Disclaimer:  Some of the places mentioned in this story are real and some are made up.  All of the characters are fictitious and any resemblance they have of real people is coincidental.  This story includes sexual scenes involving two women.






            Marianne rushed through Back Lands office on her way to Josie’s office.  Josie was not going to believe what Marianne had found out from Sonya Jensen.  She had wanted to call Robin ever since she had left to go back to the mountain but she couldn’t think of a really good excuse to make the call.  She had an excuse to call her now but she would be bearing news that Robin was not going to want to hear.

            Marianne wrapped on Josie’s door.  Josie growled, “Who is it?”

            “It’s Marianne.”

            “Come in,” Josie called in a calmer tone, then said to whom ever she was talking to on the phone, “Marianne just got back from her interview with Sonya Jensen, maybe she has more information about what has happened.”

            Marianne gave Josie a questioning look, “What has happened?  You mean you already know about Black Bear Mountain?”

            “Yeah, this is Robin on the phone.  She said there were already construction crews up there tearing the mountain up,” Josie stated with anger clear in her voice.

            “Well, you might as well put her on speaker phone because you guys aren’t going to believe what I found out.”  Marianne said as she sat down in the leather wing chair across from Josie.

            “Good idea.” Josie said, hitting the speaker button on her phone.

            “Hey, Robin,” Marianne started out, thrilled to get to hear Robin’s voice again.

            “Hey Marianne,” Robin replied through the phone.  The tiredness was clear in her voice.  She had spent hours on the phone trying to get some answers about what was going on with the lodge but getting no where.  Terry or that Cody guy had apparently given instructions for no one to talk to Robin about what was happening.  For Robin this was adding insult to injury and Terry had better hope she didn’t run into him somewhere because at this point she wasn’t real sure what she would do to him.

            “I got some interesting information from Sonya before our interview was cut short by a phone call from some guy named Cody.  After he called she ended our interview without any kind of real explanation.” Marianne opened her notebook so she could read the quotes exactly as Sonya had said them.

            “The guy’s name is Cody Tennpar.  He’s apparently some kind of an executive from Bankers Development Corp.  I’ve already had the displeasure of dealing with him.  He’s a real jackass.”   

The anger seethed from Robin through her tone. Marianne felt so bad for her. She wished she could offer some comfort but her news was probably going to make Robin madder than she already was.  “You aren’t driving are you?”   Marianne asked cautiously.

“No, why?”  Robin was sitting at her father’s desk at her parent’s house where she and her father had set up a headquarters to try to put a stop to the destruction that the BDC had already caused.

“Well, what I’m about to tell you is going to be even more upsetting and I would be afraid for you if you were driving.”

Robin smiled for the first time in days.  She thought it was sweet of Marianne to be worried about her.  “No, I’m sitting down and at my parents’ house so I’m pretty safe.”

Marianne took a deep breath, “Okay, here’s what I got out of Sonya.  The deal has been done since last March.”

“What?”  Robin and Josie asked at the same time.

“Yep, that Terry guy signed the papers back in March on the deal and then he let the Ute Tribe think he was entertaining bids from them even though the contracts had already been signed.  Even if he hadn’t signed the contracts already, there was no way the tribe could touch how much the BDC gave that guy for the lodge and the two hundred acres of land that goes with it.”  Marianne paused to give Robin or Josie a chance to comment.

Robin growled, “March! That son-of-a-bitch!  I paid him a year’s rent in April and he never said one fucking word.  He didn’t try to talk me out of paying to whole amount or anything.  I’m going to fucking kill him.”

Marianne and Josie were both taken back a little by Robin using the “f” word.  Josie couldn’t remember ever hearing Robin talk like this.  Even during the times she had seen Robin angry, Robin had rarely used any cuss words.

“I can’t believe this,” Robin went on.  Her father and mother had come into the room when they heard her cussing.  Marianne and Josie could here them in the back ground asking what had happened and Robin relayed the news about the deal being done in March.  They could hear Robin’s mom speaking in muffled tones then the slamming of the door.  “Oh shit,” Robin said directing her conversation back to the phone, “There just might be a good old fashioned scalping today.”

