A Fire Ignited Within



Disclaimers: These characters are made up from bits and pieces of personal experiences. They bear resemblance to Xena and Gabrielle property of MCA Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copy right infringement is intended. This story was written for fun only.

Violence: Some mild violence, although nothing out of the ordinary for life as a human being.

Subtext: Yes. It does eventually involve women who grow to care and love each other.

General: There are mild obscenities used occasionally. This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so don’t be too rough on me. Thanks.

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Part 6

Alex grabbed for the phone before the incessant ringing woke Cassandra up. Alex groaned into the phone, "Yeah, what is it?" The voice on the other end of the phone sweetly said, "Oh Alex, I just heard about the fire and I was so worried about you. My sources tell me you were a heroine in saving the little girl in the apartment and Cassandra’s pussy cat. I’m so proud of you! This will look great for the article. I’ll be flying back to town in a few days and we have to meet. I personally want to thank you for a job well done." It took Alex a few moments before she recognized that it was Mackenzie’s voice. What the hell was she doing calling her at this time of night? Alex replied, " Mackenzie do you know what time it is here? Jesus, you woke me up out of a sound sleep!" Mackenzie replied, "Well Alex, if I was there you wouldn’t be sleeping no matter what time it was. Now, I’ve got to go. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and look forward to meeting with you soon. Good night."

Before Alex had time to reply, Mackenzie had hung up. Alex was groggy from sleep but still realized that Mackenzie was hitting on her again. Before it had been kind of a kick, but now with Cassandra laying with her in bed, it felt like she was cheating on her. What was wrong with her? Here there was a very attractive, intelligent woman throwing herself at her and she wasn’t interested? She must have gotten hit in the head at the fire, because any other time she would grab at the chance for a one nighter. It was easier that way. Stay unattached, have a good time and go onto the next one. Why did she feel differently now? Nothing had changed.

Cassandra drifted partially awake as the warm body beneath her shifted. It was only a few seconds or so later and she realized where she was and she knew she wasn’t in her bed alone. Her eyes sprang open and slowly adjusted to the light cast from the television set. She had her head up on someone’s chest, her arm wrapped around their waist and her leg up over the top of theirs. Suddenly the events of the day and evening came back to her and she realized she was with Alex. Her first reaction was to bolt from the bed, but then she was aware of Alex talking on the phone. Alex didn’t say much. Cassandra wondered who would be calling her this late at night. Maybe someone wanted to come over. Alex had been out earlier in the evening, she had watched her and Sparky walk down the sidewalk from her bedroom window. Maybe Alex had had a date and she had messed it up by staying there. Why did she care who Alex talked to? It was none of her business.

Alex shifted back down on the bed after she hung up. She wondered if Cassandra was awake. She couldn’t see in the dim light, so decided to ask her. "Cassandra, did the phone wake you up?" Alex asked. Cassandra replied, "Yes, I’m awake Alex. Is everything okay?" Alex cleared her throat, "Yeah, everything’s okay. That was Mackenzie McGuire calling. Seems she heard about the apartment fire and wanted to make sure everything and everybody was okay. She'll be back in a couple days. Wants to meet and talk things over." Cassandra removed her arm from Alex’s waist and rolled herself off Alex and on to the other side of the bed. She got up and pulled the covers back towards the pillow. Cassandra said, "Alex, I think I’ll go back to my room now. I think I can sleep. See you in the morning." She reached down and picked up Inky and returned to her room. As she settled down in the guest room bed, she wondered why Mackenzie’s late night phone call to Alex bothered her so. Well, it had been a long day. She’d think about it tomorrow. It was her last thought before she fell into a deep sleep.

Alex was too surprised to say anything but good night to Cassandra. Her abrupt departure was strange. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought Cassandra was miffed that Mackenzie had called her. But why would she feel that way? She’d think about it tomorrow after she had gotten some sleep and instantly drifted off to sleep.

Alex rose at her usual early time, showered, dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. She put her coffee on to drip and let Sparky out. Once Sparky was in and eating his breakfast, Alex fried herself some bacon and a couple eggs. Breakfast was her favorite meal of the day. She finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen. She brushed her teeth, wrote a quick note for Cassandra, and she and Sparky were on their way to the fire station.

Cassandra woke with a start. At first she thought she was still with Alex, being held close and secure. She must have been dreaming . She got up, showered and dressed. Inky wondered while she waited for Cassandra where her litter box was. It had been a long night and she needed to use the box now!

Cassandra smelled the coffee as soon as she hit the top of the stairs. A quick look towards Alex’s room told her she was alone. When she arrived in the kitchen, she was greeted with a beautiful single red rose and a note on the counter

The note said,


Make yourself at home. I’m sure you can find the things around the kitchen. On the floor in the bathroom down here is a litter box for Inky. Thought maybe she could use it. Wasn’t sure of her preference of litter, so hope what I got was okay. Also got her some dry and canned food. Hope that’s okay too. Here’s a couple more t-shirts and a pair of shorts. I’ll be home at 3PM to take you to the mall and then out to eat."


PS Saved these diskettes from your apartment. Hope they are undamaged. Feel free to use my computer in the office. See you later.

