Chapter 26

The warm summer breeze lazily ruffled the curtain before it danced across their naked bodies. The sun was just beginning to make its descent into the Pacific, leaving behind its temporary calling card of red, pink and orange fire.

The two women had spent the day alternately making love and napping, only pausing long enough to order room service when Camryn’s stomach loudly protested the lack of sustenance.

"Not a bad way to hide out." Cami mused as she munched on a ripe strawberry dipped in dark chocolate.

Sprawled out next to her, T.J. sipped on iced tea. "Mmmm…no…not bad at all." She playfully snagged some ice from her drink before setting the cup down, and running the cube down Cami’s unsuspecting bare back.

"Aaahhh! Shit! T.J.!" Cami yelped as the tall woman left an icy trail on her overheated skin.

T.J. just chuckled in amusement and deftly caught the pillow that Cami swiped in her direction. With a swift movement, she pinned the blonde beneath her, straddling her stomach. From her dominant position, T.J. began to tease Cami with tickles and the ice cube.

At first, Cami just laughed like crazy, trying in vain to defend herself against T.J.’s superior strength. But when the tall woman slid the ice up a breast to her suddenly alert nipple, Cami groaned in exquisite torture.

"Ahhh…T.J…please!" Cami cried.

"I thought you could use some cooling off." T.J. whispered, bending her head near Cami’s delicate ear.

Cami’s brain was refusing to work properly, but she did catch the irony in T.J.’s statement. "Sorry sweetheart. If ‘cooling’ is what you were after, you failed miserably."

T.J. laughed, a seductive, low sound that rumbled in her chest and rolled over Cami like the waves that crept up the shoreline just below their window. "Hmmm…" The barkeep continued to blaze a trail with the ice cube, but followed the frosty sensation with her hot, tempting tongue. The icy-hot path that she followed across Cami’s body traced from nipple to nipple and then down the blonde’s stomach, causing her to arch her back in wondrous ecstasy. "Dinna think I ever enjoyed ‘failing’ quite so much before." She muttered, thoroughly enjoying the deepening of the green in Cami’s eyes, as the smaller woman was enveloped in desire.

Along the way, the ice cube melted, but T.J. continued to nibble along Cami’s delectable body, winding her path back up towards her neck. However, as T.J. shifted her weight to reposition herself above Cami, the smaller woman neatly used her momentum to flip the unsuspecting T.J. on her back.

"Victory!" Cami crowed, grinning with success, and placing a palm on either side of T.J.’s head. "Now it’s my turn for torture."

T.J. smiled seductively. "So…ta the victor goes the spoils, darlin’." Her eyes were twinkling with mischief, and Cami knew that T.J. had been a willing accomplice in her small victory — she would never have been able to flip the stronger woman so easily otherwise. But at the moment, neither woman was complaining.

As she straddled T.J.’s well-defined stomach, Cami began running her tempting fingers over T.J.’s smooth, muscular body, eliciting an involuntary shudder from the dark woman. Underneath her, T.J. swallowed hard and Cami had the pleasure of watching the wave of passion crash over the beautiful woman. She paused momentarily; suddenly feeling like her heart was heavy in her chest. "My god…T.J…. you are the most damned beautiful woman…it …it almost makes me ache to think that someone like you…as amazing as you…could love me."

T.J. lifted a graceful hand to Cami’s face and pushed aside her unruly hair, before gliding her fingers down the side of her face and down her chest. "And here I was thinkin’ that I was the luckiest woman in the world, ta have someone as incredible as ya are…"

Cami smiled down at the tall woman. "I think…No. I know…that we are both incredibly lucky." She leaned in for a sensuous kiss, easing her body down on top of the taller woman. Running mischievous fingers up and down the length of T.J’s body, Cami grinned wickedly. "Now…where was I?"

"I believe I was about ta get paybacks for the ice cube." T.J. was laughing, resigned to her torturous fate.

"Damned right you are…" Cami growled as she sat up and neatly grabbed a chocolate covered strawberry from the tray next to the bed. Cami licked the tip of the berry with the tip of her tongue, and T.J. felt goose bumps raise on her body at the sheer erotic image that the naked, golden-haired woman presented above her. With the tongue-dampened chocolate, Cami began to run the berry down T.J.’s body, leaving a trail of chocolate in its wake. She started with T.J.’s full, luscious breasts, adding swirls and simple knot-work designs, and finishing by drawing an adorable heart on the tall woman’s taut stomach.

