“The Story Of A Love Stronger Than Death”
by Melissa Wild

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WARNING! The following piece of fan fiction may contain adult material, and scenes of extreme violence. So if you’re under eighteen, or are easily shocked then perhaps you might want to read something other then this story.

                                                      PART 4.

Falling…falling she seemed to be falling forever, the stars shooting past her. Images of Gabrielle and their life together flashing through her mind…then she thought of Ares…was he dead now? He had changed a lot, so much so hadn’t recognized him…but she supposed that a future with Callisto and Hope as its rulers would be enough to make anyone change for the better.

Would he still be on the side of good when she put the world back to the way it was supposed to be…she didn’t know. She wouldn’t find out until this was all over.

  She could feel the tension in her shoulders from everything she had been through…note to self…she thought…when I get Gabrielle back I’m gonna need one hell of a backrub.

Her thoughts were instantly cut off as the ground came up to meet her. Standing up slowly Xena snapped her fingers and instantly all the mud that had spread across her dress from the impact magically vanished. …how to get your clothes cleaned in under a second…she thought amused at the notion.

  This god thing was all new to her…but she was a quick learner, and she would adapt to her new powers. Rubbing her hands absently down her dress Xena checked herself over more to make sure she hadn’t forgotten any of her weapons. She wouldn’t need them but if she was stuck as a god forever then she could always keep them for sentimental reasons.

   Sighing heavily she looked around at her new surroundings, she was in the middle of a vast forest, the tall trees almost appeared skeletal, their branches like withered hands trying to reach out to her. In the distance she could make out the light of a campfire…slowly she started to make her way towards it.

Silently, and with all the stealth of a panther she made no noise at all as she crept to the figure she could see sleeping beside it… she didn’t know why, but she had an irresistible urge to see who the person was sleeping there…becoming curious in your old age…she thought.

Gently she reached over to place a hand on the sleeping persons shoulder, drawing the blanket back off their face with her other hand.

She inhaled sharply as she stared dumbstruck at the face before her….the eyes that snapped open were unmistakably her own as was the voice that was now questioning her.


The initial shock at meeting herself quickly fading Xena stood up to examine the younger woman staring at her, her hands placed on her hips, dark eyebrows arched, in suspicion.

“Okay Ares,” the younger woman stated her voice thick with scorn “As amusing as it is to see you in my skin…I’m really not in any kind of mood for your misguided sense of humour…so why don’t you don’t you just get the hell out of my face”

“God’s” she said aloud to her younger self “Do I always blame anything remotely weird on Ares”

Her younger self looked blank, almost confused which wasn’t entirely surprising given the circumstance, after all she hadn’t been through what she had been through, she didn’t know that Ares had given his life so that she could make it back here to save Gabrielle.  In this timeline Ares was still an arrogant power obsessed son of a Bacchae whose only goal in life was luring Xena back to her dark side…okay that’s where that thought ends she decided.

There was after all no point in dredging up the past; in opening up old wounds, no point in looking back on all the hurt that had been caused, there wasn’t enough time for a start.

So the sooner she convinced herself that she was genuine, the faster she could get to Gabrielle. “Okay…” she said “First I’m not Ares”

“Yeah right” her younger self snapped back at her “Who are you trying to kid this time…Oh no let me guess you’re another of my identical twins mysteriously separated from me at birth. I knew I never should’ve believed mom when she said that she’d only had me Toris, and Lyceus. I mean there’s my identical twin Meg the brash barmaid, and then there’s Diane the prim princes, oh and let’s not forget Leah the lisping Hestian virgin…so what’s your name then?”

Burying her head in her hands the older Xena groaned…am I really this difficult to talk to…she thought to herself…note to self she thought…when I get Gabrielle back I’ve got some real apologizing to do…the god’s knows how in the world she’s put up with me for so long.

Refocusing on the situation at hand Xena took a deep breath and prepared to deal with her impossible younger self.

“Look will you just listen…for once in your life…unless of course you really don’t care about Gabrielle…first I’m not Ares, and I’m not some long lost twin you haven’t yet come across. I’m you…

“What?” her younger self looked even more confused

“I’m you from the past, an alternative past, a past which should never have happened, but will happen if I don’t convince you to help me”

“Help you what”

“Help me save Gabrielle”

“Don’t be silly Gabrielle doesn’t need saving, she’s fine she’s right her…”

Looking down at the empty space where Gabrielle should have been sleeping her younger self’s eyes widened with growing apprehension.

