A Fire Ignited Within

Part 14-

The Conclusion

Disclaimers: These characters are made up from bits and pieces of personal experiences. They bear resemblance to Xena and Gabrielle property of MCA Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended. This story was written for fun only.

Violence: Some violence. Some sexual violence in Part 14.

Subtext: Yes. It does eventually involve women who grow to care and love each other.

General: There are obscenities used . This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so don’t be too rough on me. Thanks.

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Cassandra made her way to the stairs slowly. Her head was still foggy from Chads beating. God, all she wanted right now was to be in Alexs’ arms. Safe and loved. She was beginning to wonder if she would ever feel that again.

Chad looked at Sparky lying on the floor and threw the rest of the vase he had in his hand on the floor. God damn son of a bitch! His arm was bleeding from Sparkys bites and his hand was cut from the broken vase. Chad looked around the kitchen and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his forearm. It was at this point he realized Cassandra and Mackenzie weren’t in the room. He took a bandana handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapped it around the palm of his hand. Shit!! Where did those bitches go? Oh, they are going to pay once he caught up with them. Alex was going to pay also! In fact she’d already started paying. Wait till she found out her precious dog was dead!!

Mackenzie had left the front door ajar. She was on her way to the stairs when she heard the crash in the kitchen, Sparkys cry and then a thud. Footsteps sounded out into the living room. Mackenzie knew she didn’t have enough time to get up the stairs and to Alexs bedroom, so she knelt down behind the end of the sofa. Hopefully Chad would see the partially opened front door and go outside. That would give her time to run upstairs.

Alex cautiously made her way up the fire escape. She paused at the window long enough to open it. She always left it unlocked since she had locked herself out one cold night when she had taken Sparky for a late night walk. Alex stepped over the window frame threshold and was about to pull her other leg through when she felt a sudden dull pain in her head. It was the last thing she remembered before everything went dark.

Chad stomped through the living room looking left and right to see if Cassandra or Mackenzie were in the room. He abruptly came to a stop when he eyed the front door ajar. Shit!! Those fucking bitches left the house!! He opened the door and was down

the front steps and halfway down the sidewalk before he noticed Mackenzies car parked behind his truck on the street. Chad grinned to himself. Well the bitches must still be around here some place.

Mackenzie waited a few moments after Chad went outside. She was tempted to run over and lock the door, but then he would definitely know they were inside. She hurried upstairs and stopped at the first door that was closed. She hoped it was Alexs’ bedroom. She whispered softly at the door for Cassandra. It was a few moments before the door was unlocked and it opened just a crack. Cassandra just stood there and only stepped aside when Mackenzie pushed her way into the room. Mackenzie turned, locked the door and said, " He took the bait and went outside, but who knows how long he’ll he gone or what he’ll do next. Did you call for help? I’m not so sure this door will keep him out for long with the state that he’s in. He is over the edge!" There was no response from Cassandra so Mackenzie went over to the other side of the room where Cassandra sat on the edge of the bed. She gasped as she looked down and saw Alexs’ body laying on the floor. There was blood in her hair and she was unconscious. Mackenzie knelt down by Alex and felt for a pulse. " My God, what happened?" Tears spilled down Cassandras’ face as she replied, " I heard someone at the window and hid next to it. As they leaned in to step inside, I closed my eyes and hit them with all the strength I had left with Alexs’ flashlight. I thought it was Chad breaking in here. When the body fell to the floor I saw it was Alex. I tried to stop the bleeding! I think it is almost stopped. What are we going to do now? Is Alex alright?" "Did you call the police and for help for Alex?" "No, I didn’t have time. This all happened as soon as I got up here. If anything happens to Alex I’ll never forgive myself!" Mackenzie said, "Well, she’s got a pretty strong pulse, and a pretty hard head. But I don’t like the fact that she hasn’t come to yet. Call 911. Get some help on the way to her." Cassandra picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Chad decided to take a quick look around the outside of the firehouse to see if Cassandra or Mackenzie were hiding out there. He hadn’t seen anything unusual until he noticed out of the corner of his eye a movement in the window at the top of the fire escape. Ah ha, They must be upstairs! Hiding out and waiting for the right time to escape. Well, weren’t they clever opening the front door so he’d think they had left the house?

Cassandra had gotten through to 911 and was giving the information to the dispatcher when the line went dead. Cassandra looked over towards Mackenzie who was kneeling next to Alex with her back to the window. She was applying direct pressure to Alexs’ head wound. Cassandra was just about to tell Mackenzie that the line had gone dead when she noticed the form in the window stepping into the room.

