Impulse: Book Three



“Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge”

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo




“This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

 If you haven’t read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID  or  Book Two: IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there.”



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The two lay spent across the bed lazily enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.  They lay naked in each other’s arms while the love struck executive ran her hand across the smooth skin of the enamored writer’s soft heated skin.


“We really need to get back downstairs or we’ll never hear the end of it.”  Tori softly caressed Brett’s head with her lips.


Brett propped up a little and looked into Tori’s azure eyes.  “I’m still sorry about the bruises.  I’ll cut my nails and try not to bite so hard.”  Brett blushed as a grin came to Tori’s beautiful face.  A rosy tinge colored Tori’s skin and sweat dampened her hair.  Brett had never seen anything so sensual as the woman that lay beside her.


“Baby please. I don’t want you to change a thing.  I love how you move against me when we make love. I especially enjoy how you show me, in your actions and your words, how much you love me.  No one has ever made me feel as cherished as you do.”  Tori stretched up and kissed Brett on the nose and pulled her even tighter against her.


“We just have to make sure the love bites are in areas where only you and I can see them.”  Tori rolled Brett over and gave Brett an example of just where she thought a good place would be.


“Oh baby. I see what you mean.”  Brett arched her back as Tori nipped at a very hidden yet sensitive area.


Tori looked down at her work and a very satisfied smile came to her face.


Brett inspected Tori’s handy work; well made lip work and guided Tori back up to her waiting mouth.


Mmm… I see what you mean.  I think we’re going to have to practice though.”  Brett scooted further down the bed and wrapped her legs around Tori’s waist.


“So, where’s this bathing suit you want me to model for you?”  Tori pulled Brett’s legs up and even tighter around her and lifted Brett up.  She carefully got off the bed and carried Brett over to one of the dressers.  She pulled out a lime green suit that had straps that would hook behind Brett’s neck and crisscross over her chest showing quite a bit of cleavage and a nice view of Brett’s well muscled abdomen.  The bottom of the suit was cut high and would nicely compliment Brett’s scrumptious bottom.


“Here you go.  I’ll just wait over here while you try it on.”  Tori went over to the bed and waited in anticipation.


Brett looked at the suit and blushed at the lack of material.  Oh well I’ll try anything once.


“I’ll be right back honey.”  Brett went to the bathroom and quickly changed into the suit.  Looking into the mirror, she was surprised that the suit was quite attractive on her.  She would never have picked it out herself but liked it a lot.  She adjusted the suit a little and took one last look.  Here we go.  Brett opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the bedroom.  It was now 3:30 and the sun was shining brightly into the room.  Beams of sunlight hit Brett’s body just right and accentuated all of her voluptuous curves.


Tori gripped on to the bed and watched as the petite blonde-haired woman overloaded every one of her senses. Tori got up off the bed and walked around Brett like a panther about to leap on its prey. 


“Ooh baby, I knew when I saw this suit in L. A. that it would be perfect on you.  But not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine you working it like you are.  Baby you look…you look amazingly beautiful.”  Tori scooped Brett up and showered her with kisses.  “I am the luckiest woman in the world.”  Tori led Brett to the bed and bent down and kissed her.


“Do you like it?”  Tori asked.


“I do.  I’ve never thought of buying a suit like this.  I especially like how it makes you react.”  Brett gave Tori a very seductive look and leaned back on her arms to give Tori another look.


Tori licked her lips and took a deep swallow.  “You keep that up and we’re never going to make it downstairs.”


“And your point would be…..?  Brett turned up the heat as she watched Tori’s lip quiver.


Tori knew she wanted nothing more than to ravish Brett over and over again but that would be very rude to her guests. 


“You just don’t play fair.  I’ll be right back.”  Tori went to her drawers and picked out a black one piece Speedo.  She quickly went into the bathroom and changed into her suit.  She looked into the mirror and made sure her scratch marks were covered.  An image of Brett in her suit came to Tori again and she let out a deep breath.  I think a swim could do me some good.  Cool me off a little.  Maybe a few laps. Yeah that should burn off some steam.  Tori always had a healthy sexual appetite but Brett was wreaking havoc with her libido.  Okay mind over matter. That’s it. Imagine Brett with a big old parka on….. or fur coat with nothing on underneath.  You are hopeless.  Absolutely hopeless.


Brett knocked on the door. 


“Honey are you okay?  What’s taking so long?”


“Nothing sweetie. I’ll be right out.”  Tori threw some water on her face and took another deep breath.


She opened the door and was glad that Brett had found a robe and put it on.


