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Loving the Conqueror

Part 5


Eponin stood silently next to the ruins, having already dispatched a search party. She waited patiently for the others to arrive and took the time to scan the scene once more.

Four riders rushed up to the scene and halted before her. Sierra, Xena, Ephiny and Marcus all dismounted and took in the scene of the abduction.

"How did this happen?" the Queen addressed her Captain.

"Give me the names of the guards from last night!" the Conqueror demanded.

"Delvus and Raia were assigned to your section," Eponin informed and added, "Their part of the search party-"

"WHAT?" the Conqueror uttered and turned to the Captain, "You're letting the two people who let this happen search for her?"

"Yes," she nodded, "They will be punished-"

"I don't believe this..." Xena muttered and ordered her head of security, "Take the men and thoroughly search this area. I want the persons responsible for Gabrielle's kidnapping brought before me."

Marcus nodded, "Yes, my Liege."

Sierra, disappointed at the thought of her Sisters lack of security finally spoke up, "Were there any tracks?"

"Yes, my Queen..." Eponin responded, "The rider was light...and may possess knowledge of our techniques," she pointed and added, "One set of tracks led here."

"How so?" Ephiny interrogated next.

"The person used the trees to enter the perimeter...above our sentries."

The Conqueror brushed past the Captain, picked up the ripped shift and crouched before the four stakes that were embedded into the ground. She was tied down...then drenched with water. Xena grabbed a handful of dirt and brought it up to her nose, inhaling the faint scent of her lover. Her eyes grew dark, as the thought of someone touching her brought anger to her eyes. "An Amazon did this?"

"Lets not jump to conclusions here-" Ephiny advised.

"At least 10 more came from the west. They were weighed down...Roman soldiers," the Captain informed, "The earlier track moved to the south and disappeared, while the rest moved to the west-"

"Roman territory," Sierra and Xena uttered in unison.

Eponin silently nodded, "The tracks are at least 5 candle marks old."

"Caesar...that bastard," the Conqueror growled, throwing the dirt down.

The Queen ordered, "Eponin, take a squad from Elite guard and have them follow us."

"Yes, my Queen..."

Sierra then turned to Xena, "Don't worry Xena, we'll find Gabrielle."

"I'm holding YOU personally responsible if something happens to her!" the Conqueror decreed, instantly mounting Argo and rode off in search of her abducted lover.

The Queen silently shook her head, "Ephiny, go back to the nation and inform the Elders about this." She leapt to her saddle and glanced down at her Regent, "War is rearing its ugly head my friend."

"Take care," Ephiny advised, "And be careful."

"Of course," the Queen flashed a reassuring grin and nudged her stallion on. "YAH!!!"


The Conqueror threw the stocky Port master against wall and pulled him up to her eye level. "Where did Caesar go?" she roared and added, "Don't lie or I'll know."

"PLEASSSSE, I don't know!" he muttered, glancing over his attacker's shoulder and at her awaiting companion. "Really...I don't."

"LOOK AT ME!" she growled, as her eyes darkened and focused on the quivering man. "DO you know who I am?"

"N-no," he stuttered, as he stared into the cold blue eyes and noticed the long black hair. The Port master's mind finally registered what his eyes projected and blurted out, "Y-you're the CONQUEROR!"

"You're a smart one," Xena remarked, releasing her firm hold on the man's throat. She waited until he dropped to his knees, before she quickly pressed the two pressure points on his throat.

The Port master gasped out his last breath and his eyes widened at this turn of events. He once heard of the Conqueror's famous move from a fellow drunk at the local pub and never thought he would be the recipient of such a deadly honor.

"Your life is now forfeit," she decreed and knelt down to one knee, "Tell me where they went and you shall leave this world on good terms."

"Two boats..." he gasped out and continued on, "Don't know which he was went south to Egypt and other west-"

"Rome," Xena finished for him.

The gasping Port master nodded quickly as a thin line of blood flowed from his left nostril. Sweat beaded upon his brow as he realized that the darkness of death was slowly overwhelming all his senses.

The Conqueror rose up to her feet and brushed past the awaiting Amazon Queen. "Not a word," she growled, exiting out of the master's heated quarters.

Sierra stood there for a moment, observing the man's last attempt for breath before falling over dead. She shook her head and followed the Conqueror onto the dock.

