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Copyrighted 1999 by J. Obra

An immortal Hercules (Gen. Wright) and niece Sierra Rai (Col. Hunter Rai) are officers in the Union army.  Sierra's burnt out on her neverending life and all the death that surrounds her.  Until, the day she meets up with Xena's reincarnated soul.

J. OBRA (Mythe)


"BOOM...BOOM...BOOM!!!" the sound of cannon's going off.

A half a mile away, a bloody battle was ensuing over a ridge.  The Confederates had invaded further north in the hope of destroying the Union.  The Grays were overcoming the Blues at moment and the smell of victory was on hand.  Little do they know...that a battalion of Union soldiers were flanking them and waiting.

The smell of death was abundant many souls lost...too many, yet the war still goes on.

A low whistle was heard and it's getting louder, "KABOOM!!" as a cannonball crashed into the ground.  The sound of two more iron balls of death, "KABOOM...KABOOM!!" They landed in the center of the battle, Grays and Blues were thrown to the side like rag dolls.

A Union Colonel, no older than 27 years with bronze skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes gazed upon the bloody scene.  I've fought so many wars...too many really.  The weapons are getting deadlier and's scary that mortals would create such things as these.  I miss just using a sword...but that's many lifetimes ago.  The Colonel sat upon a mighty black stallion, taking a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

A Captain rode up to the Colonel and pulled his horse to a stop.  "Col. Rai, the battalion is ready...Sir."

"Thank you, Capt. Davey..." Col. Rai nodded.  In the past few wars women weren't allowed to fight...which was sad, they make the best warriors.  So, I must hide who I am...and what I Amazon Queen.  "Captain, on my mark..." the Colonel informed as she pulled out her sword and raised it high in the air.  "CHARGE!" she bellowed and lowered her sword.  The Colonel nudged her steed forward and he bolted towards the battle.

The battalion surged toward their new destiny, one with only two choices life or death.


The ridge was covered with hundreds of bodies and parts of them.  Grays and Blues were mixed with the blood soaked ground creating a surreal painting of death.  A group of Union soldiers were searching through the bodies and looking for the wounded.

Col. Rai placed her sword back in its scabbard and limped over to her steed.  "Come here, boy."

Capt. Davey rode up to his Colonel and noticed that he's limping.  "Col. Rai are you injured, Sir?"

Col. Rai climbed onto her steed and grumbled, "I'm fine, Captain...your report."

"Sir, 500 dead...100 or so heavy causalities."

Col. Rai took her hat off and wiped her forehead with a handkerchief. Too many souls lost...  She placed it back in her pocket and looked over at her Captain.  "Alright, lets go back to camp."

"Yes, Sir..." Capt. Davey acknowledged and added, "maybe we'll get there in time for dinner!"

A small smile formed on the Colonel's face.  Always thinking of food...I remember when that was a priority for me.


The victorious battalion entered the camp, with the cheers from fellow soldiers that awaited their return.

Col. Rai and Capt. Davey rode past the make shift hospital and noticed that its occupants were busy trying to save their men from a fate of death.

"Captain, check on our men and meet me at my tent."

"Yes, Sir..." he nodded, heading toward the hospital.

The Col. Rai climbed off her steed and handed the reins to a Sergeant and decreed, "Feed and brush him down, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir!"

The Colonel entered her tent, took her hat off and tossed it onto her desk.  She grabbed a bottle of whiskey and took a large swig from it.  She pulled out a chair and sat down.  A dull, throbbing pain erupted from her lower thigh.  She looked down at her injury and sighed, "Damn..."  I should've been paying more attention... Rai lifted the bottle again and let another swallow of whiskey enter her tired body.


"Enter!" Col. Rai informed and rose to her feet.

A tall, dark haired woman stepped into the room carrying with her a medical bag.  "Col. Rai, I'm Catherine Wallace..." she introduced and added, "Captain Davey told me to come and check on your leg."

Col. Rai stared at her for a moment and grumbled, "I told him that I was fine."

Catherine felt the Colonel's eyes entered her soul and felt a chill pass through her body. What was that?  She glanced down at the Colonel's thigh, noticed a small rip in his pants and blood seeping through.  "I believe you'll need to a few stitches..." she advised and added, "It also needs to be cleansed."

She's right, you know...  "Alright..." Col. Rai nodded, sat back down and removed her boots.

"So, Colonel...where are you from?" Catherine inquired, then sat her bag on the bed and took out what she needed.

"Europe..." Col. Rai replied as she removed her pants and sat back down.  Then she took another swig and waited for the nurse to do her job.

