The Return of

Unlimited Sexual Favors

By Cephalgia and MJ

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Part III

Two to Tryst

Darcy maneuvered the black SUV smoothly down the highway as Wilder fiddled with the controls for the vehicle’s sound system.  She had been trying to find an acceptable station for the past ten minutes.

“They sure like their country music here, don’t they?” she observed as she finally left it on a setting that at least had some crossover tunes.

“I read this place started off as a cattle and ranch area before they found the oil.  I suppose you never lose your heritage completely.  I only wish we were going to be here for the Stampede.  Liz Blackwood said it’s a rodeo and one hell of a party all rolled up together.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Wilder sighed, closing her eyes and relaxing back in the cloth-covered seat. 

“What?” Darcy asked, glancing at her partner before bringing her eyes back to the road.

“Just imagining you in a cowboy hat and a pair of leather chaps,” the blonde replied, audibly smacking her lips.

Darcy laughed.  “What’s so good about a cowboy outfit?”

Wilder opened her eyes, an indignant look crossing her face.  “Cowboy outfit?  Who said anything about a cowboy outfit?  I’m thinking cowboy hat and a pair of leather chaps…only.”

Darcy blushed becomingly.  “You are without a doubt the most incorrigible person I’ve ever met.  You should seek help for that.”

“The first step is admitting I’m powerless over being incorrigible.  The second step is saying you have the ass to carry off the chaps-and-hat-only thing.”  Wilder wriggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Darcy looked skyward and took on a martyred tone.  “I buy her books and books, Lord, and all she does is chew the covers and draw dirty pictures on the pages.”

“Want to know what kind of picture is in my mind right now?” the blonde whispered as she leaned closer to the executive.

Darcy cut her eyes momentarily to the side.  “I don’t think so, but you can get that map the rental agency gave us out of the glove compartment.  Tell me how much farther it is to Banff.”

“Party pooper,” Wilder accused jokingly and did as asked.  “It’s got to be close, doesn’t it?  We’ve been heading west out of Calgary for the last hour and a half.  The Canadian Rockies are pretty damn impressive, even when they were just part of horizon.  Let’s see…”  She unfolded the map she had retrieved.  “We just passed through Canmore so…”

“There it is,” Darcy said.  “Excellent navigating, Davy Crockett.  You’ve got us here safe and sound.”

“Lucky for me the highway lead us right here, huh?” Wilder observed as they pulled up to the entrance of Banff National Park.  Pulling out the entrance fee from her wallet, the blonde handed the colorful bills to Darcy, along with a few one and two dollar coins.  Receiving a new map of the park and directions to the town of Banff, they continued up the highway.

“I like this money,” Wilder said as she perused the variety of bills remaining in her possession.  “It appeals to the artist in me.”  She flipped the various denominations over in her hand, inspecting the designs.  “Just one thing bothers me though.  I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen this woman somewhere before.”  She tapped a picture on one of the bills.

Darcy glanced over and laughed, playing along with Wilder’s game.  “That’s Queen Elizabeth II,” she pretended to inform the blonde.

“Queen Elizabeth II?” Wilder asked.  “Does she know she’s named after an ocean liner?” 

Darcy snorted in amusement.  “You dope,” she said.  “That’s Elizabeth, one of the last real queens left.”

“Ohhh…,” Wilder replied reverently.  “A real queen.  Pride Parade then.  I told you I’d seen her, I mean him, before.”

Darcy smiled and shook her head.  “Like I said…incorrigible.  Hey, look!”

The first few flakes of snow fluttered softly before them, an occasional white crystal expending its life on the windshield.

“Every one of those is an individual work of art,” Wilder noted as she watched the light flurries from the comfortable warmth of the SUV.  “Perfect originals.”

“Just like you, Wild.  There’s never been anyone like you, for me at least.”  She glanced at the blonde.  It was Wilder’s turn to blush.  “Too mushy?”

Wilder shrugged lightly.  “Nah, I kind of liked it,” she admitted.  “’Cause it’s so true,” she added quickly, lightening the mood again.  Hey, what’s the name of that place we’re staying at?  I want to keep on the lookout for it.”

“The Black Bear Inn.  Liz Blackwood recommended it for our meeting.  It was nice of her to suggest we meet up here instead of Calgary.  She’ll be up later today with the three heads of the major departments of the Calgary plant.”

“Not too much business mixing with our pleasure, right?” Wilder asked.

“Nope.  We’ll meet tomorrow and then it’s just you and me and whatever we want to do or see in the next six days.”

“Sweet,” Wilder said as she began glancing at the tourist information.  “They’ve got a gondola up to the top of a mountain right outside of town.  Want to take a ride up there before we check in?” 

“Sounds good.  The turnoff for Banff is just a few kilometers ahead.”  The snow flurries had increased a bit, but the road was still dry and driving conditions were good.

In a few short minutes they reached the Banff exit and headed into town.  The mountains made a panoramic backdrop for the snow-dusted town.  Darcy drove slowly and carefully through the picturesque village, glancing away from the traffic only long enough to catch glimpses of the tourist-friendly restaurants and shops.  It seemed to be a thriving community and in only a few minutes they reached the other edge of town.

“That was quick,” Darcy observed.  “Looks like a fun place though.”

“Yeah, looks like the kind of place all we snow bunnies might like to hang out in.”

“Snow bunny?  Hang out?” the brunette exclaimed incredulously.  “You haven’t liked snow since you were thirteen years old and you got snowed in with your cousins up at Lake Tahoe for four days.”

“Yeah, well that was more a cousin thing than a snow thing.  They drove me nuts, gossiping and giggling all the time.  Besides, this is international snow and therefore much more exotic than domestic snow.”