“You’re kidding, right?”  Josie asked cautiously.

“Maybe, my dad is real mad.” Robin explained.

“He didn’t say anything.” Marianne noted.

“That’s when he is the most dangerous,” Robin replied.  “He doesn’t yell to start with but just by the look on his face, I would say that Terry had better plan on leaving town.”

“He most likely will, if he hasn’t already,” Marianne stated.

“Why do you say that?” Josie asked.

“He got a lot of money in the deal and he signed over all rights to all of his property on that mountain.  Considering the hostility he has to be already feeling and know that there will be more to come, he has probably already made plans to leave, I know I would have.” Marianne answered.

Josie leaned forward, “Did you find out how much money we are talking about before Sonya got shut up?”

“Oh yes, I actually got quite a bit of information from her before the phone call.”  Marianne hesitated, knowing that the amount was going to get a huge reaction from both women.           

“Well?” they both asked at the same time.

“Five hundred million.”

Josie’s mouth dropped open and then there was the sound of dishes dropping and breaking on the other end of the phone.

“Robin, are you okay?”  Marianne leaned closer to the phone and asked.

“Hang on,” Robin said then they could hear her talking to her mother.  She was asking if she was okay.  There was talk between the two of them but Josie and Marianne couldn’t hear what they were saying. Finally Robin came back to the phone.  “Mom heard the amount and dropped the tray of coffee she was bringing in here when she heard how much it was.”

“Is she okay?” Josie asked. 

“Yeah, just a little shook up.” Robin replied, “That land is not worth any where near that much.  A fifty million maybe but not five hundred million, you must have heard her wrong, Marianne.”  Robin leaned back in her chair and rubbed her temples.

“No,” Marianne reassured her, “Let me read you her quote about it.  She said, and I quote, “It seems a little outrageous but we paid Terry Kenworth five hundred million dollars for the land.  I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it but after the vice presidents in charge of the purchase explained what they were going to do with the land I can see where it was well worth the investment.”

“What are they saying they are going to do with the land?”  Robin asked warily, not at all sure she really wanted to know.

“We got interrupted during that part of the interview by her phone call but before she was stopped she told me about the ski resort, the subdivision around the ski resort, which will be huge, and she started to tell me about some other uses for the land but that’s when she got nipped and ushered me out of the office.”

“Other uses for the land,” Josie echoed.  “That sounds suspicious.”

“You know,” Robin said as she sat forward and took the cup of coffee that her mother had remade and brought to her, “Some of coal fields that belong to the Ute Nation extend past the reservation but we actually own the rights to the coal.  There are also oil shale and natural gas fields that are not far from the border of the reservation and Terry’s property runs along the border of the reservation.  I wonder if they think that they can try to tap into one of those fields.”

“You may have something there.” Josie said and turned to Marianne.  “Were you able to find out what else the BDC is into?”

“Not a lot,” Marianne shook her head. “After Sonya ushered me out of her office I started making phone calls as quick as I could to try to get some more inside information but I was shut down on each call.  That guy must have called everyone in that office. All I have been able to get is what is already available in the public records.”

“I bet.  That guy is a real creep.  I’ll get on the phone to some of the tribe’s geologists to find out if someone could actually tap into to those fields legally.”  The phone cut out briefly, “I got a call coming in, you guys mind hanging on for a minute so I can see who this is?”

“Go ahead Robin,” Josie said and sat back in her chair. When she heard Robin click over, she studied Marianne for a minute, “I hate to bring up something from your past that is painful but I was wondering what you remember about how Amanda’s father was getting around legal blockades to drill on public land?”

The way Josie had been studying her had made Marianne nervous and now she understood why.  Josie was debating on whether or not it was worth upsetting her by asking her about Amanda’s father, Robert Kinsey.  Just the thought of the man made Marianne sick to her stomach.  She was still very angry about all the damage that he had done to her life.  Marianne’s face must have turned quite ugly because Josie began shaking her head, “Don’t worry about it.”

