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Loving the Conqueror

Part 8


Gabrielle's soul reentered her body just as Lexi kicked the sword from her hand. With another swift kick, brought the Oracle to her knees. She gasped out for breath, "NOOO!!"

"SPY!!!" Lexi roared, pulling out a dagger and rushed her.

Gabrielle realized that she had a staff and needed to defend herself. She struck the Amazon's knee, shattering it and quickly reversed it and whopped her in the back of the head.

Lexi dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Gabrielle observed her fallen attacker and cautiously approached the body. She rolled the girl over and noticed that the dagger was now impaled into her chest. She's just a child... She dropped to her knees and cried out, "WHY????" The Amazons were now retreating into the forest just as a wave of Corinthian soldiers charged forward. Their battle cries drowned out the cries of help from the wounded and dying.

The Oracle turned to leave and was face to face with a battle worn Callisto. "Callisto?" she gasped, as two soldiers grabbed her.

"Well...well...well," Callisto purred, "Lookie at what we found boys...the Conqueror's play toy."

"Callisto, just let me go and I won't say a word-"

"Sure...and I'm the Queen of Egypt."

"Please...just let me go!"

"Sorry," Callisto shook her head, "But you're now my little ACE." She turned to her soldiers, "Take her back to the camp."

"Yes, Commander."

Callisto remembered something, "Oh...make her comfortable."

"As you wish, Commander."

"NOOOO!!!" Gabrielle called out as she was being dragged away, "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!!"

Callisto turned to her men and roared, "KILL THEM ALL!!!"


The Conqueror was leaning against the railing of the ship and silently stared out into the vast ocean. Why...did I wait SO long? She wanted to scream, yell or beat something or someone...not in any particular order. Another set of eyes was upon her, watching. "What do you want?"

"Well, hello to you too," the Queen stepped out from the shadows, "Number one. Inform your Captain to turn this ship around."


"Well, he won't listen to I came to you."

"You know where he's at," Xena remarked, glaring at her.

"Near Corinth..." Sierra informed, as she leaned against the railing. "He's going to invade it."

"I figured as much," Xena sighed, "We're on our way back now."

"You know?" she inquired, raising a brow. "How?"

"A hunch."

"Oh..." she shook her head, "about Gabrielle...Discord brought that about."

The Conqueror probed, "Did you get her out?"

"I broke her free," she nodded, "Killed a few guys that hurt her—you're welcome. I somehow stumbled onto a battle with Corinthians, Romans and my sisters."

Xena's eyes narrowed, "That bitch Callisto."

"I was fighting a sister of mine..." Sierra revealed, "I had just disarmed her...when I left."

"She's a strong one," Xena enlightened and turned to the Queen, "Tell me the truth."

"You really want to know?"


"Her body has seen better days," Sierra remarked and continued, "I took a small beating...dislocated shoulder...a concussion..." she lowered her voice, "and a branding. I'm sorry...but Caesar marked her."

Xena's eyes turned dark, "Where?"

"Her shoulder blade."

The Conqueror remained silent.

"Gabrielle left a nice scratch on Caesar's cheek though...deep enough."

Xena raised a brow, "She did huh?"



Gabrielle was shoved face first into the tent and sent sprawling. Her body had been raked with pain and exhaustion. Both of her shoulders ached and her head throbbed. Mind over matter...that's it. "Xena..." she whispered and rolled over, "I love you." She closed her eyes and was out like a light.


The Oracle awoke to find a tray of food sitting on a stool and bucket of water next to it. Her stomach growled out for its need of food. "Take it easy..." she muttered, crawling over to the food and quickly gobbled it down. I feel like I haven't eaten anything in days...

Artemis spoke up, "You've been through a lot young one."

Gabrielle spun around in mid chew and mumbled a hello. Her eyes widened at the sight of the beautiful Goddess.

"Relax," she gestured, taking a step towards the flustered mortal. "It's okay."

Gabrielle swallowed her mouthful and gasped, "Forgive me Goddess." She lowered her head and pleaded, "I didn't mean any disrespect."

"Don't worry about it," she said, "Go on and eat. You'll need the nourishment for what lies ahead."

The Oracle nodded, "I figured as much."

"Sierra asked me to pay you a little visit," Artemis revealed and took a seat next to the mortal. "I cannot take you away from this," she informed, looking around. "I can heal your body, but the memories must stay."

Gabrielle lowered her gaze.

The Goddess assessed the mortal and continued, "Your spirit is strong my child. You know this...whatever doesn't kills you, makes you stronger in the end."

"I know," she nodded, "What will happen to Xena?"

Artemis smiled and placed a gentle hand upon her knee, "She shall take the required steps when the time comes."

Gabrielle felt a warm energy overwhelm her entire being. It wrapped itself two-fold around her body. Her wounds began to heal and all the unnerving aches finally dissipated. "Thank you," she said, flashing her a grin.

"You're welcome," the Goddess responded with a grin of her own and slowly faded away.

The tent flap opened and three armed soldiers enter. Two grabbed her by the upper arms and brutally shoved her to the ground. The third bound her hands behind her back and blindfolded her.

"How dare-" Gabrielle had been rudely interrupted by a rag being shoved into her mouth and tied firmly around her head. She grunted out her protests, but they fell on deaf ears. They aggressively picked her up and dragged her out of the tent.


Callisto silently observed her guards as they proceed to crucify the Oracle. They tied down her wrists and placed a piece of wood over it. This process was repeated to her other wrist and her feet. Three hammers were raised simultaneously into the air and began their decent down.

"STOP!!!" Callisto yelled out and effectively halting them.

The guards turned to their General and waited for further instruction. One finally spoke up, "General?"

She took a step towards them, "Leave her as is."

"Yes, General."

"Slap her around boys before you plant her. Bloody her up a bit," she gestured and sauntered off, "I want Xena to be greeted by her precious Gabrielle as she enters."

"Yes, General."

Caesar halted his legion just outside the city limits. He took in the battle-ravaged area and grinned at the division of the Conqueror's forces. Her demise will seal the fates of the Amazons and bring forth my new-world domination. He thought of his plan that lay before him and arrogantly smirked. There were five legions in total that was presently moving in position around the city. Each was only candle marks away and all waited for a signal from their Emperor. deal with Callisto.

A scout rode up to Caesar and pulled his horse to an abrupt halt. "My Emperor, only half of Callisto's forces remain in the city."

"I realize that," Caesar acknowledged, "The rest should be meeting up with our fellow Romans. Keep an eye out for the loyal armies of the Conqueror's. I don't like surprises, Corporal."

"Yes, my Emperor."


To be continued in part 9...
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