Impulse: Book Four



“Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge”

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo





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By the time they returned to the office, Brett was already waiting there.  When she saw the unlikely pair walk in, she almost passed out.  Tori walked over to Brett and took her in her arms.  They both needed the contact after the day that they had and they willingly sank into each other’s embrace.


“Honey?”  Brett was the first to speak.


“Yes love?”   Tori kissed Brett on the neck.


“Is there something you want to tell me? “  Brett stared at the waiting form of Jenna at her door.


“Hmm…Oh yes.”  Tori stood up and motioned Jenna to come closer.


“Jenna and I have come to an understanding.”  Tori looked to Jenna for confirmation and Jenna nodded in agreement.


“Really? And what understanding would that be?”  They could see that Brett was very uncomfortable and wasn’t happy to be dealing with this situation again.  Jenna looked to Tori for an explanation and Tori happily obliged.


“Well I agree to not slam her around and she agrees not to do things that would warrant such an action.”  Tori gave Brett a little grin.


“Is that so? And what’s to stop me from wanting to beat the stuffing out of her myself?”  Brett was still fuming and didn’t want to make light of the situation.


“Well that’s up to you sweetie. But I’m just going by your example and trying to be more understanding.  Jenna confessed that she was trying to win you back and I’ve convinced her that she’s wasting her time.  Isn’t that so?”  Tori turned to Jenna and, with a look of resolve on her face, Jenna replied.


“Yes. I admit that it was my intention to try and win you back.  At the time, I was planning this. I didn’t take into consideration that you were with Victoria and, well, I know now that you belong together.  I think for the sake of our work, it would be best to put this behind us so that we can come here without any fear of running into each other.  I’m so sorry Brett, I truly am.”  Jenna looked down and could not look Brett in the face.


“So am I Jenna. So am I.  I want nothing more than to put this nightmare to rest.  If you’re willing, so am I.”  Brett held out her hand and Jenna looked up in surprise.  She took Brett’s hand and gave it a squeeze.  Her eyes were sad and the reality of the situation came crashing in again.  She had it all once.


“Well I better get going. I have a 4:30 class.  Take care.”  Jenna gave Tori a hint of a smile and Tori did the same.


“You know Brett?  Victoria’s not bad once you get past the smug exterior.”  Jenna laughed when Tori rolled her eyes and shook her head.  Then they looked at each other again and knew it was now Jenna who would be walking away.  An unspoken word was shared between them and a guarantee that Tori would forever make Brett happy.


They stood beside Brett’s desk and watched as Jenna exited the room and closed the door behind her.  Brett let out a sigh and her stomach relaxed for the first time that day.  Tori sat down and pulled Brett down to sit on her lap.


“So how are you doing?”  Tori brushed away the loose strands of hair from Brett’s eyes.


Brett laid her head against Tori’s shoulder spent from the anxiety of the day.  “I’m okay…I guess…Although I think I’ve been better.”


“Yeah me too.”  Tori kissed Brett on the lips and they lost themselves in the security that they found there.


“I was a bit surprised to see you two together.  I don’t know how I feel about that.”  Brett looked into Tori’s eyes and tried to understand what was going on behind those baby blues.


“A part of you feels like I’ve betrayed you and another part of you loves me for trying to make things better.”  Tori saw understanding fill Brett’s face and her eyes began to well with tears.


“That’s exactly it.  How did you know?”  Brett sat up surprised that her lover had pinpointed her feelings to the tee.


“Well that’s how I would feel.  Jenna and I aren’t best buddies now, if that’s what you’re worried about. And I don’t excuse her behavior what so ever.  I wanted to kill her today Brett. And when I think of what she’s done to you believe me, a large part of me still does.  But then if I allow the anger to fester in me then that’s all I’ll focus on and I don’t want that to happen.  I have more important matters to focus on and I don’t plan on wasting another moment on Jenna Carlisle.  I’d rather focus on you and the life we share together.  I love you and nothing and no one is more important than that.”  Tori gazed into Brett’s tear stained face and knew her tears were falling just as steadily.


“Thank you for understanding.  I guess I just needed to hear that from you. I’m so grateful that you’re trying to make things better for me. For us.  I love you too.”  Brett grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears from Tori’s face and did the same for her own.


