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"So to reiterate one last time. This is a study of vocal prompting. You can choose your subject and will. It has to go beyond mere subliminal messaging. This will count towards your final grade so to those of you who occasionally take the half-hearted approach to some of my courses, just you remember that!"

As if on cue and perfectly timed, the lunchtime bell rang throughout the university. So engrossed with the lecturer’s words, Cody had been unprepared for the sound that made her jump in the grey plastic chair she was sitting upon. As the students began closing their books and packing them away Cody looked out of the campus ground floor window. She could already see groups of students migrating onto the field for their hour lunch period. It was another gorgeous sunny day and it seemed they were taking advantage of that very fact. Cody grinned to herself. Today she would not be joining her peers for lunch as this was her last lecture of the day. The student had other plans in mind. Closing her books Cody placed them in her rucksack and slung it over her shoulder. She was glad to get out of the stuffy heat of the lecture room. After a morning in the not so well ventilated space the room was beginning to smell of hot, sweaty bodies.

Following the last student out of the room, Cody closed the door behind her leaving the balding professor leaning over his desk. The sound of multiple voices ricocheted off the walls of the long hallway as people made their way out of the building.

Suddenly Cody was grabbed gently from behind and a cool hand covered her eyes. She felt a warm breath caress her ear as a silky voice said, "Looking for a good time?"

Cody smiled as a pleasant shiver worked its way down her spine. "I thought you were going to wait for me in the halls of residence?" Cody felt the hand move away from her face and she turned around to look up at Danielle. Her heart fluttered at the mere sight of the woman standing in her county issued, green city-workers uniform.

"I was," Danni assured her. "I was just about to knock on your door when I heard… well I heard things… sounds and stuff."

Cody looked at Danni in confusion. "Sounds?" she asked with a furrowed brow.

Danielle sighed as she cleared her throat and allowed it to raise several octaves higher. Speaking in a voice that could only be described as a chipmunk on helium she said, "Oh yes… Oh, Baby, do it to me… Oh you are so goooooood… Yes, yes, yes… Fuck me, Baby fuck me… Right just there… Oh yes I’m… Mpft!" A swift hand covering her mouth silenced Danni.

Blushing deeply, Cody glanced around at the passing students who looked at them in varying degrees of bemusement. "Tourette’s syndrome," she said simply and looked back at Danielle’s smirking features. "You could have just said…"

"I think there was some serious shagging going on in there!"

Cody rolled her eyes at the artist’s blatant language. "The only action my roommate gets is that of way too many visits from Mister Digits." She waved the fingers of her right hand. "Believe me. I share a room with her and she has NO shame!"

Danielle scrunched up her features. "Well as long as you don’t get tempted to join in!"

"Not my type." Cody grimaced as they began walking down the long hallway. With the last of the students now gone for lunch they were alone in that part of the building. Their footsteps echoed down the blue and white corridor.

"So what is your type?"

Cody looked up at Danielle. "You have to ask? Why you are of course."

"Oh I love that you’re so smart!" Danni leaned down and kissed Cody upon the lips. "I have been thinking about doing that all morning." She kissed her again, closing her eyes as Cody wrapped her hands around the back of her head and increased the contact. Their lips parted as searching tongues reached out and connected eagerly. Sighs of pleasure rose from both women.

Walking forward Danielle backed Cody up against the wall. Sheets of paper that were hanging upon a notice board creased behind Cody’s back. Releasing the students lips Danni pressed her body tightly against Cody. She slipped her thigh between the blonde’s and ground into her. "I really want to show you what else I have been thinking about all morning."

"Does it involve me?"

Danielle nodded and ran her hands down Cody’s back. She cupped her behind and pulled the shorter body harder against her own. The artist had laboured four and a half hours of her community service that morning but all she could think about was a certain psychology student and what she wanted to do with her.

Cody moaned as Danielle increased the pressure. "Does it involve no clothes?"

"Well no clothes does make certain delectable parts of your body a little more accessible," Danni replied.

Cody tried to reign in her body’s responses as she remembered where they were. She was pretty sure being caught having sex in the university corridor would be a regarded as a serious offence! Her parents would probably chain her into a chastity belt and melt down the key.

Thinking of her parents, Cody groaned and her head fell back against the wall. That afternoon she was to take Danielle to meet her mother and father. They had insisted and even Danielle was ready for the challenge but Cody wasn’t so sure. Her parents knew of her sexual preference and they accepted that. The only difference now was instead of expecting Cody to marry a nice rich man and have two point four children, they expected her to marry a nice rich woman. And probably have two point four cats, Cody thought to herself wryly. In any case, she didn’t think a presently out of work artist serving community service for vandalism was quite what they had in mind. To Cody that didn’t really matter though. In the two months that she and Danielle had been seeing each other she was pretty sure she had completely fallen for the woman.

Looking up into smiling eyes Cody sighed. "Maybe you could show me later… say when we don’t have to go and meet my parents. Unless you have changed your mind," she added hopefully.

"Not on your life." Danielle hooked her arm around Cody as they began the trek to the halls of residence. "I’ve brought my smartest clothes with me," Danielle indicated the previously unseen bag over her shoulder. "I didn’t know how long I would be paying my dues today so I thought I would change in your room just in case I didn’t have enough time to get home and change."

"Fine by me."

Together Danni and Cody exited the side entrance of the university’s main building and crossed a small field. They approached the large red brick building, which stood as the halls of residence. It was a five story high building with a bell tower and clock that was always five minutes fast. That way it would ring out five minutes before the day of studies began. It served as a good reminder to get students moving.

