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Plot: This story is in honor of the most magnificent 'The Last Conqueror'. Following the time honored tradition where the Ruler of the Known World is tall, dark and brooding, and the small blonde one is sneaky. Gabitina, a new slave to the Imperial Palace has caught the eye of The Conqueror. However this new handmaiden is none other than the notorious assassin Gabrielle, the Golden Wolf of Poteidia, hired by the local rebel cell to kill the Empress.

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Bad Language and Sex: I try harder to accommodate this in Part 2.

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Curious Whine: Part Two

Corinth Palace: The Conquerors Bathing Suite (cont'd from part 1)

"My mouths kinda dry. How about I use my tongue?"

Xena stared transfixed at the proffered small, pink, drying implement, protruding questioningly from Gabitina's succulent lips. Quivering, it pointed directly at the beads of water mixed with perspiration now snaking down the Conquerors naked chest. Some crested over firm breasts, some crept through the valley between, the luckiest poised like diamonds on taut, dark nipples. The tongue in question quivered in open longing, waiting for permission.

One does not become the Destroyer of Nations by denying base emotions. Conquering and killing were just two on a long list Xena had nurtured, and excelled in, on her path to power as she vanquished all before her. The rest of the list concentrated on lust more or less. Unfortunately, Xena now ruled with a flourish of the quill rather than the sword, and most of these base desires had melted away like ink on blotting paper, or blood on the battleground, or chocolate on her tongue. Which brought her thoughts right back to the present and the tongue in question. Now under this callous temptation from her impudent new body slave all the old habits came storming back, screeching like avenging ghosts. Howling in her ears, hammering in her heart, and pounding deep in her belly.

The true Destroyer of Nations once more awoke, and the ancient world quaked. Sweeping the young slave up into her arms she strode masterfully into her bed chamber. She threw the small woman onto the bed and leapt on her prey with the grace of a crazed, horny panther. It had been many, many moons since she had felt even a flicker from her hormones. Normally she was so exhausted, depleted and downright bored from ruling the world day in and day out. How ironic...Power...the one thing she'd craved most was the last thing she needed. How quickly her mighty libido and a courageous heart had become buried in a mountain of never-ending paperwork...all in triplicate.

"My Lord!" her young attendant cried as she lay enveloped in the voluminous bed silks. Before the words had left her mouth she was spun onto her belly and large calloused hands circled and massaged her rounded bottom.

"I'm an ass woman, and by the gods you have a gorgeous one." A large hand came down in a stinging slap leaving a red imprint on a creamy cheek. Gabitina squealed and her other cheek was similarly smacked.

"Hands and knees, now! I'll only stop when your thighs are slick with lust, and you're begging me to take you."

"Take me. Take me."

"That's a bit quick. Aren't you going to resist?"


"You haven't really got the hang of 'Your Lips Say No, But Your Eyes say Yes', have you?"

"My lips say take me, take me, and my eyes are rolling in ecstasy," Gabitina stated impatiently. Xena frowned, granted it had been a long time, but she was sure the 'Conqueror Ravages Me' game didn't run as smoothly as this.

"Okay....well, I'll just have to punish you for complying. Hands and knees, now!"

The young slave quickly scrambled onto all fours, her arms already shaking with anticipation. Several smart slaps descended on her quivering buttocks, each one ripping a guttural cry from deep in her tiny form. Her thighs began to slick, as her sex became soaked with the unexpected turn-on. Gabitina had never played 'smack-me-dirty' before. It blew her mind that what she assumed to be an uncomfortable and undignified thing actually hardened her clit in seconds flat. Xena was skilled in manipulating the flat of her palm in order to cover every square inch of delicious flesh, until it glowed cherry bright. Flattening her slave onto the bed Xena straddled her and began to grind her own wet need into the burning cheeks. Gabitina squirmed at the crush of soaked curls on her burning bottom. Although it stung she found herself pushing back up into Xena's urgent thrusts.

Feeling she was nearing the edge of release far too soon Xena raised herself slightly and flipped her prize over onto her back. Immediately she dropped her mouth in a crushing kiss on the swollen lips below. Sucking on a tender lower lip, she growled as her hands scooped up the delicious breasts.

