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Baby Doll

by MerryAngel

Angela met Sarah at a bar in New York. Angela had gone there to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Sarah, who had been there

as a last hoorah before she settled down and married Marcus Kessic, a wealthy businessman of 35 years, fell instantly in love with Angela.

Sarah Lexington, who was tall, dark and beautiful, stood almost a foot taller than Angela, who was five feet four inches in height. "Hello," Angela managed to squeak out as a hot blush crept up her face.

"Hello, yourself," Sarah voiced, deeply and sensually. Sarah smiled as Angela's blush grew more intense. She could tell that Angela was as enamoured with her as she was with Angela. She just hoped Angela knew it, too.

"Would you like to go somewhere and have a drink?" Angela asked when her voice finally returned to normal.

"Yeah," Sarah smiled again. "How about the bar?" Sarah asked. Angela nodded and followed the raven haired beauty. She was surprised when Sarah took her hand. 'The Amazon Babe probably just didn't want to lose this potential lay to the sea of dancers on the crowded floor,' Angela quipped to herself. 'Nope, this was going to be a very interesting birthday celebration indeed.'

"So, what's your name, Baby Doll?" Sarah asked. Angela was taken aback when Sarah inadvertly called her the one pet name she had always envisioned her one true love would call her. "Baby Doll, are you all right?" Sarah asked, again using that pet name and sending goosebumps across her young, inexperienced flesh.

Angela nodded, mutely, words failed her again.

"You know, I'm not much for chit chat so you're going to have to jump in sometime and tell me your name and a little bit about yourself. I think you're really adorable but I don't like it when I have to do all the talking," Sarah finally shut up.

"Angela!" the shorter woman blurted out. At Sarah's quizzical look, Angela continued,"My name is Angela Grayson. What's your name? And why did you just call me 'Baby Doll'? We just met."

"Sarah Lexington. It's nice to meet you, Angela. Baby Doll is just a pet name I use with certain people," Sarah explained. Truthfully Angela was the only one she had ever given that name to - except, of course, for her dream lover. It was her true love's favorite name and she heard herself say it quite often when she would dream - day or night - of her lifemate. 'So why did I call Angela by that pet name?' she asked herself.

"I liked it when you called me 'Baby Doll.' It's what I've always wanted to be called," Angela confessed without really knowing why she was telling this to a stranger.

"So, Angela, what will you have? Beer? Wine?" Sarah asked.

Angela stared at this beauty in front of her. When Sarah's left eyebrow shot up under her bangs and 'Hmmm?' at her, she came out of her daze. "Oh, ah... I'll have a Shirley Temple," Angela replied dreamily. When Sarah's right eyebrow joined her left one in her bangs, Angela explained,"I'm sorry, but I don't drink... alcohol, anyway. Never have... Probably never will..."

"Why not? Are you a goody-goody or something?" Sarah asked.

"No, I just made a packed with myself a long time ago. I know who I am and if I ever started drinking, I'm afraid I'd never be able to control it."

"Well then, a Shirley Temple it is," Sarah replied. She turned to the bartender and ordered their drinks. "A Shirley Temple and a Corona with Lime please." Sarah turned back to Angela,"I hope you don't mind if I drink?"

"Not at all. My self-induced non-alcoholic preference is not a judgement in any way. In fact all my friends drink and I don't mind."

"How old are you, Baby Doll?" Sarah watched Angela's reaction to her pet name. Angela for her part shivered in pleasure and potential love. Sarah smiled and turned for the drinks.

"I'm thirty. Well, actually I just turned thirty today... Thanks," Angela took the offered drink and followed Sarah to a table in the back.

"You're welcome. And Happy Birthday, Angela," Sarah didn't want to push the pet name too far. But she did feel a desire for this strawberry blonde she had only just met. "So, what are you doing in New York?" Sarah asked to keep the conversation going.

"How do you know I'm not from New York?" Angela teased.

"I live in New York and you sound nothing like me," Sarah told her.

"I'm originally from Texas but I now reside in Southern California. Do you ever watch Xena: Warrior Princess?" Angela asked smoothly changing the subject. "Because you look very much like her, you know."

