Peach - a la Xena

A Short Teleplay
Mikki Hibbens
© July 1997

DISCLAIMERS: The characters of Xena & Gabrielle . . . you know the drill. The same goes for the short film "Peach" (a dandy little gem about 16 minutes long in which Lucy sizzles). No copyright infringement was intended.

Sub text - uh make that Main text: Definitely! If that offends I'm sorry and I would recommend you not rent the film.

This is just my crazy brain's version of Xena and Gabrielle doing the seduction scene from 'Peach'.
I borrowed a few lines from the film along with some of the dialog from XWP and Voila -

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set list




Day 1 Scene 1




Pan up to show Gabrielle searching frantically through a number of travel bags. She is
obviously beside herself looking for something very important. All the while she is
muttering to herself about needing to find this mysterious object.


Where is it? I know it was here somewhere. I've got to find it!
Damn it, where is it?

This and more colorful mutterings fill the air as Gabrielle is getting more and more
frustrated in her search. Suddenly, a familiar voice comes from behind the preoccupied bard.


You looking for this?

Gabrielle turns from the bag she is rummaging through to see Xena standing at the edge of the clearing holding a beautiful, perfectly ripened peach. Dropping the bag, Gabrielle walks over to Xena who then holds the peach out to her. When Gabrielle takes hold of the peach, Xena moves her hand so her fingers are wrapped around Gabrielle's, holding them snugly around the peach. As they both hold the piece of fruit, Xena brings it close to her so she can smell its sweet fragrance. Wearing a decidedly bedroom eyed expression, she watches Gabrielle's reaction.

(smiling seductively)

Perfect isn't it?

Gabrielle stares open-mouthed at Xena for a moment before answering. She is uncertain where this is leading. She has never seen Xena like this . . . well, almost never . . . at least not recently . . . oh never mind!


I-It was a gift.

Xena smiles, her lips parting somewhat suggestively. Pressing the peach (and Gabrielle's fingers) to her cheek she slides it slowly down her neck and over the top of her breast.
Unfortunately, when the peach reaches her breast plate, the armor slices a small piece off, wedging it between Xena's breast and her armor.

(in exasperation)

That's just great. Now I've gotta to spend the evening cleaning
peach juice off my armor.


1 Continued

Gabrielle has finally realized what Xena is up to and is thrilled with the chance she now has to give Xena a taste of her own medicine.


(grinning mischievously)

Hey, no problem.

Gabrielle reaches out with her free hand and plucks the offending piece of fruit out of its snug little nest then pops it into her mouth, sucking the juice off her fingers in the process. Then, using her wet fingers she wipes the juice off of Xena's breast and armor and, again, licks her fingers clean, trying her best to imitate Xena's seductive manner.


Mmmmm. Delicious.

Her imitation is successful and her actions elicit a sharp intake of breath and a shudder from the stunned Xena (Mae West would be proud). Finishing her cleaning task and noting Xena's reaction, Gabrielle looks up at Xena with a huge self-satisfied grin.


Got ya, didn't I.

(trying to hide her, shall we say, pleased surprise with bravado)

No ya didn't.

(leaning close to Xena, her free hand again just touching Xena's breast)

What do you mean? I was this close!

Xena leans in closer to Gabrielle. Placing her fingertips lightly under Gabrielle's chin, Xena lifts Gabrielle's face up and looks deeply into her eyes.

(her voice is deep and husky)

You were this close because I let you get this close.

Hold for a beat

(now breathless with anticipation)

Well see!

Xena cocks her eyebrow at Gabrielle's challenge and moves in for the kill. Her slightly
parted lips are almost on Gabrielle's when a cry is heard coming from O.S. near the lakes edge.


(pulling away slightly in reaction to the sound)

What's that?


1 Continued


Nothing. Just ignore it.

Xena tries again to guide Gabrielle's face back to hers for The Kiss we've all been waiting for. Gabrielle, caught up again in the anticipation of the moment, is eager to comply. Just as their lips are about to touch for the 2nd time, they are interrupted by another cry, louder this time.

(turning towards the sound)

Is that a cat?

Xena throws her hands in the air in exasperation as the mood is completely broken.


(in frustration)

Why does this always happen?

Gabrielle turns back to Xena, grinning sheepishly.


Its the censors, Xena. Some people just prefer sub text.

(shrugging her shoulders in defeat)

Yeah, well, I guess a change of approach is in order.

Noticing where Gabrielle's eyes have wandered to and knowing that Gabrielle prefers the direct approach, Xena gives Gabrielle The Look.


Don't even think about it.



Xena just rolls her eyes at Gabrielle then looks down at the peach she still holds in her hand while she ponders what to do next. Suddenly, with a slightly evil, I'll fix you glint in her eyes, Xena hunches her shoulders and flexes her chest muscles causing her breast dagger to pop out of its secret hiding place between Xena's breasts and fly high up in the air. Next, she tosses the peach in the air after the knife. The knife, now on its way down, meets the peach, on its way up, cutting it neatly in half. It then continues its downward flight till it lands, hilt first in Xena's waiting palm. Trying to recapture the mood, Xena gives Gabrielle another bedroom eyes look as she licks the knife blade clean, replacing it in its unique sheath just in time to catch the two halves of the peach. Extremely pleased with the success of her little trick and looking like the cat who swallowed the canary, Xena chuckles at the stunned look on Gabrielle's face.

(grandly, as if she's about to polish her nails on her top [if it wasn't armor])

Its a gift.

1 continued

(in awe)

Xena! How . . . Where did you learn that?

(very sensually as she rakes her eyes up and down Gabrielle's body)

Gabrielle, I've told you. I have many skills.

Seeing the look in Xena's eyes, Gabrielle gets all weak kneed and flustered.


Uh . . . yeah. Right.

Xena is very pleased with the way things are going. Taking hold of Gabrielle's hand, she places one of the peach halves in it and raises it to Gabrielle's mouth.


Gabrielle, you said this was a gift.

Getting no answer from Gabrielle but an awed stare, Xena places the peach against Gabrielle's slightly parted lips. She then leans down so that her own lips are just grazing the other side of the peach half and her eyes are looking directly into Gabrielle's.

(her voice low and husky with restrained desire)

You can watch it rot -

She takes a sensuous bite out of her side


or taste it while its ripe.

Xena eyes Gabrielle expectantly. Gabrielle does not disappoint. Grinning from ear to ear she rises to the bait and takes a big bite out of her side of the peach half dripping juice all down her chin. Copying Gabrielle's earlier move, Xena drops the remaining peach pit, licks her finger and wipes the juice off of Gabrielle's chin as if its another of her many skills.

Off this we

fade to black

In the background we hear the 'Peach' theme and the following voice over

(breathless and giggling)

Oooh Xena!! I do like your skills.


Well I hope you enjoyed this little fantasy. Comments can be e-mailed to

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