Chapter 55

Ignoring the chipper Saturday morning sounds that came in through his open window, Chris sat on the edge of the single twin bed, making its worn coils groan under his weight. He sighed and shook his head, defracting the sunlight that seemed to surround him. No luck. After a week, still no luck. He stood up and buttoned the shirt over his barrel like chest, ignoring the shaking of his hands. The big man jumped at the distant ringing of a phone somewhere down the hall. His breath caught, and he stared at his own phone that lay silent. The truck driver's nerves were frayed to the point of non existence. Any day now, it would be his phone ringing, and a demanding voice would be at the other end wanting answers that he just could not give. Chris did not want to hear the disappointment, the anger, or the contempt. He wiped a hand over his stubble riddled face in what had become a familiar gesture of exasperation and exhaustion. "I tried, damn it! I don't know what else to do."

The truck driver weeded his way through the small business district, visiting every mom and pop store on each corner. He had even come across two strange boys who made him forget what he was trying to ask in the first place. Still, there had been nothing except a growing unease caused by unseen eyes that seemed to bore into his back. He had even returned to his room with a feeling that someone had been through his things, even though there was not a piece of clothing out of place. It was an odd, spooky feeling that further strained him, and it made it extremly hard to lie convincingly.

The people of Ivanhoe smiled in his face as he handed them his seemingly well rehearsed lie, but there was something behind the smile. Chris could feel it. They were the eyes that observed him, spooked him, and made him feel unwelcome. Chris was unable to determine if they were hiding something or were simply wary of strangers, and if he was honest with himself, he no longer had the drive or inclination to make the much needed determination between the two. His money had dwindled to only a few hundred dollars and so had his need for acceptance had all but disappeared. There was only one option now.


It was what he always did.

He pulled the well worn photo from his pocket and peered down at it. For the first time, Chris noticed the woman's features. While they were chubby, they were still gaunt and haggard. He looked deep into her countenance and seemed to get lost there. "You know about running too. Don'tcha?" Suddenly, the picture crumpled in his fist. Knowing it wasn't enough, Chris tore it into small pieces and threw them in a nearby trashcan. "I don't begrudge yah one bit little lady."

Having made his decision, he moved quickly, throwing his clothes back into the small dufflebag. The money he had left would not go far, but it would get him away from here, away from Max, and away from the eyes that seemed to follow him. A few minutes later, Chris headed for the door. After pulling it open, the sudden ringing of the telephone stopped him flat. His back stiffened, and a muscle in his jaw ticked as he gritted his teeth. Still, he stepped forward, leaving the noise and the lies behind him with the soft click of the closing door.


Max Sr. growled as his call went unanswered on the seventh ring. He slammed the reciever down hard enough to crack the base. "He better call me soon or go where I can't find him." Anger boiled inside him. "I can't let a little slip of a woman get the best of me. I was taught better than that," he mumbled and ambled toward the kitchen in search of a drink to stoke the fires that already burned within him.

Upon entering, he spotted his wife, who had taken her customary stance at the sink. Unable to help himself, Max approached her until his prescence became a serious invasion of personal space. He smiled cruelly as Beatrice shrank back as if he had already smacked her. He raised his hand high and pulled it back far, all the while watching as Beatrice's frightened eyes tracked the movement before she bowed down to her own fear and looked away. At least I got somebody in line. Now, all I gotta do is reel that boy of mine back in. Satisfied, he lowered his hand and went to search for a drink.


Max Jr. unlocked his front door of his house and pushed it open with extreme force. It banged loudly against the wall, cracking it where the nob met the paneling. The smell of decay and death greeted him, but he had long since gotten used to it. Closing the door with the same vehemence, he sucked in a deep breath and launched his keys toward the table before almost falling to the couch. His head fell in his hands as he spiralled down from his high from a binge of booze, drugs, and willing women. Slowly, reality began to encroach, bringing with it sharp shards of pain. He clenched his teeth against it and wondered how emotional agony can turn into a physical one. I am nothing. I have nothing. Nothing! In the game of chance, he had been playing, Max finally lost, and he did it badly losing even his job.

It was true, heavy machinary should not be operator by someone under the influence. The incident flashed in his mind along with the shocked gasps, screams, and the silence that followed as all the employees looked from him, secure in his forklift, to the unconscious, groaning man sprawled face first into the pile of wood chips. Max pushed trembling hands through unkept hair, feeling the last dregs of humantiy seep from him. His self-respect, dignity, and everything that he viewed made him a man had disappated long ago. The shell that was left let out an outraged shout, and in a sudden burst of movement, he flipped the coffee table onto its side. It did not make him feel better, nothing would. She has to pay. I can get everything back, but she has to pay.

Epiphany reared its head, busting through his cloudy, cotton filled brain. Seeing her fear would remake him, reshape him. Sensing her helplessness would make him a giant again, and making her bleed would give him purpose. The bereft, lost feeling left him, filling his hollowed out soul with vengeance. Not too long ago, he had finally become his father's son, doing his bidding without question and conscience, but at this moment he understood the undefiable power the man possessed as well as its source. Fear. He'd tasted it as he watched the life seep from the redhead and gotten another delicious portion at seeing his mother cower under his hand. For so long, he'd pounded on Michelle for the release it gave him when he should have harnessrd his pain and her fear to something wonderful. Power was a beautiful thing, but power over another human being was extraordianary.

Now, he understood what his father had been trying to teach him.


I've been following in his lead all these years not knowing what was behind it. At this moment, Max Jr. was no longer just his father's son. He was his father's equal. It was the most potent of drugs, leaving him soaring in the stratosphere where the air was thin. It rushed to his head, lifting him higher than he thought he could ever go. "If I don't find you, another one will come along. There won't be any mistakes next time."

Suddenly, Max wanted to wallow in reality as long as it was this one.


Beatrice pressed her ear against the kitchen door, listening to the sounds coming from the living room. The low murmur of the television greeted her. I don't understand it. He's never been at home this much. My nerves can't take this. She rubbed the still tender bump on the side of her head. I wonder if my body can? At least I didn't give him the satisfaction of crying out. I have no idea what's going on. Did he call the phone company or just pay the bill? There must be some way I can find out, but surely if he had called them he would have found out everything. He would be on the rampage.

Beatrice let out a shaky breath. "That makes sense," she whispered outloud in an attempt to convince herself. If he would leave even for a little while, I could get to the payphone and call Michelle and make sure everything is all right. It must have done her good to know she had someone looking out for her. She readjusted the tie of her apron. What must that feel like? Suddenly feeling stifiled, she took the wisp of material off completely, throwing it on top of the kitchen table. No matter. Sometimes you have to be your own strength.

Janine let the tall blonde in and trailed behind her, letting her guest scan the surroundings. "It's not much, but I'm savin' to get my own place. I came here with a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I just needed to get away and make a new start." Why on earth did I bring her here? Maybe I just want to show her another part of me.

Tammy twirled around slowly. An enagmatic smile graced her features. "It's nice and cozy."

"Mmm." The nurse pulled out one of the two chairs, near the bed, and sat down, crossing her legs at the knee. "You know, I was so nervous about callin' you, but I'm glad that I did. Still, who woulda thought we'd spend the whole night talkin'? I've never done that with anybody."

The smile remained as the teacher found the other chair. She folded herself into it and leaned forward with joined hands dangling loosely between her splayed legs. They sat facing each other. "I don't think I have either. You're very easy to talk to. I think you now know more about me than some of the friends I've known for the past few years."

Janine nodded solemnly. "I guess that was a surprise to me too. Everythin' about you seems so open."

Tammy chuckled, "Well, it's a nice act to hide behind anyway."

"Do I ever know what you mean. I'm just glad I don't feel like I'm runnin' through mud anymore," the brunette added.

