Stolen Glances

A Xena fan fic By:


DISCLAMER: Heya Dudes...yes the sayian soldier of fluffy good times is back behind the keys with another warm and fuzzy tale of love and I don't own Xena or any of those oh so fabulous characters we all LOVE to read about...I just like to tear 'um outta their usual so-so existince and mess with their heads...DON"T SUE ME PLEASE !!!! I am poor...seriously...I spend all my loot on smokes and Smirnoff Ice..and the occasional dvd set ( COUGH-SEASON 3-COUGH ;D) ...well anyway ya get the picture and as usual there will be the assumption that Xena and Gabrielle are, as we ALL know they are...SOULMATES and LOVERS....don't like it..lump it and leave it..cause it's right here in front of you...RUN WHILE YA CAN :D...Oh and another peice of info..I am all about the early stuff so this one is set, like most of my writings, during 1st season..the begining is always the best of any extended series ya know ...PEACE, FLEECE and BACON GREASE...Enjoy the mean story....If ya dig the vib I'm sending E-mail me at :




The sky's hues shine vibrant blue with hints of orange and pink as the sun slowly rises to greet the warrior and her still snoozing companion. One crystal blue eye opens to view a sight so warm it can't help but put a smile on her face. Gabrielle is snuggled tight against her right side. Her cherub face almost looks like its glowing . "Now the question is do I try to wiggle away and get my usual routine going...or steal a few more minutes from the day and lay like I always in my dreams." Xena ponders her current state as the sleeping bard mumbles incoherently and goes back to her dream. "So soft..By the Gods she does taste as good as she looks..I just wish I could touch her like then when I'm...... "awake."

The bard open her eyes to see Xena simply staring at her with a slight grin. " Ok..Ok...I'm up." "Good, because we still have a lot of ground to cover if we want to get to Athens by nightfall." Xena began packing their gear and loading Argo as Gabrielle begins to prepare a quick breakfast. She pauses long enough to notice the way Xena's back ripples as she puts their bed rolls on Argo's saddle and ties them down. "She is flawless even when doing the most simple task...I gotta remember that one for the scrolls..." She smiles to herself at her secret admirations inspire yet another "SPECIAL" story for her personal scrolls. She always keeps just a few of her best, and mostly dream oriented scrolls in a secret pocket on her satchel, those stories are her "practice scrolls"..or at least that's what she tells Xena.

Just as Xena puts the last of their gear on Argo she turns to see Gabrielle slicing the ends off a pear and slicing it into small pieces. " Now there's a sight I could really get used to seeing forever....her hair shines like dew on the most beautiful flower...Her golden skin is more precious to me than gold..and I have never felt anything more insuring than the simple welcoming smile that she shows me every day.. I would give my last drop of blood to make that smile never fade...and yet I can never tell her." With her last though still searing in her head, Xena turns back to Argo before Gabrielle can see the pain in her eyes.

"Hey how's that food comming along Gabrielle, we really need to get on the road soon, don't want Salmonius thinking we forgot about him" Xena walks over to where Gabrielle is sitting. " Just finishing up, can't eat this stuff without washign it first ya know..well unless you want to get know when I was ...." " Gabrielle, you're rambling...let's just eat." With a smile, Xena picks up her share and leans back against a near-by tree. " WHY! Why do I always do that...stupid...stupid she probably thinks I'm a idiot or something..I cant help it though...Just her being that close to me....That smile...and her smell....leather and simply her....I can't keep this up..I have to tell her...I can't keep going through this every day...and ...and If I tell her how I feel..she will..she will run screaming as fast as those gorgious muscular legs of hers will carry wait..she will do a back flip on to Argo and gallop away at top speed...look at me...for the love of Zues..I am so caught up in this ...I am planning her escape from ME !!! I got to get a grip on this and fast..." Gabrielle nods, finishes her food, staring at the ground and focusing pretty hard on a small tree root that is peaking up from the earth.

Xena watches the girl as she does everything possible to avoid eye contact. " Oh no..maybe she thinks I'm mad at her for talking so much..she is a little talkitive but it's a good thing..a welcome thing when on the road...why..why do I talk to her so harshly..why do I do this in day out..I push eveyhting I feel for her into a corner and ignore it..and that's getting harder and harder to do...I love her...I know with all my being that I do...but I can never let her know ...ever. I know what she would do..she would run...screaming about the insain warrior princess...running as fast as her scrumtious, little legs would wait ..she would hitch a ride along the road ...telling the story of the perverted warrior princess and how she tried to molest her in the forest...she would go into town give a discription of Argo to the local athorities and...and ...what am I doing...I am thinking about this all wrong...for the love of 'Dite's tits I am planning her escape from ME !! I gotta do something about this and fast...for Argo's sake...and mine." As Xena finishes her inner disscusion she scoots a little closer to the young bard, preparing herself for her next move. " Gabrielle we nee...." " Xena we really nee..." A spark of simple adoration and a dose of the strongest power know to man..pure unadulterated love ...blast trough two bright emerald green eyes and slams head long into the same comming full force from two sky blue orbs. Both of their hidden desire spring forth in a fury of heat and longing. As Xena leans in to finnaly taste the lips of the bard she has longed for she sees only her reflection shining in those smiling eyes brimming with unshed tears of joy . The look of long saught peace and udder happiness shines back and she realizes that the one thing she has been searching so hard for...and yet so desperatly denying herself was all right there and she does the one thing she knows and does best. She conqures.

As the new day sun sets high in the sky, two hearts find their missing light and a bond like no other in the history of mankind is forged. The clouds, so silver and silken feather the sky and the light rustle of a sweet spring breeze sing a forgotten song as the new lovers explore and begin a new journey that is and shall always be one of the greatest stories ever told. And it all began with a stolen glance.

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