Infinite Loop by Meghan O'Brien



Writing Infinite Loop has been one of the best experiences of my life. Part of what has made the experience so phenomenal was posting the novel online and hearing from so many people who have gotten to read it either on my website or on one of the other websites that have hosted the story. Having the opportunity to experience all the wonderful readers and feedback the online fiction world has to offer has truly been an encouraging, enlightening, and thoroughly pleasant experience.

I was very pleased to have gotten contacted recently by Power of One Publishing regarding their interest in publishing Infinite Loop. I am very excited to report that I've since signed a contract with them. Unfortunately, one aspect of the agreement between Power of One and myself was that the web version of Infinite Loop be taken offline.

Thus, you're reading this page instead of the novel. :)

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who read my story and took the time to let me know what you thought; you all made the online experience a truly fantastic one. I hope those of you who enjoyed the story will keep an eye out for its publication - hopefully by Fall/Winter 2003.

I plan to continue posting short fiction online, and I hope everyone will keep reading.


Meghan O'Brien