Re-entering the building, Danielle looked around the place where Cody lived. There were two main common rooms to the left and right of her. Both rooms housed large televisions and drinks machines. A variety of odd settees and couches littered the tiled floor. They all looked second hand, like furniture that had been purchased cheap from clearance sales. Nothing matched but then again it didn’t really matter.

Side by side Cody and Danielle took the building’s centre stairs. They climbed to the top floor and entered a double set of doors. Taking a left, then right they made their way toward Cody’s room. As they approached, Danielle slowed down. The memory of what had greeted her last time she approached the door played within her mind.

"Do you think we have given your roommate and Mister Digits enough time? I don’t think I want to walk in on anything that might interfere with my appetite!"

Cody laughed as she pulled out her key. "Believe me. I can assure you from many a dark night’s recollection… she doesn’t have that much stamina." Cody opened her door and stepped inside as she heard Danielle mutter a quiet ‘thank god’ under her breath.

Danni entered the room and closed the door. She turned around, her eyes unable to refrain from moving toward the girl sitting upon the bed on the opposite side of the room. Now fully dressed in head to toe black, Cody’s roommate sat surrounded by a pile of textbooks.

"Hi, Rosemary," Cody said as she greeted her roommate.

The girl looked up and smiled at Cody. She then turned her eyes towards Danielle. The artist was surprised to see large black orbs staring straight at her. She nodded her head before following Cody into the adjoining bathroom.

"Can we make this quick?"


Danni pointed back into the bedroom. "Did you see those eyes? I think she scared me!"

The student laughed at Danielle’s exaggeration. "Those are just contacts. You should see the yellow ones she wears. I tell you… waking up at night to see that entering the room really does a number on your estimated life expectancy!" Cody looked in the mirror and ran her hands through her hair. She picked up her toothbrush. "Just remember what she was up to earlier. That should be enough to occupy your mind until I am finished. Then you can get ready."

"Aww okay, but if I see any strange symbols on the floor, I am out of here!" Danielle grinned to herself as she stepped back out of the bathroom and looked over at Rosemary. "So…what are you studying?"

Rosemary lifted her textbook. "Renaissance art."

"Oh really!" Danni’s eyes shone with interest. "I’m an artist."


Danni nodded. "And sculpting."

"Really?" Rosemary placed down her book and rose to her knees. "I sculpt too." Her mind paused in thought before she asked, "Have you ever sat with a lump of clay in front of you and just let your imagination flow? Suddenly…" Rosemary climbed off her bed, "if you release your mind enough… you begin to feel as though you are being taken over. You feel possessed, like a stronger force has taken you. Your will is no longer your own. Your hands gain a mind of their own and begin to sculpt. You can close your eyes and they would still mould… craft… creating this image that comes from deep down inside of yourself." The girl took a step closer to Danielle. "And then… when they are finished you can open your eyes and see what they have created. Usually it’s a face, a figure or bust… but in no way is it human. It’s the image of a beast, a demon. It is so real that you can almost smell its foul stench." She took another step closer. "Feel the texture of its skin and see the colour. The teeth are bared are pointed and you can almost see the blood dripping from its razor sharp fangs. And you know…somewhere…that this freak of creation is real. It lives. You have just tapped into its presence and now it knows you know. It knows you know it knows and maybe… just maybe…it might be coming after you?"

Danni stared unblinking at the girl who was now standing no more than a foot away from her. She jumped suddenly as a hand touched her shoulder and turned to find Cody smiling up at her.

"Your turn."

Sighing with internal relief Danni picked up her bag and swiftly disappeared into the bathroom. Within less than five minutes she was changed and ready to leave. Heading back into the bedroom Danni held out her arms.

"Will I pass the parental inspection?"

Cody looked the artist over. Danielle was wearing the smartest clothes she owned, which just happened to be a pair of slightly faded yet hole free jeans and a simple red top.

"You’ll do just fine." Cody was beginning to realise to her Danielle would look good in a yashmak and bodily shroud!

"Great… lets go." Delivering another quick nod towards Cody’s peculiar roommate, Danielle took the blonde’s hand and exited the room.

Hand in hand they walked down the hallway. Danielle turned to Cody and frowned. "That girl is weird."

"Oh she is okay."

"I’m not so sure." Danielle shook her head as they descended the four flights of stairs. "You should have heard what she was talking about. I’m telling you, Cody… You know whose child she is going to bear in a few years time!"

Cody laughed. "That film didn’t scare me."

"Frigging scared me," Danni replied as they stepped out into the bright sunlight.


Cody had decided that since it was such a nice day, they would walk the four miles to her parent’s house. With the hot sun shining down upon them they trod the modest suburban streets wearing short sleeves and sunglasses.

Walking past the rows of large houses, Danielle looked around the expensive buildings. The neatly trimmed front gardens and plush cars showed she was in the ‘smarter’ part of the shire. The further they travelled the larger and more extravagant the houses became. Danielle was beginning to realise just how ‘well off’ Cody’s parents were. That thought unsettled the artist. Although she was in no way ashamed of her upbringing or the fact that she lived on a minimum income she feared Cody’s parents might see that as a negative aspect in her. It was obvious Cody came from a reasonably affluent family. I suppose that’s what it’s like when you come from a family full of psychologists, she thought.

