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Summer Heat



There’s no doubt about it, Cody thought as she adjusted her tinted shades, making her way through the city park… Today was definitely the right day to skip classes. Holding the strap of the bright orange rucksack that was slung over her shoulder in one hand, the blonde psychology student ambled over the expanse of rich emerald grass. It was turning out to be the hottest day of the year. An unblemished blue sky stretched out overhead, only tinted by the burning yellow orb of the sun.

Holding discarded training shoes in her free hand, Cody enjoyed the sensation of grass blades tickling her feet softly. The searing sun warmed the earth causing rich scents of foliage to penetrate the air. Cody breathed in the aroma, happy to be outdoors and not stuck in the university common room, pretending to work. She had finished her paper and didn’t see the need to go over it one more time. Still, she had tucked her notes in the back of her denim shorts – just in case she changed her mind.

Cody looked ahead, indulging in her favourite pastime – people watching. On days such as this the park was brimming with folk all with the same idea in mind, to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather. Even the city’s street entertainers migrated towards the park in the hopes of earning a few extra coins with their acts. Cody looked to her left where a man juggling flaming batons was slowly gaining a crowd of onlookers. She stopped for a moment and watched the spectacle before continuing her journey towards her chosen place of relaxation - the parks fountain. The fountain was a large grey stone structure that stood in the centre of the park. Three dragons, poised ready to attack stood in the centre of the feature. Standing back to back, jets of water spurted from their open mouths and fell into the pool below. On hot days such as this the fountain was a good place to bathe in the sun as the soothing mist of water cooled the air and body. Even though signs forbade it, little children would paddle in the pool, closely guarded by their parents. Cody hoped that on this warm Friday morning the place would be relatively free of hyperactive children. They should still be at primary school!

Approaching a thick overgrowth of bushes Cody began to hear the telltale sounds of splashing water. She quickened her movements, walking around the bush until she saw the large monument. Cody frowned at the sight. The powerful jets of crystal clear water that spiralled out from the dragons’ up turned mouths had dwindled to a feeble trickle. Well that’s nice, she thought as she moved closer towards the fountain. I guess it’s knackered!

Looking around, the blonde assessed her surroundings. She was happy to note there were not many people around. A couple lay upon a tartan blanket enjoying a picnic. There were several single people sitting and lying upon the grass including a man with a dog and a slender woman with long dark hair who lay stretched out upon her stomach reading a book. Moving around the grass Cody could see a council gardener working with a long pair of pincers and a black bag and to her right another couple teasing a dog with a Frisbee.

Selecting a spot near the fountain, Cody pulled her light denim jacket from her rucksack and placed it upon the ground. She then sat down and looked back inside her bag. Reaching inside she retrieved a Walkman, a can of cherry coke and single-serving box of honey nut hoops.

"Ah... breakfast in the sun," she mumbled and lay back upon the grass, placing her head upon her bag. With her legs outstretched Cody put on her headphones and opened her cereal. She pulled the plastic bag out from the box and began eating her breakfast as the radio filtered through her ears. Cody closed her eyes and sighed in contentment.

Long minutes passed in pleasant relaxation. The warm sun soothed Cody’s body. An occasional light wind cooled her skin. Even the radio’s playing of the top ten hits of Robbie Williams was agreeable. The only down point arrived when a large cloud covered the sun and shaded her basking body. Cody frowned and waited for the sun to come back out and it was only when she felt a persistent nudge to her foot that she realised something wasn’t right.

Opening her eyes Cody looked up at the dark figure standing in front of her. Dark green trousers covered long legs and a lighter green polo shirt with a council logo was tucked into the waist of the pants. Cody was unable to make out the face but she shielded her eyes from the sun that haloed her intruder’s cap-covered head and pulled off her headphones.

"I didn’t realise kicking somebody was a way of gaining their attention," said Cody, slightly annoyed by this person’s intrusion and method of attracting attention. She stared into shadowed features.

"Well being as though you couldn’t hear me with those things on," the gardener motioned toward the headset around Cody’s neck, "I thought this was the next best thing."

Cody was surprised by the female voice. "By kicking me?"

"No, just gaining your attention." There was a slight amused tone to the woman’s voice.

"And now that you have it?" Cody said indignantly.

There was a slight pause before the gardener replied. "I just wanted to say that if people like you watched their trash then people like me wouldn’t have to go around picking it up after you."

"Excuse me? I didn’t drop any!"

The woman held up the empty cereal box. "This is yours I take it?"

Damn! Cody covered her eyes further as she tried to gain a look up at the uniformed body in front of her. "Well yes but I assure you I didn’t drop it. A gust of wind must have blown it across the grass but I can honestly say that I don’t go around dropping rubbish."

"That’s what they all say… yet here I am… still picking up people’s trash… day after day!"

Feeling her irritation rise, Cody moved to a sitting position. "Now look…"

"Is there a problem here?"

Looking to her left, Cody spotted the brunette who had been reading beside her. "No, everything is fine... thank you."

"Are you sure?" The brunette placed down her book and looked over oval sunglasses.

Cody nodded. "Yes, thank you." She looked back at the gardener and arched her eyebrows. The woman simply shook her head and wandered off with a muttered curse.

"You’ll have to forgive her. She has a major bug up her arse about this place. I see her here every day… working and talking to herself." The brunette leaned further towards Cody. "Personally I think she is a few cans short of a six pack… if you understand what I mean!"

