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The Legend of Faith, Part I

By Mavis Applewater

copyright 2000 The Legend of Faith

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The tall raven haired warrior entered the tavern with trepidation.

It was difficult for her to find a sense of peace. But finding that

sense of peace was something that never came easily for the Warrior

Princess. Xena wondered if it would ever be that way. With the birth

of Eve, she had hoped that the second chance at motherhood would change

all of that. But once again the Fates had other plans. Xena carefully

scanned the crowd of the tavern. She was alert searching for potental

enemies. But there were no to be found. She needed to remind herself

that her past now meant very little. Most of her former enemies that

wanted to exact revenge for her former misdeeds were long since dead.

Along with her friends, family, and most of the Gods. Twenty Five years

had passed in the blink of an eye.

She a comforting hand touch her arm. Xena did not need to look

to know who was touching her. "Xena." The bard said softly.

"I know." Xena answered with a smile. "Old habits."

"Let's get a room." Gabrielle insisted. "No one is looking for us.

Not today. Eve is safe with Eli's followers. We need to relaxe. You

promised. A night indoors in a real bed."

"Yes." Xena chuckled. "Complete with a hot meal, that I didn't kill."

"Don't forget about the bath." Gabrielle purred as she playfully

slapped Xena on the backside. "Xena we need this." Gabrielle added

in a more serious tone. "For the first time since we woke up, we are

not being chased by angry Gods or some other evil deity."

"Come on." Xena conceded finally letting her guard down.


They crossed to the bar and inquired about lodging for the evening.

"Twenty Five dinars?" Gabrielle responded in horror.

The Inn keeper just stared at her coldly. "Just pay the man." Xena urged.

"Does that price include a bath and a hot meal?" Gabrielle inquired.

"Of course." The man stared at her strangly. "Look if you think you can

find a better price . . . feel free to seek lodging elsewhere."

"Pay the man." Xena urged again.

Gabrielle grunted in disdain as she handed over the money.

"Your room should be ready in half a candle mark." The Inn Keeper said

as he accepted the money. "Take a seat in the dinning area and enjoy

your meals. I wil bring the key to your room when it is ready."


He turned away to attend to some other business. "You know

Xena this gap in time has certainly screwed with my bargaining skills."

Gabrielle groaned.

"Such language." Xena teased as they took their seats at the back of the

dinning area. "But you know if we had to trapped in an ice cave for

twenty five years, it would have been nice if we were awake."

"Really?" Gabrielle teased. "And what would we have done with all of

that time on our hands and no one else around? Played a very long game

of "who am I?". "

"Among other things." Xena responded suggestivly as she arched one



Just then the serving girl arrived and took their orders. Not

there was much to choose from. Gabrielle's face lit up when she informed the women

that a Bard would be performing soon. Xena simply rolled her eyes at

the thought. The serving girl departed to fetch their glasses of port.

Soon both women began to relax. "So tell me Warrior Princess. . ."

Gabrielle began slyly. "Just how would have made use of our time together?"

"Amazons." Xena stated simply.

"Excuse me?" Gabrielle blushed.

"Three of them." Xena responded in an even tone.

"Well that ice cave certainly had an interesting effect on you." Gabrielle

responded with curiousity.

"What?" Xena shook her head as she stared at the bard. "Gabrielle

look." Xena instructed as she directed the bards attention behind her.

Three amazons had entered the tavern. There was one who caught her

attention immediately.

"What did you think I was talking about?" Xena's question drew Gabrielle's

attention away from the amazon and back to the warrior's steely blue eyes.

"Nothing." Gabrielle lied as her face turned a deep shade of crimson.

"Uh huh." Xena chuckled.

Gabrielle turned away from Xena to hide her embarassment. She

noted that the three amazons had placed themselves strategically around the room. All

with their backs to the wall and facing a small stage area. "Royal Guards." Gabrielle

commented absently.

"From your tribe?" Xena was uneasy there was something not quite right about the way the

amazons were behaving.

"Maybe it is Chilapa?" Gabrielle wondered aloud. "If she is still . . ." Gabrielle

stopped herself not wanting to know if the young woman she had chosen as queen was


"Something isn't right." Xena said quietly. There was something about one of them. She was

so familar. She was dark with slight auburn highlights in her hair. She held herself well

with her hand resting on the hilt of her sword. She stood firmly against the wall, her

height falling somewhere between Xena's and Gabrielle's. The epilates of her leathers clearly

identified her as the Captain of the Guard. Xena could swear that she knew this young girl.

