All characters depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarities between these characters and a real person are mere coincidence and completely unintentional.

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Submitted 06-03-2012


The Candy Striper

By Melissa Grace

It was a brisk day as Zephyr made her way down the busy sidewalk off Broadway and 42 nd . She wore her high-heeled boots—chosen solely for their aesthetic appeal and not for their comfort and warmth. Her numb toes protested as she darted across the street before an over zealous taxi had a chance to appear out of nowhere and flatten her.

When she reached the other side of the street the smell from a local bakery made her stomach growl. She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a ten-dollar bill. “This has got to last me through the end of the day.” She sighed when she stuffed it back into her pocket. She stopped on the sidewalk to take another brief look at the job classifieds she cut from the newspaper the night before. The red lipstick she used to circle potential job opportunities bled into the adjoining ads. “Looks like a crime scene.” She tossed the paper into a nearby dumpster. “Are there any jobs out there worth going to every single day?” It felt doubtful.

Working as a legal assistant to a big shot attorney was definitely not appealing. Especially when he made one final advance at her and she kneed him in the balls. The shocked look on his face was only second to the excruciating pain he felt between his legs as he dropped to the floor. The only thing she missed about that job was the incredible view from his sky rise office, and well, of course the paycheck. She tried waiting tables at the Star Dust Café, but the tips and minimum wage wasn't enough to live on. Zephyr questioned whether it was such a good idea to move to the Big Apple, but she wasn't about to give up. She was bright, charming, and knew she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. She continued to venture around Broadway looking for potential employment opportunities.


<3 <3 <3


Tori pressed play on her remote as the crowd outside her storefront cheered and hollered to the music. A pair of speakers hung outside, just below the eaves.

“I love you, Tori!” A man's voice yelled from outside the window. From the corner of her eye she could see the swarm of people gathered to watch her perform. She loved all the attention they gave to her and to her business.

Tori jumped up on the table and began to perform her dance of seduction while the customers braving the cool weather outside shoved one another for a better view. Tori danced and rolled her hips from side to side as she continued to knead and pull the strand of toffee that would soon feed her clientele. She was well known for the incredible taste of her candy, as well as the creative way in which she prepared it.

Tori always finished her show by handing out free samples of what was just made. Stepping up to the small window to hand out her sweet treats would result in a brawl between the men outside. These shoving matches could easily turn into a fistfight, so the NYPD had a couple cops stationed nearby her store during business hours. She would thank them with an assortment of candy and a flirty smile. She wanted to keep them happy and happy they were.

“Who wants to try some of my sweets?” She questioned through the intercom system.

Hands flew in the air.

“Bon appetite!” Tori answered with a smile. She dropped pieces of toffee into their eager hands, careful not to get grabbed and pulled through the window.

“That's all for now fella's.” After several minutes of passing out her sweet treats, she placed the last piece in the palm of a construction workers hand and winked. His buddies thumped his hard hat as his cheeks reddened. He popped the small piece of candy in his mouth and chewed; savoring the sweet taste and feel against his tongue.

“I need to step away, but you can purchase more of my wonderful delectables from Melanie and Samantha.” She waved her twin employees over to take over at the window. They had just finished cleaning up the storefront making it ready for Tori's next show. Handfuls of money waved in front of the window as Tori slipped into her back office for some privacy.

Moments later there were three faint knocks at Tori's door.

“Come in!” She stood up from behind her desk when the young girl entered. Samantha followed the girl inside.

“Tori, this is Jenny and she's here to audition.” Sam gave a little smile as she stepped back through the doorway and closed the door behind her.

“Come in and have a seat.” Tori took a pile of papers and a pair of stockings off the loveseat and patted the cushion for Jenny to sit down. “Jenny, is it? My name's Tori.” She offered her hand.

The young girl quietly replied. “Pleased to meet you.” Her handshake felt weak and quick.