Catherine turned back to him and noticed that the Colonel's clothing was one size larger than normal.  Humm...  "Really?" she raised a brow and opened a bottle.  "This is going to sting a little," Catherine informed as she made contact with eyes of brown.  Those eyes...I've seen them before, but where?

"I'll be fine Miss Wallace," Col. Rai acknowledged and felt her soul fall into a sea of blue. Her body tingled from the connection and Rai's heart skipped a beat or two.  By the Gods...stop thinking like that.

Catherine noticed this and inquired, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine..." Col. Rai broke the connection and stared down at her wound. I won't go there...ever, not since the love of my life died in my arm's.  Her long dark hair and sky blue eyes...Xena, my love.

Catherine poured the alcohol over the wound and waited for him to flinch, but he didn't. Out of all the men I've treated, he's the first one who didn't show any pain...  She glanced up and felt as though the Colonel was a million miles away.  "So, Col. Rai...are you married?" she asked as to break the unnatural silence.

Col. Rai took another sip from her whiskey and replied, "Once..." she mumbled, "A long time ago."  She felt her drink taking over as it created a warm fuzzy feeling throughout her body.  "Miss Wallace are you?" she retorted.

"Catherine...if I can call you-"

"Hunter S. Rai..." Col. Rai nodded, realizing that the nurse just wanted to get to know her.  She gave in and whispered, "Call me Hunter."

"Hunter, he was killed in battle..."

"Sorry, Catherine..." Hunter apologized and uttered, "too many souls lost in this war and many more to come."

"I know," Catherine acknowledged and finished stitching Hunter's leg.  His leg wasn't as masculine as man's should be...humm...  She wrapped a bandage around the wound and tied it tight.  "Hunter, your going to be fine...just lay off any strenuous activities. Okay?"

"I'll try, Catherine..." Hunter nodded, "Thank you."

"I'll check up on you tomorrow," she smiled and informed, "Dinner's being served...I hope to see you there."


The tent was half empty and occupied with the late dinner guests.

Catherine was sitting with her fellow healers and having a discussion on the recent casualties.  I'd love to find out more on Hunter...there's something about him.

Col. Rai limped by her and sat at an empty officers table.

Catherine watched the Colonel take his seat and felt her heart skip a beat.  I wonder why I haven't seen Hunter before?  I know that I've been here only a few months now...but still.

"Catherine," Georgia called out and noticed her friend staring at the Colonel.  "Hello? Catherine..." she repeated.

Catherine snapped out of it and turned to her red-haired dinner companion.  "Sorry, Georgia..." she uttered and continued, "I was just-"

"Looking at Col. Rai," Georgia finished.

"You know of him?"

"Of course!" Georgia gasped and continued, "He's a hero and a survivor...his platoon was overcome with rebels and he was the only one that was left standing."

"Really?" Catherine gasped and raised a brow, "Tell me more."

"Humm...his uncle is General Thadious H. Wright, one hunk of a man!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes...I've met the General and oh, how I'd love to ravage him..." Georgia sighed at the thought.

"Anything else?"

"All I know is that Col. Rai is a quite man..." Georgia shrugged and turned to her friend, "Why?"

"I met Hunter today."

"Hunter?" Georgia repeated, "You're falling for him."

"I am not-"

"I can see it in your eyes!" Georgia decreed and whispered, "Go for it...let yourself go. You deserve it..."

Capt. Davey took a sip from his coffee and noticed the ladies.  "Mind if I join the two most beautiful ladies in camp for some coffee?" he inquired.

Georgia grinned, "Go right ahead."

"Aww, Reed..." Catherine sighed.

"So,'s the Colonel's leg?" Capt. Davey asked as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

"A few stitches, but he'll be fine."

"Good, I was worried..." Capt. Davey revealed and continued, "I've never seen him show any emotions...even if he's hurt."

"I know..." Catherine agreed and inquired, "Reed, how long have you known the Colonel?"

"Seven months now, why?"

"Our Catherine's falling for him," Georgia uttered as a sly smirk formed.

"Oh..." Davey grinned and replied, "Well, he's not a big man on personal conversations."

Catherine nodded, "I know."

"On the battlefield, he's the best leader I've served under..." Reed illustrated and continued on, "but off...he's not much on social activities.  He stays to himself most of the time and goes for his walks."

Catherine whispered, "How sad..."

Georgia leaned over and asked, "So, what's the latest gossip?"

The Captain dolefully replied, "Well, General Wright will be here sometime tomorrow."

"WHAT?" Georgia gasped and uttered out, "He's coming here?"