Cami took a large bite of the treat, leaving a part of the berry protruding from her lips. Gently leaning down over the seductive grin beneath her, Cami fed T.J. a taste from her mouth. Their lips slid together, savoring the moment of contact, before Cami pulled back to allow T.J. to chew her portion. "Delicious." T.J. groaned. "And the berry is pretty good, too." She muttered, enjoying the playful grin on Cami’s face as she gave the blonde back some of her own teasing word play.

Cami took the remainder of the berry and traced chocolate over each of her own breasts. With exquisite slowness, she leaned her delectable breasts over T.J.’s mouth and allowed her to taste the creation. T.J. devoured the offered treat, and finished by licking her own lips before grabbing Cami and pulling her down for another long kiss.

Finally, Cami began to clean up her handiwork, swirling her tongue down T.J.’s body. She lavished attention to each breast, spending an erotically agonizing time suckling each of T.J.’s tasty nipples. When the dark woman began to squirm, Cami refused to relent. "Got to make sure you are all clean." She winked at T.J. The blue eyes above her were as dark as the raging seas, and Cami knew that the barkeep wouldn’t take much more of the delicious torment.

So she finished removing the traces of the chocolate heart on T.J.’s stomach, easing her body down between T.J.’s legs. From her position lying on T.J.’s stomach, she could smell the dark woman’s intoxicating musky scent and Cami quickly forgot all about the chocolate, instead having a more nefarious plot in mind.

She could tell from T.J.’s body language that the dark haired woman was anxious for the teasing to stop, but Cami couldn’t resist one last gratification. She again straddled T.J.’s stomach and lifted one finger, tracing it deliberately along T.J.’s stomach and over her breasts, making sure she had her full attention. Next, Cami ran the same finger down her own body, starting by licking it with her mouth, dropping down her stomach towards her mound, and with a sexy grin, dipping it into her own freely flowing juice.

T.J. partly sat up in surprise. "God…darlin’." She whispered, her voice husky with desire. "Ya are so damned hot…ya take my breath away…" But T.J. trailed off, lying back down on the pillow, her eyes mesmerized by what Cami was doing to herself with that tempting finger.

"Shhh…just wanted to give you one more taste of something sweet." She eased up T.J.’s body and gently placed her dripping finger into T.J.’s greedy mouth. With ravenous moans, the tall woman grabbed the small hand in a strong grip and proceeded to lick every trace of Cami from her finger.

"Ambrosia." T.J. husked as Cami eased her hand away from T.J’s mouth. "Now I know what they meant by ‘Better than Chocolate’." She finished with a devastating smile that made Cami’s knees go weak.

But the blonde was not done with her torment. She pushed T.J.’s shoulders back onto the bed and began to nibble her way back down to the prize she was seeking. With a gentle move of her knees, she parted T.J.’s legs and settled herself by wrapping her arms around strong thighs. With a final look at T.J.’s face, dark with desire, Cami kissed the top of the dark curls on T.J.’s mound and traced an overwhelming tongue right into the dark woman’s core.

Cami’s tongue was nimble and tempestuous as she licked, kissed and lightly sucked on the taller woman, refusing to allow her any rest as she gently eased her to the top of the precipice. T.J. threw her head back in surrender, and deliberately moved her hands until they tightly gripped onto the headboard for fear that in her passion she might accidentally hurt Cami.

T.J. was over come with love and desire. This was certainly not the first time she and Cami had made love. But for some reason, each time they did, it seemed to be more intense, as though they were lost in a dimension in time where only they existed — not as two individuals, but as two halves of the same being. And this time…now Cami knows my past…and she’s still here…we don’t have that shadow over us…

But T.J.’s thoughts derailed as Cami continued her onslaught, her talented tongue and lips teasing T.J., slowly spiraling her upward towards the deliciousness of the unknown. Finally the dark haired woman cried out, "Please, darlin’…Cam…Ah…aye…!" The torment in T.J.’s voice caused Cami to relent, slightly increase her tempo and pressure, and allow the dark woman the sweet release she so desperately craved.

With a yell, which sounded to Cami like some sort of a primitive war cry, T.J. came crashing over the edge, floating on clouds of bliss, her convulsions pulsing against Cami’s tongue. The blonde eased her captive back down towards earth, skillfully and greedily lapping up the evidence of T.J.’s pleasure.