It was seemingly only a few minutes later that the black SUV pulled into a large parking lot near a small building housing a visitor’s center.  They slipped into a parking spot and looked up at the mountain located at the visitor center’s back door.  Along the edifice, twin cables, populated with gondolas, crept up and down the mountain’s face.

“Geez,” Wilder breathed as she tipped her head back, following the progress of one small gondola as it neared the top.  “I’ll bet you can see half the world from up there.”

“And I’ll bet it’s the gorgeous half,” Darcy agreed.  “Let’s check it out.” 

Putting their heavy jackets and ski hats on, they left the vehicle and moved the short distance into the visitor’s center.  There were only a few people in line to buy tickets for the gondola ride and they stopped immediately behind them.  Paying the reasonable fare, they found themselves being assisted into their own car.  As the door clicked shut, Wilder moved to sit next to Darcy, their backs to the mountain.  The brunette slipped her gloved hand into her partner’s as they began their ascent.  The few flakes of snow that had been falling dissipated and their view was unobstructed.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” Darcy commented as the scenery and sightline became more and more spectacular.

“Sure is,” Wilder nodded, and then shortened her sight to take a good look at the car they were riding in.  “Wonder if anybody ever fooled around in one of these things?”  Darcy didn’t remove her eyes from the ever-growing expanse.

“Seeing as the trip up the mountain is probably less than ten minutes and the car is transparent, I doubt it.”  A car going downhill passed by at that moment on their right.  Two small children had their faces mashed up against the windows of the car, their eyes crossed and cheeks puffed out.  Two harried-looking adults were directing the kids back to their seats.

“Ha!” Wilder laughed.  “Ten bucks says one of those kids has their tongue stuck to a metal pole when we get back down!”

The remainder of the journey was uneventful and when the pair stepped from the gondola and out onto the deck of the observation terrace, the combination of the view and the cold took their breath away. A three hundred and sixty degree view of Banff and the beautiful Canadian Rockies lay before them.  Darcy wandered up to the railing. 

“Amazing.”  Darcy didn’t have to say more, Wilder agreed with her assessment completely.  They gazed out over the mountains from a height of over seven thousand feet.  Silently they walked around the deck, in awe at the pure beauty of nature’s magnificence. 

They stopped at the railing where they had started as they headed back to the gondolas. 

“I’m glad I saw this with you,” Darcy said, leaning into Wilder.  “It was a good suggestion.”

“I have plenty more,” Wilder assured her.  “Maybe a few of those should wait until after we check into the hotel though.” 

Darcy sighed.  “Incorrigible.”  Wilder just smiled and took Darcy’s hand, leading the way to the cars.  Minutes later they were back in the SUV and headed back to town.


A sound night’s sleep at the Black Bear Inn followed the afternoon in the fresh, cold air of Banff.  Nestled warmly in each other’s embrace, neither woke until the shrill ringing of Darcy’s wake-up call.  Mumbling as she reached for the noisy instrument, she managed a barely civil, “Mmmph?”

“This is your requested wake-up call.  Enjoy your day,” the recorded voice said.  The same message, presumably, was repeated in French.

“Parles vous shut the hell up?” Darcy grumbled as she replaced the receiver.

“Not really, but I know a lot of other things French,” bragged a much more wide awake Wilder.

“Name five,” the executive challenged as her head flopped back on the pillow and her eyes closed again.

“Hmm,” Wilder spoke.  “French toast, three French hens, French fries…”  She ticked off the items on her fingers as she went.  “French horn and French kiss!  Ta-daa!”

Darcy’s eyes opened at the last article on the list.  “Give me number five again.”

“French kiss?” the barmaid asked.

“Yeah, that one.  Give it to me,” Darcy sighed.  Wilder complied, providing a wake-up call to Darcy’s libido.

“Uh-uh,” the blonde said as Darcy reached for her.  “Somebody here has got a meeting to attend.”

“Not for two hours…plenty of time for breakfast in bed.  Or no breakfast in bed for that matter.”  Darcy pulled Wilder closer.  “I have all the nourishment I need right here.”  Her lips trailed a path from Wilder’s soft ear lobe down the graceful column of her throat.

“Going to live on love?” a slightly breathless blonde questioned.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Darcy said, as she returned hungry lips to Wilder’s throat.  After months of being together, she knew every sensitive spot and brushed these time and time again with her eager mouth.  Her hand moved to Wilder’s breast, making the sensitive nipple harden.  Wilder’s breathing picked up noticeably.  She pushed lightly at Darcy’s shoulders, moving her partner away from her. 

“Stop.”  A look of confusion tinged with mild hurt passed across Darcy’s features. 

“What is it?” she asked.  “Did I do something wrong?”  Anxiety painted her question.

“Of course not,” Wilder rushed to reassure her.  “You did…do…something very right, and that’s the problem.  My body practically bursts into flames whenever you touch me.  Hell, you don’t even have to touch me to get that response.  All I have to do is think of you and I’m ready to touch you, have you touch me or touch myself.”

“And that’s a problem?” Darcy asked, smiling now.  Wilder reached over and traced the upturned lips with the tip of her index finger.

“It is when I want to go slow, to tell you what you mean to me and what you do to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to take my time with you and talk you through the slowest, most exquisite lovemaking I can devise.  I like it hot and fast sometimes; you know that by our session at ‘The Tart’s Garter’ the other night.  But, Darcy, there are times I want to go slow, torturously slow, with you.  I want you to experience every bit of what I have to offer you.”

Darcy kissed the wandering fingertip lightly.  “And this morning is one of those times?”

“Yeah, I guess it is.”  Wilder’s blush lightly graced her cheeks.  “And I know you don’t really have time for that even if we did wake up early.”  Darcy considered this. 

“You’re right,” she said.  “This is too special to rush when we don’t have to.”  She pulled Wilder close again and the blonde went willingly.  They snuggled together, Wilder’s head on Darcy’s breast, with the warmth of their bodies providing a comfortable cocoon for them both.