The Conqueror stood silently upon the dock, taking in the distant continent on the horizon as Caesar's. The gentle sea breeze blew her dark tresses into her cold blue eyes. The darkness within her swelled and her gut churned at the thought of her enemy touching her love. Eyes filled with pure hatred watered; yet not a single tear shed as she ran her fingers through her hair. "Gabrielle, my love be strong..." she whispered and proclaimed, "You'll soon be in my arms once again. I promise you that."

"Xena, we must leave..." Sierra warned, "We're totally out numbered here." She gestured to her guards to mount up and mounted her steed as well, "Lets go."

"Fine..." she finally responded and instantly leapt onto Argo's back. Xena turned back to the Queen and avowed, "You and I have many things to discuss when we get back."

"As you wish."


Callisto halted her gray mare in front of the Royal stables, as a stable boy quickly approached her. "Give Banshee an extra apple tonight, boy."

He took the reins and gave the mare a friendly nose rub, "Yes, Ma'am."

A Royal guard halted before her and greeted, "Evening Ma'am."

"What is it?" Callisto growled, dismounting.

"Ma'am, Marcus ordered me to report directly to you."

"Well?" she sighed, patience wearing thin.

"Ma'am, our Liege's oracle has been kidnapped buy Caesar."

"How horrid..." she voiced and made her way into the courtyard, "When did this happen?"

"Early this morning, Ma'am..." he responded, following two steps behind her. "Outside Ephesus."

Callisto abruptly chuckled, "Right under the Amazons noses...huh?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I knew THOSE women couldn't be trusted," she muttered aloud for him to hear and gestured with her hand, "Dismissed."

The guard bowed to her, "Very well, Ma'am."

Callisto continued her journey into the bathing chamber with a sly smirk upon her face. "Awww...revenge how sweet it is," she purred and disappeared into the confines of the castle.


Callisto laid her head back as she lounged in the large tub and feeling the day's stress left her sore body. "This will soon belong to me," she purred to herself.


"Enter," she called out, not opening her eyes.

A young servant girl entered into the room carrying a silver tray that held a large gold pitcher of wine and gold goblet. She sat the requested items next to her then, poured a glass for her before she made her hasty exit.

Callisto brought the goblet to her lips and drank half of it in one gulp. She casually swirled the wine around as she stared into the dark red liquid. Her mind traveled back in time to a day that had changed her life forever and eventually brought her here.


"BURN THIS TOWN!" the Conqueror roared atop her golden stallion.

Her soldiers quickly dispersed from around her and tossed their burning torches into the straw buildings. People were screaming and rushing from the burning huts, only to be cut down by the awaiting solders.

"MOTHER NO!!!" a young Callisto screamed out, as the barn around her began crumble down around her. The blood curling screams of her family echoed in the night along with hundreds more that were perishing as well.

"Come with me if you want live!" a cloaked figured advised, pulling her to safety.

"NO!!!" she roared, pulling free from the stranger's grip. "I have to save my family-"

"It's too late, child!" the hood fell back, revealing a dark haired female with the gentlest eyes. "We must leave now!"

Callisto tears subsided as she fell into the dark eyes of the stranger. She froze as the flames around them reflected within the stranger's dark eyes.

"Come with me," the woman ordered, wrapping her cloak around the terrified girl and pulled her safely out of the burning building. "We're almost there," she assured as she led the girl into the nearby woods away from the bloody massacre.


Two young Amazons were on their knees, frozen in place and trying to unsuccessfully to gasp out a much needed breathe. One dark haired and the other red, each stared up at their attacker with horror as blood slowly trickled from each of their noses. "XENA!" the Queen roared out, "If you let them does our alliance."

The Conqueror's eyes narrowed at the Queen's idle threat and retorted, "Over two incompetent warriors?"

"ALL life is sacred," she affirmed, "Besides, we do have our own punishments you know." Sierra's stony stare focused back at the fuming Conqueror as she slowly approached the glaring Conqueror. Her dark eyes made contact with the icy blues that seemed to burn through to her very soul. "I would hate to have our friendship end at the edge of my blade."

After finally realizing the truth within the Queen's words, Xena reluctantly released the young Amazons. She silently observed the pair gasping for their first breaths of air then, spun around to face their Queen. "I want justice."

"Very well...Conqueror," Sierra nodded and acknowledged, "You shall have that." She turned to address her fallen sisters and decreed, "Your status of being warriors for Artemis has been revoked until further notice. Now go...speak to Ephiny on your retraining."

They lowered their heads and said in unison, "My Queen, as you wish."

Xena growled, "Is that all?"

"WHAT?" the Queen voiced aloud and inquired, "Do YOU yearn for death?"