Tori sat back down. “So, tell me what experience you have with candy making and dancing.”

“Well.” Jenny paused for a brief moment. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “I don't have much experience with making candy, but I have worked in kitchens.”

Tori nodded.

“As for dancing, I'm a gymnast and thought it would be fun to use some of my moves during your,” Jenny paused again and turned a little pink in the cheeks, “show.”

Tori sat up. “Gymnast, huh? Stand up.”

Jenny stood and Tori looked her over. She stood about five-feet three-inches, had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

“I know it's small,” Tori referred to her office, “but let's see some of those moves you had in mind.”

Jenny's head dropped and then out of nowhere, she hopped in the air and did a back flip, landing in the same place she had just been standing. She leaned backwards with her hands stretched out to the floor and pulled her legs over her head into a handstand. After holding the handstand for a few seconds, she brought her feet back down to the floor, lifted the rest of her body back over her legs, and held her hands in the air as a sign of saying, ‘Tada!'

Tori nodded in approval. “How about some dance moves?” She pressed play on her iPod.

Jenny moved well to the music, using her hips and arms.

Tori liked how well defined Jenny's legs appeared through her pants. Something her customers would also appreciate.

“Let's give you a live audition in thirty minutes. You can put these on in the bathroom across the hall.” She handed Jenny a small pile of clothing. “The shoes you have on are fine.”

Jenny accepted the clothing with a smile and thanked Tori for the opportunity as she left the room.


<3 <3 <3


“A small coffee please. Three cream and three sugar,” she added.

“That'll be four seventy-nine.”

Zephyr reluctantly reached into her pocket to brandish the ten-dollar bill that she knew wouldn't get her through dinner. She could get either a hotdog or a slice of pizza with the change closer to lunchtime.

“Please allow me,” a man held out his credit card to the cashier. “It's not every day that I get to buy a drink for such a lovely lady.” His smile seemed genuine.

“Thanks.” Zephyr would have loved to refuse the gift, but this meant she could possibly go to bed with a quiet stomach for the first time in several weeks.

“The pleasure is mine.” He reached for the coffee and handed it to Zephyr. “Are you in a hurry? I would love the company.” He gestured to a nearby booth.

Zephyr shrugged her shoulders with a forced smile on her face. “Sure.” She followed him to the booth.

“So what brings you to this part of the city?”

“Job hunting.” She took a sip of her coffee. Its warmth felt good as it slid down her throat. The steam warmed her nose.

“Job hunting, huh? Looking for anything in particular?”

She swirled the coffee in circles. “Not really. Something that makes me want to get up in the morning and can help me keep a roof over my head would suffice.” She wanted a whole lot more, but didn't feel interested enough in the current conversation to expound on any details.

“I see. Well, we may have something coming up at the office in the next week or two.” He handed her a business card. His name was Charles Stanton III and he was a senior accountant.

“That's very kind of you.” She looked up from the card and into his eyes. “Thank you Charles.” She didn't offer up her name.

“Well, I won't keep you.” He stood up and offered his hand. “Thank you for your company.”

Zephyr stood up and shook his hand. His skin felt gentle. “Thank you for the coffee.”

He waved as he left through the exit.

Zephyr peered back down at the business card as she approached the exit. She tossed the card into the trashcan as she left out the door. She took a sip of coffee as she continued down the sidewalk.

As she rounded the street corner she saw a mass of people gathered around one of the store windows. People were whistling and cheering as she approached. All she could see was a wall of pink and white vertical stripes. She gracefully slid to the front of the pushy crowd as music resonated through the outdoor speakers. There was a long table in the middle of the floor with a young girl with shoulder length blonde hair standing on it. She blushed as she held tightly on to her short pink skirt, her knees clenched together. Her pink stockings and a loose shirt matched the stripes on the walls. Her shoes looked out of place.