"Well, you need to let me in on what you did."

Janine smiled. She couldn't help herself. "It's not a what as much as it is a who."

"A who?"

"Yeah, I met somebody a little bit after I moved here. She's the doctor I work for actually." Janine took a deep breath as she realized what she was about to say. God, I had no idea I'd be able to talk about this so soon. It can only help. "She was the first person who really seemed to talk to me and listen. I grabbed hold of it and ran. . .really far. Saw and felt things that weren't there. I don't think I've ever been so ashamed of myself. It took the woman she loved to snap me out of it. She told me some hard truths that I really didn't have the choice but to face. She's some kind of woman, and I seriously undestimated her. After I stopped feelin' sorry for myself, I started takin' little steps to get myself right again. One of them was callin' you." The other things were helpin' Michelle and Bobbi, but I think I have a long way to go before I make things up to them.

Tammy blinked coquettishly. "Really? Lil' ole me?" She asked in her best southern drawl.

Janine laughed before she knew the sound was out of her mouth. "Yes that would be you, but I wanted to be careful so I wouldn't do the same thing all over again."

"That's good to know, but I'm glad you called me too. It's nice having someone I can really talk to. I guess it helped us both that we don't really know each other. It probably made it easier to say some of the things we did. "I never told anybody about my mother, and I wanted to so much. I didn't know anything could hurt like that. I'm her daughter for God's sake. How could she deny me that privaledge even on her death bed just because of who I sleep with? I don't think I'll ever get that weight off me."

"I know what you mean. I've almost given up on mine. I don't know what to do about it. I can't be someone I'm not. Not anymore."

Tammy let out a derisive bark of laughter. "We are something else aren't we? Thank God for Jiffy Mart."

Janine nodded and smiled slowly. "That we are." So this is what friendship is like? This warm, radiating feelin? I'm glad I can finally feel it. I won't mess this up. I won't. Everythin' is good for once.

Silence lapsed between them like a comforting blanket.

After a few minutes, the teacher looked down at her rumpled clothes. "So what do you want to do now? I'm not tired at all, and you certainly don't look it."

Janine glanced at her crinkled shorts and shirt. "I'm not actually, but I do smell like that diner we were in. Let me wash up, and we can go back there for breakfast."

Tammy snorted. "Okay, yeah. I guess that makes sense." Her eyes rolled.

The nurse grinned at the blonde's quirky, dry sense of humor. "Make yourself at home." She stood up and foraged around the room, grabbing the things she needed. "And I will be out in a little bit."

As the brunette closed the bathroom door, she heard, "Okay, but if you take too long, don't scream when I come in there after you." Janine chuckled and shook her head.


Michelle woke slowly. Green eyes blinked open, but they were unable to focus against the bright light filtering in through the blinds. A slight whimper got her attention immediately. She aimed a bleary-eyed glance toward the baby monitor on the nightstand, hearing only deep breathing. Then, she turned her head to the other side to see Bobbi, still asleep with her head resting on the same pillow she had claimed. Her vision miracously cleared, and it was the most beautiful sight. Michelle's heart melted. Strong arms tightened around her from behind and pulled the blonde further into the spooning position. As gently as possible, Michelle turned the rest of her body, causing the light colored sheets to rustle softly. She groaned silently as heat engulfed the front of her body. Along with it, came the realization that they were both naked.

The petite blonde moaned a little louder as she sank into soft, warm skin. The tips of their breasts raked against each other deliciously. Michelle gasped as she felt the doctor's body come to life even in sleep. Now hardened tips scraped, resulting in a hard charge of pleasure arcing down the blonde's spine. She shook her head to clear it, and unable to help herself, Michelle reached out and brushed strands of dark silk that had gotten caught on moist, parted lips. She studied the doctor's smooth brow and the long dark lashes that fanned over her high, defined cheekbones.

Michelle observed in wonder. The sunlight seemed to love the doctor's form. It illuminated her, making darker skin glow golden. Soon, the blonde's fingers followed the path of her eyes, whispering over her lover's forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and finally lips. Emotion swelled deep inside and burst forward, leaving Michelle breathless. The danger that surrounded them heightened each caress, each whisper of love, each murmur of arousal, and each cry of pleasure. Michelle cherished it all, taking none of it for granted. It's truly amazing, this feeling, and it's growing. Thank God, it's growing. It should be a shock going from feeling nothing to everything, but all there is a welcome relief that I'm capable to feel this, to know this, and to give this. Michelle's delicate touch dipped from the perfection of the doctor's lips to that of her neck, clavicle and shoulder. The blonde's breath caught with each new discovery. The one that struck her most of all was the gooseflesh left by her caress. She's given all of this to me to pleasure and love. I want to show her how much it means. I'm ready. I know that I'm ready. In another step of boldness that seemed to have taken hold long ago, Michelle pulled back the thin sheet, exposing them both to the cool air. She gasped at the beauty that lay before her. It was almost as if she were seeing it for the first time.

Michelle's breath and heartbeat quickened. The sloping curve of the doctor's breasts cried out to be touched, and she did not dare resist the pull. Entranced, Michelle's gaze warred between Bobbi's face in peaceful repose and the erotic journey of her fingers. The latter won. The contact was electric, sending fiery tendrils shooting through her fingertips and up her arms. She swallowed and continued mapping the satiny skin around the brown areole. Michelle's eyes widened in utter fascination as nipples hardened before her eyes. She responds to me even in sleep. Michelle whimpered slightly and began to salivate at the sight. Possessing a mind of their own, her thumbs brushed over the turgid peaks. The slight moan that resulted made the blonde's stomach clench as need pulsed through her loins, leaving her moist and sensitive. Green eyes swept back up to see blue ones peeking from under heavy lids. Michelle groaned as she noticed the doctor's harsh breathing.

Bobbi woke to a world of sensation, and her body screamed for it to continue. Love and desire rid her of the last vestiges of sleep, leaving her eager to explore. It'll never be enough. Never. Jade and azure met and smoldered, strengthening the awareness between them all the way down to the bone. Bobbi entangled her hand into blonde tresses. She licked dry lips and whispered, hoarsely, "Don't stop."

In one smooth movement, Bobbi moved to her back and Michelle straddled her. The doctor hissed loudly as she felt the wetness kissing the skin of her stomach. The blonde groaned helplessly as her hypersensitive mound recieved much needed attention. She fell forward slightly and began to grind softly. God, how can I want anything so much? It's like we never touched. Michelle cried out when large hands covered her hips firming the caress. The grind turned into a hard thrust. Under the doctor's skilled touch, Michelle's plans to finally take the initiative were aborted. Blond tresses fell over her forehead and face, obscuring her vision, but blazing blue eyes held her. She could not look away. The raw need to give and take banished gentleness for the moment, and gracefully, Michelle gave in to it, loving the smell and sound of their pleasure as never before. She bit her lip and moaned harshly, letting herself go. "Need . . .you."

Bobbi growled at the words. She was more than willing to give. "Love you," she whispered before mouthing one of the blonde's breasts that were bouncing maddeningly in her face. Arousal steamrolled over her, leaving her at the mercy of the wet heat that bathed her. The moist slap of flesh made her senses jangle and sex swell and clench. Still, she lifted and guided her lover's hips, pounding them into her abdomen with abandon and enjoying the shocked pleasure that covered the Michelle's flushed face. The whimpers and mews knotted her stomach with need. Bobbi gritted her teeth against it as she sat up slightly, changing their positioning and allowing hungry lips to finally meet. The doctor swallowed the sounds and added her own as Michelle continued to buck against her. She has no idea--no idea what seeing her like this does to me. She gives it all to me, everything. God, it's the most exquisite feeling.