Cassandra’s heart was racing. She got the cat food off the counter and feed Inky. She also showed Inky where the litter box was and she used it right away. Cassandra poured herself a cup of coffee and took a sweet roll from under the cellophane wrap on the dish and proceeded into Alex’s office with the diskettes. She accessed the word processing program and popped her first diskette in the A drive. It worked!!! She repeated this task , loading each diskette in to the drive and each one was undamaged!! Alex had saved her whole writing career by retrieving those diskettes! How had she known how important they were to her? But more importantly, why had she gone out of her way to save them? They were in her desk drawers, not out in obvious sight. She’d ask her later. Right now she was just too happy.

Alex threw her keys on her desk and sat down in her chair. She had just returned from a meeting concerning the apartment fire. The fire arson squad had ascertained that the fire had been started by unattended kids playing with matches. What a shame. Latch-key kids always were getting in some sort of trouble. They had found the kids responsible for the fire and they would be doing some community service. The apartment side that had been damaged would be under renovations for a long time. They were just lucky that there was no loss of life.

Alex was at her desk the rest of the day doing paperwork and was thinking about leaving earlier to meet Cassandra when the phone rang. It was Bud and he wanted to see her in his office now.

Bud looked worried as he sat behind his desk. Alex was skeptical about what this visit was about. Bud started the conversation, "Alex, I got a call this morning from Mackenzie McGuire." "Yeah, I did too at 2 AM to be exact. What did she call you for?", Alex asked. Bud replied, "Alex, seems she got wind of the apartment fire and Cassandra living there. Then she heard about you finding the little girl hiding and Cassandras’ cat. Now she wants to do a big media blitz with you as the woman fire fighter hero." Bud just sat back and waited for Alex to blow, but she didn’t. Alex looked at Bud, sighed and quietly stated, "Bud, you know I would do just about anything for you, but this I will not do. I am not going to get media coverage and PR for the mayor out of the misfortune of all those people who lose their homes. The mayor wants to do something good that will get him good PR, why doesn’t he allocate some money in the budget for teaching fire safety in the community and some after school programs for the latch-key kids? I’m not budging on this one."

Alex waited for Bud to respond and when he did it was with compassion and understanding. "Alex", he said "I respect your feelings and wishes on this one. I will not pull rank on you. Ms. McGuire will just have to figure out something else to make points for the mayor." Alex smiled and left. Bud returned the smile but thought to himself, I wonder if it is going to be as simple as refusing Ms. McGuire? She seems pretty taken with Alex. She would have to be careful not to get on the wrong side of her. Bud thought Ms. McGuire could be trouble if crossed.

Alex and Sparky returned to her office and found several messages she had to take care of. The rest of the day went quickly and it was time to leave for home and pick up Cassandra.


Cassandra had been busy most of the day making phone calls to insurance agencies, the newspaper office and apartment searching. She had lined up a couple apartments to look at tonight. If Alex didn’t want to take her, maybe she could borrow the Explorer or she could take a taxi. She’d see what kind of mood Alex was in when she got here. Cassandra wandered out of Alex’s office to get some ice tea and saw the red rose and note Alex had left her. That was so sweet of her. She really was the nicest person once you got to know her. She was strong and hard when she needed to be, but also had a gentle, caring side that few people got to see. She looked at the clock on the wall. Alex would be home soon. Home, she thought. She acted like she lived there!

Alex and Sparky burst through the door with all the energy of a herd of elephants in search of peanuts! Inky ran over to rub herself first on Alexs’ pant legs and then on Sparky’s legs. Cassandra was sitting on the sofa reading, her long legs tucked up behind her. Her tortoise shell glasses looked nice on her…..very nice and very sexy! Alex’s eyes drifted down to Cassandras’ breasts and she could see the semi-hard nipples pressed against the tee-shirt she had on. She had on shorts and those thighs…God she had to get Cassandra out of here, she was messing her head up.

Alex sat on the bench in the mall. She was surrounded with packages that Cassandra had bought. God this woman was wild in the mall. She had waited and then watched Cassandra model each article of clothing for her. She hadn’t minded at all, but wished it was swimsuit season! It was the Christmas season and the mall was filled with hussle and bussle and Christmas carols. God how Alex loved this time of year! She was going to start decorating the fire house this coming week. Lots and lots of lights everywhere. She thought she’d go on up to her house she had in the country the weekend. She was wondering if she should ask Cassandra to go with her or not. If she hadn’t found an apartment by then, she could just stay at the firehouse. Alex hadn’t had anyone up at her country home. It was her private place. She had never wanted to share it with anyone else, why was she thinking about taking someone up there now?

Cassandra finally came and plunked her body down on the bench with Alex. She had finished finally. She looked tired. A few strands of her hair had fallen down over her forehead and before Alex realized what she was doing her hand had reached up and brushed them off her forehead. Her hand lingered a moment more than was necessary on Cassandra’s soft skin and as she pulled her hand away she could feel the blush rise up her neck and to her cheeks. Alex stood abruptly, grabbed for the shopping bags and mumbled , " Are you done now? I’m getting hungry." Cassandra smiled to herself and rose off the bench to bend and retrieve the few bags that were left. She replied, " Yes Alex , I’m done. I’m hungry too. Let’s go." As they both walked down the mall to the parking lot outside , they both wondered the same thing…what was each other really hungry for?

Continued in Part 7

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