Jenny kicked her shoes to the floor, threw her hands up in the air and did a cartwheel and a flip on to the sturdy table. As the crowd cheered louder, she did a quick bow and followed up with two back flips. The twins entered from a hidden doorway carrying a long strand of taffy. They stood on opposing ends of the table. Jenny began to shake her hips erratically, but the crowd was so loud, her offbeat movements were unnoticed. The twins began to wave the taffy back and forth like a jump rope while Jenny jumped from side to side. Her concentration remained so fixated on not stomping onto the taffy she forgot to smile.

After several seconds of Jenny hopping from side-to-side, the shouting from the crowd began to subside. “Where's Tori?” the crowd yelled.

Jenny knew she had to step things up a bit. She arched her back and walked over to the end of the table like a ballerina. It wasn't difficult to read the fact that she was nervous. Her body was rigid and her face looked as though an impending metro was about to run over her. She took three running steps forward and leapt into the air. As she brought her knees to her chest, her foot tripped over the taffy and she landed hard on her behind. The crowd laughed, and as Jenny ran out of the area, voices chanted for Tori.

Zephyr watched in awe as the next girl entered the storefront. The crowd whistled and cheered. A patron yelled, “Tori, will you marry me?” from deep within the crowd. Cheerful bursts of laughter followed the proposal.

Zephyr couldn't help but stare at the women on the other side of the glass. Her short hair dyed blonde, Tori's bangs slid nicely down the sides of her cheeks, outlining her heart-shaped face. The tips of her long sideburns swirled against her cheeks and were dyed a light pink. Her pink and white-striped shirt revealed her well-defined midriff. A pink chiffon scarf encircled her neck while her arms and shoulders were exposed. Her pink leggings emitted an impressive sheen and were tucked beneath a white pair of knee-high platform boots.

Zephyr bit down to prevent her lower jaw from dropping.

Facing outward, Tori sensuously pulled herself up on the edge of the table using just her two arms. From this seated position, she arched her body backwards on to her hands and slowly lifted her body over her head, first starting with her chest, then her hips, and then her feet until she arose in a standing position. She now hovered high in the air, a top the tabletop.

“Oh my God,” the words escaped from Zephyr's lips through the whistles and shouts of her fellow spectators. She anxiously waited for Tori's next move.

Tori motioned for the twins to join her at the table. She picked up a mound of taffy and began kneading it in her hands as her hips moved sensuously to the music. All eyes watched her every move and she loved it. As she gripped the taffy in her right hand, she slowly did a cartwheel using just her left and reached out to hand Melanie one end of the taffy. Their eyes locked for a brief moment. Tori pulled the other end of the taffy to her abdomen and wrapped herself in it like a snake coiled around a branch.

Zephyr's jaw dropped.

Tori slowly twirled her way over to Sam and brushed her lips with her own as she handed her the other end. She winked at Sam who was now drawing her tongue slowly against the outside of her lips.

The crowd cheered in heightened excitement.

Tori turned towards the window and grinned at her patrons. Some of them had their lips against the glass, pressing their wet slobbery kisses into the window. Others were loosening their ties and unbuttoning the top button of their shirts or faking heart attacks. Tori brought her hand up to her chest and squeezed at the taffy that rested on her breasts. Her nipples were erect beneath her tight candy-striped shirt.

Zephyr felt abnormally warm in such a cool climate. She continued to observe Tori unwrap her body from the coil of taffy.

Once freed, Tori slowly brought her leg up above her head and without warning, slammed her foot back down on the table, straddling the long strand of taffy. The twins drew the taffy taught between Tori's legs. She put her finger in her mouth and turned her head towards the crowd. A devious smile swelled across her face. Her left hand grabbed the taffy and she gently stroked it between her thighs. The men went crazy and Zephyr suddenly fell out of her trance as she felt the pressure of bodies push her forcefully against the glass. She put her hands up to catch herself, but the power of the crowd thrust her head into the window. Everything went dark.


