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Loving the Conqueror

Part 9


Amazons were stealthily following Caesar's legions as they drew upon Corinth. Leading them was the battle-worn Regent Ephiny. She guided them as close as possible to their enemies without giving them away.

Solari approached the Regent with her findings from the recent scouting mission, "Ephiny, Caesar has arrived with his legion. He's to the south of the city."

"Good," Ephiny nodded assessing Sierra's plan once more. My love somehow came to me in a dream and enlightened me further. A small smile grew at what they had partaken in as well. "Marcus's men?"

"In position," the Captain replied, "Gabrielle's been crucified."

Ephiny's eyes went wide, "WHAT?"


The Conqueror spurred her war-horse on, "YAAH!!!" Following behind were the Queen, Eponin and the handful of Elite guard. They all rode hard in the direction of her city and bypassing the war torn areas in between.

A legion of the Conqueror's finest cavaliers, archers and infantry trailed behind. They were in double time as to reach their fair city in time.


Callisto sat atop her mare and mischievously smirked at the presence of the Roman leader. "WELCOME TO MY CITY!" she called out to her approaching guests.

Caesar and a handful of his men rode up to the lone General. He noticed the crucified Gabrielle and greeted soberly, "Interesting house warming gift."

"I thought so," she shrugged and purred, "Xena's just going to love it."

"How goes the plan?"

"The Amazons are worn down and battered," Callisto informed with chuckle, "They are prepped and ready for you, my mighty Emperor."

"Good," Caesar nodded and added, "You have done well Callisto and you shall be rewarded accordingly."

One of his men instantly fired a bolt from his crossbow into a large torch that sat high atop the Castle's walls. The bolt carrying a pouch full of black powder flew into the flame and instantly flared up, giving the awaiting soldiers the signal.

Callisto knew this and roared, "KILL THEM ALL!!!"

A flaming arrow was then shot into the air as her archers leapt from behind the Castle walls. They released their arrows at the Roman counterparts, dropping them all except Caesar who had already retreated.

Roman legions charged forward at the signal and descended upon the city.

Gabrielle silently observed the Romans from her perch above. Her left eye was swollen and her jaw bruised and sore. The ribs on the right side were also battered and her gut ached from the vicious final punch. Isn't this a hoot...get healed by a Goddess only to get beat up again. The ropes were cutting into her wrists as she tried unsuccessfully to break free. "Xena," she whispered to the wind, "Where are you?"

Grahf, Callisto's pet hawk, circled her once in search of a perch and found the perfect place. Just to the right of the Oracle. He turned to the human and ecstatically squawked.


The Romans met up the Corinthians and the battle ensued. Swords clashing, arrows pelted down and battle cries of war drowned out Nature's lull of life. Catapults fired off, "THOOOP!!! THOOOP!!" Flaming balls of death arched high into the air and finally crashed to earth, killing and maiming the unfortunate few.


Callisto's troops were being decimated just as Marcus' men joined in on the battle and flanked the invaders, thus causing Caesar's legions to split and defend against this change of events.

The Conqueror took in the raging battle before her. She noticed in the distance that her love was hanging upon a cross as challenge from her second. "GABRIELLE!!!!" she roared out and unsheathing her sword. "YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!!!" she called out and charged into the battle that now separated them. She effectively decapitated the unlucky few that stood in her way and of her love.

The Queen with her sword drawn in turn, followed suit. She was greeted with a Roman swordsman, who she quickly disarmed by severing his sword arm. She continued forward until another Roman charged forth.

The Corinthians seemed to falter against the Romans. A grin formed upon the Emperor's chiseled features. Victory will be mine... From all the noises of the battle before him, Caesar picked up the all to familiar cry of the Conqueror. He scanned the bloody scene for his nemesis and found her towards the center of it. "Just in time," he muttered to himself and turned to his scout, "Signal the reinforcements and take me to this hidden passage."

"Yes, my Emperor."

All Gabrielle could do was to watch this bloody battle from her high perch. She closed her eyes as to block the horrid sight before her. But the deafened sounds rang through her head and shook her very soul. Poor souls... "Oh, Goddess...please bless the fallen." Between screams and loud crashes, she swore that someone had called out her name. She shrugged it off and suddenly heard the sound of her Liege's battle cry. The Oracle opened her eyes in search of her Conqueror and called out, "XENA!!!"

