The Editor

I walked into her office. She was dressed in a blue business suit and was sexy, that is, until she opened her mouth. She was on the phone with another writer and I could tell by the tone in her voice that I would be the next to catch hell. I submitted the 5th draft of a story I had written, with changes that she had suggested. It really pissed me off that she thought she could tell me how my story should go.

She was straight but she knew that I wasn't. She was cool with it, though, and said that she was an "honorary" lesbian. I remember thinking "WTF"?! How can a woman be an "honorary" lesbian and asked her. She then proceeded to pull out a laminated card that "proved" she was an honorary lesbian. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, okay, whatever.

She had been worse than nails on a chalkboard since her husband had been called away overseas three weeks earlier. I, for one, would be so glad when he came home. She definitely needed to get laid. I knew she didn't masturbate because of her Catholic upbringing, or so she said. She thought she would burn in hell if she did. I thought I was in hell every time that I had to deal with her as my editor.

She finished her phone call and picked up my story. I stood there as she read it. She didn't have to say a word. I had learned by now what the silence meant, what different looks meant. I handed her another copy. She didn't like this one either. This went on until I gave her the last one I had, which was the original. She read over it, looked at me and said, "Now why didn't you do it like this to begin with?"

"I did. That is the original one I submitted," I grumbled.

She took out a copy she had and read it.

"I'm sorry," she said. "You're right, this is the original. I've been a little out of it lately. I miss my husband terribly."

"Forget it," I said. "It's not a big deal, but from now on, don't tell me how to write lesbian erotica. I'm the lesbian, not you. I know how it goes."

She got up from her desk and walked over to look out the window. She placed her hands on her shoulders, as if she were trying to massage them herself.

"I really envy you," she stated.

I looked at her for a moment before I responded.

"Envy me? What do you mean?" I asked guardedly.

"You have no problems when it comes to sex and making sure you're satisfied."

I stood there for a moment.

"What in the hell are you talking about now?" I wanted to know.

"I've seen you in action," she replied. "If one doesn't do it for you, then you have no problem moving on to the next."

By this time she had me totally confused.

"What are you saying, that your husband doesn't satisfy you?" I asked.

"My husband satisfies me just fine. You know that I'm straight and that I would never be with another man but your writing turns me on. I wish I was brave enough to take care of myself but because of my upbringing I can't even do that."

Okay, now what in the hell was she getting at? Did she want me to satisfy her? We had been friends for a long time and it wasn't unusual for us to cut up and goof around, but nothing about crossing the line had ever been discussed. We had never even gotten close to the line, much less talked about crossing it.

"Why read it if it's going to leave you like this?" I asked.

"Like what?"

"Like the editor from hell. We've known each other for a while so I'm not taking things you say personally, but if you can't pleasure yourself and my writing turns you on, then why read it at all?"

"Because you are a good writer. I know that you can touch depths unknown to others or that you can just write something that is funny."

I noticed that her hands had not left her shoulders. This was my friend I was taking to, not my editor, so I walked up behind her and started massaging her shoulders for her.

"That feels so good," she said, as she laid her head back.

"Just relax. I will take care of you," I told her.

I had wanted to massage her many times, but this isn't the type of massage I had in mind. I had never hidden my attraction to her, and I knew she wouldn't cross the line, so I had to take what I could get.

"I will be so glad when the day is over. This is Friday. Josh called earlier to say that he won't be home for another two weeks. Since we don't have to work tomorrow, would you like to go to a bar tonight for some drinks? You know, just to hang out?"

"Okay," I said, "but I've got to go home and shower first. Where do you want me to meet you and at what time?"

"Why don't I follow you home, wait for you to get ready, and then you can go with me?"

"You're going to bring me home after we leave the bar?" I asked.

"Unless you're willing to stay at my place. I'm tired of going home to an empty house and would just like some company."

"Okay," I said as I looked at my watch. "It's time to get out of here anyway, so I will meet you in the parking lot."

I went back to my office and got my things together, closed and locked my door and headed for the elevator. She met me on the way. We rode down in silence. When we got to the parking lot I told her I would wait so that she could just pull in behind me.

When we got to my place, I told her it shouldn't take me long in the shower and to just make herself at home. This wasn't the first time she had been here, so she knew where everything was.

I got in the shower and washed my hair. I was rinsing the shampoo out of it and when I turned around from under the water, I got the shock of my life. Standing in the shower with me was Valerie.

She didn't say a word, but turned me so that the water was hitting my back and not her. I just looked at her. I didn't break eye contact. My mind was reeling. What was she doing? What did she want? Although I knew the answers, I still couldn't believe it.

She lifted a hand to my face and slid it into my hair and down to my neck. She pulled me closer for a kiss. I let her place her lips to mine but I made no move to return the kiss.

"What's wrong? I know that you're attracted to me. Don't you want this?" she asked.

"This would be adultery on your behalf. It wouldn't be any different than you

masturbating," I stated matter of factly.

"I have masturbated, but it was only once. I didn't want to admit it to anyone, not even to myself, but I have."

"So," I said, "you have gotten 'brave enough' as you call it?"

"Yes, I got 'brave enough'. Josh and I had phone sex, but that wasn't enough. It only made my desire worse. I'm already going to burn in hell, so what difference does it make now?"

"It makes a difference to Josh, I'm sure."

"I told you that Josh called. What I didn't tell you was that he and I had discussed it and he is okay with it as long as I'm only with you."

My jaw dropped open. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Valerie had obviously lost her mind. I turned my back to her and reached for the soap.

As I was soaping up my body, she wrapped her arms around me. She cupped my breasts and I felt myself getting wet, and it wasn't from the shower. I turned to face her once more.