Moments later, the need to breathe caused Michelle to tear her mouth away, but she continued to gasp and pant. Intense pleasure rolled over her robbing her of the ability to speak and think. High pitched mews escaped her mouth making her sound like some wounded thing. It had never been like this--so raw and needy as if they were starving for each other, as if it had been months instead of hours. Michelle dug her nails deep into the brunette's shoulders. She could not get close enough, deep enough. Still, with the speed of a bullet, higher she went with each instance, and then, inevitably her decent began. Michelle cried out loud and incoherently as ectstasy exploded from her center and radiated outward, causing her body to spasm and tremble.

Bobbi shivered at the sound and groaned in empathy as a gush of wetness dribbled down her stomach to mingle with her own. With strong hands, she guided her lover's hips to continued movement, milking pulsating flesh until Michelle whimpered with each breath. The doctor kissed a sweaty temple as the blonde collapsed against her. Bobbi rubbed her hands down the petite woman's damp back in a soothing gesture, as she continued to jerk involuntarily. For the moment, she forgot her own arousal as her insides swelled with love. "Do you know how amazing you are?"

Michelle whimpered and planted a kiss on her lover's neck in acknowledgement.

The doctor found herself smiling. "Good morning to you too, love. Should I take that as a yes?"

"Mmm," was Michelle's only answer as her heartbeat and breathing slowly returned to normal.

"See, on anybody else that would be arrogance."

Michelle knew there was only one way to diffuse the doctor's usual post-coitial goofiness. "I love you," she whispered and snuggled closer.

Bobbi opened her mouth then snapped it shut. A dopey smile covered her face. "Love you too, Chelle."

Michelle glanced up at the doctor and grinned. Works every time.

The brunette traced the blonde's smile. "I'm onto you."

The grin began to lengthen to a pout. "Good because I sort of had plans for you this morning, but you put your hands on me and . . . they sorta flew out the window."

Dark brows rose. "Um, sorry? I think." Whoa! Hold on. "Plans? What plans?"

Michelle blushed, but she spoke through it. "To show you, to touch you."

Oh my. Bobbi's breath quickened. "Oh. . .re-ally?" Her voice rose an octave as she suddenly became aware once more of the wetness between her legs. "I won't stop you. Anything you want is yours." It was not that the blonde hadn't touched her or brought her pleasure. She had many, many times, and her confidence grew each time, making her more alluring, more arousing, and more loving. This would be the epitome of it all..

Michelle licked her lips as excitement whizzed through her. "Really? Anything?" Does she know how much I need to do this? How much it means to me?

For a few moments, the only sound was suddenly ragged breathing and the crackle caused by their electric gaze. Images seared the doctor's brain, causing her insides to quiver then go to mush. "Oh God yess. . .anything."

The blonde swallowed and green eyes glowed with renewed purpose. "You have to promise not to touch me. I-I have a hard time resisting you."

Wordlessly, Bobbi reached back and wrapped her hands around the brass wrungs of the headboard, offering herself, offering the world. Michelle gasped at the doctor's supplication. She means to give me everything. She does know. The toned muscles in the brunette's arms stood out in sharp relief, and her chest jutted out enticingly, lifting full breasts for the taking. Michelle licked her lips at the sight. She's all mine. Finally, the blonde met her lover's eyes, and in them she saw complete trust. It made her spirit soar. Reaching out with fingertips, she caressed lips and chin. The digits stopped over parted lips, feeling the air rush in and out, warming the skin. Totally entranced, Michelle murmured, "That some one like you exists is a miracle. You are my miracle."

Oh Chelle. Bobbi was struck speechless by the words but her heart filled to the point of bursting. She pursed her lips, gracing fingers with a kiss. Slowly, Michelle drew away, pillowing her arms on either side of the doctor's head. Then, finally she leaned forward until their faces mere inches apart. Their breasts meshed softly. "I love you so. . .so much. I didn't think it was possible." Their lips met in a kiss that was whisper soft and full of reverence. "Thank you for helping me take my life back." She continued to nip at her lover's mouth, drinking a bit more each time.

Bobbi moaned slightly as the blonde's tongue dipped between her lips.

"Thank you for showing me what it is to feel, to love, and to want."

The thighs that were on either side of the doctor's stomach shifted, leaving a trail of left over moisture. The brunette sucked in a deep breath as awarness tingled up her spine with an electric jolt. The combination of her lover's words and the softness of her body left Bobbi's head reeling. Her thoughts swirled in and out of coherency until she decided to just let them go. I just want to feel her, feel everything.

With each caress and each resulting sound of pleasure, Michelle's confidence flew to the stratosphere. The little kisses they were sharing left her hungry too until finally, she gave the doctor what they both wanted. With a groan, their lips met fully, and Michelle reveled in the sweetness of it. Her tongue speared deep, sweeping through her lover's mouth in an attempt to taste it all. The kiss was slow and deep, and she poured everything in it, hoping it would transmit to Bobbi. The doctor's body shuddered, and she clenched her hands on the rungs of the headboard until her knuckles were white.

The meeting of lips went on forever until Bobbi began to whimper from lack of breath as well as the surge of pleasure. Not wanting to end it, she sucked on the blonde's tongue, and the sound that emitted from her lover's throat caused her heart to seize and groin to twitch. Lightheaded herself, Michelle broke away slowly, but she could not disengage her need for the taste of the doctor's skin. Her mouth roamed over her chin to the hollow of her lover's throat. She bit down on the pulse there, enjoying its erratic beating against her lips, knowing it was one thing of many that drove the brunette mad. Hands that had been stationary took on a life of their own as fingers trailed up and down the doctor's arms.

Bobbi shivered as a rash of gooseflesh stole over her, and she moaned loudly at the pulling against her throat that seemed to have a straight line to her throbbing sex. Her body arched off the bed, seeking more. Michelle gave it to her as her hot, open mouth found its way to the smooth valley between her lover's breasts. Shoulder length blonde hair teased the flesh there, brushing against it tantilizingly. Michelle groaned at the salty, sweet taste of the doctor's skin. She took as much in as possible. Slow and thick like honey, arousal tumbled through her, and the need to roll her hips was becoming harder to resist. Still, the blonde whimpered and clenched her teeth determined to hang on. This isn't about me. It's about loving her.

Bobbi did not fair as well. The sound of the Michelle's enjoyment combined with everything else forced a warm trickle from her center. It spilled out onto already moisture laden thighs and her stomach knotted almost painfully. The brunette cried out and parted her legs wide, letting the cool air kiss her heated mound. It served to only increase her torture. Her hips surged helplessly into the air, seeking, begging, and needing. Heavy blue eyes closed under the weight of her arousal, and the doctor's head moved back and forth mussing her hair in sensual disarry. Long tendrils of midnight clung to damp temples and sweaty cheeks. Lust coarsed through her body leaving her skin crackling and humming, but it wasn't about lust. It was a lesson in love. Each caress told a story that spoke of reverence, tenderness, acceptance, need, and patience, and Bobbi cherished each unspoken word as if it were law. It all filled her heart many times over and still left an abundance spilling over.

Michelle rubbed her cheek against the silky skin between her lover's breasts, feeling as well as seeing the hot flush that covered half Bobbi's torso and all of her face. She watched the firm mounds rise and fall rapidly with the doctor's harsh breathing. The aroused tip stood tall, elongated, and seemed to grow with each breath. It was a splendid sight, and the brisk beat of the heart under her ear was an extraordinary sound that made her own heart soar. Still, she knew they both needed more. Michelle eye's remained fixed as her hands engulfed the flesh. Hard nipples scorched the palm of her hands, sending tingles of fire up her arms. They both moaned at the contact. Her palms rolled over the stiff protrusions, and Bobbi arched her back in an attempt to increase the vehemence of the touch.