The Conqueror heard a faint cry from her lover as she impaled a Corinthian rebel and kicked him off her bloody blade. "GABRIELLE!!!" she roared out and charged through group of battling soldiers, trampling them. "I'M ON MY WAY LOVE!!!"

Sierra and her steed were completely surrounded by Romans as they charged towards her. She leapt from her saddle and crash-landed into two soldiers. She grabbed a discarded sword with her left hand as the men swarmed her. She easily deflected their swords and retaliated with two quick swipes of her own. Both men grasped at their throats and fell back.

Ephiny waited till Caesar's reinforcements entered into play before yelling out, "FOR OUR FALLEN!!!" She charged forward, leading her sisters into the ensuing battle before them.


Callisto observed the struggling Gabrielle and smirked, "It seems your knight has arrived...just in time I might add."

Gabrielle remained silent and focused her gaze towards the battle.

"She'll be out there for a bit," she gestured behind her and sighed, "Nevertheless, I've got some things to do before the grand finale. So, I'll be right back, my pretty."


Caesar followed his scout into the dark and slimy passageway. His hand squeezed the hilt of his sword as they rounded a corner and noticed a flickering light that outlined a door a few feet away. He drew his sword and silently waited as the scout checked to see if the coast was clear.

Moments later the scout came back and gestured, "My Emperor, the coast is clear."

"Good," the Emperor nodded, charging into the Conqueror's Castle for the very first time. He quickly took in the lush décor of the dinning room and turned to his Captain that followed behind, "Find Callisto...bring her body to me."

"Yes, Emperor!"

Caesar brushed pasted a soldier of his and entered into a larger room.

This room was as if not more lavishly decorated than the adjoined room. A large staircase led one to the floors above. Asian tapestries depicting famous battle scenes were hung upon the walls and a huge Persian rug sat in the middle of the marbled floor. Large Ming vases were placed all around the perimeter of the room as well as an assortment of marble statues.

"That won't be necessary," Callisto spoke up as she descended down the flight of stairs, "Caesar dear...I'm offended at your lack of proper etiquette. Using the back door instead of the front."

The Emperor's eyes widened at her smugness towards him, "Callisto."

Callisto's men rushed into the room and quickly surrounded the intruders.

"Tsk...tsk...tsk," Callisto chastised, "That won't do."

"Callisto, our plan-"

"Our 'plan' is nonexistent," she interrupted and ordered, "DROP YOUR WEAPONS OR DIE."

The Roman soldiers turned to their leader.

Caesar lowered his weapon in compliance, but instantly gutted two Corinthians instead. "FOR ROME!!!" he roared, commencing his assault upon his captors. He could hear the battle cries of his men as he impaled another soldier.

Two charging Corinthian rebels dropped as two arrows found their marks.

Grahf squawked out an alarm and flew off.

The Conqueror trampled over them on her journey towards her love. She finally passed through the familiar threshold of her castle and threw her chakram towards her Oracle.

"XENA!" Gabrielle called out as she observed her lover drawing near.

The chakram sped through the air. It sliced the ropes that held Gabrielle's feet, rebounded off the stonewall, freed her left, ricocheted once again and freed her right. The trusty weapon bounced off a soldier's helmet, sending it back to its owner.

"OH GODS!" Gabrielle vocalized as she fell from her perch, "XENA!!"

Xena nonchalantly caught it, replaced it back to her belt and sheathed her sword. She held her arms out just as her love fell into them. "You okay?" she inquired, giving her a gentle squeeze.

Gabrielle gave her hero a hug and a kiss. "I am now."

The Conqueror pulled Argo to a stop and changed directions. She sat back in her saddle as to let her love have the rest. Xena guided them towards the exit as three arrows sped towards her. Two were easily caught but the third struck her in the shoulder. "HELLFIRE!" she growled and flung her chakram towards the archers. Effectively decapitating two out of the three.

Gabrielle glanced over her shoulder and noticed the bloody arrowhead sticking out from her lover's shoulder. "Xe, you've been shot!"

"Thanks Rielle..." she facetiously grumbled, "I thought that acupuncturist was dressed a bit funny."

"HA..HA..HA," Gabrielle muttered and huffed, "Never thought the mighty Conqueror had sense of humor."

