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Synopsis: This idea came from another writer’s story and the idea is used/expanded upon with her permission. Gabrielle tries to teach the "Warrior Spies", how to make love to Xena so that she screams like a banshee. If you haven’t read Hercules and Iolaus: Warrior Spies by Katie Burnett, you might want to do so. This idea came from her ending of this story. It can be found at the this address: http://www.academyofbards.org/fanfic/k/katieburnett_warriorspies.html

Now, On with the story…


The Lesson

By MerryAngel


“Okay, Iolaus, Hercules, Pay attention.” Gabrielle and Xena had taken the two men up on teaching them the Bard’s magic touch on the warrior.

Xena was game because she was the one who got to get all the pleasure. She laid out on the leafy floor on top of a comfy quilt her bard had made several years ago. The two women had been lovers for well over 10 years now and there was no threat where their friends Iolaus and Hercules were concerned. All four had shared their bodies together from time to time. But they hadn’t seen each other in three years now.

The last time they had met Iolaus had asked to be shown how Gabrielle made Xena scream like a banshee.

Well over the years, Xena and Gabrielle had talked about letting them in on this little secret. Xena was all for it since she would be the one her bard’s fingers and other body parts would be teasing. But she also liked the way Herc and Iolaus touched her too.

Gabrielle was the reluctant one. She kept having the same nightmare where she’d show the guys how it was done and they’d end up taking Xena away from her. It took her lover the full three years to eradicate those feelings in the bard.

So, here they were in a large clearing near the lake outside Amphipolis where Xena and Gabrielle had settled down just over a year ago. They had set up shelters since they felt it was going to take a little while for them to learn and practice their new skills.

Xena laid spread eagle in front of her lover and her two students. “Now, pay close attention…” Gabrielle began as she stimulated her lover in various body parts. Starting with a healthy dose of nipple suckling… just to get the juices flowing, she told herself. The breast and nipple area was Xena most sensitive. Especially when pregnant, which she was when they had last met and she was now again.

Xena had had a little girl which she named after the fallen woman who had given her bard the right of caste of the Amazons. Terreis, now three years old, was the spitting image of a cross between Xena and Gabrielle. She had green eyes and a button nose like her mama and midnight dark hair like her mommy with a cute smirk that could rival the Warrior Princess’s own. Her precocious nature was also a good mix of both her mommies. They nicknamed her Little Xe because of all the times she had gotten herself into and out of trouble.

But that wasn’t something Xena wanted to think about right now. Her lover was making her feel so loved and wanted and she was about to have two more lovers descend upon her. She hoped all three would be able to tire her out. Usually her bard did a good job of that but ever since she got pregnant again, her hormones were raging and she’d found herself tiring her little bard out most nights. She would sleep sated but wake up a few hours later wanting more and Gabrielle would be asleep, too exhausted to even wake up when the warrior made attempts to make love to her. So, Xena would go to a corner of the room and take care of her need herself. She didn’t want to tell her lover about those times, it would make her feel bad. And it was already hard on the bard to think about her two former lovers wanting in on her little secrets to make her scream in ecstasy. So, she was hoping for a bit more with her bard’s permission and blessing.

Xena squirmed at Gabrielle’s assault on her senses. It didn’t take her long to get aroused or soaked between her legs. The juices were flowing, now the lessons would begin.

“To really appreciate your partner, you have to get her nicely aroused…” Gabrielle was stalling.

“Gabs, we already know that,” Iolaus interrupted impatiently. “What we want to know is what you did to make her scream the last time. It was amazing. She’s never been that vocal with either of us, right, Herc?”

The big guy nodded. He was watching her make love the one woman in the world that he thought could take his strength during sex. He hoped to be able to make love to Xena alone again but every time they would meet, Gabrielle was always with her. And when they shared their bodies in sex, it was always a mutual thing with Gabrielle. Yes, Iolaus would be there thrusting into Gabrielle but she and Xena were always connected in one way or another. The last time they had sex, Gabrielle kissed and fondled the warrior the entire time so Hercules wasn’t sure if it was Gabrielle’s attentions or his own that had taken the Warrior Princess over the edge.

Gabrielle looked at them both with a bit of annoyance at her interrupted lesson. “Look do you want to learn or not?” Both men shut up since they did indeed want to learn how to make the warrior scream in pleasure. “All right. Now, once she is sufficiently aroused, you move slowly down her body like this…” Gabrielle demonstrated. Her hands and fingers caressed the warrior’s still flat abdomen. Xena writhed in pleasure. “Oh, Gabrielle,” she husked. “Please…”

The bard knew what the warrior was asking for. “Patience, my love,” the bard intoned. “We’re having a lesson here.” She turned to the watching men. “While you suckle your way down, you can surprise her with a gentle nudge in this area…”

Hercules and Iolaus felt their own arousal as Gabrielle slid her fingers, three at one time, into the warrior’s hot, wet canal. Both men were naked and anxious to try it in moments.

