Young At Heart

Part 8



Copyright 1999 Ceri Murray


NB:- The Lyrics to I feel are not mine, they are from the wonderful Missy Good story Hurricane Watch are used here with Missy's permission . Thanks Missy.

Also there maybe one or two words in this story that you don't understand unless you understand Welsh. So all the ones I think you will have problems with are listed below. There's only two so it shouldn't take long.

Mamgu this is pronounced Mam - Gey. It is Welsh for Grandmother.

Dadgu is Welsh for Grandfather.

There we go. On with the story.

Chapter 33

Over the next couple of days it was pretty hectic for Jenny. She had discussed it with Jamie and they decided the best thing for her to do was go home and get her things and then come back to Seaview. She didn't want to be far away from Tegan and she knew she couldn't stay with her mother. Jenny didn't want Tegan to know about everything that had happened until she was fit enough so they both agreed to keep it quiet.

Jamie insisted that Jenny let her take her back to River's end to collect her things. It as better than taking a taxi. So the two of them spent the journey getting to know the person next to them, that played such an important part in Tegan's life.

"So when did you and Tegan meet?" Jenny asked, she already knew the answer but it was just a good way of striking up a conversation.

"We met when she rented the apartment above the night-club." Jamie told her, as they pulled onto the motorway.

"Do you enjoy working at the club?" Jenny asked, she had always been fascinated with that kind of job, meeting people as you worked, it was kind of fun.

"I love working at the club" Jamie admitted "I've been working there since I was sixteen. I used to work in The City Room but when I turned 18 I moved into Fantasy Island." Jamie explained. She had wanted to work in Fantasy Island since she had started working at the Triclub but her father had kept reminding her that it was illegal to work behind the bar under the age of 18.

"The City Room?" Jenny frowned, she didn't understand what Jamie was getting at.

"Oh sorry, the night-club is made up of three different sections. The pub, the youth's night-club and the gay bar. The kids night-club is called The City of Chaos or The City Room. Fantasy Island is the Gay Bar and The Leisure Club is the main pub." Jamie explained. "What are you going to do about Uni if you move to Seaview?" She hadn't thought about that but she did remember Tegan telling her that Jenny was in River's End Uni.

"Umm, well I hadn't really thought much about that, but I know that they do an exchange program with Seaview University." Jenny told her. "Maybe I could ask for a transfer."

"That would be a good idea." Jamie agreed.

The rest of the journey was spent chatting about different things and some was in silence and before they knew it they were pulling up outside the house.

"I'm going to go down and see my Uncle for a bit ok. Here is my mobile number," She handed her a card with her number on it. "Give me a ring when you're ready to be picked up."

"Ok." Jenny took the card and turned to face the house. She took a deep breath to calm her already racing heart before she made her way up the path.

* * * * *

It didn't take Jamie long to arrive outside her Uncles house. Kevin was working out in the garden when she pulled up. He noticed the car and immediately called into Emma. Both came out to greet her and Jamie was pleased she had come to see them. Her family had always been close and she felt that because they lived so far away they were neglected a bit. Not as much as her father's parents were because they lived out in Spain and it wasn't often they could get back or the family could get out there.

"Jamie what in the world are you doing here?" Emma asked, as she threw her arms around her. Emma had always been really close to Jamie and Jamie worshipped the ground Emma and Kevin walked on.

"I came to see you, isn't that allowed anymore." She asked with a slight pout that took fifteen years off her age.

Emma and Kevin laughed and pulled her into the house. "Of course it's ok." Emma finally calmed herself down enough to speak.

When they got into the house, the conversation sobered a bit. "Did you hear about Major Rhys?" Kevin asked, as they sat down for a cup of tea.

"Yeah I read about it in the paper this morning" Jamie admitted, the newspaper article referring to the scene on the O'Connor show and the resignation of Thomas Rhys had plastered the front page.

"That pig deserves everything he gets." Emma said sitting next to her husband.

"Especially after what he did to that young girl. I'm glad you stuck up to him though." Kevin smiled. He had watched the O'Connor show and he had seen the way Jamie had protected Tegan from the vile man. It warmed his heart to know that Tegan was in such safe hands.

"You saw that huh?" Jamie was slightly embarrassed. She hadn't lost her temper like that, in public, in a long time. It was just so hard to let that man get away with saying what he did to Tegan.

"Yes I did and I am very proud of you. It's about time someone stood up to him" Kevin reminded her. "Now drink your tea before it gets cold."

Jamie obliged.

* * * * *

As Jenny walked up the path she knew that she was entering a war zone, but there was little else she could do. She had to get this sorted out now. The longer she left it, the worse it would get.

So she calmed herself down and opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, she could hear the raised voice of her father 'This isn't going to be good' She thought to herself.

Thomas heard the door open and stormed towards it. "What the hell do you want?" He shouted when he saw it was his eldest daughter.

"I just came to collect my things and then I'm leaving, don't panic." She ignored his response and walked up stairs and started packing.

She heard his angry steps coming up the stairs but hoped they wouldn't come into her bedroom, she knew she wouldn't get that lucky.

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" He shouted as he walked into her room and slammed the door shut. "Just come waltzing into my house and do what ever you please." He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her around to face him.

"Get off me." Jenny snapped back, she was fed up with his crap and she wasn't going to take it anymore.

"You will not speak to me like that, he released her arm and slapped her hard across the cheek. "I'm your father."

"Not anymore you're not." She told him with a seriousness that surprised even her. "Remember you told me to choose sides when Tegan was ill. I did, so therefore I am nothing to you. Now let me go before I have you arrested for assault."

Thomas was shocked, his daughters had never stood up to him like this before. "You wouldn't dare" He said although he didn't sound very confidant about that.

"Don't dare me, because you know I will. Now let go." She was practically shouting.

Thomas let go of her quickly as if burnt. He looked into the eyes of his daughter and saw all the anger and hatred she felt for him at that moment. He nodded his head before turning and leaving her alone.

When he finally left the room, Jenny collapsed on the bed. She never thought it would be so exhausting to stand up to her father. She calmed herself down and then with a smile on her face she carried on packing her stuff.

* * * * *

Jamie was sitting chatting with Kevin and Emma when her mobile rang. She looked at Kevin and Emma with a smile before answering. "Hello." She answered, figuring it was Jenny.

"Hi Jamie." Came the voice from the other end, confirming her thoughts. "I am ready to go now. So when your ready I'll be waiting." Jenny sounded nervous about asking her.

"Ok. Well how about I come for you in about fifteen minutes?" Jamie asked.

"Sure that's great. It'll give me a couple of minutes to say good bye to my mother." Jenny agreed gratefully. She was glad that she would get a couple of minutes with her mother, because her father had gone out and she really didn't want to be there when he came back.

"Ok see you in about fifteen minutes." Jamie said, before hanging up.

She spoke with her Uncle and Aunt for a while before saying goodbye and heading out.

* * * * *

Jenny headed downstairs and went into the kitchen where she found her mother. "Mom?" She said, quietly not wanting to startle the older woman.