Cody arched her eyebrows as she looked back at the gardener. She could just make out a dark green baseball cap moving around behind a crop of bushes. "I guess she had a right to be annoyed if she thought I was littering the grounds."

The brunette shrugged. "Maybe." She turned back to her book.

Switching off her Walkman, Cody pulled the headphones from around her neck and placed them beside her bag. Laying backwards the student adjusted her sunglasses and closed her eyes. It had just passed noon and the sun was shining high in the midday sky. The distant sound of an ice-cream van’s melody increased in volume as it neared the city park.

"Just my luck to get told off like a five year old," Cody mumbled, her eyes still closed against the glaring sun. "I know I look younger than my years but not that much."

It was a common occurrence for the psychology student. She was constantly being asked to show forms of identification and proof of her age. The first day she attended university a lecturer had asked her whether she was in the wrong building let alone the wrong class. Cody didn’t mind though. She figured she would appreciate her youthful looks when she was older. Still, looking like a teenager at twenty-three did have its advantages. It meant she could utilise public transport for half fare, claiming she just looked older for her age. None could resist the halo of golden hair and sincere green eyes.

Cody’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of splashing. Opening her eyes and using one hand to shield them from the sun she looked over to the fountain. Wading around in the water was the uniformed park’s gardener. From her distance Cody was able to make out long black hair pulled up into a ponytail that hung from the back of the cap. Green trousers were rolled up to her knees as she waded through the fountain’s pool of water.

Feeling her mischievous nature spark, Cody climbed to her feet with a wry grin. Running her hand through her hair the student trotted over to the fountain. Folding her arms she stood by the circular stone boundary of the pool and stared at the broad back of the woman in the water.

"You know… there are signs all around here telling people not to go paddling in the pool. I thought someone who is such a stickler for the rules would know that!"

The surprised woman turned around and Cody was treated to her first un-obscured view of her. Bewildered blue eyes stared into green with the expression of a deer caught in the headlights. The blonde had to pause a moment to regain her bearings.

"Excuse me?" The tall woman asked eventually.

"Oh um… I was just going to make some crack about you following the rules. You know, after you just told me off for littering." The student rolled her eyes internally. Oh smooth, Cody. She looks like you just scared her half to death!

The park keeper’s expression changed and she stared at Cody sternly for several moments before a faint smile cracked her features. "Oh so you came over here to tell me off this time, hmm?"

"That was the plan." Cody cringed as she took in the slender form and beautiful features of the woman in front of her. "I suppose I forgot to take my suave and sophisticated pill with my vitamins this morning," she muttered.

"Pardon?" The woman waded a step closer.

"Nothing." Cody shook her head. If I walk away now and fall flat on my face the day will be complete! She studied the gardener who was sporting an amused expression and watched a bead of sweat trickle down her forehead. "So, are you just cooling off in there?"

The woman chuckled with a shake of her head. "No," she pulled a wrench from her back pocket. "I was about to fix it. I figure it has to be either the drainage system or the pump that is causing the lack of pressure and flow of water to the fountain."

"Wow," Cody sat down upon the circular stone edge of the fountain’s pool. "Regular Miss Jacqueline of all trades, aren’t you!"

The gardener shrugged. "I do what I can… but the name’s Danielle… Danni."

"Cody," the student replied. With a smirk she studied Danielle.

"What?" Danni asked feeling slightly self-conscious.

"I was just thinking. You don’t really seem like the kind of person who wanders around the park talking nonsense words to herself."

Danielle laughed out aloud. "Is that the reputation I have around here?" Slipping the wrench back into her pocket Danielle folded her arms and arched her eyebrows in question.

"Well, that is what one person said."

Shaking her head Danielle sat down upon the wall also. She leaned forward, readjusting her turned up trouser legs making sure the stagnant water in the pool didn’t soak her clothing. "You know, just because I curse the day I ever ended up in this position doesn’t mean I am a mumbling fool."

"I knew it!" Cody exclaimed. "I had a feeling this wasn’t your kind of job. So what are you… as aspiring actor, singer, musician?"


"You seem like the aspiring kind of person."

"I do?" Danielle smirked. "What gives you that impression?"

Cody shrugged. "The way you carry yourself. You wear gloves to protect your hands… like it’s important to you. You seem to have a look in your eyes like you are studying all you see."

"And you got all that from less than five minutes?" Danielle gazed at her sceptically. She pursed her lips with a frown and then blue eyes narrowed in thought. "Oh my god... you’re a psychology student, aren’t you!"

Cody blinked in surprise. "How did you know that?"

Danni tapped the side of her nose with an orange-gloved finger. "It wasn’t that hard. I mean, apart from having that typical student air… you seemed to be spouting the usual psycho babble."

The students jaw dropped. "I don’t know whether I should be insulted by that or not… and it’s not babble. What is this misconception people have about students anyway? Not all of us sit around all day watching The Tellytubbies and eating instant microwave meals in our underwear."

"You don’t? Well damn, there goes my vision."

Cody felt her cheeks infuse with heat. "I umm… well… I"

Danni held up her hands. "Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to insult you or students. I used to be one myself after all. I was just joking with you. Besides I still do sit around in my underwear eating instant micro meals. I don’t watch television though, I don’t have one."

"Really!" With a single nod Cody let her eyes drift down to the water. The reflection of long bronzed legs shining upon its surface made Danni’s limbs look twice as long. The desire to reach out and run her fingers over the droplets covering Danielle’s firm flesh was surprisingly strong and Cody only just managed to restrain the urge. Shifting from her wandering thoughts, Cody glanced back to an amused looking gardener. "Anyway you never told me. You are an aspiring…?"