Cody had told Danielle that both her father and mother were therapists as was her elder brother. Though her younger brother was only ten years old he also claimed to have the same desire. It seemed that all the children wanted to follow in their parent’s footsteps. Danni smiled to herself. No wonder she does so well at her studies and is top of the class. They probably only had one topic of conversation around the dinner table.

"You are not related to Freud, are you?" Danielle asked suddenly.

Cody looked up at her in confusion. "Pardon?"

"Nothing!" Danielle grinned down at Cody. "Your parents aren’t going to be analysing me are they? I’m not going to accidentally scratch an itch and they take it as a sign that I am telling a lie or something?"

"Only if you scratch your nose!" Cody jested.

Danielle looked alarmed.

"I’m joking. Look, you are the one who said… and I quote ‘bring on the parents… I’ll charm the socks off them.’ Now you are changing your mind?"

"You said it yourself, ‘Miss Analytical one’, I cover my shyness by false bravado." Danielle felt the palms of her hands begin to sweat. She wiped them down her thighs.

"Too late now." Cody stopped by the small driveway of a modest sized house. "We are here."

Danielle looked up at the Victorian house. Two cars sat in the driveway and a large sign informing any passer-by to ‘beware of the dog’ hung upon a large wooden gate, which led to the dwelling’s rear garden. Danni felt herself swallow hard. "What exactly have you told your parents about me… just so I can be prepared?"

"Will you just relax?" Cody took Danielle’s hand and began to lead her up the driveway. "I wanted to surprise them!" She directed Danni toward the side gate. "Don’t worry about the dog sign, Tiny is a big softie. It’s just to scare away annoying door to door salesmen!" Opening the gate they walked into an enclosed side entry and Danni closed it behind her. Suddenly the student spun around and pinned Danielle up against the side of the house. "Do you know what I want?" She felt the need to relax the mood.

Danielle smoothed her hands down Cody’s sides. "I can tell you want I want. You… naked and open to my touch." She kissed Cody’s neck, her lips travelled to her ear as she whispered, "I’m going to lose myself in you. I want to feel you and taste you. My mouth is going to devour every inch of your body and when I hear you scream my name… I’m going to start all over again."

Cody gasped as she wrapped her hands around Danni’s neck and pulled her closer. Their tongues connected even before their lips met in a kiss that was all consuming and passionately hot. Danielle couldn’t contain the desire to pump her hips against Cody as her clit throbbed out its need for direct stimulation. They kissed for long moments.

"God, we really shouldn’t be doing this," Cody moaned and began to lighten her assault upon Danielle’s mouth.

"I know, I…" Danni paused as she heard a deep growling. Opening her eyes she pulled away from Cody and looked around in alarm. Her eyes drifted down and she spotted the smallest canine her eyes had ever beheld. "What the hell is that?"

"I don’t know." Cody looked down at the family dog with tenderness. "She is a cross between two tiny breeds but we are unsure what."

The small, brown dog ambled exuberantly over to Danni, almost tripping over its ears in effort to reach her. "Well hello, Tiny. Aren’t you the scrawniest pile of fur I have ever seen?" Danielle knelt down and tickled behind the dog’s ears. A microscopic tongue thrust out and bathed the artist’s fingers. "I think only ladybirds would be afraid of you. You’re nothing but a little fuzz ball."

"Umm, Dan?"

"Hmm?" Danielle looked over her shoulder at Cody who was grinning widely with her arms crossed.

"That is Poppy." The student moved her eyes ahead of them and inclined her head forward. "THAT… is Tiny."

Following Cody’s line of sight Danni looked across to the opposite end of the entry. Her eyes turned to saucers as she rose to her feet. Danielle completely ignored the now yapping mongrel jumping around her toes as she stared at the dog in front of them.

"Cody? That is not a dog. That… is a fucking horse!" Danielle continued to stare at the black Great Dane that stood sizing up its opponent. She figured the dogs body alone had to be as high as her stomach.

"You don’t half exaggerate!" Cody jogged forwards and fell to her knees. "How is my baby?" the student gushed. She looked up into the dog’s face that was now hovering above her. "Have you missed me?" Tiny’s ears fell back as he proceeded to lap at Cody’s ears and neck. Loud whimpering rose from the oversized mutt.

Danni grimaced. "Okay, remind me not to put my mouth anywhere near you until you have removed the dog slobber!" Stepping forward Danielle began to realise the dog was harmless. "Don’t you think ‘Tiny’ is a little deceiving?"

Cody looked over from the smothering dog. "It was my younger brother. He was only two at the time. He wanted to call him ‘Tinkle’." When Danni frowned, Cody smiled in memory. "Don’t ask. Let me say that my mother had just potty trained him and he was very proud of his new talent and extended vocabulary… if you know what I mean! Anyway… Tiny was the second choice."

"Yeah," Danni responded. "That’s logical." She shook her head in amusement.

Giggling quietly to herself, Cody rose to her feet. "Tiny, this is Danni. She is a friend. Go and say hello."

Tiny trotted over to the artist and nuzzled her stomach. "So if you gave him the command would he attack?"

"Want to find out?"

"No, no." Danielle ruffled the dog’s wide head. It felt peculiar to be able to stand at her full height and still be able to stroke the dog, especially after having to almost touch the ground to stroke Poppy. "I’ve been walking since I was one and I’d like to keep it that way."