“No, it’s okay.  I just am still very mad about what happened.  I’m not sure who I’m angrier with, myself or him.”

Just then Robin came back on the line, “You guys are not going to believe this.  That was Terry Kenworth.  He called to apologize for not telling me about what had happened.  He said that Cody Tennpar had made him promise to keep the deal quiet until they decided to go public with it.  He said he felt real bad about the way he did me and wanted to make it up to me so I told him that I wanted to bring a crew from Back Lands out for one last hike and I wanted him to put everyone up at the lodge, including meals and he agreed.  When do you think we can set that up?  We need to try to do it soon before the weather gets too bad.”

“We can’t do it this week but I’ll try to get it set up for next week.  How many days are we talking about?”  Josie asked as she started making notes in her day planner.

“Five days and five nights,” Robin said with anticipation in her voice, “You have to try to get everyone to come.  We’ll find other places to hike but this will be the last time on this mountain.  All of my favorite trails on this mountain were on Terry’s land.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”  Josie said as she continued to write.

“You’ll be coming, right Marianne?” Robin asked hopefully.

“You know it.  I’ve got to get those hiking boots broken in sooner or later, right?” Marianne smiled at the thought of seeing Robin again.

“Right,” Robin agreed, “You might want to double up on your thick socks this time to protect those delicate ankles.”

“Alright you two, that’s enough.” Josie grinned at Marianne who was blushing.  She imagined that Marianne wouldn’t have to worry about getting too cold on this trip.

“What?” Robin asked as if she didn’t know what Josie was talking about.  “I’m just giving her packing tips.”

“Whatever,” Josie continued to grin and debated whether or not to tell Robin about how embarrassed Marianne looked but decided she would save the teasing for the trip. “Okay, let me got off here and make some phone calls.  You find out what you can from the geologists and I’ll put Marianne to working on her business connections to see if she can’t get some more info.  I’ll give you a call later today or tomorrow about when we can come and how many of us will be coming.”

“Excellent. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.  Bye Marianne.” Robin was excited that they were going to get to do this.  She had been afraid that the last hike she had taken with her last group of fisherman was going to be the last hike she took a group out on the mountain and that had not been a fun trip.  This was going to be a fun hike.

“Bye Robin, see you soon.” Marianne said with smile.  She too was excited about this trip.  She had been thinking Robin a lot ever since Robin had been in town.  She had been thinking a lot about the kiss they had shared in the bathroom and the night in the tent.  She’d really like to have a repeat of that night.

Robin and Josie both hung up.  Josie looked up at Marianne.  “There has to be someone out there that knows something about what is going on, find them.”  It was a clear command. 

Marianne stood, gave a salute to her boss turned and left.

Josie laughed after her.  She was glad that Marianne had loosened up.  She was turning out to be quite a good writer and a fun person to have around.


Robin and Josie had put together plans for the last hike on Black Bear Mountain.  Brenda and Karen put off going to Hawaii to get married so they could go on this trip with everyone else.  John, Tom and Sally were all coming as well as Josie and Martin McCormick the president of the Hikers Ltd., the company that published Back Lands magazine. Marianne was very nervous about meeting Martin for the first time and even more so about taking this trip with him because he was an expert on hiking.  She still knew so little about hiking that she was afraid that she would look like an idiot.

Marianne had spent the week pulling out every trick she had up her sleeve trying to get more information about the Bankers Development Corporation and their interest in Black Bear Mountain but even the most reliable gossips had a tight lip.  The only thing she had gotten from anyone was that the shutdown of information had come from the very top of the company.  The president and CEO was Joseph Williamson who had at one time been the president of U.S. Builders Construction Company.  That company had specialized in building and developing resort communities around Lake Tahoe in California, Aspen and Vail in Colorado and a few places in Nevada and Wyoming that Marianne had never heard of before.  Joseph sold his shares in the company and started the BDC with a few friends, some known and some not.  The silent partners were what interested Marianne.  She couldn’t get anyone to give her names but she was told that they were very powerful people.