Chad cut the telephone wire going into the house before he stepped over the window ledge into the bedroom. Cassandra looked up and saw the form stepping into the room. She was so shocked it kept her from warning Mackenzie until it was too late. Chad had grabbed her by the hair, partially pulling her up as she struggled to stand. Cassandra started to move off the bed to help Mackenzie and stopped in her tracks when Chad raised a knife to Mackenzies’ throat as he pulled her back towards himself. He told Cassandra to pull the desk chair out and then to step back. He forced Mackenzie down into the chair, "You stay there bitch and don’t move an inch." He turned to Cassandra and said, "Stay right there next to the chair." Chad went back around the bed to look at Alex laying on the floor. He looked at her a moment and then kicked her in the ribs. There was no response except for the crack of her ribs. He laughed out loud and then asked, "Well, what happened to super woman? Did she trip on her cape and hit her head?" Cassandra started to move towards Chad saying, "You bastard! All of this is your fault. You aren’t a quarter of the person Alex is!" Chad replied, "Oh yeah? Well, we’ll see how much of a man your Alex is after I carve her up a bit." Chad knelt down next to Alex and swiped the knife across her upper arm, cutting through her shirt. The shirt immediately turned crimson as blood soaked through it as it flowed from the laceration. Cassandra gasped, and stopped by the edge of the bed. Chad pulled the phone cord out of the wall and walked over to Mackenzie. He threw the cord at Cassandra . " Take this and tie her to the chair. You or the other bitch tries anything funny, and I’ll finish carving up poor Alex over there." Chad walked to the door to make sure it was locked and then moved to the window to look out. There didn’t seem to be anything unusual going on. Guess he had time for a little pleasure before he left for good.


Bud could see the police cruiser parked at the curb in front of Chads’ truck. The officer was out of his cruiser and looking inside the truck. Bud parked his vehicle across the street and walked over to the officer and introduced himself. Bud filled him in briefly on what he knew and what he suspected was going on. The officer asked if Bud thought Alex was here and Bud shook his head yes. The Officer asked Bud to stay by the cruiser and Bud said no way. He knew both Alex and Chad and maybe he could help out in some way. Officer Young agreed, with the added stipulation that if he said to back off Bud did so with no argument. Bud and Young approached the front door and found it ajar. They backed away and made an examination of the outside of the house and stopped when they found the broken screen door in the kitchen. Bud looked through the screen and could see Sparky laying on the kitchen floor. He started to slide the screen door open and Officer Young stopped him. "Look, we don’t know who did this or if they are still in there and who they have. Let me radio dispatch and update them. I’ll ask for backup, get a rescue squad on the way out here and see what they want us to do."


Chads’ forearm ached from Sparkys’ bites. His hand throbbed from the deep cuts. He would have to get medical attention for the bites and stitches for his hand. Shit, he’d have to finish up here quick and get out of town. He didn’t know if Cassandra had called the police, but the 911 operators would be dispatching a unit soon. God Damn Alex! Why couldn’t she just have loved him and not some woman?

Officer Young and Bud stationed themselves behind Alexs’ tool shed that she had her lawn mower and yard tools in. It gave them cover, but also a close enough view to keep an eye on the firehouse while they waited for the backup to arrive.


Mackenzie was tied up and Alex was still unconscious when Chad went back over to Cassandra. He pulled her to him and leaned in for a kiss. Cassandra turned her face so the only thing Chad kissed was her cheek. This action angered Chad and he pushed her up against the bedroom wall with his hand at her throat. "Look here bitch, it is this simple.

You let me take you and I won’t hurt your girlfriend over there any more. You don’t cooperate with me, and I’ll take you anyway plus kill her. Your choice. Decide now!!" Chad was shouting by now. His face was so close to Cassandra she could not only smell his bad breath, but see the veins throbbing in his forehead he was so angry. She realized he had gone over the edge.

The backup police cruiser and rescue unit arrived on the scene without lights or sirens operating. A Captain conferred with Officer Young and Bud. They decided to stage a team by the front door and one by the fire escape/kitchen area. They were absolutely sure now that Chad and at least one other person were in there. They had heard Chad yelling. Bud recognized his voice. .Every precaution would be taken in the event Chad was armed and had taken hostages. Officer Young , Captain Kim and Bud would go in the house through the broken kitchen screen door. Bud had talked the officers into letting him come with them because of his knowledge of Alexs’ house and the fact that he might be able to negotiate with Chad.