"Yes, Georgia...he'll be here in the flesh!" Reed repeated and turned to Catherine.

Catherine shrugged, "Well, I guess we know who Georgia's after."

Col. Rai took her empty plate and placed them with all the others.  She refilled her coffee and took a much needed sip.  Catherine, looks like her...those eyes.  NO!  Stop thinking like that...I swore that I wouldn't go there again.  Ahh...a familiar presence.

A large man stepped out from the shadows and took his officer's hat off.  He ran his strong fingers through his short blondish hair and remarked, "Col. Rai, why aren't you sitting with those two lovely ladies?"

Col. Rai recognized his voice and bellowed, "OFFICER ON DECK!"  She stood at attention and waited for his next command.

Capt. Davey rose to attention.

Catherine and Georgia stood up as well.

"That's the General!" Georgia gasped, then took a deep breath.

"At ease..." Gen. Wright gestured and turned his attention to the Colonel.  "You never answered me, Colonel."

Col. Rai abruptly replied, "Sir, I'm in a war here."

Gen. Wright raised a brow and remarked, "You're still human, Colonel."

"I'd rather not discuss my personal life here, Sir..." Col. Rai decreed, then turned toward the ladies as her eyes made contact with ones of blue.

Gen. Wright followed where her eyes were at and grinned at the nurse.  He walked up to her and greeted, "Hello, I'm General Thadious H. Wright..." he held out his hand and waited for her to take it.

"Catherine Wallace," she revealed and held out her hand.

Gen. Wright gently held it and kissed the back of her hand, "It's pleasure to meet a beautiful lady."

"Thank you, Sir."

Gen. Wright turned to Davey, "Hello, Captain."

"Hello, Sir."

Gen. Wright walked up to his admirer and grinned, "Georgia, you look ravishing as ever..."  Then he in turn, took her hand and kissed it as well.

Georgia blushed and gasped again, "Thank you, Thadious."

"Captain, get the General's tent ready..." Col. Rai ordered and added, "he must be tired from his journey."

"Yes, Colonel."

The General turned back to his niece and informed, "I'm fine...I think we have some catching up to do, first."

Col. Rai nodded, "Yes, Sir."

"Good," Gen. Wright smiled and glanced back toward the ladies, "Would you two ladies care to join us?"

Georgia blurted out, "We'd love too!"

"Georgia..." Catherine whispered and nudged her in the arm.

"It's settled then..." Gen. Wright grinned back.  I've got to get Sierra out of her depression and this should do it.  "Meet us at my tent at seven then," he informed.

"It'll be fun..." Georgia whispered back, then realized that she had the late shift.  "Sweet Jesus...I have to work tonight."

"I'm sorry, maybe another time then?" Gen. Wright suggested.

"Alright..." Georgia nodded, "I'll see you later then."  She turned to Catherine and whispered, "Have fun...and tell me what happens."

"Sure..." Catherine remarked and watched her friend leave.


"I don't see why your so hard on yourself," Gen. Wright revealed and continued, "You need let yourself love again-"

"NO!" Col. Rai barked and took a sip from her drink.

"I miss her too..." Wright poured himself another drink and added, "but, Xena's been gone a long time now.  She'd want you to go on with your life."

"Life?" Hunter laughed and decreed, "Herc, you call this a life?  We're immortals...we can never die.  We just go on and this war and all the others."  She took anther sip and continued on, "Death is all around us," she gestured, "Yet, we can never find peace..."

Gen. Wright was dumbfounded and stayed silent.  The rumors were right...she's lost her soul and faith.  He spoke up, "Yes we the eyes of the ones we love and care about.  You just need to let yourself go and let your emotions take over."

"Love?" Hunter chuckled and added, "Yeah right...this is a war and all I've seen is death."  She finished her drink and sat it upon the table.  "I'm tired of all the fighting...the bloodshed and the never ending days.  Hell, I envy the least they can go to the next level or find some peace."

"Sierra, even the fallen can't find know that."  Wright poured some more brandy into her glass and revealed, "We're blessed to be here, to help others and to save lives.  It may not seem like it now, but in the end it will.  Until then, we must go on with our lives...make new friends, laugh and yes, love again."

"That's easy to say.." Hunter grumbled, lifting her drink and downing it.

"You're the strongest niece that I've ever had. You're blessed to have Artemis's blood in you veins," Wright illustrated and continued, "You're an Amazon Queen and will always be one."  He points toward Hunter's heart, "You know that I'm right...just look."

His words sank into my heart and I knew the truth...but.

