Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


Copyright: All characters in this story are from my own imagination. Any resemblance to characters living or deceased is purely coincidental. If anyone is interested, certain places and locations in this story are fictional so don't go out and try to find them. I would hate for you to be searching for them and being disappointed because they didn't exist. Copyright 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

Sexual Content: This story involves intimate loving relationships between two women as well as other kinds of loving relationships. At times, these relationships can be rather explicit in nature so if you are under 18 or this kind of fiction is illegal where you live please find another story for your reading pleasure.

Violence: There is a little bit of violence scattered throughout the series. Although it deals with various issues whether domestic battering, sexual in nature, etc, I have tried to use them sparingly.

Language: I don't really swear a whole lot in my own life so my characters tend not to also. Although a slip here and there is very possible as well as use of words that may come out in describing many intimate situations so please be warned and I won't blush if you don't.

Hurt/Comforter: Oh yeah, there is definitely that. Life situations that pull at the heartstrings but please be patient all will definitely be well. The opening scene in book one is a big one dealing with a loss of a parent and as the story progresses and the books are completed there will definitely be some less than happy moments scattered about.

Special Thanks: I would especially like to thank my Soulmate, K.J. for without your love. I would truly never know what it is like to spread my wings, if you were not there to support me. I have loved you from the first time you held my hand and will continue to walk with you in this life and the next.

Comments/Feedback: This is my sophomore attempt at writing so any comments and positive feedback are welcome. I hope my work entertains and my characters give you as much pleasure as they have given me.

I am truly thankful that they allow me to peek into their lives on a regular basis. I myself never know what is going to come next until it truly happens. This is going to be a series of parts and I hope to submit my installments on a regular basis. Thanks again and I hope you continue to join me as the story unfolds.

I would like to thank everyone who has joined the community and for those that have written me with such encouraging and inspiring words. I especially would like to thank the fan fiction sites that continue to house the story and for their constant and timely support. You are all so wonderful and your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys the story and without any more delay, on with the melodrama.

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The sun was peeking across the horizon and you could hear the first signs of the city waking. Two figures could be seen seated on a bench. One was surrounding the other in an embrace, the other leaning back in blissful peace. The two had been sitting like this for a few hours. Being a January morning, they should have been tucked away somewhere however neither wanted to move from their comfortable positions. It had taken them so long to find their way to each other. They just wanted to soak up every ounce of this magical moment. Luckily, for them it was a mild winter. They probably would have ended up with hypothermia before they could enjoy there newfound relationship. Victoria Hull, Tori for short, was the tall gorgeous, blue-eyed brunette and Brett Montgomery was the beautiful green-eyed blonde. They had known each other since they were young and always had a strong connection. However, human nature, being as complex as it is, had stopped them from admitting their true feelings for one another. This left them with years and years of pain until now.

"Honey you feel so good," placing tiny kisses along Brett's neck.

"Hmm...So do you." She leaned her head to the side to give Tori better access.

"I don't think I'll ever look at another sunrise again without thinking of this morning. Having you here in my arms feels so wonderful. You've made me so happy, Brett." She nestled even closer. "Hey sweetie, you must be freezing?" Running her hands up and down Brett's arms

"No...Not really. You feel so warm. You're like my own portable heat source." Brett sighed happily. "I'm okay. But if you want we can go."

Just then, Tori's stomach gave a rumble.

"You wouldn't happen to be hungry, would you?" Brett laughed as Tori's stomach boldly made its presence known.

"Ah, I think I am. Yesterday, I was so busy getting ready to see you at the club. I didn't eat until last night's meal and I, kind of only picked at that." Tori admitted shyly.

"Honey, what's wrong? Did my baby have a bug or something? Why weren't you hungry?" Brett knew Tori must have been nervous. But she could not pass up the opportunity to tweak her a bit.

"No, I wasn't sick." Tori cleared her throat and slid away from Brett a little, feeling a bit exposed.

Tori had already admitted she was in love with Brett. Nevertheless, she wasn't quite used to being so open, so vulnerable. She had spent so many years denying her feelings for Brett. She found it odd that now she was being asked to reveal them.

"So then. What was it?" Brett wanted them to learn to communicate again. They had kept their feelings hidden for so long she didn't want to go back to that.

"Well, I knew that you and the girls went to the Grove every Friday night and, I've been trying to find the time to see you." Pausing she looked towards the river across from where they were seated watching as a tugboat made its way towards the George Washington Bridge. "I went shopping yesterday and then went to the Spa to pamper myself. So I could gather my confidence to see you." She lowered her voice to a whisper. She felt a little embarrassed at the admission. "I guess I was feeling a little nervous. My stomach was a little jumpy."

Brett turned around to look fully into Tori's gorgeous eyes. "Oh baby, you have nothing to be nervous about when you're with me. I have to tell you. I'm a sure thing as far as you're concerned." She realized too late how her words sounded. "I mean...I...Um...well..." scratching her head. "Not that I am a sure thing ...Well...maybe... Oh hell. I guess, you're not the only one who gets nervous..." Brett looked down and bit at her bottom lip. She was feeling a little vulnerable also.