Michelle obliged her, increasing the pressure until the brunette's hips bucked and threatened to throw her. She gazed into her lover's flushed face, seeing closed eyes and kiss swollen lips moist and parted as if begging to be caressed over and over. She was helpless to resist, searing them both with kisses that left them even more breathless. After tearing herself away, Michelle peered at closed eyes, and whispered hoarsely, "Open. . your eyes, and watch. . .me love you."

Bobbi groaned as she tried to pry her eyes open. Slowly, azure orbs were revealed. Michelle smiled softly and bent forward sucking an aroused nipple deep into her mouth. Bobbi nearly screamed as a surge of pleasure shot through her body. She whimpered brokenly as the blonde released the flesh with a moist plop. Her eyes widened as she watched her lover's pink tongue lap at the flesh. It was one of the most erotic things she had ever witnessed. She was unable to look away. Back and forth the wet muscle went laving the protuberance, while another protrusion further south, felt each flick as if it were getting all the attention.

Michelle went from one breast to the other, dispensing pleasure as she fought down her own. Her thoughts scattered, but she struggled to retain some coherence. She had questions to ask, and answers to savor. "Talk to me. . .tell me."

"S-so good."

The blonde rewarded the comment with a hard suck.

Bobbi groaned loudly as fire encased her groin. Each touch of her lover's mouth took her higher. The brass rungs of the headboard protested with a creek as her arms began to shake with exertion. Sweat covered her body dripping from her skin, and her center weeped in the same fashion. "C-can't take it. . . gonna. . .unngh!" White teeth imprisoned the tip of her breast and a hot tongue flicked it rapidly, leaving her body in shambles. Bobbi continued to watch with wild unfocused eyes, but everything was a blur. Michelle's tongue passed over her flesh several more times. Then, the trembling began. Molten heat filled the doctor's belly as orgasm crept upon her from somewhere far away. In a series of sharp, delicious waves pleasure swamped her, making every synaspe in her body fire simultaneously. Bobbi yelled her release to the ceiling as her hungry sex grasped at the air. Her thighs quivered, and her hips bucked violently as ecstasy worked its way through her system. Michelle's heart skipped with joy, and she moaned, clenching her thighs. The doctor's exclamation caught her unawares, wringing out her own minor climax. Oh God. She rubbed her swollen mound over her lover's clenching abdominal muscles. It should have relieved her, but it only fed the need. With a few more kisses to now overly sensitized tissue, Michelle moved on.

Bobbi muttered incoherently as the blonde's lips left a fiery trail of open mouth kisses on her stomach. The smell of the doctor's arousal teased her nose, and she moved toward it. However, like any great explorer, she was duly distracted by the satiny feel of moist inner thighs. Michelle lapped at them hungrily, leaving a fresh wet path in lieu of the one she licked away. Wiry curls tickled her cheeks, and the doctor's esscence clung to her tongue, causing the sweet, salty flavor to burst in her mouth. Needing more, she growled and bit into the flesh. So good. I never knew. She should have been shocked by her behavior, her forwardness, but she wallowed in it. It was freeing and reaffirming because it was all based on love. So, the blonde wrapped her arms around bucking hips and carried on.

Muted whines and mews escaped the doctor's throat. The earlier release did nothing to take the edge off. Bobbi was beyond aroused, beyond thinking, beyond everything except right here, right now. There was only Michelle; Michelle's touch; Michelle's mouth; Michelle's love. She splayed her legs open wider and rolled her hips wantonly in hopes of luring the blonde to her aching center. Bobbi nearly swooned when instead, Michelle began sucking the juncture where hip and thigh met. "Oh, God, Chelle!" Her voice was husky, breathless and deep. She wanted to release her hold on the headboard; wrap her hands in blonde tresses; and guide Michelle to the place where she needed her most.

Michelle's mouth watered as she moved closer and closer to the source of moisture. I have to taste her fully. I have to. With a broad swipe of her tongue, the blonde made contact with the doctor's swollen sex. She moaned at the velvet feel of the flesh that seemed to quiver under her mouth. She made several more passes before dipping her tongue in past the smattering of hair. Incredibly soft, wet warmth greeted her, and she opened her mouth wide to let it all in. She sucked and lapped at her lover's moist lining, exploring every valley and doing what had been done to her so many times now. Humming in delight and following the cues left by writhing hips and raspy moans, Michelle knew where to linger. She got lost in the taste and feel of her, devouring as if she was satiating a life time of hunger. Maybe she was. The persistant muscle plunged deep and deeper still as the blonde drank thristily from the source of her lover's wetness. As she continued to roam, Michelle pushed soggy bangs out of her eyes and looked past her Bobbi's torso to see the doctor's face frozen in pleasure. Blue eyes were closed again, but luscious lips were wide open and wet as the most incredible sounds fell from them.

A combination of all these things sparked Michelle's own arousal back to life with a vengeance, and she whimpered powerlessly as a hot gush spilled onto her thighs. This time there was no denying it, and no holding back. Her body refused. Electric tingles ran riot up and down her spine, charging her skin to the highest sensitivity. Every where their flesh touched caused a violent chain reaction. Of their own volition, her hips began to grind against the bed, and Michelle murmured in relief and delight. Her hips bounced roughly in an attempt to increase the sensual contact. All the while, Michelle's unyeilding mouth finally grazed the hard, throbbing swelling that was the pinnacle of her lover's pleasure. Remembering how the doctor's hot tongue felt against her own sex, the blonde mimicked the actions, flicking the nub with the tip of her tongue before dragging the flat length across it. She repeated the actions again and again lost in the wonder of it, before sucking softly at the pulsing nodule. Strong thighs clamped rythmically around her head, threatining to crush her and muting the erotic sounds that came from above as well. It was a minute discomfort in the scheme of things, so she carried on like any good lover would do.

Bobbi was in heaven. Fire licked at her body, curling electric tendrils around her until she felt bathed in the unbelievable heat. The goings on between her legs expanded to include her whole body. With each flick of her lover's tongue, her body shimmied and soared to the highest heights imaginable. Every nerve was raw, exposed and needy. Her arms began to cramp and shake uncontrollably, making the head of the bed tremble and squeak, but she didn't dare let go. Her muscles were locked tight. Blindly seeking, her hips undulated as she tried to shift her body around her lover's to where she needed contact most. Unashamed, Bobbi cried out constantly with every breath. Light flashed behind closed eyelids as she tumbled head first toward oblivion. Her need was too great and the pleasure was too intense. The sweetness of orgasm was within reach, and unable to resist she made a grab for it. There was no need to. It met her half way as unexpectantly, fingers plunged inside her deep. Michelle's name spilled from her lips. A high pitched keening sound filled the room, and feverishly, Bobbi realized that it was coming from her. Liquid heat invaded her insides and her body clenched tight as it rolled through her, leaving her shaking and defenseless. Still, she could feel her lover's warm mouth milking her as aftershocks tore through her.

Michelle was not sure. It could have been the sound of her name that sent her over. It could have been her lover's ragged exclaimation of pleasure. It could have been the hot muscles griping her fingers, or it could have been a combination of it all that opened her to the thick honey like richness of orgasm. It did not matter because somewhere deep inside a hunger rose, a need clawed at her that howled for more. Slowly, she lifted her head and peered up at her lover's face. She waited patiently for Bobbi's breathing to become almost normal, before opening her mouth to speak. "Bobbi?" She whispered huskily. The doctor trembled as if it were a caress, but azure eyes opened to take in her lover's flushed face and shining cheeks. She did not trust her voice to speak nor could she trust her muscles to respond. She just simply stared and waited.

"I'm. . not done." Michelle uttered breathlessly, showing her need in luminous green eyes. Bobbi gasped the moaned as she watched the blonde head lower once more. Oh God. It was her last rational thought.