"And now it seems I'm a breast woman." As she pulled on a pink tip, sucking hard until it stood to aching attention. Immediately she turned to its twin, tugging with lips and teeth. Gabitina gasped, her clitoris felt like it was going to explode imminently. Each tug and flick and nip seemed to travel directly to the throbbing point between her legs. Never before had she been so masterfully prepared. It was as if the Conqueror knew her body inside out....well the inside bit had yet to come, but she was sure that would be fantastic too.

Long, knowing fingers delved into her salty golden curls, and caressed the small, thickening urgency at the apex of her sex. Moaning, the slave's hips pushed and rocked in a primal dance of lust. Xena's greedy mouth still suckled until Gabitina's nipples ached with a bold mixture of pain and pleasure. A hot tongue licked at Gabitina's ear and hot meaty breath blew... Hang on. How can the Conquerors mouth be in two places at onc...Meaty breath?? Gabitina twisted her head and gazed into liquid brown eyes, and the biggest toothed smile she had ever seen.

"Xena!" she squeaked. "There's a wolf." A twin head appeared and plopped on the bed beside the other one. "Cerberus...its Cerberus, he's in the bedroom!" Her squeaking rose an octave. Xena let go of a rosy nipple with a plop and looked over at her dogs, then laughed.

"Nah. That's Carnivore and Cruncher, my guard dogs. They're not wolves. And they're only monsters if they think I'm in danger. Isn't that right boys?" She nodded with her head towards a corner, "Now go lie down, Mummy's busy. No scratchy belly playtimes tonight. At least, not for you." Reluctantly the massive dogs pulled away from the bed, but not before each had laid a big slobbery lick on Gabitina's cheek.

"Hey, they like you." Xena sounded impressed, "I've never seen them do that before. Well, only with their food."

"Gee, great."

"Mmm, I think I have a chew toy they can play with somewhere." Annoyingly she broke away from Gabitina's body to reach for a box under her bed. She flipped it open and drew out the most exquisite leather phallus Gabitina had ever seen. Her green eyes popped and her mouth simultaneously salivated into a breathless ooh. Other areas were suddenly moister too. It was a love monster, and Gabitina wanted it, almost as much as she wanted the woman resting between her legs. Well, in truth she actually wanted them both...as a double act. Then the Conquerors words dawned on her. A chew toy?

"A chew toy, my Liege?"

"Well, I think it is? I'm not really sure what it's meant to be. I just can't keep up with the latest technology these days. At first I thought it was a wall-mounted chakram holder, but this funny leather strap came with it so I assumed it must be for the dogs." Xena proceeded to pull out a sturdy harness for the phallus.

"Oh my gods." Gabitina felt a little faint, "where did you get such a beauty." Xena frowned, there was obviously more to this leather thingy that met the eye.

"It was a gift from Cleopatra. She said she was sending it in advance of her birthday visit next month. She said something about the two of us partying."

Blond brows drew together over a fierce glare. "Did she indeed?"

"Yes. So what is it? I better know how it works before she arrives for this party. It would be most embarrassing if I didn't know how to use it correctly. Plus I've got to get a really great gift back for her. Damn, I hate picking out presents. So, what does this damn doo-hicky do?"

Gabitina thought this over for a moment, before taking the harness from Xena's grasp. "Let me show you, my Lord. If you would just slip your right leg through there...then the left..."


Corinth Palace: The Conquerors Private Suite - Early Morning.

Xena awoke with a wondrous smile and a big stretch. Then she realised she was alone in her enormous bed. Startled, she sat up and looked around for her brand new bed warmer. She was nowhere to be seen.

Boom ticky, boom ticky...anxiety... anxiety...ticky. Luckily common sense came to the rescue and calmed her down. She's probably up early to start another hard day's work. I'll have to ask Fidelius to instruct her in her new chores; which will basically be to look as adorable as a little ginger kitten, and live in my bed. Xena relaxed.

Happier than she had been in a long time, she bounced out of bed and dragged on her clothes. Today was full of important meetings as she composed her boring Mission Statements for the Empire's incoming tax year. A series of messages that would be sent post haste to all corners of her realm and read out in every town and city of importance along the way. She'd overslept for the first time in her life. No real surprise after all the good loving she'd had. Another big grin crossed her face. No time for a bath, just a working breakfast for her and Fidelius. Even the dreaded Mission Statements could not dampen her good mood. She felt as if her heart was going to explode with happiness.