But that was not possible she would have been a child if not an infant when Gabrielle and Xena

had been placed on ice by Ares.



Just then the serving girl approached with their drinks. "Amazons!" the girl gasped.

"You got something against amazons?" Xena asked sharply.

"No." the girl answered quickly. "It is just that everyone knows that amazons and bards

don't mix."

"Since when?" Gabrielle chuckled.

"Where have you been?" The girl responded in shock.

"Don't ask." Xena snorted. "So enlighten us."

"You are joking right?" The girl stared at them blankly. "I will fetch your meals. No need

to worry ladies, as long as the bard doesn't make the mistake of telling the legend of Faith."


Xena heard Gabrielle gasp. "Are you all right?" Xena asked in concern.

"I'm fine." Gabrielle responded far too quickly.

"So you do understand my concern." The serving girl said softly. "Especially with Lilith


"Which one is Lilith?" Xena questioned.

"Over there." The girl pointed to the Captain that Xena had been staring at ealier. "She is

the one with the staff strapped to her back. But there is no need to worry. No bard in

their right mind would tell that tale with a group of amazons in the audience. Not unless

they want a speedy trip to Tartarus. I will bring your meals the entertainment is about to



With that the serving girl made her departure. Xena looked back over at the Captain.

She had not taken note of the staff before. The sword had capture her attention. There was

something about the sword. But Xena could not place it. Xena looked more carefully at the

young amazon. She noted that in addition to her sword and her staff she also had a dagger

neatly tucked into her right boot. There was something else about the girl. When Xena first

noticed her she could have sworn the Captain's eyes were brown now they seemed to green.


As the bard took the stage everyone in the tavern seemed to tense up. "Gabrielle?"

Xena looked over at friend with a great deal of concern. Gabrielle was blankly staring into

her mug of port. "Gabrielle are sure that you are all right?"

"I am fine." The bard answered absently.

"What is it about this Legend of Faith that would be so upsetting to the amazons?" Xena asked

her friend.

"I do not know the story." Gabrielle answered honestly. "It is just . . . Xena there is

something I never told you . . ."



Gabrielle was cut off as the bard began to speak. "I sing of the Legend of Faith." He

began definatly staring directly at Lilith. There was a collective gasp through out the tavern.

Two of the amazons began to draw their weapons. But Lilith held up her hand motioning them to

stand down. "Clever girl." Xena whispered.


Undaunted the bard continued. "Faith the child of an amazon." The bard almost spit at

the word amazon. "And glourous daughter of a God. Was betrayed by her mother in her infancy.

The cold heart of the betrayer order her own child's execution. But she was spared by a kindly

soul and her mother was put to death for her crimes. The amazons raised Faith lying to her and

trying to prevent her from reaching her destiny. Faith was far to wise to believe the treachous

lies of these harlots." He glared at Lilith. Who just look at him with a cocky grin.

"I can see why this story isn't popular with the amazons." Xena snorted as she watched Lilith

carefully. "This guy is toast when he gets off stage."

"Turning her back on the harlots, Faith vowed revenge and set off to follow in her father's

glourous footsteps . . ." The bard continued. Lilith simply snorted at his comment.


"Yup." Xena sighed. "She is going to kick his ass."

"It couldn't be." Gabrielle muttered.

"Don't worry Gabrielle I will break up their little party." Xena reassured her friend. "What

is it?" Xena asked noticing that Gabrielle was shaking.

"It couldn't be." Gabrielle repeated as she turned away and stared at Lilith. "The staff?"

Gabrielle gasped.


Xena looked over at the staff hanging from Lilith's back. There was no mistaking it.

Her mind was reeling as she watched the girl tilt her head and tuck her hair gently behind her

ear. "Gabrielle?" Xena could not understand what her eyes were seeing.

"Faith?" Gabrielle choked out as her body began to tremble .

"Gabrielle!" Xena repeated now suddenly frightened. With this Lilith's head turned

quickly and stared in disbelief. Xena found herself staring into two very familar green eyes.

Lilith turned abruptly making a quick motion with her hand and turned towards the doorway. Her

two compainions quickly rushed the bard off of the stage and dragged him outside.