Brenda turned around and spotted her daughter and she practically threw herself into her daughters arms. Everything had been so hard for her the last couple of days. She was worried about Tegan and Jenny and she was getting fed up with all the arguing going on in the house.

Jenny threw her arms around her mother and held her tight, knowing this could be the last time she saw her for a while. "Why can't you come with me, Mom?" She finally asked. "You don't need this crap anymore. You don't need to be the supporting wife anymore"

"I can't leave him, Jenny. I love him." Brenda said, shamefully. She knew the best thing to do was leave Thomas and get away from the past that had almost killed her more than once but she couldn't.

Jenny had already suspected that that would be the answer but she had to try anyway. "Ok." She said sadly. "But I want you to promise me that if it gets too much for you, you will come to Seaview and find us."

"How will I know where to find you?" Brenda asked.

"Go down to this address." She handed Brenda the address of Kevin and Emma. "He is a taxi driver and he is also related to Jamie. He will take you to Tegan, he knows where she is living."

"Ok." Brenda agreed taking the address and placing it in her pocket, before hugging her daughter again. "Give my love to your sister."

"I will." Jenny said, as she heard the car pull up outside and then the knock on the door. "I have to get my stuff in Jamie's car."

"Tegan's Jamie's here?" Brenda was surprised she didn't expect Jamie to show her face around her, not that she minded though. She wanted to meet the woman who had taken care of Tegan.

"Yes she brought me home to get my stuff." Jenny frowned. 'What is she thinking?', she thought to herself and was surprised when her mother started to make her way to the door.

Jenny quickly followed not wanting there to be any trouble.

* * * * *

Jamie was surprised to see Brenda walking out of the house and she was a little nervous. She didn't want any trouble between her and Tegan's mother.

She was even more surprised when Brenda wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. "Thank you for taking care of my daughter." She whispered into Jamie's ear and Jamie released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

"You're welcome." Jamie told her as Brenda pulled away. They started to pack the car then and before the left Jamie gave Jenny a few more minutes with her mother before they left. Jenny got into the car and then they drove away.

Leaving behind them, the one person that held Tegan and Jenny to River's End.

Chapter 34

Tegan was waiting in the hospital room patiently for Jamie to come and pick her up. She was finally going home and she was really looking forward to a nice comfortable bed, where ever she was, whether it was in her own apartment or in Jamie's. She was happy anywhere, as long as it wasn't the hospital room.

As Tegan looked around her wondering what was taking Jamie so long, she was surprised to see her sister walk in. Tegan hadn't seen Jenny since she was brought into hospital, she remembered she hadn't even remembered that Jenny had come to the hospital with her until Jamie reminded her. Then Jamie had told her, that Jenny had popped back to River's End to get some clothes because she was going to stay with Tegan until she was in the clear again. Tegan didn't know about the argument between Jenny and her father. Jenny had wanted to tell Tegan herself, but she should have known better than that.

Tegan was watching the tv when the news story came in. She listened because she heard her father's name mentioned.

Thomas Rhys Mayor of River's End has resigned from office due to the scene that was caused on the Andrea O'Connor show a few days ago. The cameras continued rolling after Mayor Rhys' youngest daughter Tegan collapsed from what we are now led to believe was a threatened miscarriage. We have been told that Mother and baby are both fine. Here is the footage of the incident.

Tegan watched as the whole scene was played and she was shocked by everything that was happening on the tv. She had never seen her father act like that in public and she just prayed that everything was ok with her mother after he got home.

Tegan was watching this when Jamie arrived. She watched quietly from the door as Tegan learned what she had missed before. "T." She announced herself, having learned that even with the closeness of their relationship Tegan didn't like being approached unannounced from behind.

Tegan turned at the sound of her lover's voice. "Hey?" She turned her back on the television and walked toward her partner, before wrapping her arms around the taller woman. "Did all that really happen?" she asked, praying that it did and praying that it didn't.

"Yes." Jamie admitted. "It really did." she held her partner as she calmed herself.

Once Tegan had calmed herself down she looked into the worried blue eyes. "What is going to happen to Jenny now? She can't go home." She knew that there would be a war in the house if her sister did try to go home after that.

"Why don't you ask her?" Jamie asked her, just as Jenny walked into the hospital room.

Tegan spotted her and walked towards her. Immediately they were in each other's arms, both crying for what had happened to their family.

Jamie, seeing that the sisters needed some time alone, spoke next, interrupting the silence that had fallen over the room. "T. I'm just going to make sure everything is ok with the doctor before you check out. Ok?

Tegan understood the silent message and was grateful Jamie understood. "Ok I'll meet you out by the nurses station in about ten minutes."

Jamie smiled in acknowledgement before leaving the two sisters to discuss their family and their future.

"So how are you feeling?" Jenny asked, as her and Tegan made their way towards the bed.

"I feel fine. Tired but fine." Tegan admitted. 'After all the time I've spent in bed, that is the last thing I expected to say', she thought to herself as she climbed up onto the bed and waited as Jenny did the same. "I watched the news this morning." Tegan pointed out to sister, wondering if she should start the conversation.

"You did?" Jenny frowned, what was so interesting about that.

"Yeah, the headlines were Dad has resigned." Tegan told her.

"Yeah?" Jenny had heard all about that when she went home to get her things.

"So what are you going to do now?" Tegan asked, she wanted her sister to stay with her, but did Jenny want that?

"Well I have already got the college transfer sorted out. I am looking for somewhere around here to live. I am not leaving you again." Jenny was serious. She wanted to be there for her sister through all of this.

"Well actually I have a better idea. My apartment has two bedrooms, you could always move in with me." Tegan told her, hoping her sister would accept the offer. It would be nice to have her sister around again.

"Are you sure the landlord won't mind?" Jenny didn't want to get Tegan into trouble, especially if it meant she could lose her apartment.

"Well I'll ask Jamie when she comes in, but I seriously doubt she would mind." Tegan smiled at her.

"Jamie's your landlord?" Jenny was surprised, she knew that she was living over the night-club that Jamie was the assistant manager of, but she didn't know that it was Jamie's night-club.

"Well no, Jamie's father is, but Jamie has just as much say in it" Tegan assured her sister. 'Maybe then I can get John to take more money for the place' she thought to herself. Having two people paying the rent of the apartment would let her feel more comfortable.

"Oh ok." Jenny agreed. She hadn't actually thought about asking Tegan if she had any room in her apartment. She figured that the apartment wouldn't be very big.

"The only thing is that usually on the weekends Jamie and I take it in turns at sleeping over." Tegan blushed as she said this but she wanted Jenny to know what was going on. If her sister couldn't accept her sleeping with Jamie then she would be better off finding somewhere else to stay, because there was no way on earth that Tegan was going to stop now.

"Oh really?" Jenny drew the words out, letting a mischievous glint shine in her eye. She had figured that Tegan and Jamie had been spending an awful lot of time together, but she wasn't sure whether they had taken that final step in their relationship. Tegan had told her how patient Jamie was being about the sexual part and Jenny was grateful for that. "I don't mean to pry or anything but are you sleeping with her?" Jenny finally got up the courage to ask. Seeing the blush that covered Tegan's face.