"She wants to know you," Wright advised and added, "Let her into your heart."  He took a sip and warned, "Time is precious...use what you have wisely."



Catherine entered the tent, wearing a light blue dress and her hair down.  She glanced over at them and greeted, "I hope I'm not overly dressed."

Gen. Wright and Col. Rai rose to their feet and bowed to their guest. "Catherine, your not..." Gen. Wright informed added, "You're gorgeous!"  He turned to Hunter and asked, "Isn't she?"

"Your ravishing...Catherine," Col. Rai gasped as her heart skipped a beat.  Those eyes...

"Thank you, you're so kind..." she replied.  Catherine's stared into Hunter's eyes and felt as though she would melt into them.  I've never felt like this before...

"Make yourself comfortable..." Wright gestured and inquired, "Would you like some brandy?"

Catherine sat down on the bed and replied, "Yes, please."

"Alright..." Wright nodded and moved a chair next to the bed.  "Have a seat, Hunter..." he instructed.

The same old Herc...  Hunter grinned at his gesture and sat down.

Am I that obvious?  Catherine smiled at the thought of it too.

"Here you go," Wright said and handed her a glass.

"Thank you, General..." Catherine took the glass from him and drank a small sip.

"Call me Thadious," he revealed.


"Enter!" Wright barked out.

Another Colonel entered the room and removed his hat.  "General Wright, Colonel Rai and Ma'am'," he greeted.

"Colonel, this had better be important."

"Sir, Gen. Popes army is retreating and heading toward the Rapidan River."

"Well, I'm sorry Catherine...but duty calls," Gen. Wright informed as he grabbed for his hat.

Col. Rai rose to her feet and reached for her hat too.

"No, Colonel..." Gen. Wright gestured and ordering, "I want you stay with Catherine." He leaned over and whispered, "Let yourself go."  The General flashed a smile toward Catherine and exited his tent.

"Thanks..." Catherine whispered back and glanced over at Hunter.

Hunter sat back down and took a sip from her brandy.

"Hunter, are you attracted to me?"

Hunter coughed up her drink and gasped for air.

"Are you all right?" Catherine inquired as she patted him on the back.

Hunter nodded, "Yeah...just went down wrong."  She felt Catherine's hand on her back and it felt good.  A woman hasn't touched me in long time...  "Thank you," she replied and revealed, "Yes, I am."

"Then why can't you look at me?"

Hunter quickly glanced over at her and looked away, "Because, I'm afraid..."

"Afraid of what?" Catherine inquired and moved closer to him.

"Falling in love," Hunter sighed and disclosed, "Since, my wife's death...I've sworn to myself that I wouldn't do it again."

"I'm sorry," Catherine assured and added, "I know the feeling--until I met you."


"Yes," Catherine replied as she reached over and gently turned Rai's head towards hers. "Your eyes...they look so familiar, like I've seen them before..." she disclosed and adding, "I feel like I've known you for a long time."

Hunter stared into her eyes and felt at peace there.  She needs to know...  "Catherine, I need to tell-"

"I know," Catherine whispered and placed her finger on Hunter's lips, "It doesn't matter." She stared into Hunter's eyes and felt whole again.  Catherine leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.  So, natural...her lips and those eyes...

Hunter lowered her defenses and fell into the kiss.  The kiss became passionate as they both let themselves go.

The tent flap opened and Georgia entered.  "I'm here!" she greeted and added, "They let me leave early."  She turned, noticed them kissing and gasped, "Umm...I'm sorry."

"It's alright Georgia," Catherine assured as she reached down and held Hunter's hand.  She rose to her feet as did Hunter and introduced them, "Georgia, this is Col. Hunter Rai and Hunter, this is Georgia."

Col. Rai grinned and held out her hand, "Nice to meet you, Georgia."

"And you..." she took his hand and added, "A smile makes you even more handsome."

"Why, thank you..." Hunter replied with a kiss to her hand.  She turned to Catherine and remarked, "I guess it's getting late. Would you like me to escort you back to your tent?"

"Why thank-"

"We'll manage, Colonel..." Georgia finished and pulled her friend towards the door.

"Alright..." Hunter raised a brow, "I hope to see you soon."

Catherine whispered, "Thank you, Hunter."


"So, tell me..." Georgia said as she pulled Catherine closer.



Hunter was lying in bed and staring at the shadows.  How could I sleep?  The one I want was sleeping so far way...  She closed her eyes and pictured Catherine with her.  When sleep finally did over come her, she gave in willingly.

The tent flap slowly opened and a shadowy figure entered.  The figure removed their clothing, climbed into bed and wrapped an arm around Hunter.  "Hunter..." Catherine whispered.