Danielle smirked. "I’m an artist. I sculpt a little but mostly I love to paint."

"Ah ha… you see I knew it." Cody clapped her hands together once. "So do you mind if I ask why you’re working here?"

"Ah," Danni pulled the wrench back out of her pocket and tapped the handle in the palm of her hand. "Well… actually… it’s community service."

Disbelief crossed Cody’s features. "Community service? You broke the law? What did you do?"

Danielle smiled sheepishly. "Well, do you remember in the spring how there was a big local news story about the vandalising of this fountain?"

Cody knew instantly what Danni was talking about. She had seen the spectacle herself as well as read about it in the papers. During the night it seemed that somebody had filled the fountain with washing detergent. The next morning the fountain was seen to be spouting continuous streams of white, frothy bubbles. Each of the dragon’s mouths were overflowing with copious amounts of pine-scented suds. Though the news stated that the culprit had been caught, a name was never given.

Cody’s eyes widened as she said, "That was you?"

Danni nodded.

"Oh my god… why?"

"A bad day." The ebony haired woman rose to her feet and waded through the water. "I got up in the morning to find my goldfish floating on the top of its bowl. Then the milkman left me gold top instead of semi skimmed. After that, on my way to work I drove over a speed bump too fast and damaged the suspension on my car. I was quoted two hundred and fifty pounds that I didn’t have to get it repaired. And to top it all off, the portrait of the newly restored cathedral that I was commissioned to paint was cancelled. I got pissed… emotionally and physically. After several pints of cider, seven bottles of WKD, two shots of whisky during a late night ‘lock in’ at the Dog and Gun my common sense was fried. The last thing I remember was pouring a full bottle of detergent into this fountain. Next thing I knew a uniformed bobby was standing over me. I had passed out not far away from this spot. With the empty bottle of detergent in my pocket it wasn’t too hard to finger me… no pun intended!"

Cody smirked. "And your community service punishment was to work your hours here!"

Flipping the wrench in her hand Danni sighed. "And when they discovered I had trained as a plumber they said I could not only keep the park’s grounds clear but I could uphold the maintenance of this blasted thing." Danielle kicked her naked foot through the water begrudgingly.

Cody watched the almost petulant expression of the artist and had to hide her smile. There was something almost endearing about her that captured the student’s interest. "So apart from reprimanding us lowly park patrons for littering, today’s agenda includes fixing this dribbling fountain?"

Danielle blushed. "I’m sorry about that. It didn’t really turn out the way I planned!"

"The way you planned?"

"Um, yes. It was my way of edging in to saying hello but you got a little aggravated with me… not that I blame you… so I thought I better back off." The artist blushed deepened, further attracting the student.

"If you wanted to say hello…"

"Yeah, yeah, I know…but I’m not all that good when it comes to meeting people. In fact I suck big time!" Danni twirled the wrench around her fingers nervously. "So are you saying I would have received a positive response if I had have managed to approach you in a less wimpy manner?"

Realising what the artist was implying Cody felt an internal sense of joy. She had to admit, the woman - in her eyes - was gorgeous. Of course she would have wanted to get to know her even though she was unable to see her properly on their first encounter, the soft, silken voice alone was enough to draw her. Still, Cody decided to play it cool. "Well it would depend on what exactly you wanted." She rose from the stone pool and faced Danielle who was wading slightly through the water.

"Okay…" Danni paused. "What if I wanted to get to know you better?"

Cody prodded her bottom lip. "I’m sure you wound find me receptive."

Grinning, the artist tapped the wrench in her hand. "Interesting. I’ll have to keep that in mind." Then with an unexpected wink, Danni stepped backwards poking her thumb over her shoulder. "I suppose I better get back to work… you know… dribbling fountain to fix and all." Still smiling confidently, Danielle turned around through the water and waded to the other side of the fountain’s pool.

Cody watched her leave, shaking her head. Why do I feel I have just transferred the upper hand, she wondered. Turning back to her patch of grass, Cody made her way over to her belongings.

Taking a seat under the sweltering sun, Cody leaned back onto her hands, angling her face towards its warmth. Behind closed eyes images of the artist’s smile formed in her mind’s eye. Cody remembered her endearing blush and knew she felt a strong attraction towards the woman. Unable to resist, the student opened her eyes and looked back over to the splashing sounds coming from the fountain. Emerald eyes opened just in time to catch Danielle bend over, treating Cody to an un-obscured view of her behind. She frowned as she watched the woman jolting back and forth as she apparently began her repairs. Cody wondered what she was doing, not that she was unimpressed by the sight ahead of her. Cody gazed unabashed at the eye catching display. Feeling beads of sweat slip down her forehead she wiped a hand over her overheated brow.

Suddenly a startled curse filled the park and Cody watched with amusement as the artist stumbled backwards and fell into the water. Quickly climbing to her feet she ran over to the fountain and looked over the low stone circular wall. She stared straight into the bewildered blue eyes of a drenched Danielle. Cody smirked, covering her mouth quickly as she tried to force a look of concern upon her amused features. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Danni blinked and rubbed a damp hand over her face. "This kind of turns the phrase ‘getting wet’ into a whole new meaning for me," she mumbled.