“See it’s starting all over again…” said the older Xena  “I don’t have time to convince you… you’ve got to believe me… …if you don’t come with me now then Gabrielle will die…and it will be all our fault. I know you doubt me, I would too if I were in your shoes right now, but I’m not lying…this is too important to lie about…I have to save Gabrielle…we have to save Gabrielle…I can’t mess up this time you have to believe me…you just have to”

“Ok” said her younger self “But first you have to tell me what happened….so I know exactly who or what we’re up against…but I’m warning you if you’re lying to me…and you really are Ares…and you’ve masterminded this whole thing to get Gabrielle out of the way then I’ll find a way to kill you….even if it takes me till the end of time… I’ll find a way”

“You don’t have to tell me that” she said “I already know how committed to a cause I can be”

“So go on what happened then?” urged her younger self

“Callisto happened...”

Her younger self’s eyes blazed with anger at the sound of Callisto’s name.

“You remember hope don’t you…” she continued

“How can I forget….we went through hell afterwards… we barely talked…we barely even looked at each other. I blamed Gabrielle for the death of my son, and she blamed herself for failing as a mother. She told me that if she had only tried harder to bring out the good in hope, after all it had worked with me so she couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worked for her daughter”

The older Xena looked at her in a sort of slightly chiding way.

“Okay so she was half Dahak’s child” said her younger self “There was no denying that…but there should have also been some of  Gabrielle’s goodness in there. Gabrielle thought that maybe if she had tried harder she could have encouraged that part of hope to come out, but in the end that was something even Gabrielle couldn’t do, and so finally she was forced to do what no mother should ever have to do, she had to poison her own daughter…to stop her evil from spreading any further”

“Yes…but I’m afraid that it didn’t quite end there…” said the older Xena

“What do you mean?” asked Xena’s astonished younger self

“Hope died Gabrielle told me what happened.”

“Well that’s where Callisto comes into the picture…I don’t know how she did it, but somehow Callisto found out about Hope, and about Gabrielle…and more importantly about how powerful hope might have become if she had been allowed to blossom naturally without any interference from her mother, so she took it upon herself to use a device called the Timegate to travel back in time to remove the threat of Gabrielle before she and her daughter could ever get the chance to meet again”

“Why what will happen if they meet again…tell me…tell me”

“I can’t tell you…” said the older Xena “You already know too much of what’s to come as it is…You’re just going to have to trust me…If you love Gabrielle will you do that….will you take this one leap of faith”

Her eyes fixed on the distant horizon, and on the slowly rising sun Xena turned to the older version of herself from a future she hoped to never have to wake up to…a world without Gabrielle.

“I’ll help you” she said “I’ll help you save Gabrielle”

“Then take my hand” said the older woman and I’ll get us to where we need to be”

“How are you going to d…” Xena’s younger self didn’t even get the chance to finish the sentence as the two of them vanished in a huge ball of energy and light. Leaving behind the soft sound of birdsong as the first rays of sunlight spread its golden wings across a fresh new dawn.


She could feel her fear coursing through her like a paralysing drug, threatening to overwhelm her. Dragging her screaming headfirst into the abyss, and she was powerless to do anything.

Like a figure from a thousand frightful dreams, and hidden places of her mind she could sense the beast inching closer, and closer, her heart threatening to burst within her chest as she felt his putrid breath on her face, making it impossible for her to breathe.

In the blink of an eye she could see the dagger in his hand plunging down towards her, and then like the flick of a switch something terrifying and unexpected happened….

Stunned into silence she watched as he started to change, his features transforming, contorting into someone else’s. The short dark hair became a long golden mane; the skin on his face suddenly appeared smoother, softer.

 His large bulky figure started to take on a strangely feminine appearance…Gabrielle had to blink to make sure she wasn’t becoming delusional but there was no mistaking the face that the Scythian finally morphed into… “Callisto but… How? ...  why?” Gabrielle managed to sputter out.

Callisto ignored Gabrielle’s insistent pleas for mercy, her brown eyes shining in the dim light of the room, as she got ready to make the final deathblow that would forever rid her of Xena’s irritating little sidekick

 “Give Hades my regards” she said as she swung the knife in her hand down towards Gabrielle, her laughter echoing all around them adding to the already eerie atmosphere…and in that same split second something happened that neither of them could have expected.