<3 <3 <3


“Are you ok?” Tori leaned over Zephyr, holding a bag of ice to her forehead. She sat back to get a better look at Zephyr's eyes that were still trying to adapt to the light in the room.

The room looked fuzzy as Zephyr attempted to sit up. She squinted.

“Oh no,” Tori gently pressed her hand against Zephyr's chest to keep her down. “You hit your head really hard. Stay there while I dim the lights.” Tori got up and left the ice resting on Zephyr's head.

“What happened?” Zephyr began to realize where she was and with whom she was conversing.

Tori dimmed the lights, returned to the loveseat, and took Zephyr's hands in her own. “You're at my candy store. You were watching my show and the crowd got too rowdy and slammed you into the glass.” She continued to look into Zephyr's ice-blue eyes. “Your pupils seem to be regulating. How does your head feel?” Tori delicately raised the ice from Zephyr's forehead to inspect the bump. “You're gonna have to use a little more foundation than usual the next few days.” She smiled and gave Zephyr's hands a quick squeeze before releasing. “The cops had everyone back off and I asked them to carry you here. Hope you don't mind.”

Disappointed by the sudden lack of contact when Tori, Zephyr clasped her hands in front of her. “You sure had that crowd at your fingertips.” The long smile across Zephyr's face tugged at her forehead and she quickly cringed from the pain.

“You have a beautiful smile, but let's try to keep our expressions to a minimum.”

Zephyr's dark shoulder length hair shinned with traces of red highlights. Her eyes and dimpled smile fascinated Tori. Her silky sheer blouse hung over her dark business skirt and puddled against her flat abdomen.

Tori had removed Zephyr's coat and shoes when the officers carried her into her office and laid her across the loveseat. She raised Zephyrs legs to a forty-five degree angle over the armrest. She had been so concerned about the bump; she hadn't noticed how toned and well-dressed Zephyr was until that very moment. She liked what she saw.

“I'll try not to smile, but you'll have to not make me laugh.”

“I'll see what I can do.” Tori looked at the pearl necklace that outlined Zephyr's collarbone. “So, I have to ask you some questions before we try and get you up. What's your name?”


Tori drew her chin back. “Zephyr?”

“Yeah. Like the wind. My parents owned a Volkswagen van much like the Mystery Machine. They were musicians.” She giggled until the pains in her head made her come to an abrupt stop.

“Gotcha.” She winked. “What day is it?”

Zephyr paused for a moment. “I'm not sure.”

Tori's eyes widened.

“I mean, I can't keep the days straight. Without a set schedule I have no idea what day it is.”

Tori sighed in relief. “Well, today is Wednesday. Who's the President?”

“Barack Obama,” Zephyr answered correctly.

“What's your relationship status? Single? Taken? Single?”

Zephyr tried to hold back a laugh. “I told you not to make me laugh.” She reached up to give Tori's well-defined arm a squeeze.

“Well, this is one of those ‘I need to know' questions.”

“Need to know, eh? Well, if it's a matter of life or death, I guess I'd better answer. Single.” She searched for Tori's reaction.

Tori nodded her head in approval but added nothing.

“So, whatcha think doc? Am I gonna be all right?”

Tori put her arm behind Zephyr's back to help her sit up. She took pleasure in the soft silk against her hands. She touched the pleating of Zephyr's lacey bra as if she were reading Braille. “I think you're going to make it, but I recommend taking Tylenol for the next few days. You're gonna to need it.”

Zephyr sat up, folding her legs at her ankles. She tried to gauge her pain from the sudden change in position. “Maybe I'll get a second opinion.” Her lips curled and she gently stood up to inspect her reflection in the mirror.

Tori followed close behind, but to her disappointment, Zephyr didn't require any physical support.

“Wow, that's quite an egg.” Zephyr gently touched the bump in the center of her forehead. “That's going to make for an interesting story with potential employers.”