The soaked woman shook her head with another blush. "I guess I don’t know my own strength. One hard yank and the drainage grate flew off… taking me with it!" No longer caring, Danni moved forward onto her hands and knees in the water. She pushed a gloved and sodden hand into the fountain’s drainage point. Cody watched as an expression of confusion covered her features as her hand fumbled around inside the drain. Then Danielle’s expression changed to a smile as she seemingly found what she was looking for. After an abrupt twist and yank a loud gurgling sound rose from the drain before the pitiable dribble turned into a full-fledged, almost jet propelled flow of crystal clear water. It shot up out of the upturned dragons’ mouths and down into the pool below.

"Oh crap," Danni yelled as she found herself under the heavy fall of water. With a jump she dived over the stone wall and rolled to her feet.

Cody looked around amazed as many of the park’s patrons clapped and cheered at the sight. Danielle rose to her feet; completely soaking wet and took her bow. Her sodden baseball cap fell off her head and Cody bent to pick it up. "I believe this is yours."

Danielle took her green workers cap with a smile. Droplets of water cascaded down her forehead. "Tell me… in your eyes do I still possess that air of cool indifference and charming mystique or have I completely blown it now?"

Cody pulled her best expression of scepticism, forcing Danni to curse.

"Damn!" Shoving the cap back upon her head, the artist shrugged. "So how about a drink? I know a great pub near the bus station. It’s a complete dive but it’s the cheapest place for food and drink. I’m pretty sure I could stretch to something to eat if you wished."

The student shook her head, though internally thrilled. "That has to be the worst sounding offer I’ve ever had. You are on!"

Laughing the artist pursed her lips and smiled. "Well that’s great. So um… if you collect your things, I’ll pick up my shoes and then change into some decent clothes and we can go!"

Cody jogged back over to her belongings. Picking up her bag she jumbled her things back inside, along with her essay notes and slung the carrier over her shoulder. Once done Cody made her way back over to Danielle who was slipping into her shoes. Side by side they made their way towards the back exit of the park. A thought suddenly occurred to the blonde. "Where exactly are we heading first?"

"My place," Danielle said. "I only live across the road from here… worst luck huh!" She turned to Cody. "That is alright, isn’t it? I just need to get out of these wet clothes and into something a little appropriate if I am to be seen in public."

"Sure." Cody watched cerulean eyes turn back ahead and she covertly stared at her companion’s profile. Even looking like a drowned rat, the woman, as far as Cody was concerned, was stunningly attractive. The student could not believe how her day was evolving. Very different from the day of sun worshiping alone that she had planned. She had even put off her roommate who had wanted to go with her. Now Cody was abandoning her day to herself in favour of remaining in the company of this unusually enticing woman. Cody realised that it really didn’t have anything to do with her looks. Her external bravado, masking her inner bashfulness, was immensely endearing. There was an aura about Danni that she found simply irresistible.

Reaching the rear entrance, Cody realised she had never seen this part of the city before. On the other side of the black wrought iron railings the student found it hard to miss the block of four story flats. They were heading towards the back of the building and many of the rear windows were boarded up due to vacancy. Cody acknowledged that she was entering the rougher part of the city.

"So you live up there?"

Danielle nodded. "Yes. I assure you it looks better from the inside… just!"

Cody chuckled as they passed the railings and crossed an empty road. Approaching the back door Danni pulled out a small set of keys from her tight, wet pocket and inserted a small Yale key into the lock. The door clicked open and Danielle stood back allowing Cody to enter first. She then followed behind her and the door automatically slammed shut, rendering the women into darkness.

"Oh… hold on a moment."

Cody heard a rustling sound as Danielle ran her hand over the wall, locating the light switch. Suddenly a bright, naked bulb flickered on illuminating stairs to the right.

"It’s the first floor," Danni said as she took the stairs two at a time.

They reached the first floor and Danielle turned to the left, walking towards a blue door at the far end of the hallway. Choosing a different key from the set she opened the door and let Cody into her flat. They walked straight into the living room and Cody took in her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the lack of furniture in the living room. There was absolutely none. Around the edges of the room, leaning against the wall were many paintings lining most of the lower part of the wall. At the far end of the room, near the window stood an easel with a work in progress underneath a large paint splattered sheet.

Walking further into the room, Cody’s footsteps echoed upon bare floorboards. She looked over the room and through the window seeing the park ahead.

"It’s not much," Danielle stated as she turned to face the student. "To the left is a kitchen diner and to the right is my bedroom and bathroom. Take a look around… I just have to go and shower and change into some dry clothes!"

Cody nodded as Danielle stepped off towards the far door to the right of the room. As the artist disappeared from view, Cody looked once again around the room. Starting in the left corner she began looking at Danni’s paintings one by one. Although Cody was no connoisseur of the arts she had to admit that she liked what she saw. The paintings were different, each being a landscape captured from a distorted point of view. They were different but strangely fascinating.

Reaching a stack of four canvases standing by the door to the kitchen Cody pulled them forwards, studying them one by one. She was mesmerised by the unusual use of colours and textures. Placing the paintings back against the wall Cody walked into the kitchen. To the left was a simple round wooden table with four distressed wood chairs. To the right was a kitchen with basic appliances. The white tiled walls were gleaming clean and the linoleum floor was a mixture of black and white tiles. It was a simple room but clean and obviously highly used. Unable to resist, Cody headed towards the small fridge freezer and opened the upper door. She was surprised by the lack of food inside. There were more bottles of juice, milk and alcohol than actual food. She counted three eggs, a small block of Red Leicester cheese and a tin of corned beef. Arching her eyebrows, Cody realised Danielle must live on a very minimal income. Her privileged up bringing and prepaid education suddenly made her feel incredibly lucky.