"I love the show. And thank you for the compliment," Sarah intoned graciously.

"How did you like tonight's episode?"

"I don't know... this episode left me feeling a bit subtextless, if you know what I mean..." Sarah wiggled her eyebrows at Angela.

"Well, I don't get why they don't just take the plunge and marry Gabrielle and Xena and end the questions," Angela pouted.

"It wouldn't have the fandom it does now."

"Yeah, but it's not going to last much longer anyway. Mommy Lucy wants out and I can't blame her. But she will miss it," Angela argued.

"True. I can't argue. So... what do you do that makes you have time for Xena and vacations in New York?" Sarah asked.

"I'm the Production Supervisor at a cable station in Southern California. Have you ever heard of K-AMP?"

"K-AMP? No. Tell me a little about it," Sarah asked.

"Well, it started out as a hobby in someone's back yard and grew to a small corporation. Now we serve more viewers than our founder ever thought possible. I'm not on a vacation really. My grandfather died and I came here with my family to his funeral last week. His Will is to be read on Friday. So, has anyone ever told you that you look like Xena?" Angela asked as she once again started blushing.

"Are you coming on to me?" Sarah teasingly asked.

Angela's blush deepened but she continued her hopeful seduction,"Maybe... if there is a chance of success," Angela said as she slid her hand up Sarah's arm, sending chills up her spine and goosebumps across her skin.

"Oh, there's a chance," Sarah intoned seductively.

"Well, before I go any further I have to tell you. I'm a virgin. I've never done this before," Angela said, afraid of her sexual inadequacies.

"You're doing a very good job of seduction so far," Sarah said as she took the initative and leaned in to kiss Angela. As their lips met, Angela and Sarah knew they would never be the same again. "Hello, soulmate," Sarah sighed as she broke the contact.

"Is that what a kiss is supposed to feel like?" Angela asked in amazement.

"You mean you've never even been kissed before?" Sarah asked skeptically.

"Oh, I've been kissed... a couple of times. But it never felt like that and I think I'm ruined on all other kisses in the future..."

"Even my kisses?" Sarah teased.

"I hope you always kiss me like that," Angela sighed dreamily.

"If you think my kisses are incredible, you should try the rest of me..."

"Is that a proposition?" Angela asked.

"It would have to be a one night stand or a week long fling..."

Angela's heart sank. She had wanted it to be forever like when she read in the fanfiction stories when the two main characters met and fell in love. "Why?" she asked with great disappointment in her voice.

"I'm sure you'll be leaving New York soon..." Angela started to protest but Sarah raised her hand to stop it. "And I'm getting married in one week. This little trip was my last fling before I did what my family wanted and settled down..."

"With the man of your dreams, I suppose," Angela said sarcastically.

"No. With an executive from a rival firm to secure our merger. My father arranged it. He allowed me my lifestyle for a few years to find my true soulmate but when I didn't find you, he started planning the wedding and merger procedures." Angela sat at the table shocked beyond belief... 'If only I had been here a month ago... I'd have my true love,' Angela thought to herself while Sarah was thinking the same thing. "How do we really know we're soulmates?" Angela continued on with her train of thought,"You may not like me in bed and I may not like you..."

"Would you be willing to try it? Give us both at least this one night together?"

"Sure. My hotel or your place?" Angela asked.

"That depends... Where are you staying?"

"The Plaza. My grandfather was very rich. That's where the lawyers have me staying."

"Let's try your hotel," Sarah said as she stood and pulled Angela into her arms. It was everything the stories and her imagination had told her and more. She couldn't believe the electricity she was feeling from this woman.

Sarah hailed a taxi and they headed for the Plaza. Angela could barely contained her passion and desire all the way up to her room. Once the door was closed, she was crushed against it and ravished. She loved this. Sarah picked her up and carried her toward the bed. As she laid Angela on her back and climbed on top of her, she looked down into beautiful Bluish-green eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this... even though it can only be a one-night stand?" Sarah asked as she stared at her heart's true love with love and lust filled sky blue eyes.

Angela nodded,"I've never been more sure in my whole life. I want to make love to you and have you make love to me..." Angela hesitated. "That is if you want to make love to me."