The half naked bard felt the bigger man’s hands follow her into her lover. Xena gasped as she was filled with both hands. Gabrielle pulled out two of her fingers and guided Herc’s to the special spot she knew would make her lover cum in moments. “Now, feel this spot…” Gabrielle explained as the glided her finger over Xena’s G-spot. The warrior’s hips bucked in surprise as she felt her orgasm building.

She knew she should feel strange with both hands inside her but it felt oddly wonderful. She gasped again and began panting with each stroke of her bard’s finger over her G-Spot. Then she really began bucking her hips as one of Hercules’ fingers joined Gabrielle’s in rubbing over her pleasure point. “Now, if you really want her to start screaming, you do this…”

Gabrielle leaned down, her skirt covered buttocks rising in the air, and feasted on Xena’s clitoris. Xena came with a scream that tore through her with a vengeance. “Gaaaabbbrrriiieeelllleeeee!!!”

It was enough for her bard to continue with the lesson. “Now, once you achieve this, for most women, you let her calm down just a bit. But my Warrior is a woman of multi-multiple orgasms and one just isn’t enough. So you continue like this…”

Gabrielle showed the men and gave her warrior enough loving for a hundred women. Finally after the last orgasm, Xena passed out. Spent and sweating she lay on the quilt and slept. “Sorry, guys. That’s the last of the lessons for a bit.”

Iolaus looked disappointed that he didn’t get a turn and grumped. “Hey, don’t worry, Xena won’t stay out for long. Her stamina is enough to make even Ares tired… if he were a woman and could go for more than one erection in an hour.” Gabrielle joked.

Just then the God of War appeared, “Hey, Gabs. I don’t want you telling them that…” He was more joking than either man knew. She and Xena had been friends with the War God and her jokes about his stamina were legendary.

He looked at Xena passed out on the ground. “Wow. What a woman…” he stated as he moved toward the other two men in the group. “So, the Gabster teaching you two a thing or two about pleasing a woman?” He turned to the bard and winked. “It’s about time. I’m tired of hearing how you two can’t seem to keep women satisfied.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Iolaus took Ares’ bait.

“If you don’t know, shorty, I’m not explaining it,” Ares taunted back. “Gabs, teach them well.” And with that the War god was gone.

Gabrielle just grinned, sheepishly and shrugged her apology. “Maybe we should finish setting up camp. She’ll be out for a little while,” Gabrielle said as she moved a lock of damp warrior hair off Xena’s shoulder. The warrior stirred but remained asleep. She kissed her lover on the forehead, covering her with a light skin, and moved to the shelters to do as she had suggested. The guys followed her, their arousals still evident.


Xena awoke sometime later, wrapped in her bard’s arms. The guys were sitting half naked next to the unlit fire pit. She felt refreshed and still very aroused. Of course it didn’t help that while Gabrielle had held her during sleep, she also stroked the warrior to keep her ready to continue the lessons. This time it was Iolaus’ turn. It felt a little awkward for the bard since while he was stroking Xena’s G-Spot, he also touched Gabrielle, who was not totally repulsed by the contact but also not wanting to deal with his advances at this time.

Xena came again with her bard lips wrapped around her engorged clit. The juices flowed over their joined fingers and Gabrielle’s lapping tongue. Xena didn’t pass out this time and Hercules, anxious to get in another turn, suggested that he and Iolaus have a go to making her pass out. After looking to her partner for her approval, Gabrielle reluctantly agreed. She moved her hand out of the spot and moved away from her favorite person, only to be pulled by the warrior to join her at the head of the quilt.

While Hercules positioned himself between Xena’s legs, moving Iolaus to the outside of Xena’s left thigh, Xena positioned her bard next to her. Her fingers found their way into a bardic skirt and gently nudged aside underpants to reach her goal… a very soaked bard. She smiled at the little jump the bard made as her fingers moved to her favorite spot.

The bard moaned in appreciation of her warrior’s attentions. With deft fingers, she stripped her lover of her undies and tugged her over her face. She wanted to taste her bard while Hercules and Iolaus fumbled inside her, practicing their lesson.

Iolaus looked up as he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Gabrielle had positioned herself with her back to them over her warrior lover’s mouth. As one of them hit her G-spot, Xena bucked her hips and gave her lover a good tongue lash and nibble to her clit. Gabrielle rocked her hips to Xena’s ministrations. She didn’t really want to watch the guys practice their lesson on HER Warrior, so she was glad Xena had found a way to distract her.

And this was what Hercules was always upset about. He wanted Xena concentrating on him and his actions on her, not suckling the bard. But he had no other choice. He lusted after the Warrior Princess, sometimes even worse than Ares did, and he would take her attentions any way he could get them.