Michelle flicked a piece of onion off her pink t-shirt and popped a fresh mushroom into her mouth, humming at the earthy flavor. After a brief respite, expert fingers continued to slice vegetables into small bite sized pieces. The blonde smiled at a particularly excited coo that came from Toby and the deep chuckle that followed. When she's with him, she turns into a big kid. She shook her head in amusement and cracked several eggs, spilling their contents into a large bowl.

A slight bump against Michelle's leg caused her to look down. Taz gazed up at her with entreaty written all over his face. Falling for it, she threw him a mushroom, and he snagged it out of the air greedily. A few seconds later, he took his place beside the high chair.

"Hey! I saw that!"

"What?" Michelle asked innocently. She glanced over her shoulder at her lover, clad in her customary attire of black Nike shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.

Bobbi grinned lazily as she straighted in the chair. "Uh huh. He already ate, but you have starving people over here that need to be fed."

Smirking at the whine in the doctor's voice, the blonde turned and launched a piece of green pepper at her. "Here, catch." Michelle blinked in amazement as the brunette snatched the pepper out of the air and brought it to her mouth with an audible crunch.

"Mmm, thank you."

"How did you. . . never mind. You're welcome."

Bobbi chuckled and held her hands up for inspection. "Quick hands."

Michelle studied the elegant appendages. A sensual flashback, reminding her of how quick and strong those hands could be, brought a flush to her face. "Uhm, yeah." She turned back to the kitchen counter and began beating the eggs. Phew, feeling all of this is going to take some getting used to, but I like it. I love it.

Arms slid around her torso from behind and hot breath kissed her ear. "And just what were you thinking about?" The doctor purred.

Michelle jumped in surprise. She hadn't even heard the doctor move. A flash of immense heat made her knees weak and her voice squeak. "Y-ou."

"Mmm, really? You know, I would have been more than happy to stay in bed all morning. You could have had your way with me for as long as you wanted." Bobbi molded her body into her lover's. A sliver of awarness made her tremble. "I have never felt anything like that. You were relentless," her voice lowered an octave, and she nipped a sensative ear. So this is what it's like? To be constantly aroused and consistently loved?

A sound exited the blonde's throat--somewhere in between a growl and a groan. "I couldn't stop. I didn't want to. If Toby's crying hadn't interrupted us, I'm not sure I would have ever been done," she husked. "You make me feel so much, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get it all out to show you."

"Oh, you show me Chelle in everything you do. You show me. God, you're so incredible." Bobbi tightened her embrace.

Michelle chuckled and leaned back into her lover. "Careful, I'm starting to believe that."

Bobbi grinned. "Good because you know I mean it."

"Yeah, I do."

"Good. Now where's my food woman?!"

Michelle laughed outright as she lightly slapped the doctor in the stomach. "Oh, behave." I love this part of her, playful and so full of humor and fun. I think we bring the best out in each other.

"Wuff!" Taz sauntered over to add his two cents in.

"Oh hush! No one asked you." Bobbi reached around to snag a vegetable, but the blonde was faster. "Ow!" A sharp smack reverberated through the air. as the doctor shook her hand. "Fine! I'll share a cookie with Toby." I love this. I get treated to all the different sides that makes this woman. She reached into the cabinet and pulled out the box of cookies.

The Husky's whimper sounded strangely like a laugh, and the brunette glared at him as she made her way back over to the toddler. Michelle chuckled as she turned on the flame under the skillet before placing the butter in it. It sizzled and filled the kitchen with a sweet aroma. I suppose this is what people mean by domestic bliss. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Bobbi greeted Toby with a smile. He grinned back at her and reached chubby arms out seeking contact. "Yes, you love me don't you?"

"Gaaa!" His diapered butt swished noisely in the high chair.

Again, Taz let out a whimper that was dangerously close to a snigger.

She turned lazer like blue eyes on him. "I'm warning you furball." They stared at each other. Finally, the Husky let his tongue loll out of his mouth and looked away. Bobbi shook her finger. "Don't think I don't know that you're sticking your tongue out at me."

He glanced at her again and sneezed.

"Uh huh." She turned and began to coo back at the baby. "Look what I got, Peanut!" Bobbi waved the cookie in his face. With quick hands, he reached for it. "Uh uh! Open mouth here it comes!" She made airplane noises as she brought the bite sized treat near his lips. Toby leaned forward and with a snap of his jaws, caught the cookie as well as some of her finger. "Ow!" She snatched her hand back. "Hey!" No way! Did I just feel what I think I did? Hoping the infant would imitate her, Bobbi opened her mouth. Toby showed her his food dribbling some on his t-shirt, and she reached in, searching his gums around the slimy cookie.

Michelle turned down the stove and inched toward the refrigerator to put the left over vegetables inside. She took a quick peek at the proceedings near the table. Fair brows rose. "What on earth are you two doing?" I swear I can't leave those two alone for a minute. It's so adorable. The rapidly cooking food caught her nose, and she flipped the omelet before putting it in a nearby plate.

Bobbi smiled sheepishly and then she cringed in pain. "Ow!" It was an excited almost happy declaration. "It seems as though our little guy is finally starting to cut teeth."

Turning back around, Michelle gasped and rushed over. "You're kidding?!"

"No way. Come feel for yourself. He almost took my finger off. You can barely see them, but you can feel them. They're some sharp suckers."

Toby made noises of protest as one hand left his mouth and another one went back in. After all, all he wanted was to eat his cookie. Michelle squealed in delight as she felt the sharp protusions. "Oh, wow!"

"Yeah. It's a miracle he wasn't more miserable. They are his first." Bobbi stood up and studied the scene before her, taking in her lover's flushed, excited face and the irritated child she thought of as her own. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of completeness that rolled through her. I am so lucky. God, mom I wish you could see this. I bet you can can't you? Give Stevie a hug for me.

Taz nudged her leg bringing her out of the reverie. With suddenly watery eyes, she glanced down at the Husky. "What's up laughing boy?" He smiled at her and wuffed softly. "Yeah, I love you too big guy." Bobbi scratched behind his ears as her thoughts turned to the danger that surrounded them. You may be looking for her Max, but our lives are going on, our world is going on, and it's not gonna stop.

Michelle manuvered her son out of the highchair and brought him close to her chest. Her features were flushed and animated as she turned to the doctor. "Can you believe this? Pretty soon he's going to be walking and then there's pre-school. We have to find a good one. I want him to learn all that he possible can before kindergarden. Should we look at private schools? Should we. . . mmmffp."

Bobbi caressed the blonde's cheek as she gently brushed her lips with her own, ending her lover's babble. She lifted her mouth but maintained her gaze, hoping the love spilled out through it. "You two are my life, and it's just gonna get better from here."

Michelle's breathing hitched audibly. "Oh, Bobbi." With a free hand, she reached up, trailing soft fingertips over dark eyebrows, cheeks and chin. "Sometimes love isn't a strong enough word, you know."

"Yeah, I know." She graced the blonde's forehead with a kiss before doing the same to Toby. He touched her face, smearing her with cookie. "Let me go get him cleaned up, and I'll meet you in the living room in a few minutes."

Michelle nodded and leaned in for another quick kiss. "Okay." With a full heart, she watched them leave. I'll never know what I did in this life or another to deserve this but. . . "Thank you," she whispered to any deity who was listening.

A short whine got her attention, and for the first time, she noticed Taz still sitting by the table. "What are you still doing in here?"


"You're indecisive now?! You've always gone with her."


"Okay, well, most of the time."


"I'm only human. I make mistakes. Now, go on. It's okay. It's always been okay."

Taz trotted away.

"She's my favorite too," the blonde added quietly. Oh Max, she has the better part of me. You can't have it now. You never could. I have power now too, and I'm going to win this fight. I have to.


Bobbi bit into the fluffy omelet. "Mmm, what kind of cheese is this?"