Robin’s week had been a little more fruitful.  She talked to the tribes lawyers and geologists and found out that there had been a loophole instituted into legislation, unbeknownst to the public in general, that allows the government to contract private companies to drill for oil and natural gas on public lands in the time of an energy crisis, such as the one that was currently happening do to the high price of oil pushed up by the high demand of the Chinese government from the oil producers in the Middle East.  The President had managed to slide this particular piece of pork into a very important legislative bill that gave companies tax breaks for creating new, high wage jobs.  This, of course, passed through Congress without of hitch because of the high unemployment rate plaguing the country.  It was perfect timing and Robin was sure the BDC was taking advantage of it.  But, the Indian reservations were not public lands so she wasn’t sure how they were planning on using the legislature to justify tapping into the Reservations oil and natural gas fields.  Her questions brought the matter to the attention of the Tribal Business Council and the Tribal Elders Council who immediately began investigating the BDC.  Robin hoped that put a little kink in their plans.

The council was having a meeting the day after the hiking trip would be over.  Robin was hoping that Josie, and possibly Marianne, would be able to stay and sit in on the session.  The Elders were especially particular about allowing non-tribal members to sit in on council sessions but Robin convinced them that Josie had the tribe’s best interest at heart and through her magazine she could let other people around the nation know what was happening and possibly draw support for the tribe if it was needed.  In the end the council agreed to let her sit in for part of the session.

* * * * * *

Robin got to the lodge at six o’clock in the morning and helped Marty prepare the rooms for the Back Lands crew.  Terry didn’t have enough rooms for everyone that week so John and Tom would have to share a room, Brenda and Karen would share a room, Sally and Marianne would share a room, Josie and Robin would share a room and Martin would have his own room.  If Robin could work it out, Marianne would be sharing a room with her but she would have to wait and see if that panned out.

John and Tom were the first to arrive which came as no surprise to Robin.  They both had been killing mad when they found out what happened and offered to come out and make Terry disappear.  Robin assured them that wouldn’t be necessary.  They helped her finish with the rooms and get all the gear that Robin was supplying together.  Robin had gotten two-way radios for everyone to carry.  The weather was unpredictable this time of the year so she wanted to make sure everyone had a radio just in case they got separated from the group.  The weather didn’t call for snow until the last day of the trip and they would most likely be back at the lodge before that actually arrived, at least that was what Robin was hoping for.

Terry came by and made sure that they had every thing they needed.  Robin was a little suspicious of how nice he was being.  He had never been an overly nice person in the first place and now he seemed to be going out of his way to be too nice.

Josie sped into the parking lot around noon, followed by Brenda and Karen.  They started working through everyone’s backpacks to make sure there were going to be plenty of clothes, food, blankets and other necessities.  Martin arrived at one and wanted to go over the route map with Robin.  Finally Sally and Marianne came up with in minutes of each other around three o’clock that afternoon.  Once everyone’s things were set up for the early morning start and the route map was carefully gone over, everyone settled into the dining room for dinner.  There were other patrons staying at the lodge and the large group was drawing a fair amount of attention.  One of the customers finally asked Josie what was going on and Josie explained that Robin had run an outfitters company out of the lodge and now that it had new owners she was not going to be running the company from there and this was the last hike before she closed her shop.  The woman seemed sincerely sad for Robin and asked if she planned to continue having an outfitting business.  Josie assured her that Robin’s business were continue but from an office in town instead of there at the lodge.  The woman was quite interested and took Robin’s name saying that she might hire Robin to take her and some friends out the following summer.