Xena followed quickly hoping to get to the bottom of this. When she reached the street

found the bard being held down on his knees by two amazons. Lilith stood over him. "You were

warned not to spread those lies." She spat at him.

"Our master will rise and his daughters will stand beside him as he ushers in a new world." The


"You're an idiot." Lilith taunted him. "There is no amazon named Faith." Just then she raised

her arm to strike him. In reflex Xena snatch her chakram from her belt and sent it flying.

"I hate bullies." She snarled as she released it.

Lilith caught the chakram easily and turned towards Xena. "So do I." Lilith retorted

as she began to approach Xena. "Knock him out. Tie him up and toss his sorry behind in the

stables." Lilith commanded the two other amazons. Xena stood there in amazment as the amazons

followed Litith's instructions. She turned to find Gabrielle standing at her side.

"Xena did she just catch your chakram?" Gabrielle asked in amazment.

"My aim must be off." Xena lied.


Lilith approached them and carefully handed the chakram back to Xena. "You dropped this."

She said playfully. "You really should be more careful. Someone could get hurt." She cast a

knowing glance towards Gabrielle.


The other amazons rejoined them as Xena and Lilith were each mentally drawning their

lines in the sand. "My Queen." Lilith bowed and the others followed suit. Lilith stood and

turned to Gabrielle. "We need to get you to safety." Gabrielle just stared at her.

"No one is going anywhere until I get some answers." Xena snarled.


"My Queen." Lilith implored ignoring Xena. "You are in danger as is Princess Eve. We

need to leave this place now."

"Who do you think you are?" Xena snapped.

"Xena." Gabrielle speaking with a tremble. "She is my daughter."






Xena was stunned. "What. . ." Xena could not believe what she just heard. Gabrielle

could have told her that Hercules liked to wear women's clothing and Xena would have had an

easier time believing her. Shaking her heard Xena heard herself sputtering some very familar

words. "When did you?" Then jealously reared its ugly head. "Who did you?" Xena snarled.

"Xena . . . I . . ." Gabrielle stammered.

"Ladies communication is good for a relationship." Lilith interupted. "But now is not the time.

We need to get out of here."

"We are not going anywhere until I get some answers." Xena snarled. "Starting with you. The

serving girl said your name is Lilith and judging by your attire you are Captain of the Royal

Guard. Now you are claiming to be Gabrielle's daughter. So who are you?"

"You know maybe if you asked me nicely." Lilith teased.

Her smart ass commentary was begining to convince Xena that she just might be the bard's

off spring. Xena just glared at her in hope of intimidating the young woman. Lilith just smiled

at her. "Solari was right you have no sense of humor." Lilith chuckled. "Fine I am Faith. My

name was changed by Queen Ephiny when I was child in order to protect me. Outside of the safety

of the amazon village I still use name Lilith. But among my amazon sisters I have chosen to use

my true name, Faith. Satisfied Warrior Princess. Can we go now."


Xena was not enjoying this woman's taunting. She wanted to know just what in Hades was

going on. "Gabrielle what is about?" Xena pleaded. She caught Faith groaning in dismay. "I

told you I am not leaving until I get some answers." Xena growled in response.

"Fine." Faith snapped. "Why don't you just drag her behind your horse until she tells you what

you want to hear."


Gabrielle's eyes widen. "That is it!" Xena snapped as she drew her sword. Faith never

flinched as she quickly kicked the sword from Xena's hand. As she brought her leg down she caught

Xena from behind the knees and sent her crashing to the ground. Faith reached down and assisted

Xena to her feet. Then with a sweeping motion she kicked Xena's sword up into the air catching it

easily with one hand. She handed it over to the stunned warrior.


Gabrielle watched in wonderment. "You know Xena . . . maybe she is your daughter." The

bard teased.

"I don't have time for this." Faith sighed. "Look Warrior Princess . . . believe me, don't

believe me. Come with us don't come with us. It does not matter. What does matter is that you

get my Mother away from here. Please it is not safe for her."


There was no doubting the sincerity in the girl's eyes which now seemed to be blue. Xena

made a mental note to ask her about this later. She already knew that they would leave with Faith

or whoever she was. But something inside of her the part of her that trusted no one except

Gabrielle made her crave more of a reassurance. She turned to the one source she knew she could

trust. Looking into Gabrielle's eyes she could see that she was as equally confused by the

turn of events.