"I didn't either," Xena revealed with a grin and kissed her love on the back of the head, "Lets add it to the list of qualities that you've helped me discover."

"Will do."

Xena heard the familiar hum of her chakram and plucked it out from the air. She recognized the gore incrusted Queen and her fellow Amazons as they approached.

Sierra flipped over an attacker and quickly decapitated him upon her landing. She noted the wounded Conqueror and her Oracle as they drew near. The Queen also noticed a flaming object as it was dropped from the archway above. "XENA, TURN BACK!"

Xena heard the warning just as the object exploded before them.

There was a bright flash and a loud explosion. Which caused Argo to rear up and buck, thus tossing her riders unceremoniously off of her back.

Xena flew one way and Gabrielle the other.

The Queen rushed to the Oracle's aid as she tumbled across the ground. "GABRIELLE!!" she called out and skidded to a stop next to her. "Are you okay?"

"Sierra..." she muttered between breaths, "Ow...I think so."

"Lay still," the Queen advised, running her hands over Gabrielle's body and assessing any damages. "You're very lucky Oracle...a few bruised ribs is all you've sustained."

"I guess the Goddess was looking after me."

The Conqueror slowly climbed to her feet and broke the arrow shaft in two. She held her tongue as she removed the rest of it in one swift yank. She noticed her love on the ground and cried out, "GABRIELLE!!"

"XENA!" Gabrielle responded and hurried to her feet with the help from the Queen, "I'm alright!"

Xena rushed over, gave her love a hug and gentle kiss. "You okay?"

"Yes, Xe I am."

Callisto was clapping as she sat on the balcony's edge and cheered, "BRAVO!! The lovers have united once again. Too bad the reunion won't last very long."

"Callisto," Xena growled and stepped in front of Gabrielle, shielding her from whatever the bitch may do. "I'm surprised that Caesar hasn't done away with you yet."

"Oh...he tried," Callisto sighed as she inspected her fingernails for any defects, "And I suspect that he'll never attempt that again."

"Rielle, stay back..." Xena whispered over her shoulder and unsheathed her sword, "Let's dance."

"OH GOODIE," Callisto purred as she leapt off her perch with her sword in hand, "I've always wanted to dance with you."

"Enough talk," Xena grumbled and made her move, "Fight already."

Corinthian rebels charged at the Amazons with their weapons drawn.

"Here catch," Sierra tossed the Oracle a discarded spear and suggested, "Time to play."

Gabrielle caught it and nodded, "Gotcha."

"Stick close to me," the Queen advised and blocked an oncoming thrust. She kicked her attacker in the knee, shattering it.

"Will do," the Oracle responded and swung her spear at an oncoming attacker, missing him. She quickly blocked his parry and smacked him upside the head with it, knocking him out. "YEAH!"

Sierra chuckled as she smashed her sword handle into the downed attacker's face.

The Conqueror exchanged blows with her second and quickly reversed with a leg swipe that brought her crashing down. She then drove her sword into the fallen traitor, but was rewarded with a groin kick that dropped her abruptly to her knees.

Callisto rolled away from the groaning Liege and instantly climbed to her feet. She attempted a front kick, but it was easily caught as she crashed to the ground. She heard the snap of a bone and the painful twisting sensation coming from her ankle. "YOU BITCH!!" she roared out in pain and kicked the Liege in the face with her remaining foot.

The blow sent Xena sliding across the ground. She leapt to her feet and smirked, "And here...I thought you knew that by now."

Callisto painfully climbed to her feet. All the while, not putting any weight upon her broken ankle in the process. "I'm going to kill you Xena!"

"You can't even walk," the Conqueror reminded, "Let alone fight me."

"Well see about that," Callisto growled and rushed the Liege.

Xena grinned and taunted, "Bring it on!"

Sierra kicked another attacker in the face.

Gabrielle warned, "LOOK OUT!!"

The Queen stepped back just as a sword missed her abdomen, but stabbed her in the side instead. "DAMNIT!" she growled and fell back.

A bloodied Emperor stood above the Queen with his sword raised. "For Rome..." he gasped and lowered his weapon.

