses the back of her neck. She then spins Gabrielle facing towards her and removes her top, followed by her skirt and underwear. Xena then removes her own boots, leathers, and undergarments.

“What a vision! And to think, you're all mine,” exclaims Gabrielle anticipating Xena's touch.

“Yes. I'm all yours,” Xena states.

Xena steps into the bath and extends her hand to Gabrielle. She takes a cloth and lathers it with soap. She sensually washes every inch of Gabrielle's body, as Gabrielle moans and shivers at her soul mate's touch. Xena stops washing Gabrielle for a few moments and pulls her in for another deeply passionate, intense kiss. Gabrielle runs her fingertips gently up and down Xena's back. This causes Xena to kiss her more intensely.

Gabrielle pulls away, “It's so strong- my feelings for you, the way you make my body feel, the way I yearn for your touch,” Gabrielle murmurs.

“Tonight Gabrielle, I re-dedicate myself to you, mind, body, and soul.”

Gabrielle grabs the cloth and lathers it. She bathes Xena, leaving no part of her body untouched. Xena groans as Gabrielle washes her breasts, paying extra attention to her erect nipples. Gabrielle then guides the cloth below the surface of the water to wash Xena's excited center. Xena moans, then grabs Gabrielle and pulls her close. The lovers can not prolong their desire any longer.

Xena and Gabrielle exit the bath and quickly dry off gazing at each other through passionate eyes. Xena picks up Gabrielle and carries her to the bed, kissing her every step of the way. She places Gabrielle onto the bed and climbs on top of her. She can feel the moistness between Gabrielle legs and smell the aroma of her arousal. She kisses Gabrielle's neck. Then, Xena kisses her breasts and sucks her nipples. Gabrielle writhes beneath her.

“I want to feel your tongue inside of me…your fingers inside of me… please Xena, please,” Gabrielle begs, eyes rolling back into her head.

Xena parts Gabrielle's lips and licks circles around her hardened knob. Gabrielle moans in ecstasy. Xena then slips two fingers inside of Gabrielle and rhythmically slides them in and out. Gabrielle moves her hips with the rhythm of Xena's movements. Xena continues this pattern for a while and Gabrielle continues to writhe with satisfaction. Gabrielle's body suddenly convulses and she expels a loud yell, followed by a deep satisfied moan.

“I love you Xena,” whispers Gabrielle.

“I love you too Gabrielle,” Xena whispers back.

Xena collapses next to Gabrielle and the two lovers lay snuggled together for a several moments, before Gabrielle pulls herself on top of Xena and kisses her with great zeal and passion.

“And now, for MY dessert,” Gabrielle says with a mischievous expression.

Gabrielle pulls Xena's legs off the side of the bed before dropping to her knees. She runs her fingers down the length of Xena's thighs. She then makes her way to the throbbing wet spot between Xena's legs.

“Ohhhh, you are so wet,” Gabrielle says in a low voice.

She revels in the knowledge that Xena's body responds this way to her touch.

Gabrielle massages Xena's slippery center as Xena moans and sinks her head deeper into pillows on the bed. She massages Xena's knob faster and Xena's body writhes with utter delight. Gabrielle senses that Xena is nearing climax and she slows down her massage and stops.

“I want to taste you,” Gabrielle whispers.

Gabrielle spreads Xena's legs and places her lips around Xena's moist center. She gently kisses it. Then she extends her tongue and licks circles around it. Xena moans as Gabrielle stokes her with her tongue. Within moments her vagina erupts.

“Ahhh, Gabrielle, see what you do to me.”

Gabrielle stands up and climbs into bed with Xena. They lay there silently, basking in the afterglow of love.

Several moments pass and they are still spooning, with blissful expressions upon their faces.

“Xena,” says Gabrielle.

“Hmmmm,” Xena responds.

“I'm so glad we came here. We really needed this,” says Gabrielle, exhausted.

“I'm so glad you stalked me and forced me into taking you along all those years ago,” says Xena with a smile.

Gabrielle playfully pokes Xena in the side.

“We are going to be together forever Gabrielle, because I'm not gonna let you go,” Xena says through teary eyes.

Xena and Gabrielle lay there snuggled together, each reminiscing about their life together and looking forward to making new memories and building a future together.

“So Gabrielle, do you still fantasize about finding someplace to settle down and call home?” asks Xena.

“What? Did you bang your head or something?” Gabrielle asks teasingly. “Xena, the Warrior Princess speaking of settling down. I must be dreaming!” Gabrielle says.

“Ha! Ha! You are such a funny lady. I didn't say we won't be still fighting for the greater good and all that good stuff. I just thought you would enjoy a place to call home. You know, find a little place somewhere that we can always come back to and call our own,” Xena says. “A vacation home of sorts,” Xena says with a snicker.

“I thought you'd never ask. Of course! I would love that!” Gabrielle shouts.

Gabrielle pulls Xena in and kisses her. Xena returns the kiss with fiery passion.

Xena pulls away and gazes lovingly at Gabrielle. “The night is young. I've got a few more things I'd like to indulge in from MY menu” Xena says.

Gabrielle blushes as Xena begins making love to her again.


The End

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