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Loving the Conqueror

Part 7


Creg poured some water from his open canteen onto the ground. The water created a small puddle before me. He abruptly kicked me off my horse and growled, "Lap it up like a BITCH should."

I landed hard on my shoulder, dislocating it. "SONOFABITCH!!!" I growled as my collar was yanked hard, "BASTARD!!" All I wanted was some damn water. I grabbed the chain, pulled him off balance and sent him face first into the dirt. My shoulder was killing me as I climbed to my feet. As Creg did the same, I charged at him. I rammed my shoulder into his, effectively correcting my minor injury and causing a bit of harm to him. Oh well... Suddenly, I was tackled from behind and thrown down. Two swift kicks to my side, one to my head and I was out like a light.


When I finally came to, I tried to focus on my surroundings. It looks like I'm lying in the middle of an empty tent. My vision was so blurred that whenever I tried to focus the vicious pain would pulsate. I have a concussion...damn. The throbbing sensation overwhelmed me and I had to take a moment to calm my mind and spirit. Just as I started to relax I heard Creg's annoying voice and sighed. Here we go again...

The tent flap opened and two sets of feet entered.

I grabbed a handful of dirt and waited for my chance. The blur of Creg knelt down next to me and rechecked my collar. The other unhooked the chain from the main post. I reached up and grabbed his jugular and squeezed, causing him to gasp out for breath. The second guy rushed forward to stop me. I threw the dirt into his eyes, effectively blinding him for only a moment. With a quick palm thrust to Creg's nose, shattering it and sending the splinters into his brain. He fell back dead. As I climbed to my feet the second soldier rushed me and knocked me back down. I rolled with his body and I ended up straddling him. He tightened his hold on my throat as I grabbed for his. In the struggle I poked his left eye out.

The soldier cried out in pain and released his hold. Blood mixed with a whitish liquid poured from his eye socket.

"Damnit..." I grumbled and got to my feet before he did. I grabbed Creg's discarded helmet and struck my attacker upside the head, knocking him out. The tent flap opened again as I reached down and grabbed a dagger from the body of the soldier. I threw it at the unsuspecting solder and it ended up being embedded in the man's throat. He fell back and began making gurgling noises as he succumbed to his mortal wound. I pulled him into the tent and removed the dagger from his throat. I recognized him, "Talas." I then turned to the fallen soldiers as a plan quickly came together. Lets get you to safety.

I was dressed in a Roman uniform as I stepped out from the tent. There were torches outside the numerous tents. No one was alarmed. Thank you... The evening breeze blew the torches flames and brought with it the smell of roasting beef. My stomach abruptly began to growl and I effectively calmed it down. I quickly made my way into the thick brush nearby. I picked up my pace and tried to distance myself from my captors. From the distance I heard the sound of Roman horns. "Damn," I grumbled, "They found them." At that very moment my shoulder began to ache, reminding me that I did hurt it earlier. "Come on," I muttered, charging through the forest and prayed for good fortune to shine upon me. I quickly leapt over a fallen log and soon realized that there was now a rapidly moving stream beneath me. The distance between the stream and myself was now growing closer and closer.

The water was freezing as the current carried me further downriver. I heard the sound of waterfall in the distance and decided to get out before it was too late. I noticed a large root sticking out from a nearby tree drawing near. I quickly reached out and took hold of it. With all my remaining strength I pulled myself out and crawled ashore. I was gasping for air, as I collapsed from my body's exhaustion.

A bright light appeared and my cousin Discord was lounging on a nearby rock. "So, how does it feel?" she taunted with a mischievous grin.

"Like Tartarus..." I garbled out between breaths.


"That's where I'm going to send you when I get my hands on you."

"Temper...temper, cousin..." she wiggled her finger at me, "Didn't Auntie teach you any manners?"

"Leave my MOTHER out of this."

"Touchy are we?"

"At least mine didn't spread her legs for any Centaur, Triton or Harpy."

"YOU BITCH!!!" she screamed and abruptly disappeared.

Discord reappeared. She was now straddling over me and trying to strangle me. My grip on her neck tightened and we began to roll around on the ground.

"Take that back you WHORE!"

"Can't take back the truth," I retorted and was now on top, straddling her. "Give it up...YOU'RE jealous of me."

"NEVER!" she cried out and once again disappeared.


"Can't..." Discord whispered into my ear, "I'm having WAY more fun watching you suffer." Her crackling laughter echoed all around me.