“How about this?” Darcy began.  “How about if we take a rain check on this morning and pick up where we left off later, when we can devote the proper amount of time and attention to our situation?”  Wilder looked up into Darcy’s soft brown eyes.

“Absolutely.  It’s a date.”  A mischievous grin made its way to the barmaid’s features.  “Want to hear what I’ve got planned when we can take our time?”  Immediately Darcy brought her hands up to cover her ears. 

“No!  Please, God no!  La-la-la, I can’t hear you.  La-la-la!”  Wilder laughed, causing a pleasant burring sensation in Darcy’s chest.  Darcy stared down at the woman of her dreams.  “Sure, you can laugh.  You know what that kind of talk does to me.  You think of me and get excited…I hear your voice and I’m more than ready for the Intra-sheet Marathon.”  Wilder’s laughter ceased.

“Oh yeah?” she asked in a clearly interested way. 

“Don’t you start, Wilder McNeil!  Not when you stopped me in mid-stride.  You wanted slow and torturous…you got it.  I’m going to go to my meeting and you can just try to find something to do to keep your mind off what’s going to happen to you tonight.”

“Hey, that’s not fair!  I’ve got all day to kill and you won’t be tormented at all!”  Wilder rolled off Darcy and onto her back, clapping a hand over her eyes.  “This isn’t going to be good.”  She spread her fingers to expose her blue eyes.  “You wouldn’t be open to answering your cell phone sometime today just to even things up?”

“No way, Jose.  This day is all about you and your imagination.  Suffer!”

 Wilder groaned.  “Did I say slow?  How could I have made that mistake?  I meant I wanted fast…”  She rolled quickly and moved back onto the executive.  “And hot…and sexy…”

A rapid knock at the door interrupted the moment.  Both women looked at each other.

“Who in hell…?” Darcy asked, but didn’t finish the question when a look of recognition overtook Wilder.

“Room service,” Wilder said miserably.  “Of all the times for me to be thoughtful.  While you were getting your shower last night, I ordered breakfast for this morning.”  It was Darcy’s turn to laugh as she rose from the bed.  Grabbing a nightshirt from where it had spent the night on the floor, she headed to the door as Wilder pulled the covers up over her head.

“A victim of your own decency!  Who could have predicted that one?”  The knock came again just before she reached the door to open it.  A young man, tall but obviously still in his teens, stood to the side of a wheeled cart.

“Room service,” he announced, trying, but not quite succeeding, in keeping his eyes averted from long bare legs under a thin nightshirt.

“Bring it in, by all means.  I suddenly find myself with a huge hunger.”  Darcy smiled as she thought she heard a small groan emanate from the lump under the covers.  “What’s on the menu?”

The young man picked up the check.  As he read he made sure each item was in place on the cart.  “Waffles with the Inn’s special maple syrup…bacon…strawberries and cream…orange juice…coffee…newspaper…and a rose.”  He looked up proudly.  “Everything’s there.” 

Darcy took the check from the young man and signed it, adding a tip that would ensure superior service for the duration of their stay. 

“You can call for me to get the cart or just leave it and housekeeping will let me know when to pick it up,” the young man instructed as he left the room.  As soon as the door closed, Darcy turned back into the room.  A very naked Wilder was bounding from the bed.

“I’m famished!  Let me at those waffles!”  She removed the lid from one of the covered plates.  “Mmmm…”  Darcy went to the bed and retrieved Wilder’s old Stanford shirt, tossing it at her.

“I thought you were starving for love?” Darcy asked as Wilder simultaneously shrugged into the shirt and snatched up a slice of thick cut bacon. 

“You’ve never heard of transference?  It’s in all the psychology books.”  She uncovered the second plate and carried both to a table in the corner of the room.  “Grab the O.J., okay?  Anyway, I want sex, but I’m transferring that to food lust instead.”  Darcy rolled her eyes as Wilder went back for the strawberries and coffee.

“I don’t think it works that way, but I must confess, whatever it is, I’m feeling a little of it too.”  They dug in to the hearty breakfast.  Silence reigned as fresh-air appetites ruled the room.  Setting her fork down, Darcy sighed in contentment. 

“Delicious,” she commented.  Glancing at the clock on the bed stand she said, “Well, I guess I should get moving.  I shouldn’t be late for a meeting I called.”

“I suppose so,” Wilder agreed.  “I think I’ll wander around town a bit.  I asked for the newspaper to see if I could find something to interest me.”  She indicated the folded paper still sitting on the cart.  Darcy looked over to where the paper and a tapered vase remained.

“And what’s the rose for?” she inquired.

“It’s for you,” Wilder replied.  “Just to remind you how much I love you.”  Darcy’s heart melted at the simple words.  She rose from the table and moved to Wilder’s side.  Bending down she placed a soft and loving kiss on the lips of her partner. 

“You are the sweetest thing,” she observed.

“Nah,” Wilder said, waving off the compliment.  “I’m just a woman in love”

“With a woman who’s in love with you,” the brunette confirmed.  “And believe me, I’m going to show you later.”  She removed her nightshirt and walked naked to the bathroom, very aware of Wilder’s eyes on her.  “Slowly,” she added as she slipped through the door.

Wilder sat nearly motionless in her chair, only her head moving slowly from side to side.  “This is going to be the longest day of my life,” she sighed to herself. 


Later that afternoon, Wilder returned to the Black Bear Inn after spending the day wandering the town of Banff and exploring the many shops along the main streets.  Her arms were full of shopping bags, gifts for Darcy and her co-workers back at Leather and Chains.  As she passed through the lobby she was hailed by the clerk behind the desk.

“Miss McNeil?” he called.

“Yes?” she replied, turning toward the long pine structure.