Michelle held up a finger as she finshed draining the glass of orange juice. "It's, ah, monteray jack. I didn't think we had any, but I found it in the back of the fridge."

The doctor swallowed before speaking again. "Yeah, I noticed that the cupboard is kinda bare. We need to get some groceries. Maybe I can get the boys to go for us?"

The blonde nodded. "Yeah, they probably would. They like you."

"Well, they like you too."

Michelle snickered, remembering her last strange conversation with them. "I like them too." She sighed. "I just hate that we have to do this. We should be able to go where we please."

"I know, and hopefully we will be able to soon. We just have to be patient." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Toby crawling toward the edge of the blanket. "Oop, Peanut's getting away again. My turn." She sat her plate on the nearby table and reached for him. Taz was there first, blocking his way.

Not the least bit concerned, the blonde went on with the thread of conversation. "I know. I know. Patience is a big thing." Michelle watched as the doctor placed the toddler back in the middle of the blanket. "You know, we need to get one of those fences, so he can stay out of trouble."

"Yeah, he's gonna turn Taz's hair gray. Poor guy can't be everywhere." She reached for her plate again. Bobbi sighed when she felt the blonde's bare feet against her own. "This is nice."

"It is, but what are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

"Don't know. Maybe there's something good on television? I think we've watched all of my DVD's and tapes." The brunette cut into the last piece of her breakfast.

Michelle groaned.

"Or you could read some of those naughty online stories to me." Dark brows wriggled. "That should spice things up a bit."

The blonde snorted and blushed. "I couldn't say those things out loud!"

"Why not? You pretty much did this morning."

Michelle gasped. "I did not!"

Bobbi cackled. "Okay, okay so you really didn't talk dirty, but it sure as hell worked for me."

The blonde bit her lip and smiled. "Yeah, I noticed that."

The doctor smirked, "My, aren't we full of ourselves?"

Deciding not to comment, Michelle shook her head instead.

"Anyhoo," Bobbi grabbed the remote, "Maybe there's something good on." She hit the guide button on the remote and sifted through the channels. Blue eyes widened. "Now see! It's Saturday I knew there had to be something on. "The Breakfast Club" is coming on in a few minutes."

Michelle shrugged. "What's "The Breakfast Club"?"

The doctor's eyes were the size of dinner plates. "John Hughes film? The man's a genius. He did teen movies the right way. The stuff they put out now is utter crap. His movies are a must see for everyone who grew up in the eighties."

"Never heard of him. Then again, I didn't get to watch much television." Ah, mama if you knew all the things I've done and am going to do, you'd probably keel over.

Bobbi wrapped an arm around her lover's shoulders. "I know, but not to worry. I'd love to introduce him to you. You'll love his movies." She missed so much.

"I think I'd like that. Lead the way."

Bobbi picked up the empty plates and glasses, setting them on the living room table that they had moved to the side. After making herself comfortable again, the doctor patted the empty space between her legs. Michelle didn't need to be asked twice. They both glanced at Toby who seemed to be staying put for the moment, finding his keys interesting again. Bobbi grinned inwardly. Good boy, Peanut. Draping herself around her lover, she turned the television to the correct channel.

They waded through several commercials until the movie finally started. The credits appeared introducing Kathleen Turner and Willian Hurt in "Body Heat."

"Aww man! What the hell!"

Michelle leaned her head back against a broad shoulder and glanced up at the brunette. "I take it that this isn't what you were expecting?"

Bobbi could feel a pout coming on. "No," she whined. "I hate it when that happens!"

The blonde kissed her lover's bottom lip. "It's okay. Maybe it'll come on later."

"It better. Let's see what else is on." The shrill ring of the phone filled the room. "Hold on." Bobbi scooted them both over as she reached for the phone.

"Hello?" She said shortly.


"Yeah, this is Doc B. Who is this?"

Michelle leaned toward the phone, trying to hear.

"This is Ms. Watkins over at the motel. Thought ya might wanna know that fella's gone. I had Frank tale him till he was sure he was goin' out of town."

Dark brows came together. "Who. . .Oh God! Thank you. Thank you so much and that goes for your son too."

"No problem Doc we take care of our own. Ya know that."

The old woman hung up the phone with a soft click.

Green met blue, and they both let out long breaths of relief.

Michelle licked her lips and swallowed audibly. She was almost lightheaded. The apprehension that created a restricted band across her chest loosened. I was scared but something inside me knew it would work out somehow. "Whoa I. . . it feels like a huge burden has been lifted. Can we be sure. . ." She reached for her lover's hand.

Bobbi nodded and squeezed the hand that was engulfed in her own. "I don't think anyone would have called otherwise." I can breathe again. I was scared but something told me this town would come through.

I can't help but believe. So many good things have happened to me. These people here are unbelievable. "Wow." The blonde let out a laugh, feeling a little freer with each passing second. She turned into her lover's arms and returned the embrace. It just proves that this is the life I was meant to lead.

"Yeah, I don't know what to say either. I just feel so relieved." She smiled and kissed the top of the blonde's head, before burying her nose there sniffing the fruity shampoo. Good thing for you Max because I would have done anything to protect them. Anything.

Silence lapsed between them as they wallowed in the moment and enjoyed each other. For now, the danger had passed.

Bobbi chuckled heartily. "That acceptance letter from SMS should come in the mail soon."

Michelle sighed as she listened to the doctor's strong heartbeat. "Mmm, you think so?"

"Yeah, they say good things come in threes, and I know how much you want it."

"But I have everything I want that would just be a bonus." Michelle added.

"Ohh you're sweet."

"Hmm, thanks. Um, so I'm going to ask again. What are we doing today?"

Bobbi smiled fully. "Wellllll. . .we're going grocery shopping; buy some John Hughes films; and something to keep Peanut out of trouble."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go get dressed and get to it."

"I'm with you. It'll be good to get out." She helped her lover rise before standing herself. She's being quiet about this. Maybe it hasn't sunk in. I know I feel like dancing right about now.

Michelle looked down at her son. Everything has come together. Toby grinned back at her and opened his arms, waiting to be picked up. Her future sat in front and stood behind her, and it looked incredibly bright. Out of nowhere the tears started to fall. "Oh God!" She sobbed.

Almost instantly, Bobbi was at her side. She pulled her lover into her body and stepped back, raising the blonde's chin with strategically placed fingertips. The doctor took a shuddering breath as she looked into her lover's damp, flushed face. "Chelle, baby you're scaring me. What's wrong?" Oh no. No, no, no.

Watery green eyes met clear blue. Bobbi gasped at what she saw forming. A huge smile covered the blonde's face. "Don't. . .you see? Nothing's. . .wrong." She muttered brokenly. "I'm. . s-so happy. I know they're not going to give up, but I won't either." Michelle blinked through the tears. Still, her vision was blurry. Not wanting to break the embrace, she wiped her face on the front of her lover's shirt and sniffled. "I never. . .thought I'd be here. Now. . .I have everything. Everything."

Bobbi felt the prickle of tears in her own eyes. "I know what that feels like now thanks to you. Happy isn't a four letter word anymore. Maybe we can both experience it more freely now." For some reason, her thoughts turned to her father. I could have been a carbon copy of him. Maybe it's time for my father to meet the woman who changed my life.

Michelle wiped at the tears with the backs of her hands. "I hope so because if there were ever two people who deserve it most. . ." Her voice trailed off. And to think this wasn't given to me not any of it. I had to fight for it.

"Mmm, well they do say that the best revenge is to live well. I remember us talking about that once." Bobbi smiled softly and bent to kiss each eyelid. "Let's continue living." Michelle nodded. "On the way, I want to take you somewhere and introduce you to someone."

The blonde gave her lover a quizzical look but returned the smile with a shaky grin of her own. "No time like the present," she whispered.