Tegan nodded her head before calming herself enough to speak. "Does that bother you?"

"Not at all." Jenny assured her. "I'm happy for you."

"You are?" Tegan asked, surprised.

"Yes of course I am." Jenny frowned, 'why shouldn't I be happy for you?' she thought to herself while out loud she admitted. "After everything that happened with you and Scott I was worried. I didn't think you'd be able to get close to anyone after that." That was the one thing Jenny had been most worried about. Tegan had in her such a lot of love to give to that special someone, that Jenny hated to think of that going to waste.

"Good because I couldn't stop now, even if you didn't approve." Tegan admitted, more than pleased that Jenny didn't mind her sleeping with Jamie. It's not like they were making love every night, even on the weekends when they did spend their nights together, they didn't because neither wanted to harm the baby, and now it would be even worse after all this last incident. Tegan blushed as her thoughts turned to the first time they had made love and she tried to turn her mind towards what she had to do now. "Come on let's go and meet Jamie." She grabbed her coat off the bed, walked out of the hospital room and met up with Jamie by the nurses station.

"Are you all ready to go?" Jamie asked, as Tegan and Jenny came to a stop in front of her. She had been waiting for them for five minutes, but she knew that they had some things to discuss so she didn't bother to disturb them.

"Yep all ready." Tegan agreed, before taking Jamie and Jenny's arms and walking out of the hospital.

* * * * *

Tegan was finally glad to be out of the hospital, she was also more than relieved that she was still carrying her baby. It had terrified her more than anything to think she was going to lose the baby. Not though she knew she had to take it easy, or this was going to happen again and she couldn't risk that. She had two months left in school before she officially left. Then she had a month before her exams started. Which would give her plenty of time to rest.

She had already been excused from doing Physical Education in school, usually spending that time to catch up on some revision. More often than not, though, she spent her free time in the Child Care lessons, learning to look after babies, which was vitally important to her. She wanted this child to be looked after and although she was learning a lot from the midwife about looking after the baby in the first few weeks, she didn't think that would be enough.

"Tegan?" Jamie said for the third time as the arrived at the car.

"Huh?" Tegan looked up sheepishly at her taller partner, seeing the sparkling blue eyes that asked for and promised much more than words could ever say, in public anyway.

"I asked where you wanted to go now?" Jamie repeated, unlocking the car door and standing outside waiting for Tegan's answer.

"Well I think I'd like to go home and get Jenny settled" Tegan said out loud but deep down she mind was shouting ,'No go and get Jamie on her own and make passionate love to her.'

Jamie noticed the look in Tegan's eyes that told her the exact opposite to what her mouth did. She smiled at the thought that Tegan couldn't wait to get her alone. She felt exactly the same way. "Sure." She agreed before getting into the car.

Tegan and Jenny got into the car and they were on their way home.

* * * * *

Once they arrived at the club, they walked through the door and spotted John cleaning behind the bar. "Morning, Dad." Jamie announced herself as she walked over to him.

"Morning." He smiled when he spotted the pregnant teenager behind his daughter. "Welcome home, Tegan." He greeted her with a hug. " Morning Jenny." The Phillips family had been getting to know Jenny over the couple of days she had been in Seaview and they realized that she was totally different from her younger sister. Tegan was more of a shy person than Jenny was. Jenny was the type of girl that was the local cheerleader, popular with the boys and outgoing. Tegan was more of your typical shy beauty. She wanted to stay on her own more than mix with others. School was very important to her and she didn't realized how beautiful she was.

"Good Morning." Tegan and Jenny said, together as John carried on with his work.

"Jamie can you get started on cleaning out the Leisure Club please?" John asked, as he moved towards the cellar door.

"Sure Dad." Jamie said, before turning back to Tegan. "Well it looks like I have to get to work." She sighed. "Come to my office later?"

Tegan for some reason blushed at that before answering. "Why Miss Phillips are you propositioning me?"

Jamie lifted the left side of her mouth in a crooked grin. "Only if you accept." She smiled one of her brilliant smiled that only close friends and family ever saw.

'God she's gorgeous,' Tegan thought to herself, as she looked up and felt herself drowning in blue. "I would much rather you spend the night with me tonight." Tegan admitted.

"Oh really?" Jamie smirked at that. She wanted nothing more. "Are you sure your sister will be ok with that?" She didn't want to cause any uneasiness between Tegan and her sister.

"I really don't care whether she likes it or not," Tegan admitted. "I'm not going to change my lifestyle just because she is staying here. I need to be with you, Jamie."

"I need you to, T." Jamie admitted.

"So you'll stay?" Tegan asked, still slightly unsure of herself and her relationship.

"I'll stay." Jamie agreed. "But now I have to get to work. I'll see you later."

"Ok." Tegan leaned in and kissed Jamie soundly before heading over to her sister.

Jenny had been watching the whole thing and she had to smile when Tegan leaned over to kiss Jamie, it was a silent statement telling Jenny that nothing was going to change because she was there.

* * * * *

It didn't take too long for Tegan to get Jenny settled in. Once she was sorted, Tegan went to lie on her bed for a while, then she could write her journal, something that had been neglected while she was in hospital.

Dear Journal,

Well what can I say about the last couple of days. I will tell you though, I have never been so scared in my life as I was when I thought I was going to lose my baby. Everything I have been through the last couple of months has really put everything into prospective for me. Where as before I thought everything was fun and easy I know now that sometimes it is but more often than not life will turn around and bite you in the butt. I'm just glad everything is back to normal for a while. It's nice to have some peace and quiet and I hope it will stay like that until after the baby is born. I am five months pregnant now and only have four months left to go and those four months can't come quickly enough for me.

I'm looking forward to having some quiet time with Jamie tonight, after Jenny goes to bed. We've had to act so much more distant then we are in the hospital over the last week and that has nearly killed me. When we are around our family and friends we don't have to worry about people's opinions of us together because we already know that they are glad that Jamie has someone in her life that won't use her like Becky did. But being in the public view, it's not like that.

It's going to be nice having Jenny staying here for a while. It's nice having Jamie over all the time, but when she goes home at night it gets pretty lonely here. With Jenny here I don't have to worry about that until she finds someone she wants to spend her nights with. I've been thinking about Mom a lot today, I hope everything is going to be ok with her. She doesn't deserve the abuse she gets off him. Well none of us did, but at least me and Jenny are away from it now. It's Mom's turn next.

Me and Jenny are going to catch a train to see Gran tomorrow. I have been meaning to do it for so long and I still haven't done it yet. I really want to introduce Jamie to her, because I think they will like each other, but I don't know if she'll be able to come. She had a lot of work to catch up on. Her father has been working over the last couple of days while she has been visiting me and sorting out my family problems and he doesn't do half the stuff that needs doing, so she has to do that and her everyday load of work as well. I hope she does agree to come though.

Well I'm going to go and see the love of my life now. So I can write some more later on.

With that Tegan put the pen down and reread her entry before putting the pad on the bedside table with the pen and then she got off the bed before heading out the door.

* * * * *

Jamie was looking over some papers in her office when she heard the gentle knock on the door. "Come in" She shouted, just before the door was opened and in walked Tegan.

