A Fire Ignited Within



Disclaimers: These characters are made up from bits and pieces of personal experiences. They bear resemblance to Xena and Gabrielle property of MCA Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written for fun only.

Violence: Some mild violence, although nothing out of the ordinary for life as a human being.

Subtext: Yes. It does eventually involve women who grow to care and love each other.

General: There are mild obscenities used occasionally. This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so don’t be too rough on me. Thanks.

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Part 11

Alex closed the front door after she let out Sparky and Inky outside to romp around a little before they had supper. Cassandra came out of the kitchen with a Rolling Rock for Alex. She found her sitting on the sofa, bent over with her elbows on her knees and her hands over her face. What was Alex thinking?

What Alex was thinking was, what the hell was gonna happen next? The day had been tense and stressful. Chad was doing his best to cause her trouble. She didn’t trust him with Cassandra. Chad wanted her and it would be sweet revenge to steal Cassandra from her. Cassandra was a beautiful, sensual woman and any man would be crazy not to want her. Hell, any woman would be crazy not to want her!!

Could she hold on to Cassandra? Did she have it within her to make Cassandra happy? Or more importantly, keep her happy? God, she hoped so.

Then there was Mackenzie hovering around her. Christ, the old Alex would love the attention. But something had changed inside her. All she wanted was to be with Cassandra; for the first time being a fire fighter was not the most important thing in her life. She could probably transfer to an arson squad or any number of other fire related jobs. This had all happened so quickly; Alex finally finding her soul mate. Her mind was racing with scenarios on how their life together could be.

Cassandra stood watching Alex. She knew Alex’s mind must be whirling with all the things that had happened the past few days. Alex tried to act so tough, like she needed no one, but actually she was a marshmallow on the inside. Few people, probably saw that or even bothered to take the time to look. I have to admit, I almost didn’t see through Alex’s veneer. At that moment Alex sighed and sat back on the sofa.

Cassandra sat down next to Alex, offering her the bottle. Alex smiled and said, "Thanks" as she let her hand linger on Cassandra’s as she took the beer. She took a long drink and turned to Cassandra saying, "What a day, huh? I’m beat. You must be too. Let’s order a pizza tonight and just relax. That okay with you?" Cassandra smiled and edged herself closer to Alex. "Anything you want is okay with me honey. Why don’t you go on up and take a nice hot bath and I’ll order the pizza. By the time you finish, the pizza will be here and we can watch some TV to unwind before bed. Okay?" "Sounds good to me. See you in a few minutes", Alex said as she got up from the sofa and started upstairs. "Hey," Cassandra called out, "What do you want on your half?" "Sausage and mushrooms."

Alex was just coming down the stairs as Cassandra was paying for the pizza. Hearing banging drawers open and shut; Cassandra came into the kitchen to see what all the noise was about. Alex had a big tray out and was loading it up with plates, utensils, napkins and glasses. When Cassandra appeared next to her, Alex said, "Let’s eat up in our room. We have the TV up there and we’ll be more comfortable there. Okay with you?" Cassandra nodded her head and replied, "Sure, whatever you want." Alex grinned and said, "Okay. Now it’s your turn to freshen up. I’ll bring all this stuff upstairs and I’ll meet you in our room in a few minutes."

Cassandra ran up to her room, washed up and changed into her sweats. As she zipped up her sweat top, all she could think about was Alex saying meeting in "our" room. She said it twice. "Our" room. She couldn’t have made a mistake twice, could she? Was Alex asking her to move in with her? Cassandra finished freshening up by putting a dab of perfume behind each ear. When she walked into "their" bedroom, Alex had the lights turned down. Alex had set up a card table in the center of the room. The pizza, plates, utensils and plates were laid out on it. She had brought up Mountain Dew for Cassandra and some root beer for herself. Alex blew out the match and looked up as Cassandra walked in. God, she looked so beautiful in whatever she wore. Cassandra stepped around Sparky and Inky who positioned themselves near the table, so as to not miss out on anything if it happened to be dropped their way.

Alex pulled out Cassandra’s chair for her and then returned to her seat. They both were hungrier than they had imagined, each finishing their half of the pizza in record time. The dinner conversation ranged from women’s basketball to the presidential candidates. Cassandra’s mind drifted as Alex was explaining her viewpoint on what was wrong with the candidates. Cassandra grinned to herself. She was glad Alex hadn’t brought up any alcohol for them. She had some plans for them after dinner if Alex wasn’t too tired.

Alex pushed back her chair and patted her belly. She was stuffed! She looked at Cassandra who had just done the same thing, and they both laughed out loud. Alex stood up and went over to the entertainment center. She turned the television and VCR on and put a tape in the VCR. She turned around and walked back over to where Cassandra was seated. She extended her hand to her and Cassandra took it as she was helped from her seat with a gentle tug from Alex.