"What can I say?" Faith pleaded. "Should I tell you that the young man we dragged out

of the tavern was not a bard, but a misguided disciple of Dahak. Neither of you have any reason

to trust me. My Queen your orders concerning my fate stand to this day. Take the dagger.

Will that ease your wariness of me?"

Xena heard a sob escape from Gabrielle. The pieces were falling into place. The bard

spoke of a child born to an amazon and a God. He had also refered to the child's mother as a

betrayer. There was only one group that would call Gabrielle that. The followers of Dahak.

Xena glanced quickly at the dagger in Faith's boot. She knew without question that it was the

Hinds blood dagger. A chill ran through her as she realized just what the Queen's orders were.

She knew something else as well that if everything Faith was saying was true . . . then she was

Hope's sister.


"Why should we . . ." Xena began in confusion. This woman who stood before her was

nothing like Hope. Was she wrong in her conclusions.

"Why trust the sister of Hope." Faith cut her off. "How could anyone believe the words of

someone who carries the same blood of the one who murder your only son?" Faith turned and

began to walk away. Looking back with a grief stricken expression. "Please take my Mother

to safety and remeber to conquer others is to have power but to conquer yourself . . ."

"Is to know the way." Xena responded with a smile.

"Lao Ma?" Gabrielle gasped. "And what is your way Faith?" Gabrielle needed to know that

history was not repeating itself.

"Not the way of the warrior." Faith smiled at Xena. "And not the way of love. My way is the

way of the Guardian."

"Michael said that you were coming." Xena smiled.

"I know." Faith responded quietly.

"Faith wait for us in the stables." Gabrielle instructed her daughter. "I need a moment with






The amazons entered the stables leaving Xena and Gabrielle alone on the street. "Xena I

need to explain this to you." Gabrielle began slowly. "I thought she was dead."

"When?" Xena the words choked out of her.

"When I fell into the pit with Hope." Gabrielle said sadly. "Then I woke up in the hospice. I

was with child and for some reason the only possesion I had was the Hinds blood dagger. The

sisters delieved the baby, thinking she was premature. But I knew. I had planned to kill as I

did her sister. She was so small and helpless. Then we she stayed that way not growing the way

Hope had I couldn't do it Xena. I took her and the dagger to the amazons. Ephiny knew who she

was and agreed to . . ."

"Your orders were to kill her." Xena reached for Gabrielle. How hard it must have been to

sentence her child to death. If Xena had only known.

"Only if she showed any signs of evil like Hope or Dahak." Gabrielle sobbed. "I had to. I just

could not be the one to take my child's life. Not again. When I found you again I had planned

on telling you. But by the time Hope died again, I recieved word from Ephiny that Faith had died

of crib death. I felt as a weight had been lifted off of me. I mourned her loss but thanked the

fates that was not me who had caused her death."

"Ephiny was very wise." Xena pulled Gabrielle into her arms. "She knew that the odds of Faith

being good were against her. This way you mourned without shame or wondering which of your

amazon sisters took her life."



They clung to one another each offering the other comfort. "Are we ready?" Faith called

out to them. Xena looked over at the slightly embarassed amazon approaching them. Quickly her

gaze shifted. Faith turned slowly to her fellow amazons. "Take the Queen to saftey." She

instructed them camly. She approach Xena slowly. "Three behind you." She said cooly.

"Three behind you." Xena replied with equal calm.

"Care to dance?" Faith smirked.


They both drew their swords and spun quickly towards their attackers. Gabrielle drew her

sai from her boots and joined Xena before her escorts could stop her. The robes were

easily identifiable to both women. These were without a question followers of Dahak. They drew

daggers from beneath their cloaks. Xena smiled knowing she had the advantage. She quickly ran

the first one threw. She twirled her sword and spun it behind her driving it into the man

approaching her from behind. She watched as Gabrielle punched her attacker then snapped his

wrist back forcing him to drop his dagger. He tried to plunge for her only to be greeted by her

weapon piercing him in the chest.


Xena and Gabrielle turned to find the amazons battling three attackers of their own.

"Come on girls stop toying with them and let's get going." Xena called out. The three men

fell quickly. "Are you happy now?" Faith asked.

"I thought you were in a hurry?" Xena teased.

"They were the reason I was in a hurry." Faith explained as she mounted her horse. "I would

rather not kill if I don't have to. And you two when you are protecting the Queen not letting

her get into a brawl might be a wise choice."