Tori couldn't resist pressing up against Zephyr's back. “Well, I could use some help passing out candy while you're healing. It would mean a lot to me to have you here so I can be sure you're okay. I feel absolutely horrible with what happened to you.”

“It's not your fault…”

Zephyr's head tilted to the side with a sly smile on one side of her mouth.

“Well, you can't control how zealous your customers get. I shouldn't have wedged myself up so close to the window.”

Zephyr laughed. “Well, how about you helping me out until you're ready to continue your job search?”

Zephyr mused over the offer. “I can't have you do that. You've already been so generous.” She walked over to Tori's desk to collect her things. “Really, I'll be fine.”

“I insist, which means you don't have a choice.” She wasn't going to let Zephyr get away so easily. “Also, I need your address. I'm taking you home.”


<3 <3 <3


Tori waited outside of Zephyr's apartment the next morning. She handed Zephyr a cup off coffee as she climbed in through the passengers' door.

“I hope you like it sweet and light,” Tori remarked. She remembered the crushed cup in Zephyr's hand the day before. Light milky coffee spilled over its edges. “You look very nice by the way.”

“Thank you.” Zephyr looked at Tori's cheery profile. Her hair was used up like she had just crawled out of bed and a pair of large sparkly sunglasses took up one-forth of her face. She looked like a movie star. “I tried to choose an outfit that would offset the bruise in the middle of my forehead.”

“Well done. I had totally forgotten about the bruise,” beamed Tori. She turned her head far enough for Zephyr to catch a broad glance of her smile. Her lips looked soft. Very kissable.

“So, tell me. How did you get started in the candy business?”

“Well, when I was a young girl, I got hooked on the book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory .”


“Yup! I knew at a very young age I would have my own sweet shop someday.”

“So, how ‘bout the dancing?” She forgot about the dull ache in her forehead as she recalled Tori's aptitude in dancing.

“Pure marketing. If you wanna stand out against the competition, you've gotta try something new. I guess its working cause business is booming.”

“I can see why.”

Tori flashed Zephyr a quick smile and turned back quickly to watch the road. When they got to the store the twins were already making fresh batches of fudge and candied apples.

“Ladies, this is Zephyr. Zephyr, these are my twins, Sam and Mel. I couldn't do it without ‘em.” She was referring to the business.

“Oh yes she could,” one of the twins answered as she approached Zephyr to give her a hug. “I'm glad you're okay. If you need anything, just ask.”

Zephyr didn't know which twin was which. “Thank you.”

“Your bump has gotten much smaller,” the other twin observed. Her and her sister had only seen Zephyr for a brief moment when the cops had carried her into the back office.

“Yeah, I'm pretty lucky. That crowd got a lot more rambunctious than I had anticipated.”

“Yeah, Tori has that effect on ‘em,” one of the twins concluded. Zephyr still didn't know which one was which.

“Well ladies, give Zephyr here some light work to do and show her the ropes.” She turned to Zephyr. “My office is open if you need to lie down. There's a pillow and blanket on the loveseat.” She headed for the door. “Show time in an hour ladies. I'm gonna warm up and change into a sweeter outfit.”

Zephyr happily anticipated her return.


<3 <3 <3


“Let's do it!” Tori wore a short black skirt with a silk ribbon of pink and white stripes down its sides. A pink bra peeked out beneath her unzipped leather jacket, the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. She sported a hot pink wig that draped just below her earlobes and large hoop earrings grazed her shoulders. Black fishnet stockings enveloped her powerful legs and black leather boots stretched to her knees. She approached Zephyr who fought to keep her composure.

“Whatcha think?” She teased the buttons on the front of Zephyr's blouse.

“What do I think? I think you're going to cause another riot.” She set her finger against Tori's bare chest. “I hope you spent extra money on shatter proof glass. You're gonna need it.”