After she felt T.J.’s pulse settle back towards normalcy, Cami released her prize and crawled slowly up T.J.’s body. Cami allowed the barkeep to clean her lips and chin with a hungry mouth, before settling onto her chest and feeling her powerful arms wrap tightly around her.

"My anam cara." T.J. whispered into the gathering twilight, giving Cami another gentle squeeze.

"I love you, T.J." Cami whispered back.

"Forever and always, darlin’." T.J. gently spoke into Cami’s ear. Finally, wrapped in each other’s arms, they drifted off to sleep listening to the comforting sound of each other’s heartbeat.


"So, tall, dark and Irish…what happens now?" Cami asked, as she clicked on the soft bedside light. She had awoken after a half hour nap, to find T.J. sitting on the edge of the bed and staring into the near darkness.

"Well, first I thought I’d start nibbling on your ears, move down your neck…" T.J. purred, turning around and moving in to complete her quest.

Her suggestion caused Cami to flush pink with anticipation and goose bumps coursed down her arms. "Umm…well…" Cami licked her lips. "Sounds like a plan, but…um…not quite what I was asking."

T.J. continued her path of devastation as her lips trailed skillfully over Cami’s body. She paused only long enough to respond before continuing her torture. "So…what were you asking?"

"I…um…I…" But Cami couldn’t concentrate. T.J.’s lips were driving her insane and her brain had short-circuited. "I…um…I…"

"You already said that." T.J. teased, earning her a playful smack in the shoulder.

"I …meant…what do we do now…wait for Agent Knight…or…?" Her thoughts trailed off again, as T.J. found a particularly sensitive spot on her inner thigh. But the question had gotten T.J.’s attention, and she momentarily stopped her onslaught.

"Aye. Well…’tis a bloody good question...As a matter of fact…" She rolled over and grabbed her cell phone to check her voice mail. She had turned it off last night, knowing full well that Reynoso would try and contact her, and not wanting to deal with him until she was sure what direction she was going to take with the drug lord.

She punched in her pass code and skipped through a message from Jake. Agent Knight’s voice came through, sounding a touch worried, as he had heard about the attack on her condo. Guess I’d better call him and tell him I’m alive. Erasing the message from Knight, she skipped ahead to the next and her blood began to pound as she recognized Miguel Reynoso’s voice: Senora Jameson, we need to talk. Contact me at the usual number. Now.

He neither said his name, nor gave the number, but she knew who it was. T.J. could also tell from his tone that he believed she was involved with the FBI. "Ah…for fuck’s sake!" She spit out.

Cami eased over to T.J’s side of the bed and began to softly rub the taller woman’s back. "Trouble?" She asked, as T.J. snapped the phone shut and put it down next to her.

"Aye. Reynoso. Just as I figured…He wants ta talk." T.J. took a deep breath, trying to weigh her options.

"Talk?" Cami snorted in derision. "Why do people say shit like that when you know full well that what he really wants to do is kill you? Must be his limited vocabulary."

T.J. was silent, still brooding. When she was really honest with herself, she held out little hope that the Feds would even find Reynoso to bring him in. And as wonderful as her day had been here with Cami, they couldn’t hide out in a hotel room forever. That left her two options: leave the country, or set up yet another meeting with Reynoso. While she knew that she had enough money and connections to set both she and Cami up in just about any other place in the world, she couldn’t ask Cami to do that — to leave her friends, her career, her life.

T.J. sighed and turned to face the earnest pair of green eyes that were shining up at her — so full of love, passion, and trust. No, I canna ask her ta do that. And there is no way I will spend my life without her. Not now. Not now that she knows who I am and still loves me. She leaned down and kissed Cami. No. That leaves us with one real viable option. I go back in. It was a deadly game of cat and mouse, but she would be damned if she would let Reynoso get the best of her.

She turned to face the naked blonde next to her, and absently pushed her unruly hair off of Cami’s forehead. "Darlin’, I…I think I’m gonna have ta do something…go somewhere where ya can’t follow."

Cami’s brow creased. "Huh? I don’t…what are you talking about?" She was afraid that she knew where T.J. was heading, but she needed to hear it all for herself.

"Ya know that I probably have enough money for us ta hide out for quite some time." T.J. began, trying hard not to look away from the puzzled, serious face beneath her.