"For the love of GODS!!!" I grumbled and heard the roar of a battle coming from over the ridge before me. "Great..." I grumbled and shook my head. After slowly climbing to my feet, I made my way up the ridge. "Mother," I whispered, "If you're watching from above...PLEASE help. I'd rather risk my life with Discord than an innocent." As I made it to the top, a body flew in front of my feet.

A spear had impaled an unlucky Roman soldier. The poor man was gasping out his last breath and mumbling incoherently.

"Sorry..." I said, removing his helmet and placed it upon my head. "But I don't think you'll need this anymore."

There was large mass of people fighting in the clearing. Bodies were scattered everywhere. Roman, Corinthian and Amazon alike. "Damn," I shook my head at my fallen sisters and heard a faint whimper.

"Help me...please..."

I turned to where I heard the voice and came upon a young Amazon, not more than 14 winters old. "What happened?" I asked as I knelt down next to her. I assessed her mortal wounds and tried to comfort her, "It's going to be okay."

The teen turned to me and her eyes were filled with fear. She gasped out, "Roman."

"," I shook my head and tried to clarify it for her, "I'm just barrowing it. I'm not going to hurt you...I promise." I carefully lifted her up and cradled her against my body, "What's your name?"


"That's beautiful name," I complemented, "I'm Sierra."

Her eyes grew wide, "Don't...look-"

"I know..." I chuckled, "I'm just using this body for now." I notice the light in her eyes fading and whispered, "Little one, seek Cyane. She will guide you to your fellow sisters." I heard Faith wheeze her last breathe and she finally goes silent. I brush her blondish bangs from her face, "You're at peace now little one."

"You DIE now ROMAN SCUM!!!" a young girl growled from behind me.

I recognized the voice as Lexi, Eponin's niece. I grabbed Faith's discarded staff and quickly blocked the girl's attack. "Don't do this!" I spoke up in between blocks and thrusts.

"SHUT UP AND DIE!!!" she spat out and parried with her sword.

I blocked it and countered with a reverse, swiping her feet out from her. The young warrior's sword flew out of her hand. I reached out and caught it. I then pointed it to my fallen sister, "Lexi, STOP!" My head began to throb and all my thoughts grew fuzzy. I felt my soul being pulled out of the body that I had been using. "NOOOO!!!" I cried out, trying to get back in but it was to no avail.


The Conqueror was kneeling next to Sierra and silently observed her sleeping lover. A gentle smile spread across her face as she caressed her cheek. "Rielle...wake up sweetheart."

"Huh?" Sierra grumbled and slowly opened her eyes. "Xe...what's wrong?"

"Nothing..." she flashed her a reassuring grin and held Sierra's hand, "I've just been thinking."

The Queen worriedly sat up, "About what?"


"Go on..." Sierra nudged, trying to keep her scattered thoughts focused. "I'm listening."

"It's been a living nightmare ever since you were taken from my side," Xena confessed, "I can't eat...sleep."

"Hon, you need eat in order to keep up your strength."

Xena chuckled at the motherly instincts coming from her lover, "I will."

Sierra didn't believe her and glared at her, "Promise me."

"I promise that I'll eat more."


Xena's demeanor grew serious, "At times I feel myself boarding on my dark side. A war is waging within my very soul Rielle. I don't want to lose you."

"You won't," Sierra retorted and poked her love in the chest, "I'll be in there as long as you desire it." She felt her soul being gently pulled from her body and a fear overwhelmed her. She suddenly became aware of what was taking place and quickly reached out to embrace her love once more. "Xe...I will always be with you," she expressed, as she was pulled free of her body.

It seems that my Mother heard my plea... I fell into my body just as another had left it. Gabrielle... It felt SO good to be finally home. Someone was hugging my body and I them. I recognized the familiar scent as the Conqueror's.

"Rielle and I with you," Xena whispered and confessed, "From the moment our eyes first owned my heart and soul. Please, forgive me. I love you with all my heart, Rielle."

The intimate confession she just revealed had been meant for Gabrielle. DAMN...great timing. I could always fake it and pretend to be her...but that would be mean. I released her and revealed, "Xena, I'm so sorry...but Gabrielle just left."

"What?" she uttered and quickly rose to her feet, "Did she hear-"

"I don't know..." I shook my head, "It's possible."

Xena turned and left the room.

I shook my head and whispered, "I'm so sorry..."


To be continued in Part 8...

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