Tegan was smiling as she walked in, feeling good to be out of hospital and finally able to get into some decent clothes not night-shirts. "Good afternoon." Tegan walked around the desk and practically jumped into Jamie's lap. 'God it feels so good to be able to do this again.' She thought to herself

"That it is." Jamie agreed, putting her arms around her partner. Tegan looked absolutely wonderful, the spark in her eyes that had been lacking during the days she had spent in hospital was back now and she had the glow of an expectant mother about her.

"Jamie what are you doing tomorrow?" Tegan asked, wondering is she should be asking or not. She really wanted Jamie to come with her tomorrow, but she didn't want to put any pressure on her.

"Not a thing." She admitted. "Why?"

"Well see me and Jenny are going to catch a train to see me Grandmother tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to come?" There she had asked, without telling Jamie how much she wanted her with her.

"Where does she live?" Jamie asked, not liking the idea of Tegan spending too much time travelling on a train. That might not be good for her, or the baby, with the condition she was in now.

"Only at the next stop." Tegan admitted. It was about half an hour by train to her grandmother's, so it was obviously too far to walk.

'It's not that far,' Jamie admitted to herself 'But I still don't want her to do it.' She thought for a while before speaking again. "If I'm coming I may as well drive you up there. It's a lot easier."

Tegan knew it was easier to take the car and if it meant Jamie was going to come, then she was all for it. "Sure. Does that mean you'll come?" 'Just making sure,' she told herself.

Jamie just smiled her answer before holding Tegan to her. 'God I love this woman.' She thought as she reminded herself not to squeeze Tegan to tight, which was what she always wanted to do.

"Good," Tegan finally said, after basking in the warmth that came through the love they had for each other. "I really want you to meet my grandmother. She'll really like you."

"I hope she does," Jamie admitted. "I've caused enough problems between you and your family." Although Tegan had told her a load of times that their relationship had nothing to do with the hostility between her and her parents, that, that was all them, she still felt slightly responsible.

"Jamie how many more time do I have to....." She was silenced by a finger on her lips.

"I know." Jamie told her, trying her hardest to smile a reassuring smile and failing miserably.

They sat there looking into each other eyes for a while before they were interrupted by the telephone. Jamie smiled apologetically at Tegan before reaching out for the phone.

"Hello The Triclub." She answered the phone.

"Is this Jamie Phillips?" The voice on the other end sounded familiar but she could place it.

"Yes this is Jamie Phillips. Whose asking?"

"This is Richard Harris from The Seaview Times. I was wondering if you had a few minutes to spare?" The man on the other end said, smugly.

Jamie recognized the name immediately and felt her blood start to boil. "I have plenty of minutes to spare thanks," She admitted. "Fortunately for me, none of them are for you." With that she hung up.

Richard Harris had been the reporter that wrote the story about her and Becky, without even checking up on the facts before he had written and published it. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of doing that to her or Tegan.

Tegan saw the tensing of Jamie's jaw as she put the phone down and she started to worry when Jamie didn't say anything. "Who was that J.?" She asked when she couldn't take anymore.

Tegan's voice pulled Jamie's thoughts back from the past and she breathed a sigh of relieve when she finally realized everything was fine. "A reporter from the Seaview Times" She told her partner, wondering what he wanted now, 'another 'scandal' probably.' She was disgusted that someone like him had the nerve to ask for an interview after he almost ruined her life. 'Not again.' She shook her head. 'Not again.'

"I take it you didn't get on with the reporter" Tegan said, it wasn't a question, it didn't need to be. She already knew the answer.

"You could say that," Jamie admitted. "He was the reporter that wrote the story about me and Becky."

Tegan nodded her head in understanding, she wouldn't really want to talk to him either. "He sounds like a jerk." Tegan spoke out loud, not realizing she had until she heard Jamie's chuckle.

"That he is." Jamie agreed, wholeheartedly.

Tegan chuckled at that and buried her head in Jamie's shoulder. "Have I told you yet how much I love you?" She sighed, contentedly.

"Yes, but every time feels like the first." Jamie admitted, shyly, still amazed that Tegan managed to make her feel like a girl on her first date.

Tegan's face suddenly went dead serious, with an unexpected sadness in her eye. "It's not always going to be like this is it?" She lowered her eyes to the joined hands in her lap. She had heard everyone saying that the brightest spark of love was at the beginning and soon the novelty started to wear off and the spark dimmed. She didn't want that to happen. She wanted everything to stay the way it was now.

Jamie frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Us." Tegan looked into the sky blue eyes again "What happens when you get fed up with me. I'm not exactly beautiful am I. I'm getting fat and you could have any girl you wanted, why would you want me." She had been thinking about that for a while, would Jamie still feel the same way about her, when the first thing you noticed was her stomach.

"Tegan I love you." Jamie told her. "It was looks that attracted me to you first, this and the connection we have that I can't explain, but I love you for who you are on the inside, what you are on the outside is just a bonus and believe me you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on." Jamie had been expecting this. Her mother had already told her that pregnant women were likely to become worried about their partner's opinion of them and their self esteem was likely to drop considerably. Tegan had never been a person with high self esteem anyway, so it was likely to be a big drop for her.

"Really?" Tegan asked, not knowing whether Jamie was serious or just being nice. "And what are you going to be like when I have a child. Will you get fed up when I have to spend a lot of my time with my child and not with you. Will you be able to put up with the fact that I have a baby." Tegan was starting to panic now. All the things she could think of that could maybe drive Jamie away were coming to the front of her mind now.

"Tegan I told you, I love this baby because it's a part of you. I will be there every step of the way, until you tell me that you don't want me to be involved anymore. Nothing about this baby will drive me away. I swear." Jamie wrapped her arms around Tegan in what she was hoping was a reassuring hug. "I love you Tegan, nothing will change that."

The two of them sat there like that for a while before Jamie realized that Tegan had fallen asleep in her lap. So she gently stood up, cradling her like a child and made her way down to the apartment opposite. She knocked quietly on the door and when Jenny opened it, she noticed the panicked look on her Jenny's face and smiled to reassure her before heading towards the bedroom. She placed Tegan into the bed and pulled the blankets up over her, before heading out.

Chapter 35

The rest of the day went pretty quietly for everyone. Tegan spent longer than she would have liked to in bed and Jenny spent most of her time getting ready for college, which she was starting on Monday. Jamie caught up with her work.

When Tegan woke up, she was surprised to find that it was nearly 7 p.m.. She couldn't believe she had slept that long. She was about to get out of bed when she heard footsteps come towards the bedroom and stop outside her door.

The door opened and the dark hair of Jamie was seen as the tall woman poked her head in. She smiled when she spotted the green eyes watching her. "You're awake." She walked into the room, closing the door behind her. "I was just coming to wake you."

"You were?" Tegan asked, glad that she was going to be called and not left to sleep all night. "Why did you let me sleep so long?"

"Well I figured you'd better sleep now because if I have me way, you won't be sleeping at all tonight" Jamie smiled, seductively, as she knelt next to Tegan and kissed her gently.