"That would be most appropriate."

"Might I remind you that Gabrielle is alive and breathing," she calmly responded back and added, "So, death would be too severe at this time."

The Conqueror spoke up, "If the roles were reversed-"

"I would do the same," Sierra revealed and continued, "Death is on the horizon and we must focus on the forthcoming battle. Stop blaming each other on who's at fault and work on trying to defeat Caesar and saving Gabrielle. We've wasted far too much time as it is."


"Ma'am, you really should really eat something..." the seaman whispered to the pale looking blond and held out a plate of food for her to take, "My life will surely end if I fail this simple task."

"Alright...alright," she softly spoke up, taking the offered food and brought a small portion of it to her lips. "Humm...this IS good."

The scraggly man nodded his approval, "Only the best for Caesar and his guest."

"Thank you..." she said and inquired about his name, "What's your name?"

"Romi, Ma'am."

"Romi, thank you."

Romi sat a black pair of breeches and a white shirt before her, "This is for you to wear, my dear...instead of that smelly blanket."

"Thanks, Romi."

"I've filled your bath as well," he informed, gesturing over his shoulder at the large wooden tub. "Should use it before the water gets too cold."

"Thank you," she grinned and quickly polished off her meal. "It's so kind of you, Romi."

"Think nothing of it, Ma'am."

"My name is Gabrielle."

"Very well, Gabrielle..." he acknowledged, "I'm only doing what I've been ordered to do Ma'am."

"By who?"

"By our honorable Caesar of course."


"Fredrick, I want all my spies on top of this," the Conqueror informed her chief of staff.

"As you wish my Liege," he nodded.

"Find Auto and give him whatever he wants," she stated, "I want him to focus on finding her."

"Of course, my Liege."

"ALIVE, Fredrick..." the Conqueror glanced up from her maps and added, "I want her alive. Do I make myself clear?"

"But of course, my Liege."

"Have you sent word to all my Generals?"

"Yes, my Liege."

"Good," she nodded, "You're dismissed."

"Very good, my Liege..." he said, bowing and made a hasty exit.

Callisto brushed past the fleeting man and greeted, "I'm sorry for this tragic turn of events, my Liege."

"Where have you been?"

"I've been overseeing the preparations to your fleet," her second replied honestly and inquired, "Was there something else you wanted me to do instead?"

"Not yet," she shook her head, "How's the fleet looking by the way?"

Callisto leaned against the Conqueror's desk, "Exceptional...but we are talking about your fleet. Anything below that would be an insult to you, my Liege."


"So, the mighty Caesar is behind this whole thing?" her second inquired, glancing down at the maps before her.

"The mastermind behind it yes," the Conqueror responded and added, "The perpetrator...NO. He's not THAT talented."

"Do you have any suspects, my Liege?"

"No..." she shook her head, "Only that the person may be female and has knowledge of Amazon techniques."

"This person is an Amazon?"

"Possibly," the Conqueror nodded, stretching her sore muscles out. "I'm not ruling it out, though."

"My Liege, if this person is at large...she's a threat to you as well."

"I can handle myself," she yawned, "Gabrielle is who I'm worried about."

"Why worry about some dumb-"

The Conqueror instantly was on her feet and had her second pinned against the wall. She brutally shoved her forearm against Callisto's throat, effectively blocking the blond from taking a much needed breath. "You will NEVER degrade Gabrielle in ANY form in my presence again if YOU wish to live to another day!" she roared, narrowing her eyes to small slits. "Do I make myself clear?"

Callisto silently nodded her response as she read the fury with those cold eyes. Just like that night... She took her first gasp for air as the Conqueror's arm was quickly removed from her throat. She rubbed her sore throat and apologized, "My Liege, I have offended you...please forgive me for my error. Love is foreign to this cold heart of mine. I didn't know."

"Make sure that it doesn't happen again Callisto," the Conqueror retorted, "I would hate to have to terminate your talents over an ignorant comment."

"Yes, my Liege."

The Conqueror lifted the golden goblet to her lips and finished off her drink in one gulp and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"If this person is an Amazon, then we must sever our ties with the Amazons-"

"Could be," the Conqueror corrected her second.

"If she is allying with them...then they are protecting her," Callisto restated, "And we can't just wait around-"

"We can and will," the Conqueror spoke up and revealed, "By no means have I forgiven them for their lack of security. Besides, WE have an advantage to the bastard Caesar and that's the Amazons."


To be continued in Part 6...

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