Closing the fridge door, Cody walked back out into the front room. She looked towards the window as her eyes drifted to the easel. The temptation to look under the sheet was great as she edged closer to the canvas. Letting her head fall to the side she attempted to look under the sheet but was unsuccessful. Stepping ever closer she held the corner of the covering.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

Cody jumped and turned towards the unexpected voice.

"No looking until it’s finished."

The blonde smirked apologetically. "Sorry, sometimes I am far too curious for my own good."

Danni grinned, with a veiled expression. "Good job I caught you then!"

The artist stepped closer and Cody finally took notice of her new change of clothing. Danni’s hair was washed and towel dried and she wore simple blue denim shorts and a green crop top that left nothing much to Cody’s imagination. The blonde felt a warm sensation build within as she gazed at the exposed body. Her eyes travelled up and down the tall frame and she swallowed thickly.

Eventually the blonde blinked as long fingers moved back and forth in front of her eyes.

"You kind of spaced out there for a moment." Danielle smirked perceptively.

The student cleared her throat. "Sorry, my mind wandered there for a second."

"Uh huh." Danni decided to give the blonde a break. "Trying to figure out what’s under the sheet, right?"

"Oh… um… yes." Cody turned back to the easel. "It’s a terrible trait of mine. At Christmas I know what each gift is before it’s even opened." She held up her hands. "These hands are experts in the art of perceptive fingertip inquisition."

"Really?" The artist was unable to hide her acknowledgement of the double meaning of Cody’s statement. "So does that mean you are just itching to uncover my hidden treasures?"

"I’m warming up to the notion."

Danielle thought briefly before saying. "Well…" she held out her hand towards the easel. "Be my guest."

Cody noted the cautious tone in the artist’s voice. Taking little heed she lifted the sheet and pulled it from the canvas. What she saw both thrilled and scared her in equal amounts. Turning wide eyes back to Danielle, the student asked, "What’s going on?" She looked back at the picture that was the image of herself. The only eerie aspects to the portrait were the colourless eyes.

Danielle stepped forward. "It’s not what you think."

"What am I supposed to think?"

"Let me explain."

"I think you better."

"Okay… well, it’s like this. On the first day of my community service I was out planting shrubs in the park when I saw you with a group of friends. It was the first time I had ever seen you. I remember thinking that you were amazing. Your smile… the way the sunlight reflected the golden highlights in your hair. I thought you had such a beautiful face that I had this overwhelming desire to immortalise it… you… on canvas. Everything you see is from memory. The only problem is that from the distance I was never able to see the colour of your eyes. I never saw you from that day and I honestly never thought I would. This is such a big city after all. Then unexpectedly I saw you today. I was surprised and thrilled. I had this incredible urge to talk to you but like I said, I am not too good with the interpersonal skills. The only thing I could come up with was that line about the litter. When you became annoyed I thought I had blown it and internally berated myself as I left with my ‘tail between my legs’. You almost scared the life out of me when you came over to talk to me," Danielle finished honestly.

Cody stood silently, digesting the artist’s words.

"After speaking with you I wasn’t sure how you would feel about looking at this, even though I wanted you to. I swear I never meant anything underhanded by it. I just saw the internal as well as external beauty of you that day and I needed to immortalise that. Your picture is the best work I’ve ever painted." Danni stared down at her hands hoping Cody would believe her honest words.

Cody looked once again at the portrait of herself. The likeness was so accurate it was almost like looking at a photograph of herself. The only drawback was the colourless eyes that seemed so void and soulless. "And you did all this from memory?"

"I have a photographic memory," Danielle said, still looking down at her hands. She was afraid of what she would see in the student’s eyes.

Biting the corner of her lip, Cody looked down at Danielle’s hands. Her knuckles were white with tension. Cody wasn’t sure what to think. Suddenly events had taken yet another unexpected turn and she felt very bewildered by it all. She didn’t know what it was about Danielle but Cody instinctively knew she could trust the artist. She had no idea why – she just did. The honesty and sincerity in her eyes was unmistakable. What Cody didn’t expect was the uncertainty it caused within herself. She had felt an incredible attraction to the artist from the moment they met. Now she wondered whether Danielle’s only interest in her was that of a painter and her subject. Pushing aside those thoughts Cody tried to decide what she should do and say. The sheer anxious expression upon Danni’s face led her to understand that there was nothing secretly nefarious about her actions but Danielle also needed acknowledgement of her feelings towards the painting. What did Cody feel about it? The student realised she was more than flattered, she was touched and extraordinarily shocked that Danielle would in anyway find her an interesting subject.

Running a hand through blonde hair, Cody scratched the back of her neck. Her gaze turned from Danielle’s painting to the woman herself. She caught the artist studying her from beneath dark eyelashes. Danielle turned away; she looked briefly around the room before looking back at Cody.

"I’ve never found silence so suffocating before," she said nervously. The artist kept a steady distance from Cody.

"Well I’ve never found myself at a loss for something to say before."

Danielle fingered the edge of her shorts. "Is there anything you want to ask me?"

The student paused as she thought. She had many questions whirling around her head but she was unable to focus her mind on any one of them.

"I guess I’ve really thrown you, huh?"

Cody snorted. "You have no idea. I sure wasn’t expecting anything like this. I don’t know whether I should feel flattered or…"

"I think you should feel flattered," Danielle interrupted. "I wish I could have asked or told you but I never saw you again and thought I never would. I had never felt so inspired in my life."

"I inspire you?"

