The Hippie and The Punk

A Short Uber Story


The ever popular MONKEY DISCLAMER: Yeah...these characters seem VERY..VERY FAMILIER...

But..they are mine...I am happy to say they sprang forth full grown (just like Athena, tee-hee)

from my ever running insain mind...Please don't use them without my permission ..and also there's some interesting lingo that suggests some bummpin' and grindin' between two chicks..and some very colorful language that would make a sailor blush with shame ( GOTTA LOVE THE SOUTH PARK GENERATION !!) oh and their is a some drug related stuff..but nothing major....don't like it..BITE ME, THAT's THE WAY...uh-huh-uh-huh I LIKE IT !!!! RUN WHILE YA CAN!!! last thing..this is my first attept ever at please FEED the Simain Soldier of FLUFF...E-mail me at


"Great, another day of hell." Two blue eyes open to the sound of blaring alternative rock. With mock enthusiasm and with little intrest the dark haired girl rose, pulled on a pair of faded black jeans and walked to a beaten-down dresser, covered in rock band stickers and Pepsi cans. " Should I wear my black tee-shirt, or my black tee-shirt OR my black tee-shirt...what do ya think Fury?" A small solid black kitten looks up from the foot of the unmade bed. "Mew...ppprrrrrruuuurrrrrr..Mew" "I agree, black tee it is." As she sliped on the wrinkled tee, she caught a glimps of herself in the mirror. Just the very tip of the tattoo on her back showed over the neck of her tee " Ok, kill 'um all, let the law sort 'um out" she said with a cold look to the image looking back at her. Closing her door behind her she is almost knocked to the ground by a small blur making it's way to the bathroom. " Hey you lil son-of-a-bitch get the hell outta the fucking bathroom!" She grabed the small boy tossing him out and locks the door. " HEY DYLAN-MARIE, MOM SAID YOU GOTTA SHARE SO GET THE HELL OUT !!!!" he screamed to the still locked door. After a few minutes, Dylan opened the door, pushing the boy to the wall pinning him. " Listen you lil mistake to humanity, stay the fuck out of my way or so help me next time I will flush your ass down that toilet. Got it ?" With a sly grin in place the boy answered " Sure..just next time give us all warning when your on the rag." Her brother's comment forgotten Dylan grabed her backpack and black leather jacket and raced out the door. Her small motorcycle, parked on the lawn as usual, is quickly started. She reach around for her helmet, with the word DESTROYER painted in silver letters across the top and snaped it in place. With a rev of the engine and a puff of smoke she sped away.

"Sweet, the sun is high and so am I." Two slightly blood shot emerald green eyes open to the sound of blaring techno. With a true stoner stride the golden haired girl rose, pulled on a pair of bright blue denim bell-bottom jeans and walked to a small closet covered with a beaded curtain. " All right..this feels like a full on sunshiney tye-dye kinda day...Don't it Sid?" she said to a orange ball of fur peeking out from under her bed. "Gerrrr...ruff" is her answer as she unfolded the tye-dyed tee and sliped it on . She picked up the pup and walked over to her scarf-covered dresses. Moving a few discarded Pepsi cans, she picked up a hemp braclet and a small silver ring with a amber stone. Putting her acsessories on and walking out the door she put the pup on the floor. He quickly scampered of to the kitchen. Humming a bit of California Dreamin' the girl walked to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror . Pulling her long hair back in a pony tail and tying it off with a leather strip with glass beads, she talked to her reflection, " Remember, a friend with weed is a friend in deed." With a grin she closes the door. "Arin, you had better hurry, Stokly will be here any minute." "Commin, Mom just finishing up" Quickly, Arin brushed her teeth and bolted to the kitchen. Grabbing a box of juice from the fridge and a piece of toast, she burst out the door. " Damn, almost forgot..." she reach back through the door and grabed her backpack and her flannel shirt. "Latter Mom, I love you." Before her mother can answer, Arin hoped into Stokly's VW bug and sped away.

After a quick stop to argue with Principle Morris over her bad attitiude, Dylan made her way to her locker. 1st period book and a pop tart in hand she turned and closed it. A skinny orange-haired boy raced down the hall and stoped grabbing her sholders and laughing

" DUDE, you missed it the jocks just put Ernie Mendelson's jock strap up the flag pole. Ya think he would get a new lock er something!" "And once again he won't notice till gym and we get to laugh our asses off till then, thanks for the update Skeet." Skeet was by far one of the most insain kids any one could ever know. He has been Dylan's only real friend for as long as she can remember. He's a spaz and a full out metal head, but he's a brave guy. Never let's anyone try to intimidate him, then again when you hang with juvinile delenquents you usually are safe from the jocks and other random assholes that fill the halls and look to the bad kids as poison.