After dinner everyone gathered in Martin’s room which was a large suite with a fireplace.  Like most lodges in southwestern Colorado the lodge was build with large logs.  The wood of the logs making the walls on the inside and out, the ceiling were also make up of the logs and reaching twenty feet high at the peak in the dining room.  Martin’s room was on the upper floor of the lodge so his walls and ceiling were also the reddish brown color of the lodgepole pine logs used to build the lodge.  The ceiling was probably twelve feet high with ceiling fans to help keep the heat circulating from the wood burning fireplace.  The room was furnished with log furniture that was covered with cushions of a light brown color to add to the rustic look of the room.  The bed and bath were set off in a separate area so no one could see it from the room with the fireplace. 

Everyone had a spot, either on the furniture or on the floor.  Marianne had chosen to sit next to Robin who had a spot on the floor close to the fireplace where she was watching the flames pensively.  Everyone had a glass of wine from bottles Martin had brought to toast their hike.  After the toast that Martin gave, declaring that, “This would be the best hike ever,” they all sat quietly, absorbing the reality that this would be the last time that they would stay at this lodge or hike these trails.  Tom, John and Josie had been coming up here for going on ten years.  It was very much like losing an old friend.

Tom was the first to finally speak, “I just can’t believe how sad this feels.  It’s different from deciding on our own to hike somewhere else.  It’s like someone has taken away our favorite toy and won’t give it back.”

Josie smiled at Tom’s simple child-like analogy of the situation.  “Yes, it feels like we are losing an old friend.  We must make proper tribute to this mountain on this trip and in the magazine when we get home.  I know that I will not come up here as long as the BDC owns it.”

John nodded sadly, “Yeah, this place will be crawling with tourist who don’t give a damn about the land or what damage they are doing to it.  The poor animals aren’t going to know what has hit them.”

Robin nodded in agreement.  “Many of the animals will lose their lives to the new traffic.  Hopefully the others will find their way to the reservation or the National Forest on the other side of the mountain.”

“Have you heard anything from the hunting organizations?”  Josie asked Robin and took another sip of her wine.

“Oh yeah,” Robin nodded, her eyes looking into Marianne’s briefly then on to Josie’s, “All of the local hunting organizations plan to boycott the BDC’s  land.  Most all of them will hunt in the National Forest.  Some that live closer to the reservation have asked the tribe for the permission to hunt on our lands.  I think the Council is going to allow limited hunting but we’ll have to wait until the Council’s meeting next month.”

“I just still can’t believe we are here for the last time.”  Brenda chimed in and Karen nodded in agreement.  “It is just mind boggling that this company showed up out of nowhere and took over this land.”

“Well, the fact that they didn’t just show up out of nowhere is even more mind boggling.”  Robin said with a low growl.

“What do you mean?”  Brenda asked surprised.

“Didn’t Josie tell you that the BDC had made the deal with Terry back in March?” Robin, Brenda and Karen all looked at Josie.

Josie shrugged, “I didn’t get a chance to give them all the details because they were so busy getting married.”

“Okay,” Brenda smiled, took Karen’s hand and kissed it, “You’re forgiven.  We have been very busy.”

“So what are you going to do now, Robin?”  Martin asked and moved to stand by the fire and look down at Robin.

Marianne turned to look at Robin too.  It was only the second time that evening that she had actually got to look into Robin’s beautiful brown eyes.  Robin smiled for the first time that evening and Marianne’s heart melted.

“I’ve rented the shop that my father had used in town.  It’s next to a company that takes people out on jeep trails.  The owner of that company’s name is Perry Bergen.  He is a great guy.  We are going to help each other out and we are going to do everything we can to draw people from the lodge to the hotels and motels in town.  There is also a lodge in Rico that we are talking to that is actually nicer than this lodge.  The owners of that lodge are pretty upset about the BDC coming in and trying to steal their customers so we are all making plans to gang up on them and try to cause them to go out of business for lack of customers.”  Robin announced proudly.

“Good for you!”  Josie and Tom said at the same time.  Everyone else cheered her on too, including Marianne who reached over and squeezed her hand.

