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Disclaimer 2: I am definitely a hopeful romantic who tends to wax sappy at times. As this story is short and most decidedly on the sweet side, anyone with diabetes and/or an aversion to sugar might want to give this one a pass. You have been warned - continue at your own risk.

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Disclaimer 4: Love - most definitely - this is Xena and Gabrielle after all. Sex - a little and not too graphic. I subscribe to the Missy Good philosophy - less is often times better and more romantic. However if any expression of love between same sex partners offends you find another story - this one is not for you

Note from the author: This little vignette came to me out of the blue from the muses after several months of silence. I wasn’t informed by them exactly where it falls in the Xena chronology but my gut feeling is that it takes place after ROTV. It started out to be a first time story but turned into more of a reunion and re-affirmation than a first timer. At this point I have no idea if this is a lead in or an ending to a bigger tale. The muses just dropped this little baby in my lap and said "WRITE IT!" So I did.



Eyes Of Love


Mikki Hibbens




Gabrielle was in ecstasy. Actually, she was in Xena’s arms but to her it was sheer ecstasy as the older woman held her with such loving tenderness that the young blonde’s heart overflowed with happiness. Her eyes closed as she reveled in the sensation of feeling Xena’s naked body pressed against hers while the warrior’s lips blazed a trail of fire from Gabrielle’s mouth, down her throat to nibble at each of the bard’s firm, perfect breasts and taut, swollen nipples before returning for another taste of the young woman’s hungry lips.

"I love you, Gabrielle."

The low, passion filled rumble of Xena’s voice right at her ear startled her slightly and her eyes flew open to a pair of intense blue eyes, darkened by love and desire to a deep cobalt, staring into hers. As she felt herself falling into the depths of those beautiful blue pools, Gabrielle knew that this was the moment she had been waiting for all her life and that there was no turning back. Just like in the story of the two orphans that she and Xena had told each other so many years ago, she had traveled the world only to find that what she had been looking for had been by her side all the time.

Gabrielle raised her hand to cup Xena’s cheek in her palm in that familiar gesture used so often to show comfort, support or a myriad of other emotions too powerful to put into words. But this time she knew, words were required and not just as an answer to Xena’s declaration. No, this needed simple, honest words from her deepest soul that would express the depth and strength of the eternal commitment she had already made in her heart to the amazing being lying beside her. So, she said the first thing that came into her head, trusting her heart that it would be the right thing and that Xena would see and feel the truth of the words in her eyes and her touch.

"By the Gods, Xena," Gabrielle began, her throat so choked with emotion her voice was barely more than a breathy whisper. "I never knew or even dreamed it was possible to love anyone or anything as much as I love you. You’re my ‘Tree in the Forest’. I think a part of me has known that since the first time I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of yours when you were fighting off Draco’s men. I was just too stupid or naive or whatever to realize it."

Xena laughed softly, her heart filled to overflowing by her bard’s words. "Gabrielle you weren’t stupid. Naive, maybe. But stupid, never."

Gabrielle opened her mouth to protest but was silenced when Xena’s lips locked on hers in a deep, searing kiss. The fires of her passion, already stoked to a raging heat, ignited into a blazing inferno as she wrapped her arms around her love and pulled the larger woman as close to her as was physically possible. It was as if the young blonde was trying to meld their bodies together by sheer will power.

Xena, startled by the strength of Gabrielle’s desire, tried to pull back a little in an effort to dial things down a notch or two. She was frightened by the intensity of what she was feeling and of what could happen if she lost control.

Gabrielle, as if she could read the warrior’s thoughts (and maybe she could), reached her hand up and pulled the dark head towards her so that her mouth was next to her love’s ear. "No, Xena," she said in a husky whisper. "Don’t hold back. I need you, Xena. I need to feel you. To know you. The whole truth of you. Your passion, your power, everything. As I give everything I am, my heart and my soul, to you."

Gabrielle pulled back so she could look into the eyes of the woman who was her heart. The most brilliant blue eyes she had ever seen, sparkling now with unshed tears. "Take me, Xena," she said, the words coming straight from the depths of her soul. "Take me as I take you. Make us one, for all eternity."