Mackenzie was tied up and Alex was still unconscious. Cassandra had to buy them some time. She had talked to a 911 operator, surely they had a way of tracing the call? Cassandra knew what she had to do. She wasn’t sure Alex would want her after Chad had his way with her, but she couldn’t think of that now. All she knew was that she had to go along with him or they all would be dead. She hoped help would arrive soon.

Alex felt like she had been run over by a truck. Her head felt like it had exploded, her arm stung and it hurt to breathe. She wasn’t sure where she was or what the hell had happened. If she could only clear her mind and open her eyes. She could hear muffled voices and wasn’t sure if they were real or not. She had to concentrate and figure out what had happened. Alex had a feeling something bad was about to happen.

The officers had their revolvers drawn as the three men quietly worked their way into kitchen. They quickly established there was no one on the bottom floor and edged their way quietly up the stairs.

Chad had pushed Cassandra down on the bed and was on top of her. He was slobbering on her neck and had ripped her blouse open. His one uninjured hand groped her breast. Cassandra laid there trying not to vomit. When she did not respond to his trying to get his tongue in her mouth, he stopped and pulled back. "Okay, bitch so much for being tender and gentle with you." He took the knife he had laid on the night table and cut her bra in the middle, exposing her breasts to him. Tears formed in Cassandras’ eyes and she couldn’t stop them from running down her cheeks. Chad buried his face in Cassandras’ chest.

Alex was aware of someone crying. She rolled herself over on her side and man that hurt like hell. She had to stay that way a few moments to find her equilibrium. Then she heard a familiar voice, "Please don’t be so rough. Stop that! You’re hurting me!" The pleading in the voice registered panic in Alex and her adrenaline started pumping. Cassandra was in trouble and she had to help her. She edged herself up on her hands and knees and began crawling towards the voice.

The police officers and Bud waited in the hall outside Alex’s room. They had heard a man and a woman’s voice, but not Alexs’. They were hesitant to rush the room not knowing if Chad had any weapons.

Once Alex got past the bottom of the bed she could see someone in a chair tied up. Memories flooded her brain. She had come here looking for Chad and Cassandra. Mackenzie saw Alex and motioned with her head towards the bed. Alex could hear gentle sobbing and some grunting. Alex raised her upper body up off the floor so she could see what all the noise was about and saw Chad on top of Cassandra! He was leaning on one hand while the other fumbled with his belt buckle. Another wave of adrenaline was pushed into Alexs’ system as she lunged her body up on to the bed, surprising Chad and knocking him off balance on to his sore arm. Chad yelled as the pain rushed up his arm and he struggled to get his balance but with the weight of Alex on him, they both tumbled to the floor. Alex was crazed by now. Chad had fallen underneath Alex, and she had her hands around Chads’ throat squeezing with all the strength that she could muster. You bastard, I’ll kill you with me bare hands! Cassandra screamed, "No, Alex! Don’t do it!" The door burst open then and the two officers rushed in, revolvers aimed and ready to shoot.

Chad was cuffed and taken down to the cruiser. Mackenzie was rescued from the chair and taken to headquarters for questioning and a statement. The Officers left Alex on the bed holding Cassandra. When Bud came into the room, Alex was still comforting Cassandra, rubbing her back and whispering softly in her ear. He said they both needed to be checked out at the hospital. He asked if they thought they could make it down to the rescue unit and Alex nodded yes. Alex got up and pulled one of her old shirts out of her dresser drawer for Cassandra to cover herself with for the ride to the hospital. They both got loaded in the ambulance and Alex laid down on the stretcher and never heard what questions were asked of her, as she had passed out from blood loss and pain.