Tori backed away from Zephyr's finger as goose bumps covered her arms. She jumped up on the table and stood tall with a wide stance. Music resonated from her iPod as the crowd outside began to cheer. The twins raised the remote controlled blinds.

Mel threw a large wooden spatula in the air and Tori caught it. Sam joined Tori on the table and bent over. The crowds wailed while Tori took a few whacks at Sam's behind then pointed for her to get off the table. Sporting pink and white oven mitts, Mel brought over a hot cauldron of fudge and poured it on the table.

Tori reached inside the cauldron and removed the fudge from its inner walls. She glanced at Zephyr and smiled. Zephyr stumbled a bit, but caught herself.

The smell of hot chocolate permeated the air while large crowds of bystanders stood captivated at what they saw through the window. Tori stood on the outer edges of the table, beyond the reach of the molten confection. She slapped it around, making waves of chocolate fan through the air; landing exactly where she wanted. Her hips swayed to the beat of the music and she held the spatula like a guitar. Her adoring fans cheered.

Tori folded the fudge over itself until it began to thicken, sculpting a continuous loaf down the length of the table. The twins approached with miniature spoons to collect free samples for the eager customers.

Tori took a tray to the window and began to hand some out. When her tray was empty, she announced that her twins would take over from there. She returned to the table, pinched another small piece of fudge between her fingers, and carried it over to Zephyr.

“Can I tempt you?” She brought the piece of fudge to Zephyr's lips and grinned, gazing into her eyes. Zephyr leaned forward and took the fudge along with Tori's fingers into her mouth and sucked gently. Tori could feel the chocolate melt on to her fingers.

“I have to admit, I have never had anything quite like it.” Zephyr took Tori's wrist in her hands and licked one last time from the lower part of her fingers to the tips. “It's exquisite!”

Tori gasped. She stepped back for a moment.

“I'm going to help the twins clean up.” Zephyr stepped away with a huge smile across her face. It was the first time she smiled since yesterday without her head throbbing in pain. This time something else was throbbing.


<3 <3 <3


“Let's go!” Zephyr already stood atop the table when Tori entered the storefront.

Tori looked surprised, but was intrigued and eager to see how this particular show would play out. “Are you sure you're up for this?”

Zephyr didn't answer but grinned as she mussed up her hair. She had pulled her shirt from her pinstriped pants, opened the top three buttons of her blouse, and rolled up her sleeves. The sight thrilled Tori.

As the music began, both girls danced, entranced in each other's eyes. The twins brought over bowls of white and dark chocolate and Tori knelt down to mold them into truffles.

Zephyr picked up a spoonful of creamy chocolate and began pouring it over the small mounds of chocolate Tori had just molded in her hands. She dabbled some on to her finger and tasted it ever so slowly against her tongue. As she slowly withdrew her finger, she smiled at Tori who was crawling her way.

You could hear the crowd roar from outside. A distinct “Who's your friend?” resounded through the window. “You guys can both come over to my place,” another man yelled through the window.

Tori stayed on her hands and knees with her tongue stuck out to catch some of the creamy drippings from Zephyr's spoon. The roar from outside the window grew in intensity as they watched Tori's tongue sweep against the wide head of the spoon. Zephyr held firmly to its handle.

Zephyr selected a truffle off the tray and nodded towards the window. They both jumped off the table and made their way to the glass, swaying their hips from side to side as they approached the energized crowd. The customers all pushed to get a closer view.

Zephyr placed a truffle between her lips while Tori leaned in, took a small nibble, and gently sucked the cream. They lingered by each other's mouths longer than necessary. Zephyr melted the remaining chocolate in her mouth, savoring its rich flavor and smooth texture. She traced her lips with her tongue.

Zephyr led Tori back to the table, laid her down, and climbed on top. She waved Melanie over and whispered in her ear. Melanie stepped away for a brief moment and returned with a long rope of licorice. Zephyr used the licorice to tie Tori's hands above her head. Her nipples spiked through the thin fabric of her bra as the unbuttoned shirt curved at her sides.