Xena gazed into the twin sea green pools that where Gabrielle’s eyes and felt the last restraints crack and fall from her heart. The tears, released from her iron control, flowed freely down her beautiful, bronze cheeks as she felt her heart take wing and soar, for the first time in her life, on a wave of sheer, unadulterated happiness.

Looking into the eyes of the person she loved more than her life, Xena, for the first time, saw the truth of that life reflected in those green depths. She saw and finally understood with the totality of her being that the path she had walked since childhood was the only one that could have brought her to this moment of utter bliss.

In that instant of revelation, M’Lila’s words spoken to her in Tartarus so many years ago became crystal clear: ‘You know evil. You’ve been evil. You can fight evil’. Xena now knew with utter certainty that even though she deeply regretted following the darkness that ruled her way for so long, she wouldn’t change a moment of her life. That darkness was as important an ingredient to the forging of the person she was now as the light of the woman she held in her arms. For without the darkness to conquer, the light has little meaning or value.

She finally saw herself as Gabrielle saw her, as a good person who lost her way but was made better by the finding of it again. Much like a well crafted sword that becomes ten times stronger and shines more brightly for having gone through the fire.

Seeing herself through Gabrielle’s eyes, the warrior was given another revelation - she actually liked the person she had become and what her life was about now. It was a strange sensation to realize that she finally felt comfortable and right in her own skin and had for some time now and it brought a smile of wonder to the warrior’s beautiful face.

Gabrielle, watching for her love’s reaction to her heartfelt words, saw the emotions play across the chiseled features and for a brief moment feared she had been too forward or pushed too hard. But then she saw the light of understanding dawn in the warrior’s crystalline eyes and the brilliant smile of wonder light up the face she loved so well and the bard knew that her words had been the right ones.

"Oh, Gabrielle..." Xena’s voice was low and husky as she tenderly brushed the blonde bangs from her bard’s forehead. "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re my heart... my soul... my everything. You’re the greatest treasure ... the greatest gift anyone could ever have wished for. I love you, Gabrielle. We’ll always be together - forever."

Gabrielle’s heart rejoiced as she felt Xena’s long arms enfold her again, knowing that her warrior, by recognizing and accepting herself as the person she truly was now, was one step closer to the day when she could forgive herself for the person she was in the past.

In the split second before their lips met again, Gabrielle’s ‘other’ sense kicked in and she saw Xena as she had that first time so long ago in a forest clearing surrounded by Draco’s men. A beautiful, noble woman enveloped in a bright, shining light with her sword held high like a blazing torch against the darkness of tyranny and injustice. Even before the young girl knew the strange, dark haired woman’s name, she knew their destinies where, in some way, intertwined and she had to follow her.

And after she knew that this was Xena, the Warrior Princess, the Destroyer of Nations, still she felt no fear. She could feel the connection between them like a silver cord binding their hearts together, tenuous at first but growing stronger and more sure with each passing day.

Though several times over their years together that cord had been stretched ever so thin, it had never been broken. It was forged of something stronger even than Hephaestus’ metal and even the gods couldn’t break it though they had tried often enough.

As two pairs of lips met in loving ecstasy and two pairs of hands sought and found release and fulfillment of their heart’s passion something rare beyond all occurrence took place. The light that surrounded the tall warrior brought forth an answering glow from the smaller woman until the two were encased in a brilliant ball of light shot through with shimmering, incandescent colors.

When the brightness reached it’s peak, and the lovers reached their climax, the two lost souls that had been torn apart eons ago were forged again into the one being they had been at the beginning of time and it would be that way from now through all eternity. Though their bodies may be separate, their souls were now one and no matter what happened, in this life or in the countless ones to come, they would always find each other. Their love and commitment would shine as a beacon to generation upon generation as the world grew ever more jaded and cynical.







High above the lovers the Great Creatrix watched with a smiling countenance as the light faded and the two women fell asleep in each other’s arms. The Creatrix was greatly pleased with the progress these two most special children had made. Though well aware that their path would not always be smooth and they would sometimes falter and loose their way, still, when all was said and done, they would be a strong, powerful force on the side of the Light.

"Yes," the Creatrix’ voice rang through the heavens. "This day’s work has indeed been well done."



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