"Inspire?" Danni laughed. "Cody, when I first saw you I felt a fire ignite within me. I felt alive for the first time. You created a desire inside me and I just had to act on it. I’ve never felt anything like it before. You did that to me."

"I did?" Cody sucked in a deep breath. "Why didn’t you say anything then?"

Danielle shook her head. "What was I supposed to say? ‘Oh hello, you don’t know me but are you aware that you have the most inspiring aura about you that just fills me with artistic stimulation. I would really like to get to know you better’."

Cody shrugged. "Why not?" There was no doubt in the student’s mind that Danni’s words were touching her profoundly. She certainly found herself responding to her.

Danielle visibly swallowed. An expression of hesitation glimmered in her eyes as another thought entered her mind. "And what if I were to say to you that I find myself responding to you not only artistically but… but sexually as well?"

Feeling the breath leave her lungs, the tingling warmth that Cody had felt before sparked anew. Realising she was once again at a loss for words the student stepped forwards, reaching up and clasping Danni’s face in both hands. Moving ever closer Cody placed her lips softly upon Danielle’s. The subtle scent of her shampoo tickled her senses. She didn’t pause to consider her actions and just proceeded with an instinct of what her heart knew and her body desired.

Danielle responded briefly to Cody’s kiss before reluctantly pulling away. "Don’t do this just for me, Cody."

Cody smiled. "Believe me… I am a little more selfish than that. I do want you too." She kissed Danni again, allowing her damp locks to sift through her fingers. Cody sighed disappointedly as Danielle pulled away again.

"I’m not the kind of person to usually enjoy brief encounters or one night stands." Danielle ran her hands down Cody’s arms until they reached her hands where she clasped them together. "I think I want more from you than that… so much more. Do you understand what I’m saying?"

Cody understood perfectly. She didn’t have to think twice about her answer. Even though she knew her parents might have a lot to say about her involvement with an out of work ‘criminal’ as she knew they would see Danielle. All that mattered was what she felt. "I understand," she said. "And I want that too." She smiled. "I prefer this upfront side of you."

With a small smile it was Danielle who made the move this time. Bending forwards she took Cody’s lips in a deep kiss, parting her lips as her tongue quested entrance into the blonde’s mouth. It was a request that was accepted immediately as Cody’s lips parted eagerly. Cody trembled as she felt the warmth of the artist embrace her. She wrapped her arms around Danielle, cupping her behind with eager hands. The sensation of the warm, fresh body against her own was divine and Cody allowed her senses to drown in the feelings. Bunching the waist of Danni’s shorts in her hands she attempted to pull the artist down to the floor but Danielle moved away.

Shaking her head Danielle inclined it to the side towards her bedroom. "Come with me."

Cody’s eyes twinkled as she said, "I would like to."

With a laugh Danni kissed Cody once. "No, I mean come with me to my bedroom."

"Do you have a bed?" she asked sceptically.

"Actually it’s one of the few items of furniture I do own!" Taking her hands the artist walked backwards as she led Cody into her bedroom.

Stepping over the threshold, Cody wasn’t surprised to find that the bed, a large futon, was the only item of furniture in the room. It lay in the corner of the square bedroom with a metal rail holding her clothes on the opposite side. Cody followed Danielle as she led her straight towards the bed and stepped up onto the firm mattress. Cody kicked off her shoes and followed suit, stepping up on the artist’s bed. Drawing her closer Danni cupped Cody’s cheeks as both woman moved to their knees.

"I want to touch you," Danni said as she ran her right hand down Cody’s neck and placed it upon her heart. "I want to kiss you." She leaned forwards, placing her lips upon the student’s forehead and followed the path down to the base of her throat. She felt Cody’s increased breathing upon her flesh. "And I want to worship every inch of you." Taking the hem of Cody’s top Danni pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. She looked down at the blonde’s exposed bare chest as she pushed and was half pulled down to the soft black and white sheets of the bed.

Their lips met instantly as hungry tongues connected and toyed with each other passionately. Cody ran her hands through Danielle’s hair before lightly scraping her fingernails over her scalp. She felt a deep groan rumble through the artist’s chest and she lifted one knee, planting her foot upon the bed as she pressed her thigh between Danielle’s legs.

Danielle took a sharp breath, releasing Cody’s lips as she stared down at her with darkening eyes. She thrust her hips forward once before taking the edge of her own top and pulling that, along with her bra, from her body in one fluid movement. She looked back down at Cody with a serious expression. "Close your eyes," she whispered.

Cody felt her heart rate increase through both exhilaration and apprehension. "Why?" She asked.

"Do you trust me?"

Without hesitation Cody nodded her head. She wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to sustain her power of speech. The aching desire that flowed with anticipation was literally beginning to cloud her mind.

With a smile Danni leaned forward and kissed Cody’s eyes closed, one by one.

Cody waited, sweet expectation thrumming through her veins. Her breath caught at the sound of the artist’s voice.

"When you are a sculptor, modelling clay… your hands are your most important tools. You become so sensitive that you are able to perceive every touch, texture… from the rough…" Danielle ran the tips of her fingers over Cody’s eyebrows. "To incredible softness." Her hands arched down to slide over Cody’s lips. "So soft," she whispered.

Cody kissed the digits upon her lips.

Danielle rose to a sitting position, balancing her weight upon her legs astride the blonde’s hips. Her hands stayed in contact with Cody. "It’s an erotic experience feeling something mould to the contours of your hand." Her hands slowly slipped down to Cody’s breasts where she manipulated the mounds of flesh languidly. "The sensations… the textures… the suppleness. The feeling as it yields to knowledgeable hands that want only to inspire."