The rest of the night was spent reminiscing about their previous stays at the lodge and hikes on the mountain.  Marianne listened and laughed at the more outrageous adventures that they had had.  During that time Robin had seemed to be moving closer to Marianne until their thighs were touching.  Marianne had made it a point to touch Robin several times, each time giving her chills up and down her spine.  Robin finally rapped things up at about eleven saying that they would all need their sleep so they could get a good start on the trails early in the morning.  The plan was for everyone to meet for breakfast at five o’clock and for them to be on the trails by six.

Martin held the door and said good night to everyone as the passed by him on their way to their rooms.  Robin was walking behind Marianne and nervously touched her on the back.  Marianne leaned back into Robin, forcing Robin to put her hand on the small of Marianne’s back.

Sally nudged Josie and nodded in the couple’s direction. Josie winked at Sally.  The two of them had moved their packs together into Sally’s room and moved Marianne’s stuff into Robin’s room before they had come up to Martin’s room.  Both women had noticed the looks Robin and Marianne were exchanging and decided to two of them needed some alone time.  “Hey Marianne,” Josie called back to her, “Would you mind changing rooms with me. Sally and I need to go over some of our ideas for the layout of the article on the lodge before we crash.”

Marianne could not contain her smile.  She looked up back at Robin who smiled  at her.  “No I wouldn’t mind at all if it’s okay with Robin.”

“It’s fine with me,” Robin assured her, locking her eyes with Marianne’s and letting her see how much she wanted to be alone with her.

“Okay, then it’s settled.  In fact, I had already decided we would do that earlier so I put you stuff in Robin’s room.” Josie grinned knowingly at them.

Robin squeezed Josie’s arm as they passed her and Sally at the door of their room and Robin mouthed, “Thank you.”

Josie nodded and turned into her room with Sally.

Marianne and Robin entered the room a little further down the hall but next to Josie and Sally’s room.  Robin closed the door behind them and leaned against it.  She watched and waited to see what Marianne was going to do.

Marianne stopped when she realized that Robin was not right behind her. She turned and looked into Robin’s eyes.  She actually looked nervous.  Marianne went to her, took her hands and pulled her towards the bed. 

Marianne had never been the aggressor in any of her relationships but she wanted Robin so much.  When they reached the bed Marianne pulled Robin closer then cupped her face with her hands, kissing her hungrily on the lips. 

Robin’s response was to kiss Marianne back with a hunger to match, wrap her arms around Marianne and pulled her into her.  The lips parted only for a moment and each woman came back into the kiss with more hunger than the last kiss had.  Robin slid her hands under the mauve cashmere sweater that Marianne was wearing to find her breasts naked.  She moaned as she cupped the soft mounds that filled her hands.  She ran her thumbs across Marianne’s nipples causing Marianne to moan low.

Marianne pulled her sweater over her head and began unbuttoning Robin’s dark blue flannel shirt.  She needed to feel Robin’s skin against hers.  Her skin ached for Robin’s touch.  Both women reached for each other’s jeans at the same time.  They looked at each other, giggled then went back to the task of getting the other woman’s pants off. 

Once they were stripped down to nothing, Robin stepped back causing Marianne to cry out and reach for her.  Robin grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes. “I want to see you.”  She smiled and gave an appreciative look over Marianne’s voluptuous curves.  “You are beautiful.”

Marianne blushed and smiled, “So are you.” She said as she took in Robin’s longer, more muscular frame.  Marianne had always chosen other femmes as lovers and although Robin didn’t come off as a butch, she was definitely more masculine than anyone Marianne had been with.  Marianne had never imagined that she would enjoy being with a woman like Robin but Robin stirred a fire in her that she had never felt before.  Marianne grabbed Robin’s hand and pulled her onto the bed with her. 

Robin initially took the top position but Marianne quickly maneuvered her onto her back.  “I want to make love to you.”  Marianne stated as her blue eyes shone in the small amount of moon light that was making its way into the room through the partially closed shade over the window.  With a slight nod, Robin gave her consent for Marianne to proceed, which she did starting with a gentle kiss.  She deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue across Robin’s lips, seeking entry.  Robin gladly opened her mouth to Marianne’s exploration.