The party rode out of town in silence. Once they were a safe distance from the town

Gabrielle pulled her horse along side Argo the second. "Xena?" Gabrielle asked quietly.

"What did you mean by Michael said that you would come."

"When the arc angel Michael visited me explaining that I was the deliverer of the messenger

and that I had the power to kill Gods, he also said that he was sending a guarding that would

devote their life to keeping Eve safe." Xena explained.

"How did you know it was Faith?" Gabrielle asked. "Was it when she told us that her way was the

way of the guardian?"


"Yes." Xena smiled. "When she said that and everything else. Michael said that Eve's

guardian would be a member of my family, who carried the weapons of my enemies."

"The weapons of your enemies?" Gabrielle questioned.

"The dagger in her boot." Xena explained. "The Hinds blood dagger . . . was originally

Callisto's dagger before she smeared it with hinds blood."


They rode quietly for a moment before Gabrielle's curiousity perked up. "Wait you said

weapons?" Gabrielle asked uneasily. "Meaning more than one? Her is staff is . . ."

"Yours." Xena cut her off. "I know. I don't know how but it is your staff. But it is not

the staff. How could it be?" Xena smiled at her with reassurance. "It is her sword. It is

Athena's sword."

Silence over came them once again. Until Xena could no longer brave the uneasy tension.

"Gabrielle." She began carefully. "I am sorry I wasn't there for you. You should have been

to tell what had happened."

"Xena when I heard she was dead I need to mourn." Gabrielle tried to explain the unexplainable.

"When the wounds finally healed . . . I was going to tell you but . . ."

"We found out I was pregnant." Xena tried to help.

"Yes." Gabrielle admitted. "How could I tell you then. Eve was a second chance for you."

"For both of us." Xena smiled at her. "Now we have one more." Xena nodded towards Faith.

"She really is something Gabrielle. Are you sure that it was Dahak?"

"Xena there was no one else." Gabrielle snapped. "I can't believe you would think . . ."

"Gabrielle I had to ask." Xena defend herself. "I recall having a similiar conversation with

you. But think about Gabrielle she was born small maybe she was just premature. And she is

nothing like Hope and she grew at a normal rate."

"Xena where are you going with this?" Gabrielle pried.

"Well it is just that . . ." Xena tried to choose her words carefully. "The way she caught my

chakram, the way she fights and that smart mouth of hers . . . I mean if Callisto could give me

Eve . . ."

"Xena!" Gabrielle blushed. "Look I know you have many skills but last time I checked that

wasn't one of them."

"But Gabrielle. . ." Xena protested. "Look at her she doesn't look like you. She is tall and

dark and her eyes are blue. Well sometimes. And your eyes are green, well hazel and sometimes

blue come to think of it what the hell color are your eyes?"

"If you don't know by now." Gabrielle flashed in anger. "This is just like the crap you use to

give me about my hair color. So don't even go there Warrior Princess."

"You are beautiful when you're angry Gabrielle." Xena teased.

"Uh Huh." Gabrielle teased. "Trying to dig your way out of this one?"

"Yes." Xena conceded. "Now back to what I was saying."


Gabrielle just sighed heavily as she rolled her eyes.

"The night before you fell into that pit with Hope we did. . ." Xena tried to explain her


"We didn't." Gabrielle interupted.

"We did." Xena protested.

"We didn't." Gabrielle countered.

"We did." Xena argued. "Remember after Ares left."

"We didn't finish." Gabrielle explained. "Or should I say you didn't finish."

"What are you saying?" Xena asked horrified.

"Xena it doesn't matter." Gabrielle said trying to comfort her.

"Gabrielle I remember that night perfectly." Xena protested. "I recall calling out the names of

several Gods."

"Yes you did." Gabrielle smiled at her warrior. "But then the sun came up and Callisto popped

into the woods making many rude comments."

"Oh yeah." Xena conceded. "Talk about your mood breakers."

"Tell me about it." Gabrielle sighed.

"I am sorry about that." Xena pouted. "Did I ever make it up to you?" Xena asked suggestivly.

"That you did Warrior Princess." Gabrielle smiled. "Remember while we were looking for Argo.

Right before I got the rash and were infested with lice."

"Oh yes." Xena grinned now it was her turn to blush. "Naughty Bard.".