Cody whistled and Tiny dutifully padded over to her. "Tiny, go and tell mum and dad we are here." The dog did as ordered while Cody approached Danielle. "I must admit that I do like those legs of yours." The student winked and took Danni’s hand, leading her into the back garden. Poppy once again ambled around the taller woman’s feet and Danielle took care not to stand on the small animal.

She looked across the long garden, seeing a large wooden pagoda in its centre. A middle-aged man sat by a round table reading a large newspaper. A tall glass of white wine sat upon the table beside an empty spectacles case. A delicate arrangement of pruned flowers bordered the garden. In the far corner was a large round pond, covered with green netting. Danielle presumed there must have been a selection of fish within the pond, protected by the plastic netting. Domestic animals such as cats were common predators to the water life.

Her smile growing wider, Cody walked up the buffed stone path running down the side of the garden; Danielle followed close behind. Turning left toward the pagoda Cody climbed the three wooden steps that reached the platform.

"Hi, Dad, we’re here."

A tall, striking man with dark blonde hair and canal green eyes looked up from his paper. His expression of concentration quickly changed to a bright smile. "Paddy!" Cody’s father exclaimed, causing the blonde to blush profusely. He rose from his wooden deck chair and walked around the garden table to hug his daughter. "We were not sure when you would get here."

Cody stepped back from her father’s embrace and gestured toward a nervously waiting Danni. "Dad, this is Danielle Peterson. Danielle, this is my dad."

They shook hands as Danielle said, "Nice to meet you, Mr Philip’s." She watched Stanley Philips’ expression, which remained neutral as he studied the woman his daughter had just brought home to meet him.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Danielle," he said finally. "Why don’t you both sit down… it’s such a lovely day outside today. I’ll go and tell your mother you are here. Unfortunately neither of your brothers are home. Toby won’t be down to visit until next weekend and Joby is staying with a friend!" Stanley Philips walked down the steps and headed towards the house.

Danielle turned to the blonde with a smile. "Toby, Cody and Joby! You know, I am not analytically minded, nor do I want to judge your parents but the word ‘unimaginative’ does spring to mind here."

Cody laughed as she waited for the next question, which she knew was coming.

"And why does your dad call you ‘Paddy’?"

Smiling, Cody rolled her eyes. "Well, when I was younger I was an extremely finicky eater. The only thing I liked to consume were marmalade sandwiches… hence my father nicknamed me ‘Paddy’ after Paddington Bear!"

Danielle poked out her bottom lip. "Aww that is so cute." She ruffled Cody’s hair. "The bear that loved marmalade sandwiches. That was my favourite cartoon when I was a kid."

Cody pulled away from the hand that was ruffling her neatly groomed hair. She pushed her fingers through and neatened the jumbled locks, glaring at Danni with false annoyance. "It was mine too. I think I tried to model myself on him." Looking around the garden Cody sighed and relaxed deeper into her chair. "I am so glad my brothers aren’t here. They can make the Spanish Inquisition seem like a day at the fun fair."

"Oh, so do you bring home many friends of the female persuasion?" Danielle asked.

Cody shook her head, as she confessed, "No, you are the first actually."

Danielle’s eyebrows rose over wide blue eyes. "Really? So your parents aren’t used to this kind of thing. I don’t think I like the sound of that." Danni began looking around the garden.

"What are you doing?"

"I’m looking for my route of escape..." Danielle looked under the table. "Before your parents get back. Somehow the thought of me being the first and they not used to this is slightly unsettling. Well don’t get me wrong… I like the fact very much. I am honoured that you thought me worthy enough to ‘meet the parents’ but…"

"Oh will you chill out?" Cody edged her chair closer to Danni’s. Its wooden legs creaked over the pagoda’s base. "I have a surprise for you." Cody smiled seductively as she lowered her voice. "If you help me out with something… This evening I’ll make it very worth your while."

Prodding her bottom lip, Danielle considered Cody’s proposition. "What exactly is it that you want me to help you with?"

"You’ll find out later."

"I don’t know. You’re asking a lot, Cody. I am not known for my brimming patience. In fact I might demand you show me right now."

"Really?" Cody’s eyes quickly scanned the garden before returning to Danielle. "I don’t really want to scandalise my parents and send them to an early grave, Dan." Cody chuckled at the thought of what her request might instil within the artist – she hoped! "As much as my parents accept my choices I don’t think this would be something they could handle very well. I can be gay…" Cody placed her lips against Danni’s ear, "I just can’t be thought of as actually having sex!"

Danielle closed her eyes as warm breath embraced her earlobe. "Is that a rule?" she asked with a squeak.

"Just an ideal notion."

Shrugging, the artist nodded thoughtfully. "Okay, I can do sweet and innocent. As far as your parents are concerned, my mother proudly holds all her offspring’s chastity belt keys in a guarded display case upon her mantle!"

"Well that is pushing it a little but…" Cody stopped talking as she noticed both her parents walking up the garden path. Her mother held a tray with a selection of cold drinks. Behind them the family dogs followed loyally. First the minuscule Poppy followed by the beast of a canine, Tiny. "But I think they’ll like it." Cody inclined her head towards her approaching parents.

Danielle fidgeted nervously in her seat and straightened her clothes. "What have you told them about me, Cody?"

"Just that you are a year older than me, I met you in the park and you are absolutely wonderful."

Both rose as Mr and Mrs Philips stepped up onto the pagoda. Danielle noticed Cody was a mix between both parents. She had inherited her mother’s height and her father’s looks. Danni fleetingly wondered whether that was reversed with her brothers as Grace Philips had dark brown hair.