The Palace: Conquerors Outer Office - Mid Morning.

Fidelius frowned down at his parchments and bit his lower lip. If he did not know better he would have sworn his Empresses had been bewitched.

"Well?" Xena glowered at his obvious hesitancy, "Is there a problem?"

"Oh no, My Liege. Your missives this year are spectacular to say the least. But you're sure this is all you want to say to the populous on this auspicious occasion?"

Xena glared at him. "Is this thinly disguised criticism, Fidelius? If you have something to say about my up-tempo mood for the incoming tax year just spit it out, man...along with your teeth...and brains..."

Fidelius decided life was too short as it was, to risk lopping off more by questioning the Conqueror's Mission Statements to Her Nations. He had never once doubted the machinations of his illustrious ruler, and he was damned if he was going to start now. She obviously had a cunning scheme, so diabolical that even he, her loyal Retainer, could not fathom its brilliance.

"I'll have them copied in triplicate and sent out to all corners of the Known World before lunch." Gratefully he leapt to his feet and hurried from the room. Xena rose and moved languidly to the window, looking out over the rooftops of her capital with a huge, relaxed smile on her face. What a perfect day. I wish everyone could be as happy as me.


City of Corinth: The Hairless Nipple Beautificarium - Also Mid Morning.

Debutante lay on his belly as the attendant brushed heated wax onto his hairy buttocks. Soon they would be as pink and as bald as a newborn's. In fact, he would probably cry like a newborn too. No matter how often he underwent this torture, it seemed his sensitive bottom never adapted to the pain the way his eyebrows and forearms had. He sighed peacefully, relaxing into the seductive warmth of the hot wax, before the applied linens were wrenched away denuding his butt crack. Suddenly the thunk, thunk, thunk of an approaching heavy limp knitted his brow.

"Debutante? Debutante?" the too loud whisper hissed from behind the curtain shielding his couch from the rest of the bath house. His heart sank. It was that idiot Melonius. Was he never to get any Me Time without that priggish twit interrupting his leisure hours?

"I'm in here." he sighed. "Wait there, I'll be out in a moment." He heard the scuffle as Melonius limped to stand directly outside his booth. Obviously his news was too exciting to hold back even a minute.

"Guess what?" Melonius burbled through the curtain to his friend and fellow conspirator, "It's the talk of the city! Everyone was speaking of it in the marketplace."

"What?" Debutante snapped. He hated Melonius' childish guessing games. They were only ever intended to draw attention to the little weevil anyway.

"The Empress has a new sex slave! She's been imported in at vast expense, apparently. Has a leather collar and everything. Why, not two moons ago the Empress tried to outlaw sexual slavery. And apparently the Amazons are up in arms at this news. Queen Melissa may even go to war!"

The attendant yanked the linens from Debutante's derriere in one swift movement. He yodelled out his pain in a pitch perfect countertenor.

"Yes. It's awful isn't it?" Melonius clucked from the other side. "Poor, poor girl...whoever she is." There was silence, bar a few sniffles and rustle of clothing. Then the curtain was swept aside and a tearstained Debutante emerged. Aghast at the tears streaming down his sensitive colleagues' cheeks Melonius hugged him.

"There, there Debutante. I know it's shocking." He tried to comfort his bereft friend. "You have such a dear, kind, heart that cries out for all humanity. Come, let me treat you to a big lunch and tell you all about it. The Amazon Queen is hopping mad. Xena promised to stamp this type of thing out. And here she is doing it her very self!! She is soooo naughty and not to be trusted..." And on and on he prattled as they both limped from the Beautifcarium to the nearest tavern of good repute.


Thessalonica, Greece: The town of Tunios - Population 3016. Mid afternoon.

Petra Appicus, Official Rider, 2nd Rank, of the Imperial Messenger Corps galloped into the town's market square, mid afternoon. This was his first official Call of the day. He had a long journey ahead of him; six hundred miles, and two hundred and fifty seven primary towns, villages and cities to stop at along the way. And all inside one moon! His work was cut out for him this time of year when the Conquerors missives were to be read to her Nations. But it was one of the most Honourable acts a messenger could perform...to deliver the Living Word of the Empress to her people!

He had been lucky and drawn Thessalonica, which had much better roads than Thrace. Gods help the poor bastard who drew Gaul, or worse still Amazonia! Dangerous places where the Conquerors words were not always welcomed.