Sarah answered her with a searing kiss which deepened when Angela parted her lips inviting Sarah to explore. Angela closed her eyes allowing her other senses to take over. Her inner-thighs told her she wanted this woman like she'd never wanted anyone in her whole life.

Sarah broke the kiss and blazed a white hot trail down Angela's chin to her neck. Her senses loved this. And she loved this woman. Angela jumped at the bite she felt at her collar bone. She glided her hands up Sarah's back to her hair. The black silky mass felt good in her hands. She knew she would love the feel of her true loves hair but didn't realize how much of a turn on it would be...

The next thing she felt was her satin blouse being pulled off her shoulders. She was so caught up in the sensations of this woman that she didn't notice when Sarah started unbuttoning her blouse. Now her bra was gone and there was a wonderful set of lips making love to her left breast.

"Oh, Sarah, how do you do that?"

Sarah chuckled and spoke around her mouthful of breast. "Do what, Baby Doll?" she teased. Sarah knew what Angela was talking about but just had to tease her.

"I love you... I want you to never let me go," Angela confessed.

Sarah felt the same way even though she knew this would be the only time for her to feel this ecstacy. She pushed that thought back and concentrated on her task at hand... Making love all night to her one and only soulmate...


Sarah woke up on her back and naked under the sheets and Angela. The young woman just felt right. Sarah kissed her forehead and Angela opened her green eyes. She felt a body underneath her and as she remembered last night, a tear rolled down her cheek.

Sarah felt the liquid glide across her chest and lifted Angela's head to look into tear-filled green eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?" Sarah asked with great concern. "Are you regetting last night?"

"No. I'm just regretting having to let you go. Now that I've found you, I don't want to let you go. But I'm gonna lose you. And I don't like it."

"You knew this when we started it..."

"Do you really think I could have said no? Did you really think I wanted to?" Angela asked as the tears flowed. "Could you really have stopped? Did you really want to? Didn't you feel the connection between us?"

"Yes, I felt the connection. But we both knew the consequences... We knew it was just going to be a one-night stand..."

"Or a week-long fling. That's my choice. I want the week. After next weekend, we'll never see each other again until we meet in Heaven. Okay? Will you give me one week of wonderful? With no interruptions?"

Sarah pulled Angela back into her arms,"Anything for you, Baby Doll."

"Anything, huh?" Angela teased as she lifted her head to stare into beautiful blue eyes. "Then I choose life. I want you for the rest of my life."

"Hey, I'm five years your senior. What if I died before you?"

"It'd never happen. If we were together, we'd die just like Xena and Gabrielle... I mean, not on the cross, but together... at the same time... in fifty or sixty years," Angela told Sarah while kissing along her neck. Sarah tilted her head back to give her young lover access.

"You know I can't give you life... aahh... but I will give you the next six days..." Sarah swallowed hard trying to complete her thought before she lost all coherence. "Ooohh... I'll even drive you... Yes!... to the airport... Go, Baby Doll... if you want me to..." Sarah gasped out.

Angela had been moving down Sarah's naked body. "Sarah... do you... really believe... in true love... at first sight..." Angela asked between kisses. She was taking her time and memorizing her lover's body because it was going to have to last her a lifetime. "Hmmm... Do you?" Angela asked again when she didn't get an answer. Sarah had been so focused on those lips and what they were doing to her body that she didn't hear the question.

"What?" Sarah asked huskily when those lips stopped their quest. She looked at her amazing young lover. "What did you say?"

"I asked if you believe in true love at first sight? Was I so good that you couldn't hear my question or are you just deaf?" Angela teased since she already knew the answer.

"Yes. Yes. And no..." As she answered the questions, Angela went back to her previous activity... making passionate love to her dark haired beauty. Sarah gasped as she felt Angela kiss her way lower. She knew where Angela was heading and the anticipation was driving her crazy. She moved her hands to Angela's shoulders and helped her move a little faster.

Angela obeyed her silent request and soon threw Sarah into ecstacy when she took her first lick of the day. Angela sucked on Sarah's engorged clit and soon the older woman came to an earth-shattering climax.