Heading down the hall she stopped to give her cold glare stare to the cheerleaders who, as usual, call her a bitch and slink away before she has time to tear them apart. As she turnned around and walked backwards calling them everything degradeing she can think of she felt a presence behind her. Turning with a few choice comments left for the idiot about to run into her, she smacked face first into Arin. " Listen you sawed-off lil burnouts watch the fuck where your going or else I'll make you both a tye-dyed stain on the fucking wall...fuck it ...I don't have time to jabber to a pathetic lil shrimp like you ...MOVE!" Shoving the smaller girls aside, Dylan stomped off to class. "Damn, who pissed in her Cherrio's this morning." Stokly always spoke up a little too late to really do any good, but Arin just smiled. " She's just not a morning person..she's a dark and tormented child of the night...all she needs is a good lay and a evening with our friend Walter and I bet she would be ...peaceful...or at least less violent." Arin always sees the best in even the worst of people.

After the usual mindless droning of teachers, Dylan was all but grateful when the lunch bell rang. Meeting up with Skeet and the rest of her friends at their table by the door and eating whatever they can scare out of the geek crowd always makes the day a little better. " Yo, we scored some chessy poofs from sci-fi boy and his intergalatic geek patrol." Skeet hands a bag over to Dylan as she draped her jacket over the chair . "Yo, Dylan did you hear 'bout Huffman's party tonight, dude should be a blast, I mean he did throw that monster spring break bash last year?" " I'm not really a party gal, Skeet." with just a hint of bitter in her answer Dylan though about the spring bash and the fact she spent the entire night shooting tequella and the whole next day spewing her guts out. " Come on Dylan, we're talking free best of all a chance to see the fucking jocks so screwed up they can't even fucking walk ...and maybe a good ole fashioned cat fight. " The idea of all that chaos and the ever fequent possiblity of a good fight, well it beats wathching MTV all night . " Ok, Ok I'll go but under one condiotion...if a fight breaks out that I'm not part off...Skeet you come get me so I can BE a part of it !" A big grin appeared on Skeet's face and with the rest of the crew in for the party as well they all began discussing what's fucked up with the world and how the President has damned us all.

Arin caught up with Stokly just outside the Art room as they headed for the grassy knoll just outside the cafeteria. " Ah yeah, lunch time..yeah time to quence the mid day munchies...and catch up on the hum-drum buzz from those who frequent reality" Stokly danced around in a circle, breathing in the fresh air and basking in the sun. " Right...umm Stokly..I think you need to visit reality a little more ..." Arin said with a slight laugh. " Why so the oppresion of our goverment can hold me down and force me to give up everything I know is right to become another mindless clone and conform to society's standards of what is right?" With a darkend look Stokly turned to face Arin. " No..because your dancing in dog shit..and that my dear friend is reality telling you to check yourself before you wreck yourself.." Barely able to keep a straight face, Arin busted out laughing as Stokly removed her now shit incrusted shoe and began washing it off in a mud puddle nearby. " Oh yeah..that was an obvious ploy from the goverment to ruin my day and forget about tonight's party." " Party? What party..see I am always the last to know...Stoks stop playing with your shoe and fill me in..just the basics..I can guess the rest." " violence if the right people attend...virtually a good time for all." Stokly finished with her shoe and put it back on. " Oh and one more thing...we are DEFINATLY there!!!" " I hear ya...remember the spring break bash last year...damn I've never drank that much tequella in my fucking life..of course the hangover fucking sucked but was soooooo worth it ..I mean even Miss Bad Ass herself got plastered...yeah Stoks..we are fukcing there!" With their evening plans set, Arin and Stokly begain discussing house techno vs industrial and what's fucked up with the world and how the Prisident has screwed us all over.