Cody groaned, pushing her breasts further into Danielle’s hands. The artist had yet to touch her where she desired and the waiting was blissful torture.

Hearing Cody’s passionate groan sent a responding pulse of wanton desire through Danielle’s core and she fought the urge to abandon her slow path of seduction. Leaning forward she rested her weight upon one arm as she continued.

"Sometimes to increase the responsiveness you can add a little moisture." Danni lowered her head to the breast within her hand and caressed Cody’s nipple with her tongue.

"Oh God, Danni, yes!" Cody cried out, pushing into her lover’s touch. She squeezed her eyes tighter closed as her hands grasped the soft textured pillow beneath her head.

Danielle circled the rapidly firming nipple with her middle finger before rolling it around her thumb and forefinger. "Feeling it respond to your touch… The beauty… the exquisiteness." Danni’s voice grew horse with desire. Her fingers left Cody’s left breast and travelled to the right where she treated that with the same loving attention.

As Danielle’s lips wrapped around her nipple Cody lightly grasped the back of her head and opened her eyes. "Danni, please… god I need you to touch me." Cody felt the sensations travel throughout her body. She laboured for breath as sweat beaded upon her forehead. Her hips began a slow rhythm as she moved against Danielle.

Lifting her head Danni searched out the blonde’s lips as her hand moved lower. Deftly she unsnapped the rows of buttons holding Cody’s shorts together and pushed her hand over the student’s slender hip.

Cody groaned in Danielle’s mouth. The feeling of the artist’s heavy breasts upon her own and her hand manipulating the sensitive flesh around her hip caused her to ache with a desperate wanting.

"Please, Danni," she groaned helplessly.

"Please what?"

"I want you inside me."

"Where?" Danni asked. She slipped her hand further between Cody’s legs and into a moist heat. "Here?"

The blonde’s eyes closed at Danielle’s direct and stimulating touch. She moaned, unable to speak as Danni’s fingers moved through her swollen desire.

When Cody didn’t answer Danielle pulled her hand away, much to the student’s distress. She placed her fingers in her mouth. The taste of Cody left her wanting for more. Withdrawing her fingers Danielle leaned forward placing her lips upon the blonde’s. The kiss was deep and passionate as Danni’s hands worked to push Cody’s shorts down her body.

Cody lifted her hips as she felt Danielle’s intentions. When the artist wasn’t able to lower them any further she reluctantly pulled away and lowered herself down Cody’s body. Cody looked down, following Danni’s movements as the artist pulled the shorts from her legs. She then rose to her feet and lowered her the remainder of her own clothing. The sight of Danielle’s bare body before her increased Cody’s passion as it liquefied and flowed freely from her core.

Falling to her knees on the edge of the futon Danielle placed her hands upon Cody’s legs. Her eyes followed the length of her, travelling past her calves, over her knees to her thighs. Naturally blue eyes moved to the apex of Cody’s thighs to search out the evidence of her passion – slick, swollen and aching with need.

Heavy breathing filled the room as the women’s eyes connected. In a shallow whisper Danielle said, "Close your eyes."

"Oh god," Cody groaned as she willingly complied. Her chest rose and fell heavily and Danni pulled her gaze away to continue. Cody’s hands grasped the sheets beside her as Danielle spoke again.

"Touching a work of art with your own hands is the ultimate experience." The artist’s voice was deep and husky as her hands ran slowly across the student’s legs. "Feeling every line, every contour… the dips… the curves…" Her hands slipped to the outer side of Cody’s thighs and then in again. "The smoothness, the roughnesses… your hands leave a train of sensational heat. It’s such a humbling experience." Danni’s fingers travelled slowly up Cody’s thighs as she whispered, "I feel that now." Sitting upon her knees Danielle edged closer as she moved between Cody’s spread thighs. "Your eyes always find that one point that draws them closer… that fuels your desire to touch further… what you want to touch the most. To feel. To lose yourself."

Cody felt Danielle lift her legs and she opened her eyes, watching as she draped them over her own spread thighs. Danielle moved forward and Cody assisted as she pulled the blonde up to sit astride her thighs. Cody ached with desire for contact and her new position increased that need.

Face to face, Danni stared into dark impassioned eyes. She bent her head, kissing Cody’s breasts, unable to ignore the urge to take the nipples into her mouth and feel their ridged texture against her tongue before pulling back and gazing once again at Cody. "You’re exquisite," she said. "More priceless than any work of art and if you were truly mine I would never let you go." Her hand smoothed the sides of the psychology student’s waist.

Cody took one of Danielle’s hands and guided it between her thighs. "Make me yours, Danni… please." Danielle wasted no time in pushing two long fingers inside Cody. "Oh, God, yes," she shouted as the artist’s thumb added pressure to her pulsing clit. Cody groaned, her head falling to Danielle’s shoulder as the artist’s fingers drove in and out of her core. The fingers curled, reaching deeper inside her as Cody wrapped her arms around Danielle’s neck and moved against her hand. She could rapidly feel herself climbing and her body tingled and ached.

Danni felt Cody’s inner walls grip her fingers as she added a third and increased the pressure of her thumb on Cody’s swollen clit. Suddenly she felt Cody movements increase frantically. "Oh… Oh… Danni," Cody moaned as she looked into her eyes. "I’m gonna…"

"Come for me." Danielle took the blonde’s lips in a deep kiss.

Cody felt her body reach its summit as it crashed over into orgasm and she screamed into the artist’s mouth. Her body shook as tremors coursed her small frame.