Mrs Philips placed down the silver tray. They were silent as awkward glances moved among the four standing bodies. Tiny flopped down upon the grass while Poppy sat beside Danni’s feet, looking expectantly up at the artist who seemed a giant in comparison. Cody was the first to speak.

"Mum, this is Danielle Peterson." Cody grasped Danielle’s left hand holding it firmly. She smiled up at Danielle, as Danni held out her right hand in a companionable gesture.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mrs Philips."

Grace shook her hand with a warm smile as the four sat down and drinks were handed out. After pleasantries about the weather and comments about the garden Cody groaned inside as Grace began to question Danni.

"So, Danielle, Cody never told us what you do for a living."

Scratching the back of her neck Danni replied, "Actually, Mrs Philips, at the moment I work for the city." Danielle considered that it was about as truthful as she could be. She did work for the city; she just didn’t get paid. "Though I am first and foremost an artist... I also trained as a Plumber on a Youth Training Scheme and did that contract for a while… so I am qualified in that field as well."

"Interesting," Grace replied, thoughtfully. "And what do your parents do?"

Cody leaned forward in her chair. "Mum, do you have to give her the third degree?" She looked beseechingly toward her father who simply shrugged his shoulders. He knew how inquisitive his wife was about people. It was her nature and in a way, her profession.

"I don’t mind," Danni assured Cody. As much as she wanted to make a good impression on Grace, Danielle always wanted to be truthful about her background.

"You see?" Grace looked pointedly at her daughter.

"Well my mum lives in a retirement home for the elderly and my father is serving a lifetime imprisonment." She didn’t want to elaborate on her father’s crime unless it was broached so Danni moved swiftly on. "You see I am the youngest of eleven children; originally five boys and six girls."

Seeming to sense Danielle’s discomfort concerning her father Grace moved on quickly. "Goodness gracious, eleven children. That must have been a full house. What do your siblings all do?"

Clearing her throat, Danielle knew honesty was always the best policy. "Well first of all there are the twins George and Andrew. George lives with his wife in Canada and Andrew now prefers to be called Andrea!"

Cody smirked at her mother’s expression of confusion followed by understanding and then surprise.

Danni continued. "Then there is Kathryn; she runs a night club in the city." Danni decided to forego the fact that Kathryn’s club was an established meeting place for those who favoured the Sado/Masochism scene. "Then there is Abby. She teaches children with special needs. Laura works for an export company in Scotland. Then there is Samuel… he is a… woman’s hairdresser and there is Jamie. Jamie is a redcoat entertainer at a holiday camp down south. Next are Christina and Patrick. They are also twins and I am sorry to say serving eight years at her majesty’s pleasure."

"Oh my," Grace exclaimed.

Danielle was quick to say, "They were set up."

"They are innocent?"

Biting her lip, Danni paused before saying, "Actually no. They did do it but their third partner set them up to get caught. They were found rolling around in their spoils… literally." Danielle did disagree with her brother and sister’s actions but she was saddened that they were incarcerated like her father. Although the thought of them rolling around in the money they had stolen from their local post office was a vision that did amuse her! "Anyway, then there is Libby. She works at the nursing home where my mum lives and finally there is me!"

Stanley picked up his glass and said, "And I thought we had our hands full with our three!" He took a drink of his chardonnay and placed the glass back down. "What is it you do for the council, Danielle?"

"I met her while she was repairing the fountain," Cody said.

Grace’s eyes sparkled at that. "Are you any good at installing water features, Danielle?"

"As good as the next best plumber."

"Great!" Grace rose from her chair and stepped down from the pagoda. "Come with me!"

Danni looked at Cody cautiously. She stood slowly and not wanting to refuse Grace followed her up the garden path towards a large stone shed in the far end corner.

As Danni and her mother disappeared inside the shed Cody looked back at her father. "What’s going on, dad?" Poppy suddenly appeared by her feet and she scooped the little dog up into her arms and placed it upon her lap. Cody ran her hands over soft brown fur as she questioned her father.

"Your mother wanted to install a pebble water feature near the pond and it seems she has just roped Danielle into the task."

Cody was surprised at how easily her parents seemed to warm to Danielle. She supposed she was expecting at least mild protest from them but that was not to say she wasn’t happy there seemed to be none.

"She seems very nice," Stanley said unexpectedly.

Cody smiled at her father. "She is more than nice."

"So you’re serious about her? This is the first time you have ever brought anybody home to meet us. That fact alone led your mother and I to believe that she was special to you."

The student nodded with a smile and realised that was the reason her parents had been so accepting towards Danni. Although their meeting was slightly out of the ordinary, Cody had felt like she knew Danni from the moment they spoke. Whether it was her smile or the sincerity that seemed to flow through her eyes, Cody knew she had found something special. When she was with Danielle, nothing else in the world mattered. It seemed her parents were aware of that fact too.

Stanley pulled a pipe and tin of tobacco from the top pocket of his chequered shirt. "And how are your studies going?" Opening the tin he pulled out a small amount of tobacco and pushed it into the pipe. "Still top of your class?"

"Uh huh." Cody looked into her glass of cranberry juice and swirled the blood red contents around the container. She thought of her last class that morning and smiled. For most of the afternoon Cody had been pondering an idea that had been forming inside her mind. She wasn’t sure she would actually get away with it but was pretty sure nobody else would consider it as a subject notion. If anything she could add it to another idea she had in mind for her Psychology course work. The main thought in Cody’s mind was whether she would be able to carry out what she most definitely wanted to do. That all depended upon Danielle of course.

