These Dreams

By Nativebard

Disclaimers: The story and characters are mine, however they do resemble a certain bard and warrior. Yes the story contains sex between two women.

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Erin was looking forward to lunch with her friend and sister, Kate, she had to tell someone about the dreams she was having. She heard the door open and was happy to see that Kate had finally made it. She smiled to herself, Kate was always late.
"Hey Erin sorry I'm late, the kids wouldn't cooperate." "How are the little angels? I need to visit more, I don't see them enough." "Yes, they would enjoy a visit from Auntie Erin, especially on a Friday or Saturday night…hint..hint!" "Yeah, yeah, I get it."

"Anyway, what's so important that you take a day off and just have to see me alone for?" I feel the heat rise to my face, I know that I am blushing already. Kate doesn't miss a thing either. "Ooooh, this must be good if you're blush from just thinking about it!" Kate says smiling at me. "Wow, I don't know where to begin, it's kinda overwhelming." "Just start from the beginning." Kate said as she patted my hand. About two weeks ago I started having these dreams." "Sexual dreams?" Kate asked. "Yes, but that's not the part that has me puzzled. They all involve the same woman. It'someone that I've never seen or met before." "Is she hot? Blonde? Green eyed?" I say "yes" to all three questions, she knows me so well. "Maybe you have seen her in passing or something and you felt a subconscious connection." "Believe me if I had seen this woman in person I'd have known. She's everything that I've always wanted and more!" "So tell me already, and don't leave out any details, I can always use new ideas for my wife and I." "You're a perve you know it!" "Reeeeeally? Who's the one having fantasies about strangers, huh?" "Whatever," I say and begin my story with the most recent dream.

I'm at the office and it's getting late so I decide to wrap things up and go home. I turn the lights out and head towards the elevators for the garage. In the distance I can hear footsteps, usually it would be unnerving but I can tell by the sound that they are the footsteps of a woman in heels. I get to the elevators as the doors open and hear a familiar voice say, "Could you hold that, please?" I look up and see her coming towards me. She's so beautiful, her eyes and smile are so inviting. I blush a little because she has starred in more than a few fantasies for me. I put my hand on the doors to hold them open. She has to brush up against me to get inside the elevator. My body temperature rises at the initial contact. She smirks at me letting me know that she felt the heat also. I let the door go and move to the back of the elevator, despite all the room, she stands right beside me, our arms and thighs touching with the movement of the elevator. The wetness starts to pool between my legs and my breathing becomes labored. I want her with every part of my soul. I turn to say something and she licks her lips, teasing me. I can see it in her eyes. She wants to play. Before I can get a word out she puts a hand on my thigh. The contact burns my skin. She looks at me and sees the desire in my eyes. I dip my head and claim her lips. She opens her mouth and invites me in. Our tongues wrap around one another. She grabs my hand and slides it up her naked thigh, inviting me to feel her heat.She moves my hand over to her hot core. I realize that she has no panties on and my fingers have to feel all of her. I slide my fingers across her swollen clit to her center. She pulls from the kiss we are sharing and offers me her neck and exposed chest. My fingers are moving in a slow torturous back and forth rhythm. She grabs my forearm, she wants more. The teasing is good but her need is deeper. I plunge two fingers deep into her. She asks for more and I add a third. Her breathing becomes labored and I pump harder and faster. I can feel her juices covering my hand. I know that she is almost there. I adjust my fingers so that I can rub her clit with my thumb. Her clit is pulsing with need. I can feel every heartbeat through the swollen nub. My thumb and fingers are working together to push this woman over the edge. She clenchs around my fingers and I know that she is starting to cum. Her fingers dig into my shoulders; her nails send a jolt of pain down my spine. The pain mixed with her cries rocks me to the very core. I cum with her. We both scream out our pleasure and collapse onto one another. The elevator is almost in the basement; I pull my hand free of her thighs and lick every drop of her from them. The doors open and we kiss one more time, before heading to our cars.

Kate just sits there staring at me like I'm some kind of freak. Finally I break the silence, "Are you still with me?" "Yeah, just getting over the visual on that one. Remind me to take Jan by your office sometime so we can ride the elevators too." "Yuck, I don't want to think of my sister like that. Any way that's just the last dream. I have three more to go." I explain. "In that case I'm going to need more iced tea, my body is in over drive already." Kate kids me. "Are you ready for number two?" I ask. "Shoot" she says.