Bobbi pulled the Jeep Cherokee into the Morningside Cemetary parking lot. Again, the cars there were few and far between. She reached to turn off the ignition and silence surrounded them. Even Toby seemed to understand the significance of the moment. He chewed on his keys quietly. Bobbi rubbed her hands together then wiped them on her jeans, realizing that her palms were sweaty. I'm nervous. That's kinda odd, but then again maybe it's not. I've never taken anyone to meet my father. It counts despite the circumstances. The doctor smiled inwardly. I wonder is she would have drawn him out like she did me? She has that effect on people.

Soft fingertips caressed the back of her hand. Michelle had caught on to their detour as soon as she saw the sign indicating a cemetary. "Bobbi? You okay?" I knew she wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to take me to see him, but today was a bit unexpected. I wish I could have met her whole family. There must be something to them look at the beautiful creature they created. "We don't have to do this today if you're not really ready."

The brunette squeezed the fingers that had intertwined with her own. "No, this is the perfect time. My father and I have made peace with each other, and now, I want to introduce him to my new family. It's time for him to see the whole me." She brought the petite woman's hand to her lips and pressed a kiss to it.

Michelle met the azure gaze, seeing the conviction, confidence, and tenderness there. "I'll get Toby, and you lead the way. I can't wait to meet him."

Bobbi gave her lover a full fledged smile before exiting the car.

A few minutes later, they stood hand in hand in front of the grave. Michelle adjusted Toby, making him more comfortable, but she remained silent and ever vigilent.

Bobbi moved forward slightly and kicked leaves from the surface of the grave. "Looks like I forgot the flowers again, Dad, but I brought something even more beautiful this time. This is Chelle, my partner. No, that's not strong enough a word and neither is lover." She paused as if thinking. With a gentle tug of her hand, she pulled the blonde and baby in front of her, wrapping her arms around them in the process. "Here is Chelle and Toby, my everything." She pillowed her chin on her lover's shoulder as if waiting for a response.

A sudden chilly wind whisked around them.

The doctor shivered and tightened her hold on the blond. Michelle gasped as a chill engulfed her. "Did you feel that?"

"Sure did. I felt something similar the last time I was here. Should have freaked me out, but it didn't. You okay?"

"Yeah." I think it's time to say my piece. Michelle turned. "Hold him for a minute."

The brunette's eyes widened, but she did not resist. Toby eagerly went into her arms.

Michelle broke the embrace that held her and stepped forward. She brought her hands in front of her and began to wring them nervously. First time for everything I guess. "Hello, Mr. Waszinski. I've heard a lot about you. A lot of it was bad at first, but I think Bobbi understands a lot of what happened now. She was broken inside, and so was I. We made the most unlikely friends both of us were so gun shy, but somehow we hung on to each other and fixed what was broken. We found ourselves both seperately and together. I think that was important, and it makes us closer now. I love her. I love her more than I think I can express." She paused and took another step forward, deciding to kneel. "I'm a parent too, and so is Bobbi. He's as much hers as mine. As a parent, you probably had the same wish I do sometimes that we could see into the future and know that no matter what's happened to our children growing up they will become incredible individuals. You can rest easy now because she is, and I'll take care of her as long as she lets me, even after that." The deep familiar chuckle that came from behind made the blonde smile. "That's her laughing. She seems to do that a lot these days. I'm sorry I didn't really get to meet you, and I'm sorry you never really got to know your daughter. But, take my word for it she's everything a father would want his daughter to be and more." A hand sqeezed her shoulder, and she covered it with her own. "I think I said everything I wanted to, and I meant every word."

Michelle stood up and turned back to her lover, seeing the wonder, gratefulness and love shining in her face. Standing on tip toes, she brushed the doctor's chin then lips with a gentle kiss. "Would you like to be alone?"

Bobbi swallowed. "No, stay with me," she husked. She never ceases to amaze me. How can I not love this woman? She takes me so high. Their hands twined once more, and they both moved forward.

"Hey, dad. I don't know how to follow up what Chelle said. So, I'm not gonna try. Instead, I'm gonna make a proper introduction of the only man to steal my heart. Say hi, Peanut."

As if he understood every word, Toby added his own, "Gaaa!"

Both women snickered. "He's the most adorable thing, dad, and he loves me despite my faults just like his mother does. We didn't bring our arrogant dog because we have other errands to run after this. I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is I'm alright, and I'm happy. Hell, I'm more than that I'm wonderful."

Another gust of wind circled them, and Toby began pointing to the empty air in front of him as if he could see something.

"I guess you know that," Bobbi whispered. You're here aren't you, dad? Somehow, you're here. They stood silently for long minutes. The doctor pulled the blonde in closer to share in the perfection of the moment. After a few more minutes passed, the brunette murmured n her lover's ear, "We'd better get going." Slowly, they backed away. "I'll be back, dad."

Michelle glanced at her lover as the waded through the sea of graves. "Thank you for this. It makes me feel more part of you somehow."

Bobbi smiled, feeling more at peace than she had in a long time. "I should be thanking you, but you are very welcome."

"Can we meet your mother and brother someday?"

As they made it to the edge of the parking lot, Bobbi stopped and stared at the enagmatic little woman. Does she have any idea what impact she's had on my life? I want everyone to know living or dead. "We'd have to do some traveling, but I wouldn't have it any other way."


Some time later, the clang of the welcome bell signaled their arrival to Rack's Video Store. Bobbi guided the blonde in by placing a hand at the small of her back. "Hmm, I don't know. Maybe we should rent a couple of his films before buying them just in case you don't like them." The doctor glanced around the store to see quite a few people browsing the aisles. The place was small with large potted plastic plants at the door and hidden in corners. Racks and stands were heavy with video tapes and DVD's and the walls were laden with movie posters both new and old, making the store feel cluttered. Bobbi glanced at the made up faces of everyone from Angelina Jolie in "Tombraider" to Whoopi Golberg in "Sister Act." She had seen them all more times in the past few months than in the years she lived in Ivanhoe. Rack knew her by name. This place should be named after me as many times as I've been here to get her a movie. She chuckled silently. It was worth it. The soft music in the background was almost drowned out by laughter and several conversations going on simulatenously. "C' mon, let's go ask the clerk if they even have them."

Michelle nodded and pulled an excited Toby's hand away as he reached for the plastic plant that dangled in front of him. He gurgled unhappily and pointed at the object of his attention. The blonde moved away quickly, going further into the video store. Michelle studied her surroundings. There was nothing particulary special about the place. But it's so good to get out. I didn't know I missed it that much. I can't wait to get back to the library. Maybe I could even look into getting a real job. It's worth a try anyway.

They stood in front of the counter and waited for the clerk to get off the phone.

"Mrs. Paul, I told ya if you didn't rewind we'd start chargin' ya for it. That kind of thing adds up. Ten dollars isn't that much money." The lanky young man pulled the phone away as the woman on the other end started screeching. When it seemed like it would stop he brought the reciever to his mouth and muttered. "Uh huh, yes ma' am. Well, Rack will be in tomorrow if you want to talk this over with him." He moved the phone away again. A second later, "Okay, ma'am. Bye." He sighed and hung up the phone.

Bobbi raised a brow in amusement but said nothing. She leaned forward to get a look at his name tag. "Todd, I got a question for you. Do you have any John Hughes films for rent."

Todd sighed again and looked lazily at the doctor. "Who?" He asked blankly.

Bobbi stared at him in disgust. Damn kids today! I swear they have no sense of history. "You know, "Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off?" I should probably know where they are as many times as I've been here, but it's not like I've ever looked for them.

He blinked and continued to stare at her as if he hadn't a clue.

Bobbi growled in annoyance.