There was a blinding flash of light that was so intense that Callisto had to raise her hands to her eyes to protect them, dropping the knife in her hand as she did.

Finally the light faded, but when Callisto took her hand  away, and looked over to where it had come from she was greeted by the astonishing sight of not one but two Xena’s, she rubbed her eyes fiercely, but no matter how hard she rubbed her eyes there was no denying what she saw.

 She couldn’t understand how this had happened? Tilting her head to one side she looked both woman up and down, the first Xena was young, and was staring wide eyed at Callisto, and then down at the bed that Gabrielle was tied to. “Callisto…you’ll pay for what you’ve…”

“No…I’ll deal with her” said the other version of Xena cutting her off, her voice as hard and cold as the feelings that were coursing through her.

  Callisto stared at her, this Xena appeared to be several years older than the younger one, but time had not been kind to her, her face looked battle worn and drained by time, but the real change was in her eyes that spoke of a deep pain that was reminiscent of the pain Callisto had experienced at losing her family.

“You get to deal with them” the older Xena said indicating to the small congregation of Scythians that had started to file through the only other door, turning back to Callisto her eyes hardened “She’s mine” she stated

“Oh goody” said Callisto smiling “Two for the price of one…looks like I get to have twice as much fun kicking your butt straight to Tarturus Xena”

“I don’t think so Callisto”

“You don’t do you…Well just what are you going to do about it…you see…you’re just a weak pathetic mortal, and I’m a god. I can go on forever Xena…you can’t”

“Got a surprise for you” said Xena Smiling darkly

“Wha” Callisto gasped in astonishment as she felt herself being flung through the air, her breath knocked out from her by the ball of flame that she hadn’t even seen coming.

Gathering herself up off the floor she stared bitterly at Xena “So you got a promotion did you. Good I’ve been waiting for a real challenge” She said as she drew her sword, her shrill scream piercing the air, making Xena’s ears hurt….I really hate it when she does that…she thought

Sparks flew in every direction as their swords clashed together. On and on they went neither one showing any signs of tiring. “This is ridiculous Xena” Callisto said wiping her forehead absently “This could go on forever…give up while you still have the chance to”

“What’s up Callisto getting nervous? Think that maybe you’ve met your match this time…well I guess you can’t win them all”

“Nooo!” Callisto screamed at her flipping over to the other side of the room. Her dark eyes focusing only on Xena, burning, brimming with unbridled rage, then slowly she started to rise upwards until she was floating above everyone else in the room.

Xena flipped herself upwards, and over to where Callisto was now hovering like a giant vulture studying its prey.

Xena blinked, and then blinked again…it was strange but there seemed to be a light emanating from Callisto, faint at first, but growing steadily stronger and brighter as Xena got closer.

A pulsing red light which soon spread all around her, Her brown eyes were now  a blood red “It’s over Xena” she breathed icily.

 Beneath her, her younger self was managing to keep the decreasing gang of Scythians at bay; one by one they were making their escape unnoticed by Callisto who had lost all interest in them, her only focus was on the older Xena floating opposite her.


 Gabrielle looked helplessly around her, she hated the fact that she could only watch from the bed as the battle raged on around her. Unable to help, as the restraints on her arms and legs prevented her from doing so.

The older Xena looked down at her, drawing strength from her presence and it was at that moment that their eyes met…at first Gabrielle appeared confused as she looked up at the older Xena, and then over to where the younger version was still fighting off the remaining Scythians…but her confusion quickly cleared as she looked over to where Callisto was hovering.

Xena quickly followed her gaze. Callisto was now fully encompassed by the red light, Xena gasped as Callisto thrust her hands forward emitting a huge energy beam which leapt from her outstretched fingertips.

Xena dodged it with lightning quick reflexes, and the beam impacted against the wall behind her, leaving a gaping hole in it.

Xena thought hard…how could she get out of this, there must be some way out of this without getting herself or Gabrielle killed.

She looked down again at Gabrielle…Gabrielle! That was it. Callisto was focusing her anger and every negative emotion she possessed into one single unstoppable force of power.

She would have to do the reverse; it was the only way to stop Callisto.

 Closing her eyes Xena focused on Gabrielle, she pictured her face, her smile, her touch, and the feelings that they invoked, then she concentrated on just the feelings; soon She felt a sudden warmth slowly encompass her, spreading, growing into something bigger than them both.

Finally she opened her eyes and from Callisto’s shocked expression she knew that she had succeeded. Her brow furrowed in concentration she flung her hands outward and the light that burst from her fingertips was overwhelming.