Angela smiled when she felt her lover's body stiffen and quiver against her. She rode out Sarah's ecstatic waves, lapping up the wonderful juices that were the essence of her lover. As Sarah's shaking slowed, Angela climbed up her lover's body into her arms.

"Oh, My God!... Baby Doll, Are you sure you've never done this before?"

"Nope, I've only read about it," Angela stated proudly. "I love Xena Fan Fiction but only the kind that have Gabrielle and Xena as lovers," Angela laid her head on Sarah's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her lover's waist. "You know, you're my Xena. I love you, Sarah Lexington."

"And you're my Gabrielle. I love you, too, Angela Grayson. We may only have this week, but it's yours... all yours."

"No," Angela stated as she looked into Sarah's radiant blue eyes. "You're all mine. You may get married and have kids with this guy, but you'll always be mine. We are soulmates and there's nothing your fiancee can do about that," Angela stated in a jealously possessive tone as she laid her head back down on her soulmate's soft shoulder.

Sarah began caressing Angela's back, making lazy circles in the middle of her back,"You're right. And I want you to remember that even though you're in another woman's arms and kissing her, you are mine. All mine..."

"I'm never gonna be in another woman's arms. I may not be able to give myself to you every night but I'll never give myself to another person. You've got me body and soul... even if I have to wait until death," Angela promised Sarah.


The week as expected flew by with Angela and Sarah staying together every step of the way. They watched the sun rise every morning and made love into the wee hours. Sarah showed Angela the sights and they rode all the transportation available - from the Island Ferry to the subway. Angela loved every moment. Sarah even showed Angela where she worked. A skyrise in downtown New York. The only thing Sarah wanted to do that Angela wouldn't let her, was introduce her to her parents and her fiancee. Angela was afraid of what she would do if she ever met her rival... Not for Sarah's heart - she knew she had that already - but for Sarah's life and future. Sarah was disappointed but understood. They returned to the bar where they met for their last night together.

"Sarah, now remind me again why we are here when all I want to do is take you to bed and make memories that will have to last me a lifetime of loneliness?" Angela asked as she held tight to her love.

"Baby Doll, I want to be with you on our last night too. But when we met, we didn't get a chance to have a dance together. Besides this is where we met..." Sarah stated as if that would explain her actions.

"Okay, but can we take a sunrise carriage ride through Central Park tomorrow?"

"You bet! What time is your flight?"

"It's in the afternoon. Remind me to check when we get back to the hotel."

"Yes, my love," Sarah said as they made their way through the crowded bar to the tables that lined the dance floor.

As the music became slow, Sarah stood and offered her hand down to Angela and asked,"Baby Doll, may I have this dance?"

For her answer, Angela took Sarah's hand and followed her out to the crowded dance floor. Angela put her arms around Sarah's neck and her head on the taller woman's chest. Sarah wrapped her arms around Angela's waist and pulled her tight against her. They swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music...


As they made their way back to the hotel, Angela's heart began it's long descent into oblivion. They didn't make love that night. Instead, Sarah spent the whole night comforting and holding her young lover.

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I know we were wanting to make love tonight but that last song just got to me. It made me realize that I'll never be able to touch you this way again," Angela said as she slid her left hand down Sarah's bare chest. As she grazed erect nipples, Sarah sucked in air at the caress.

"You know, Baby Doll, it isn't nice to tease me. This is my last night with you too..."

"I know but you'll be touching someone else, like this," Angela stated as her roaming hand slid down Sarah's abdomen causing the muscles there to contract in reaction to the touch. Angela was enjoying this. She loved to touch Sarah and was going to make the woman regret ever marrying anyone else.

Sarah grabbed the hand before it reached it's destination. "Oh, no you don't. If I can't touch you, you're not going to touch me either. I don't work that way. Remember, it's a two-way street with me."

"Well, who's stopping you?" Angela asked with a sudden change of heart.

Sarah's eyes went wide as she started stripping her lover of her silk pajamas.


Marcus Kessic stood at six feet two inches - a few inches taller than Sarah, who stood at an even six feet. He waited for her at the gate to Angela's flight. She wanted Angela to meet the man she was going to marry so that she would realize that there would be no sex between them. That it was a marriage of convenience only.

