Gabrielle's Journal Series:  Never Bet The Warrior Princess

by Murphy

  This is number twenty of the Journal series. Thank you to my betas! Becky Lovall, Sue Rice, Cindy (ForevaXena) and Taleweaver. Poem by Inspiried Lor. You can check her site out at  Ex-Guards! You are the best! Deb! Love Ya! Fluff, and more fluff! The poem "Wet" is by Moondance. The poem "Rapture" is by Karin Schaefer. The poem "Love is" is by B. Kennedy

Journal Entry:

Hello. Well Xena and I had a very good day. She is on the other side of the fire mumbling because I told her she wasn’t able to write a romantic poem, something a little erotic, for me. What she usually gives me is ‘I like your ass, lets have sex’. I want romance. Lets see if Miss "I have many skills"  can come through. 

She gave me a challenge also, she wants to me write a poem or two about rapture or wetness. I am a bard. I can do this without thought. I will also be speaking mine aloud for her to hear, she loves it when I talk dirty to her.  Lets see, wet first.

Wetness does not always pertain to water
in an ocean, river or lake;
Sometimes it refers to how I feel
when I remember your embrace.

I only have to think of you
to remember me in your arms;
My legs quivering, my mouth moaning
I have fallen captive to your charms.

I long to feel your body on mine
to know the taste of satisfied love;
To lie quietly in your arms
we fit together like a hand to a glove.

You are the sweetheart of my life
you are my one sure bet;
You never have to wonder babe . . .
you can always keep me wet.


Piece of cake. Now rapture.


There is a place for us
That no one else can enter.
It is a place that holds no secrets,
Only beauty, peace, understanding.

A place that we come to,  
Thinking we are one,
Only to have our souls
Fused together for a moment.

And in that moment, I know you,
Every pore, every pulse,
Every thought, every fear,
And I love you more.

I feel myself laid bare before you,
And I feel content . . .
Joyous that you are with me,
Loving me in my nakedness.


There, I did both faster then a blink of an eye. I am so good. If I win the bet I get to sleep in for a moon and get back rubs. If she wins she gets those damn dumplings that are a pain to make and back rubs.

I actually feel bad for my warrior. I hear grumbling and paper being crinkled into a ball. I will still make those dumplings. I am a good wife. She has written me some beautiful poems over the years. This time it is different. I put her on the spot when she has to do one quickly. I know it is hard for her to express her feelings...showing them on the other hand, Gods!! She does have many skills.  

Usually I will not write about our lovemaking. This time I have to. It should not be too embarrassing, I hope. When Xena first starts to make love to me, she starts with a lot of kissing and gentle touches. Those touches with the kisses, well they sort of start the loins to ache. But what really gets to me is, ok I am blushing and getting very hot. From what I read and experienced once, most mates go straight for the nipple and suck. Not Xena. She takes her time with licks, nibbles and touches.   Sometimes it aches so much I think I am going to die. Then when she finally takes the nipple in and gives it a suck, Gods!! I feel a strong tugging on my center with each pulse. It is an incredible feeling; I swear that my other nipple is begging for the same pleasure. There are times when she sucks for so long I am close to climaxing.

Most of it stems from being so much in love. I love her heart, body and soul. It is such a wonderful feeling to love and be loved. After three years of marriage she still makes my heart beat fast when she enters a room, or just smiles. Love. There is nothing stronger then that.


Love they say is patient,
Love they say is kind.
It sees beyond another's faults
For Love they say is blind.

Love takes away the me and mine,
Instead it's us and we.
Yours and mine is ours now
For Love is unity.

Love will not diminish,
Or rust or fade with years.
But it will gain its strength
from time, from laughter, joy and tears.


She must be done because it is quiet now and she looks like she’s reading. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. OK, here she comes. I will try to be kind.

"Here you go my bard." Xena smiled and turned back to where she was. Now cleaning her sword, still grinning. Hmmm?? Lets see what she wrote.


When this night is through,
And you have felt my style,
You will know the depth of my love,
The burning flame is simmering.
The peak of any day comes when I discover you,
Innocently enjoy your surroundings, by the waters edge,
Seeing that sparkle in your eyes gets me every time.
Grabbing that supple skin and pulling it close to mine,
Lips of passion are locked together,
The flame is ignited and burns deep inside,
Unable to restrain my carnal desires,
Removing all stitching separating our skin,
Running my hands across your velvety flesh,
And those sleek sculptured muscles,
Caressing your breasts from within my mouth,
Grazing the other with my wandering hands,
Feeling the intense heat building inside.
Probing with a digit into deep folds of lust,
Feeling the juices of your arousal,
My appetite can wait no longer,
Taking in the precious flower before me,
Breathing in the essence of your divine arena,
With my mouth, devouring your sweet center,
Savoring every droplet of sweet nectar,
Thrust after thrust you are nearing a point,
The pinnacle of desire, comes crashing home,
A euphoric heaven sweeps through our beings,
Wet bodies are melting together as one.
In my arms is my hearts desire.


Gods, is it getting hot outside or might I just be over heating? She wrote erotic and then some. Son of a Bacchae, looks like I will be giving the back rubs. Looking up I see her now wearing a huge shit eating grin. I should have known better, but I really do not mind losing this bet. I am one warm little bard in need of her warrior. I guess it is my turn then. I think I will read mine the nude.

Until Tomorrow,

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