Michelle rolled her eyes as she grasped the brunette's hand, hoping to calm her. Can't take her anywhere. Big Kid.

The raven haired woman glanced at her lover. Dark brows rose as if asking, "What?"

The blonde quirked her lips and smirked, answering just as silently, "Behave."

Bobbi sighed and turned back to the clerk. She forced a smile. "Why don't you look it up on that nifty thing on your desk. It's called a computer."

Todd nodded. "I guess I could do that."

"Thank you," the brunette added sarcastically.

The welcoming bell jangled again, and the couple would have ignored it if it wasn't immediately followed by, "Hey! Is that Doc B?!" The women turned to see Kevin and Cam entering. They waved enthusiastically.

Bobbi leaned over and whispered out of the side of her mouth. "See what happens when you talk about them? They turn up like a bad pen--"

"Bobbi!" Michelle admonished.

"What?!" Blue eyes widened innocently.

"You know you like them."

The doctor tried to keep the smile from lifting the corners of her mouth. "Whatever." She waved the boys over.

Toby wiggled excitedly as if he were seeing a long, lost friend, and Cam gasped happily. "Woo, woo, woo." The toddler cooed back as if they were holding a conversation. "Gaaa!"

Kevin gave the women a smile and rolled his eyes. "Cam! We're in public. How cool does that look?"

Cam waved his friend away. "Man, I don't care. He's too cute."

Bobbi couldn't keep the grin off her face any longer. "We haven't seen you two in a while."

Kevin stuck his hands in his jean shorts. "It's summer yano? Things to do. Being teenagers and all."

"Uh huh." The doctor murmured affectionately.

"So how ya been Doc." He leaned forward and whispered, "You too Ms. Chelle."

Michelle gave him a huge smile. "We're doing great, Kevin. Enjoying our summer too."

He nodded. "I bet, especially since the town ran that guy out. We had a little talk with him and confused him right fine." He poked his chest out, drawing attention the the word "Phat" that was written across his t-shirt in bright red.

The blonde found herself chuckling. "I just bet you did."

Behind her, Bobbi snickered.

"So you guys here to rent the latest movie?" Michelle asked.

Cam was the first to answer. "Yep, that "Hannibal" movie is out. Word is you actually get to see him eat some dude's brains!" His eyes glittered with excitement.

"Ew, well, uh, that sounds interesting. I think I'll stick with John Hughes." Michelle's face scrunched in disgust.

"Who?" The boys inquired simultaneously.

Bobbi let out a defeated sigh. "You guys today are remiss in your education. If the clerk finds some of them, I'll rent one for you. You need to see what you're missing."

"Can't be better than brain eatin'," Kevin quipped.

Bobbi moaned.

"Ms.? Ms.?"

The brunette turned around and glared at the clerk.

"Um, the movies you were lookin' for are in the comedy section. Check to the far right that's where the, um, older ones are."

"Good. Thank you." Bobbi crooked her finger ordering the boys to follow.

Michelle shook her head and smiled in amusement as she trailed behind.

Bobbi ooed and ahhed like a kid as she reached for the tape "The Breakfast Club." Michelle's heart melted at the sight. "You'll love this one, Chelle. I won't tell you what it's about, but you'll love it. I think I'll get Ferris too." Her voice was lilting with elation.

Michelle grinned. She loved them already.

"Hey! Which one do we get?" Cam whined.

Bobbi snatched "Sixteen Candles" off the shelf. "I think this one is right up you guys' alley. I'll get it for you, but you have to tell me what you think of it."

"Deal." Kevin reached for the box.

"Ah, ah, ah. No peeking. Just take it home and watch it. No need to read the back."

Kevin grumbled but follwed the women as they went back toward the check out counter.


Don't you. . . forget about me. . . The song trailed off, and Bobbi hit the button, rewinding the tape. She glanced at the blonde, seeing her still staring at the now blank screen. "You're looking pensive? You okay?"

Michelle took the final swig of the twenty ounce Dr. Pepper. It was one of the couple of six packs they bought at the grocery store. She sat the empty bottle aside and laid her head in the brunette's lap. Tenderly, Bobbi pushed back the bangs off her forehead. Jade eyes crinkled in a soft smile. "It was nothing too heavy. . .well not really. Are all kids that miserable in high school?"

"Don't know. Could be. Why?"

"Then, I fit right in. I just never knew it." She rested her hands on her stomach. "It all seems so long ago now, and it was like I was watching a movie of my own memories."

"Mmm, means you're putting it past you."

"Annie said almost the same thing that day she was over here. I think I really am." She paused. "It was a good movie though. I laughed at things I thought I wouldn't. So who were you?"

"Hmm?" Bobbi continued to stare into green eyes, getting lost.

"The princess, the criminal, the jock. . ."

The brunette let out a light bark of derisive laughter. "I was who I had to be to get by. I had friends, but well, you know the story."

"I can relate, but I guess you know that I was probably the freak in my schoolmates eyes. I didn't consider myself to be. I was only trying to survive."

"And I'm sure as hell glad that you did."

"Me too," Michelle added quietly. But there were so many times I just wanted to give up. Not anymore. "So who did you want to be?"

"Hmm, who did you want to be?" Bobbi shot back affectionately.

"I asked you first."

"That you did."

"Princess," they both answered at virtually the same time. Eyes met and soft laughter wafted around them.

Blue eyes twinkled. "This is gonna sound extra corny but bare with me here. If it's any consellation, you're a princess to me."

Michelle's heart sputtered in her chest, and she reached up a shaky hand winding it into loose black tresses. Is this what it means when they say your heart stops? I think mine just did. "It does. It means a lot, and I love you for saying and meaning it." She pulled the doctor down for a kiss. Lips brushed and lifted tenderly.

A moment later, Michelle sighed in contentment. "So should we do Ferris tonight?"

Bobbi scoffed as she looked at the other occupants taking up the blanket. Toby lay curled near the Husky, and they were both fast asleep. "I don't know. It's getting late. Who knew this was going to turn into an all day outing?"

Michelle smirked. "But, it was great wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was, but you know, I think I'll mount those gates and childproof the sockets tomorrow. As for Ferris, I'd rather feel you against me."

"Mmm, sounds like an even better plan to me."

After placing Toby in the crib, Michelle took her lover's hand and followed her into the nearest bedroom. "So what are we going to do tomorrow?"

Bobbi made a sound of amusement in the back of her throat. "Don't know. Let's just wing it."

The blonde smiled as they entered the doctor's bedroom. Tomorrow can't be better than today. Her grin widened. But, she'll try.


Janine yawned as she crawled into bed. I can't believe that I've been up for almost forty eight hours, but I had fun! Tammy is great. Maybe my luck is starting to change. Or maybe I'm starting to change it. She fluffed up the pillows and pulled the covers up to her neck. "I'm actually lookin' forward to tomorrow."

The phone rung abruptly. "Oh good grief!" Janine threw the bedding off and stomped toward the phone sitting on the dresser. This had better be good. She snatched up the reciever. "Hello?"

Tammy chuckled. "You know, you can really hear that accent when you get angry."

"Tammy!" The nurse smiled despite herself glad to hear the other woman's voice even though she'd seen her an hour ago.

"Now, don't scream at me yet. I forgot to ask you something."

"What?" The brunette asked with amusement coloring her voice.

"What are we doing tomorrow?"

Janine laughed out loud. "I don't know what do you have in mind?"

"Nothing. Let's just play it by ear?" The teacher asked hesitantly.

"Sounds good, but I'd like to get some sleep first. See you around Noon."

"Okay, see you at your place."

For a few seconds after the blonde hung up, Janine listened to the dial tone. It was soothing, almost comforting. She smiled and placed the phone on its cradle. No luck has nothin' to do with this. It's too impersonal. I'm makin' my own luck.

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