Rick Traven, shorter but well-built sandy-blonde, paced the gateway. "Where are they?"

"Don't worry, Sarah said they were on their way. They'll be here. The young woman's flight doesn't leave for another two hours," the always calm and cool business-like executive told his friend.

"Well, I'd rather be home right now. There's too many people here," the shorter man answered nervously.

Marcus looked up in time to see his tall, dark, and beautiful wife-to-be stride toward the gate with an equally confident but very depressed little blonde following her, skipping every few steps to keep up with Sarah's long legs. He noticed their hands were clasped and Sarah had never looked more happy, and yet sad at the same time, in her life. 'The young blonde must really be something special,' he thought to himself as he and Rick began walking toward the two women.

"Sarah, I don't understand why you felt it necessary to arrive two hours before my flight. I would have much rather gone to your place and cuddled with you until the last moment possible," Angela whined.

"I know, Baby Doll. But I told you... There is someone I want you to meet. You agreed to it last night..."

"That was hardly fair. You wouldn't make love to me unless I agreed. You had me on the verge of ecstacy... I would've agreed to anything."

"Well, you still agreed and I'm going to keep you to that agreement," Sarah stated as she spotted Marcus and Rick coming towards them.

Angela looked up in time to see the person Sarah was waving to,"Is that him?"

"Yes. Now be nice. I think you two should meet. I want no secrets between you and me and me and Marcus. Oh, good. Rick's with him," Sarah stated as she watched the short blonde man fall in behind Marcus.

"Who is Rick?"

"Marcus's Lover..." Sarah whispered, into Angela's ear, giving that ear a quick lick as she passed the young woman and gave Marcus a hug and a peck on the cheek. Angela froze as she comprehended the signifigance of Sarah's last two words.

'His lover?' Angela's mind repeated in question. She knew enough about prejudices not to voice it out loud but her mind raced with the possibilities. She ran up to the trio as Sarah began the introductions...


As lunch came to an end, Angela heart sank again. She really didn't want to go. She had learned so much about her lover and her friends that her mind had enough to ponder for the next six months. Their plans to meet in San Diego in a few weeks excited her to no end. Sarah and Marcus's honeymoon to San Francisco had been changed to San Diego the minute Angela and Sarah became lovers. Rick would make up an excuse to miss the wedding which he wasn't invited to anyway and get there ahead of Marcus to prepare their summer home on the beach.

Angela was invited to join them for whatever time she had off. Angela whole-heartedly agreed. She was going to put in her resignation as soon as she got back. So she could move to New York when Sarah, Marcus, and Rick returned.


As the preflight boarding preparations were done, Angela hugged Sarah one last time not really wanting to let go. She missed her already and didn't know how she was going to make it through the next three weeks without Sarah. She had just met her and she was already an intricate part of her soul. Her heart had never been stomped on and she didn't ever want to feel that pain and Sarah agreed with her. She held onto Angela for dear life, too. The tears flowed down Angela's cheeks and it broke Sarah's heart when she pulled back and saw them. She rubbed them away with her thumb,"Hey, remember... we'll see each other again in three weeks."

"But I don't want to go without you," Angela cried to her lover.

"I know. I feel the same..." Sarah's face brightened as she remembered the tape she had made for Angela. "Here, take this..." Sarah slipped the cassette into Angela's hand and continued at her lover's confused expression,"I made after you fell asleep last night..."

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I guess I was tired. My emotions were on edge all day and it wore me out." Angela apologized.

"Don't be sorry, Baby Doll." Sarah smiled at the shiver that ran through her love's body at the pet name. "It gave me a chance to make the tape for you. Now you listen to the tape anytime you start to miss me. And before you know it, Marcus, Rick, and I will be there to pick you up. Remember, we're moving into that big ten bedroom house in upstate New York. I'll have our room all ready for you, by the time we get back."

Angela nodded as the flight attendant announced final boarding calls. She hugged Sarah one last time beforeslipping away to her temporary loneliness.