“Message for you, Miss.”  The clerk extended an envelope toward her.  Puzzled, Wilder took her bags and the envelope to the brown leather wingback chairs sitting adjacent to a sofa made of the same material.  Placing her purchases down, she opened the envelope thinking Darcy had left a message saying she would be running late.  Instead, inside she found a note and a card key.

“Please join me in the Regent’s Suite.  This is the key.  I’ll be waiting.  Darcy.”  Wilder looked over to the clerk.    

“The Regent’s Suite is on the second floor, left side and all the way to the end of the hall.  It’s our best room,” he noted proudly.

Holding up the note, she asked, “When was this left for me?”

“I really couldn’t say,” he answered.  The twenty-dollar note in his right front pocket assured his silence.  “I do believe you’re expected though, Miss.  And I will need the card key to your previous room back.”  The request caught Wilder off guard.

“Huh?  Oh, yeah, right.  The key.”  She fished her room key from the pocket of her jeans and walked it to the clerk.  “My things…”

“Have been seen to, Miss.”  Wilder felt instinctively there was little to be gained in interrogating the poker-faced clerk.

Darcy is too good a manager and planner to let any details slip this easily.  The more Wilder thought about Darcy planning something to do with her, the more intrigued she became.  What is that woman up to?  Whatever it is, I’m up for it.  Retrieving her packages, she headed to the elevator at a speed significantly faster than when she first entered the Inn.

The clerk watched her progress, a small smile creasing the corners of his mouth.  “Have a very good evening, Miss.”  If Wilder heard or not, he couldn’t tell.  He picked up the desk phone and tapped in the number for the Regent’s Suite.


A small but tasteful brass plaque on mahogany double doors identified the Regent’s Suite.  Taking the card key, she placed it in the appropriate slot.  Pulling back quickly, the red light changed to green and Wilder opened the door.

The Regent’s Suite was huge.  Wilder could tell that and not much more.  No lights were on and obviously heavy curtains had been drawn over all the windows.  Wilder stepped inside the open door.

“Darcy?” she called out hesitantly, afraid for a moment she had blundered into the wrong room no matter that the card key had worked.

“Close the door.”  Darcy’s voice was soft and came from a corner on the left side of the room.  Wilder did as instructed.  The room was even more shadowy without the illumination from the hallway. 

“Dark in here,” Wilder said in the direction Darcy’s voice had come from.

“I can fix that,” came the reply.  A small scraping sound was heard along with an almost simultaneous flaring of a match.  Wilder could only stare as the match floated over to one tapered candle and then another.  The packages slipped from her grasp and landed on the floor with a thud.  That thud was drowned out by the thudding of Wilder’s heart as she observed the scene before her.

Darcy was seated in a comfortably upholstered straight back chair next to a large wooden table.  After the candles flared to life, she brought the match to her lips and with a short puff of breath, extinguished it.  She stood and Wilder could see she was dressed in the black lacy thong the inspector had checked in the San Francisco airport.  Above the thong was a short, cut off t-shirt that Wilder recognized as one of her own.

“Nice outfit,” she croaked out.  Clearing her throat she added, “Aren’t you cold in that?”

“Not even a little.  I had thoughts of you to keep me very warm.”  Darcy indicated Wilder’s heavy jacket.  “Take off your coat and stay awhile.”  Wilder’s eyes never left Darcy as the jacket and ski cap she had been wearing joined the packages on the floor.

“I thought you were in an all-day meeting,” Wilder said as she moved toward her lover.

“The meeting was re-scheduled,” Darcy replied simply, waiting for Wilder to reach her.

“When did that happen?” Wilder asked, making conversation as she stepped carefully across the room, her eyes adjusting to the dimness.

“Several days ago.  Just after our visit to the club in Victoria as I recall.”  The executive stood, but held eye contact as her words registered.

“So you planned…”

“All of this.  My meeting is actually in 2 days and that means tonight is all about us.”  She reached out to Wilder and drew her into her embrace.  “Welcome home, love.  Did you have a good day?”

“Not as good a day as the night I think I’m going to have,” the barmaid replied.

“Too true,” Darcy said as she brought her mouth to Wilder’s.  The kiss was hot and full of possibilities.  “The first of many, I promise you.” 

Wilder’s hold on the executive tightened.  “Can I have the second one now?”  Darcy brought her mouth back to Wilder’s, deepening the kiss this time.  With tenuous control, the executive broke the kiss.

“I know what you meant now this morning when you said your body practically bursts into flames,” Darcy said, blowing a breath up until it ruffled the hair on her forehead.  “I’m feeling pretty combustible myself right now.  How about a glass of wine to turn the heat down just a little?”

“Sounds good,” Wilder said, releasing the brunette.  Darcy moved to the table and lifted an open bottle sitting there in a silver holder.  As she filled two wineglasses, a thought occurred to Wilder.  “Hey, if you had this planned, then this morning…”

“Was one of the toughest things I ever did.  When I woke up in your arms I nearly forgot I had this arranged.  If you hadn’t slowed things down by not wanting to rush, I was going to be hard pressed to ever get out of bed and get my plans finalized.”  Darcy took on a mildly bemused look.  “I can’t believe I was grateful to you for not having sex with me.”  She handed Wilder one of the glasses as she raised her own.  “To…never being grateful for that again.”

“I’ll definitely drink to that,” Wilder said as they lightly touched glasses and sipped the deep red liquid.  Wilder let out a hum of appreciation.  “This is really good.  What’s the label?” 

Darcy picked up the bottle and examined it in the candlelight.  “Cedarcreek Estate Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon.  I don’t know much about it; I had to have a little help with this evening.  I decided when in Canada, do as the Canadians do.  Tonight I’ve planned a Canadian seduction.”