They rode on for several candle marks before deciding to make camp. As they were

setting up the camp Gabrielle looked over at Faith. She was amazing. A sudden wave of guilt

rushed through. "Hey." Xena said softly as she wrapped her arms around the bard. "It is not

your fault."

"We missed their childhoods Xena." Gabrielle said sadly. "Why?"

"I don't know." Xena sighed as Gabrielle pulled away. "But we have them back now. Do you

realize that we are the parents of two grown daughters."

"Could be worse." Gabrielle smiled. "We could be grandmothers."


Just then Faith approached carrying food and a water skin. "Here it is not much. We

will be on our way at first light."

"Thank you Faith." Xena replied accepting the water and food.

"Oh and you are." Faith said with a smile.

"Are what?" Gabrielle responded in confusion.

"A grandmother." Faith answered smiling as Xena choked on the sip of water she was taking. "I

have remarkable hearing."

"I have to sit down." Gabrielle said absently as she plopped herself onto her bedroll.

"What this about your hearing." Xena perked up.

"Xena let it go." Gabrielle snapped. Xena just shrugged her shoulders. "Fine let us just get

this settled right now. Faith sit down."


Faith obey taking a seat on a fallen log. Xena seated herself next to Faith. "Where to

begin?" Gabrielle asked absently.

"So many questions." Faith said softly.

"Well I will start with Xena's theory. Do you consider yourself the strong silent type?"

Gabrielle began.

"Me?" Faith laughed as did the other amazons. "No. When I am off duty people can not get me to

shut up. In fact when we were younger those two bond and gagged me." Faith laughed pointing

towards the other amazons who just smiled. "Speaking of you two Kendra and Califa since you

allowed the Queen to brawl in the middle of the street you are both on guard duty. Take shifts

we leave at first light."

"First light you?" Kendra teased.

"Enough now get up in that tree." Faith teased.

"Not a morning person?" Gabrielle asked quickly.

"No." Faith answered in a curious tone. "I have to admit these are not the questions I was


"What questions were you expecting?" Gabrielle asked fearfully.

"I don't know how about why aren't you evil like your sister Hope." Faith stated simply. There

was a warmnest about this woman. Xena had only seen someone so pure only once and that was in



"There are so many questions I have for you?" Gabrielle began to weep. Xena was by her

side immediately.

"Our first day together and I make cry." Faith teased. "Perhaps it is a good thing you were

spared from my years as a teenager."


Gabrielle and Xena laughed quietly. She was so like her mother. So gentle and kind.

"Why don't I tell you what I can about myself and then you can ask me anything?" Faith continued

softly. "First I have no idea why I am not evil. Though Dahak has spoken to me and tried to

sway me. I never raised hand in anger not even in battle I only fight in defense of others or in

my own defense. I lost my blood innocence in my seventeenth summer during a battle. It haunts

me still. I am a skilled fighter with many weapons. My favorite is the staff because I can

disarm an opponent without killing them." She held up the staff to Gabrielle. "Is it true that

it belong to you?"

"Yes." Gabrielle answered. "But how did you. . ."

"When I was in India I found a merchant selling it. I recognized the amazon marking instantly.

Unfortunately so did the merchant. It took quite a bit of haggling but I finally won him over.

I was drawn to it but I needed money to return to Greece. When I returned home it was Chilapa

who told me that it belonged to my Mother given to her by Queen Ephiny. After I returned to my

amazon sisters I was surprised to learn that I had followed in your footsteps many times. I had

of your adventures growning up. The scrolls you had copied are required reading for young

amazons. You left quite a legacy."

"Yes I did." Gabrielle stared into her daughter's eyes.

"It is funny at the time I was reading those scrolls I had no idea that the great Queen

Gabrielle was my mother. Perhaps if I had known I would have been a better student." Faith

smiled gently.


"So you have been to India and Chin?" Xena asked.

"Yes I was taken to Chin after an injury." Faith's voice tensed.

"Injury?" Kendra muttered from the trees. "That's a good one."

"Do you mind?" Faith shouted to the tree above her.

"She made you walk the gaulent." Kendra scoffed. "That bitch I can not believe people are

upset about Xena killing her?"

"Athena." Xena growled.








"How did you know?" Faith asked.

"The sword." Xena answered trying bury her anger. "It is Athena's sword. Not the sword

of Athena but one of her personal weapons. Only her . . ."

"Champion would be allowed to carry it." Faith cut her off. Faith took a deep breath. Xena

sensed that this was not an easy story to tell. "Well I guess I should tell you everything."