Tegan returned the kiss with more passion and before long the had to break apart before it went any further. "Come on." Jamie said, as she went to stand up, she took hold of Tegan's hands and pulled he up, leaning down and kissing her again. "We've got to stop doing this or I'm not going to be available to play downstairs tonight"

"Plain Lazy are playing tonight?" Tegan asked, excitedly.

"Yep, we decided we had to play public soon and why not use this club." Jamie told her. Although Plain Lazy had been together for a while now they hadn't performed in front of the public before and all the band were pretty nervous. Not that they needed to be, they had been ready for this from the beginning.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Tegan asked, getting out of bed and walking over to do her hair. "Let me put something decent on and then I'll be ready."

Jamie nodded her head and walked out. She knew that if she stayed in the room with Tegan while she was getting dressed, they weren't going to go anywhere in the next couple of hours.

* * * * *

Once Tegan was ready she walked out to join Jamie. Jamie was dumb struck with the beauty of her partner. The glow that surrounded her made her breathtaking. She was wearing a a black dress that was tight enough to show off the slight bump where they baby was, but not tight enough to make it look like Tegan was trying to show it off. Tegan's hair was placed in a French roll and Jamie wondered how she managed to get changed so quickly.

"Ready?" Tegan asked, pulling Jamie's mind away from the direction it was headed.

"Um," Jamie smiled, sheepishly. "Yeah come on then."

They walked out of the door and quietly down the stairs into the bar. Tegan was surprised by the amount of people that were actually there. The club was usually pretty full but this was practically over flowing. "They must have known you were performing" Tegan whispered into Jamie's ear, well it was supposed to be a whisper but it didn't turn out like that, she had to shout just so Jamie could hear her.

"Yeah right." Jamie answered, sarcastically, before leading Tegan to the table with Jenny and their friends. "Are you ready, Darren?" She asked as Tegan sat down. "We've got a gig to play."

"Too right." Darren agreed standing up getting a good luck wish off everyone at the table, then the two of them made their way to the stage.

Jamie made her way to the front of the stage as the rest of the band finished setting up. As Jamie took the mic she was praying that nothing went wrong that would ruin their night. "Good evening" She announced herself and then waited for the applause to die down.

Tegan watched as her partner walked up towards the stage. When everyone noticed that the band were starting to get ready they started to scream. Most of the people in this bar had a crush on Jamie or Darren, the most popular members of the band and that was the reason many of them were at the club. Not that it bothered Tegan because she realized that while all these people were drooling over her partner, she was the one who got to walk out with her every night and she was the one who got to make love to her, she was the one who got to love her.

"Well I know most of you know who I am." Jamie told them, as she looked around to check that everything behind her was ok.. "Well tonight you are going to be in for a special treat. I hope."

"We already are, we've seen you." Came a voice from somewhere in the room.

"Thanks." Jamie said back. "Anyway, no the treat is, you are going to witness the first public performance of this band, which I am pleased to say I am a member of. So please put your hands together for Plain Lazy."

Jamie made her way to her guitar, picked it up, checked that the amp was switched on and that her guitar was tuned up. When everything was set she made her way to the mic again.

"Well good evening everyone." She said into the mic. "Don't you look familiar?" she asked them all. "Well anyway. We are going to start off with a rockish song and it's called, Now." with that the drum count started and the show was under way.

* * * * *

The rest of the show went well and finally they had two songs left. "Ok, this next song was written by Darren and myself a while ago. It's about a friend of ours who died of AIDS. She left the friends that understood her to go back to her family, who couldn't understand the AIDS virus or her alternative lifestyle. Anyway this song is dedicated to her and it's called, 'She's Living Life Alone.' Thanks," With that Jamie brought them all into the song that Tegan recognized as the song she had sung to her a couple of days ago.

That done she thanked everyone and told them they were going to be playing their last song next. Everyone groaned at the thought of the gig ending, they were really enjoying themselves and the band was good as well. "This song is dedicated to the love of my love Tegan." She announced, just before Darren step up to the microphone.

"Why don't we bring Tegan up here?" He asked, as he looked towards the table she was sitting at. Everyone cheered at that and soon a very embarrassed and shy Tegan was being led towards the stage. She wasn't embarrassed at being shown off to everyone, but she was embarrassed and being the subject of everyone's scrutiny, as she took her place on the stage next to her partner.

"Well like I was saying, this song is dedicated to Tegan and all of you out there that feel like you were born the day you fell in love with you partner. It's called I feel." Jamie announced to everyone before placing her guitar on the stand and taking the mic in one hand and Tegan's hand in the other and looking into the wonderful green eyes of her partner.

I feel like I was born today,
Like all my life before was only a dream,
Only touching the surface, never going further,
Never being part of the world.

I feel like I was born today,
Knowing I have to walk a wider path from now on,
Wide enough for two of us, walking side by side,
Facing the future together.

The Sea is wide,
Our love is wider,
Covering the earth from end to end.

Walk beside me,
Through wind and weather,
For all the years on Earth well spend.

I feel like I was born today,
We leave behind a past of sorrow,
Going forward, through the sunlight,
Hand in hand and souls united.

Hand in hand and souls united.

As the words of the song unravelled Jamie became lost in the eyes of her partner and before long, nothing else mattered, only the two of them. There was no sound coming from anyone, well not that they could hear, their minds were totally centred on each other and before they realized what was happening, they leaned forward and their lips touched, sending a wave of electricity though them both. As they broke away they finally realized where they were and that they were getting wolf whistles and cheers off the audience.

Tegan giggled and buried her head into her lovers shoulder, embarrassed by the lack of control she had over her body when it came to Jamie.

Jamie leaned down and kissed the head of the smaller woman and chuckled at the scene they must have caused.

"I can't believe we just did that." Tegan lifted her head and looked into the blue eyes of her partner, which she realized too late wasn't a good idea.

Just as their lips headed towards each other again, Darren disturbed them. "You two need to get a room."

Jamie smiled at her best friend "That sounds like a very good idea." She looked at Tegan and wiggled her eyebrows, seductively. "What do you say, T?"

"Well there is this really inviting bed upstairs I believe. I'm sure the owner won't mind us using it." Tegan smiled, hoping Jamie would agree.

Jamie didn't have to think very hard before deciding that now was the perfect time to depart, knowing the club would be in the capable hands of Ollie. "You go and tell you sister and I'll go and tell Ollie to close up"

Tegan knew a real dumb grin had covered her face at Jamie's words and she didn't care. At this moment she was so in love with this woman, that she could be wearing a sign saying 'Kick Me' on her butt and it wouldn't bother her. Jamie leaned down and kissed her once more, before heading away from her and over to the bar.

Tegan made her way towards Jenny with Darren and saw the smile on Jenny's face, she also noticed the very straight guy say next to her. Jenny seemed to be enjoying herself immensely with Mike, a very good friend of theirs. "Hey, that lover of yours has got an amazing voice on her, Tegan." Mike said, as Tegan arrived at the table.

Tegan nodded her head. "Doesn't she?" Then she leaned over to Jenny. "You can let yourself in tonight. I'm going to bed." She looked into Jenny's eyes telling her exactly what she was going to bed for, before giving her a crooked smile.