“Really?  When does she get here?”  Wilder yelped at the automatic light smack she received from Darcy.  “Oh, I’m sorry,” the blonde teased, “I forgot to ask if you wanted to watch!”  Darcy set her wineglass and the bottle down and advanced on her partner.  The exaggerated predatory look in her eye made Wilder laugh. 

“I’m not sharing you with anybody, Wilder McNeil.  There isn’t a woman alive who will ever take you from me.  Come to me, my little cumquat.”   She advanced on the blonde as Wilder dissolved with laughter and set her wineglass down as well.

“Now, Darce, I was just kidding.”  Wilder moved around the executive, keeping a safe distance between her and the oncoming brunette.  Wilder looked for an escape and spied a closed door across the room.  “If you catch me, you can have me!” she exclaimed as she made for the door.  She got to the door and opened it as Darcy sped after her.  Wilder stopped in her tracks as a luxurious bathroom with a huge tub was revealed.  The room was warm and slightly steamy with a bubble-laden bath already drawn.  The closed door had cloaked the presence of a dozen softly glowing votive candles.

“You like?” Darcy asked, moving up close behind her partner.

“Oh yeah.  I like it a lot.  You’re amazing, you know that?”

“Just want you to know how much you mean to me, Wild,” Darcy whispered in her ear.  “There isn’t anything good you don’t deserve and there isn’t anything I won’t do to show you just that.”  She kissed and nibbled the lobe of the ear she had been whispering into.  “Now, let’s get you out of those clothes.”

A sassy reply died on Wilder’s tongue as the sensation of Darcy’s lips lingered on the sensitive flesh.  She turned around and pulled her lover into the bathroom with her, closing the door as she did so.  Moving to the center of the room, she stood on a thick white rug. She bent over and unlaced her hiking boots, stepping out of them with practiced ease.  Her socks followed, but when she stood to touch the first button on her blue cotton shirt, she was stopped by Darcy’s voice.

“Let me.”  It was part request, part command, but Wilder had no intention of refusing either one.  Darcy erased the distance between them and brought her hands up to the button.  Wilder saw a tremor in her lover’s hands, but said nothing, feeling the same excitement growing within herself. 

One by one the buttons were opened and shortly the shirt was moved over Wilder’s strong shoulders.  It dropped with a soft sound onto the bathroom floor.  Two front hooks unfastened easily and Wilder’s bra followed the shirt.  Darcy stared at her partner appreciatively, as if she hadn’t ever quite seen the sight before.  Wilder’s nipples tightened under Darcy’s intense scrutiny. 

Wilder wanted to plead for Darcy to continue the removal of her clothing, but knew she needed to wait.  This is Darcy’s party and I’m not going to spoil a minute of it for her.  Questing hands worked the button fly of Wilder’s jeans almost before she completed the thought.  Darcy’s hands moved inside the pants and around to Wilder’s hips where they eased the material down.  The executive crouched as she moved the jeans lower down her lover’s body.  As usual, there were no panties to remove.

Going to one knee, Darcy assisted Wilder in stepping from the jeans.  She placed a soft kiss on each of Wilder’s bare thighs, the intimate caress igniting a smoldering flame in the barmaid.

“Please touch me,” Wilder begged.

“I can’t,” Darcy groaned, moving to stand again.  “Not yet.  Slow, remember?”  Wilder nodded.  “In the tub now,” the executive urged.  Wilder walked over to the tub and stepped in.  The heat had been retained and was soothing and stimulating at the same time.

“You coming in?” Wilder asked as she settled back against one side of the tub.  “Plenty of room.”

“I’ve had my bath already.  This is for you.”  She busied herself as she watched Wilder scoop a handful of bubbles and warm water over one of her breasts.  “I got these Cheeky Bee candles and Great Canadian goat’s milk soap.  I’ve got Jerseyland cheese and Breton crackers in the other room to munch on…”  Her sentence trailed off as Wilder shook her head slowly and circled a nipple with soapy fingers. 

“I’m not hungry yet…for food anyway,” she said, continuing to soak contentedly in the luxurious bubbles.

The brunette swallowed thickly.  “Well, maybe we can save that for later then, but I am going to be your personal bath attendant now.”  Darcy reached for a nearby bar of soap and soft washcloth.  Kneeling at the side of the tub, she dipped the soap into the water and brought it up over Wilder’s arm, leaving a slick trail as it passed.

“That smells great,” Wilder said as the hand holding the soap mapped her body slowly and thoroughly. 

“Ginger and tea tree,” Darcy said absently.  She was fascinated with the response of Wilder’s body to her touch.  Goose flesh rose as she lingered at Wilder’s sides and back.  Moving to Wilder’s breasts, nipples tightened as she lathered the soft flesh there.  Long passes of the soap across a taut abdomen heralded an even more intimate cleansing.  A sharp intake of breath was heard as Darcy worked the bar over Wilder’s inner thighs.  When slick fingers met an even slicker wetness between Wilder’s legs, the bar of soap was abandoned to slip gracefully to the bottom of the tub.  Using her fingers alone, Darcy traced across Wilder’s lips.  Discovering them already opening, she easily found Wilder’s clit and stroked it gently.

“Uhnn, yeah.  Just like that,” Wilder moaned.  The sound of Wilder’s voice snapped Darcy from her almost hypnotic state.  She had become entranced watching Wilder become more and more excited from her touch.  Removing her hand, she suppressed Wilder’s moan of protest with a scorching kiss.

“Just a little longer, Wild.  Very soon, I swear,” she promised as she rose to her feet.  “Take your time, rinse and dry off.  Give me a few minutes and then meet me back in the living room.”  She moved quickly to the door where she stopped and looked back at a very needy Wilder struggling to remove herself rapidly from the slippery tub.  She tugged at the cut-off t-shirt adorning her body.  With one swift movement she removed it and threw it to join Wilder’s clothing on the floor.  The blonde’s attempts to leave the tub halted as she stared at Darcy, now wearing only the black lace thong.      