Faith took another cleansing breath and prepared herself.

"Okay here goes." Faith began. "I know that I seem fine with my parentage. And I am . . .

now. But when I first discovered the truth I was very young and I was hurt and angry. Ephiny

left a letter for me with Chilapa. Ephiny had been raising me until her death and then Chilapa

took over. The letter was given to me during my eighteenth summer. It explained everything.

From who my parents were to the dagger. I felt betrayed. I also understood why some of my

elders were cautious of me. I grabbed my arrows from my quiver snapped them in half and tossed

them at Queen Chilapa's feet and turned my back on my amazon sisters. I thought I would never

return. Eventually I ended up in Athena's army. Not because I was devoted to her I just had

nowhere else to go. Plus I knew that it would upset Artemis. Since I was a young girl she would

appear to me and tell me that I was her chosen. As it turns out Artemis knew who my parents were.

She went to great lengths to keep my exsistance a secret from the other Gods. I worked my way

up and became one of her elite archers. But it never felt right. It wasn't my home. Athena

took an interest in me." Faith began carefully.

"I'll bet she did." Xena snarled.

"Now Xena even you know that it takes more than a dazzling smile to became Athena's Champion."

Faith said gently. "I was a talented warrior. Why wouldn't I be? I was raised by the amazons

more importantly by Queen Chilapa."

"You could probably spin a staff before you could walk." Gabrielle smiled.

"No but I did learn from one the best." Faith conceded. "I thought Athena was the answer I was

searching for. The woman I knew was fair and just and ruled from her father's throne with

compassion. As Athena's Champion I held her favor and that was because she held mine as well.

Now as Athena's Champion was around most of the other Gods. With the exception of Aphrodite I

really didn't like the other Gods. Aphrodite could always make me laugh and she treated like a

friend. She would tell me that I reminded her of someone. So while the rest of Olympus would

have meeting after meeting about this temple or that temple Dite and I would split and hit

the stash of sacrafical wine. After a few glasses of wine one night Aphrodite told about her

friend the bard. Not just any Bard but an amazon bard. Artemis had told the amazon nation that

your deaths had been an wagon accident. No matter what else we heard it was accepted that that

three of you died in a tragic accident. So when I mention this to Aphrodite she set the record

straight. She told me everything about Xena and Eve the twilight of the Gods. The Siege on

Amphibolis everything. Including Athena giving the orders and hunting down an innocent child.

Later that night I confronted Athena. She confessed everything. Here was a woman I watched

dispense judgement with such compassion. Now she was telling me how she murder my family.

That is when it hit me. My family even though we had never met you were my family. My home was

with my amazon sisters not with Athena. I told Athena that I was leaving. She didn't take it



"Making you walk the gaulent seems a bit extreme." Gabrielle said fighting to hold back her


"Oh that is not why she made walk the gaulent." Faith confessed. "When I decided to leave

their were many in Athena's service who couldn't wait to tell her about some of my shall we say

indescretions. A woman scorned is one thing but a godess scorned is quite different story."

"Ooops." Xena cringed. "You walked the gaulent of Athena's entire army? It is a miracle you


"I almost didn't." Faith said wearly. "There were many in the army who refused to raise a hand

to me until Athena threatened them. I made to the end reclaimed my sword, at the time I had no

idea why I wanted it. But Artemis insisted that I take it. Athena wouldn't allow her or

to heal me. But she did allow her to take me away. It was Artemis who took me to Chin and

K'ao Hsin."

"Lao Ma's daughter?" Gabrielle said in amazment.

"Yes she healed me and taught me about her mother's writings." Faith smiled. "I learned so much

it helped me find my way. From Chin traveled around finally India where I learned about Karma.

The sad thing was to learn that I don't have a Karma. That when I die that is it for me."

"Why not?" Gabrielle asked in confusion.

"If you are born with a single drop of immortal blood this is your only life." Faith explained.

"If you are born mortal even if you become immortal that is different like Callisto. But for

Immortals even though I can die, just not of old age and I have no special gifts like Hercules,

I have no Karma. Think about an immortal in theory will live forever. Why would they worry

about their Karma."

"No wonder they are so pissy." Xena snorted. "Artemis saved your life?" Xena added sadly.