He pulled his horse to a theatrical standstill and leapt onto the official podium reserved for all Imperial declarations. A small crowd immediately gathered around him, and from the corner of his eye he could see Tunios' officials pushing through to the front for this annual occasion. Clearing his throat he broke the ceremonial seal of Master Fidelius, the Imperial Retainer, and unrolled the parchment. His eyes quickly scanned the Empress' Mission Statement to the masses of Thessalonica for the incoming tax year, before bulging in his head. He darted a furtive look around him at the rustling, anxious crowd waiting to hear what servitude and taxes their Empress would demand of them this year. Cleared his throat again...and again...and then he began...

"Citizens of Thessalonica, of the Nation of Greece, in the Xenic Empire. All Hail Xena, Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations, and Almighty Conqueror of the Known World. Hear Ye Her Word and Obey!" He cried out the standard opening. Then cleared his throat again...took a big breath, and ...delivered the Living Word.

"When I'm feeling blue all I have to do it take a look at you and then I'm not so blue. When you're close to me I can feel your heartbeat I can feel you breathing in my ear. Wouldn't you agree baby you and me got a groovy kind of love..."

He let the scroll shut with a snap. He blinked. The townsfolk blinked. He blinked back. The square was heavy with silence. Without a word, or moment wasted, he leapt back on his horse and galloped on toward the next town. All the while his mind raced alongside his horse's hooves...What the fuck??


Wundab-Ra, Capitol of Amazonia: The Throne Room of the Amazon Queen.

"...and the poor girl's name is Gabitina. It's heinous I tell you, Your Majesty. She was not in the Palace two days but that fiend had her collared and dragged to her chambers as a sex toy for her baser appetites." Solarium, warrior and Queens consort raged as she stomped back and forward before the Royal throne. "Our spies said her screams could be heard all over the palace. She was crying to the gods for mercy. We have to save her!"

Queen Melissa of Amazonia rose to her full majestic stature of five foot three inches, blonde brows knitted as she weighed the facts of this distressing news. "Tell me does she love her like the way I love you, does she stimulate her, attract and captivate her?"

Solarium hesitated a little, "Well she's captivated her alright. Not sure of the rest..." She mumbled into her chest. She hated it when the Queen considered things, rather than re-acting wilfully to wildfire issues and plunging them all into war. What was wrong with a good old hot headed knee jerk? Frankly she was bored with the New Empire and the New Peace and the New Prosperity. What they all needed a big bloodbath, like in the good old days.

Mind made up, the Queen turned to her warrior lover and commanded, "You know I've seen it before this mist that covers your eyes. You've been looking for something that's not in your life. My intentions are true, drug Gab, return her with you.

And baby, she can sleep while you ride."


The Imperial Palace Corinth: An ordinary corridor.

Xena wandered down an ordinary corridor in her Imperial Palace whistling to herself a merry little tune. She was in great form. She had composed and sent out the Missives to the Nation in triplicate quick time. In fact the morning's duties were really just one happy blur. Her mind had been filled with images of Gabitina all day long. She sighed, and smiled at passing staff until they twitched. Then she sighed and smiled some more, gliding along the smooth marble floors like sweet honey on a warm day. So happy was she, in a daydream of small blondes and big beds and rose petals that turned into hot little pink nipples, that she was totally unprepared when a hand reached from behind a pillar and yanked her into an alcove. Before she could voice an alarm, or reach for a dagger, a hot tongue was thrust in her mouth.

"Mmmmm. You're quick. I thought my reactions were fast, but you're like lightening when you want something." Xena rumbled into the soft mouth sucking on her own. Her large calloused hands buried themselves in golden locks and her tongue rolled over Gabitina's. Small teeth nipped her lower lip as the slave growled back. Slaves didn't usually do that to her, and Xena found it incredibly erotic.

"Oh, you're fast enough in all the right places, my lusty Liege." Gabitina's nimble fingers quickly undid a few of the fastenings on her Liege's top and snuck in to cup a warm, perfect breast. Xena gasped and leaned into the kneading pressure, her nipple instantly firming in the palm of a small hand. Feeling the textured button pressing into the heart of her palm Gabitina began to smooth it with tiny swirls, feeling it tighten in response. Xena moaned into her mouth and she quickly inserted a thigh between the Conquerors legs, rocking against the growing heat. Thrilled to be once again pleasuring her lover...her big, bad, I Rule the World lover, she rolled her thigh high and tight into the apex of Xena's sex.