Dylan caught up with Skeet after school and deciding to take his car to the party instead of her bike, she headed home to put up her school stuff and eat. After a quick scan of the fridge, she decided to grab a bite before the party and headed to her room to chill till 7 when Skeet would pick her up. " Heya Fury...I survived another day of Hell are sooo lucky your a cat." she bent down and picked the cat up and closed the door behind her. Turning on her bedside boom-box, she flipped through the new copy of MAD that had come in the mail...loosing track of time until she heard Skeet's beat-up wreck of a car rumbling down the street. With just enough time to run a comb trough her hair she reach over and gave Fury a quick kiss on the head and left.

Arin met up with Stokly right outside the school. They both decided to grab a bite at Taco Planet and chill till time for the party. After a Rings of Saturn Nacho plate and a few games of Dance Revalution, they both headed out for Huffman's. The street was litteraly filled with cars, of course the rich bastards had all the best parking. Once parked three blocks away Arin giggled " Looks like we make our grand enterance on foot, Stoks." " Damn Goverment....I bet the house is bugged right to the C.I.A.." " Right Stoks...and I am Renee O'Conner..Come on!" With a roll of the eyes, Arin and Stokly began to walk to the house, even from here you could hear every word of the Missy Elliot song blasting from the house...well except the backwards jibberish...that was a little garbled. As they crossed the road to enter the house, a beaten-up primer gray car sped past almost flatening Arin. " Damn..looks like they were in a hurry..HEY CHECK YOUR BREAKS PAL..THEY NEED MORE DUCT TAPE!!!" Stokly yelled as the car passed. Arin heared a screech of the breaks and two car doors. " Oh Shit...Stoks...RUN! " As they ran into the house, the saw Skeet and Dylan running right after them. "'s the plan..we grab a drink...smoke some bud and forget they are even here." Stokly's fail-proof plan for life in general. " Ok, but if they beat us both to death I get to make out with Janis Joplin first." They both headed for the kitchen to put their plain in motion.

" Where are those lil fucks..I swear I will skin them alive..." Dylan was on high alert and all who crossed her path would feel her wrath. " Easy...Dylan...dude...we came here for free beer...let's have a drink or 2 and save the bloodshed for latter...come on it's too early to get the cops here." Skeet was right...the night was young and after a cold drink or two maybe Dylan can think about where to put two hippie skins and what to do with the bodies. Arin and Stokly had found what the now riled party goers refered to as the Green Room and were enjoying the dank-filled blueberry blunt being passed around. " See Arin..what did I tell ya...the plan never fails..and the Party Gods have blessed this place...My blunt runith over." Stoks was past baked as she rolled another blunt and passed it to Arin for proper sparking. Arin had to admit the night was going good...but she still thought of the look in Dylan's eyes as she stormed towards them. Dylan has beautiful eyes. So dark and mysterious, but Arin saw the pain too, there was a lot of pain in those blue eyes.

Dylan was out back by the pool, already on her 5th cup of Huffman's classic suicide punch...scotch mostly with just a hint of Sprite. It tasted like crap but it got you fucked up royally pretty fast. Most people can't even drink 1 cup..let along 5...but Dylan seemed immune to it's effects. She sat there thinking of that blond girl and her loud mouthed friend. Arin was one of the few people she really had no beef with. Oh sure she talked shit to her, but of course that was damage control, I mean there after all was the bad-ass bitch image to deal with. That image kept a lot of people at bay. That's what it was made for. But for some reason, it just didn't work on Arin. Those bright green eyes always seem so carefree and uncondeming. Like she can see right to your soul. Dylan looked back to the house to the window of what the few concious party goers had called the Green Room. As she stood up the drinks took hold and she felt her head swim and her vision blurred. She knew what came next and half ran half tripped over to the bushes and hurled. It's amazing how good upchucking after too much drinking can make you feel. After a full on spew session in the corner, Dylan felt better and realized that she needed to talk to Arin. If anyone would understand her, something told her it would be Arin.

" I need to pee like a damn race horse" Stokly got up after cashing the last bit of blunt number 7. "Lucky seven bit the dust, folks...I'll be back." Grabbing a hold of Arin to steady her balance Stokly floated off to the bathroom. After a bit, the rest of the fried peeps left as well, each going off to various places. Some off to the kitchen to raid for munchies. Some to stand in line for the bathroom. Some to the dance floor to make total asses of themselves. Others to a nice dark corner to make out or reflect on the state of the world and how the George Wahington on the dollar is talking to them. Arin stayed put. The green ahd taken hold nicely and she was off in a dream world where people like Dylan and Skeet find what makes them happy and all is right. She sat in that big red bean bag chair and thought about the motorcycle ridding bad ass bitch that chased all away with her dark attitude and her harsh words. But, Arin knew better, there was obviously more to Dylan than anger and black jeans. There was a beautiful girl who has simply not found happiness. All it takes is one person to make someone wake up. She could be that one person.