"Ok," Jenny smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow. Are you going to be upstairs or are you going to Jamie's?" She knew that Tegan won't be able to relax upstairs if she knew Jenny could hear everything that was going on and she wanted her sister to have fun with her lover.

Tegan thought about that for a minute before deciding the same thing. Her and Jamie didn't want to be limited in what they did tonight and she knew that everything could be heard from one room to another. "I think I'll ask Jamie to take us to her place." She finally decided. She knew that Jamie's place was private, which was what she wanted.

"Ok." Jenny kissed her sister on the cheek and wished her goodnight before Tegan headed towards Jamie.

* * * * *

Jamie made her way through the crowded hall, dodging everyone who was too wrap up in something or someone to move, when she finally made it over to Ollie he was still behind the bar, serving . She waited patiently until he was free and then she called him over.

Ollie heard his name being called and turned to face Jamie, he smiled at her, knowing exactly what she wanted. As he arrived in front of her, he held his hand out, waiting for the key. Jamie noticed this and decided to play with him for a few minutes. "What's that for?" She pointed at his hand.

"Well I figured you were going to give me the key to lock up tonight while you go off and enjoy yourself." He told her honestly. He was over the moon that Jamie had found someone she could be happy with. He had been around her a lot all his life and he had seen the pain she went through with Becky. He had seen the women come and go from her life, none of them really meaning anything. Now he knew Tegan meant more to Jamie than any of the other girls in her life and he hoped that maybe this time she would actually settle down.

"Oh and how do you know I didn't come over here to fire you?" Jamie asked, keeping the keys out of site and raising an eyebrow.

"You wouldn't do that because I'm a good worker and I'm the only one you trust enough to look this place up after everyone's gone." Ollie raised the same eyebrow and smiled. He was kind of like the assistant manager's assistant and he knew she knew that too. There was no-one in the club that worked better than him and there was no-one else that she trusted enough to leave the club open too.

"Damn you're right." Jamie sighed, a little worried that she had become so dependant on this man. She knew it was good for her to have someone to be able to trust enough to leave the club too when she wanted to enjoy herself but it felt funny.

"I know I am." Ollie smirked, before holding his hand back out. "Now give me the keys and get out of here will you."

Jamie couldn't say no. So she reached into her jeans pocket and removed the keys. She gave them to Ollie just as she spotted a small figure walking towards them. Ollie noticed her look and followed her gaze to the small red head making her way towards them. He just shook his head before heading towards away from the pair who were now standing together. "Are you ready to go on up?" Jamie asked as Tegan reached her side.

Tegan looked down at the floor before looking back into the eyes that she always wanted to dive into and get lost forever. "Do you mind if we go back to your place instead?" She asked. "I think we will have more privacy there."

Jamie couldn't argue with her on that one. The fact that she lived in a separate apartment made the privacy thing a lot better there than in her own apartment. "Sure if that's what you want."

"Yes I would like to have you all to myself without worrying about big ears listening." Tegan leaned over and kissed her partner. Before grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door. It wasn't long before they were making their way towards Jamie's house.

* * * * *

When Tegan and Jamie arrived at the house, the downstairs light was still on, which meant that Jamie's parents were still up. Jamie stood by the car debating on whether to go through the front door and tell them she was home or go up the stairs to her front door. Tegan sensing her hesitation took charge again. She grabbed Jamie's hand and led them towards the front door.

Jamie just smiled. She opened the door and walked in waiting for Tegan to follow before going into the house. John and Anne were sat watching the tv quietly and they spotted the pair immediately. "Good evening" John smiled at them, he had been wondering what time they would get home. He knew that Jamie and Tegan had missed having quiet time together since the expectant mother had been in hospital and Anne and himself had decided to have two bets on that night. Firstly, what time would they arrive home and secondly how long would they wait before heading upstairs. John made sure to check the clock when they arrived, smirking to himself, he had been closer to the time than Anne had.

Jamie and Tegan sat down in the front room both silently agreeing to at least show their face before heading upstairs, even though neither of them actually wanted to. "So you took the night off again tonight did you?" John asked, as they sat down. He saw they were uncomfortable sitting there and he couldn't say he blames them. They had been over a week without privacy and he would be in the same position.

"Yeah um well see we wanted to um" Jamie stuttered, she was wondering how to get around this without embarrassing both of them.

Anne recognised her predicament and gave her the perfect excuse "While you'd better get Tegan to bed, she needs her rest" She raised an eyebrow at Jamie, telling her it was fine for her to go.

Jamie noticed this and smiled at her mother 'Thank you, Mom' she mentally said, outloud she agreed with her mother, before taking Tegan's had leading her up the stairs.

"That was subtle" John said, as his daughters footsteps reached the top of the stairs. "And you actually cost yourself the bet. I said five minutes and you just made it that."

"Yeah well they were looking for an excuse and I just gave it to them. They looked so uncomfortable, love 'em" Anne couldn't help but smile. She was more than pleased that the two of them were happy. Neither of them had an easy life up until then but everything seemed to be falling into place.

* * * * *

The following morning Jamie was up early and spent the quiet morning time just looking at Tegan and taking in the wonderful features of the teenager who had capture her heart so thoroughly in such a short time. The youthful features of Tegan seemed to have matured in the time they had spent together and Jamie knew that the stress they had been under over the last couple of weeks had been the cause of that. But lying there, deep in sleep she looked so peaceful and happy, that you would never have thought the last few weeks had happened.

"I love you, so much" Jamie whispered to herself more than anything, so she was surprised when she got a mumbled 'love you too' as Tegan snuggled closer. Jamie just smiled before closing her eyes and joining her partner once again.

* * * * *

Jamie, Tegan and Jenny pulled up outside the big house just after noon and Jamie could tell this wasn't a workman's house. It was even bigger than hers and it looked more like a hotel with all the rooms that could be seen.

"It's big isn't it" Tegan said, when she noticed the look on the tall woman's face.

"Yeah it is" Jamie agreed totally.

"This is where my family get their money" Tegan told Jamie, "Although you'd never know it was Mother who was wealthy."

Jamie agree with that, you expected Tegan's father to be the rich on and she was surprised to find it wasn't.

"Come on, it's time for you to meet my grandmother" Tegan grabbed Jamie's hand and the three of them walked towards the house.

Just as they arrived the door was opened by a fairly old man. He look like he was in his late fifties. Jaime assumed he was Tegan's grandfather, although Tegan hadn't mentioned a grandfather 'Maybe they don't get on' She thought, but quickly dismissed that.

"Nialls" Tegan said, excitedly as she hugged the man.

"Miss Tegan it's nice to see you again" He hugged her before turning to Jenny. "Miss Jenny."

'Ok not her grandfather' Jamie mentally slapped herself before taking in the grey suit and tie usually associated with Butlers.

"Nialls, this is Jamie, a very good friend of mine" Tegan introduced them. "Jamie this is Nialls, he is the Butler, although he is more like a grandfather to us."

Nialls nodded his head respectfully at the taller woman before moving aside to let them enter.

"Where's Mamgu?" Tegan asked, as they put their coats on the rack.