Danni continued, drawing out Cody’s climax for as long as possible until she fell back onto the bed, breathing heavily. Danni followed, holding herself suspended above Cody as she stared at Cody’s flushed features.

Cody felt her entire body twitch and tingle as she slowly caught her breath. Opening her eyes she stared up into dark blue. "Oh my…" unable to form a coherent sentence the student grinned forcing Danielle to do the same. Caressing the side of Danni’s face she looked down her body to her breasts and found her hands reaching out to touch the artist. The dark blue orbs gleamed with unspent passion.

Danielle sighed, her eyelids fluttering shut as both nipples were stimulated together. She lowered her head, her lips searching out the students.

Cody pulled her closer, one hand leaving the swollen breasts to pull Danielle closer. Feeling a deep desire to feel the artist beneath her, Cody rolled them over.

Surprised shrieks rose from both women as they rolled off the side of the bed and onto the floor.

"Oh no!" Cody exclaimed, as she looked down startled. ""Thank god you have a futon!"

"Thank god I have a carpeted floor in here too because I’m not moving."


"Don’t have to apologise… just kiss me." Danni gently pulled Cody’s lips towards her as they connected in an increasingly passionate kiss. Tongues moved around each other as Danni bucked against Cody. The student could feel Danni’s slick core coat her thigh and the aroma lured her to move closer.

Leaving Danielle’s mouth Cody travelled lower, trailing her lips down the artist’s throat and chest until she reached firm breasts. She took a nipple into her mouth feeling it swell as she heard Danni groan above her. She spent several minutes switching from breast to breast until Danielle was moaning and writhing helplessly beneath her.

As skilled hands cupped the back of her head Cody looked up into Danielle’s pleading features. "Cody please… I need you so badly."

Unable to resist the impassioned woman’s plea Cody lowered herself further until she was looking straight into the source of Danielle’s need. Using thumbs to open Danielle she dove forward, her tongue slipping straight into Danni’s hot centre.

Danielle hummed in delight, running blonde locks through her fingers. "Oh yes… that’s so good… please don’t stop." She squeezed her eyes tightly closed, moving against Cody’s tongue.

After short moments Cody withdrew and moved to Danielle’s abandoned clit as she slipped two fingers inside Danielle. The artist gasped above her, tightening her hold upon Cody as she rocked in time with the student’s manipulations. Cody sucked firmly, her tongue rolling around Danni’s clit.

For long minutes she switched between fingers and tongue as she drove the artist higher. She revelled in the abundance of juices that coated her tongue as Cody once again slipped into Danielle’s core. As she felt the walls grasp her tongue, Cody increased her movements, pushing into Danni as her thumb increased its circular movements.

"Oh… Oh god… Oh…" Danielle struggled for breath as her body toppled over into a climax and she thrust wildly against Cody’s mouth. Surrendering to multiple waves of release she whimpered and groaned out the student’s name.

Cody held on to the bucking woman, milking her pleasure and sustaining it for as long as possible.

As the feelings subsided Danielle reached down and pulled Cody back up her body. The student lowered her head, resting against Danni’s shoulder and hugged her fiercely. Their hot bodies rested against each other comfortably.

Danielle looked up to the ceiling. She smiled as she felt gentle kisses upon her neck and rolled over to looked down at Cody. "Are you okay?"

"Better than okay."

Danielle smiled seductively. "So how would you like to learn something else now… say the art of finger painting?"

Cody’s body sparked with aroused curiosity. "Finger painting?"

Nodding, Danielle slipped one hand between Cody’s legs and ran her fingers through slick juices. Bringing them back between their bodies she rubbed her fingertips together with her thumb.

Cody watched as Danielle painted long fingers over her breasts. Taking a sharp breath she said, "I think you should show me more."

"I think so too," Danni said as her head dipped down and her tongue removed the slick path her fingers had just created.


Cody awoke in the semi darkness of the night to find herself alone in Danielle’s bed. Spying a shaft of light under the doorway to the living room she pulled a black sheet around her naked body and climbed out of the futon. With curiosity as to where Danni was she cautiously opened the door and stepped into the brightly lit living room. The gleam hurt her eyes and she waited for them to adjust before she looked around.

She found the artist dressed in nothing but old denim dungarees that were covered in years of paint as she stood by the shrouded window in front of her canvas. Danielle turned and smiled warmly, beckoning her with one finger. Cody approached and looked at the finished work.

"What do you think?" Danni asked.

Cody frowned. Although she thought the painting of her was truly amazing the final touches didn’t seem right.

"What is it?" Danni inquired, concerned by Cody’s expression.

"Well it’s just that the colour of my eyes is wrong. They are a lot lighter than that."

Danielle smiled and turned to Cody. "True, but that is the colour they turn in the heat of passion. To me that is the doorway to the real you. That is when all the barriers inside are released and the true person in us all is brought forth. I didn’t realise that until I saw it in you last evening. I realised I had seen the real you and I knew I was looking into your heart. It was beautiful." The final statement was said in a wistful whisper.

The sentiment in Danielle’s words embraced Cody and she lowered the black sheet to the floor. "You’re so amazing, you know?" She stepped forward slowly. "Care to see that again?"

"I could see that forever."

Cody slipped the straps of Danni’s dungarees from her shoulders and the baggy garment fell to the floor. "You can have my heart for eternity."

Danielle smiled softly and caressed Cody’s cheek. "I accept," she said and sealed her vow with a kiss.

The End…?

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