“Take your time, Wild,” she said softly.  “We have all night and I’m going to make it the ride of your life.”  The executive slipped out the door, shutting it quickly to keep the warm, moist air inside.

Wilder could only stare at the now closed portal.  Calm down, girl.  Don’t blow it all right now.  Darcy wants to give me pleasure and I want to let her do just that.  Gathering composure for senses reeling with excitement was easier said than done.  Moving to the tub’s swan shaped faucets, she splashed cold water on her face and chest.  One times one is one; one times two is two; one times three is three…  The times tables took her mind off the love of her life in the next room, readying her ravishing.   

Reaching the sixes on the multiplication, Wilder felt she had given Darcy the requested amount of time.  Rising from the tub, she pulled a large soft towel from a brass rack.  Wiping water and stray bubbles from her body, she went to the door.  Flinging the towel back over her shoulder, she strode into the living room gloriously naked.

As before, the room was dark, but this time the darkness was relieved with the candles from the table and a cheerful blaze in a gas flame fireplace.  Darcy sat before the fireplace on a thick blanket spread over the plush carpet.  Next to the blanket was an ice bucket, an open bottle’s neck visible above the rim.

Darcy sat in the center of the blanket with several cushions dotting the area around her.  She raised her hand in invitation to the barmaid.  Wilder shivered slightly, almost positive it wasn’t from the residual dampness on her skin.  Her eyes never left Darcy’s as she journeyed to the center of the room. Taking the brunette’s hand, she let herself be brought down to the soft fabric of the blanket.

“This is nice,” Wilder observed.  She waited for the executive to make the first move.

“I wanted to make mad, passionate love to you on a bearskin rug,” Darcy said.  “But I didn’t have the heart to get a real one.  I hope that doesn’t mess anything up.”  The brunette brought Wilder’s hand up to her lips and placed a soft kiss on the palm.  “I wanted to make everything perfect tonight.”  Wilder smiled at that.

“It is perfect, Darce.  You’re here; that makes it perfect for me.  I don’t need anything else but you.”

Darcy released Wilder’s hand and flopped back onto the blanket staring up at the ceiling.  “Now do you get what I mean about the way you talk?  You knock me out with stuff like that.  What you just said was the absolute, most wonderful thing you could have said to me and it just tumbled right out.  You say things that touch my heart and make me believe I’m the most important woman in the world.  How do you do it?  Cold in Banff?  Ha!  I could live in Antarctica and you’d warm me to my toes.”

Wilder just shrugged.  “Maybe it only seems like I have some kind of magical way with words.  Have you ever considered that possibly they only affect you that way because you know you’re hearing the truth?”  Darcy looked over to Wilder.

“Watch this,” Wilder instructed, taking Darcy’s hand back in hers.  “I love you, Darcy.  I’m so very much in love with you.”  That made the brunette smile, but Wilder remained serious.  “See?  It’s just the truth.  With you the truth is easy.  In the past I had a lot of lines, I admit it, but not one of them was ‘I love you’.  Not until you.”  Wilder leaned down onto one elbow and stretched out next to her partner.  “You try it now.  Only tell me the absolute truth.”

Darcy turned on her side to face Wilder.  Reaching up, she grabbed two cushions and slipped one under Wilder’s head before placing the other under hers.  Then she reached over to tuck a stray blonde tress behind Wilder’s ear.

“I love your hair,” she said absently.  “You have the most beautiful blonde hair and I love to touch it.  I like the feel of it in my fingers and when you’re loving me, I like the way it falls down and touches my skin.”

“That was good,” Wilder complimented.  “Keep going.”

“What?’ Darcy asked in confusion.  “Oh.  No, I wasn’t saying anything…”

“But the truth as you see it,” the blonde finished.  “And I liked it… a lot.  Tell me more.”  She moved closer to Darcy, their skin touching now in several places.  Wilder’s point became clear to the executive.  She acted on the request without hesitation.

“Do you remember that first evening we were together?  When we were working on the bet that led to unlimited sexual favors?”  Wilder nodded.

“How could I forget?”

“Well, when I came to pick you up at the club… the first time you kissed me.  I never told you this, but that one kiss nearly caused my knees to buckle.  I had never felt a woman’s lips on mine before and I knew after that moment it wouldn’t be the last time.  You slipped your tongue in my mouth and moved something in me.  One kiss and that was it…and I’d like to pay you back for that experience.”  Leaning forward, Darcy brought her lips to Wilder’s.  With the memory of their first night together firmly in her mind, the brunette strove to reproduce the same kiss.  She opened her mouth as Wilder had done and felt a mirroring action from her partner.  Delving into Wilder’s mouth she tasted the familiar sweetness of the woman who had been in her heart from that first kiss onward.

Darcy moved forward, nudging Wilder onto her back.  The kiss broke only to be resumed again and again.  Darcy put the intensity of the emotion she was feeling into each kiss and the passion they invoked was not lost on either woman.  Darcy dragged her lips from the tempting lips to Wilder’s cheek and around to the length of her neck. Using tongue, lips and teeth, she roved over all the sensitive areas she found.

She took an earlobe gently between her teeth and nibbled it lightly.  Moving her lips to Wilder’s ear, she whispered, “I want to confess something.  When I hear your voice asking or demanding unlimited sexual favors, I get so wet.  It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, I want you so badly.  You excite me, you drive me crazy, you make my body come alive.  And you do it every time.”  Wilder shivered from Darcy’s warm breath at her ear as well as the words.  The ego stroking was almost as erotic as the hand Darcy was now using to glide the length of her torso.