There was a bag of white cream sitting next to Zephyr. She picked it up and used it contents to trace Tori's lips. Once covered in white, Zephyr straddled Tori's hips with her long legs and leaned into her. She tilted her head to the side and drew her tongue across Tori's mouth.

Tori brought her bound arms around the back of Zephyr's neck, arched her body, and with little effort, knocked Zephyr on her back. She leaned in close to flick her tongue against Zephyr's earlobe. “This is a family show, you better behave, or else.” she whispered.

“Trust me. I am behaving,” Zephyr countered. Her blue eyes bore into Tori's carnal expression.

Tori's face turned hot red. She made a fist and pinched Zephyr's nipple between her thumb and index finger. “You're going to pay for that comment later.”

“If you do something like that again, later is going to be now.”

“Ah, boss.” One of the twins pointed to the window. Tori and Zephyr laughed when they turned their heads at a bunch of foreheads pressed against the window. Officer Eddie leaned so hard into the window, the rim of his cap collapsed against the glass.

Zephyr slid out from under Tori and pushed herself off the table.
“I'm gonna wash up. Be back in twenty.”

<3 <3 <3


The window was still packed with customers when Zephyr returned.

“You are not going to believe this,” Tori exclaimed. “We've sold more candy today than we have in the past two weeks.”

Zephyr took Tori's hand in hers. “Good. Then it's time for you to close for the day.” She had a yearning in her eyes and Tori knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted the same.

“All right gentleman,” Tori yelled through the intercom. “It's time to close shop.”

The crowd booed.

Zephyr chimed in, “No worries gentlemen. Tomorrow you'll witness your first ever fudge wrestling match. Go home and come back around the same time tomorrow. You won't be disappointed.” She turned the window sign to ‘closed' and the twins lowered the blinds. The customers left, scrutinizing their watches. There was no way they would miss tomorrow's show.

“A fudge wrestling match, eh?” Tori liked that idea.

The twins began to clean up.

“You girls go home early today. Zephyr and I will clean up.” Tori gazed at Zephyr, who stood across the room, waiting.

The twins giggled as they left. Tori locked the door behind them.

Zephyr walked over to the table and sat. She patted the spot next to her.

Tori held up her index finger and turned from Zephyr. As she approached the back counter she allowed her jacket and bra to fall to the floor. Zephyr stared at the flawless skin; yearning to plant kisses in the deep dimples at the small of Tori's back.

Tori reached for a can of cream and began decorating her chest. The squirting noises from the contents of the can made Zephyr's stomach grumble as she eagerly waited. She couldn't remember ever being this hungry.

Tori turned around with two matching swirls of whipped cream around each breast and cherries for nipples. She returned to the table and stood before Zephyr.

Zephyr examined the white puffs and licked her lips as she laid Tori down beneath her. She lightly bit on a cherry stem and lifted it from the cushions of cream. She dangled it over Tori's mouth with a grin. Tori bit into the juicy red ball while Zephyr pulled the stem away and blew it to the floor. She leaned her head in to snatch up the other cherry. Effortlessly, she removed the stem from the cherry using just her mouth and bit down. Cherry juice flowed in her cheeks. With a few flicks of her tongue, she tied the stem in a knot and pulled it from her mouth.

“I knew you'd be good with your tongue,” Tori flirted. “Let's not waste such talent on a cherry stem.” She pulled Zephyr's lips to hers and they kissed. Each one taking her turn at thrusting her tongue into the other's mouth while the recipient sucked in like a vacuum.

Zephyr slid her tongue down Tori's neck until she reached the mounds of cream on her chest. She began to lick and suck, exposing the pink erect flesh beneath. She nibbled at the stiff flesh, enjoying the stiffness against her lips.

Tori gasped.

Zephyr slid Tori's skirt up around her hips and gently cupped the wet swell of her panties. “I want you.”