"Have you ever been with another woman, Valerie?"

"No, but I've always heard that there is a first time for everything."

I finished my shower, still wondering if I should take the chance. I didn't want to ruin the friendship I had with her, or Josh, but I wanted her, and she wasn't making it easy for me to say no.

I walked into the bedroom to get dressed so we could go out. She stopped me.

"If you don't want me, then just say so," she said.

She had put me on the spot.

"I do want you, Valerie, and you know it, but I don't want to lose the friendship that I have with you and Josh."

"I told you that Josh said it would be okay as long as you're the only one I'm with. He loves your stories as much as I do because of the way they turn me on. Your last one really turned me on. I want to experience what it is like to be with you just once."

This was all it took to make me lose control because she had reached for my breasts once again as she was talking to me. I ran my fingers through her hair as I pulled her in for a kiss. I ran my tongue along her lips, and when she parted them, I drove my tongue deep into her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I picked her up and carried her toward the bed.

"How will I know what to do?" she asked nervously.

"Don't worry," I told her "just follow your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable touching me, then don't. Just let me pleasure you."

She rolled her eyes to this remark and I knew that I would be pleasured as well.

I laid Valerie on the bed as I kissed her once more. Since we were both still naked from the shower, I gently stroked her sides as I lay down next to her. I slowly moved my hands upwards, over her abdomen until I reached her breasts.

I stopped long enough to look at them. I had fought the desire to look until now. She had the most amazing breasts. They were perfectly shaped, with the nipples already hard and thrusting out. I cupped them, letting my hand mold those beautiful globes. I gently ran a finger over a nipple and was rewarded with a moan of approval. I lowered my mouth to run my tongue around the globe. Finally, I took a nipple into my mouth. As I began to suckle it, she grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her. I changed breasts and gave the other one the same treatment.

I let my hands drift over her abdomen once more, only lower this time. I gently caressed her hips, moving to her inner thighs.

"You don't have to be so gentle. One of the things about Josh that turns me on so much is that he is but isn't gentle, if you know what I mean."

I knew what she meant. She wanted something but wasn't sure what. I kissed my way down to her mound and wasted no time in burying my face between her legs. As my tongue parted her lips and drove deep into her, she grabbed my head once more and I heard "yesssss" come from her. I stroked with my tongue several times before moving up to her clit. I flattened my tongue and began to lick it as I thrust two fingers deep within her. She began humping my face and I got up. She gave me a confused look.

"Hang on a second," I said as I reached into the drawer of my nightstand and brought out the purple bullet.

Her eyes lit up and I knew that Josh had used it on her before.

I clipped it to her clit and turned it on as I slid two fingers in. I laid so that I could suck her nipples. After about ten minutes of this, she let out a scream that she was coming. I already knew that because I could feel her tighten around my fingers. She grabbed my head and pressed me tightly to her breasts as her first orgasm shook her.

I removed the bullet from her clit and slid it into her, at an angle, so it would definitely find her g-spot. I then placed my tongue on her clit. I began a rhythm of strokes, both with my tongue and the bullet, that had her pleading for more. When the next orgasm hit her, she clamped her thighs so tightly around my head, I thought it was in a vice. After about the eighth orgasm, she told me that she'd had enough - for now.

I told her that I needed another shower before we went out. She asked me why. I told her to look at me. I had her juices all over me. She said okay, but that after we went out it would be her turn. I showered and dressed. We went out for a few hours and then went back to her house. I knew this would be what she termed as my turn for pleasure.

We went inside and she led me straight to her bedroom. She had been drinking so she had plenty of "liquid courage." I asked if she was sure this was what she wanted. She silenced me with a kiss as she ripped my shirt off. She reached behind me to unfasten my bra. She fumbled with the clasp so I undid it for her. She pulled it off and just looked at my breasts, like this was the first time that she had seen them. She reached out and touched one.

I knew that even though she had her "courage", she was still nervous.

I forced myself to stand still. Feeling her hands on my body was becoming unbearable. I was already soaked and I knew it. I had wanted this woman and now I had her.

She lowered her lips to my breasts and licked, kissed and sucked until my knees were ready to give. I led her to the bed and reached for her but she said no, that it was now my turn. She ran her hands over my body, getting used to the difference between Josh and myself. I knew what she was doing, so I kept quiet, even though she was driving me insane with want.

When she reached my pants, she unbuttoned and unzipped them. I lifted up so that she could slide them off of me after I kicked off my boots. She ran her hands back up my legs, obviously enjoying the fact that she knew she was torturing me. She slid my thong off of me and lightly kissed her way back up.

When she reached the apex of my legs, she stopped and just stared at me. I didn't move. She nervously ran her hand over my pubic hairs. I let out a moan at feeling her touch. This was all she needed to get a little bolder. She slid one finger between my lips and stroked the inside, avoiding my clit. She teased around my opening but refused to insert a finger.

I couldn't take much more. I was about to tell her so when I felt two fingers slide into me. She kissed around my mound as she continued to pump her fingers into me. She slid them out of me and brought them to her mouth. She licked my juices from her fingers and then buried her head between my legs. She tongued my clit as she resumed pumping those two fingers into me. Before long, I came, soaking her hand and face. She licked me clean, then looked me in the eye and said that we weren't finished yet.

She then produced her own purple bullet. She repeated what I had done to her earlier in the evening.

We spent that night wrapped in each others arms.

When she took me home the next morning, she gave me a warning that she had better not read about this in a story. I told her that she wouldn't, all the time knowing that I couldn't wait to start writing it.


Mary Ann Brown

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