Love's Purpose

For Peg

You, my love, receive me into your heart.

Let me live out my purpose in this life,

To give you such a love as you have never known.

Take this love, with its tender caresses

Wafting the spicy scent of oranges about us in the setting sun fire

As I trace the smoothness of virgin skin never before kissed.

Seize each moment of my passion for you, with its

Trembling echoes of unleashed want surrounded by

The soft strains of mourning doves perched in the groves beyond.

Capture my lips into yours, with their aching need

Revealed in the murmur that escapes into your waiting mouth.

I am here for you always to bring such a love to you

Where time knows no boundary, where your heart knows no want.

You, my love, gather me to your heart.

Accept this love sanctioned by the circle's keeper,

And allow me to live out my purpose.

Nancy M. Hill 24 March 2002

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