Xena's Mind was turning to mush; it had spent all morning finally catching up with the love and joy The Heart and The Tummy were reveling in. Now the Conqueror's body, mind, and, yes, even soul, were for once in total harmony with life, the universe, and...well...everything...until her hands touched a strip of leather around Gabitina's throat. Aghast she pulled back, breaking their kiss. Seeing the collar on her lover's neck, her eyes turned jet as furious rage raced through her.

"Who put that on you?" She bellowed; her voice echoing down the hall, causing servants to duck down side corridors. If their Mistress was in a mood they didn't want to be anywhere near the epicenter. Gabitina fingered her leather ornament rather smugly.

"Don't you like it?" She queried innocently.

"No, I bloody well don't!" The Conqueror bellowed again. "How dare anyone collar you? Only two moons ago I pledged to eradicate...hang on...is that Carnivore's collar?"

"No, it's Cruncher's. I found if I tickled his belly he was kinda useless as a guard dog. I stole it offa him. Are you sure you don't like it, cos I thought it could be a sort of prop in one of our little games...Plus I like wearing it...It reminds me of you."

"Cruncher's collar reminds you of me?!" Xena was yet again, aghast.

"Well, it's not as if he smells bad. Don't get all upset."

"I don't care what he smells like, give him back his collar! You cannot walk around in that, it's...its obscene!" She was yelling again.

"I'll have you know it's all the rage for sex slaves to have leather collars." Gabitina responded a little snippily. "Why, this morning down at the BDSM Guild they offered me 100 dinars for Carnivores."

Xena was beside herself with so much negative information in one small sentence. "Sex slave? You snuck out of the Palace? You stole Carnivores collar? You sold Carnivores collar? We've a BDSM Guild?"

"Yes! There's a guild for practically everything in Corinth. They've all caught on they'll get a free dinner out of you if they form one. And yes...I did go out shopping this morning. What the hell is wrong with that? I needed to get some things from the Reptilian Pet Store. And yes, I took Carnivore's collar too...like his owner, he's another tickly bellied pushover!"

These answers did little to pacify the Conqueror, "You are not a sex slave! You are my lover. Now take that off before someone sees you and there's a riot."

Huffing Gabitina reached up to unbuckle her collar, slapping it into Xena's palm. "Here. I hope you're happy now. Making me feel guilty about a harmless little fetish."

As intended Xena did feel guilty. "Well, I'm sorry, but my lover cannot run around in a dog's collar. Citizens would be outraged. Perhaps we could get the Imperial seamstress to make you a little costume?" Her big blue eyes poured out sorrow, yearning and hope, all in one big blue sexy look.

Gabitina played at relenting, and a twinkling green gaze peeked out from under golden bangs. It was her killer, sexy sphinx look. Boom ticky, boom ticky, splat... It never failed.

"You know Xena, this is our first lovers quarrel. Let me make it up to you by doing something really nice."

"Oh yeah?" The Empress growled hot lips descended toward Gabitina's. Quickly the slavegirl turned a cheek towards the kiss before it landed, and she was lost to it, along with her train of cunning thought. It was becoming harder and harder to be a professional assassin around this smoking hot Conqueror love toy.

"I know. I'll sort out a birthday gift for that horrible Cleopatra woman. And send it off marked from you."

"Oh?" It was not quite what Xena had in mind. Her thoughts had drifted off to the petal pink nipple daydream again. Even so it was a very nice offer and saved her the trouble of sorting out an expensive gift for the Queen of the Nile.

"And...maybe...I can think up a new game for tonight? Like Harem of One?" Gabitina continued to whisper in a sly, seductive voice, before dropping a lingering kiss on full needy lips, leaving them hungry for more. With a shy smile, and a little wave, Gabitina turned and headed off down the hall on her birthday present mission. Watching her leave, it was not until she was well out of sight that the Conqueror remembered she had wanted to ask what on earth her little one needed at the Reptilian Pet Store?


Hispania: The city of Salamanca - Population 27,7859

Virgil Raberra, Official Rider, 1st Rank, of the Imperial Messenger Corps stood on the central balcony of the city's coliseum before thousands of the Conquerors citizens, reading out her Living Word and sweating like a stuck pig.