"Yeah. And?"

"And…and as glorious as today has been…the best day of my life." T.J. smiled at that, caressing Cami’s cheek with her fingertips. "We canna live like this forever. Ya have a career, friends, a life ta get back ta. And I have the pub…"

"T.J. nothing else matters except that we are together and safe."

The tall woman sighed again. "I know darlin’. But even if we left here…I’m afraid a man like Reynoso…I’ve known men like him…hell, I was like him. He willna just forget about this. If he thinks I betrayed him, he will hunt me down. And sooner or later, he’d get lucky and find me…find us. I willna live our lives like that — forever on the run, always lookin’ over our shoulders. No way."

Cami paused, processing the logic she was hearing. As much as she wanted to just say "Fuck it!" and run away with T.J., she knew that the barkeep was right. They couldn’t spend their lives like that. "So what are you saying?"

"I have a plan that’s rattlin’ around in my head. Something that should get Reynoso out of our lives for good. But… I canna do this thing if I am worried about ya — about your safety. Understand?"

"This isn’t the part where you tell me to go away again, is it? ‘Cause I told you last night, if you say that again I’m gonna have to kick your ass." She twined her fingers in T.J.’s hair and pulled her close, whispering against the tall woman’s soft lips. "You are stuck with me Taylor Jameson…so get used to it!" The last was growled rather than spoken, as she brought her lips to T.J.’s and gave her a devastating kiss that left them both panting for breath.

When she regained a bit of composure, T.J. responded. "No way, darlin’. Besides, I believe it is ya who are stuck with me. No, I just meant that I…well, would ya be willing ta go and stay with Jake for a few days? Just until I finish this up. If ya were there with him, I’d know ya were safe — I wouldna have ta worry about ya."

Cami’s first instinct was to say "No way!", to never leave the dark woman’s side. But as she paused and thought about the situation, she knew that T.J. was right. The woman could handle herself, without a doubt, but if she had to worry about both of them…She might get hurt protecting me. Cami stared again into those incredible blue eyes, and her heart ached. Now that I have her, how can I ever let her go…even for a short time…especially knowing she is heading into danger? Cami stood and paced the room for a moment.

"Darlin’, ya know I wouldna ask ya ta do this if I dinna think it was important. If I know ya are safe with Jake, I can fully concentrate on getting rid of that bastard Reynoso."

Cami was still silent, and T.J. worried that she had pushed her away again — maybe one time too many. But finally Cami came over and knelt before the dark-haired woman, who was still perched on the side of the bed.

"When do you have to go?"

"Uh…well not likely I can set anything up before tomorrow."

Cami nodded. "What will you be doing? Or is it best that I don’t know?"

Knowing would make the blonde worry, but not knowing could set her imagination into over-drive. "I’m going ta call Reynoso, tell him I had no idea the Feds would be there, arrange ta meet with him and then take him out. By whatever means necessary."

Cami nodded again. "Will you involve the Feds, or are you playing Lone Ranger on this one?" T.J. could tell by the set of Cami’s jaw that the smaller woman was trying desperately to maintain her composure.

Good question… "I think…well…I’ll call the Feds, but as a clean-up crew — ta act as the cavalry. It’s a delicate game I’m playin’, and …"

"You mean dangerous, don’t you?" Cami interrupted.

T.J. swallowed hard. "Aye. ‘Twill be dangerous."

Cami rose again and paced the room. Finally she turned and faced T.J. "I don’t like it. You are planning to ride into the enemy camp alone — to hand yourself over to a man who wants you dead?" Cami’s fury was clearly evident now.

"Well. I…I suppose ya could look at it that way." She stammered.

"What other goddamned way is there to look at it!? You can’t go in there alone, T.J. No way!" Her jaw was clenched tight. "I just found my soul mate, god dammit! And I’ll be damned if I will lose you now." Cami was boiling with fury, her face flushed.

T.J. rose and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman; gently rocking her back and forth and stroking her blonde head until she felt some of Cami’s anger subside.

She could see Cami’s point. It ripped T.J. apart to think of losing Cami, so she could imagine what this situation must feel like from the photographer’s perspective. Face it old girl, if ya were her, ya wouldn’t let her just walk alone into the lion’s den, now would ya? She knew she had her answer. She had to find a way to include Cami without really putting her in harm’s way. Just exactly how to do that would be the trick. You’ll figure it out, Jameson.