Marianne shifted their positions so she could slide one leg between Robin’s, the heat and wetness sliding across Marianne’s leg caused Marianne to let out a low growl and she began kissing and nipping Robin’s neck and further down to her breasts.  Marianne continued her decent down Robin’s body towards the scent of desire calling her from between Robin’s legs.  Marianne slid her tongue across Robin’s stomach as her thumbs circled Robin’s nipples.  Robin’s entire body was quivering.  Marianne continued her onslaught of kissing and licking until she finally reached her destination between Robin’s legs.  With her shoulder she nudged Robin’s legs further apart to gain better access to the treasure she sought.  The scent of Robin’s desire was intoxicating.  Marianne leaned forward and let her tongue begin to explore the slick folds causing Robin’s hips to surge upward.  Marianne gripped Robin’s hips holding her captive to Marianne’s tongue.  It had been so long since she had tasted a woman and she wanted to savor every last drop but Robin was not going to last very long based on the continued arching and muffed cries coming from under the pillow Robin had covered her head with to keep from being heard.  Marianne finally had mercy on her and took the small bud of Robin’s core into her mouth and sucked on it gently, taking Robin over the edge.

Robin was trying to container her cries but she was sure everyone heard her when the most powerful orgasm she had ever had took her over and she let out a squall to rival the eagles.  She was still shaking and panting when Marianne kissed her way back up her body and lifted the pillow off her face.  She gave Robin a smug satisfied look before kissing her gently on the lips.

Robin wrapped her arms around her and held her while she waited for her breathing to calm down.  The fact the Marianne’s leg was still pressed to her over heated twat and the heat and wetness coming from between Marianne’s vortex that was pressed against her was not helping Robin’s breathing.  She flipped Marianne onto her back and slipped her fingers inside her.  “Oh my God,” Robin breathed and Marianne’s wetness soaked her fingers.  She slid them further inside Marianne, feeling Marianne’s muscles clench around them.  She was about to pull them out and make her way down the wetness with her own mouth when Marianne grabbed her hand and held it against her clit.  Robin felt the wave of Marianne orgasm starting and rubbed her clit in circles with the palm of her hand.  Marianne arched against her, not letting go of her wrist then let out a quiet sigh as the orgasm flowed through her.

Robin had watched to whole thing happen on Marianne’s face.  She was smiling down at her when Marianne opened her eyes a few minutes later. 

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“That’s okay. You can make it up to me here in a few minutes.”  Robin was already rubbing herself against Marianne’s leg as the next wave of desire crashed through her. 

Marianne could see it in Robin’s eyes that she was almost ready to come again.  She quickly slid her hand between them and rubbed Robin’s clit as Robin rocked against her leg.  Robin buried her face in Marianne’s hair and let out a quieter cry as her juices flowed over Marianne’s hand.

Robin had felt Marianne’s body heating up again as well and decided she was going to make sure she got to taste her this time.  She quickly slid down between Marianne’s legs and let her tongue slide inside Marianne.  Marianne grabbed Robin’s shoulders and kneaded them as she pressed herself into Robins’ face.  Feeling the pressure building up in Marianne, Robin slid two fingers inside Marianne as she rolled her tongue over her clit causing grab Robin hard and cry out. 

Robin kissed Marianne’s soft stomach and full breasts and tried not to giggle along with Sally and Josie, whom she could hear snickering in the room next to them.

“You think they heard us?”  Marianne asked breathlessly.

“I think so.”  Robin answered her with a warm smile.  “Do you care?”

“Not right at this moment.” Marianne pulled Robin down next to her and turned to lay her head on Robin’s shoulder.  “If we do this on the trail, we might have to be quieter so we don’t wake the bears.”

“I guarantee that we will be doing this on the trail, so what if we wake the bears.” Robin kissed Marianne on the top her head.

Marianne smiled and kissed Robin’s breast.  It didn’t take but a few more minutes and both women were fast asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued...

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