Hunter slowly woke and heard the sweetest voice on earth.  "Catherine?" she whispered back, "What are you doing here?"

Catherine placed a kiss on Hunter's cheek and whispered into her ear, "Loving you..."


Hunter woke up and noticed that her love wasn't there and sighed. Was it a dream?  The smell of Catherine, lilac and rosewood, was lingering around her.  "Nah...she was here."


Gen. Wright and his fellow officers were having coffee and discussing the day's agenda.

Catherine and Georgia were at another table discussing about last night's endeavors.

Catherine glanced up from her breakfast and noticed her lover entering the tent.  A small smile crept upon her glowing face and waited for her love to come over.

Col. Rai grabbed a cup of coffee and took a sip.  She turned and their eyes made contact with one another.  Catherine's glowing...Gods, she's so beautiful!

Gen. Wright called over to her, "Col. Rai, please join us."

"Yes, Sir..." Col. Rai responded and mouthed, "I love you," toward Catherine.

"Catherine, tell me you didn't..." Georgia gasped.

"I love you too," Catherine whispered back and retorted, "And what if I did?"

"I never thought, you'd be so aggressive!" she blurted out as a smile formed


A squad of Col. Rai's best men was in formation.  Col. Rai climbed onto her steed and glanced back to her men.  A simple mission...escort the sister's of mercy through a neutral zone.

Capt. Davey rode up and reported, "The men are ready, Sir...and there's something else too."

"Go on Captain," Col. Rai acknowledged.

"She'll tell you..." he gestured behind the Colonel.

Col. Rai turned around and watched as Catherine walked up to her and carrying a tan bag.  She was wearing Union pants, a white officers shirt, black riding boots and an officers hat.

Col. Rai grinned and inquired, "Catherine, what are you doing?"

"The General wanted me come along," Catherine revealed and handed her bag to Hunter.

"Alright," Hunter took it and placed in a saddle bag.  She held out her hand out, "Take my hand."

Catherine took it and was pulled up behind Hunter, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Hunter replied and added, "Hold on tight."

"Of course, Love..." she whispered and wrapped her arms tightly around Hunter's waist.

"Captain, let's move out!" Col. Rai ordered and whispered back, "Nice outfit."

"Why, thank you...I borrowed some of your clothes..." she revealed and added, "I thought you wouldn't mind."


A red cross wagon was stuck in a large mud puddle.  A nun was holding the reins, while the other two where trying to push it.

"Captain, get the men to help..." Col. Rai advised as she got off her steed.  She felt eyes upon her and whispered, "We're being watched."

"Where?" Catherine asked and scanned the forest around them.

Grays began firing their weapons at them.

"IT'S AN AMBUSH!" Col. Rai roared, then turned to Catherine, "Meet me at that boulder we passed."


"GO, NOW!" Hunter growled and slapped her horse on its hind.  She watched as they bolted away from her.


Where are you love?  Catherine was pacing and praying for her love's return.

A lone figure traveled towards her. Hunter was covered in blood as she stumbled towards her love.

Catherine noticed her and cried out, "SIERRA!"

"CATHERINE!" Hunter shouted back and ran towards her.  She picked up Catherine and spun her around.

"I though..."

Hunter hushed her with a soft and gentle kiss.  Suddenly Catherine pulled her lover closer and passionately kissed her.

"I love you, Sierra..." whispered Catherine and uttered out, "I remember."

"I love-"

A rifle fired, "BANG!"

Hunter jerked forward into Catherine, after being shot in the back.  What the...  She glanced down at herself as blood was seeping through her shirt.  Hunter instinctively grabbed for her boot knife and threw it back at the gunman.

The lone gunman was struck in the chest with the knife and fell to the ground dead.

"Catherine?" Hunter whispered.  Catherine's head fell against Hunter's shoulder.  Upon moving Catherine, she perceived blood on Catherine's chest as well.   "NO!" Hunter shouted as she pulled Catherine closer.  "Please...not again..." Hunter gasped, then fell to her knees cradling Catherine.  Hunter too, succumbed to her mortal wound as well and collapsed over Catherine's body.


A battle was ensuing over a bridge, the Grays against the Blues.  Soldiers were falling on both sides and no one was truly winning.

Another battle...when will it end? Col. Rai watched the battle from afar as she rubbed her steeds neck and waited.

"Sir, the men are ready..." a new Captain reported and held his horse still.

If I only had another day. This one's for you, Catherine. The Colonel raised her sword once again and roared, "CHARGE!"


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