"Ok, darlin’, ok. I’m here. I’m not goin’ anywhere…" She hesitated a moment before finally committing herself. "And neither are ya."

Cami pulled back and looked up at Taylor. "What?"

"I willna make ya go and stay with Jake." T.J. finally relented.

"You mean it?" Cami was clearly surprised.

"I do. I promise. But…" She held up one long, elegant finger in warning. "But ya must promise ta do everything I tell ya. Everything, understand?"

Cami nodded. "I understand, T.J. I…you have my word."

"Darlin’, I know that. What I am askin’ is for your obedience." When Cami raised an eyebrow, T.J. elaborated. "We are goin’ ta war. And in a battle, a General must know that her soldiers will follow every order ta the exact letter. Even if they don’t like the order, or don’t agree with it." Her voice was deeper than usual, the product of the intensity of their conversation.

Cami’s eyes narrowed. "Like I said, I understand. But, this better not be some elaborate way for you to get me out of the picture. I agree to follow your orders and the next thing I know you order me to stay at Jake’s or something…"

T.J. chuckled. "Very clever of ya, baby. But no…I made ya a promise. Besides…I really do need someone ta watch my back, someone that I can trust." She was absently playing with Cami’s hair.

"Where you go, I’ll follow." Cami replied, causing both of the women to blink at the rush of déjà vu they experienced. "So what’s the plan?"

"I’m figuring that out…" T.J. tapped her own forehead. "I need ta make a few phone calls." Then she became acutely aware of the length of Cami’s naked body pressed into her own. "But…for now…the plan is for us ta practice a little…uh… ‘camaraderie’ in the ranks." T.J. grinned wickedly and began backing Cami towards the bed.

Cami laughed. "Uh, sweetheart? If I’m not mistaken, the army has a policy against fraternization between officers and enlisted."

T.J. eased her prize back onto the bed. "Aye, true, darlin’. But they also say ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’" And with an evil waggle of her eyebrows, she began the first of many more skirmishes to come — battles where they were both the victors.


They ate a lavish meal in the Crown Room of the hotel, and with T.J.’s cell phone in tow, they kicked off their shoes, rolled up their pants and began to take a moonlit stroll down the secluded Coronado beach that ran right up to the Del.

T.J. wasn’t worried about Reynoso getting a triangulation trace on her cell phone. After the incident in the mountains where the women had been stuck without a cellular network to call for help, T.J. had bought a state of the art satellite phone, and had asked Jake to work his magic and make the phone’s location untraceable. She also didn’t mind the sound of the surf in the background, as California had miles and miles of coastline — not to mention that by now, as far as Reynoso knew, T.J. could be anywhere in the world. No, she chose to make the call to the drug lord on the quiet, secluded beach, mostly because she just wanted somewhere private, and partly because she was thoroughly enjoying the feel of the sand between her toes, the waves on her ankles, and the blonde holding her hand.

The phone rang twice before Carlos Reynoso answered. "Si?"

"Who is this?" T.J. demanded.

"Who the fuck is this??" Carlos shouted back.

"Senora Jameson." T.J. purred. "Get your brother on the phone, Carlos. Now."

She heard Carlos and Miguel roundly arguing in Spanish before Miguel obviously took the phone away from his imbecile brother.

"Senora Jameson. I’ve been expecting to hear from you." Miguel’s voice dripped honey and what he thought of as charm.

"Aye? Well, ya have me on the phone then, so start explainin’." T.J. sounded gruff, annoyed and thoroughly pissed off.

"Excuse me? Explaining? Explain what?? It is you, my dear, who need to begin to tell your side of the story." Miguel was matching her in ire and clearly confused about what in the hell Taylor was talking about.

"My side?? My side? Listen ya sonofabitch! Ya never told me that the goddamned Feds were on your tail! Ya nearly got me killed, for fuck sake!" Cami clapped a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling at T.J.’s amazing performance. If she didn’t know better, the blonde might almost believe that the barkeep was telling the truth.

"What are you talking about, senora? It is you who alerted the authorities. If you were in danger it was your own fault." Some of the bravado was clearly leaving Miguel’s voice. T.J. could tell she almost had him.

"Are ya fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Listen mate, I dinna know what ya already know about me — about my past - but if ya had done your damned homework, ya would realize that the last possible thing I want invading my life is the bleedin’ cops!"

