The Watching River

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*DISCLAMER*-This is a work of fiction using the names of the caracters of the popular telivision show Xena: Warrior Princess...I don't own the rights to the caracters or any of that stuff so...please don't sue me!!! ALSO, this story has sexual content, involving two women, DUH its a SUBTEXT story so, unless ya like that sorta thing DONT READ IT, and if yer just a kid looking for some wank bank material, LOOK SOMEWHERES ELSE !!! My tale is for ADULTS !!!

Now...without further yacking from the author...on with the story...

Sitting by the fire, Gabrelle watched as Xena sharpened her sword. The sweat glisining on her upper arm was invoking some disturbing thoughts in the young bards mind. It had been just a few moons now that she had traveled at the side of the warrior princess. She had learned so much, and yet there was someting stinging her thoughts. It was always present, something she couldn't explain to Xena. She wanted to feel her hands upon her skin. She wanted those hands. The hands that had killed so many, the same hands that now work to help those in need. She ached to feel those hands as the hands of a lover.

So deep in her thoughts, Gabrielle hadn't noticed Xena's longing eyes upon her. Xena, too had many thoughts of her own. Since she had fist seen this firey blond risk her life to save the other villigers she knew there was something different about her. The fact that she was absolutly beautiful was mearly a plus. So many times over the past few night she had fought with herself, she wanted something more. To savor the wonderful aroma of her skin. To run her hands through her golden hair and caress her young breasts. These thoughts had become more and more difficult to control. Sitting there she watched and Gabrielle seemed so entranced by the warm fire she had made.

At first, Xena wasn't sure that the girl would be allright once they departed Podadia. She had exceded all expectations though. " It's getting late and we both will need rest. I'll get the bedding layed out, you go ahead and get changed for bed." as Xena spoke, she noticed a slight blush come over Gabrielle's cheeks. What was that girl so infatuated with?? Sure the fire was nice, but she was really zoned out. With a shrug, the warrior princess rose and walked over to the small tree where she hand placed their packs. As she glanced towards the trees, she saw a glimps of Gabrielle walking down to the river. She was carring her travel bag and as she reached the water, she began to slip free of her skirt and top. Xena was now glued to the scene which now played out before her. Slowly, Gabrielle walked into the river, when she was just in waist deep, she leaned her head back and covered herself completely in the cool water. The more Xena watched the more the warm moisture begain to build between her thighs. Peeking through the trees, she had only urged those wonderful thoughts of bliss she had tried so hard to hide. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to have her.

As Gabrielle felt the cold chilling wind as she bathed, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. She continued to clense herself, but the feeling of the eyes of another really cut her bath short. She finished up and steped out of the river, shivering as she began to dry herself. Had it gotten colder,or had the toughts of her and Xena together simply made her too warm? As she sliped on her night frock, she hugged herself and wished even harder for the strong arms of her companion around her. She really wasn't sleepy, but just to lie next to Xena was enough incentive to go to bed.

She walked back to the camp, and sat her travel pack under the tree with Xena's. She watched as Xena finished setting up their bedding . Funny, she tought, it shoudn't have taken so long to set them up. Then again, Xena is fullof mistery. She was probably checking their rations or planing where to head for tommorrow. Just then a tempting thought sprung to life in her daunting mind, or maybe she was watching you down at the river. Maybe,just to make sure I was safe. Maybe, just to watch you undress. No,no there's no way Xena would look at me like that, she told herself trying to stop the warm heat that rush to her face for the second time tonight. Once again her mind raced.

She knows, I know she knows, thought Xena as she layed out the bedding. It doesen't take this long to set up bedding, even she would know that. As she turned she saw Gabrielle's face red with heat. With a sly grin she spoke.. " Hey you look kinda flushed, are you getting sick on me already?" Xena raised her hand a carresed Gabrielle's cheek. Good cover, act concerned and innocent, maybe she won't catch on. " No,no I just got a chill coming back from the river" Gabrielle answered with a smile. As they both stared into each others eyes, the truth tore to the surface. Xena slowly pulled her hand away from Gabrielle's cheek, the touch of the young bards skin sent shivers up her spine. It was like playing with fire. Gabrielle longed for that sweet moment to last forever, but there was more to come. She wouldn't let her slide by that easily.

Xena watched as a spark came to the bard's eyes, something she recognized immediatly, the look of love. She was sure that her silver eyes contained that same feeling. It was up to her now, she slowly leaned forward and gently kissed Gabrielle's suculant lips. As if it was a dance, the two embraced and begain to explore what each had longed for. Gabrielle basked in the arms of her beloved warrior as she lowered her head to nuzzle her leather clad breasts. She slowly sliped free from her frock so Xena could enjoy her fully. Xena's gaze went straight from her sweet bard's eyes to her now free body. So vibrant and warm, she teased the young bards warm rose bud nipples with just the tip of her surprisingly soft fingers. She shivered once more as they puckered and hardened beneth her touch. A soft moan escaped Gabrielle's parted lips, pleasures she had never experienced before were now awakened in her young body.

Xena caught a glimpse of her own eyes, full of passion and hunger reflecting in her bards forest green eyes. It had been too long since she had induged this side off herself. But was the Bard really ready? She is so young she thought to herself as she place kisses one after another on the bards face neck. As she looked into those eyes, trust, comfort,love, everthing she needed was right there. That was all it took. Xena worked free of her leather, never losing contact with those eyes. Gabrelle watched her lover, for the first time,she saw a side of Xena that she was sure no one else had seen. She was so soft, and even though she knew very little of this..this she watched Xena's eyes she knew everything was ok. The moon's caressing light shown on the new lovers as the indulged in each other's bodies. The golden hues of the fire and the slow crawling fog that rolled from the river incased them both in a dreamlike glow as they awakened to the feelings that they both had tried so hard to cover. As they both cried out in exstacy, two names rung through the forest from two souls that had finnaly found each other. A small golden cloud floats high above the trees. " music to my ears...ok pay up,sis, like ...I told you it wouldn't take much longer " Aphrodite grins and holds out her hand to her sister. Artemis sighed and held out her hand with a bag of dark covered beans. " know maybe someday, these, like, mortals will make a day honering me fully and these lil beans can, like be given to those blessed by me with the power of love" " Yeah, right...cocoa beans are expensive and highly fatining" said Artemis ephasizing the fat remark... the cloud floats away as the sisters argue over love, fighting, and the price of cocoa beans in Greece. THE END...IF YA LIKED THIS PIECE OF MINDLESS FLUFF EMAIL ME AT

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