The Xenaverse Faery Tales

Your favorite fairy tales retold in the spirit of the Xenaverse!

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Xena and Gabrielle - and other familiar characters - join forces with the Brothers Grimm to bring you these tales of wonder, magic and more. Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White - you'll find these here and others as well. But beware, fair mortal... once entered, the Faery Realm can be difficult to leave !! (Adult situations/may not suitable for children). rights reserved.

The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, et. al. are the sole copyrighted property of MCA/Universal. No attempt has been made by the author to profit from these characters and no infringement is intended by their inclusion here. Stories may contain some violence and adult situations; reader discretion is advised.

Bright Ribbons of Gold - (Based on the Russian tale, Baba Yaga & the Wise Doll) When Xena fails to return from a mission to the wild Ukrainian steppes, Gabrielle must make a hazardous journey and play a dangerous game to free her love from a witch.

The Bard and the Beanstalk - (Based on Jack and the Beanstalk) After helping a beggar, kindhearted Gabrielle and Xena embark on a magical journey that will make them immortal with the help of three magic beans. 

The Beauty in the Beast - (Based on Beauty & the Beast) The fierce warlord Xena receives a vision of a young woman that changes the course of her life forever. 

The Sacrifice of Beauty - (Sequel to The Beauty in the Beast) Learn how Gabrielle traveled through time to change Xena's life... and why. 

Princess Fascia - (Based on Rapunzel) Xena and Gabrielle ride to the rescue of a princess held in durance vile in a witch's castle, with hilarious results. 

Golden Hair and the Three Ursae - (Based on Goldilocks & the Three Bears) Xena dons a disguise and confronts the three best thieves in Greece. The warrior gets more than she bargained for, including an experience she'll never forget!

The Happy Princess - (Based on Wilde's The Happy Prince) A ragged, bitter bard returns to Amphipolous and helps lay the tortured spirit of Xena to rest at last.

If Thou Lovest Me - (Based on the Babylonian legend of Innana and Tamuz) When Gabrielle is accidently slain, Xena travels to the underworld and undergoes a hellish trial for posession of the bard's soul. 

The Maiden and the Seven Warlords - (Based on Snow White & the 7 Dwarves) Xena is captured by evil warlords and only Gabrielle's cleverness can save her from a fate worse than death - Applesauce! 

Beauty Wakes - (Sequel to the Maiden & the Seven Warlords) In an effort to force Gabrielle and Xena to declare their feelings for one another, Cupid devises a clever plan involving a love obsessed warlord and a comatose bard.

Little Red Riding Cloak - (Based on Little Red Riding Hood) The bard is left alone to face a monster created by a village's blindness - an evil that preys upon innocence and is determined to extract a terrible price in blood. 

A Swan is Born - (Based on The Ugly Duckling) In a fishing village named Potideia, a girl who's "different" vows to escape her tormenters and follow her destiny. 

The Warrior's New Armor - (Based on The Emperor's New Clothes) Joxer is proud of his suit of "invisible" armor, until Xena and Gabrielle open his eyes.

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