Wondering what was taking Danielle and her mother so long Cody’s gaze drifted back to the stone shed just in time to see them both exiting the square structure. They wandered over to the pond. Cody could tell Danielle was highly engrossed in her conversation with her mother. The artist had a tendency to gesticulate when she spoke with enthusiasm and Danni was definitely in her element as she spoke with Grace.

Watching Danielle from a distance, Cody was able to observe the artist’s form. With a heated gaze her eyes devoured Danielle. The need to fulfil the lascivious thoughts that had been running around her head all day was growing. Cody began to wonder how much longer would stand as a polite amount of time to visit ones parents before they could leave.

Placing down her glass, Cody drummed her fingers and tried to change her thoughts. Dragging her gaze from Danielle she instead tried to occupy her mind with more banal subjects.

"So, Dad, tell me about the new renovations at the golf club."

Cody listened with forced enthusiasm as her father went into great detail explaining his clubs expansion.


Danielle walked into her flat, dropping the keys upon the floor. Behind her entered Cody. The student closed the door and looked straight ahead, staring out of the window. The dark sky glittered with twinkling stars yet she was unable to see the moon, which she knew was three quarters full tonight, from her position. Sighing heavily Cody looked across to Danielle who strode through her sparse flat.

Narrowing her eyes, Cody’s gaze followed the sweaty artist. "I can’t believe we actually stayed the whole day while you installed a bloody water feature."

Danielle smiled apologetically. "Well what could I do? Your mother was so enthusiastic about it. Then when I found a whole box of unused tools of your fathers… I couldn’t refuse."

"But all day?" Groaning, Cody fell back against the door. Looking down at the watch around her wrist she blinked in surprise. "It’s half ten!"

Brushing dry flecks of mud from her arms, Danielle kicked off her muddy boots. "God I feel all grimy. I have dirt under my fingernails and…" she lifted her arm. "Sweaty pits!" Danielle grimaced and pulled her top over her head. "I need a shower."

Cody swallowed as her gaze drifted over the artist’s revealed upper torso. "You create a wetness in me all the time," she mumbled.

Danielle frowned curiously, "Hmm?"

"Oh nothing," Cody shook her head. Thoughts that had been plaguing her mind earlier in the day returned full force. "Yes… why don’t you go and get a shower? I’ll make some drinks and…" Cody shuddered as her thoughts began to take shape within her mind. "I’ll get sorted out here." Cody retrieved the top Danielle had strewn upon the floor and handed it back to her.

Leaning forward Danielle kissed Cody temptingly. "Care to join me?"

The request was almost too much for Cody to refuse – but she did. The anticipation of what she had in mind was just too deliciously arousing to pass up on. "I’ll have to shower after you," she replied.

Danielle pouted. "Okay… but I do it under protest. The shower always seems so much lonelier without you but…" she sighed, "I’ll survive." Clicking her tongue she shrugged and wandered toward her bedroom.

Taking a deep breath, Cody walked into the kitchen. Pulling open drawers and cupboards she searched out items she needed. Placing down what she was looking for Cody opened the fridge. Since she had been involved with Danielle the refrigerator contained much more edible foods yet there was only one item she was searching for. Sliding the bottle from the top shelf she closed the door, picked up the rest of her required items and headed back out into the main room. She looked around at the lines of canvases against the walls as she heard the shower running from the bathroom. Danielle was temporarily out of sight and she hoped she would have enough time to set up her little scene of seduction before the artist was finished. Cody grinned excitedly as she entered the bedroom.

She placed down her items and closed the curtains. Cody then picked up her selection of scented candles and placed them safely around Danni’s futon bed. She lit each one with a long stemmed match and soon the soft aroma of strawberry and vanilla seeped into the air. Placing the bottle of sparkling wine and single glass at the foot of the bed Cody began to remove her clothes. She entered the bathroom to find Danielle already out of the still running shower, dressed in a towelling robe. The white cotton was a stark contrast to her wet hair.

"You took your time."

"I was busy." Cody released the remainder of her clothes. "Go into the bedroom and wait for me. I have something for you. I wont be long."

Danielle sidled towards Cody. "Oh, you have something I want right here. In fact, I could give you something I know we would both want right now." The day’s exhaustion vanished at the sight of Cody’s naked body. Standing close to Cody’s exposed form, Danielle let her fingers drift down her sides. The smooth flesh glided across the tips of her fingers and a groan swelled deep within her chest.

Cody reigned in all the will power she possessed and stepped away from Danni. "Trust me… go into the bedroom and wait for me. I wont disappoint you."

"Trust me," Danielle kissed Cody. "You never do."

Danni walked back into the bedroom while Cody jumped into the shower. It was to be the fastest shower in her life, lasting no longer than it took to introduce the water to her body and vice versa. Washing the day’s grime from her body, Cody swiftly shut off the taps and grabbed a navy blue towel. She wrapped it around her still dripping body, using a smaller navy towel to remove the remaining water droplets before following Danielle into the bedroom.

Cody found Danni sitting among her pillows at the head of the futon. She rested slightly to her side, leaning upon her left arm.

"I see you have been busy," Danni said.

"I had something in mind."

"So I see." Danielle looked around at soothing candles that created soft, flickering shadows upon the walls. "And are you going to enlighten me?"