"She is in the family room" Nialls told her, before motioning the women forward.

Jamie thought it was pretty typical of Tegan to call her Grandmother Mamgu which was Welsh for Grandmother, it sounded so nice coming from the younger woman that Jamie couldn't help smiling. They walked further into the house and Jamie was surprised by the size of the inside. The ceilings were typical of a big house, you needed a forty feet ladder to come even close to it. The ceiling itself was covered in pictures. They all told a story. As Jamie looked closer she noticed that the story seemed to be about two women. One with raven dark hair and the other with blonde hair, a lot like hers and Tegan's. They seemed to be dressed in pretty weird clothes. The tall dark woman dressed in a brown costume and the smaller woman was dressed in a short green top and a brown skirt. They were not clothes she had seem before.

"Those are based on some family story." Tegan was watching her, look at the ceiling and figured Jamie was trying to figure them out.

'A family story' Jamie said to herself as she remembered all the stories she had been told and had told her brother. The story about the warrior and bard, who knew a love so deep it would last an eternity. 'Nah they couldn't be the same' she shook her head mentally 'Could they?' She was pulled out of her reverie when Tegan grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards the door, which Jamie figured lead into the family room.

Tegan's grandmother spotted them the minutes they walked in. She smiled and stood up before heading over to them. She immediately hugged Tegan before moving over to Jenny. "My girls" She said, excitedly "What are you doing here?" She looked them both over and noticed the slight bump in Tegan's stomach but did not saying anything. 'If she is pregnant she'll tell me herself' Jane told herself. She had always tried not to interfere in the lives of her daughters and granddaughters, although on more than one occasion she had regretted not getting involved in her daughter's relationship with that husband of hers. She hadn't liked Thomas since the minute she met him but when she had told Brenda that, Brenda had told her to mind her own business. So she had washed her hands of the situation. She strongly believed in the saying 'You made you bed, you lie in it,' even if it's lumpy.

"Well we are in Seaview and we wanted to come and visit" Jenny lied, she didn't know what Tegan wanted to tell their grandmother and she wasn't going to say anything.

"Really. Where's your mother?" Jane asked, she hadn't seen her eldest daughter for nearly two years and she missed her. She had spoken to her all of three time in that time.

"She's still in River's End" Tegan admitted. "I think we need to talk Gu"

Jane frowned but nodded her head before looking at Jamie, then back at Tegan before raising an enquiring eyebrow.

Tegan noticed and smiled before introducing Jamie to her grandmother.

Jane was struck by something about the tall woman, something she could figure out. Then she looked up into the worried but beautiful face and she was immediately drawn to the blue eyes and she was drawn back into a past she had tried to forget, the flashbacks of a past life.

"Cassie you can't die on me now" She begged. The tall woman with blue eyes had taken a bullet in the back, a bullet which had been meant for her. "Please"

Slowly the blue eyes opened and the unfocused gaze looked at her. Then a small smile graced her face. "I love you, Sarah" She was dying and they both know it and there was nothing either of them could do. "I'll see you next time around."

Only two months ago they had run into a old Indian who had told them that they were to be reunited in every lifetime and Sarah knew that when Cassie died, the reformed Outlaw would wait for her before they would move onto their next life together. If Sarah was alone she would have risked the fires of hell and killed herself but she wasn't alone and she had to think of her daughter, Jane as well as Cassie's son, Jack. "I know you will" Sarah let all the love she felt for this woman show in her face. "I know you will"

"Tell the kids I love them" Cassie coughed, this time she coughed up the tell tale signs of her imminent passing. Blood.

"I will" Sarah nodded her head vigorously before leaning over and gently kissing her partner. "I love you, Cassandra Jane."

Cassie smiled her last smile and whispered "Love you, too" before the light went out of her eyes and the spirit left her body to wait on the other side for her soulmate.

Sarah watched as the shallow breathing stopped and Cassie's blue eyes stared blankly into space. She lifted her hand a gently closed the eyes of the woman she love more than anything. "Goodbye my love" she sobbed as she lowered her head to rest on the dark head of her lover.

Jane shook her head to clear the flashback to find herself looking into worried green eyes of her youngest granddaughter. "Gu are you ok?" Tegan asked, she had never blanked out like that before and it was worrying the young woman.

Jane looked back at Jamie and smiled although she had the same colour eyes as her soulmate, she was just a descendant of the love that the warrior and bard had for each other. She smiled and looked at Tegan 'Let it go Jane Llewellyn, it's her turn now, you've already had the love of your life for this lifetime. I just hope she isn't cursed with the short relationship that many of her ancestors are.' she told herself before assuring Tegan that she was fine.

They all moved into the main room and sat down. Jamie was amazed at the beauty of the house. The room they were in was massive. It was kind of like the main room in the Von Trap house in the Sound Of Music. There weren't many ornaments or anything in the house that usually made the house seem smaller. The walls were white and cream which seemed to enhance the space around the room. There was quite a lot of furniture in the room. There was a sofa and three chairs scattered around a small coffee table which faced the tv. In the back of the room was an old fashioned writing desk situated next to three bookcases. It was lovely.

"I see your friend is fascinated with my house" Jane pointed out to Tegan, as Jamie was still looking around the room. Suspicion was one part of the rich thing that Jane could live without. She always had to been on her guard when people she didn't know come to the house. Would they try to rob her? Would she wake up and find out that during the night someone had been and broken in? Unless she knew the person personally everyone was a risk to her and she hated that.

Tegan recognised the remark for what it was and was a bit peeved that her grandmother didn't trust her judgement but she understood as well. 'Got to kick this right now' She told herself and looked at her grandmother "Jamie's father is the owner of The Legends Pass." She told her grandmother and she saw the eyebrow raise. 'Yeah she doesn't act like a rich kid does she?' She mentally asked. She had not seen the look of awe she saw on Jamie's face for a long time now and coming from someone who had the amount of money that Jamie's family did was a surprise.

"Really?" Jane was impressed. She had been to that park twice before and she knew it was one of the best theme parks in Europe and she also knew that the man that owned that could put the money she had into his pocket. He was worth three times what she was and now she was just as surprised as Tegan at the reaction of the tall, dark woman stood in front of her. 'Surely she has seen a house this big before? Surely she lives in a house bigger than this?' When she voiced her thoughts Jamie just smiled.

"No father always said that people with a lot of money had big houses and flashy cars and clothes but rich people didn't need that. You are not rich unless you are happy and money can't buy you happiness." Jamie admitted, it was a motto that she lived by. "We just live in a house big enough of all of us and we only buy what we need."

Jane nodded her head in agreement. She agreed totally. All the money she had meant nothing when she wasn't happy and she hadn't really been happy since her partner Cheryl had died. After she had died she got married to satisfy her parents and she had never really been happy with Jack but he had given her a couple of wonderful children in Brenda and Cherie, but they were the only decent thing to come out of that relationship.

Jenny sat down and Jane pointed to the seat, motioning for Jamie to sit down. "Tegan may I have a word with you?" She asked her granddaughter just as she was going to sit next to her partner.

"Sure" Tegan stood back up and then followed her grandmother out of the room, into the dining room.