Callisto let out a chilling scream as she counter attacked, pushing harder against the streaming white light to try to gain a better advantage.

Gabrielle looked up at the two powerful women locked in a battle of wills, light versus dark; good and evil battling against each other. Xena looked back down at her again and smiled, and in her mind Gabrielle heard Xena’s voice “I love you Gabrielle I’ll always love you” She told her.

Looking back over at Callisto Xena reached further down inside of herself gaining new strength from her brief exchange with Gabrielle, and the build up of power that shot out towards Callisto was sudden and unexpected.

Callisto didn’t even have time to scream as she was enveloped by the full force of Xena’s power.

Gabrielle’s hands shot up reflexively to her eyes…squinting hard against the light she tried to see through it, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t make out either woman, for it was far to bright for her too see anything.

Eventually she was forced to turn and cover her face with her arms to avoid being blinded by its sheer intensity. Seconds passed by that seemed like hours to her, but then finally it faded away to nothingness, and Gabrielle removed her arms from her face…Callisto was gone, and a rather battered and weary looking Xena sank to the ground, with a slightly audible groan she wiped the fine layer of sweat from her forehead, and then she began to make her way over to her….


Xena stared at Gabrielle for what seemed like an eternity, now that she had her here in front of her, no longer a dream but a living breathing person she wasn’t sure of what to say to her…she had gone over and over this moment in her mind, but now every thought, every suggestion just seemed so inadequate to describe the way she felt.

Removing Gabrielle’s restraints with just a wave of her hand, Xena sat down on the bed beside her, reaching over she placed Gabrielle’s hand in her own gently kissing it. “Xena what’s going on?” asked Gabrielle the confusion clear in her eyes

“Gabrielle I have something to tell you” she softly said “something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time”

 Looking behind them Gabrielle watched the younger version of Xena making her way over to them “ Xena who is that” she asked indicating at the other Xena  “What’s happened to you” She said touching the lines that had carved themselves into Xena’s face with the passage of time.

 “That’s harder to explain” 

“Try…please” urged Gabrielle grabbing her other hand

“I’ll leave that to my younger self” said Xena softly


“Trust me Gabrielle…she’ll tell you everything… won’t you” she said giving her younger self a mock glare

“Do I get a choice in the matter” said her younger self

“In the meantime…I’ll give you two some space....I’m sure that you probably have a lot to talk about” she uttered hastily as she made her way out the door, and into the darkness beyond.

Gabrielle watched puzzled as the younger woman exited through the door

“Xena what’s she talking about…what do you have to tell me”

“I don’t know where to begin” said Xena sighing heavily “It feels like I’ve been keeping this inside of myself for so long now” pausing she looked into Gabrielle’s eyes again. 

Pushing the damp hair from Xena’s face, Gabrielle gently squeezed her hand and smiled warmly, taking a deep breath to steady her crumbling nerves… Xena carried on “Gabrielle before I met you” she began  “ …I was just about ready to give up…I just felt so lost, and then you came…you showed me that I could use my skills as a warrior for the greater good, but more than that you believed in me…even when everyone else was against me…even my own mother…You helped me become the person I am…you changed me for the better.

 When I was fighting Callisto the one thing I had, the one thing that finally defeated her was my love for you. The incredible power of that love became that power that you just saw…became that light”

Overcome by her revelation Gabrielle reached out to Xena and flung her arms around the warrior, pulling her tightly against her. She couldn’t believe that through all her doubts, through all her fears…that Xena had felt the same way about her…

“Xena why didn’t you tell me sooner?” she asked tears forming in her eyes, and splashing down onto the warrior’s armour.

“I thought that you might not feel the same way” said Xena “I was sure you’d leave me”

“Xena of course not…how could I leave you when I love you aswell”

“You do” said Xena inhaling sharply she could hardly believe that this was happening, and part of her was a little scared that this might all be just a wonderful dream.

Leaning down slowly Xena drew the younger woman into a tender kiss, pulling her tightly against her.

 Gabrielle closed her eyes and revelled in the sensations coursing through her. The kiss was overwhelming in more ways than one; the feelings coursing through her were indescribable.

The coldness of the armour pressing against her body, fuelling her desire, her mind suddenly filling with a display of various images of Xena…and then suddenly Gabrielle knew everything that had happened to Xena in the other timeline when they had been separated by Callisto’s unforgiving hands.