Suddenly, a spear found its mark as it impaled the mighty Caesar. He eyes focused on the Oracle, "No..." gasping out, "Not like this." His body grew weak, thus dropping his sword and abruptly collapsed to his knees. His eyes rolled back and he fell over dead.

Sierra glanced back and realized who had thrown it, "Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle swallowed hard, observing her rapist take in his last breath. She felt the eyes of Sierra upon her and rushed over to the wounded Queen. "Gods,'re bleeding."

"It's only a flesh wound," the Queen joked and slowly sat up, "I need to bandage it up-"

Gabrielle chastised, "I think not my Queen." She guided the Amazon to lie back down. The Oracle covered the wound with her hands and pressed down as to halt the bleeding. "Need more than that," she corrected and noticed that Eponin was running towards them, "GET A HEALER NOW!!!"

The Conqueror easily disarmed her second and put the 'pinch' on her. She smirked as the traitorous Callisto dropped to her knees and tried unsuccessfully to breathe. "How does it feel to kneel before the better warrior?" she inquired and shrugged, "Makes no matter now." Xena released the pinch and used the hilt of her sword to knock the bitch out. She noticed her loyal Security officer and called out, "MARCUS!"

"My Liege, the Roman commanders are all dead." Marcus reported with a huge grin, "With the help from the Amazons...the battle has turned in our favor."

"Good," Xena nodded, "I want this war to end NOW."

"Of course..." he bowed and noticed his Liege's shoulder, "You're wounded-"

"I realize that," she acknowledged, "Find me some shackles for our prisoner here."

He glanced down at the unconscious traitor, "As you wish, my Liege."


The battle worn Corinth was covered in bloody gore and smell of death carried in the eastern wind. All around the castle were the bodies of fallen Corinthians, Amazons and Romans. They were scattered in morbid poses as the hungry Vultures circled high above the war zone, waiting for their chance to feed. The survivors were gathering the dead for the ritual funeral pyres that would take place.


Xena silently sat on her throne observing her victorious allies. She still wore the gore-incrusted tunic and pants that had been worn underneath her battered armor. The shoulder wound had been tended to and her arm was now in sling. Standing to the right of her was Gabrielle, who looked as tired as she felt. Marcus stood next to her as well.

The Queen sat on the Conqueror's left. Her armor had been removed and her wound tended as well. She lifted a water bag to lips and took a large swig, drenching her thirst. Ephiny and her Captain silently stood next to her.

Amazons and Corinthians were congregating and speaking to one another while waiting for the execution that was scheduled to take place.

The Conqueror stated flatly, "Let's begin."

The rhythmic beating of the drums was heard as the Corinthian guards dragged out the struggling Callisto. They laid her upon a wooden cross, secured her to it and stepped back. Two other guards carried with them a small table with an assortment of knifes and sat it next to the prisoner.

The Executioner stepped forward waiting for his Liege's word.

The Conqueror narrowed her eyes towards her traitorous second and inquired, "I have sentenced you to death Callisto. Do you have any last words for us?"

Callisto decreed, "I'll meet you in hell Xena."

"Very well..." the Conqueror raised a brow, "Say hello to Caesar for me." She gestured with a wave a hand, "Make it slow and painful."

"Yes, my Liege." The Executioner picked out a curved blade from the many that sat before him. He made the initial cut to the prisoner's lower abdomen from hip to hip. Thus causing her intestines to pour out, which he stretched out and unceremoniously discarded to the ground. Callisto's cries were drowned out from the cheering spectators.

Gabrielle released a soft gasp, adverted her gaze from the woman being disemboweled before her. There could've been another way... Her stomach churned as she observed the crowd as they enjoyed this horrid scene. WHY?

The Conqueror heard her. She turned to Gabrielle and read her worries. "This is who I am Rielle..." she spoke up, "One can not change ones nature."

"Change is part of life."

"I am the Destroyer of Nations, the Lion of Amphipolis and the Conqueror."

"Yada...yada..." Gabrielle sighed, "Well, I am the Oracle Gabrielle..." she retorted and asserted, "I've seen the tiny changes Xe...they do add up. Remember this, I'm only person who owns the other half of YOUR soul."

Xena remained silent and quickly assessed what her love had said.

"Now tell me Xe...if I can't change you, then why am I here?"

"Rielle, you're here to love me..." Xena confessed with all her heart, "And I you."



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