Gabrielle writhed in her own building ecstasy as the Warrior Princess continued bucking her hips to the guys’ touch. Each stroke to her G-Spot, got another tongue lick through Gabrielle’s canal. The Bard’s hips were so busy, Xena had to reach up and hold on lest she lose contact, which would not do. As Xena gave a final moan into her bard, Gabrielle tumbled over the edge with her… both women panted as they came down from their orgasms.

Meanwhile both men were still aroused and very frustrated. “Is that it?” Iolaus asked, annoyed that he hadn’t cum yet.

“Look, guys, could you give us a minute?” Xena requested. Both men moved away grumbling. The warrior turned to her partner and kissed her forehead. That led to her eye lids which led to her nose and finally her lips. The kiss turned passionate but Xena could tell her partner was holding back. “Okay, Gabrielle, what’s going on?”

The bard wasn’t sure herself. “I don’t know, Xena. You’ve been so off lately. Or rather, I think I’ve been off lately. I feel like I’m not satisfying you and I don’t want to lose you to HIM.” Gabrielle said with a bit of disgust and bitterness in her voice.

“Gabrielle listen to me. You are not going to lose me. Not to Hercules, Iolaus or anyone else. Yes, sex with a man is different. You know that. Don’t you do it with Iolaus when Hercules and I do it?” Xena knew the answer to that. She and Gabrielle had never coupled with the guys alone. They were all four together when it happened. Much to Hercules dismay, she knew, but he would just have to deal.

“You know we do. But it doesn’t feel the same. You seem to enjoy sex with Herc almost as much as you do with me.”

“And there’s your key word, Gabrielle… ALMOST. You and I have a magic that Herc and I  and anyone of my other lovers have never had. I know he’s real jealous of you…”

“Really?” Gabrielle asked confused. “I don’t know why. I can’t do what he does to you during sex… well I can use a phallus but it’s not the same. I don’t know what he has to be jealous of me about…”

Xena put a hand over the bard’s mouth. “Don’t go there. You are my soulmate. And I love you more than life itself. He will never have that with me.”

Xena saw the light go on in Gabrielle’s mind. She knew she had gotten her point across. “Now, stop your feelings of jealousy. You hear me, my bard?” Gabrielle nodded. “And remember I love you with all that I am or ever will be. You are my life and my soul. Now, let’s go take care of the guys. They look like they could use a bath,” Xena grinned.

They took advantage of the lake with it’s waterfall. And found time in their washing to cum several more times with each other as well as the very relieve Hercules and Iolaus.


That night they sat around the campfire, talking about inconsequential things. Until Iolaus suggested that Gabrielle be the guinea pig the next day. She put a stop to that immediately with Xena agreeing, since she liked being the guinea pig. It was fun feeling the different types of fingers inside her, she had told her bard later that night as they lay in their tent, once again sated from another session of loving making, this time just the two of them. The guys were in their own tents. Xena needed her bard all to herself this night.


Gabrielle woke the next morning to noise coming from outside their tent. Hercules and Xena were up at the crack of dawn. Iolaus was with them but had just come out of his tent. She heard them talking. Xena’s routine usually consisted of a run in the morning or her drills but she had told Gabrielle that wouldn’t be the case this time. They had a lesson to teach and the sooner the guys learned it, the better. She was feeling her bard’s anxiety at having the guys know her inner most secrets and wanted to get them on their way so that Gabrielle would know once and for all that Xena was not going to leave her.

Well, I guess we better get started, Gabrielle told herself. She knew her anxiety was not necessary but she couldn’t help it. Guys, and Iolaus in particular, just didn’t interest her and it seemed that Xena could do anyone. Now, Gabrielle, be fair. Xena couldn’t do just anyone. She has had a lot more experience than you but that doesn’t mean her love for you isn’t any less genuine than yours is for her, she chastised herself.

She hated that little voice in her head. It always talked in third person. It acted like her mother at one point then, her advisor at another. It was in constant contradiction.

Gabrielle got up and moved outside. She was instantly enveloped in a Warrior hug. The kiss that followed left her breathless and the guys instantly aroused again. J


It was mid-day and they had been at this for hours. Xena had been brought to orgasm hundreds of times and was still ready to go again. It was Iolaus’ turn and he was doing that thing he did the day before, touching Gabrielle while practicing ‘the touch’, as Herc had dubbed it. Xena sensed her lover’s discomfort and called her up to her. Gabrielle gratefully tucked herself behind Xena’s head. She held her lover’s upper body while she moaned and writhed in orgasm, yet again.

Xena called a halt for lunch and pulled her bard aside again. “Gabrielle, why don’t we just call this off. It’s obvious that Iolaus is bothering you and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable right now.”