Sarah watched until Angela was out of sight. She turned to the window and watched the plane take off and become a speck in the sea of jets.


As Angela's dreary Monday started, she saw Wayne Dosemon, her friend and boss, and perked up at the thought of what she had to tell him. But it also sank at the thought. She loved her boss like a brother. He had always been there for her, encouraging her to explore her newly discovered self. And now she had more to tell him than she ever thought possible. She just hoped he would understand and accept her resignation. She knew she would miss him and their chat sessions. Rebecca, his wife of eighteen years adored Angela as well. They often went to movies together or dinner every once in a while. As she approached Wayne's office, she hesitated. 'What am I supposed to tell him,' she thought, standing right outside his door. 'The truth, Ang, always the truth.'

She nodded her head, knocked on his door and entered when she heard the muffled,"Come in." He looked up and smiled at her. "Hey, Ang. Long time no see," he said referring to her ten day funeral-forced vacation.

"I know. Did everything run smoothly without me?" she asked. On her other vacations she had been called in to work for one reason or another but not this time. She smiled as he nodded his head 'yes.'

"So, how was your vacation? You seem a bit different, more grown up."

"I met her..." Angela stated cryptically.

"You're one true love?" he asked. At Angela's nod, he continued,"You'll have to come to dinner tonight. I'm sure Becky would love to see you and hear all about it."

"And that's the reason I came in to see you this morning..."

Angela did resign and prepared to train her replacement.


Rebecca fixed a wonderful chicken dinner as Angela and Wayne helped her in the kitchen. Angela related the tail of her new found love.

At the dinner table, Rebecca asked more questions, fascinated by the strange turn in Angela's life. "So, is Sarah going to marry Marcus?"

"Yeah, it won't be a marriage in the usual sense. It's in name only. So their parents will be happy. Sarah loves Marcus but only like I love Wayne - as a brother. He helped her through a few rough times and she did the same for him. But Marcus has had his lover ever since high school. He won't give up Rick. And when we met it was something else..."


"Marcus, this is Angela Grayson, my special friend I told you about. Angela, this is Marcus Kessic, my fiancee," Sarah intone. Two women walking by smiled at the 'happy couple'. Angela smirked but said nothing as she shook Marcus's hand. Sarah kept her hand firmly implanted in Angela's hair, caressing her neck and Angela revelled in the attention. Marcus saw that Sarah's love was returned by this young woman.

"It's nice to meet you, Angela. Sarah has told me quite a bit about you. Allow me to introduce my 'special' friend. Angela, this is Rick Traven. Rick, this is Sarah's friend Angela," Marcus introduced them.

Angela and Rick shook hands and nodded politely to each other. Angela knew what was going to happen - Sarah and Marcus were going to walk into the restaurant together and she would be stuck with Rick. 'Oh, well,' she tought. 'It could be worse, I could have been stuck with... I'm sure that if I were straight he'd be the type of guy I'd have gone out with.'

Angela watched as Sarah took first her hand then wrapped her arm through Marcus's offered elbow. 'Maybe lunch won't be so bad after all,' Angela figured when she saw Marcus do the same with Rick's hand and lead them toward the restaurant.

"Come on, Baby Doll," Sarah whispered into Angela's ear. "Let's get some lunch. I'm starving."

"I could eat, my love," Angela whispered back.

"Well, I was thinking more of food..." Sarah teased and got a gentle slap on her arm for her words.

"Oh, you," Angela teased back.


"So, she asked you to move to New York to be with her, Marcus and his lover?" Becky asked.

Angela nodded her head. "Yeah. When we met, we said it was just a week long fling. But the more we thought about it, we figured 'why not have the same arrangement that Marcus and Rick have?' So she invited me to stay. And I said yes."

Wayne watched his friend with pride. She had grown up around the station. When he first met her, she was nothing more than a down-home country girl. Very naive and very much confused about life in general. Now, she was a bright, young woman coming to her own. She had a prospect of a job in New York doing the same thing as she was now. Supervising production in a live setting. She was grown up. He would miss her but knew she would be happier where her heart was... in New York with Sarah.

The End...

For now... but stay tuned for Baby Doll II: Angela's Fantasy.

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