"I am." Cody walked further into the room and knelt at the bottom of the futon, beside the bottle of sparkling white wine and single glass. "I’m going to make love to you."

Danielle started to move as she said, "I like the idea of that." But Cody put a hand up to stop her progress.

"The only factor in this is that I am not going to touch you." Cody picked up the wine bottle and unscrewed the cap. She poured a generous amount into the small glass and looked down into the bubbling liquid. "In class… I have to do a study on Vocal Stimulation. I’m going to explore that to its fullest."

"On me?" Danielle was suddenly immensely curious to what Cody had in mind.

Cody looked into the fizzy wine and watched the rise of tiny explosions upon its surface. She wasn’t going to give Danielle any more of a chance to think about this. Bracing herself in order to maintain her self-control, Cody placed down her glass and looked back at Danni.

"Remember the first time we met? You brought me back here and we…" Cody let her words hang in the air. A slow smile spread across Danielle’s lips. "When I left here I just couldn’t get you out of my mind. Your… your essence thrummed through my veins. Your scent possessed me. I arrived home wanting you so much that I couldn’t resist. Right then and there… as soon as the door closed… I had to touch myself."

Danni felt an intense heat flow through her body. "You… you did?"

The student nodded. "Mmm hmm. And you know what?" She paused. "It felt sooo good." The memory of it alone added with Danielle’s close proximity aroused Cody exceedingly.

Danni gripped her pillows and sat up straighter. Her chest rose and fell as her breathing increased. "Tell me about it?"

Cody smiled. She shook her head. She had other ideas in mind. "I’m not going to tell you. You are going to feel it. I’m not stopping until I see you come… on your own hands and due to my own words."

Danielle blushed. Doing what Cody was suggesting was something she had fantasised about but never actually done. Suddenly finding herself in this position left her feeling a little embarrassed.

Cody pressed on, closing her eyes as she spoke. "You know that feeling of the most exquisite kiss? You want to lose yourself in the absolute velvet of succulent lips. Soft and pliant." Cody resisted the urge to run her hands over her own body. "Yielding… devouring… breathtaking. The memory of that causes your body to tighten with need. To twinge with want and absolute desire."

Opening her eyes, Cody looked back at Danielle. The artist’s own eyes were closed, her head tipped back against the wall as her fingers glided across her lips. Danni’s right hand slid down to the V opening of her robe and Blue eyes re-opened to Cody, beseeching her to continue.

The student did so willingly. "You want to touch your breasts?" she asked in a low voice.

Danielle groaned.

"I love your breasts. They are so firm… yet so, so soft. They feel so good in my mouth."

"Oh god," Danni whispered. Her hand completed its quest and her fingers wrapped around the weight of her left breast. A firming nipple pressed into her palm.

Suddenly the towel secured around Cody’s chest felt as though it restricted her breathing yet she refused to remove it. Cody needed to concentrate on Danielle alone. Seeing the artists talented hand moving underneath her robe made that very difficult. She wanted her so very much.

"Undo your belt, Dan."

The request didn’t take long to register in Danielle’s mind. Refusing to remove her right hand Danni used her left to awkwardly yet as swiftly as possible release the belt. She pulled at the lose knot and slipped open her robe, stretching out her legs in front of her.

Green eyes gazed wantonly over Danni’s body. Cody watched the artist’s hands rhythmically squeeze her nipple.

Danielle felt the sensations travel directly to her clit and she moaned out Cody’s name.

"Feel good?"

"Oh yes," Danielle breathed.

"It does… I know." Cody swallowed and licked her dry lips. "Squeeze harder," she whispered.

Danielle did as asked, rolling the ridged tip around her finger and thumb. The feelings increased and hot sweat broke out over her brow. Danielle switched breasts, using her other hand to stimulate her pulsing body.

"God, Cody. I want you so much." Danni’s voice was thick with arousal.

"I want you too," Cody whispered. She rose and sat upon her knees, forcing herself to remain upon the edge of the bed. "How does it feel?"

"So good."

"Tell me more."

Danielle’s head fell back against the wall again. Her body twitched and undulated with desire. "God. You don’t know what you are doing to me, Cody."

"I know what you do to me." Cody picked up the glass of sparkling wine. She placed her index finger in her mouth and sucked it gently before dipping the tip in the alcohol. "There is, however, something I love even more than your breasts." Green eyes travelled down Danielle’s body.

Following Cody’s line of sight Danielle instinctively opened her legs. Lifting her knees she pulled them into her body, leaving herself open to Cody’s penetrating gaze. Although the air was warm it still felt cool as it caressed her heated, wet mound.

"Ugh, oh yes." Cody’s eyes fell shut. She breathed deeply, detecting Danielle’s scent. "You smell so good." Even with the aromatic candles Danni was unmistakable. Cody reopened her eyes. She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to ease the throbbing between her legs.

Locking eyes with Danielle, Cody lifted the tip of her finger from the glass. A single droplet of wine hung from the end. "I love your taste. My mouth on you… my tongue in you. Feeling you slide down my throat." Cody flipped her hand around and the wine droplet trickled slowly down her digit. "And I love your juices." Cody ran her tongue lazily up her finger, her eyes in constant contact with Danielle.

"Oh fuck!" Breathing rapidly, Danni’s hand swooped down to her aching clit. No longer could she resist its cry for stimulation. She massaged the pulsing nub firmly. "Oh god," she whispered. "Oh, Cody." Danni closed her eyes, her fingers moving faster as she repositioned her legs wider apart.