“Everything okay?”  Brett felt Tori’s forehead, concerned at the flush she found there.


“Honey….are you sick?  You look like you’re sweating.  Do you have a fever?”  They hadn’t gotten much sleep and Brett thought Tori might have caught something.


“No, I’m fine.  I just can’t explain the effect you have on me.”  Tori grabbed a robe for herself and took Brett’s hand.


“It’s a good effect, I hope?”  They continued to walk towards the gym as they talked.


“Oh yeah. Let’s just say……we are definitely still at the honeymoon stage.  I can’t seem to get enough of you.”  Brett stopped and tugged on Tori’s arm to get her attention.


“If you hadn’t noticed, I feel the same way.”  Brett had a sympathetic look on her face.


“I know baby. If we didn’t have guests believe me, I’d be content to never leave the bedroom.  But they’re probably wondering where we went by now.”  Tori brought Brett’s hand to her lips.  “Lauren especially wanted to hang out with us and I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”  Tori hoped Brett agreed.


“Okay love……last one in is a rotten egg.”  Brett ran down the hall leaving a perplexed lover behind.


She went into the kitchen and found Maggie preparing a feast.


“What’s all this?”  Maggie had prepared salads and hotdogs, hamburgers, and potato chips.


“Oh just a little something for my girls.  I hardly ever get a chance to pull together a proper meal with you always out of town and Stephan and Jessica across the country.”  Tori wrapped her arms around Maggie and kissed the top of her head. 


“Things sure have changed haven’t they?  I’m sorry Mags.  I didn’t realize you missed the old days as much as I did.”  Tori gave Maggie a very apologetic expression.


“Well it’s not your fault.  You all had to grow up sometime.  It’s just when you were small, there was always someone running into the kitchen wanting a drink or a snack.  We had so many kids from the neighborhood running in and out. You can’t blame an old lady for missing her babies.”  A tear came to Maggie’s eyes.  She was a real softy at heart.  She had always wanted to have a large family and fate only gave her one child.  She had fulfilled her desire to have many children by adopting the neighborhood kids as her own.


“We all feel the same way Maggie.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  You have been there throughout my whole life.  I promise, if I have my way, we’ll have a house full again. You just wait and see. Then you’ll be complaining that I’m working you too hard.” 


Maggie shook her head. “Well I’d rather too much work than not enough.  It isn’t good to sit around all day.  Here… help me take this inside.”  Maggie handed her a tray of drinks and she carried a tray of food.  As soon as the girls saw them enter the gym, they rushed over and took the tray out of their hands.


“Is there anything else?”  Alexi inquired.


“There are a couple more trays…..”  Maggie answered.


Brett and Alexi went to the kitchen and Maggie motioned the other girls to stay in the pool.


“Can’t have you tracking water all over, now can I?” Maggie gave them a stern look.


“Why don’t you ask Gaston, Gibeau, and Alicia to join us.  Tori asked Maggie.


“I’ll see what they’re doing.  These old bones could use a swim.”  Maggie never complained but Tori knew that she wasn’t as spry as she pretended to be.


“I told you I’d get a masseuse in here for you.  The one I know is really good.  He’ll have you feeling better in no time.  I did mention to you he’s unbelievably gorgeous. That fact in and of itself is enough to get your blood flowing.”  Tori winked at Maggie and her ears perked up.


“Oh yeah…. really? Really good-looking?”  Maggie could still appreciate the finer things in life.


“Really, really, really good-looking. When he comes, I’ll make sure Gaston isn’t home.”  Maggie’s face lit up and Tori had to laugh at her old nanny’s enthusiasm.


“Okay, it’s a deal.  You don’t have to twist my arm.”


“Hey come on. The water’s great.  Come join us….”  Adrian screamed from the pool and did a shallow dive.


“Alright, I’ll go see what the old man’s doing.  It can’t hurt for him to be surrounded by all these beautiful women. And I’ll see what the lovebirds are doing as well.”  Maggie turned to leave and then stopped.


“If I bring Gaston down here, then I get to reap the benefits later.  If you know what I mean…….” Maggie wiggled her eyebrows and Tori grimaced.


“Ugh Maggie…..way too much information.”  Tori grimaced.


“Ah you young kids. You think you’re the only ones who can get up to know good.  When I was a young woman…” Maggie continued.


At that point Tori put her fingers in her ears and started singing “La. La. La. La. La.  Maggie just rolled her eyes and left the gym in search of the rest of her family


TO BE CONTINUED.  Installment Thirteen


Impulse: Book Three