"Don't feel bad about killing Xena." Faith interupted. "Not long before you did she put an

arrow in my back. So much for being her chosen one. But then again Mom here was one of her

chosen and she ended up going over a cliff in a burning wagon."

"Why?" Gabrielle asked in horror.

"I will save that story for another time it is late." Faith smiled. "Right we need rest.

Since Xena killed Artemis the amazon nation is torn apart. Dahak wants the two of you dead oh

and Eve as well since she is Eli's messenger and he wants to find me so I can join him."

"The bards." Xena stated. "When did that start?"

"Almost ten summers ago." Faith answered. "Most people take it as some lame tale. But since

the twilight began people are frightened."

"So Dahak is using these stories to try and find you?" Gabrielle asked.

"It makes sense." Faith replied. "It only takes one person who knows who I am to help him.

Thanks to Lao Ma's teachings I can block out his voice since then he has no idea where I am.

One more thing, if the rumors are true Hope has already returned."







Xena could feel Gabrielle's body tense up. Rediscovering Faith was a reason to

rejoice. Faith was a strong confident woman. Everything her Mother was. But Hope was

definately Daddy's little girl. A wave if guilt rushed over Xena as she silent cursed

herself once again for allowing her hatred of Caesar to cloud her judgement. Why did I drag her

to Britannia? Xena in her heart that this was the one thing that she could forgive herself for.

"There is more isn't there?" Xena asked with trepidation.

"Yes." Faith answered gently. "As I explained earlier since the twilight people are frightened.

They have been worshiping the Gods their entire lives as their ancestors before them have. To

be suddenly told that the Gods that they have place so much of their faith in are no longer

needed is frightening to most. Even many of my amazon sisters are fearful. Your killing of

Artemis isn't sitting well with many of them. When I first returned to my sisters the news that

Artemis had lied about the Queen's death was not recieved with open arms. The amazon nation is

divided. Everything is falling apart. People just don't understand that they need to put faith

in themselves and not the Gods is hard to accept."

"The message of peace must not be easy for amazon warriors to accept?" Gabrielle said quietly.

"No." Faith responded honestly. "Coming from Princess Eve would make it easier if she wasn't

. . ."

"Livia." Xena finished her sentence.

"We have faced Livia in battle many times." Faith tried to explain. "Fortunately she never

defeated us. But she was a cruel warrior. It is difficult for some to accept her. But the

Northern Amazons are with us. Many of their warriors remember her as a child."


"Will they be joining us when we battle Dahak?" Xena asked simply.

"Yes they will be joining me when I face Dahak." Faith responded sternly.

"Not without me." Xena snapped. She had a score to settle with Dahak. "Faith I was granted

the gift to kill Gods by Michael. You need me."

"Xena as an immortal I can also kill Gods. I know of your gift." Faith sighed. "Michael

told me when he came to me. He also explained that I was a guardian. That my mission was

to protect Eve as long as she was alive. My sword and my staff are the weapons that I would

carry. That along with my faith they were all I needed to fullfill my destiny. If I am ever

separated from them I need only to call for them and they would be there."

"So together we should have no problem." Xena responded calmly.

"Xena . . ." Faith protested.

"Enough!" Gabrielle cut in. "Now we will face this together as a family." Xena and Faith

began to protest. "End of discussion." Gabrielle said firmly. "Now before we go to sleep I

want to hear about my grandchild."


Faith smiled sweetly. So like her Mother Xena thought. "Well he is almost four

summers old. Fair haired and green eyes like his grandmother. He is into everything. And

always questioning. His curiousity is exhausting he jumps from one thing to another. I can

barely keep up with him." Faith beamed with pride as she talked of her child.

"And his Father?" Gabrielle inquired. "Is he with you?"

"What?" Faith gasped. "Well no . . . I mean he is friend. A good man a bit of a poet and

most importantly very very mortal." Faith explained. "Mother I'm . . . well I . . ." Faith

blushed as she spoke. "I am an amazon in the truest sense. I never thought you would have a

problem. I mean considering." Faith looked from Gabrielle to Xena. "Never mind." Faith

muttered as Xena chuckled fully understanding.

"Faith I understand." Gabrielle said with a smile. "And thank you. For calling me Mother."

Gabrielle said gently. "Although it is a little strange considering that you look older than

me. So what is my Grandson's name?"


Faith hesistated for a moment. "Well I gave him a name that I think of as a family

name." Faith hesistated again. "My son's name is Solan."


Continued in Part II

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