"...heart beats so it scares me to death she touched my hand what a chill I got her lips are like a volcano that's hot I'm proud to say she's my buttercup I'm in love, I'm all shook up, oh yeah, oh yea..." A tomato caught him square in the forehead.


A Corinthian Tavern of good repute.

"Can we please move on to another subject now?" Debutante had been sick and tired of hearing about the Conquerors new sex slave half way through his starter. Now they were ordering dessert and Melonius was still as fixated as ever.

"...and they say the collar was auctioned by the BDSM Guild for 1000 dinars on papyrus-bay!"

"1000 dinars!"

"Yes, on p-bay."

"Talk to me about something else." Debutante drawled. If it wasn't for the fact Melonius was paying he'd have walked out ages ago. "Candied dormouse." he ordered dessert from a passing waitress.

"Make that two," Melonius piped up.

Can't I even have a dessert? Must he copy every little thing I do? Debutante glowered, but his chirpy companion never seemed to notice.

"Oooh, the Festival of the Arts." Melonius crooned moving onto his next favorite subject. "Well, as you know, I'm Chairman of the musical events committee...."

Debutante rolled his eyes, he so deserved this free lunch.

"And believe it or not, but this year Queen Melissa of Amazonia has given permission for the festival finale to be held in Wundab Ra. How fantastic is that?"


Post Haste Office, Corinth Palace. Late afternoon.

"Can you deliver this post haste to Luxor, please. Conqueror class." Gabitina handed over the wooden box to the messenger.

"Who's it for?" He reached for a triplicate form.

"Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile." Gabitina rolled her eyes at all the quill pushing.

"What's in it? Is it insured?"

"Birthday gift. Of course it's insured. It's from Xena the Conqueror. Anyone so much as sniffs it and their head comes off and gets posted up their ass. How's that for insurance?"

"Okey dokey." The form filling immediately stopped and the box was taken away to the back office.

"And don't go shaking it either! It's fragile," Gabitina yelled after him. "And angry," she murmured.

Turning away from the counter she saw a carved bust, one in a long line on pedestals, all along the Post Haste office wall. She approached cautiously, looking around to see if anyone else was present. The hall was empty as it was nearly closing time. Sure that she was alone, she stood face to face with a younger, more innocent version of herself. Her likeness stood between a pox-faced pirate, and a notorious blackmailer on the Empires Most Wanted row. She examined the rounded cheeks, long, flowing tresses and open, eager eyes. Beneath the bust were carved the words, "Gabrielle, Golden Wolf of Poteidia. Wanted for assassination, treason, larceny, and littering (of corpses) on the Empress's Highways." With a harsh snort Gabitina pushed the damned thing over and it exploded in a thousand pieces on the floor. The messenger came running out of his back office at the deafening noise, and looked askance at the small slave.

"Oops," she stifled a giggle. "I'll tell my Mistress you need a new one."


The Corinthian Palace Laundry. Early Evening.

Epiphany folded the last of the togas and blew the bangs off her brow with a mighty puff. Through the open window came the gentle cooing of the Southern wood pigeon. A welcome spring visitor...

"Epiphany, go kill that bird. I don't want it pooping on the washing line," the grizzled old laundry mistress barked at her apprentice. The young Amazon leapt to her feet, glad to be out of the steaming heat. Gods how she hated this undercover work. Oh how she longed for the tranquil forests of Amazonia where the warbling of a wood pigeon would normally mean a dear sister was near, not a stinky bird intent on crapping on the linens she had just rubbed her hands raw washing. But wait. Epiphany hesitated, as the call came again. That was not a Southern wood pigeon? That was more like a Plump Tit. Cautiously she cupped her hands to her mouth and warbled back an Amazon answering call...'I'm a tit too'.

In was answered in kind? Her time had come. At last, action! Forgetting about the laundry she slipped into the shadows to be greeted by a fellow warrior.

"Solarium. Why are you here, Sister?" She breathed with excitement. Solarium grabbed her forearm in a warriors welcome.

"Go dig up your weapons and warrior skins. Tonight we strike against the Conqueror. Rescue a poor unfortunate slavegirl. And return to Amazonia just in time for the music festival. We have to help erect the Women's Tent."

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