"What? What are you suggesting?" Oh, yeah. He’s buying it…hook, line, and sinker.

"I’m tellin’ ya that if ya look inta it, ya will find that I am no longer welcome in Ireland. I was expatriated. Told never ta return, due ta my ‘criminal’ activities. It’s why I’m here in bloody America, ya daft prick! So, why in the bloody hell would I want ta draw attention ta myself! No fuckin’ way!" She was fuming now, in rare form. Mixing in the truth about her past lent an air of credibility to her story. Now all she could hope would be that Reynoso would look into her past, find out she was exiled from Ireland, and hopefully, just hopefully believe her version of the story.

"All right, senora. Calm down." Miguel’s voice had mellowed. He was clearly interested in this new development. Because he lusted after Taylor, he had honestly hoped that the arrival of the FBI had not been her fault — would be a shame to have to kill such a gorgeous woman…before he fucked her that is.

"Ya calm the fuck down! Now ya got the damned cops crawlin’ all over my pub. I canna go there for a while without havin’ ta answer questions! Ya better fix this, Reynoso!" There, keep him away from the pub, keep everyone there safe.

Reynoso was silent for a moment. "I do not understand then, how this happened, Senora. Who else could have possibly known…" But before he finished his thought, both Miguel and T.J. had the same light bulb flash on over their heads. Frank. Son of a bitch!

"My apologies, senora, for thinking you had anything to do with this…trouble. I will take care of the problem." He was a man on a mission and T.J. knew Frank was in deep shit.

"Ya’d better, mate." T.J. hesitated, knowing she had to turn the direction of the conversation. "So. Now that we have that settled…when…uh…when am I gonna get ta see ya?" T.J. pulled Cami tighter into her embrace, feeling the shudder run up the blonde at the thought of the barkeep with the drug lord. She absently stroked the smaller woman’s back, to let her know that everything would be fine.

Miguel sucked in a breath on the other line. Up until five minutes ago, he had been sure that he would have to kill the dark-haired beauty. But now… "Soon, querida. Soon…"

Dammit. I need a definitive time. "Well, as long as ya know, Miguel, that I’m not a patient woman." She purred into the phone, hating herself for every second of the charade.

"Indeed, senora? Well, then…Friday night. Plan to spend the weekend with me, and I’ll call you later with the time and location."

"Mmmm…the weekend ya promised me? That’s more like it. Friday it is. I’ll be waiting." Goddamn, Taylor. I dinna know if I loathe what ya can do ta men, or absolutely love ya for it.

"So will I, querida. So will I…and don’t worry. I will take care of our…difficulties. By Friday, they will be over. Buenos noches." He severed the connection, and T.J. did the same from her end.

She stuffed the phone into her pocket, grabbed Cami with both arms, and promptly sat them both down in the sand, with the blonde firmly across her lap. Cami was silent and simply held T.J., lavishing little kisses on the sleek, black head, and stroking her hands gently up and down her back.

They sat like that for a good five minutes before T.J. felt like speaking. She had just been reveling in the incredible feel of Camryn — not just her body, but the love she felt radiating off the woman. For T.J., it was like sitting in the warmth of the sunshine for the first time, after spending her life in the shadows.

"I think he believed me." She finally whispered.

"Good, sweetheart. That’s…good… Isn’t it?" Cami was a bit confused by T.J.’s extremely pensive mood.

"Aye. ‘Tis good…and bad."

"What do you mean?"

"He seems ta believe that I didn’t call the Feds. That’s good. But…I believe he now thinks Frank did it instead."

"Ah. Shit." Camryn pulled back for a moment, before turning a bit in T.J.’s lap to face her. "But sweetheart, Frank is a grown man who brought these bastards into your life in the first place!"

"True. He’s a stupid sonofabitch…" T.J. heaved a big sigh. "But, I dinna think he deserves ta die for his stupidity."

"So, what are we gonna do?" Cami inquired.

T.J allowed herself a moment to enjoy the wonderful sensation of Cami’s use of the word "we", before she answered. "We…we are gonna warn him. He deserves at least that much…but after that…he is on his own." She leaned forward and gently kissed Cami. "You’re right, Cam...ya know? He started this mess in the first place. So I guess it is time that he learned it’s not smart ta play with matches when ya live in a gasoline factory."

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