Brett sat up again remembering that Tori had mentioned early that morning that she had an important meeting.  “Hey what are you doing here anyway?  I thought you had a meeting today?”


“I did.  However, I received the package from that detective I told you about and I found out that Jenna had tenure here at Columbia. I rushed over the moment I found out.”  Brett could see the worry lines return at the corners of the executive’s eyes and knew something was still bothering her.


“So you left an important meeting because of me?”  In the past two months that they had been together, Brett realized that her lover would move heaven and earth to place her needs first.


“No I didn’t leave the meeting because of you.  I just didn’t go.”  Tori’s brow furrowed and she really didn’t think twice about what was more important, Brett or the company. There was no question that Brett was more important.


“So what happened? You cancelled or did someone cover for you?  I know that you just didn’t go.  I know you better than that.”  Brett looked very concerned.  The last thing Tori needed was heat from the board.  She was next in line to take over as CEO of Hull Enterprises and she was sure that there were those that were waiting to see her fail.


“No I had my assistant take over the meeting.  While we’re on the subject, let me call and see how things are going.”  Tori pulled her cell phone from her waist and dialed Jordan’s number. 


“Jordan Scott.”  Jordan sounded relaxed which was always a good sign.


Jordanit’s Tori. How did it go?”  The tall businesswoman waited in anticipation.  Now that everything with Brett was squared away she could now focus on the business at hand.


Tori, it worked like a charm.  When they showed up and you weren’t there, they immediately got worried.  I think they’re ready to deal now.  I told them that until they were serious, you wouldn’t even come to the table.  That got their attention and they want to meet next week.  You’re not gonna have an emergency next week are you?”  Jordan sounded nervous and Tori had to laugh.  Her usually cool calm headed assistant was obviously a little worked up from the day’s events.  It had definitely been a rough day for everyone involved.


“No Jordan I don’t plan on having an emergency next week.  You did great as I expected and you’ll see a nice bonus in this week’s pay check.


“Ooh really?!! Does that mean I can go out and get that Porsche I’ve been eyeing?”  Jordan was kidding of course.  Certainly a girl could dream.


“What color did you have in mind?”  Tori knew she had just rendered her assistant speechless.


“Ah…Ah…I ah was just kidding Tori.”  Jordan sat in her seat stunned.


“Well I’m not. So what color?”  Tori winked at Brett who was happily still seated on her lap. “Better yet. Why don’t you go pick one out tonight and I’ll have my accountant take care of everything else.  I’ll have him call you and you can give him the details.  Okay?” Jordan was incredibly silent and Tori thought she might have passed out.


Jordan?  Yoo hoo?  Jordan?”  Tori looked at Brett having no clue what happened to her assistant.


“I’m sorry boss I was just pinching myself.  Wow!! I’ll take over a meeting for you anytime.  You’re the best boss!!!”  Jordan was blown away. 


“Why thank you.  I try to be.  We’ve been working really hard Jordan and I’ve always been able to count on you.  So you deserve this.  You have a good night and tell Barbara I’ll see her tomorrow.  There isn’t anything that needs my attention is there?”  Tori waited for Jordan to ask Barbara if she needed to speak with Tori.


“Nope. Everything’s taken care of. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Jordan was beaming.  Today hit a milestone for her. And she was getting a car. 


“Great I’ll see you tomorrow. Have fun tonight.”


“I will…is everything okay on your end?  Barbara said you didn’t look or sound too good when you left here earlier.  Is there anything I can do?”  Jordan truly respected her boss and, though they weren’t all that different in age, she looked up to Tori. Everyone in the company did.  If you didn’t, you were definitely playing on the wrong side.


“Everything’s fine.  As a matter of fact, I’m just about ready to call it a day.  Though it’s been quite interesting. I hope I never have one like this again.”  Tori said this more to Brett than to Jordan and they both looked at each other in understanding.


“I know. I’ve had days like that.  They aren’t fun.  Well as long as you’re okay that’s all that matters.  I’ll let you go.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Jordan hung up the phone and closed up shop.  She was going car shopping. Whew hoo!!


TO BE CONTINUED.  Installment Eight


Impulse: Book Four



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