Impulse: Book One


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge" 
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

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Installment Six


The next four years went by in a flurry.Victoria decided to take over the international divisions of Hull Enterprises.Acquisition after acquisition were acquired and assimilated.All of the skills that were taught to her were second nature to her now adding a few of her own.

If she decided something was good for the company there was nothing that would stop her.Hull Enterprises had grown in leaps and bounds under Victoria's unofficial direction. Richard watched as his daughter, without hesitation, made steps to take on the role of CEO to the company that had been in his family for four generations.

Ian was with Richard in their New York office, while Stephan operated the Los Angeles office. Jessica, the youngest Hull, ran Hull's Arts and Antiquities Division in San Francisco and Victoria, almost single handedly, ran every thing else from their London office.

As proud as Richard was of Victoria, this was not the little girl that he had raised and loved with all his heart.Richard tried to get Victoria to stop and open up to him many times.However, he had always received the same answer time and time again, "Father, I'm only doing what is best for the company and what is expected of me."She would run the company well. There was no doubt about that.But where was the little girl who used to share everything with him? The one who had always approached things with childlike wonder?

Many nights he worried over her.Worried that the Victoria that he knew would soon be lost.Neverwas this company meant to be an empire.Itwas intended to provide security and stability for their families.Butthe company was now so far past that. 

Victoria was devouring everything and everyone in her path.His children were constantly working and, quite frankly, more than one was beginning to complain about Victoria's demeanor.Richard couldn't remember the last time he and his family were in the same country together. Much less the same state.Victoria always refused to come home claiming there was too much work to be done.She threw herself into her work and at times bordered on obsessive.She hadn't been to a family gathering in years only going to California to visit or the family would see her in London

The company was so successful and so large that if they were to sell it now this generation and future generations would never have to work for years to come.He knew Victoria would be an incredible CEO someday.But she was losing that balance that she always seemed to exude when she was growing up. 

What was most disturbing to him now was her growing reputation.Too many times he had walked into a boardroom and caught the hushed whispers about his ruthless conniving daughter. Where was this coming from? This lust for power?This hunger in Victoria that never seemed to be satisfied? A decision had to be made as far as Victoria was concerned. This could not go on. 

 In the past, the Hulls were known for their business practices.They always tried to be fair in their dealings.It was not the quantity but the quality that set Hull Enterprises apart.A family based business that brought the same respect that they had for each other into the work place.He was always proud to stand up as the head of his family and as the head of the business. Although lately, these values were slowly slipping through the cracks.

 He made a promise to his wife that his kids would always come first and he was damn well gonna do it. Too many times Richard had seen power destroy a human soul.But what he didn't know was what was driving his daughter to do exactly that.What was behind that tortured look that he saw in her beautiful blue eyes?Who was the person that had hurt his daughter so badly that she was willing to shut out all forms of love including his?

 He made a silent wish to Dominique that she would help him bring things under control again.Somehow getting his answer, he picked up the telephone and arranged to get his daughter back.


Victoria woke to the insistent ring of an unforgiving telephone, "Damn it! What time is it?"The telephone rang again. "Whoever it is on that phone had better have a damn good reason for waking me up at this awful hour." 

"Hello..." Victoria answered without holding back the anger in her voice. 

 "Victoria, its Dad."Richard winched when he heard the agitation in his daughter's voice.

"Dad? Do you know what time it is?"

 "Yes, of course sweetie.I had an awful itch to see you and I caught an evening flight out.I should be at your place in about an hour."Richard replied in as soft a voice as he could muster.

 Finally comprehending what her father was saying, she looked over to the other side of her bed and remembered she was not alone. " Uh, um... oh, okay. Uh, well I'll see you in a few."

All she could see was a mop of golden blond hair sweeping across her pillow and a very exposed leg strewn across the top of the comforter of her bed.Victoria Hull, what is wrong with you? Play hard, pay hard, do you even know what her name is? Tori racked her brain trying to remember. Oh, What was it Mandy..., Sandy...., Candy..... Oh who cares.

Getting up Victoria went over to the other side of the bed and reached for the covers.With no remorse, she unceremoniously ripped them off the bed.

 The girl jumped up in complete horror. Totally appalled at being awakened so rudely and so suddenly. She tried to keep from falling to the floor but was unsuccessful in her attempt. "What the hell is your problem?",she yelled as she got up from her position on the floor.

 "Look. My Father's coming and you have to leave! .....Now!",Tori barked.Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heals and headed for the bathroom.

 "Hey love. Why can't I just hang out up here? When he leaves, we can pick up where we left off?"

With unbridled anger, Victoria turned around and, if looks could kill she would have disintegrated this girl on the spot. The girl was taken back by the terrifying look she had received. "I AM NOT YOUR LOVE. I AM NOT YOUR ANYTHING. YOU WERE JUST A LAY. Now get out of my home before I throw you out."

Obviously uncomfortable but a little slow on the uptake, the girl replied "Geez... You weren't complaining last night."She took her chances again. Reaching out, she tried to caress a very alluring body part. "Come on baby....You know I can make you feel good." 

Victoria grabbed her wrist and roughly pushed her away. 

 "Okay... okay", the girl replied with her hands up. "I know when to say when." But obviously not knowing when to shut up. "I know I'm going to see you again.I have seen you tortured types before. Hot and bothered in the morning, but oh so hot at night.When you find the need ....and I know you will..." Giving Tori a wink and a smug look, "You know where to find me."

"GET OUT!",Victoria screamed. Where does this girl get off talking to me like that?

With that, the girl gathered her clothes and left. However, her words rang in Victoria's ears well after she heard the slam of the door.Was she really so predictable?Had her life truly become a string of one-night stands?

 Quickly reprimanding herself, she spoke aloud. "I don't have time for this."

She made her way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. That's right, Victoria. Sweep it under the rug like every other despicable thing you've done over the years.Pretend it doesn't matter. But we know better. Don't we?

Tori stepped into the shower and tried to wash away the remnants of her latest conquest.No matter how hard she tried, she could never completely wash it all away.Bit by bit she was becoming less and less the person she once was. 

When did you stop treating people with respect like you'd been taught?How long do you think you can keep this up before you have to pay the piper?She knew that time would come someday.But God help her, she didn't have a clue how she'd survive the aftermath.

No sooner had she thrown on some clothes did the doorbell ring announcing her father's arrival.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Seven

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