I'm not sure where I am but it's dimly lit with a bunch of people standing around. It looks like an old dyke bar out of the 60's. One of those places that moves so that the cops don't find you. Anyway. I'm sitting at a table against the wall but not in the back. Everyone seems to be in black and white and then a blonde walks in. Everyone turns to see who it is. She seems familiar but is too far away for me to be positive. I take a sip of my drink and look up drops of green. She is standing in front of me a knowing smile plays across my face as she hikes her skirt up and straddles me. I waste no time and plunge into her. She's been thinking about this already. She's wet and ready for me. I dip my head and nip at the skin between her breasts that is exposed. She rides my fingers like she hasn't been fucked in months. I can't control my own body as her rhythm becomes more ragged. Her body begins to sweat, I lick the trickle forming at the nape of her neck and explode in unison with her.

"That was quick and to the point, not really your style but still….good." Kate says as I finish the second dream. "I know! Are you ready for the third one?"

I'm running down a long corridor, trying to get out of the building I suppose. There are lots of people running with me. Someone falls and I stop to help them up. They go on. I look around confused for a minute and then a hand grabs my arm and pulls me through a side door. I'm startled at first but then realize it's her. We're having a fire drill. She pulls me to her and kisses me. No words are exchanged just lustful gazes. I know that we don't have much time. I know that she wants me to fuck her; I can see it in her eyes. We've gone over this in our thoughts so many times. I immediately drop to my knees and undo her slacks. The silky material slides all the way to the floor. I slid my tongue across her panties and feel the wetness that has seeped through. I want to tease her like this for a bit but I know that someone could find us any minute. The press for time gets to me. I rip her underwear off and sling them to the ground. I can smell her arousal already. I want to taste her. I look up to beg for permission. She nods and grants my desires. I dip my tongue inside as far as it will go. Her head bends back to let out a soft moan. I tease her clit with my tongue ring and then plunge in again. I can't stop this time. I open my mouth wider so that she can rub her clit on my upper lip and teeth as my tongue pumps inside of her. I know that she is on the edge so I break the contact and she whimpers. I slide my tongue up to begin feasting on her clit and plunge 2 fingers in as I suck her into my mouth. My ring teases her as I suck harder. I feel the spasms start around my fingers. I start pumping faster and deeper, until her hips arch and I feel her spasms grip my fingers uncontrollably.

"Wow, I think I need a break. This is intense, Erin." "I know, can you imagine what my body would do if I actually ran into this person now? I'd be a bumbling idiot." "Somehow I think that your fantasies aren't just one sided. They seem to be to intimate, maybe she's thinking about you too." "I hope so, that way I won't die of embarrassment if I meet her one day." "So when and where did the first one take place? They seem to be getting more detailed and longer as you have them." "This one was the first and I had it exactly two weeks ago." "Do you just have them once and then a few days later you have a different one?" Kate asked. "No, actually I had the first one every night until the second one, then so on." I explain. "Interesting" was all that Kate could say. "Let's see the first one took place in a restaurant…..

I'm sitting at a high top table in a restaurant with some friends. I smell a familiar scent near by. I look left and then right. I see a familiar figure walking towards the restrooms in back. I tell my friends that I'll be right back. I follow her in and catch the door before she can close it. She is startled at first but then with recognition her eyes cloud with desire. We go into the last stall and close the door. Our lips meet and set our bodies on fire. We can't keep our hands off each other. We can't stop kissing but we want more and there's little time. I slip my hand down the front of her shorts and I'm greeted by wet warmth. My fingers slide through her slick folds easily. I am impatient though. It took me so long to finally get to touch her. I plunge in and her hips move forward to meet my urgent rhythm. I pump harder and cover her mouth to keep her from saying anything. I want to taste her but someone else has entered, so I settle for rubbing my thumb over her engorged clit. I know she wants more but not here. I continue to pump inside of her as I kiss her neck and shoulder. I feel her body begin to spasm and then she bites down on her bottom lip and I know. The rhythm has become too much and she gives into the pleasure that she has been craving, but denied.

"Erin, I wish I had your imagination. Those were great. Jan and I have some things to work on I see." "Whatever," I say, "just don't tell me about them." Kate gets a serious look on her face and says, "I think you should try and find this person, maybe she's the one you've been waiting for." "I think she is, but where do I start? None of the dreams give me a hint. I've never seen any of those places before." "Well you can start by going to dinner with us on Friday night. It’s for Jan’s promotion at work. Will you come?” “Of course I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” With a sly smile Kate says “Hey maybe your dream girl will be our waitress or something!!” “Somehow I don’t think she’s the waitressing type, but maybe she’ll be there with friends or something.” “I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, ok?” she says as we get up to leave the restaurant.  I hope so is all that I keep thinking as I walk to my car.

The End?

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