      She could sense every emotion that Xena had experienced so far, the anguish at her loss, and the pain…so much pain it made Gabrielle’s heart ache for the warrior.

Then finally the sacrifice Xena had made to come back here and save her.

The power of her feelings for her stunned her mind into silence,  how could she have failed to notice such passion.

The intensity of Xena’s love for her left her breathless, and wanting more.  Pulling back she stared wide eyed at the warrior…“Xena you’re a God”

“Hmm…if only everyone was so complimentary on my kissing techniques”  said Xena with a devilish smile.

“Hey why don’t you two get a room or something?”

Almost falling off her perch on the bed beside Gabrielle, Xena turned sharply at the familiar sound of Ares voice

“Ares you’re alive” Whispered Xena

“Well you can’t keep a good god down” he stated, an amused smile edging its way across his face.

 Gabrielle stared, the disbelief in her face evident

 “And just what part have you got in all this” she asked him

“My one good deed for the century…but don’t worry your pretty blond little head about it” he said “Because it won’t happen again… C’mon Xena” he said turning to the warrior princess “It’s time to go…” he said.

His dark eyes glinting he looked the warrior princess up and down. “Hmm” he mused “You still make a damned good goddess…it’s a crying shame that you have to go back to being a mere mortal”

“Huh…but I thought” started Xena

Placing his hands on her shoulders Ares smiled at her “Xena everything has been fixed that needed fixing” he said “So as soon as we leave time will be restored” he said.

 "So you becoming a god will never happen, and I can go back to being my usual charming self.

Placing her hands on her hips Xena unconsciously rolled her eyes at the thought of Ares once again becoming a serious pain in her butt, but he was a pain in the butt that she could live with.

Turning back to Gabrielle Xena held her one last time, standing back from the young girl she noticed for the first time how dishevelled Gabrielle appeared.

Her clothes were covered in dirt, and her hair was soaked in sweat.

Waving a hand down her body Xena smiled as all the dirt vanished leaving behind a very sparkly, and clean looking Gabrielle

 “Don’t say I never give you anything.” she said smiling cheekily “Consider it my one last good deed as a god”

Leaning over towards the perplexed young girl,  Xena kissed her one last time “See you in the future” she gently whispered in her ear, and with that she and Ares disappeared from sight leaving behind a very confused and breathless looking Gabrielle….


Standing outside the small thatched cottage Gabrielle stared at the setting sun trying to make sense of everything that had happened so far. She couldn’t believe that Xena had become a God so that she could go back in time and save her. She knew how Xena felt about most of the gods…so for her to become one, even for a short time was truly astonishing.

 Xena was watching her from the solitude of the open doorway, occasionally gazing up at the dark sky above, her arms folded neatly across her chest she looked lost in her thoughts, and Gabrielle figured that she probably knew what she was thinking about.

“Xena you okay?” she asked walking over to her

Xena looked down at her, her heart warming at the sight of the young woman, safe and alive; It didn’t take too long for the endless questions to start forming in her mind. Now that she had a second chance should she tell Gabrielle how she felt about her…or should she just except that they could only ever be friends. Finally she relented

“Gabrielle I’ve got something to tell you” she said “something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time”

Smiling Gabrielle reached out and took Xena’s hand in her own, pulling the warrior closer to her “I know Xena” she said, and before the warrior could utter a single word of protest, she reached up to gently cup her face in her hands,

Xena watched amazed as the young girl gently placed her lips against her own

“How…”breathed Xena pulling back “How did you know”

“Hush” said Gabrielle placing a finger against Xena’s lips

“I’ll tell you later…in the meantime I’ve got something to show you” she said with a truly wicked smile “something I know you’ll like” she said placing soft butterfly kisses along the warrior’s neckline

 “Now come on” urged Gabrielle stuffing her hand down the front of Xena’s battledress and giving the warrior a playful tug “Let’s set camp up for the night…but don’t count on any sleep” she said pulling the more than willing warrior along with her “Because you’ll be getting no sleep tonight” she said with a suggestive wink.

Her eyes shining with all the possibilities of their newfound future together, Xena Smiled as she let the enthusiastic young blond lead her lead her out of the tiny village, and into the waiting forest ahead as the stars shone brightly in the heavens above them.

                                                             The End.

Disclaimer: Time was not harmed during the writing of this fan fiction; however Xena’s cleaning company LTD will soon be available for hire in the near future.

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