“Indoors, outdoors, in public, behind closed doors…it doesn’t matter when it’s you, Wild.  I just want to touch you and make you know what you’ve done to me.  Like now.”  Darcy stopped her journeying hand and brought it to the nearest one of Wilder’s.  Guiding the barmaid’s hand she brought it down between her legs.  Tugging the black lace thong to one side she encouraged Wilder to explore her at will.

“So hot…so fucking hot,” Wilder breathed as her fingers moved through the slick heat she found between the lips there.  Darcy surrendered to the touches and struggled to keep control under Wilder’s skillful caresses. 

Covering Wilder’s hand with her own again, she said, “But this night is about you.”  When Wilder would have protested, she brought Wilder’s hand, fingers still slick with juices, to her mouth.  One digit at a time she took the fingers into her mouth.  “All about you… so tell me… tell me what you want… how you want it… demand it.   Anything you want, Wild.  Anything.”

Wilder was practically panting and the urge to push Darcy back and slide right back into her moist heat was nearly unbearable.  Her pledge to let Darcy take charge floated into her mind.

“I want you to make love to me, Darcy.  I want you inside me, I want you to make me scream, I want…you.  Do it, Darce.  Give me you.”  Darcy’s eyes closed and her head tipped back, reveling in the freedom she’d been given.  Wilder watched as Darcy took a deep breath and opened her eyes again.  The look there was almost feral.

Darcy did not speak as she moved closer to her partner.  Pushing Wilder back, her mouth honed in on the nearest breast.  Using her mouth almost roughly, she teased the nipple there into rigidity.  Pulling the tip between her lips she ran her tongue across the tight flesh.  She moved to the other breast, leaving one hand to remain in contact with the first.  Rolling and lightly pinching the nipple between her fingers, Darcy managed to keep both breasts in the peak of excitement. 

“I love that,” Wilder groaned.  Darcy replaced her mouth with her other hand.  Both breasts were now handled as the executive’s mouth dragged lower.  Kisses and caresses with her tongue were generously placed over Wilder’s taut abdomen.

“I can smell you, Wild.  I can smell how much you want me.”  Darcy’s voice was rough with passion.  “I want to be deep inside you.  I want to be deeper in you than I’ve ever been.”  Darcy’s mouth had nearly reached the neatly trimmed hair over Wilder’s mound and she brought her hands down to part the blonde’s legs.  Wilder moved abruptly then, turning onto her stomach.  She pulled the cushion that had been under her head and placed it under her chest as she rose to her knees.  Looking back, she pleaded with her lover.

“From behind this time.  I want you in deep, too.”  Darcy comprehended Wilder’s need because it matched her own so closely.  The connection between them needed to be hot, fast and immediate.  The brunette moved to her knees, moving forward until her thighs made contact with Wilder’s backside.  Almost reflexively, Wilder’s legs moved apart, allowing Darcy an unobstructed view of the barmaid’s glistening opening.

“Please…” Wilder begged.  “Do it now…please!”  Darcy moved her legs to straddle Wilder’s left one.  Running her hands over the barmaid’s bottom, she moved her fingers closer and closer to where Wilder was desperate for them to be.  At the first touch of Darcy’s hand to the slick heat of Wilder, the barmaid groaned.  Darcy’s fingers moved confidently between the silky wetness to the fully aroused clit.  She stroked firmly across it, causing Wilder’s body to contract in pleasure.  The barmaid moved her body to increase the contact, rocking back and forth to enhance the friction.

“You’re so hard, Wild,” Darcy panted.  “You’re ready for me, aren’t you?”  It was as much a statement as a question and Wilder could only nod her head and moan in response.  Darcy pulled her fingers back through the now sopping juices and brought them to her lover’s opening.  Turning her palm down, she slid two fingers boldly inside.

“Unnhh…” Wilder groaned, welcoming the invasion.  She felt Darcy’s digits buried deeply inside her and the intimate connection caused her to push back onto them.  Slowly Darcy pulled the fingers back out until only the tips remained inside.  Wilder rocked back seeking their return and the executive thrust them back in vigorously.  Long slow strokes followed until Wilder was frantic with need.

“Darcy!  Now, now…”  The rest of the blonde’s request went unspoken as Darcy provided what was required.  The thrusts in and out became faster and harder as she timed her actions with the frenzied movements of Wilder’s body.  Darcy leaned over Wilder’s bottom and brought her free hand around the blonde’s thigh to make contact once again with her clit.  The rapid thrusts combined with the delicious stroking of her clit was too much for Wilder.

“Gonna come...” she announced.  Darcy redoubled her efforts, feeling her own juices saturating the skimpy material of her thong.  She slightly curled the tips of her fingers as she moved them in and out of her lover.  It was the final act needed to push Wilder over the edge.

“Coming…” she grunted out through clenched teeth.  Darcy thrust her fingers in one last time and then held them in place as Wilder’s body spasmed around them.  Several long seconds passed as Wilder shook in pleasure.  When the spasms seemed as if they might abate, Darcy moved the fingers of her left hand over Wilder’s clit once again.

Wilder screamed out as another orgasm wracked her body.  When the sensations finally subsided, Wilder remained on her knees for another few seconds before slowly sinking down to the blanket.  Darcy remained inside her and went down also, still straddling Wilder’s now outstretched legs.

“Don’t move, okay?” Wilder requested weakly.  “Just stay there for a minute.”  Her breathing was still rapid and erratic.

“I couldn’t move if I wanted to,” Darcy replied, panting also and not anxious to leave Wilder’s steamy depths.  Neither spoke or moved for several minutes as breathing slowly returned to normal.          

“That was incredible,” Wilder finally said.  “Really amazing.  I’ve wanted you like that from almost the first minute I walked in here.”  Darcy slowly and carefully extracted her fingers from Wilder.  She moved up on the blanket to lie beside her lover.

“Coming from you, no pun intended, that’s quite a compliment,” she replied as she draped an arm over the blonde. 