Feeling her mouth go dry at the sight, Cody took a long drink of wine, draining the glass. She dropped it upon the bed, unwanted. "You look so hot like that," she said. "Do you know how much I want you right now, Dan?"

Danielle groaned and slipped two fingers of her other hand deep inside herself. Thrusting in and out languidly her constant moans filled the room. "These are… your hands," she said with effort.

"You possess me, " said Cody, her eyes transfixed upon Danielle’s actions. "You placed me under your spell and I crave only you." Cody noticed Danni’s movements increase. "Can you feel your self tighten because of what I am doing to you? Can you feel yourself getting hotter and wetter?" Cody grasped the sheets underneath her bent legs. Watching Danni and denying herself her own pleasure was absolute torture... yet she knew it would be worth it. She could feel her desire drip down her thighs.

Never before had Danielle felt such an intense aching arousal pulse through her. The knowledge that Cody was watching her just served to increase that pleasure. As much as Danni wanted the feeling to endure, she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. "C… Cody I…"

"You want to come," Cody said. Her eyes remained upon Danni’s fingers. "Well you can come on one condition." She leaned forward, squeezing her eyes tightly shut and knowing she would not be able to contain her own need for much longer.

"Ugh." Daniel panted, her expression twisted in intense pleasure. "What?" she managed to ask.

Cody could no longer resist the draw and she moved closer. "You give me the fingers that you are fucking yourself with and let me taste them after."

That was all it took for Danielle. Feeling her body tremble she exploded in a rush of pure painful pleasure. Her body throbbed in uncontrollable waves of release. Her voice grew hoarse as her cries bounced off the four walls of the bedroom.

Cody’s body tingled, feeling sparks erupt around her body at the mere sight. The hoarse cries of her name roused her.

After a while the feeling subsided and Danielle calmed. Breathing heavily she felt her body go limp. With her hand still buried deep within her centre she opened her eyes. Just the sight of Cody, her body bathed in sweat… Her eyes heavy with need… Her fists clenched tight and her breasts straining against the confinements of the blue towel caused a new surge within the artist.

Withdrawing from herself quickly she lunged forwards, taking Cody with her. They both crashed down onto the bed, Danielle above Cody. The artist wasted no time in attacking Cody’s mouth. Reaching inside her, her tongue moving over and around her teeth. Danielle’s body still quaked with desire but the passionate moans rising from Cody made her want her so much more.

Pulling away from Cody’s mouth Danielle brought her still wet fingers up to the student’s lips.

"You want this? You want to taste what you do to me?"

"You know I do," Cody replied and pulled Danni’s fingers into her mouth.

The student growled. The sweet taste of Danielle stimulated her taste buds. She wrapped her tongue around each digit, removing all of the artist’s essence. She needed Danni so much.

Removing her fingers, Danielle rose to her knees. Taking Cody’s hand she helped pull her to her feet. Danielle watched the towel drop from Cody’s body and her eyes fell to tender breasts. Moving them both across the room, Danni backed Cody up against the wall. She took both of Cody’s hands and raised them above her head, securing them with one of her own.

Danielle ran her free hand through Cody’s wet, swollen centre causing the student to cry out with need

"This is what I like." Danielle painted her fingers across Cody’s breasts. She swooped down, taking the ridged nipple, coated with her essence, into her mouth.

"Oh, Dan, please. I’m so close." Cody writhed against Danielle. "I need you now."

Danni responded in actions alone. She entered Cody fast and hard, again and again as she drove in and out of her thrashing body. She could already feel Cody tighten around her digits.

Kissing Cody, Danielle said, "I’m gonna make you feel how you made me feel."

Cody moved desperately against Danielle.

"I’m gonna make you scream my name as…"

Cody cried out, reaching the point of no return. Climax ravaged through her body. Danielle’s name fell from her lips repeatedly as the artist drove her body through endless tides of pleasure.

Eventually, breathless and light-headed, Cody settled. Danielle released her hands and her arms wrapped around Cody, holding her tight.

Pushing back the hair from Cody’s brow, Danielle looked into re-opening eyes. "How do you feel?" She hoped she hadn’t been too rough with her.

"Hmm." Cody nodded with a dreamy sigh.

"Good because I want to tell you something." Danielle stared at Cody seriously. "I want you to know that there will never be anybody else for me. I… for me… I feel like… I feel like you are my…" Danni struggled to find the words she needed to say.

"Cody, imagine two colours on a canvas… red and yellow. Separate they are fine but mix them together and you make a beautiful orange. Imagine the moon and the stars. Individually they are a wondrous sight of nature but together they make up the magnificence that is the night sky. Or imagine a simple tree. The skeletal vision of a tree in winter is nothing to the bounteous beauty is holds during the summer." Danielle frowned. "Do you see what I mean? When separate we are red and yellow but together we create a beautiful union. Where you are the moon… I am the stars. Gravitating helplessly around your brilliance. Where I am the naked tree in the forest… you are the leaves that give me splendour and beauty. Danielle kissed Cody. "Being whole," she whispered. "Feeling complete and…"

"Dan?" Cody interrupted. She caressed the artist’s cheek. "I’m in love with you too."

Danni smiled and kissed Cody, increasing the contact as they slid slowly down the wall. "That’s what I wanted to say," she mumbled as their bodies were once again swept into a tide of ecstasy.

The End

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