Tori reached over and lifted Brett's face to meet hers. She moved in to give Brett a light kiss. "You know? I think we have both wanted this for so long, that it's going to take a moment before it settles in." She moved in closer again for reassurance. "What do you say we just take things nice and slow? Let things happen as they happen... Hmm?" Winking she kissed Brett again, this time the kiss lasted even longer and they both felt another piece of their connection fall into place.

Tori released the kiss but Brett stayed in place with her eyes closed. A dreamy smile graced her face. After a long moment, she finally opened her eyes. "I'm sorry...but did anyone ever tell you, you kiss...really... really well?"

A seductive smile covered Tori's face. She leaned over and whispered into Brett's ear, "I've been told that," kissing Brett on the neck. "a time," kissing her on the forehead. "or two..." ending at the other side of Brett's neck, nipping at Brett's pulse point.

"Mmm...You know? I'm starting to think you enjoy leaving me speechless." Brett was getting lost in the sensation of Tori's mouth on her neck and the pressure in her belly. "But if you keep that up, we're going to end up getting arrested."

Tori laughed, "First of all, I'm kind of looking forward to hearing you speak...especially the volume in which you can project your voice." She waggled her eyebrows and smiled like a Cheshire Cat. "Secondly, what's the use of having a world class lawyer for a father if you can't use his services?" Deciding to push her luck, she pulled Brett even closer and gave Brett another earth-shaking kiss.

Brett felt the blood rush to her face and felt a painful twinge in her lower extremities. "You do know that you're incorrigible don't you?" Brett continued to kiss lips that were just too inviting. "As happy as Daddy would be to hear of this new development between us, I don't think he'd appreciate being called this early in the morning to bail you and me out for indecent exposure in a public place."

Both of them laughed at the thought of Gordon Montgomery doing exactly that.

Brett decided that Tori was enjoying her fluster a little too much. Oh Tori, two can play this game. Brett took her finger, and slowly traced it over Tori's lips, down her chin, neck, and painstakingly traveled down the V of Tori's sweater. "As far as your desire to hear me speak ", Brett batted her eyes and flashed Tori a rather enticing smile. "That's going to be more like a heated two way conversation."

Tori breathed in, swallowed and let out a long exhale. She had really missed the connection she shared with Brett. It was truly like meeting the other half of her soul. Brett had always made her feel a whole spectrum of emotions. With Brett in such close proximity, she desperately needed to get Brett home so she could demonstrate a few of them.

Looking around, Tori took in her surroundings. They had been at this local club called the Grove. They ended up talking about their relationship outside on the new boardwalk that ran along the Hudson River. "Okay. What do you say we get out of here?" She quickly got up, lifted her arms over her head and stretched out her long sinewy muscles trying to get the blood flowing again. Brett stared at her in absolute amazement. Victoria was so beautiful. She exuded such sensuality and catlike strength that an observer was left breathless. Tori offered Brett her hand and pulled her into an embrace.

"Thank you." Tori said appreciatively.

"For what?" Brett asked innocently.

"For giving me a memory that is so wonderful, it almost makes the bad ones disappear."

Eyes glistened with unshed tears, as Brett again stood there speechless. How did I get here? One day I am hoping for love and the next receiving it. You just never know what's going to happen day to day. "Oh honey, thank you. I feel the same way." Brett looked into eyes that had captivated her for as long as she could remember. "As far as letting things happen as they happen between us." Brett snuggled closer. "Since the first day we met, I've been helpless to stop. From this day on I promise I won't even try." Tilting her head up, Brett sealed her promise with a convincing kiss. Stepping away, Brett made a decision. "Tori...Let's go home." Breathless, Brett took a very stunned Tori's hand and led them back towards the club where they could get a cab.

By the time the two women reached a cab, Tori was finally able to regain the use of her mouth. She couldn't believe that the woman she had wanted all her life was willingly giving her everything she had dreamed about all her life. If this was some sort of bizarre twilight zone, she never wanted to leave it. Looking down at the beautiful woman staring back at her, she wanted to pinch herself to make sure what was happening was truly a reality. Brett smiled waiting patiently for Victoria to come back from her mental wandering. Seeing that she was being stared at, Tori realized Brett was waiting for her to make a decision. "I'm sorry, I kind of got lost in your eyes there for a second." Tori bowed her head and captured Brett's moist lips. Their breath mingling together in this cool January morning in the middle of Manhattan. Feeling the cab driver was staring at them, Tori decided that they needed to go somewhere that was less public.

"So?" Tori smiled and leaned in to whisper into Brett's ear.

"I know this great place that makes a killer omelet. I don't suppose you would be interested?" Victoria inquired opening the door to the cab. She helped Brett in and took her place next to the smaller woman.

"Oh yeah, I'm one of those people that can always eat." Brett took Tori's arm in hers and laid her head against Victoria's shoulder sighing happily as their eyes met lovingly.

"I remember." Tori nuzzled the top of Brett's head with her cheek and lips, smiling as she remembered how the tiny woman beside her could always eat her weight in food when they were kids.

Tori turned and gave the voyeur of a cab driver their destination glaring at the man when he gave her a lascivious look.

Once their destination was given, Tori sat back and placed an arm around Brett, not caring if the cab driver got an eyeful or was having lustful thoughts about the two women. Tori decided the man could think what he wanted. She had everything she could ever want beside her and nothing was going to distract her from that important fact.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Two

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