Rest in Me

For Peg, who wonders why I don't write more love poems


Stay and wait for me, my sweetest love,

Wait amidst spring's trembling leaves of restoration,

Wait within a September moon's twice rising blue embrace.

Unrestrained, your love rushes into me

Like waves crashing only then to linger and traverse

A sweeping shoreline tenderly with covering touches...

A thousand grains of sand cannot deny the joining.

Wait for me even as the refusing tide in its undeniable return

Must wait for its inevitable convergence with the sands.

And when I arrive,

Rest in me.

Rest in me as my soul-born whispers stir gently

All that has remained for a lifetime untouched inside you.

Rest in me my love,

And like moonlight, I shall filter into your shadows of aloneness,

Unwrapping them from you.

I bring you a thousand moons to light your life,

A thousand smiles I have saved for you.

And as the waves caress the shore,

So shall I cover you with kisses each hour.

Wait this brief moment,

Then rest in me.

Nancy M. Hill 24 February 2002

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