“No, Xena it’s okay. I just don’t want his advances anymore. I haven’t really ever wanted them but you seem to like sex with Hercules so much that I don’t want to be left out. I’ll live,” Gabrielle finished.

“No, my bard, I want to call this off. Yes, it has been fun with the new sensations but it’s getting to you so much that I’m starting to feel your discomfort.”

“Can you live without sex with Hercules for the rest of your life? I don’t think so. And you know that wherever you go, I go. That means all the way, Xena,” Gabrielle told her and that ended the conversation.


They ate lunch and started up again. Hercules was anxious to do it by himself. He moved Gabrielle aside and expressed his desires. She allowed him to practice on his own. She curled up behind Xena, enjoying being a pillow for her Warrior, who’s fingers were none too still either. It wasn’t Herc who received her loving caress either.

Warrior caresses kept the bard distracted in her own arousal. And just like the day before. The bard came with her Warrior, only Hercules didn’t know it. Xena kept her ministrations discrete and confined to fingers behind her head in Gab’s nether lips.


That night proceeded the same way with Iolaus suggesting Gabrielle be the lamb tied to the stake and Xena squashing his hopes yet again. They had been at it for a few days now and neither Himself nor Iolaus had been very successful with the Warrior. Or at least not as successful as the bard had been. He noticed that Xena was responsive to him but not like she was for Gabrielle. He had to admit that maybe Xena wasn’t the right woman to try it on. Maybe it was time to leave the Warrior and her Bard and find some women who would be respond to them in “that” way.

His frustrations mounted when her heard yet again, the Warrior and Bard come down from another great climax. They seemed to be screwing like weasels. They couldn’t get enough of each other. He was glad for Xena. She deserved to have found her soulmate. He just hoped that some day, he’d find his soulmate.


The morning campfire was embers as the demi-god placed a couple of fresh logs on them to prepare for the morning meal. He knew Xena would be hungry after a night of passion with her bard. He placed the water on to boil and looked up as the warrior stepped out of her tent. Her naked glory was driving him to distraction and toward forgetting his determination to leave them and seek out their own bit of satisfaction.

“Good Morning, Hercules,” Xena grinned in satiation. “How did you sleep?”

Hercules let his mouth close before the drool got out. “Morning, Xena. I’ve had better night’s sleep. How did you sleep? Or do I need to ask?”

“Oh, I slept like a… ah… baby,” her grin wouldn’t leave her face and she knew why. Gabrielle had gotten quite creative last night and the last few days of sex had given the warrior’s something to moan about. It was sore but not too sore.  All her slight frustrations over the last few months were gone. Her bard had found new ways to bring her all the satisfaction she would ever need. Plus she felt their talks were good for both of them. Xena had a greater understanding of her lover and was more determined than ever to protect her from any unwanted attentions. Last night had been her way of doing that. She felt sorry for Iolaus but he would not have her bard ever again… unless Gabrielle told her that it was indeed what she truly wanted.

“Hey, listen, Xena… I… ah…” Hercules looked at his friend and sometimes lover in the face. “I think Iolaus and I will be heading out. We’ve been practicing this new skill and while we’ve had some moderate success, I think it’s time we leave you two alone.” He grinned, trying to hide his own disappointment at not getting the warrior all to himself but he would find someone.

“Are you sure, Herc? We told mother we’d be a few more days and she’s happy to watch Terreis for us,” Xena explained.

“Yeah. I’m going to get Iolaus and we’re gonna take off. Tell Gabrielle thanks for the lesson,” he asked her.

At that moment, a dressed Gabrielle stepped out from their tent. “Your welcome, Hercules. Are you going somewhere?”

“Yeah. We’d like to get going. I’m sure there are a few villages north of here that need saving. It’s been fun but a hero’s work is never done. You know how it is, Gabrielle,” he intoned.

“Yeah, Hercules. I understand. I hope you and Iolaus have fun and save lots of people,” the bard wasn’t hurt by this abrupt departure nor could she pretend to be. She wanted her warrior all to herself again. And she wanted to go back to town and see her daughter again.

The four friends ate one last morning meal together and headed off in opposite directions. On the road back home, Gabrielle quizzed Xena, “Did you say anything to him about how I was feeling?”

“No, Gabrielle. The decision to leave was all his. I wouldn’t tell him the things we talk about in confidence,” Xena said. To hers and Gabrielle’s ears it was a hurt tone and Gabrielle leaned into her partner.

“I’m sorry, Xena. I know you wouldn’t ever say anything to him like that. I trust you with all of me. I just wonder what made him change his mind and leave today and not in two days from now.” Gabrielle questioned.

“I don’t know. Maybe he just sensed it. He is a demi-god, you know. He can do those things.” Xena smiled as her lover wrapped her arms around her. “Let’s go a little faster. I want to see Terreis. I miss her.”

“Me, too,” the bard agreed. They picked up their pace for home. And their family.

The End.

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