“I’ll show you a compliment…in a few minutes, after my body remembers how to function and I have a sip of the champagne I see in that bucket.”

“It’s not necessary, I’m fine,” Darcy insisted.  “You just rest.”

“You’re fine?  Darce, you’re forgetting you were straddling my leg.  I know just how fine you are.” 

“If you could feel that then you know I was really fine the minute you were.” 

Wilder lifted her head.  “You mean you…”

“Oh hell yeah, I did.  I couldn’t stop it.”  Wilder turned over completely then, puling Darcy into her arms. 

“Good, because my mind is willing, but my flesh feels damn weak right now.  Do you think in a couple of minutes we could go reheat that bath water?  I think I’d like you in there with me this time though.”

“Absolutely.  Whatever you want.”  Darcy lifted her head from where it had taken up residence on Wilder’s shoulder.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, Darce.  That’s a fact and it’s never going to change for me.  Not until I draw my last breath.”  Wilder went silent a second.  “Hey Darce, you know they legalized same sex marriage up here just recently, don’t you?”  She felt the executive tense up in her arms.

“Are you asking?”

Wilder’s response was whispered with a tone of awe.  “Yeah, I guess I am.  Will you marry me, Darcy Gardner?”  She held her breath as she waited for the brunette’s reply.

“Yes, I will marry you…someday, but not here and not now, okay?  I love it that you asked me though.  I really do.”  She leaned over and kissed the woman in her arms.  Wilder was puzzled.

“Why won’t you marry me now?” she asked, a bit perplexed.

“Do you want to go back home and tell our parents they aren’t going to have the pleasure of throwing us what they will convince themselves is the ceremony of our dreams?  Not me, I tell you.”

Wilder shivered.  “Good point.  Thanks, Darce, that was a close one.”  She pulled the brunette close again.  “So how about we take that bottle of champagne into the bath with us?  I’m feeling a bit stronger already.” 

Darcy smiled.  “Now that’s an offer I can accept.”


Darcy heard the garage door open.  The blindfold she was wearing didn’t impair her sense of hearing at all.

“How long do I have to keep this thing on?” she asked to what she felt was probably thin San Francisco air.  Wilder had left her a minute or two ago, claiming she needed the extra drama for the proper unveiling of her art project.  After days of hard work and intense assessment by her instructor, she had passed the course with flying colors.  Now Wilder was ready to show her the final piece.

“I hope this thing can be turned into a birdbath,” the executive teased.  “I’ve always wanted to have one of those and it might look nice in my apartment’s courtyard.”  Hearing nothing but slight metallic noises, her curiosity was peaked more than she wanted to admit.  “While I’m relatively young, Wild.”

“Okay, okay.  I’m ready now.”  Wilder’s voice was close and it slightly startled the brunette.  “I needed it to be perfect.”

“It will be, I’m positive, my little Wilderangelo,” Darcy assured her.  “You passed the course with it, right?”

“Got an ‘A’, too.  On three then.  One, two…”  The blindfold was pulled gently from Darcy’s eyes .  “…three.”

The executive was stunned.  The metal sculpture was breathtaking.

“Oh my,” Darcy said as she stepped slowly toward it.  “It’s incredible.”  The sculpture depicted two women in brassy metal.  There were blue and red colorations to the metal where Wilder had used the blowtorch to shape and bring her vision to life.  Though the faces were kept anonymous enough, there was no mistaking the fact that the figures were herself and Wilder, both nude.

The figure depicting Wilder was on one knee, holding a flag in the manner of early explorers claiming a territory in the name of their homeland.  Darcy’s figure was standing closely in front of Wilder’s, one hand extended and caressing the kneeling figure’s cheek.  It was a tender scene of welcome conquest.

“I don’t know what to say,” Darcy breathed.  “It’s marvelous.”  She glanced to her side to see Wilder’s look of pride.  “You’re an amazing artist.  Really talented.  I’m not sure I ever recognized exactly how much until right this minute.” Her eyes returned to the project.  “What do you call it?”

“Well, I was going to call it Unlimited Sexual Favors, but then I figured I would need to do a series of them and then travel with the exhibition and I wasn’t sure I could get the metal to bend in all the right places anyway…so I just decided to call it ‘Eureka’.”

“You called it ‘Eureka’?” Darcy asked, amused by Wilder’s playfulness.  The blonde took Darcy’s hand.

“Yeah, ‘Eureka’ means ‘I found it’, and I’ve definitely found love with you.  It was unexpected and welcome and I’m so glad I did.”  She brought Darcy’s hand up and placed a soft kiss on it.  The gesture of the kiss and the name caused an emotional flood within the executive.  She pulled Wilder into her arms.

“That’s exactly the way I feel,” she whispered to the artist.  “Exactly.”  She glanced over Wilder’s shoulder and back at the sculpture.  “Hey, my boobs aren’t that big,” she observed, lightening the mood.

“Why do you think I got an ‘A’?” Wilder asked, chuckling.  Darcy dropped one hand to Wilder’s bottom and deposited a firm smack there.  “Ooh, was that an invitation?” the blonde questioned.  “And if it was, where can I RSVP?”

“I’ll bet if we go inside right now, I’ll be able to answer that,” Darcy said.  She pulled Wilder completely into the garage and reached to press the button to drop the door down into place.  As it began to lower, Darcy moved into Wilder’s embrace again.  “Hmm…no plans for the afternoon, a blindfold and the sexiest woman I know in my arms.  I wonder what we’ll do?”

“I can think of a thing or two…or ten,” Wilder said, moving her mouth close to Darcy’s.

“I told you that you were talented,” Darcy breathed.  “Last one into the apartment wears the blindfold!”  She moved away from Wilder quickly, and two women racing for the inside entrance was the last thing seen as the garage door dropped into place.

The End

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