Cassandra had been checked out and except for bruises and cuts she was physically okay. She had stayed overnight in Alexs’ hospital room. Alex had suffered a concussion, blood loss and three cracked ribs. She would be sore for quite a few days ahead, but would be okay. Cassandra hadn’t told Alex yet about Sparky. God she dreaded that and it was all because of her. Alex was mumbling some and starting to move in the bed. Cassandra went to Alex and sat on the bed. She reached out and stroked Alexs’ face. Alex opened her eyes. "Hi, beautiful", she said to Cassandra. Cassandra blushed and said, " Oh yeah, I look real beautiful right now." Alex answered, "You always look beautiful to me. Hey, what happened? Are we in the hospital?" "Yes Alex. I wasn’t going to leave you. I will never leave you." She leaned down and kissed Alex on the forehead. Alex grinned that lopsided smile that had stolen Cassandras heart and said, "Did Bud take care of Sparky for me? What happened to Chad and Mackenzie? " Cassandras’ voice choked as she said, "Alex, I have something to tell you about Sparky." Tears glistened her eyes as she struggled to find the courage to tell Alex about Sparky. She reached for Alexs’ hand and was about to speak when Bud popped his head in the room. "Oh, our girl is awake. Good. Alex you gave us quite a scare. Are you up for a visitor? This visitor is really anxious to see you." Alex looked at Cassandra and back at Bud, "Sure Bud why not." Bud opened the door wider and Sparky limped in and up to Alexs’ bed. He was wagging his tail and crying for his mistress. Bud walked over and leaned down and lifted Sparky up and on to the bed. She nuzzled in to Alex’s side with her head on her chest. She was still crying softly. Alex stroked her nose and ear. Sparkys’ head was bandaged. She looked over at Cassandra and extended her other arm out. "I want my girl over here with me too." Cassandra asked, "Won’t that hurt your ribs?" Alex replied, "Get over here woman and nurse me back to health." Cassandra smiled and replied, "Yes, ma’am!" She got up on the other side of Alex and stretched out. It felt good to have Alexs’ arm around her again. This was where she always wanted to be. She sighed contentedly as she kissed Alexs’ cheek and snuggled in closer. Alex mumbled sleepily before she nodded off, "All we need is Inky and our family is complete." Cassandra stroked Alexs’ face and nodded off herself. The three of them slept like that until the doctor came in to checked out Alexs’ vitals. She said Alex could recover just as well at home, and have a little more privacy.

Alex spent several days at home in Cassandras bed with her. Neither one of them could bear to sleep in Alexs bed or even go into her room. They had spent time talking and just holding each other. Alex and Cassandra had come to a decision about their lives. Cassandra said she couldn’t live in the fire house with all the bad memories. Alex had resigned from the department much to Buds’ chagrin, but he understood. The fire house was up for sale and they were moving. They had to testify at Chads’ trial and before the Governor for Mackenzie before they could leave. Chad was convicted of setting the fire at the fire house, kidnapping, attempted rape, breaking and entering…..the list went on…and so would Chad behind bars for a very long time. Mackenzie lost her job with the Governors office and the Governor lost the re-election.

Alex had rented a house by the ocean and they would spend some more time getting to know each other before they worried about jobs. They both had sufficient funds to pay any bills. Bud was there to see them off on their new life. He had been invited to visit in two weeks to do some fishing with Alex. He was sorry to see Alex leave, but he loved her enough to want her truly happy.

It was a long drive to the ocean but with both taking turns driving they arrived late in the afternoon. Sparky and Inky jumped out and began investigating their new yard. Just the essentials were brought into the house for the night. The rest could be unloaded tomorrow.

Alex stepped out on to the deck and gazed out into the evening. A light breeze blew her hair back. The waves rolled to the shore and the sun was just starting to set. It was beautiful. The sky was bright with swirls of oranges and red. Cassandra came out and stood next to Alex. She had been quiet all day. Alex knew something was bothering her. Alex turned to Cassandra and said, "What’s wrong honey? You’ve been quiet all day. Don’t you feel good? Or have I done something to upset you?" Cassandra turned to Alex and stroked the side of her face with her hand. "No, you haven’t done anything wrong darlin’. It’s me. I feel guilty about making you leave your house and life. Do you resent me?" Alex said, "Come here baby" as she pulled Cassandra into her arms. "Don’t be silly. You are my life now. You ,Sparky and Inky. I would do anything for you. Don’t you know that by now?" "Yes, I do, that’s why I worry. I hope you haven’t given up everything for me and then regret it later." "Listen honey, you have ignited a fire in my soul that no one will ever be able to put out! I have never been happier. As long as I have you there is nothing we can’t do or overcome together. We are soul mates." "Oh, Alex, that is so beautiful…" Cassandra pressed herself closer into Alexs’ warm body. They hugged each other like that for several minutes. Alex pulled back with a glint in her eye. Cassandra asked, "Alex, what’s that look for?" "Well baby, have you ever made love during a sunset?" "Uhmm, no don’t think I have." Well, good then this will be our first of many. Now hand me that blanket behind you on the chair!"

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