“Then take me.” Tori spread her legs further apart, beckoning for more of Zephyr's touch.

Zephyr glided Tori's panties down her legs. She sat up to remove her own blouse and bra. The loose clothing now rested as a sticky heap upon the floor.

Tori smiled up at Zephyr. “God you're so beautiful.” She brought both her hands up to caress Zephyr's breasts, her thumbs pushing against the rigid skin at the tips.

Zephyr drifted further down between Tori's legs and lightly brushed up against her swollen clit. Tori's body involuntarily jolted. Zephyr gripped Tori's thighs and tossed her legs over her shoulders. Tori grabbed on to the table as Zephyr pressed her tongue firmly into the soft pink flesh. She licked and sucked as Tori's fingernails scratched at the table surface. “Oh my God!” Tori whimpered.

Zephyr lubricated her hand with the fluids that gushed from Tori's body. She teased the outer lips until her fingers sank into the yearning flesh. Tori's body convulsed as Zephyr held on, plunging her fingers in and out like a rhythmic dance. Once Tori's body could take no more, Zephyr lingered inside, enjoying the swollen flesh that held her tight. As Tori caught her breath, Zephyr slowly withdrew her fingers. Tori's body twitched at the point of exit.

“Look at what you do to me.” Tori could barely move. Her body was experiencing after shocks from the pleasures they had just shared.

Zephyr climbed back up Tori and looked into her eyes. She stroked her soft blonde locks and leaned in for another kiss. Tori gently bit down on Zephyr's lower lip, causing a heightened throb between Zephyr's legs. Their bodies melded as they switched positions. Tori made her way on top of Zephyr whose remaining clothing was now in a heap on the floor.

Tori placed one of her legs between Zephyr's and pushed. Their naked bodies began to slowly dance on the table. Their kissing intensified until Tori began to descend along Zephyr's body. She stopped at her chest and took tender nibbles of the erect peaks. She sucked on one nipple while her fingers pinched the other.

Zephyr rested her forearm across her eyes as though she were going to faint. She parted her legs.

Tori responded by trailing her fingertips down past Zephyr's belly button and into the shaved hair between her legs. She brushed her fingers across the soft center until she used the palm of her hand to pull Zephyr's legs further apart. She positioned her head directly over Zephyr's center and used the very tip of her tongue to tease the skin beneath until she plunged in with her entire mouth.

Zephyr looked down at the blonde head of hair bobbing between her legs. She bit down on her thumb to try and muffle her screams.

Tori used her thumbs to part Zephyr's outer lips and expose the pink flesh beneath. She marveled at its beauty. She pressed her tongue firmly into the skin and Zephyr moaned.

“You taste divine,” Tori licked faster and harder as Zephyr's thrusting hips almost knocked them off the table. Tori grabbed on to Zephyr's butt cheeks and held on. When Zephyr lowered her hips back down to the table, Tori plunged her fingers deep inside her.

Zephyr grabbed on to the back of Tori's head, her hips rocking back and forth.

Tori kept her mouth on the pulsating flesh as she pushed her clenched fist into Zephyr's center.

Zephyr's body thrashed madly between Tori and the table. “Don't stop,” she yelled.

Tori held on tighter. She refused to get tossed from the table and absolutely refused to stop.

Zephyr's body stiffened once she couldn't take anymore. Tori removed her fist and rested her head on Zephyr's stomach. Zephyr ran her fingers through Tori's hair, her body momentarily drained of energy.

Tori lifted her head and stared into the beautiful blue eyes before her. “I can't wait for our big wrestling match tomorrow.”

Zephyr grinned. “You can wrap those thighs around me any time.”

Tori leaned in to kiss her and with a raised eyebrow asked, “So does this mean you'll accept the job offer full time?”

Zephyr nodded. “This opportunity is too good to pass up.”

“You're hired!”




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