Arin stood up about to go find Dylan and try to talk to her when she heard a thud in the hall and a familier voice screaming familier words. " Dylan, don't kill them.. their just like you."she wispered to herself as she walked out to the hall. She saw Dylan ..and Stokly was her target. " Stoks..what the hell..." Arin grabbed Stokly's arm. " Look you demented she-beast from hell, no one wants you here...just fucking leave so we can all party!" Stokly spat the words as she tried to stair down the dark girl who was towering over her. " Listen you little bastared child of Woodstock..get the fuck out of my damn face before I rip your fucking head of and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!" Arin pulled Stokly away from the death grip glare of Dylan. She stood inbetween them, a short blonde baricade against two dueling forces bent on tearing each other limb from limb. " Stoks go to the kitchen...get a drink ..and for the love of Hendrix take some acid or something...mellow out..." Arin said the last part to the back of Stokly's head as she walked away. " And you....We need to talk." Arin turned to look at Dylan. Dylan had her fist so tight her knuckles were white and her glare was stronger than ever. She simply shook her head and followed Arin into the green room.

" Look, I know she's a friend of yours but don't even think I am gonna let a pip squeek like you come up to me and tell me what I need to do...I...." Dylan didn't have time to finish her rant . She stopped and looked into Arin's eyes and there was the look. The look that tore trough her and showed ever scar, every bruise, every emotion she had ever known. " I know what you think of me." she told Arin as she sat down. " You think I am so damn angry at the world I don't see you, I do, I see you every day, you and your little friend always so damn happy and cheerful, the world isn't some neon glazed land of pot and that fucking horrible music you both blast from her bug every morning, its a lot darker. " she looked at the floor, Arin was sitting in the red bean bag chair simply listining. " You're wrong Dylan, I dont think you're full of anger and darkness, everyone has a good side, you hide yours because you think it makes you weak, that it's a bad thing, but it's not, it's what makes you human, it's something you haven't even given a chance to experience because of one thing, you're afraid." Arin leaned forward and wispered " Don't be afraid to feel, Dylan" Dylan looked to see those green eyes that had set on taking down her sheild. " I'm not afraid to fucking feel" she said with tears in her eyes. " I can't feel anymore"

"Hey Dylan," Arin inched forward more," Can I ask you a question....can I see your tattoo?" Dylan stood up and took off her jacket, she started to raise the back of her shirt when Arin wispered " Here, let me." Arin placed her hands on Dylan's waist and slowly lifted up the shirt. A large tattoo of a sword ran the length of Dylan's spine. Arin touched the blade, she felt the warmth of Dylan's skin and the ripple of electricity that flowed from her. Dylan closed her eyes as Arin touched her back, her hand was so warm and soft like water, she felt the wave of goosebumps rise on her arms from the contact of their first touch. Dylan reach down and began to remove her shirt. Arin smiled and watched as Dylan removed her shirt and revealed her pale skin and her tight muscular frame. Dylan turned to see what look was reflecting in those green eyes she had come to trust. Arin looked at Dylan's body, her skin glowed liked the moon on a clear night, her breasts, round and firm begged to be touched. Arin gently placed her hand on Dylan's chest. The heat from Dylan's skin absorbed her hand and Arin felt her senses waken and her own heat rused to her center to join with the dark fire that was now so close . " matter what you may show to others..I know what's in here." Arin brushed her fingers over Dylan's chest, resting her hand over Dylan's heart. The rapid drumming beat called to Arin, like the drums of some anchient civilization, beckoning her to it's echoing sound. Dylan had never felt such raw emotion, she took Arin's hand and brought it to her lips, a single smoldering kiss to the palm. Arin's eyes met Dylan's , they had found what they had lost, and didn't even know they were looking for. As their lips met for the first time, they both knew a bond had been reconnected that can never be broken, a bond that is stronger than time it's self. These two souls, knew they belonged in the grasp of each other's love. Under the smokey haze, the two kindred spirits explored each other's bodies and quenched each other's longings. Things would never be the same again.


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