Jamie was worried, she hoped that Tegan wasn't going to get into trouble now. She really didn't want that to happen. If it did cause her partner any trouble she would leave immediately.

* * * * *

Tegan followed her grandmother into the dining room, hoping that she wasn't going to start anything about Jamie because Tegan really wasn't in the mood to argue with her at the moment.

"What is it, Gu?" She asked, as they sat at the table. It never seized to amaze Tegan how big the dining room was in the house, considering it was hardly ever used. The only time the dining room was used was when Jane had guests. Family and close friends had food in the kitchen. The table Tegan and Jane were seated at was a long table about 10 ft long and there were chairs down each side and at the two heads. It was a proper banquet table.

Jane looked at Tegan before she started speaking and she noticed the worry on her granddaughter's beatuiful face. 'She thinks I'm not going to approve' Jane realised before hurrying to reassure Tegan that wasn't what she wanted to speak with her about.

"If that's not what it is, what is it?" Tegan asked again.

"Well actually I was just going to ask if she knows how you feel about her but I guess she does" Jane smiled. 'That's good' she thought before continuing. "Why aren't you with your parents?" She asked this but she figured the answer was because Thomas couldn't accept gay people and she knew Brenda wasn't too fond of them either. That was why she had keep that part of her life away from her daughter.

"I'm pregnant, Gu" Tegan admitted, looking into Jane eyes and seeing acceptance of what she had just said. "Dad couldn't accept that and when it happened he send me away. I wasn't allowed to talk to family and I figured that meant you aswell but I realised that it wasn't and I was going to come and see you but Jamie got stabbed and we almost lost her and then I had a lot of trouble with the fact that I was gay and the papers found out about it. After all that I almost miscarried."

"Seems like you've had a rough time" Jane was seething. 'How could he send her away when she is pregnant?' she asked herself. "Where've you been staying?"

"I am staying at an apartment above Jamie's club" Tegan told her. "Her father is letting me rent it cheap and they have been really helpful."

Jane was pleased. 'At least she has been looked after.' She thought. "So who is the father?"

Jane spotted the tense look on Tegan's face as she started to explain.

Tegan related all the events that led up to her current predicamant and at the end of it, Jane was absolutely fuming. She would have liked to strangled that so-called father. Anyone that did that to their child needed to be hung, strung and quartered. 'And where is my daughter when all this is happening?' She asked herself 'Probably to scared to do anything about it' She looked around the room trying to calm herself before speaking again. "I'm sorry, Tegan"

"It's ok" Tegan assured her. "Somethings are meant to happen. If this hadn't have happened then I wouldn't have met Jamie and for that I would have done anything." Tegan smiled, she had been through so much but everything had led her to the place she was now. Happy with the love of her life and expecting a baby, who would hopefully be brough up with two mothers.

"That is very true but I'm sure that you would have found a way" Jane smiled at her granddaughter, she seemed more mature in her personality now. 'That must be the result of everything that has happened' She told herself. "So how long have you and Jamie been together?"

"We've only been together for a couple of months but it's been the best few months of my life, even after everything that's happened. Jamie getting stabbed was a shock and I think it would have killed me if she had died." Tegan admitted, looking into her grandmothers eyes and seeing a quiet understanding there.

"I'm glad you are happy" Jane walked over to her and wrapped the smaller woman in her arms. "Don't let anything come between you" She tightened her arms briefly 'Not even death' She sighed mentally before praying that Tegan would be spared the sorrow of knwoing her love only to have it taken away tragically at a young age.

"I won't" Tegan told her adamantly, nothing was going to come between her and Jamie, of that, she was sure.

"Good" Jane kissed her on the forehead. "Come on let's back to those two"

With that Jane and Tegan walked back into the other room. To find Jamie sitting anxiously watching for their entrance. Tegan knew what was going through her lover's mind and she just smiled to reassure her that everything was fine.

Jamie visibly relaxed as she got the smile of Tegan. She had been so worried about Jane's opinion of her that she had almost walked a hole in the floor until Jenny told her to sit down for that reason. Even sat down she couldn't relax. First of all she was drumming on her legs, until she noticed the knwoing smile of Jenny and she in the end she clasped her hands together and then tightened and loosened her grip periodically. 'God this is so frustrating' She had thought to herself, until Tegan had come out and flashed her that wonderful smile. 'Everything's fine' She told herself before releasing her hands and relaxing.

Tegan walked over to her partner and sat down next to her before leaning over and placing a reassuring pat on her knee. Jamie just smiled.

Jamie spent the rest of the day getting to know Jane and vice versa. By the time it was time to go home they felt like Jamie was a part of the family. Jane knew Tegan was in good hands and Jane mused that they were very strong and beautiful hands as well before she mentally slapped herself for making such remarks about her granddaughter's girlfriend. As they were saying goodbye Tegan assured her Grandmother that she would come to visit more often now and Jane promised to come and meet Jamie's family soon. Jamie knew her parents would like to meet the one other relative of Tegan's that didn't turn her back on the young woman.

Finally the three of them were on their way home. All happy with the way the day had turned out.

* * * * *

The following morning Tegan and Jamie were both awake pretty early. Jamie had to go to out for the day and Tegan wanted to be awake to say goodbye to her. So they lay there for a while basking in the warmth of the sun that was shining through the window. Jamie had one hand lying protectively over the swell of Tegan's stomach as if she was protecting the unborn child from any possible danger, when they both felt something.

"Did you feel that?" Tegan asked, as Jamie lifted her head.

"Was that the baby moving around?" Jamie was awed, it felt wonderful she had never experienced anything like that before.

"Yeah it was" Tegan smiled before leaning up and kissing her lover. "I love you, Jamie"

Jamie just smiled "I love you too."

"Thank you for taking us to visit my Grandmother yesterday" Tegan said, wrapping her arms around Jamie.

"You're welcome. I'm just glad she accepted us as a couple" Jamie admitted, although she never really showed how relieved she actually was.

"I know." Tegan just lay there keeping her head just above Jamie's heart, making sure she could hear the strong beat of the heart.

"I have to get up" Jamie sighed, reluctantly. She was so comfortable and so not ready to move.

"Do you have to?" Tegan asked, although she knew this meeting Jamie had was important.

"You know I do T." Jamie kissed her on the head "No matter how much I want to stay her."

If both of them were honest with each other they both wanted to get out of bed and phone everyone and tell them that the baby moved. It was really exciting and it was the best news they had had in a couple of weeks.

"Come on then" Tegan started to get up before she was pulled back down.

"Where do you think you're going?" Jamie raised an eyebrow at her.

"Getting up" Tegan stated the obvious.

"You are staying here. It is too early for you to be wandering around yet. You need your rest" Jamie reminded her.

Tegan shook her head knowing there was no way she could argue with that. Even if she wanted too. "Ok" She said reluctantly before settling back down. 'I'm not going to argue' she thought with a smile. 'I don't have the energy' She kissed Jamie before the tall stood to get dressed and then watched her patiently before Jamie kissed her again and then headed out of the door with a quick 'see ya later.'

Continued in Part IX

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