Alex led her over to their bed and as Cassandra was about to speak to her, she said, "We’ve had a long day and now we have a full belly. I think we need to stretch out and relax a little before turning in for the night. I have a movie that I think you’ll like. Let’s just lay here and watch it." Cassandra laid back on the propped up pillows and said, "Sounds good to me honey." Alex leaned down and kissed Cassandra gently on her lips. As she started to pull back to straighten up, Cassandra’s arms came up around Alex’s neck and pulled her back down to her. Their lips met softly, but firmly. Alex pulled back after a few moments and looked into cobalt eyes that shone with desire as two of her fingers stroked Cassandra’s lips. Cassandra took the two fingers between her lips and began to suck them, at first gently, and then deeper into her mouth. Alex looked at Cassandra’s soft, warm, inviting lips sucking her fingers, and her fingers were soon replaced by Alex’s lips once again. Cassandra opened her mouth and twisted the kiss. Alex opened her mouth at the same time and Cassandra’s tongue licked the roof of Alex’s mouth. They continued licking and sucking at each others mouths and nibbling at each others tongues. Alex got up on the bed with Cassandra .The frenzied kissing continued and Alex’s hand touched Cassandra’s breast. Her palm rubbed over the breast several times and then her fingers squeezed the nipple till it was hard.

Their breathing was getting more ragged. Cassandra moaned into Alex’s mouth when she started squeezing her nipple and arched her abdomen up into Alex. They both pulled away at the same time to get some air into their lungs. Alex took this time to caress Cassandra’s face with her hands and kiss her eyes, her nose, and across her jaw line to behind her ear. Cassandra grabbed the hair at the back of Alex’s head and was squirming beneath her. God, Alex was making her feel so many things she had never felt with anyone else. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the chills that Alex’s kissing down her neck was causing. Alex’s hand unzipped Cassandra’s sweat top. She reached in and caressed Cassandra’s collarbone. Gods!! Cassandra didn’t think she could last much longer! She could feel the moisture forming down below. She wanted Alex and she wanted her now!!

Alex could feel the goose bumps forming on Cassandra’s body. She was so hot for her! She didn’t think she could hold out much longer. She wanted Cassandra so much! She needed her in her life. Alex kissed her way up Cassandra’s neck and then back over to her ear. Her tongue was hot and wet. She whispered into Cassandra’s ear. "I think we need to get you undressed and into bed sweetheart. I just felt goose bumps on you. Are you cold?" Her smile was hidden in Cassandra’s hair. Cassandra pulled Alex closer and said in her most seductive voice, "I agree with you. I think we should get my clothes off and get me into bed, but I’m not cold. Those goose bumps are from how hot you are making me. Alex, I want you to make love to me…now!" Alex’s smile broadened as she continued her assault on Cassandra’s ear, lightly blowing on it and sucking her earlobe. She rained a line of kisses down her neck and ended up capturing Cassandra’s lips again. Cassandra’s hands traveled down Alex’s back and pulled her shirt tail up out of her jeans. Her hands then wandered up underneath Alex’s shirt to her bra, where she unhooked it. They continued to kiss in between the frantic removal of each others clothing.

Once they were both naked, Alex laid Cassandra on her back and began her kissing assault on the beautiful body that lay beneath her. She started at the base of Cassandra’s neck, right at her pulse point, with soft light kisses that rippled over to her shoulders. Her hands cupped Cassandra’s breasts and her thumbs reached up to rub the hard pink nipples. Cassandra’s hands were tracing patterns on Alex’s back. Alex leaned in and took one of the nipples into her mouth and as she did Cassandra’s body curved up towards her. The nipple was hard and hot. Alex swirled her tongue around it and ended up gently pulling her teeth over it. Cassandra moaned and shifted her body underneath her. After equal time on the other breast, Alex continued her downward trend to heaven. Her lips left a hot trail of kisses down Cassandra’s sternum and on her heaving stomach. Alex shifted her body down so she was between Cassandra’s thighs. As she grasped her buttocks, Cassandra spread her legs apart and arched them up at the knees. As Alex kissed the inside of each thigh, she reveled in the sweet, wet smell of honey that she knew was pooling there, as her kisses brought her closer to the dark hair and pink lips. Cassandra’s thighs tightened. After a moment, her thighs relaxed, and her curly hair tickled Alex’s nose. Alex’s hands tightened her hold on Cassandra’s bottom and as her head lay between her thighs, she said, " I want you. You are so beautiful. I want to kiss you all over." Cassandra writhed against her hands and she pressed Alex’s face nearer to her hot, wet opening. Alex’s eyes closed as she sank into the wet flesh, her tongue probing through the moist hairs and licking over the hot flesh underneath. She licked frantically as the honey poured from the opening, not wanting to miss a drop. Cassandra’s fingers shoved at Alex’s head trying to bury her deeper in her love canal as she spread her legs wider. The licking continued as Alex moved up to her nub and then when Cassandra’s thighs started to stiffen spasmodically, she took the nub into her mouth and sucked hard. Cassandra’s body was thrusting again and again against Alex’s face and just as her hot burning flesh was sending shivers all through her body, Alex took two fingers and placed them up in her wet opening, while at the same time pulling her nub between her teeth. Cassandra’s body arched high with a scream of " Oh Gods, Yes… and then Alex’s name." Her body shook at the height of her sexual intensity in a climax that left her squirming and gasping as she collapsed back on the bed. Alex crawled up to rest her head on Cassandra’s stomach but left her fingers still inside so she could feel the multiple after orgasms . They laid that way for quite awhile, both too exhausted to move.

Cassandra finally came back after the best orgasms she had ever had. My God, it couldn’t possibly get any better. She opened her eyes and looked down; her hands reaching out to stroke Alex’s hair. God, this woman was remarkable! I need to do something equally as nice for her. She pulled Alex up next to her and started in with some deep kissing. The taste of herself on and in Alex’s mouth was so arousing. She rolled Alex over on to her back, and with an evil grin placed her body up on top of Alex’s. The night was still young yet!


Continued in Part 12

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